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Cents of Style Mystery Bags Available Now + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.47.24 AM

Cents of Style Mystery Grab Bags are available now! And the first 100 orders placed will receive a 4th item for FREE!




The Box: Cents of Style Mystery Grab Bag

The Cost: $34.95 (Value – $59.95)

Coupon: Use coupon code GRAB17 to bring the mystery bag down to $16.95 + free shipping!

Products: 2 pieces of clothing + 1 accessory

Images are of the types of items that could be included:

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.45.40 AMScreen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.56.32 AMScreen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.56.20 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.46.02 AM



Are you going to grab a mystery bag?

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  1. My expectations were so low after reading the comments, so I was pleasantly surprised that I liked what I got. I ordered 2, and I got a blue version of the shirt on the top right, a dark grey and white striped sweater, two basic long sleeve tees in tan and maroon, and two different metals of the same dangly earrings. Not bad.

  2. So, I ordered two and I legit got two of the exact same bags! I got a black and white striped long sleeve shirt in one bag and the same shirt in gray and white in the other. I got a slinky high low short sleeved shirt in pink in one bag and a brownish taupe color in the other. Then, I got two of the exact same necklaces. Maybe I didn’t read close enough but I assumed since they were mystery grab bags they would be more differentiation. Shame on me for assuming. So, the bottom of my receipt says that clearance and sale items are non returnable. I am assuming these items are non-returnable as well? Mine wasn’t as bad as some of the others stated but the sleeves are too short on the long sleeve shirts for my long monkey arms and the slits on the side of the t-shirts go up to high for my super long torso. Plus, I don’t need 2 of the same necklace. Cute items they just don’t fit me. Maybe Swap?

  3. Overall, I don’t think this grab bag was well vetted. At the very least, this will serve as a reminder to not just jump on what seems like a good deal and to curb my FOMO. Instead I am experiencing, WIMO: wish I missed out!

  4. I just got my surprise box and thought I had sufficiently lowered my expectations based on the comments, but apparently not.

    For my clothing items, I received not 1, but 2!, PONCHOS!! They are short, acrylic and tasseled. NO WORDS.

    The jewelry item style isn’t bad, a 3 ring set, but the gold and fake stones just look cheap.

    • I go to two ponchos as well! I’ll be reaching out for a refund, this is unacceptable. I don’t think it’s at all a coincidence that I ordered the XL bag and received two one size fits all items.

      • I also ordered the XL bag and got two ponchos (and a bracelet). I just sent an email to customer service saying how disappointed I was to receive what is essentially three accessories, and if they didn’t have clothing available in size X-large, they shouldn’t be advertising it for sale! When it is a mystery bag, I accept that I may not like a style, or something might not fit, but this is straight up false advertising, in my opinion. I’ll be watching this comments section to see if anyone actually gets a refund. According to their exchange policy, we would have to pay for shipping, but in this case I truly believe it is on them, since they did not send what they advertised in the first place.

        • My two ponchos were also the “XL” mystery. I emailed requesting a refund, as I agree that a one size fits all poncho doesn’t fall into the advertised clothing categories.

    • I received two ponchos as well. I’m a size large in most clothes but thought to size up to be safe. NO WHERE did it say that we would receive unsized ponchos as clothing items. I have emailed with their words as proof. I am appalled. I would have loved a cheap pizxza tshirt or pug shirt over this. “CLOTHING MAY INCLUDE SHIRTS, TOPS, SKIRTS, PANTS, SWEATERS, OR JACKETS. ACCESSORIES CAN BE JEWELRY, SCARVES, OR OTHER FASHION ACCESSORIES.”

      Did I miss the Poncho section??

  5. I don’t know where I was when this was posted, but I thank God I didn’t see it! I can’t not believe the company gave these pictures of supposedly what you would get and then sent you junk!

    I would be so sad and mad, hopefully you all will feel better soon. As I read I am rofl with tears, that is how unbelievable this all is!

    I mean hairy sweaters with tassels, small t-shirts with toy dogs and the “Pizza is my Valentine”. And headbands with bows, lol. I have been feeling kind of stressed and this laughter was like medicine. Outrageous! So sorry!

    • lol I can’t even believe I only got 1980’s Boy George looking earrings. I actually got 2 pictured shirts.. LMAO too right now..

