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BoxyCharm POSSIBLE March 2017 Spoiler!

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Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.30.41 PM

We have the first possible sneak peek of the March 2017 Boxycharm! (Thanks for the heads up, Kristen and Evelyn!)

FYI – Kendall Alfred indicated that Boxycharm sent her an item for an upcoming box, but she didn’t specify if it will be the March Box.


Naked Cosmetics Trio

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 5.27.30 PM Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 5.27.19 PM

Source: kendallalfred

What do you think of this Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. I just send an email to unsubscribe. Will I receive a March box? If they reply me late, then I will still receive a March box?

    • They usually reply fairly quickly for cancellation. You should be good.

      • go ahead and remove your credit card information from their website, so they can’t charge if you are wanting to totally cancel.

        I just sent them an email informing them that their lack of customer service and communication is the reason I want to be removed from the wait list. I can handle a wait, I waited a LONG time for Sephora, but I will not give money to a company that has no respect for the customers.

        It is heart-wrenching because Boxycharm is one of the best products in the sub game, but I won’t reward their actions with my hard earned money, maybe if enough people cancel they’ll get their act together.

  2. I like the colors, but can’t stand all that shimmer and glitter. I live in a small, rural town, and would look absolutely ridiculous wearing that here.

  3. Pretty sure this is a guaranteed item. Just saw gabby using it in a Snapchat on someone and dupethat said it would be in Marchs box!! So excited and cannot wait for more spoilersss!!! I’ve been stalking this page multiple times a day waiting lol!

  4. Not excited about these colors… too bad its not purples or blues or even pinks or golds or silvers…

  5. This is a $45 palette on pre-sale for 30 bucks. I’m ecstatic that we’really getting an item that is BRAND new, instead of something being discontinued.
    This is my 5th month with boxy…and I have zero excuse for having the same eyeshadow on everyday. I’m glad it’s different colors than a typical subscription would send out, because I know I wouldn’t have the balls to spend 30 or 45 on these colors.

  6. Does anyone have a preference for Boxycharm over Glossybox? I’ve read about these two subs but wanted to know if anyone could weigh in. They both look good.

    • I glossybox for about 3 months before I cancelled. I prefer boxycharm over glossy box anyday. Now I only have ipsy and boxycharm but it’s all a matter of preference.

  7. Dang where’s some more spoilers? This time last month we had like 3 and we only have 1 “possible” one so far lol. I’m stoked for this eye shadow trio!

    • Yes I can’t wait either 🙂

    • I know right. I’ve been coming back everyday for a week to see what else.

  8. I love the look of those colors but in reality I never wear anything with sparkle or shimmer. I’d need a glitter glue for starters, and it has been on my wishlist for a while so maybe I’ll try something new when this box arrives? Who knows? 🙂 If not, my niece will love it.

    • Hey! These are my pressed pigments. No need for glitter glue of any sort. A good eyeshadow primer and you’ll be all set just like with any eyeshadow! 🙂

  9. YAY!!!! Love that green and gold! I wear a lot of camo where I live and this is so much prettier than brown!

  10. Dupe that confirmed this is one of the items c ok ming in march!

    • **coming

  11. BoxyCharm has to please a whole melting pot of beautiful ladies of every wonderful race, hair color, texture & same with skin needs. You pay $21 dollars give or take the plan your on and receive at least 5X your investment. I get things that are simply not made for my hair, skin or nail preference. There is someone in your life you can share the love with by passing it on. Life’s way too short to complain. <3

    • Aimee — excellent commentary. The cost of $21 is what the agreement is, and one or two of the products combined always cover the cost of the box. It is an adventure of learning new brands and products and getting some we know at a bargain price. I appreciate the adventure — and when I don’t, I can cancel. It’s always lovely to hear people voice enjoyment and appreciation. Those who earnestly feel their complaints are justified can be lucky enough to cancel.

    • I think this is the best and most well put comment ever!
      These three shades are perfect accent shades. Do a more neutral smokey eye and then pop the purple on the outer edge, a halo eye look with matte plums or browns and put that bronze on the center lid, or the green just on the bottom lash line. I am excited to get these beauties!! 🙂

    • Yes!! Exactly what I think. It’s not just about us as INDIVIDUALS, BoxyCharm has to think about a diverse community of women and men and their different likes, needs and expectations. They cannot possibly please every single one of us. Its pretty simple if a subscriber does not like an item they have two options: simply give it away there are plenty of people that will want it or Cancel the subs. There is Zero need to complain.

      • Well said. I’ve been trying to come up with a comment that says what you just said only everything I was going to write sounded rude and I knew id get hate for it because my thoughts every time I see someone complaining is “why complain? You pay $21 for a box that retails for at least 5 times the price you pay. BoxyCharm can’t please everybody so either quit complaining and give the item to someone who would like it, or unsubscribe so you have nothing to complain about. Simple as that”. But you said it much nicer lol!

  12. Love! I think they’re pretty.

  13. This is only one product. What if all the others products in the March box blow the doors off of these shadows? It’s hard to judge the whole box just because of one thing. There could be way more fabulous things included as well..
    I love all the variations. That’s what makes Boxycharm so exciting to everyone 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  14. I’m so excited! The colors are so pretty and pigmented.

