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BoxyCharm April 2017 SPOILER!

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We have the first SPOILER for the April 2017 Boxycharm subscription box! All boxes will include:

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 1.47.29 PM

OFRA Cosmetics Highlighter in Rodeo Drive – Value $35

Spoiler image credit to Brittney:

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 1.50.22 PM

What do you think of the first April 2017 Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Super bored with highlighters. I never wear them.

  2. YAWN. I am so bummed about this spoiler. Just SO SICK of highlighters in beauty subs lately. Especially after this month’s Sephora Play! “Gleam Team” highlighter bomb box and it’s multiple highlighter products – stupidest curation ever. I am totally not a fan of the shiny/greasy/sweaty “highlighter” look. I did in all honesty experiment with a highlighter cream once, sparingly, and it gave a me a sick, unnatural pallor. Really not a look I covet for everyday wear. Also, as I am ranting against highlighters, please no more bronzers, either – highlighters and bronzers have become the literal “shadow play” evil twins of makeup subs lately. It used to be mascara and dry shampoo that irked me, now it’s highlighters and bronzer. There’s always at least one in every box lately.

    • I agree with you 100%! Fortunately, I cancelled play just in time, though I struggled with the decision.

      I was starting to think I was the only one who hates highlighters and bronzer since I was told to “unsubscribe for 6 months” and let someone who appreciates it take my spot.

  3. Wow I hope we all get this!

  4. I am so excited for this! I got a single pan of Ofra shadow/highlighter that works really well as a highligher on my skin tone. I love that one so much, it will be nice to have one in a big pan!

  5. I’m with the other side on this I’m also tired of highlighters bronzer and the eyeshadow pallets mix it up more blushes like cream forms skin care luxe brushes cream eye pigments in neutral colors more hair care like shampoos and conditioners luxe all natural like A/G or Christophe Robbin.

  6. Yessss!!! I am so happy about this spoiler!! Woohoo! Way to step it up boxycharm! I still haven’t gotten Marchs box yet. It says tomorrow but we’ll see. This spoiler just made my week!!

    • Me too ,I didn’t get all the other highlighters from boxy or glossy .So send me ten all different brands and I’m a happy camper.My box is supposed to be here tomorrow can’t wait to play with the eye shadows .I love shimmers and sparklers

      • Can you ladies tell me how you can see that your box is supposed to be delivered tomorrow? I go to the website and can’t find it anywhere! It’s so frustrating because I like to know when it’s supposed to arrive in case something happens to it.

        Thank you!

        • They send you an email with your tracking number and info. Sometimes this email ends up in your junk/spam folder. If you haven’t received your tracking email, send boxycharm an email and tell them and ask them to send you your tracking info. Mine normally goes to my inbox but I didn’t get one last month and I emailed them and they sent my tracking info to me.

        • I have the FedEx app on my cell phone and it sends me a text about a package coming to me as soon as they are electronically notified by the shipper. So I usually know before I get the email from the shipper. I have the app for UPS and USPS set up the same way. I’m not obsessive lol just like to know when packages are coming😃

        • Sorry I didn’t come on yesterday but yes to what the others said I got a tracking number .I received my box yesterday and the shadows were indeed beautiful

  7. So happy about this spoiler!! I have been wanting to try an Ofra product for some time now and it looks like the Rodeo Drive is somewhat of a dupe for Champagne Pop which is pretty much a universal wearable shade.

  8. I am on the waitlist for Boxycharm and I can’t wait to get a box!!! I would love this…sniff sniff.

    • How long have you been on the waitlist?

      Send one or two emails, myself and a couple of my friends did that even though they say not to and got off the waitlist about two days later. Its worth a try to get the April box. I’m not thrilled about this Box at all except for the brush☹️ So if anyone wants anything from my March Box I’m up to trading.

  9. Any box with Ofra products is a really good box. YEAH!!!

  10. Sorry, but I am not impressed. I have received at least 5 samples of different highlighters from beauty subscription boxes for Spring. The other popular item to include is bronzers. I would rather see new or unique products in boxes.

