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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2017 Box Spoiler Hint + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 8.59.24 AM

We have our first sneak peek at one of the items for the Spring 2016 Box of Style!

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 8.49.32 AM

Source: tzrboxofstyle

SPOILER ALERT🚨An extreme close up of one of the insanely chic items in the spring #BoxofStyle – what do you think it is?!

What do you think the Spring Box of Style spoiler item could be?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code SPRING10 to save $10 off your first box! (Regularly $99.99. Your first box will be the Spring Box.)

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  1. It is the TribeAlive bag…just watched the Zoe video – yay 🙂

  2. Looks like it could be a scarf. Or maybe a throw?

    I just cancelled my annual sub before they could charge me again. Last year was just not good. The first year was awesome. I feel like I can get a better deal buying the individual boxes instead of an annual sub.

    • How did you cancel? I was sure I did by submitting a cancellation ticket, but I was just charged $350. So mad.

      • I was charged too and tried to cancel. No response.

  3. In light of the ongoing (nonexistent) customer service issues, could someone from MSA reach out and ask RZBOS what’s happening? It’s been like this for 4 months without any improvement. If there are any problems with the spring box, I’ll have to cancel. While I’ve been a subscriber since the first box and love everything I’ve received so far, I won’t continue paying $100 to a company that can’t be bothered to respond, period, to customers.

    • If you already subscribe, beware of emails asking you to confirm your billing information. I did this and ended up with a duplicate charge that was like pulling teeth to get removed.

  4. Looks to me like an uber chic potholder. Lol

  5. Spring box? Sigh…I am still waiting on the 2nd Winter box that I ordered with the $10 off coupon code over 2 weeks ago. I had assumed, since the Winter box had been shipping for over a month, that they would ship right away. My mistake, apparently. I love the items in the Rachel Zoe box…but I have had nothing but headaches with them getting the boxes to me/customer service issues. It is REALLY frustrating. Did anyone else order 2 weeks ago when they came out with the $10 discount , and if so, have you received your box or a shipping notice yet?

    • I did the same thing! And still nothing. Worst of all I can’t cancel until I receive the box (I already asked) and at this pace I’m going to be charged for the spring box (which I can’t afford). Not impressed with customer service at all.

      • Cancel the credit card. Call the cc company and tell then you lost the card. If if a debit card they may charge you a replacement fee but it shouldn’t be more than $10.

        • Cancelling the credit card may or may not take care of the problem. I had a fraud issue on a card and needed to cancel. When I mentioned to the credit card co that I had several subscriptions linked to the card, they said many recurrent payments (ie subs) will automatically roll over to a new card. I’d say about 1/2 my subs did roll over automatically; the other half didn’t and I had to enter the new card info.

          • It sort of takes care of the issue.

            The companies (sub) will still be trying the debit… depending on the bank the transaction will follow or not follow through… if it does follow through you have to call the cc company and claim that you did not authorize the transaction. They will start an investigation and will give you the credit ( they HAVE to) because if you did not share the new cc info the bank should not authorize the transacction. However, if the transacction runs smooth and nobady complains thats a different story.

      • Did you actually get someone to respond to you (to tell you that you can’t cancel?) Stunning! I would call BS on them not letting you cancel before receiving your first box, though…that is just not right. I would keep a paper trail of your emails requesting to cancel. State in the email that you do not wish to be charged for the next box, and want to be cancelleled BEFORE the next charge, whether or not you have received your initial box, which has been delayed at fault of BOS. Tell them that this email is proof of your effort to cancel, that you absolutely do not authorize any charges and that should you be charged any additional fees you will file a fraud claim with your credit card. That should hopefully cover you should they charge you again (I also think you may be able to call your credit card proactively and tell them to NOT authorize any further charges from BOS, but I’m not sure on that.) Sadly, I have several times had to, as a last resort, use the “FRAUD” card with subscription boxes, and it usually works.

    • I am still waiting also…giving them another week – it’s very discouraging …sighs

  6. 2017 not 2016 Liz!

  7. I just got back from Colorado on ski trip bags like these were in many chic shops. Expensively at 350. Clutches were also shown. 150. 00 . Not tribe brand but this is a trend.

  8. I do not like this color combination with this style of pattern at all and it’s popping up in so many places in the sub world.

    Uber tacky.

  9. Looks similar to the design of the clutch in this months PS box. I’m hoping it’s a bag and not a throw or a poncho. I hope they post the spoiler soon.

    • The Box of Style item is a purse, also the choice of gold or silver earrings was offered….

