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Allure Beauty Box April 2017 FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have an UPDATE to the original FULL SPOILERS for the April 2017 Allure Beauty Box. (Allure magazine had printed an incorrect photo of the box.)

Here are the correct spoilers (The AHAVA lotion is new):

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.36.46 AM

What do you think of the updated April 2017 Allure Beauty Box spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet:


Allure Beauty Box has confirmed that they will be sending this $35-Value Doucce Eye Shadow Quad Palette to all new subscribers! (If you’re already a subscriber, you received it in your January box.)

FYI – you will receive this palette in a separate shipment from your March Allure Beauty Box.


(Check out my review of the January Allure Beauty Box to see these shades swatched!)

Allure will be sending all subscribers new shadows throughout the year to update their palettes, too! Look for the next shadow color in May!

Use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

FYI – If you sign up anytime before the end of March, your first box will be the March box. 

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  1. Finally received my April box and it looked like it had been sat on. Dr.Brandt tube broken and empty. Been a customer along time and never had problem before Have any extras?

  2. I just got an e-mail with a sneak peek of the April box directly from Allure — and the toner listed above is missing, but there is an AHAVA body lotion (have the matching hand cream and LOVE it), so I’m not sure if these are variations or not. Everything else was the same. I’d honestly love to have the AHAVA cream, so I hope that’s what I get 🙂

    • I just got the same email and am good with ahava, I have the hand lotion in the same scent and love it.

    • Yes.. same thing here for me. Got the sneak peek from Allure and no toner, but the body lotion instead. Only, I hope not! I break out to easy for body lotions, so I’m hoping for the toner.

    • Oh my I really don’t need any more body lotion. I might actually suspend this month!

  3. Ohhh Boy Allure Beauty Box this will be the second month I put my accound on hold until May 1st.. That works by the way if anyone was like me who would cancel then resubscribe. It worked for March…
    Anyway Dec, Jan, and Feb were AMAZING… But I am just not feeling this last two months…. I haven’t even read what others are saying but I know some must be with me on this… Lol.. Still love ya though..

    • Beth, how do you put your acct on hold – this one does no appeal to me either. thank you

      • There should be a button that says “Suspend” or something like that. Just don’t hit the “Discontinue” button as that will cancel your subscription. I’m pretty sure those are the words they use when suspending or cancelling your sub.

        • Thank you! I appreciate it
          Glad you mentioned the suspend vs cancel

  4. Just canceled after it took me several days to sort and organize all of the samples and products that I have collected. I do not feel tempted by anything in this box. Having said that I will say that Allure is one of the best beauty boxes!

  5. I’m tempted to sign up because I want the free shadow palette, but I do not want the March box! If I wait until April to sign up is the promotion over for the eyeshadow palette? April’s box is worth it if I can get the browgal pencil and the eyeshadow palette.

  6. I’m am so underwhelmed with April’s box from Allure. Surprised because I have always liked at least one thing in them or seen something maybe my mom would like but nope nothing there. Wish it was better, I have sephora and ipsy as well, ditched Birchbox as of last month just nothing excited me was getting to the point I was like wait what did they send me with Birchbox. I also dumped lip monthly not that I haven’t enjoyed it just with them moving to a new web design I lost all my points and figured at this point switch it over to mysusan lip bag which has more then just lip anything plus those bags are super cool.

  7. I am so confused about April’s box! I just received an Allure Beauty QVC RED CARPET BEAUTY Box today 3/25. Has anyone else received this? Is this supposed to be my April box? I am new and signed up at the beginning of this month and so far I have received what I thought to be the February box (with the candle), the March box with the deodorant bonus and now this QVC Red Carpet Beauty Box direct from Allure. It’s in the red Allure box, I check the sender address and it’s direct from Allure. It had a full size Mally mascara etc. has anyone else received this box? Is it some sort of bonus box? (I do purchase items from QVC)

    • Yes.. it’s a bonus box. QVC joined up with Allure and came out with this special box. I am not sure if everyone is getting one or just for new subscribers though. I believe it’s just for new subscribers.