  11. Omg so excited been wanting this for a longggg while

  12. I’m still waiting for March’s box! But now I’m too excited for April’s box! Thanks for the spoiler, I LOVE it!!!!

  13. Oh. Em. Geeeee!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting this Ofra highlighter since it came out!!! I am sooooooo excited! Woohoo!!!! Getting my March Boxycharm today. Yay!

  14. OMGOSH! ! I have been wanting to try this Ofra Highligher since I first seen it. So excited to try it out. I love Ofra products.

  15. So, I realize its the first day or spring, but we never got a winter break from highlighters and bronzer. So freaking frustrated. I dont care what anyone says or thinks, the dewy look is gross on everyone! The only thing worse than a highlighter is a bronzer, but at least that can be used as an eyeshadow.

    Please please please… I need more variety. cc cream with sunscreen, waterproof stuff, anti-sweat something or other. I need a six month highlighter/bronzer break!!!!!

    • unsubscribe six months and give someone else your place that will appreciate whatever they give. this is not a “make it your own box” or it would be called just that. Its sad seeing posts like this when there is people on waitlists for boxy. I haven’t liked all the items either but that just gives me excitement to give it as a gift to someone who would.

      • I’m the same way about looking forward to gifting unwanted items from beauty boxes. I actually don’t mind when I receive an item or two in a box that I don’t want, as they make awesome, much wanted, and inexpensive(!) gifts to my family & friends. They’re always so happy & grateful to receive these high quality products. 🙂

      • I am sorry, but I do NOT agree with that option. I don’t want to go on the waitlist. I love boxy charm for other reasons. I have only subscribed to them for about 6 months and have received 3 highlighters (this will be 4). I like to gift to people, though no one I know except my 16 year old niece likes highlighters. this is exactly the same thing as those who are sick of the eyeshadow palettes. I love them, but totally get it. I have so many palettes, plus the plethora ive gifted. I wish boxy would “step outside the box” (no pun intended lol) and change it up a bit.

        what I find “sad” is that people cant seem to be okay with other’s opinions, complaints and whatnot.

        • Amen….it’s everyone’s right to speak their opinion, without someone getting rude. I stated that I, for one, am highlightered out, if others are not, fine, not going to argue with em, I just am not 14 and need to have a shiny face.

          • It is so funny that y’all think Iran okay to say everyone that uses a highlighter looks gross or imply that the glow look is for teenagers only, yet you accuse others of being rude. I love me some highlighters. Can’t wait to blind everyone with my “14 year old gross face.” Thanks Boxycharm!

          • LOL Pearl!

        • I totally agree! I feel like boxy is repeating an awful lot. First it was two studio pallets (loved the first one, thought the second was crap) then it was vintage highlighter not once, but twice and now they’re sending another ofra highlight!

          I like subscriptions to try new things, to get things that I may or may not like. Not to have not only the same product but the same brand in box after box.

          I know there were a lot of people disappointed to not get the first ofra highlight so I get why so many are excited for this one, but I’m just not. I’m happy for everyone who is happy about this but I’m ready for something new.

          Who wants to bet we get another buff pallet in may 😂

          When I pay boxycharm 21$/month I’m buying the right to criticize the survice I’m purchasing.

    • I don’t understand the dewy look comment ,maybe you just used too much or a cream because I’ve never had a dewy look from a powder highlighter

      • Same here, Toni. To each their own, but some people must go overboard with the highlighter or put it in places it’s not meant for. I love highlighters! I am a highlighter hoarder….lol Send me a whole box full, and I’ll be happy. But I do understand it’s not for everyone.

  16. I have never tried an Ofra highlighter. The only thing I’ve tried was that dark purple lipstick we got a few months back. I loved the formula still trying to figure out how to make it lighter though.

    • Try a lip topper to soften up the shade

    • Mel, I agree with Toni. You might try a “white” lipstick. Maybelline has one called Wickedly White from their Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds collection. Urban Decay also has one called Bobby Dazzle from their Vice Lipstick Metallized collection. I have them both and really like them for toning down bold or dark colors. Hope this helps!

