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Play! By Sephora March 2017 Spoiler!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have a spoiler for the March 2017 Play! By Sephora box! The theme is “The Glam Team,” and we have an item reveal:

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.10.30 AM


What do you think of the item reveal?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am Box #469

    • Me too! Light, combo skin

    • Me too. Light-medium skin and dry.

  2. Hmm… looks like there’s definitely several box variations. I’m getting # 451. I’m fair with dry skin.

    • I would have said I’m fair with dry skin and getting box #477, but I see my profile is porcelain and I have the computer skin type match of 2YO5 (You get this number by going into Sephora and having them take digital pictures of your skin). I understand you should do this in winter & summer

    • Hello! I am also getting box #451. Fair, dry skin. Looking forward to getting my goodies. Enjoy your box. 🙂

      • I’m also getting 451 but I’m medium with combo skin…

      • I’m getting 451 and medium/combo skin. So, it doesn’t sound like that makes the determination.

    • I’m Fair w/Dry Skin but getting Box 469. Haha.

    • I’m getting this too and I’m light with dry skin 🙂

  3. Box#444.

    • Same 🙂 what skin type do you have? I have fair, combination skin.

      • I also have fair, combo skin, and I am getting box # 444 as well. I am so excited!! This is my first one!

      • I’m 444 and I’m not fair skinned so I’m confused lol

    • Add me to the #444
      Fair-medium with combo/normal skin depending on time of year. I probably have combo right now on my profile since I filled it out in winter.

  4. Did anyone else notice the name of the new Tarte dual ended highlighter? .Gleam team. Hmmm. I’m wondering if this is just a coincidence.

  5. Funny the 1st thing I thought when I subbed was ‘Please no GlamGlo” … lol just my luck

  6. Mine is item # 1902477 , is this what I am suppose to look at for guesses on what is in the box ? this is my first one . 🙂

    • Same here – dying to know!

      • mines 2444

        • mine too

  7. I was so excited about getting off the waitlist. It is a good starter into the world of subscription boxes. I hv to say I expected more from Sephora. Their samples are true samples the bags are cute but boy the products they pick are SMALL & the variety are not that great. I dumped Birchbox and I think Sephora is next.

    • Same

  8. I think the December box was the most ‘worth it’ for me as far as including talked-about, hyped products I purchase anyway like Urban Decay all nighter setting spray, make up forever primer, & luxury dry shampoo, but recently the boxes have seemed like theres 1 exciting product with the rest being filler products or 100 pt rewards that no one would honestly get that excited about. I don’t think I would unsubscribe because I think subscription boxes are fun, but recently I’ve totally felt like I’m paying $10 once a month for 1 sample I maaayyy like.

    • Good point misha! I’ve noticed this as well

    • Yes me as well. My favorite box thus far

  9. For me personally, I’m hoping this month will be better then the last 2. I LOVE GlamGlow but I’m not sure how this will work with my on the oily side – combo skin. As long as I don’t get another BB, CC or any sort of tinted moisturizer I’ll be happy because I’m a full coverage foundation kinda gal. Oh and lip gloss….I’m amassing a collection from these boxes even though I never wear it.

    • And mascara. I have a whole box full of just mascara.

  10. This doesn’t really excite me…having oily skin all my life, I tend to shy away from any product that has glow, illuminating, highlighting, gleam, shimmer or shine in the title or description :-/

  11. I finally subscribed last night and I don’t see where it tells me what box I am getting on the site. Does it take a day or two ?

    • You wont see the box item number until after they charge you around the 1st-3rd of the month

  12. So, what do you think the bag will look like with this spoiler hint? I was so impressed with Dec, Jan & Feb – and how different they look. And I can use them! I can’t imagine what March will look like. Do you think it will have sparkles? Green for St. Patrick’s? It’s too late for an Oscars theme. Any ideas?

    • based on the design above, I think psychedelic pink 😍

  13. Everyone seems to love the glamglow. I’ve not joined that party yet… But hey, it is so swap friendly 😉

  14. I can’t wait to see if they do variations on this. I like the idea of a GlamGlow type product but the super mud we got last fall broke me out and as an oily girl I would never use a shimmery moisturizer. I still have two untouched Becca primers from subs. I like the Gleam theme but I hope they have products like a powder highlight that I would actually use.

    • The masks are suppose to make you break out.They detox your face and the more you use it the less your face will break out.It happened to me as well.

      • Why would I want to use a product that is going to give me acne that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten? I have worked really hard to get rid of my acne and now I am left with black heads and clogged pores. I have tried other products (like the Sephora Bubble Mask) that clear my pores without creating cystic acne. The super mud just didn’t work for me.

        • Yea that doesn’t sound right to me either. I use their products and have never broken out so I think you might be misinformed. It’s supposed to draw everything out of the pores not build up in the pores and cause pus and bacteria to form.

