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Play! By Sephora February 2017 – FULL SPOILERS for Box 575!

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Sephora Play

We have FULL SPOILERS for one of the February 2017 Play! By Sephora boxes! Thanks so much, Charlotte!


These are the spoilers for the variation of box ending in #575:


FYI – this is just one variation..more spoilers to come soon hopefully!

According to Anonymous, here are some of the brands that will be sampled in February:

Makeup: Lip (NARS Velvet Lip Glide, Tarte, Too Faced, Bite), Eyes (Sephora)

Skincare: Face (Clinique), Eyes (Origins)

Fragrance: (Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Prada)

What do you think of the spoilers? 

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I would love to get this box! I’ve always wanted to try the Too faced lip injection gloss. I’m getting box #591.

    • Me too, getting 591. Patiently waiting for the spoiler or just be surprised. I hope not to receive two lip products though.

      • I also have box #591, normally I get the first spoiler box.

    • Santa, I’ll be getting this box. I’m definitely putting the lip injection up for swap if you want to look out for it.

    • Also a 591!

    • Me 2!

    • I’m box #575. I’m very disappointed with these Sephora boxes. I waited on the Wait List over 6 month’s and I really don’t feel it’s worth all the hype. There are other boxes that are just as good if not better.. jmo

      • I’m 575 now also. I changed my preferences last month. Huge mistake! ! This is the first box that I don’t like, I’m really disappointed. I loved all my other play! boxes.

    • Me too 591

  2. This is my box! I don’t like another mascara as I have tried tons and have only found 3 great ones, but am happy with most of the rest. Glad to get a liquid lippie as I’m big into lip products, especially Nars! I have the Too Faced lip injection in clear, and it works well. I usually don’t use lip gloss at all but will try this one due to the plumping effect. I will be a bit upset if the Bite product turns out to be the agave mask though lol! Clinique has worked for me in the past and I’m interested in the blurring effect mentioned to see if it does anything for pores and fine lines. The Origins I’m iffy about. I love their products usually but I have sensitive skin and eyes…hope it doesn’t irritate me like it has other people who’ve commented.

    • I love Clinique! Origins stuff always seems to have fragrance or scents I don’t like so guess I’m sensitive to them also.

  3. This is my box! I am excited for the makeup, but I could care less about the skincare. I was kind of hoping for Bite, I’m not a fan of too faceds lip injection

    • Me too! I really wish I got bite!!!

  4. This spoiler is for my exact box. Although I would have preferred to get the bite beauty OR the tarte lip item instead of the too faced…. I am happy that we’re getting 2 higher end brand lip items. (lip stuff is my favorite). So I’m just already planning on hopefully swapping both the nars and the too faced lippies for the bite and tarte. I don’t care for really anything else in the box either (sensitive skin and trying to go more natural); BUT I can usually swap whatever I don’t need/want for something I do. So, while I am disappointed in what I’m getting vs what I could have got… I am still happy to get such nice items to swap! I mean, it’s $10 and we’re getting Nars, Too Faced, Origins, Clinique. That’s pretty sweet! Prime swapping stock indeed.

    • How do you swap what you don’t want?

      • There’s a swap site here.

  5. I’m excited, everything looks good except that eye cream. I got a sample last year with my 100pt reward and I’m convinced it makes my left eye puffy and itchy. I wasn’t sure if it was the cream or allergies, but I’ve used it a few times and it’s always the same thing. Is it possible to only be allergic to something in one eye? 🙁

    • My left eye is typically more reactive than my right. It could be the same with you, and that given time and/or exposure your right eye would start to show a reaction as well.

  6. This is my box and I’m very happy with it. The whole point of these subscriptions for me is to try new products and everything in this box is new to me.

    Sure, it’s mascara overload for me this month (I believe I’ve received 4 full-size tubes in the past 2 weeks), but I’m not looking to score cheap make-up. I’m looking to try new products and I love the fact that I can make comparisons btwn the different brands. Before these monthly boxes, I stuck with the same brand of mascara for years – not knowing what amazing products are out there. So far, I’m loving the PUR mascara from their mystery bag the most.

    I also would have NEVER considered buying plumping lipgloss on my own. Now I get to try it without much of a financial commitment. If I like it, then win for me. If I don’t, then it was worth the few bucks knowing.

    • Exactly! This is why I started getting these boxes. I only started in Oct, So I’m not totally over loaded yet. I love discovering new brands at a fraction of the cost. If I don’t like/love it, oh well, I will never buy it. I’ve only found one thing me and my daughter can’t use due to scent or breakout. I don’t think that’s bad, one item out of 6 months and like 3-4 boxes a month.