  6. So I received my disappointing bag today. got nothing similar to the pictures. I got the pug in the pocket shirt (maybe ok for my daughter with an shirt underneath since it is very see through, a blue and white striped button up shirt that is way under sized, a metal headband and plastic earrings. Won’t be ordering one of these again. Luckily I only paid the $17 for it.

  7. Wowzers, after reading these comments, I’m feeling very lucky. *luck of the Irish*

  8. I guess I’m in the minority because I actually really like what I got. I ordered a size small and I got the same grey dress on the lower left picture,a simple mint green tank top with lace detail on the neckline and a navy blue scarf with silver stars on it. Everything fits fine. The dress is a sweatshirt type material and is really comfortable. The scarf is actually really pretty and I can always use more tank tops. Guess I just got lucky.

    • I like the 2 shirts I got, but the earrings are not me. I wanted to swap them, but I don’t see this box on the swap site yet… 🙁

    • I got the top right hippyish shirt that is pictured. It’s in an olive color and very cute. And a long sleeve blue shirt that has the black shoe lace like tie-up. I’m not super impressed, but it was worth $17.

  9. guys. i’m a dress wearing, betsey johnson loving, free people wannabe, junebug and they sent me t-shirts. all the same in different colors. and mittens. not even driving gloves so i could practice my best grace kelly.

    this was my first surprise apparel bag purchase ever. it took away the entire pizza of my heart.

    did anyone receive 4 items?

    • I got a 4th item… a second pair of cheap-o plastic earrings. I will probably throw them straight in the trash.

  10. I also got a bag of junk. I am so dissatisfied. A skirt that a 7 year old would wear, mint green tulle. Really? A thin t-shirt with a dog, a headband with a big gold bow, and dollar store earrings. Not what was represented at all. MSA please don’t promote this company anymore.

    • I got similar garbage. A think t-shirt with a panda on the pocket, a blue and white striped polyester shirt, the same gold bow headband and plastic dollar store earrings. Nothing in this grab bag will be used by me, what a waste of money…thank God I did not fall for ordering more than one.

  11. Liz, can this bag be added to swaps? I’ve emailed MSA to no avail.

    • As have I. Thanks!

  12. I am no longer looking forward to the arrival of my packages. At least I am pre-disappointed. I can only be possibly pleasantly surprised if I get anything worth wearing at all. :/

  13. I hate to jump on the disappointed wagon, but I have to aggree with everyone else. I didn’t get anything even remotely close to what was advertised. I received a plain, pink tshirt, a baseball tee (that’s way small) with a weird little pug sitting in the pocket, a black cardigan with scalloped edges, and some granny looking blue striped button down. My accessories were all gold tone (which I hardly wear.)

    I hate to gripe, because I know grab bags are a free for all, but this was false advertisement.

  14. I also received mine today and I’m sad to say this was the biggest pile of junk ever. I emailed them and they said I have to pay to ship it back and then they’ll offer me a store credit. Not even a refund for what was clearly false advertising. I wouldn’t even donate this stuff, that’s how bad it is. I’ll just eat the $17 and tell everyone to stay far away from cents of style.

  15. I got a Pizza is my valentine shirt! I can’t believe the would send valentine stuff that I can get at Walmart for .99cents three days after Vday! The shirt have no tag so It can’t be gifted and even if it could be gifted who would I give it to that wouldn’t be offended by me saying that to them?

    I also received the most cheap I’ll looking skirt ever that had no tag and I could have picked at the Goodwill for .50cents and the cheapest earrings from the Dollar tree!

    I think we are all used to mystery bags and know they can sometimes be disappointing but this is way beyond that it was nothing like they advertised and I would t value what I received in more that $3.00

    I normally wouldn’t complain but this goes beyond false advertisement!

  16. I got a Pizza is my valentine shirt! I can’t believe the would send valentine stuff that I can get at Walmart for .99cents three days after Vday! The shirt have no tag so It can’t be gifted and even if it could be gifted who would I give it to that wouldn’t be offended by me saying that to them?

    I also received the most cheap I’ll looking skirt ever that had no tag and I could have picked at the Goodwill for .50cents and the cheapest earrings from the Dollar tree!

    I think we are all used to mystery bags and know they can sometimes be disappointing but this is way beyond that it was nothing like they advertised and I would t value what I received in more that $3.00

    I wouldn’t usually complain but this is beyond false advertisement.

