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Back On Sale! Rachel Zoe Box of Style at Gilt City for $71.99!

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UPDATE FYI: Some readers have reported being charged for the full amount of the box when using this Gilt City code, so make sure to check your bank statement after purchasing.

The Rachel Zoe Box of Style Gilt City deal is back! (Thanks for the heads up, Meepster!)

The box is listed at a discount for $89.99. Then use coupon code WELCOME20 to save an additional 20% – bringing the cost down to $71.99!

(FYI – the WELCOME20 code only works for new Gilt City accounts, so you may need to create a new account to use this code.)

Check out my review of the Spring 2017 box and all of my Box of Style reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

If you aren’t familiar with the Rachel Zoe Box of Style, each box includes a hero item which is revealed before boxes ship, and other fashionable items and accessories, plus a few beauty products and styling tools, too.

Here is a look at the video reveal for the Spring 2017 Box of Style:


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Ordered box with Gilt city. Was able to use code I received in email to order a box on the box of style website.

    I received an email from them on Sunday saying that the box I ordered with the Gilt city code was canceled. I tried to contact customer service through email and they said they get back to me in three days but I have not heard or gotten a reply. I contacted them again today.

    Did this happen to anyone else?

    • I suggest going to the Gilt City page and live chatting with them. Box of Style customer service is completely unresponsive. I did the live chat I they were able to help me out.

    • Update FYI
      About two weeks after my initial inquiry they sent me an email saying they were sorry and it was a glitch they fixed.
      Received the box about a week after that. I love the box! I will use or gift everything. I’m a bag lady so that purse is my new fave.

      I’m canceling my subscription I was automatically enrolled in due to the iffy customer service and the price of the box. I will keep my eye out for a sale, though. 😉

  2. Has anyone been able to actually get in touch with customer service???? I have called, left two messages, and emailed twice. Just curious if anybody has been able to get through

  3. Like many others have commented, be VERY careful when using this code. I used the code correctly, it zeroed out my total, and I was still charged $99 which I am now going to have to deal with my credit card company to get it corrected as Box Of Style customer service is completely unresponsive. I wouldn’t even bother calling that customer service number. It goes strait to voicemail and no one will call you back. Forget about getting an email response either.

    Liz…can we maybe put a disclaimer in the body of this post pointing out this problem? It appears to be a widespread issue and getting charged an extra hundred bucks when the total shows $0 is pretty concerning. I know I for one would never had signed up if I had read the comments first and realized that this was happening to people.

    • I didn’t have any issue using a code. In fact I used take30 and got mine for $64.99. I’m just curious when my box is going to ship.

      • I also used the code. It’s a really good deal…unless you get charged $99 anyways and end up paying $170 for $100 box! I’m glad it didn’t happen to everyone but its a shame that it did happen to so many. Makes me completely unwilling to become a regular subscriber which I gather is not what they were going for when they created this promotion.

      • Me too! I’ve emailed Rachel Zoe site and gilt city twice and have received nothing! Not a good way to convince me that Gilt and Rachel Zoe is worth getting again.

      • Lora, I contacted Gilt since no one from the Rachel Zoe member service would return any response to my messages by email and voicemail. Gilt had responded that boxes should be shipped mid march and it will take 10-15 business days. Hoping I get a tracking soon.

    • I’ll add a disclaimer to this post. Thank you for the suggestion and sorry about this!

      • Thanks Liz! And totally not your fault! Just thought people might like to know what they are possibly in for before they pull the trigger 🙂

    • It did the same thing to me. My BOS account page shows 2 subscriptions now also. Of course, no response from their customer service. I took screen shots, I’m going to contact my CC company. Very disappointing. I wish I never signed back up with them 😟

      • I have been trying to contact their customer service for over a week no response. It is truly unbelievable and so frustrating. I love this box but I will now likely cancel….if I can get anyone to even cancel it for me.

        • Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think about having to cancel it! At least its quarterly lol I’ve got 3 months to try and get a response from customer service

  4. just got my shipping notification: it looks like, annual subscribers are also getting a something extra? ( that, or people who added extras onto their box got a special extra )

    Line Item Description Ordered Qty Shipped Qty
    1 BOS0017Q1-GLD Spring 2017 Box of Style 1 1
    2 BOSSP17-SC Stella Chalice 1 1
    3 BOSSP17NC-AG Annual Gift Note Card 1 1
    4 BOSSP17-AGTKW Black Tassel Keychain 1 1
    5 BOSSP17AO-DLCOLR Lady Rhubarb 1 1
    6 BOSSP17AO-DLCOTA Thorn Apple 1 1

  5. Did anyone else have a problem with their code saying expired??? Maybe I’m putting the voucher code in the wrong place?

    • Mine is doing the same thing.

    • Mine was doing the same thing at first. Then after a while it did zero out the total and said I would not be charged, but then they charged me $99 anyways so be careful and make sure you have an extra hundred dollars to spare before you confirm you subscription!

      • Thanks I sent them an email about the coupon saying expired. The coupon says it doesn’t expire until May. Think I may just hold off on using it to see if they get all of the kinks worked out first. Then use Paypal, instead of a regular card, as they make it easier to cancel charges. Thanks for the input!

  6. Does anyone have a phone number for customer service for BOS?

    • Lol. I just posted it in a reply below. I just googled for it and came up with 1-855-254-3440.

      • ahh missed that. Thank you!

  7. How do you know when your box ships? I have not received an email, and I have checked my account section on the Box of Style page. It just says that the order is completed. I’m wondering if it is going to take a long time since this deal has brought out a LOT of new subscribers.

    • Would LOVE to know the same thing! I keep checking and mine says the same thing. But people on the swap side already are trading stuff. So impatient am I.

  8. Does anyone know the measurements of the bag in the Rachel Zoe box?

  9. Read the instructions on the voucher and it stated the first part of the code is for the box and the second is the $50 voucher for the website. You should have $0 balance when you do that. 😉

    • That’s what I did but I still got charged $99! Absolutely no response from Box of Style and it’s been 4 days. I’m really disappointed with the customer service!

      • Same for me and no response yet either. I am going to call later today.
        Otherwise I will contact Gilt city and my CC company

      • I think I saw it in another post but I googled “Rachel Zoe Box of Style customer service number” and got 1-855-254-3440. I had no issues using my voucher, but I definitely feel for those that are having issues. I hope you have better luck with the phone number than the email.

    • I have a “pending” charge of $99 in my account details. I used the Gilt city code, it zeroed it out BUT I added the two candles so I think that messed it up somehow. It should say pending just for the $25 or so for candles. I couldn’t find a phone number anywhere on the site so I guess we are stuck with email which doesn’t look too promising. This is my first BOS too and so far it’s a mess.

    • i had a huge ordeal with being charged $350 even though i had properly cancelled my annual sub after i rec’d my 4 boxes (late every time of course!) the previous year – no one from RZBOS would return my emails and/or calls (i will look for number and post back but if you look at last few RZBOS posts by Liz in the comment section someone posted a phone number there too) thank goodness i used Amex as without them it never would have been resolved in my favor of course…they should be reported to the BBB and i truly hope Liz (whom we all love + adore) could perhaps attempt to sort out what is going on! i get so upset when i see so many unhappy comments all with the same issues with people here on MSA being over charged which is a form of stealing ! i adore RZ as a stylist, a working mom and everything she has done but she needs to get her customer service team and billing team together and stop this illegal nonsense! i’ll let y’all know if i can find the number and post back! i would go to your CC’s now and dispute as in my experience, i wish i had done that straight away…..

    • Where do you put in the voucher codes?

  10. Darn you Liz!!! 😉 I have been SO good about resisting this one and believe me it’s been hard. But now I caved too. 🙂

  11. Does anyone know if you can save the voucher for the summer box?

    • The voucher had an expiration of may 15th when I purchased the other day.

    • if the spring box sells out then yes you can use for summer but only time will tell!

  12. Grrr. I gave up buying a new sub or box for lent. If I go to hell at least I’ll be well dressed! 😈

    • 🤥 h

    • hahahaha!