          A pimple is overproduction of oil and a buildup of bacteria. When you go to a spa you don’t walk away with pimples, do you? IF you do, that’s the wrong spa!

    • I agree. I am dry and I still prefer a powder highlight.

  15. I know I’m in the minority but I don’t love Glamglow.

    Plus I’m in holy-grail-love with La Mer (which I might have to stop eating to afford but who cares) so I don’t need a facial moisturizer right now personally.

  16. Sephora has this 6 pack deluxe sample size for GlamGlow($45).I felt this was a good deal to try out since I wasn’t ready to commit to a 70$ facemask. I tried all of them and only liked 2 of them so I returned it.

    The Gravity mask, which comes in silver and a limited edition bright blue is AMAZING and worth the hype. I felt like I had a vacuum sucking my pores. hah!

    The Hydration mask worked wonders on my lips which tend to be super dry. Thankfully they have a cheaper 20$ version.

    However, the others didn’t do anything for me. But It could also be my skin type!

    Definitely try out the multipack if you want to try out different masks from Glamglow and you’re not ready to commit to one 70$ mask like I was!

  17. I personally don’t get the glamglow hype. I’ve only tried their masks and out of the three I tried not a fan of any of them. At least my sister will like getting something

  18. I wouldn’t mind getting this in my bag.. I’m just hoping they have multiple shades to send out accordingly to skin tone. I love sub boxes, but unfortunately, they tailor them to fit the “general” light to medium skin tones.. so us pale and darker skin tone ladies get left with products that don’t work for us. “Nude glow” may work for me, but I’m hoping they send out “pearl” for super fair girls (like myself) and “sun glow” for more deeper completions. Wishful thinking, right?

  19. Get your glow on ladies

  20. Love the theme. This one excites me. Let yourself glow ladies!

    • Me too

  21. I am new to this box. I dropped all my subs last August and now I am back in the sub game. I hope this one is worth it!

  22. I haven’t gotten my Feb box either. I’m excited for the March box , there has to be a highlighter in there. I’m betting on a metallic lip too.

  23. Well, I signed up for the waitlist FOREVER ago and finally got an email that I’m off the waitlist. Wish I could say I was more excited, but Ill definitely give it a try. March is my birthday month so I figured why the heck not! Not sure how I feel about the spoiler, Glamglow is a decent brand, just not sure I want a shimmery moisturizer. I also don’t wear foundation and I get the feeling this is meant to wear under foundation to give you a dewy look. I don’t really wanna just look shiny haha. I’m more of a hair/skin care girl so hopefully its not too makeup heavy.

    • maybe birchbox will be a better option for you they do more skin and hair stuff. Don’t get me wrong Sephora sends out skin and hair but birchbox’s products are mainly hair and skin at least in my boxes they were and I didn’t want that, I don’t want to be changing my skin care routine just like that because it works well for me right now. In th other hand I don’t mind having many many blushes, lipsticks, bronzers etc..

    • me too.. march 20th! happy early b-day!

  24. Love Glamglow!! ❤ last year when they sent the little masks out, I loved that Play box! I believe I got thirstymud in that one. Even though I wished we had gotten all of the mask variations (I know- irrational but a girl can dream!).
    My mom adores the thirstymud and supermud is magic on my teen’s skin!! I haven’t tried the Glowstarter yet with fear of looking “greasy” though my own skin is dry. Hoping it’s in every box too, since it’s an early spoiler. I just received my Feb play yesterday!!! Haven’t even had a chance to properly play yet 🙂

    • I use to worry about looking greasy if I used highlighters or “glow” type products. Just try to keep in mind that you really are glowy, not oily looking. I have very dry skin too and I worry about extremes lol. Let yourself glow girl!

  25. I hope this is not in every box… It’s a $7 value but I’m not excited :/

  26. Sounds good! I could like this.

  27. Maybe milk makeup’s holographic stick? It looks a lot like that ribbon in the picture

  28. I love glam glow and I’m excited to try this! I’m assuming since it’s a spoiler from Sephora’s site it’ll be in every box or else I feel like that’ll cause issues….

    This theme looks fun too! Hoping for a nice highlighter this month (@beccacosmetics), I’m surprised we haven’t gotten one in play at all yet! at least since I subscribed in July.

    Maybe a glitter shadow too or like a brow highlighter. Not really sure what else. I hope not another gloss.

  29. March will be my first box. I’m always concerned about foundation colors (I’m a chocolate girl). Seeing “nude” makes me think it might be a waste. Maybe I can mix it with another foundation and keep the shimmer.