  17. Super excited about this spoiler! I have been with Boxycharm for two years now & love every box I have received. It’s like Christmas every month of the year! ❤

  18. I don’t have this. I hope I get this. I’ve only got Ofra eyeshadows. waiting on this months box. I got last months box on march 2nd. My box was a different than everyone’s

  19. I have been a subscriber for 2 years and still NO MARCH box or email confirming its shipment to me. I am NOT waitlisted and this is getting pretty ridiculous. They received their payment on March 2nd and typically ship to me by the 7th. I’d like to know where my March box is?

    • I think their shipment schedule was delayed by the weather. Mine was originally supposed to have shipped at the beginning of last week, but didn’t actually ship until the end of the week. I’ve had the tracking number since early last week though, because I have a FedEx account that tracks if my address has any packages coming.

      • I got my shipping notification on the 13th and the FedEx let it sit there for 5 days. I should get it today or tomorrow. 😠 Im not upset with Boxycharm, they sent me an email saying shipping was delayed, but I’m upset with FedEx for letting my box sit there for 5 days.
        As for April’s spoiler, I’m never disappointed with my Boxycharm. Even when I opened a box and thought I would be, once I tried the item I loved it. Excited to see what they add to this!! #happycharmer

    • To be honest, my box came late too but i got a much better lipstick/lip liner combo than the people who received their boxes early. So maybe the boxes that are being shipped late had to wait for more lip products to come in?? I got the Pinks (I Deserve the Best and I Am Precious) and it was worth the wait, IMO

  20. Seriously?? It’s just OK. I already have a Highlighter from Offra from a few months back. Not to mention the fact that we’ve gotten a Highligher in our It’s the “Highlighter Beverly Hills” in a compact with five shades. I was hoping for something different, BoxyCharm seems to be stuck on Highlighters and Bronzers. Plus we have gotten h

    • They had a poll mwhich most of the people including me wanted highlighters

    • Not everyone got that last ofra highlighter. Only a select few. I would’ve killed for it. Very happy to be getting it.

      • I didn’t get it! So I’m very excited to receive it 😍

  21. Excited for this!! 😍

  22. so excited to get this, just bought the new Anastasia pallete one when It dropped at Sephora 3 weeks ago. and I hope it is as good as that is!!!!!!! not a matte girl…42 and looking the sparkle!!!!!

  23. If I subscribed now, would I receive March or April? I was not crazy about March, but I am obsessed with this!

    • I signed up in February was wait listed now I will be receiving the march box so there is a good chance u will get the April but it depends how long of a Wait list there is for this box

    • I would recommend waiting and subscribing April 1. I did that in March and was waitlisted, but got taken off the waitlist on the 13th, so you should be able to get the April box even if you’re waitlisted at first.

  24. Would new subscribers get this too or only current subscribers?

    • New subscribers will get this as well if they sign up in time for an April box. Hope that helps!

  25. Hmmmm…..April looks great, but my March box is STILL sitting in mid missouri according to fedex and hasn’t moved since last week. I’m about to pull my hair out haha!

    • I’m still waiting on mine too, tracking says Thursday.

  26. Omg I’m SO excited for this highlight!!! I’ve seen/heard nothing but stellar reviews & was just thinking about getting a new highlight!! Boxycharm is boss!

  27. WOO HOO!!! Excited for this one. I still don’t understand all the complaints about March’s box. I did a look yesterday with all 3 of the colors in the naked palette (orange on lid, plum on crease and green on my tear ducts) and it was amazing! I got a whole lot of compliments. For a $21 box it was a steal!!

  28. After march’s box was alright but not super amazing I had a feeling that it would be made up for in April’s box, and I was so right! Ofra makes amazing highlighters!!

  29. I’m super excited I haven’t received hilighters from Ofra so I’m really very Happy!
    Hilighters are in for the spring summer! So Yes bring it on #Boxycharm you never disappoint me. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  30. Awesome!!!

  31. Ahhh so excited! I skipped last month because I wasn’t really a fan of anything, but I definitely want April’s box. I wonder if I reactivate my sub if I’ll be put on the waitlist? I don’t want to reactivate and get March’s box..

    • I just reactivated my account and was put on the wait list…hoping I get the April box!