  7. So I think this box is probably worth $50 which isn’t bad but I barely like half but still worth the $10 I spent. I have a prediction that everyone is gonna get origins eye cream, clinique pep start cream, Sephora mascara, and Bars lip glide, I think the only difference will be the perfume of prada and Tom Ford, and instead of too faced lip injection gloss it will be a Tarte gloss or a bite gloss. Pretty sure if that, but I could be wrong. To be honest if I’m right I wouldn’t be ecstatic with any variation because I hate glosses and not a fan of any of the perfumes. So probably no fomo. 😛

  8. This is my box and the first one that I’m truly disappointed in. Blah.

  9. Looks like a great box! I’m 583, n I hope it’s as good as this one!

    • That’s my box number as well. Hoping we get two lip products also!

    • I am 583 as well!! can’t wait for the spoilers. However, these spoilers are awesome and i would be happy to get them.

  10. At first I was like yay my box has spoilers then dang it I wish this wasn’t my box…I hate glosses and I don’t like the divine decadence perfume…hopefully the bars is not a nude and I have enough mascaras…the origin and pep start might be good but not too thrilled :/

  11. Does anybody else already know that you could use the same Play pass once/day until it expires???? I was wondering why the Sephora cashiers kept giving me back my card (this started in December… I’d just throw them away when I got home thinking they were a one-time use deal), but then this past weekend the guy who was checking me out said that I could re-use it until it expired, but only once per day. So, of course I tested out this theory by buying a really inexpensive item, and it worked!!! My Sephora account shows all of the 50 extra points!!! So, now anytime I’m near a Sephora, I think I just may “have” to buy an inexpensive sheet/lip/nose strip. 😉

    (this may be old news to some, but I had never read anybody else mention this so I thought I’d share. 🙂 )

    • THANK YOU! Oh my gosh I had no idea. So exciting hahahah

    • Wow I had no idea. I think normally the Sephora employees have been taking them and discarding it after I use it once, so I don’t even get it back. Now I know and will make sure I get it back every time! Can’t believe I have been missing out on so many points! Thank you!

      • The 3rd time I used my pass the girl actually ripped it and was about to throw it away, but I told her I wanted it back because it can be used multiple times. Fortunately, she didn’t rip the barcode. We went back & forth a bit because she clearly thought I was wrong. She claimed it must be a computer glitch & she was going to talk to her manager & corporate about it (ha!), but I claimed that it might be another case of Sephora employees (i.e. her) still figuring out how this card/pass can be used. 🙂

    • I think you can do it more than just once a day. I think I tried it twice in one day and it worked. Also, if you have a January pass that doesn’t expire until Feb.28th and a February pass as well, you can use both at the same time. I don’t think you can use both of the same month at the same time but two different months has worked for me. The only problem is I usually don’t get to keep them because the people at my Sephora take them after one use. Sometimes I get lucky and I just keep buying a $4 Sephora overnight mask and I get 54/104 points…Ahhhmazing deal. Also, did you know you get 10 points for every box, so that’s 120 points and 120 dollars spent a year towards VIB or VIB Rouge. You’re welcome…lol. 😛

      • Great information!! For the using cards

        Box 583

        Thank you
        What does everyone do with the pouch Play comes in

        • Great question!!

    • I had no idea!?! I always threw it away…that is a pretty sweet deal

      • Same here. Good to know this, especially since they can’t be used online, which is dumb IMO, but if I can find another way to eventually use them in store, that’s awesome. Thanks!

    • OMG thank you!

    • Thank you! I had no idea! My first Play! box was January, so I haven’t figured out anything. Now, I might need to go to Sephora a few times. 🙂

    • WHAT? That’s amazing.

  12. This is my box and it looks hella boring. This is my first month with Play and it’s super basic. Super underwhelmed.

  13. Ooh that’s my box! I like hydroblur–already use it though sometimes it pills weirdly and I haven’t quite figured out which of my other products it clashes with, but I love how it feels. Not too keen on getting another eye cream and mascara. I love lippies but I also own way too many…would actually have liked more hair or body care probably XD

  14. I can’t believe we have a full spoiler this early in the month! This is my box and I’m super excited. I will probably swap the NARS just because I rarely wear lip colors and have 4 that I already have opened that I switch between.