    • I just got off chat with them to find out and they said it’s just for people who order the Allure box through QVC. Kinda sad, as it looks like a great box. Hope this helps!

      • What’s in it?

        • Includes: Mally Volumizing Mascara (Full Size) and High Shine Liquid Lipstick (Travel Size); Briogeo Deep Conditioning Hair Mask (Travel Size); Tatcha Indigo Body Butter (Travel Size); Tula Advanced Neck Cream (Travel Size)…. After reading comments on facebook, it seems that a lot of people didn’t even receive this bonus box after signing up through QVC,, they claimed that they just got an extra box instead. So.. maybe they out of this bonus box? Not sure.

  8. Oh look, another highlighter… I’m so excited.

    I didn’t think it would happen, but my sub boxes are starting to bore me. 🙁 I’m still buying makeup, so I’m clearly not tired of makeup as a whole. But I just want something that actually catches my eye. Maybe send me a piece of chocolate – my Amazon Surprise Sweets boxes have been delicious so far, and actually surprising.

  9. April is my last month @10 and then I am done. Look fantastic is my favorite and Satva is a close second. They send amazing unique items every month. Ipsy and sephora are both much better than allure and cheaper. Allure should keep the cost @ $10. It is not worth $16.

    • And that’s why I quit Allie months ago and haven’t missed it.

    • I am getting my first Satva box this month!

    • I’m thinking about switching to Satva instead of Allure. I’m not interested in anything in April’s box at all.

  10. Wow! What has happened to Allure? It used to be one of my favorite boxes. Maybe it’s because I’m on product overload, but this is just not exciting to me whatsoever. For the third month in a row, I’m suspending my subscription.

  11. I was scared to look because after the deodorant last month I cancelled. But after seeing this I am so glad I did. Dr Brandt sets my face fire, that lip pencil looks painful and the rest very unexciting to me.

  12. This looks like a good box and for other than the toner it also feels like a repeat. I am on product overload and would end up giving everthing away so I’ll save my money this month.

  13. This box isn’t my cup of tea, but does anyone remember last May with that travel Luna that everyone went CRAZY over?? I’m not going to suspend or cancel because I’m hopeful for another great May! 🙂

    • Is it May or April cuz I won’t cancel until at least after ‘the big spring’ box. LOLZ. Product over load? Well yes. of course..

    • Yes! I remember that Luna box very well. I think it was my first box and I fell in LOVE! And I agree with the others that say this should now be only $10…its now officially a 5 item box.

  14. The box is not bad, but so many highlighters! This will be the fourth in the past few months!

  15. I’m happy with the spoilers, I just wish my skin like dr brant. I have the full size from boxy and sample size. Every time I use it I break out I’m sad cuz I love the smell and texture etc. I love trying new things so I’m not too picky on samples. I’m still looking for a toner that doesn’t make my skin greasy in 12 hours so I’m excited to try this one maybe it’s less moisture being peppermint 😊

  16. Will use everything in this box so I am definitely pleased!

    Tried out the truffle therapy eye concentrate from a different box ( Amazon Luxury Beauty Box) and really liked it. Decent sample size too (5ml).

    • Forgot to mention that with the eye concentrate being 5 ml (assuming it’s the same size as the sample given in the Amazon box, which looks to be the case in the photo), the value of the concentrate would be $22, making this a $77.25 value box! $112.25 if you’re a new subscriber and get the palette too.

  17. While I’d like to try out most of the stuff in this box I think I’ll keep my account suspended for now. Needing to save some money. Hopefully they won’t send this one out like they did the last one.

  18. After checking out the links, I’m psyched! The toner spray looks fabulous and will make a great addition to my collection of mists/essences. I hear the eye cream is lovely…can’t wait to try it. I still haven’t used my Dr Brandt microderm from our prior box, but I can’t wait to try both for comparison. I wonder what color lipliner I’ll get…I hope a natural shade. I usually stay away from any liners that require sharpening, but will try this brand since it is new to me. And the brow pencil that is shown is actually a brow highlighter and concealer stick…no biggie but nice for on-the-go. So glad no nail products this time. And I wonder when we will get a new eyeshadow for our Doucce palette?