  17. Wow. I got nothing that resembles the items in their shop. I got what appears to be a one size fits all giant hairy sweater with tassels, a teal tee, and two pairs of plastic earrings. Certainly doesn’t make me want to purchase anything else from them.

    • I got the exact same bag! What the heck is that poncho thing? Why would they sell something like that in the first place?? The only wearable item is the teal tee. But I’d still want to return the whole bag.

      • I’m not even sure it’s worth returning. I have no idea what to do with the hairy sweater. The material is nice enough, but it’s so huge! If it was a bit smaller, I could see myself belting it with a pair of leggings/jeggings. Such a disappointment.

  18. Huge disappointment! Ordered xl bag and recieved a cheap burgundy vest, American dreamer tshirt, and huge pink earrings. Nothing like photos and huge let down!

    • I got the exact same box!

  19. Got my bag yesterday, and it was a pair of acid yellow and black workout pants (stretchy enough to accommodate the 8-12 size range they advertised), a ridiculously small black and white baseball tee with a picture of a toy dog sitting in a pocket on it, and a headband that wouldn’t fit on my five year old. I sent them pictures of what I received and pointed out that nothing I got even vaguely resembled what they advertised, and they refunded my money. I was super disappointed, since I have ordered some awesome clothing and accessories from them before and had no problems.

    • Oh no. That’s not very encouraging. Mine has shipped. I will continue to hope for the best.

  20. The promo is not working.. I did not see a expiration date.

  21. So confused by the sizing of this grab bag. I’m an 8/10, not sure if I should get a medium or large? Most of the items on their site are listed as 6-8 for medium. I want to get this deal but am not sure what size to get since it appears I am between sizes.

  22. I tried for 2 in different sizes in the hopes that something will fit. So glad I was still up to give this one a try. I wonder if I was one of the first 100? lol

    Mystery bags, yay! Good luck to us all!

  23. I shouldn’t be on this site at 4am. Just grabbed 2! Hopefully I’ll get something cute.

  24. Wow, this clothing bags always sell out before I can grab one!! YAY!!

  25. Just grabbed two of these. I love discounted mystery boxes and can’t wait to see what I get. It is great that we will have the ability to swap if needed too.

  26. Got one as well! Hopefully at least one good thing I can use, and the price will be well-justified!

  27. What a great coupon deal! I bought 2! I haven’t heard of this place before but it looks cool. For 4 pieces of clothing plus 2 accessories, plus the potential of getting 2 free items for being in the top 100 purchasers at $33 plus free shipping, it is a no brainer! Easy to pull the trigger and try it!

  28. I went for it. At the $17 price point I couldnt pass it up. I sized up just in case but will we be able to swap these if they dont work Liz?

    • Yes, we’ll add to swaps!

  29. If I got the gray dress and sweatshirt at the bottom of the images, I’d be happy, but I don’t like anything else that much. With my luck, I wouldn’t get either item I like, so I’ll pass. Good luck, ladies!

    • That’s exactly why I’m passing also. There are only a couple of items I like shown. Too risky!!

  30. I couldn’t resist ! I’m a 12/14 I did the extra large because the large stated 8/10 . Hopefully I’ll like something and it fits ! Otherwise up on swap page . Does anyone know how there clothing runs ?

  31. For $16.95 what the heck just hope I like at least one of the items

  32. Nice coupon, I ordered 3 😀

  33. Has any order from them? And satisfied? Tempted!

  34. $16.95–why not? 💁

  35. My sister’s birthday is coming up. Hopefully these ship out quickly, and that there’s something good in it she’ll like. At 17 bucks, it’s not much of a risk.

  36. Well I did it. I hope I don’t regret this. But I couldn’t pass it up at $16.95 plus free shipping. I think it will be a good way to try them out.

  37. Liz, how do we know if we are one of the first 100’s? It didn’t say anything. Thank you!!!

    • I’d love to know this as well!

  38. I’ve never ordered a clothing mystery bag but for $16.95 I figured I would try one. Hoping for the best.

  39. lol should have read your post better…your coupon is WAY better!

  40. I used promo code “EARRINGS-FREE” and received $9.95 off my order, making it only $25.00! Just so y’all know!

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