  15. This is my box. My daughter has #583 and she is dying to know what she is receiving.

  16. Wow, this is my box # and it sounds perfect for me 💚💜💙 Hope the glosses are lighter shades this time around !

  17. Super excited, this is my box 💝

  18. This is MY box. (575) And for the first time EVOR I am disappointed. In Sephora Play. I can’t believe it. Sephora Play is my jam. This box and Allure are what keep me happy as a stay at home mom. Do I sound dramatic? I’m disappointed BUT hopeful.
    I’m disappointed because of the lack of variety. I rarely EVER wear lip products. The only lip product I ever enjoyed was from the SP box. The Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always red. It was smooth and matte and didn’t budge. I bought the full size!! Which is something i rarely do! I could never pull off red lipstick until I tried that. I was shocked that I enjoyed it. There is no way in hell I’ll enjoy the lip gloss. No way. I love moisturizers but I’m also disappointed that there’s two in the box. I’m sure they are great and ill love them but I like to get a little of everything, which Sephora Play is usually great at. I’m just shocked they did 2 lip products and 2 creams. Its blowing my mind. Maybe I’m over thinking it.
    Maybe I’ll love all the products here. I have a butt load of mascara probably well over 20 not counting what I give away. Out of that I have 3 holy grail mascaras. I didn’t even know it was possible to have more than one holy grail. When I do my makeup I’m always torn between the three and can’t decide. So I actually hope I don’t love the mascara.
    I’ve asked myself each month which box would I pick if I could only have one. I reassess every month. I always can’t decide between Sephora Play and Allure Beauty Box. If I ever had to make that decision I would probably cry like a baby. But I think I know the answer now.
    I’m not saying I’ll unsubscribe its still a solid great deal box. But Allure just became the only box if I had to choose one.

    • join the makeup swaps on facebook.

      • I didn’t know about swapas on Facebook. Or anywhere for that matter. Could you tell me more please?

    • Well, one of the moisturizers is specifically for your under eye area so that makes it a little different 🙂

  19. I subscribed a few days ago. Will I even get a February box? I don’t have any Play order details yet…

    • you’ll get the march box, because it charges in the first few days in the month. But I could be wrong.

    • You won’t they bill on or about the 5th of the month so you’ll be billed in the beginning of march and get that one

    • I subscribed in January and had to wait until this February box.

  20. My box! I’m excited for it! The pep start moisturizer sounds really nice, not that I need more moisturizer but I’m always open to good ones! I’ve been wanting to try this eye cream for awhile so I’m so excited for it! (Just ordered a sample packet with my Sephora order this morning lol) And I love eye creams. The too faced is something I’ve been really wanting to try but I would never buy so I’m happy I get the chance to!! The NARS I’ve been wanting to try too and even debated buying but never did. I love NARS brand. Hopefully both lip products are good colors! The only thing I’m not too excited for is the mascara since it’s Sephora brand and I’m literally drowning in deluxe sized mascaras lol. But of course I’ll try it. And the perfume sounds nice but I always think the description sounds nice and then I’m still dissapointed so I won’t get my hopes up.

    Overall really happy about this box tho!

  21. It sounds wonderful!

    Marc Jacobs’ Divine Decadence Perfume description: A sparkling expression of glamour and luxury, Divine gives the indulgent woody sensuality of Decadence a touch of brightness. A new, sparkling, champagne-doused interpretation of the original—just as decadent but expressed in a more effervescent, floral way.

    Notes: Champagne Extract, Orange Blossom, Creamy Bergamot, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Honeysuckle, Saffron, Vanilla, Liquid Amber.

    Style: Sensual. Luxurious. Radiant.

    • I have really been loving my perfume samples the last few months. It’s the thing I get the most consistent mileage out of, which is the opposite of Birchbox. I got maybe 2 perfume samples over the course of 2 years that I liked.

  22. Your very welcome Liz! Thank you for posting it and I was so surprised he gave me the info and he repeated it several times. He felt bad as I didn’t get my VIB welcome kit (a blessing in disguise)…I haven’t had time to look at the products but I can tell you about the Clinique hydro. I have combo skin and love it but it’s for all skin types and kind of like a moisturizer, primer and you can wear it alone or under or over makeup. It’s a everything facial product. I’m stoked to get it as I got it in a point perk and it’s a hefty size for having it 3 months. The other product…Too Faced lip, I have the too faced lip injection extreme and it doesn’t burn my lips but plumps them good! So, I’m not sure about the glossy part and he indicated it was a plumper. As for everything else I’m excited because I haven’t tried any including the too faced glossy. I can’t wait to look on their site and look up the items and I’m also very excited about Play! and Ipsy is my fav of all times. Oh no! I’m getting addicted!!!