    • I thought we were getting a new eyeshadow each season. I was expecting one for April…

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking…..

        • Yep me three. But at the end of the spoilers it does say next one will be in May. Hope that’s a great box as I can’t use anything in this one 🙁 ⚡️Jet

  19. Nice box for my $11!! Can’t complain a bit!

  20. I’m so sorry to everyone for starting beauty subscriptions because I swear after I started to subscribe they all went downhill. Lola Beauty Box is pretty kick a but it’s not featured on here.

  21. I’m actually excited about the lip liner! Seeing it made me realize that, as a lip color fiend and older woman with lips that are starting to get fine lines, 10 lip liners actually isn’t enough.

  22. Pretty sure we used to get 6 items in every box plus a bonus item. Now we only get 5 and no bonus items.

    • We will most likely get the bonus item, we did last month (the deodorant). Far less concerned with the item count and more interested in value and curation for sure!

      • Agreed.

      • Yeah well the curation has been horrible as well. Nothing good this month or last month. We used to get high end bonus items and now we get cheapo crap.

        • Yeah, I think they just send us items no one wants to buy.

      • That’s all well and good if the duration is good but its not and the bonus items are cheapo.

    • That’s what made me sign up with them. But I am cancelling and will try Ipsy again. My daughter has been receiving great products the last several months. This isn’t worth 16.00 a month.

  23. Not my favorite month, a little heavy on the makeup, but happy to have the cleanser, eye cream and am very interested in the toner! Will be swapping that lip liner for sure, not sure about the highlighter. It blows me away that for $10-15.00 (depending on if you got their deal) you get such high values and it’s free shipping. Its got a $55 RV, and that DOESNT include the eye cream that is $66 for .5oz (not sure what size we will be getting). Still a little confused what some people are expecting for the cost, they cant and WONT be able to make everyone happy every month. It’s literally impossible, everyone has different skin care needs, hair needs, makeup styles, ext. I think they do an amazing job with curation, value and practicality. Excited for next month!

    • Probably the 5ml/.17oz one like the amazon luxury box…so add “$22” to that if it matters 😆

  24. so glad I cancelled after last months box… I would have not enjoyed this months box

    • This used to be my favorite beauty box. It seems like they are all going downhill lately. Thanks goodness for Robb Vices and Skin Fix. I am down to only 2 from 10 :/ Hope to add more again as they all realize the quality of many of these have gone down over the years.

    • Glad I moved on too! Seems like it was the best around this time last year. 🙁

  25. Pass

  26. The eye cream got good reviews as well as the toner. I can always use an exfoliating cleanser, so I am pretty happy with this box. Not over the moon happy, but

  27. Are we being punished for the 6 boxes for $11 deal they had at xmas?? I will gladly give that up to get a decent box in May.

    • Or better than the Black Friday $10/mo for 6 months that I snagged?
      This is a way better box than March for me, since I can’t use nail polish (I’m a chef). That BTBF code was awesome, thanks Liz!

      • That’s the deal I was referring to, they add a dollar tax to mine 🙂

    • I have been skipping the past two months. I saved the conversation when she stated that it won’t interfere with our deal. You receive the 6 boxes no matter when they are. Hope that helps.
      Also, if you do suspend with Allure make sure that you wait until the last day of the month or first couple days of the month you want. They are sly like that and will send you the previous month up until the last possible day.

      • Yes, I did the same, saved the emails saying I’d get the $10 a box deal, plus did screenshots of everything! Now I wish they’d offer a box I could use – last one where I could use nearly rvrrythubg was January. ⚡️Jet

      • I’ve never suspended my account and think I want to for this box, but your comment has me a little confused. To make sure I don’t mess up, you’re saying I can suspend it now to make sure I don’t get the April box but then make sure to wait and reinstate it after April 30 if I want the May box? Thanks!