  13. Okay, I fell of the fence. I was too busy during the work week to commit but now that it is the weekend, I have no excuse not to take advantage of such deals like this. That combined with it being products from all woman founded companies and with several of the products also having a charitable element (the bag, the scarf and the beer chalice), it just became too hard to resist.

    I really want the Tatcha, the chic water bottle and the nail polish. I’ll reserve judgment on the earrings (will depend on comfort), the bag and scarf until I receive. I only carry designer bags which is why I didn’t fall off the fence on the until now, but I think this bag might be useful to take on picnics or park days. I currently take my designer bags and I think they are getting ruined from high sun exposure and from the elements of nature on these kind of outdoor days so I think this casual light colored bag may work for those occasions during the Spring/Summer.

    • We get it. You have designer purses👍🏾

  14. I am so tempted. I keep almost pull8ng the trigger then backing out. Help me decide!!! Please!!!
    Ok, one thing that may help me decide, is the Tatcha thibg something to use everyday?
    Also, some were complaining the the bag’s opening is small. Does anyone else have an opinion on that?

    • The bag opening does look small to me too, also curious! And those that have it already is it truly long enough to wear crossbody? Looks a bit short to me.

    • The cost for tatcha is $65 and has amazing reviews. That’s what pushed me off the fence. It’s like everything else is free!

    • I ended up swapping my bag for another item, but it was tough! The bag was super cute and a good size (not as small as I usually carry, but not too big that I wouldn’t). If you have a big wallet, I would suggest using something smaller because I could see how the opening could make it difficult to get in and out easily.

      If you think about the cost of all the items together, paying $72 is a steal! The bag alone has a RV over $200 and the tatcha powder is $65.

      Since I’ve been getting these boxes, my favorite items out of them haven’t been the fashion pieces like I thought (although amazing!), but the luxury beauty items.

      If anything, get the box for the other items, and if the bag isn’t for you, use the swap section here.

  15. I bought this when originally listed a few days ago. The voucher kept showing as invalid then showed as valid but BoS still charged my credit card $99! I’m incredibly frustrated and wish I didn’t buy it at all.

    • Same thing happened to me. I emailed them but still waiting for a response. It is so annoying.

      • Try again the next day, mine did the same thing but the next day the code worked. Maybe it just takes a day to get in their system.

      • Chat with Gilt customer service. Same thing happened to me at first, then Gilt looked into the problem and then it worked smoothly, taking the $99 off. After applying the voucher, there should be no charge to your account.

    • When I contacted them I was finally told that the code is the first part of the code up until the – mark. When I did that it worked.

    • see my post above, contact your CC if you do not hear back soon and let them deal with it for you….

  16. Does this purchase get you the spring box or do you have to wait until the summer one?

  17. Aaaaand I caved. Liz I love your site but I may end up living in a house made from sub boxes.

    • Lol…I was wondering what to do with all these empty boxes😂

      • We should make a subscription box for sub box addicts with products in it to help sub addicts resist their addiction. haha

    • LOL! When I first started getting sub boxes I always threw the empty boxes away. Then someone mentioned how useful the boxes were, and that you could use them for crafts. Since then, I haven’t been able to throw out these boxes. I wonder if I can make furniture from these? lol

  18. Ugh My box shipped without my street address. Just the number and city. The post office has now lost it. I havent heard back from customer service. Are they usually good about responding to emails or is their a number that anyone has?

    • Does anyone know how long it takes for these boxes to ship?

  19. The WELCOME20 code doesn’t work – is that only for new GiltCity customers?

    • Yes, sorry just added that info. You’ll have to create a new account to use the code if it isn’t working for you.

  20. The promo code isn’t working. 🙁

    • Sorry it looks like that code expired since we posted. But coupon code WELCOME20 still works – it brings the cost down to $71.99

  21. Has anyone tried the TAKE30 code? I can’t get it to work. Says invalid or expired. Is there another code?

    • Sorry about that! Just updated the post. Use coupon code WELCOME20 to save 20% – it brings the cost down to $71.99

  22. Darn! I ordered my first box last week. And this promo says it’s for new customers only.

  23. Dang, at that price I think I’m going to have to try this box out.

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