    • I also meant to say on the play! part of the website doesn’t it say mellow. If so, I’m really excited as I get such dark lippies a lot and spring is around the corner. But if their dark I’ll deal with it! The photos on here look mellow🌷😊

    • So, if I understand correctly, sephora cs told you the contents of your upcoming play box in lieu of being able to provide your VIB Welcome kit?

      Nice work!

      • Hi Jay! Not in lieu of giving my vib I asked while we were talking about it! I also got the spoilers in November or December with a conversation with Sephora. I called in January and tried with a girl and she wouldn’t give me them! I’m going to try every month as I have questions on their products from either Play! Or if I buy or get a gift from my family and friends. I hope my long blog answers your question and keep your fingers crossed for March as I’ll be trying to get info again!!!

  23. The CC I had set up for my Play! subscription had a temporary freeze on it due to a possible security breach on the day the box bills, and apparently Sephora’s billing dept is not smart enough (or cares enough about it’s customers) to be able to rebill and send a box after the first bill doesn’t go thru, so no Play! box for me this month 🙁

    • I have the same issue sometimes. When I receive the email saying payment didn’t go through, I have to ‘update my payment’ & no other issue after that. They’ve always emailed me explaining any issues.

    • Ugh, same thing happened to me in January. I had some fraud on one of my accounts, and updated the info well within the cutoff date for shipping, but it still didn’t take and actually booted me out of the system. I had to rejoin the waitlist, but was able to get back in time for February. I generally like the boxes, and typically have good in-store experiences, but their customer service is definitely lacking. Good luck, and hope you can get it sorted for March!

  24. As always I am happy with my box and this is my box. Three makeup items and no haircare. I’m happy. Love my Sephora Play.

  25. This is my box. It’s my first month of Play. The only thing I’m nervous about is the Too Faced lip injection gloss. And that is only because I’ve heard varying opinions that it hurts your lips, but some say it’s just a tingle. I’m happy to try it though. Everything else I’m happy with. I just hope that the color of the Nars lippie isn’t one of the two I have. But I’m excited. 🙂

    • Be wary of the eye cream if you have sensitive skin. It made my skin super itchy for several hours.

      • I have sensitive skin and it doesn’t affect my eyes at all.

        • Sensitive eyes and skin can be differently sensitive. My skin is not particularly sensitive, but my eyes burn, water and turn red when I use this eye cream.

      • Thank you. I’d planned on giving it to my mom since it isn’t something I use and she does. But I’ll let her know. 🙂

    • I would be wary of both the lip injection and ginzing eye cream if you have sensitive skin. I know this will very from person-to-person, but I also have sensitive skin and had reactions to both products. The tingling of the lip gloss didn’t bother me, but I also developed a red itchy line around the edge of my lips after wearing the gloss for 5 minutes. It became flaky and took a couple of days to heal. My eyes also had a reaction to the ginzing – itchy and red – within minutes of applying it. I was bummed to receive two products that aren’t appropriate for sensitive skin in one box!

  26. Hi, I was just wondering how you find out what box number you are receiving, this will be my first month. Thanks!

    • The last 3 numbers of your product #. Look in the online oder section of you account.

      • Thanks so much Ariana!

  27. I am so excited for mine to come!!!!!! I love the ginseng eye cream!!!!

  28. Two lip products!? Not thrilled about this or the mascara 🙁

  29. sooo excited for this month! this is my box and I love everything!!

  30. I’m box #555, I hope I get the two lippies shown here!

  31. MINE!! Woot I’m excited. Thanks for posting. We love you guys!

  32. This is my box. My regrets to the “no negativity” crowd, but this variant isn’t doing much for me, personally. That eye cream is my opposite of a “holy grail” product – it irritates my eyes like anything, and aside from that has shimmer in it. We’ll see what the lip glosses are like, but since I’m not a gloss girl, I’m not holding out too much hope. Sephora is my favorite store ever, and I spend more time than I care to admit lusting over products on their site, and yet somehow this box often seems a bit lackluster.

    • Agreed, I’m gonna cancel. 3 months in a row $30 bucks and not one thing I’ve been excited about. There are other boxes out there.

    • Agree. I really appreciate having lip and mascara samples that haven’t been used by others, but I must admit I don’t jump up and down with excitement over getting 3 in 1 box. I can’t use anything bite. Sometimes there are items I can’t wait to try. This month there just isn’t for me.