        • Yes that’s it, suspend now, then reinstate after April, I think they told me the 3rd of the month, to get Aprils box. Personally, I’d wait a little longer, I know people have often said they got the previous months box when they reinstated for a particular month they did want, so I’ll probably reinstate around the 6th. Hope that helps!⚡️Jet

    • I hope they haven’t downgraded the quality/value boxes because they offered a bunch of discounted subscriptions. Although I could see that being a little trick a business would pull to save money, it’s not fair to us longtime subscribers that pay $15+tax every month.

  28. This is not a bad box…I just don’t want or need any of it.

    Bye-bye, Allure (for now).

    • Yeah, I just suspended my account.

      • Me too. First time in 3 years.

        • I suspended on Friday until August 1st. I just couldn’t cancel just yet. I even confirmed that I wouldn’t get April’s box, so if I do infact get it (I have heard there are issues with the syspend) then that will be my clue to just cancel… In this box, I would like to try the toner… eye cream would be great but I still have a surplus. I am overloaded on lip (my own doing)… but what I really want to know is – how much highlighter does a girl need? This like the 3rd one in about 6 months!

  29. I wrote this elsewhere:

    “Ooooh, this is perhaps the worst box I’ve ever gotten.

    Dr. Brandt Skincare PoreDermabrasion™ Pore Perfecting Exfoliator–would be happy to never receive another Dr. B product again
    Skin & Co. Roma Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate–got this in another box, and it really stinks
    LaRitzy Cosmetics Lip Pencil–don’t use lip pencils
    The BrowGal Dual-Sided Highlighter–don’t use highlighting pencils/sticks
    Andrelle’s by KCJ Peppermint and Rosemary Perfecting Toner–can’t imagine using peppermint/rosemary on my face.”

    Still, I’m glad to see so many others are happy about this box. I’m usually pretty easy to please and find that it’s rare to declare a box a total stinker. It would take more than one to make me unsubscribe. 🙂

    • I agree on nearly everything except the lip pencil (I do use them)! The thought of peppermint-rosemary on my sensitive, dry skin is making my skin burn thinking about it – perhaps good for oily skin, but scary for dry skin. I have nearly no eyebrows – shame, they’re a nicely arched shape – so unless it’s some kind of eyebrow colour product (in a very light colour, better yet, grey!) I really don’t bother with stuff like a highlighter as I have no brows to highlight (thinking I’ll shave them since when I bother, I have to completely draw them anyway!) Glad I’ve got my account suspended, i hope May will bring me things I can use. ⚡️Jet

      • PS I know this isn’t related to this box, but my curiosity is piqued. Does anyone know of a brand that makes grey eyebrow colour? TIA!

          • Yes, I did the same, saved the emails saying I’d get the $10 a box deal, plus did screenshots of everything! Now I wish they’d offer a box I could use – last one where I could use nearly rvrrythubg was January. ⚡️Jet

          • Boo my reply showed up in the wrong spot, wish I could delete it, put it in the right spot (I’m really tired, only 2-3 hours sleep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

            Thank you Paula, Tauren and Patti for responding – there’s hope for me, maybe I won’t Harv to shave off all 20 hairs (seriously, I think it’s that bad and that’s the total count!) Patti, I never, ever would have thought of using a pencil, how ingenious! Hmm now I’m wondering if I get a very light charcoal pencil that would wrk with some clear gel over it? Thanks all, will check out all suggestions (I’m such a door when it comes to brow products!) ⚡️Jet

        • Yes IT Cosmetics has 3 types of brow color in grey. 😃

        • Clinique has one in powder form. 😊

          • Sorry, I’m so sleepy I spelled your name wrong, apologies Tsren! ⚡️Jet

        • I have a friend that uses a regular old #2 pencil and it works perfectly. I’ve read it works great for grey hair or brunette hair. it’s weird but it works!

      • Try the toner onnyour chest/ shoulders/ back of neck in summer to control breakout or “backne”, it’ll really help!

        • I don’t have “backne”, didn’t have it even back when I was struggling with acne on my face.

