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Target Beauty Box February 2017 – Discounted to $7!

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Target Beauty Box Time

The February Target Beauty Box  has been discounted to $7! (Thanks for the heads up, Barbie!) Check out my review of this box, too!

The Box: Target Beauty Box

The Cost: $10 $7

The Products:

  • Masque Bar Hydrating Peel Off Mask
  • Raw Sugar Raw Coconut and Mango Body Wash
  • Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity Face Wash
  • Gliss Ultimate Repair Shampoo
  • Gliss Ultimate Repair Conditioner
  • Sun Bum Sunless Self-Tanning Towelette
  • W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Pro Mascara
  • L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Mask

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  1. I cant find the live chat option to contact them… i paid 10$

    • I’ve never used the chat, but you can email them, too.

  2. I am kinda laughing here. They’ve discounted it to $7 – which is still high for this box – and its still NOT sold out! Seriously, I hope they’re realizing what a mistake these last boxes + price point, have been. Let’s see if it goes down to $5 next week. 🙂

  3. I’ll pick one up.

  4. I told myself that I wouldn’t buy it at $10, wait for it to go down at $7, but I’m still not into it. I’m mildly interested but honestly, it’s product overload combined with a boring-ish box.

    Target is definitely playing with the price points so I would rather see lower prices ($5- $7) or just a higher value in the box (no foils pls, bring on the full size products).

  5. If only those masks weren’t foil I bet all of us would have jumped on it.

  6. If you go to Targets home page and scroll to the bottom of the page, you can chat with them in regards to a $3.00 credit. Just pull up your order number and they will credit your account back immediately. I received my email confirmation of a $3.00 credit. I purchased 2 boxes therefore I received a $6.00 credit.

  7. I bought one for my niece who just got married and moved far away from her family. It may not be the best ever, but with my Red Card discount, it is absolutely worth it to put a smile on her face and get her a few things she may use!

    • And that is the best reason of all for buying one. Hope it brings a smile to her…

  8. Question. How are you guys using the $3 coupon when they say $15 minimum purchase? I try entering it and it just rejects it. Do you have to do the chat with them to only order the beauty box and use the coupon from last month for a total order of the $7 or $10?

    I wasn’t interested in this months box and decided to buy an eye shadow palette instead…or 2, or 3, and Valentine’s candy. It let me use the coupon when my total was $60. Hopefully next months box is a little better. Thanks-

    • I believe January coupon expired January 29, unless you got new one with February box. Also, this coupon is only for beauty product. If you have in card candy worth more then $45 the coupon won’t work.

    • You have to spend $15 on the beauty items to use the coupon. Mine usually don’t work, though, so I have to email them to get my $3 off.

  9. Does anyone know if target is going to have the wellness or self wellness boxes again?

  10. I just got my $3 credit for the box. I think it’s worth it especially at $7. I haven’t heard anyone mention in recent posts that you also get a $3 coupon for a cosmetic, haircare or body item. If you shop at Target like I do then $7 -$3 coupon means the entire box only cost $4. I think that’s great. All of us on this site especially should be able to appreciate that the shipping is an unavoidable expense. And Targets shipping is free.

  11. I hope I can get a price adjustment. I actually like the box and may order another one.

  12. I called and got my 3 $refund. I’ve never done that before , i just always suck it up . Not this time, they have done this too much. But I’m sure they are going to put a stop on refunding .

    • I chatted with a customer service rep a couple months ago when the Target box went on sale. He gave me the $3 refund, but said they would only do it once so I didn’t bother asking last month. This month, I decided to just wait it out. I’m glad I did!

      • Target has a a 14 day policy for price matching. As long as you reach out to them within 14 days, they will credit you the difference. I just chatted with an agent and received a $3 discount. WOO HOO!

  13. Yay! So glad I waited! I just got one.

  14. I keep saying it- At least 80% of the items they place in these boxes are available at Target in their “sample” section. Just go to the store and choose your own samples. For $10 you will get 10 items that are 2oz or larger. The other 20% are full size items they include from time to time.