  10. Idk seems like it’ll maybe be more like a beach wrap or towel for spring… but you can never tell. I usually love the BOS though

  11. So excited for this!! Hope RZ pulls through and wows again!

  12. They are not revealing the hero item anymore???!!!!

    • They will still be revealing the hero item. (Should be soon.) This is just a teaser! 🙂

    • My guess is it will be revealed as soon as Liz receives it in the mail. 😉

  13. It says extreme close-up…maybe it’s something smaller like a coin purse or a headband. I know, underwhelming suggestions, but I feel like the use of the word “extreme” was some sort of hint… 🙂

    • The term “insanely chic” leads me to respectfully disagree. I don’t know that even the fashion guru known as Rachel Zoe could make a coin purse or headband “insanely chic”. 🙂

    • At the same time, woven ponchos and throws don’t scream “spring!” to me either…. I have no clue what it might be but this is turning into an interesting game. I just hope we find out soon because I really really don’t want a poncho and would like to have time to bow out before it’s too late. That’s a good amount of money to pay for a box unless I know I’m gonna love at least one item…hopefully the hero one.

  14. I’m glad I cancelled, this is not at all my style. Depending on the other items, I might sign up if they do a better coupon or sale though.

  15. Spring 2017 not 2016

  16. So what about the winter boxes that have yet to arrive? I thankfully received mine, but I know a lot of people are still waiting…

  17. SPOILER!!!!!!!!!

    I found it i found it……..i’m pretty sure.

    It’s a huge tote/purse/bag kind of thing .

    I went to Tribe Alive (thanks to the comments because I would never have guessed)

    If this is it i will probably be in the minority (again) because not crazy about it. I’m not crazy about the trim……like Dooney bags.

    Really looking forward to seeing comments to see if i could be correct.

    • I feel like that’s a really good guess, but I see little white slits in the middle of the black diamonds in the photo you shared, so it might be something else. Maybe a similar bag made exclusively for BOS? I don’t even subscribe, but also curious, lol.

      • I don’t know…..I’m all confused now because I did find what they are calling a “Pouch/Clutch” in the same pattern.
        The large bag is $300 and the Pouch is $68… maybe it is something smaller. But i’m wondering too if this was something specially made.

    • I immediately thought poncho, but this is way better! Hoping for the larger tote so I can store the PS clutch in it.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Use the clutch inside the larger bag. I really hope this is it. What a cute work bag for Spring/summer.

    • Thanks for the link (glad I clicked on it, because I don’t use Instagram often and got a prompt that someone from Russia tried to log into my account… Yikes!). I love the bag and would be thrilled to get it. Very stylish!

    • Hmmm. That is a good guess, but the pattern is wrong on the bag, unless it is an exclusive to BOS. Also the material almost looks like beach towelish? But a bag would work great for me, and it would match the one from PS.

      • I agree with you. The fabric doesn’t look stiff enough to be a bag. More like a throw or poncho (sorry to those who hate that idea!). The Tribe Alive bag is super cute so I hope I am wrong about this.

      • I was thinking the same thing…it kind of looks like a sweater knit which would not be a bag/clutch. But a big tote would be awesome!

    • I REALLY want it to be that bag! But I really really don’t need another subscription box, dang it. Maybe I can cancel something though … decisions decisions.

    • Unfortunately I do not think that is it…the sample above is black in the center and the bag is white in the center…I wish it was though!

    • Could be, good guess!

    • Yep, I just watched the BOS video — that’s it. I’m also not crazy about — patterned bags aren’t really something I’m into. If I don’t cancel, I’ll have two – this and the PS clutch. Is it just me, or are we starting to see a lot of very similar items in some of sub boxes?!

  18. The weave doesn’t look like a purse. Doesn’t it look like a throw?

    • I agree. I have a throw that uses this same style of stitching – so either a throw or something made of a similar material. It doesn’t match the Tribe Alive bag.

  19. I always was so excited for this subscription but for the price tag the only two boxes I’ve regretted getting were the first two. For some reason this is underwhelming to me if it truly is a tribal clutch. I’d much rather have a small, classic leather bag or something. Fingers crossed this ends up being something unexpected and/or not the hero item. I really want to have a reason to bite the bullet on this box!

  20. It’s so similar to the clutch from the Pop Sugar must have box.. I wonder if TZR did an exclusive partnership with Tribe Alive. Looks very similar to that style.

    • I just looked on tribe alive’s instagram and they have a large bag with this exact pattern coming out for spring 2017. I’m assuming RZBoS would have an exclusive style so either a clutch or some other silhouette but I bet we are on the money with this one being a bag….

      • I just found it too! I’m not sure if what i wrote will post. I found one with brown trim and then i found one with black trim that i like better.

      • Yeah, I check TA’s instagram and saw that this is very close to their Spring ’17 line. Wouldn’t surprise me; last year’s spring box included a cross body – so hopefully it’s something along those lines. I would totally get use out of it.

      • I just don’t think that is a bag of any sort. That is a lightweight knit, not a canvas knit or anything close to something sturdy enough for a bag.

  21. Is that similar to the Popsugar box? Hopefully its not a clutch!

  22. Is that something similar to the Popsugar box???

  23. I saw that on Instagram last night, I hope it is not another poncho!

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