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FabFitFun FLASH SALE! Save $25 Off Your First Box!

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Today only, FabFitFun is having a flash sale for 50% off their Editors Box! Use coupon code MINE to save $25 your first FabFitFun box! (Thanks, Kimberly and Nira, for the heads up!)

The FabFitFun Box is a quarterly women’s subscription from Each season they send you a box of $100+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion, and fitness. This subscription is regularly $49.99 a quarter.

Check out our FabFitFun reviews and FabFitFun Spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!

And if you want spoiled on what’s in the box:


Note: If you receive the Zoya nail polish as your bonus item, you will get an additional mystery bonus item, too!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Im trying to order this box but am getting a error message ing coupon “mine” does not exsist? Anyone else having this issue? Liz, any input?

    • Sorry, this deal was available for yesterday only (2/17).

    • I was so excited to order this when I saw it in today’s daily sizzle. Perhaps it should be named “yesterday’s sizzle.”

      • Yesss i agree awww little too late 😐

  2. Just ordered the editors box since I like many of the items and it’s only $25. Let’s see how the seasonal boxes are for $50 a pop.

    • My box came today an I love it! I got editors box 2d and it came with the tan and red scarf, zoya, and osea cream, and the necklace variation was “inspire.” Trail value $282 for only $25- beyond happy!

      • I got mine today. Beyond happy! I got the black/white scarf, zoya, osea, “inspire”,, hair oil, lip gloss, coloring book, and the plastic mug (which is the only thing I am not satisfied with). Even with the the current add-on price, the box would be $136. I wish I ordered more than one box!! Hopefully the spring box would be as nice. So far I am not very impressed.

        • Mine arrived today I was pleased to get the Osea product as my bonus along with the Zoya. Unfortunately my Zoya leaked and dried, having a hard time getting it open 😩 My scarf is the tan/red/green color… I was really hoping for black/white. All in all I’m very satisfied for $25. Can’t wait for the spring box to arrive!

        • Got mine yesterday. Agree about the plastic mug. Prices for that and the necklace seem very inflated. But excited to get the eye palette and face peel. All in all, the presentation and curation was nicely done and a bargain at the $25 price.

  3. I’m finally caving.

  4. I’m caving! This makes up for missing out on the Popsugar Girls Night Out box. Fingers crossed for the polish 🤞🏾

    • I caved as well. I have seen it so much that I said why not at $25. Hoping for the eyeshadow palette as a bonus.

      • Me too but most likely I’ll get the nail polish which I don’t wear. The skin creams look good.

        • The nail polish is in every box, you will get it, but you will also get one of the mystery items… I have bought two boxes (I liked it that much!), one with the palette and one with the Anderson Lilley Winter in Manhattan lotion, both things are AMAZING!!! the whole box is totally worth it, you will enjoy this subscription a lot!

          • I absolutely cannot wait to receive this box! I received a palette from Boxycharm in the rose gold shades, love it! I wish I could have ordered two at this price!

      • Please post back here when yours arrives. Not sure about any shipping information just yet. I am very anxious for the first reveal for the Spring box as well!

      • Omg I got the Nude palette eyeshadow & it’s Gorgeous!!! 😊🌸💋

        • What was your box number? I’m getting 2d and wondering which scarf and bonus item I’m getting.

          • What’s wrong w the editors box? You get a mod cloth blanket scarf a gorgeous hot/cold mug a gold chain a nude eyeshadow palette a expensive face exfoliate cream etc.. for 25$ what? Lol

          • I got the tan/red scarf & im not sure it’s numbered? The editors box??

          • I see it now… my box is 1c

    • I got the polish if you want to swap later Are you in the Swap?

      • I am in the Swap, but have yet to use it. I’ll update when my box arrives if I don’t receive the Zoya polish.

  5. Sigh…I might just go ahead and order at this price 😃 decisions decisions. I can use and/or gift the items.
    I saw on The FFF Facebook page that the spring box will go on sale Tuesday.

    • I was just on chat with FFF and he told me the Spring box is going to be worth $360 🙂 He said the billing for the spring box will be Mid March. He also said a spoiler will be released through email next week and another spoiler will be revealed on Facebook live on Feb 21st 🙂

      • Thank you for that valuable information! I can’t wait for a spoiler!!!

  6. is this deal only for new subscribers?

  7. Is this box easy to cancel if/when needed? Thank you…

    • Yes! I had 2 accounts at one point and have easily canceled one through the website!

  8. Hurray, I’m glad I was able to contribute at least part of something useful!

  9. I got the Galentines deal and my box has shipped!! I am excited to see what my bonus item will be and the 3 additional mystery items. ☺☺☺

    • Those who got the Galentines deal, what were the extra mystery items?

  10. For some reason, I am easily confused today.

    This deal is only for this Editor’s Box, right? (Contents pictured.)