    • Thank you for the morning laugh reading chocolate girl lol. That’s what my boyfriend’s sister refers to herself as too. I recommend using it as under brow highlight if it’s too light (which I’m sure it is). That’s what she does with all the k-beauty items that are too light for her! (Girl is obsessed with everything Korean)

    • Some thoughts on use if you (and any other gorgeous chocolate girls out there) get a light color:
      – Use in very corner of eyes to give them the depth and make them look larger
      – Dab some barely above Cupid’s bow like a little liquid highlighter and see if it works
      – Experiment with it on just lids for a shimmery basic eye look come summer that’s easy to toss and go for touch ups, could look good, might not, worth seeing…
      – It *could* blend in decent enough as moisturizing primer as noted I supposs and they have that barely darker color though reading I see a lot of people calling it really orange, spot highlighting might be way to go
      – Mix in with any illuminating primers or a little goes a long way in your normal color foundation

      All those actually work just fine for girls who don’t like it much of any smin tone.

    • It comes in a darker color too, maybe they’ll be smart and do variations based on skin tone!

    • it supposed to work for all skin tones. It like a pinky highlight.

    • Foundation samples are pretty few and far between in my experience with many subs.

      • You are right I have no recollection of receiving any foundation what they send it’s bb creams once in a while. I just don’t want to see another black mascara I have 16 new mascaras without opening six which are full size and I have not bought a mascara in about two years.

        • Maybe use it as a lip primer, for under pale lip colors or glosses.

        • Same, same. How ’bout them black eyeliner pencils?

    • Maybe use it as a lip primer, for under pale lip colors or glosses.

  30. Like the brand, but I don’t like shimmery products, so this would be a miss for me. Is this guaranteed to be included in every box?

  31. I love glamglow n have not tries tinted moistizer

  32. I love ❤️ glamglow. I also don’t wear much foundation, so a tinted moisturizer might be a good fit for me. I hope this trend of smaller and smaller samples isn’t becoming the norm. I tossed that Sephora mascara. And why they labeled it with the price for full sized I just don’t get.

    • That mascara wand was so small and hard to use..$12 price on it..yeah right.

      • It might be the price of the full size not the actual sample

  33. I am so excited I love glamglow products!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I love everything Glamglow so I’m happy already 🙂

  35. meh. I do not need to be highlighted at with a tinted moisturizer. I am also not enamored of glamglow. Hopefully, we will get some more items in here that are not so shiny.

  36. Spoilers for March already!? I haven’t even gotten the Feb. box yet! 😫

    • I haven’t gotten mine either. It shipped two days ago but won’t arrive until next Wednesday.

      • Next Thursday for me!

    • My Feb box arrived today & it was awesome!! I really didn’t think I’d like it, either, but it totally surprised me & blew me away! (I don’t love nude lip colors, so I thought it would be a miss for me but it actually worked well.)

      Hope you like your Feb box as much as I liked mine. 🙂

    • Same here. Supposedly I’ll have mine on Wednesday.

      The week+ range of shipping dates is the one thing I find disappointing with my Play subscription.

  37. This is my first month, as well. I use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation already (Laura Mercier) so I am excited to see what this is like!

  38. Makes me very happy that I finally got back on the list for Sephora.

  39. An early spoiler! This just made my day!

    • I know what you mean. They could literally put just this in a cute bag and I would be very happy!

  40. yaaas! I love Glamgldw products and really like tinted moisturizers! I’ve really been loving Sephora lately!

  41. Love GlamGlow! Still fawning over my February bag with the Nars Velvet Lip Glide in Bound. It is PERFECT!! It also makes up for the hideous shade they sent of the Too Faced Lip Injection in Milkshake. I can’t think of a single skin type this color would work on. It’s so unappealing!

    • The gloss actually looks quite nice over the Nars product

  42. Ooooh, yes, the iridescent ribbon is practically making me drool. I hope there will be, as Emily mentioned, duochrome, glittery, metallic; maybe something like Unicorn Snot or Unicorn Tears.

    • See, that was my guess based on the theme photo above. Plus, they did the soft and muted look for February, so it would only make sense to do something different from that this next month.

    • I was looking and some of the new/upcoming trends of glitter strobing and metallic lips and was wondering myself if we were getting this kind of stuff.
      I’m excited to see where sephora goes with this.

      • Same here! For some reason I subscribe to several beauty boxes, even though I don’t care for nude or neutral, and smoky just doesn’t look good on me. The green glitter lippie I got from the Glamorous Chicks box looks great on me, thought 😉

      • *though. So excited I can’t type properly!

    • Has Sephora Play ever included a Becca product? I hope the sample is the new Amethyst Prismatic highlighter!

    • Unicorn snot? Yuck yuck and yuck

  43. Glam Glow is a nice brand, but I don’t particularly care for tinted moisturizer, so I’m not super excited about the spoiler and do not plan on using it.

    Based on the the theme it looks as though March might feature things like highlighter, duo chrome shadow, glittery or metallic lipstick, or maybe some brightening skin care. But that’s just a guess.

    • I also do not care for tinted moisturizer. This will be my 1st month, hopefully the next spoilers are better. ☺

  44. Gosh I hope they offer volcasmic for oily skin types!

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