  33. This is my box and I’m psyched! I just got a sample of the GinZing this weekend, so now I can use both together to really know if I want to commit! I’m psyched about the Pep Start and the lip plumper as well! The only thing I probably won’t use is the perfume (since I’m really specific about my scents), but I’m not mad at all. What a fun selection!

  34. Oooh this is my box. Like everything but the mascara. I can’t wear mascara.

  35. This is my box and it might be my favorite yet! I use the GinZing every morning and love it, so this will be great to travel with. I’ve wanted to try the Hydroblur for a while, and I LOVE the NARS formula – just hoping that will be a shade that works for me. Too Faced looks intriguing, and the mascara is the only real pass for me.

  36. This is mine, pretty happy. I can’t wear mascara but other than that it looks good. Now I must resist the urge to compare other boxes. No green eye envy here. Last month I thought I was receiving the worst, until I played and it as perfect for me. NO MORE FOMO is my new motto.

  37. My box # is 859. Can’t wait to see what’ll be in my box 😍

  38. This is mine and I’m quite happy. I want to see other variations though!!

  39. This is my box! I need a new eye cream and I like Origins so I’m happy to try it. Clinique can be hit or miss for me (love the Moisture Surge and the All About Eyes but the Dramatically Different makes me break out) but this is new so it’s worth a try. And the lip products look like fun. The only thing that’s really meh for me is the mascara. I have a million mascaras from different boxes and I don’t think this will top any of them.

  40. 575 – that’s me! This is the first real miss for me in 4 months of Sephora.

    The skincare items are my main interest, and I have a suspicion they will be foils (the Gin-zing has been a sample choice for a week or so on the website).

    • I don’t think they’ll be foils because (1) I’ve never gotten a foil sample of anything in the 8 months I’ve been a Play subscriber, and (2) they’ve had deluxe samples of both the pep start and the ginzing as 100 point rewards in the past month or so.

      • I hope you’re right! That’s a lot of products for one box otherwise, though.

        • This is the same amount as always and Sephora play never gives foils (as far as I know)… I believe it’s in the exact description of the box that they give “5 deluxe samples and a perfume sample vial”

          Hope that helps!

    • I recieved my box today, neither the clinique or origins is foil. Both are sample tubes!

      • For the people who have already received their boxes, what color are the lip products?

  41. This looks great. I’m 591.

    • Same box here, waiting to know the variations 🙂

    • Me too. I feel like the kid on the kid on the playground with the ball, with an air leak… watching the others play kickball! 😂

  42. Unfortunately this is my box, seriously two lipglosses? I can’t swap lip products to save my life!

    • The Nars lip glide is a liquid lipstick not a gloss, if that makes you feel any better.

      • The nars is not a liquid lipstick actually, I have owned one before, they are more of a lip stain with a gloss affect….But they feel nice on the lips, I thought it was a liquid lipstick, but it wasn’t, so I returned it…But still would be nice in a trial size!

  43. This is my box. Not bad. Will depend on the colors of lipstick I get. I hope at least one works for me!

  44. That’s mine! 😍 I’m totally happy with this!

  45. Oh, hey! This is my box! I’m pretty happy – I love moisturizer and eye cream. The lip products look really promising if they’re subtle/nude/MLBB shades like the hints seem to imply. I’ve always wanted to try a plumping lip gloss but never worked up the courage to buy one. Not particularly jazzed about the perfume or mascara because I have oodles of both, but at least the mascara brush is the type I prefer! Hope my box ships soon so I can start playing with the products.

  46. My account says 583, but no ship date yet.

    • I’m 583 as well.. Really impatient for our spoilers/box

      • Me too! Comparing this box to anonymous’ spoilers it looks like the only variations will be in lips & perfume maybe? I would love to get Prada & then everything else stay the same. Unless they want to send sephora brand eye shadow for the eyes makeup category 🙂

      • I’m 583 too. If it’s anything like this one I’ll be happy. Last month was my first box and I loved that one.

    • Me too. But this variation doesn’t look thrilling and I love lip products.

  47. Not missing Play! yet.

  48. That’s my bag! Happy like a clam!

  49. That’s mine and I’m excited for all of it, I think! Well, except for the Too Faced lippy, I don’t do glossy. Really want to try the Pep-Start, my skin loves Clinique.

    • The TooFaced is a plumping gloss…I wear it while applying my makeup and then wipe it off and apply whatever lipstick I’m planning to wear that day. But just to warn you, it does have a tingling/burning sensation for the first few minutes, at least the one I tried did.

  50. Yes! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 …. I can’t wait. 😍😍

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