    If I use this deal, will I only get this box or will it automatically sign me up for the next (Spring) box?

    Thanks. <3

    • Hi Elle,
      I signed up for this deal last night and yes, this automatically enrolls you in their subscription, so if you don’t cancel, they will charge you for the spring box (based on what I saw on their site, that will be March 6).

      • Thanks, Cat! 🙂

  11. So, this might be a dumb question, but if I buy this editor’s box for $25, does that automatically sign me up for the subscription, and then I would be charged $50 soon for the spring box? And when do they charge for the seasonal boxes? Can I just buy this box and then cancel?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Haha… Megan, you are pretty much my comment twin. I feel better now. 🙂

  12. If I order this stupid box (sorry, I have most of the box) will I be able to get the spring box?

    • Yes, I believe your next box will automatically be the Spring box unless you cancel. Hope that helps!

    • The spring box goes on sale Tuesday 😉

  13. Will I ever be able to just buy a regular season box OR must you get a “welcome type” box first? I really wanted the winter box, but avoided it because I had to buy this Editors box first. Now I would like a Spring box…. but I’m starting to wonder if they will just come out with a new leftover junk box before I can buy a straight Spring???

    • If you buy as soon as they release the new season, you should be able to get the season box instead of the welcome one. My first FFF was fall last year and I’ve never gotten a welcome box. So it’s definitely possible!

      • Good to hear. Thank you!

      • Yes. I did the same thing with the winter box as soon as it was released, which was after the Welcome Box sold out and before the Editor’s Box was released.

  14. But wouldn’t you be annoyed if you bought the box with the deal like a week ago for $40?

    • I did that, and yes, I’m annoyed. 🙁
      It’s still a great box though

      • Same here. I got a great box but only got 15$ off. Oh well, what can you do.

      • I dont get the disdain for this box, especially for $25. Its a great box. I swapped the scarf because I didn’t like the red and tan one I got, I would have kept any other color. But I use the body cream, hair oil, peel, and lip regularly. I’m wearing the nail polish now. In fact, I swapped for backup on the nail, lip, and body cream. I’d wear the necklace more if the clasp weren’t a pain.

        • My disdain is that I already swapped for 3 items in this box and 2 of the extras, so even though I’m not a subscriber, I was able to get the items I wanted the most from this box already. If I bought this box, it would be mostly duplicates of items I have or items I don’t really care about.

        • My disdain comes from only being marginally interested in the peel and I just got a second Gdfaden so I’m set. I would only like one of the bonus items, too. So, they need to sell out of this one!

          • My disdain is because they have been pushing it since early last Fall. If I didn’t want it then, didn’t want it in the Winter, I surely do not want it as it approaches Spring! I’m sick of looking at the 1000 emails on it and would like a DIFFERENT option already!!!

        • I liked the box I got very much, just the disdain is in the fact I purchased this with a 15$ off coupon. The very next day, fff had an offer to get a mystery box with purchase. Now, the deal is 25$ off. So the early bird didn’t get the worm, instead the second mouse got the cheese 🙂 I’m not bummed though, just gah! Go figure, that’s how my life goes. I did get the exact options I was hoping for in my box, so I’m happy with that.

        • Not exactly disdain, I agree the box is filled with great items. But maybe we feel like this particular box has been offered so often, it seems like leftovers now. Also, I remember the issue of their not being clear that only one bonus item would be included. I’d like any of the bonuses, but it did help when I read if you get nail polish, they throw in something else.

          • I got the eye shadow palette and the nail polish for my bonus items, but then I saw a post by FabFitFun that said everyone gets the nail polish and the other items are bonus so I’m not sure.

    • YES! I’m mad at myself for ordering the box yesterday.

  15. Finally caved after seeing this box forever. Even though I’m tired of seeing the items in this editor’s box, it’s a great deal. I had a feeling they were going to come down on the price!

  16. I caved. I have been holding off because I don’t really like the Editor’s Box but for 50% off at least now I can get the next seasonal box.

    I feel like everyone buying one is taking one for the team by clearing them out so FFF can move on to the next welcome box XD

    • good point! i too will take one for the team!

  17. Do we have any spoilers yet for the spring box?

    • I read on the forum that they’re releasing a spoiler on Tuesday.

      • I’m SO EXCITED!

  18. My thirst for spring spoilers is not getting quenched.

  19. I just ordered mine. It’s really great deal! Can’t wait ~

  20. Does anyone know when they would ship this?

  21. Will they ever run out of the editor’s box?

    • well when they ran out of the welcome box, they got editor’s box. so after editor’s box is probably the same items but repackaged into ‘collector’s box’ or something

      • Lol!

  22. UGH, if it weren’t the Editor’s Box, I’d be all over this deal.

    • I second that.

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