        • Taren, I’m in such a state I spelled you name wrong twice! Please accept my apologises twice! So much going on here, not sleeping, running around like I’m looney tunes & a nervous wreck with my mum in hospital.⚡️Jet

    • This is the problem with most skincare products in beauty boxes for me – almost all of them are really poorly formulated. Which is why I’d rather just get makeup, at least with that the chances are higher that I’ll be able to use what I receive.

      • Yeah ever since I’ve been researching skincare 90% of the skin stuff I get in boxes is disappointing. Rosemary extract is supposed to be an antioxidant, though…

        • Julia, yes they have found it to be an antioxidant, but it needs to be ingested. Inhaling it will improve memory (“rosemary for remembrance” as Ophelia said in “Hamlet”, guess Shakespeare knew a thing or two about herbs!) as well as support respiratory system, rubbing into your scalp helps with hair growth (I believe used on dark hair- chamomile for light hair – to thicken & make shiny), too many uses to list here. Rosemary mixed with peppermint can be used to reduce pain, reducing cortsals. Nothing I’d want on my face – it may hurt other people to look at me, but my face doesn’t hurt me! 😉⚡️Jet
          PS When I say “needs to be ingested” please be sure you ask your doctor first, find essential oils safe for ingestion (preferably organic), or organic rosemary plant. Reasearch and learn dosages, ask a herbalist. People don’t realise herbs are drugs! Many of our modern drugs came from plants (e.g. Valium came from Valerian) and I believe digitalis still comes from the foxglove, they haven’t yet synthesised it (could be old info, been studying herbs for about 40 years). Please be careful, especially if you have plant allergies! Don’t mean to sound “preachy” but people tend to think of herbs as plants (actually had someone say “oh they’re just plants, harmless” when I was teaching a class on herbalism, ugh!) and can get themselves very sick if used improperly.

          • Interesting, maybe I should look into that, or just rub it on my head.

            You’re not being condescending about the herbs, don’t worry. Just because things are natural doesn’t mean they are automatically safe. And if something is really powerful, it’s always best to use it carefully and with advice. When you’re a kid, you learn not to eat whatever berries and leaves you run into, and we should keep that in mind as adults, too. 🙂

          • Thank you for not mistaking my comments! You’re absolutely right, my teen ghoul stopped a kid from a dare of eating “the violet”. It was a deadly nightshade flower! So glad I taught her from when she was young what was dangerous- so many common plants, herbs, can be deadly. I

            f you’re going to use it topically, I suggest getting an organic one (easily found on Amazon) and doing a patch test to make sure it’s not going to give you a rash full strength. You can always cut it with a carrier oil (I use jojoba as it doesn’t spoil because it’s technically a wax). My teen ghoul gets bad cramps, straight rosemary gave her a rash, so I made a bottle and it cut with jojoba, she rubs it where she feels cramps when she’s on her cycle. Supposed to be good for that, seems to work. It doesn’t bother me straight, I’ve rubbed on my forehead to relieve migraine (see what I meant about so many uses?😉) Good luck and be careful! ⚡️Jet

      • Catbert, yes indeed! I have picky skin, so unless I know the brand won’t wreak havoc or know the ingredients won’t do the same, I feel much safer getting makeup. Don’t mind getting skin care here and there, I get to try new things. Just don’t care for skincare heavy boxes. To each their own! ⚡️Jet

  30. Love the eye cream! I’m almost out and was just about to get some more!

    • It seems to work well but I found the fragrance to be too strong.

  31. Looks like after skipping last month, mamas back. The last two boxes were starting to worry me about their direction. This is back to what I love. Thanks Allure

  32. Literally 30 minutes ago I was on this site searching allure and going hmmmm usually there’s a spoiler or two by now. Most excited about the toner!

    • Yay!!

  33. $10 for a full size Laritzy lip liner = a no-brainer. Four other items with that? Quintuple no-brainer!

  34. Allure NEVER disappoints

    • I am happy to get this box, too! I definitely have been on the hunt for eyebrow stuff!!!

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