    • I shop the sample section before I travel, plus I like to buy the travel flushable wipes for my kids, so I look at it probably every couple of months. I’ve never seen anything like this kind of stuff in my Target. It’s always basic stuff. Maybe it varies from Target to Target.

    • They do have a few of the items, but at my local store most are $3-4. Some are even $10-12. The boxes are still a much better option for me.

  15. I already bought it for 10. Ugh.

    • Call them and get 3$ refund.

    • I did, too, and I e-mailed them asking for a $3 refund. I also just placed my order for a second one at $7 (it’s worth it for me) and told them so in my e-mail so that they can verify that I’m not a one-off buyer. I’ve bought every Target beauty box and men’s box for roughly a year and a half, sometimes more than one! I even bought the box that came with a roll of toilet paper…

  16. Any chance the mascara is waterproof?

  17. I know I’m swimming against the current here, but I will be buying a second one and knew that I would once the price dropped because the contents are useful for me. I can understand why it’s not for others, though. That’s the nice thing about Target boxes, that you can choose not to buy them. I can appreciate that this box would’ve been super disappointing if you had paid for it as part of a subscription!

    I have my doubts that they will drop it to $5 based on the fact that the advent calendar never dropped further. If it does, I would be surprised. However, I do wish this box had been priced at $7 to start, especially with no full-size products. Hopefully the fact that these boxes are still around has sent the message that $10 is not a good price point for them unless they really load it up with good stuff!

    • I agree. I knew from the start I would not be buying this box at any price point because it’s just a miss for me. But I ended up getting 3…THREE…of last month’s $10 box (one at $10 and two at $7) that no one else seemed to like. It was just so useful for me….to each their own! And it is so much nicer to know what you are getting into from the start instead of being stuck with a box that isn’t for you as part of a sub!

    • Actually, $10 was a great price point last month; I loved that box and bought a second one on sale, too. This one just was lackluster.

  18. Thank you all for your advice to chat with them to get your 3$ back. I just did it. The one thing. Their chat button disappeared miraculously from their site so I called them. I’ve bought this box 2 hours after it appeared on 01/30. They refunded me 3$ without any problems. Do it all! They don’t deserve 10$ for this box.

  19. The only thing I want is the masks

  20. They need to stop debuting their boxes at $10. They don’t sell out at that price, and it seems unfair to punish the early birds by making them pay more!

    • i completely agree with you

    • I totally agree. I loved the last box and bought a second one at the discounted price, but it seems unfair to pay more because you buy early.

    • Playing devil’s advocate here: I disagree about early birds being punished. (I agree that this box shouldn’t have been $10 but if people are willing to pay that…)

      This is what all retail is like. Buying first (often at a higher price) is a way to guarantee you’ll get a item before it sells out. If someone buys it later on sale, that’s their luck and covers the chance they took for waiting. Sure, you can ask for a partial refund if you bought it earlier and some stores will let you without a “we’ll match any price” promise, but a lot won’t. Same with flights unless you’re covered by some type of price drop insurance.

      I’ve waited to buy things I really wanted because I was trying to be good with my money and hope for a sale. If it’s clothes or shoes, sometime my size is gone by the time a sale happens. My loss, but I don’t think someone who paid full price originally should get the sale price later for that. IMHO

      • I totally agree. Assumption of the risk. This is sorta gaming the system.

        • It’s not “gaming the system” when it is their policy to honor the lower price within 14 days. Last month people asked, but it went on sale outside the window for them to honor the price reduction for earlier purchasers. It was released on 1/2 and was discounted on 1/21.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself! This is business after all!!!

      • Target has a policy that they honor a lower price within 14 days of your purchase. This box initially went on sale less than 14 days ago.

  21. If it drops down to $5 – I’ll get one. It’s not worth anymore than that.

    I hope Target is learning something with these recent boxes.
    They sure don’t sell out as quickly as they used to. Step it back up Target!