  32. I said, OMG yes, out loud. Like a crazy person. Their highlighters are amazing!!

    • Lol so did I ! My husband looked at me like I was crazy😂😂😂

  33. I have a ton of highlighters now….but I love them all! Thanks Boxycharm. This rocks!

  34. I am beyond excited about this spoiler. I have been in love with highlighters because of Ofra. I even bought highlighters by Tarte and Kylighters by Kylie ……and let me tell you …..these highlighters are light-years beyond any other highlighter I’ve ever tried. They are shimmery and highly pigmented…..stay on for a long time and you can use them as eyeshadows or right under your eyebrow for a highlighting effect. They are worth every penny and thankfully because of Boxy Charm I now have several highlighters from Ofra and hopefully I never have to actually buy one because they are expensive but let me tell you I would if I had to!!!

  35. Oh! Yes please!

  36. I haven’t gotten March box yet. Smh!

    • My March box was delayed because of the winter storm. I finally received it yesterday.

  37. Ho-hum, another highlighter….how about an eyeliner or some mascara. I think Boxycharm should change their name to Highlighters Galore, seeing as how this is the third one in four months. Time to unsubscribe, especially after this month of zero customer service.

    • Yes Boxy Charm does include quite a few highlighters, but you get 4 other FULL SIZE products in every box which have been a wide variety and full-size what other box can say that for $21. there’s a reason why Boxy Charm has a waiting list….just sayin’

      • I agree…I’m loving it!

    • To each her own! I would be very disappointed if I received a mascara since every other beauty subscription box has been on mascara overload. I joined Boxycharm for the first time in December and have been extremely pleased. The Vintage powder highlighters are really subtle to me, more or a shimmery blush/bronzer so I don’t really consider them true highlighters. I love OFRA so I’m excited for this one!

      • ditto!!!

  38. Yes!!!! I’m really excited for April already!

  39. thanks liz! think i’m going to subscribe. hello, waitlist.

  40. Pretty! I loved the Ofra with the blush stripes from a previous box, so I know this will be good.

    • When was that in a previous box?

      • Sorry, it was actually in Vegan Cuts Makeup box last fall. Sign of sub box addiction is not remembering what came in what! Anyway, it was SO pigmented and silky. If it’s like that one, it works as eyeshadow too.

        • The Ofra striled highlight was in BC over a year ago. Love it!

      • It was in a past box but it was a variable. I wanted it, but I got some crappy bronzer instead. Glad to get another chance to get one. I think they are about $39 for the big size (which I doubt this is) on Ofra’s site — less the 40% discount it isn’t horrible but I try not to buy until I stockpile a big list and go on a spree to combine shipping.

        • LOL! Same here, FabSB! I got the Temptu liquid bronzer. I hate liquid products; I prefer powder! I’m so excited that we all will get this one!

          • Yes I got that liquid too ,my daughter in law loves it so it went to her .Me I wanted the highlighter so excited to get this one.And I’m not fourteen and I don’t look greasy when I wear them lol a little goes a long way

      • BoxyCharm had a Beverly Hills Highlighter Wheel in 5 shades from Offra that can also be used as eyeshadows as well as Highlighters in October of 2016. I still have not hit pan yet, mainly because I don’t use this every day. I love Offra products of any kind. If I get something I cannot use or have too many of I just pass it on to my daughter or put it in my special box so when her BD or Xmas rolls around I have some great gifts to give her, especially since she loves makeup as much as I do. So it’s a Win/Win.

  41. Woohooo! Ive been wanting to try their highlighters. Awesome.

  42. Oh yes.

  43. I’m an Ofra fan, this will be nice to try!

  44. Omg! I want my April Boxycharm box now! Can’t wait to see what other goodies are in it!

  45. I will certainly use this more than the eyeshadow pallette we received this month. This will work perfectly with the crown fan brush yay!

    • I got my box today and he shadows are beautiful ,they look nothing like any of the photos or swatches on my eyelids.

  46. Omg!!!!! Yes!!!!

  47. I am sooooo stoked with his spoiler. I almost bought this highlighter

    • This*

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