  22. I’ve wanted to try these masks for a while so I’m still glad I picked it up at $10…..and I’m even more glad I got $3 back from a few minutes on chat lol!

  23. Meh. Boring box, even at $7. maybe if they drop it to $5. Target has been dropping their box prices. Maybe they realize they aren’t worth $10.

  24. I was hoping for this price drop! Decided to get it since I’m intrigued by most of these items! I seem to have a sensitivity to mascara..I always get itchy eyelids, no matter the brand, so I probably won’t try this one (unless someone can tell me this one won’t have that affect)

    • W3LL People is a natural brand I think so you may have better luck with it.

  25. I click on the link and just keep getting this message (for the last few days):
    product not available

    we’re sorry! this page is currently unavailable. please try again later.

    How are other people able to see the deal?

    • I would suggest making sure you close all windows that are target. Then open a new one for then search beauty box. It should show you the current box.

  26. I’m actually excited for this (at 7$ not 10$) I saw that shampoo last time I was at target and wasn’t sure so I passed, I’m glad I get to try it out first. I’m traveling later this month and was going to head to target and get travel size thing anyway, now I have face wash, body wash and shampoo and conditioner! And I can add to my Tan UV Free. I have been dying to try that L’Oreal clay masks too! I think for me the sale just had good timing. And I guess the mascara, a SAMPLE is $12.50 so I think it’s worth it for that alone.

  27. I’m so bummed with this box, I opened it and went…really? I used to look so forward to this box and now I think I’m going to not get it anymore. It’s just not worth it to me.

  28. Pass.. not tempted at all actually….

  29. Ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto. Sorry didnt the fifth number…

  30. The price has gone up and the appeal has gone down.

    • SO TRUE. *sigh*

    • Agreed. I never thought we’d get to the point where Walmart boxes were better than Target boxes, and for half the cost. The only Target mox that has been worth it for the last year was the $5 curl/WOC box last month.

    • Agreed. Early last year, I jumped on every Target beauty box, but now I might buy one every 3 or 4 months… I think the Walmart boxes still look worse, but I’ve been really impressed with the price point and quality of Amazon boxes.

  31. Maybe! So tempting!

  32. Seems to be a trend with the Target boxes lately. Still a pass for me.

  33. Honestly, this box should have started at $7. The only reason I bought it at $10 is I’m an addicted for things like this. I cannot help myself.

    • I just spent 2 minutes on chat and got the $3 refunded

    • Me too!! And I didn’t want to wait until it was $7 or even $5 because I figured by then not all of the listed items would be in the box. Definitely won’t be ‘jumping the gun’ again…

    • I agree, might have sold out at that price. Just got my $3.00 refunded through CS. All new products for me to try, so i I’m happy with it 😊

    • You describe me to a T. 😀 I knew this box wouldn’t sell out and would be discounted, but I bought it anyways. It’s definitely part instant gratification for me, and the extra $3 (even $5, assuming they discount it further) was worth it. Now if it was a higher cost box or item with a significant discount, then I’d definitely wait it out.

  34. I think I’ll pass on this month. If the mask was full size I’d probably go for it.

  35. I am not surprised. Still not interested.

    • Ditto. I don’t even think I’d bite for $5 for this one.

      • Double ditto 🙂

        • Triple that. Not even for $5.

          • Quadruple ditto, lol! Let’s form a line!

          • I’m also in line to say…no thanks…

          • Nope. Not even for $5

          • Agreed! Not even for $5. For some it may be a good deal, but I just won’t use anything in it.

      • I might be *tempted* at $5… but would likely still pass. There’s just not anything I’m especially jazzed about. Come on Target… I thought we had a good thing going.

        • I completely agree! This box is NOT worth buy over $5, and even then it wouldn’t be something I’d be excited about.

          Nothing jumps out at me from this box. Mascara *could* be good, but that’s always a toss up, and the masks are interesting, but I hate foil packets >.<

          • I received that mascara in a Birchbox a couple years ago and it went right in the trash. It’s too natural for me, I like a little length and volume!

      • Agree. Nothing I want or need.

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