  15. Just a suggestion for those that say they dont and wont use the colors in the naked palett, if u go and watch some of these you tubers apply eye shadows u wouldn’t believe how they can take a color u wouldn’t normally wear and make it look so pretty. I watch shaexoxo, Kathleen Lights and few others. It’s just an idea, but I’ve learned from watching these ladies.

  16. Gorgeous!! So glad its not neutral sick of neutrals. I get that many like that but here’s something for us girls who want some color. I’m 56 and if I want sparkle I wear sparkle. There are no rules and if there are I’m up for breaking them. Thank goodness we don’t all look a like.

    • I agree with Michelle! I was so boring when I was younger wearing the same old makeup shades, so now I enjoy trying lots of different looks. Sure I couldn’t pull off the purple lipstick, and lots of blush makes me look ridiculous but eyeshadows are fun. Even as a crease accent or undereye pop of color. Can’t wait!

      • I love purple lipstick ,always have always will!.Now there have been some shades I just Rock around the house in

    • We could be besties I feel the same way about my sparkle .Who made these rules anyway? But I’ve never been one to follow the rules

    • goes…I am on the waitlist since 2/5. Hopefully will be off soon, as I love the February box. Wondering if there are any other ladies out there who like me loves make up but being older cannot wear the glitters and shimmers that seem to be everywhere. Would love to find a beauty box with make up and skincare even haircare for us mature gals…just sayin…

      • I’m 54 ,but I love sparkles and shimmers there is a way to wear them tastefully .Watch some videos that are out there on u-tube you will be amazed at what you can learn from these ladies.

  17. Man I can’t wait to get off the wait list. I’d be happy to try these out.

  18. I’ve been with boxy for about 2 years…. people always complain when we get palettes full of neutrals and want boxy to try something “more fun”. Then they do and people complain…. Guys its one spoiler for one month. There will never be a subscription full of everything you love every month. Personally, I love that it pushes us out of our comfort zone! If you don’t like it, pass it along to someone who will. We know the rest of the contents will have more value than the $21 cost 🙂

  19. Those colors are beautiful so different than anything I have .I hope we get them I’d love to use them.I guess it’s true different strokes for different folks!

  20. I subscribed for the Jan. box. I was so hoping to get it and then the Feb. box too, but I am still waitlisted. That shadow is far too shimmery for my 40 yr old eyelids! Maybe one of my nieces will want it though…

    • Whaaaaa????? I’m 47 and loving this. I don’t do shimmer or sparkle from eyebrow to lash line but matte transition and crease with a pop of shimmer or sparkle on the center of the movable lid is soooooo pretty!!!

    • Aww! I’m 40 and I’m up for it! I’m not one to go all wild now, but hey, these are great colors and can be used with all the neutrals if you want. I know you can pull these off and look great doing it. These look shimmery not glittery to me but that’s just me. A brush stroke is different than a finger swatch tho😉

  21. For those who do not like the colors, remember that finger swatches are always more opaque than using a brush and applying to your eyes. These might actually look better and/or more flattering when applied to the eyes and well blended. Just trying to be positive! 🙂

    • Great comment 🙂

  22. I understand for those who like different and colors, but this box is sent to a variety of people, so for that reason I appreciate neutrals. It’s something everyone can wear. I am not a fan of these colors at all personally. They look very cheap to me and clownish. I will be cancelling unless something else shows up as a spoiler.

    • They should seriously block people that unsubscribe for a pre-set time period, due to one product they don’t like the look of only to resubscribe in two months again.

      • I personally signed up for subscription boxes to try new things and learn new tricks .I love different color’s besides Browns all the time .These color’s are sparkly abd beautiful .And even if I didn’t like them someone I know would love to have them

  23. I’m not in love with these shadows. It’s partially the colors and partially the extreme shimmer. It’s overwhelming. There’s glitter everywhere. I hope it’s just the lighting.

    I’m worried that this product is going the same route as the Ofra lipstick from a few months ago. Love Ofra, but that color was insanely unflattering on me. Great product, but a really difficult to wear color.

    • I can see myself trying these colors as accents. I would use a neutral base and then line or accent my eyes with one of these bold and beautiful colors! Looks like fun to me!

    • Those shadow swatches did not make all that glitter on her hand. If you saw her Snapchat when this was done, she had been swatching other shadows and that’s where all the glitter came from.

  24. cant wait!!!! have been waitlisted since January and they said in an email that my subscription starts march!!!

    • thats awesome, i was waitlisted in january as well. so i am crossing my fingers for march. i havent received an email yet though? of course since january and february’s boxes were so good. guaranteed my first box is sure to be a dud.

  25. I actually like these colors. Don’t see anything wrong with them. I would love to try them out! Very excited. I love Boxycharm!!!

  26. Yaaasss! So pretty, that green…😍 Hurry up and get here March!

    • I Agree!! Excited !!!

  27. It might just be me & because of the time of year it is, but it really looks like it would be a mardi gras pallet. (Purple, green, gold). & if that’s the case, it would’ve been more appropriate in february, since fat Tuesday is on the 28th.

    • Yes Mardi Gras colors!

      Don’t they have you complete a profile about your hair, skin color and such to put you in a box selection that some what suits you. I thought that’s why they have variations in the boxes. I’m on a waitlist and for the life of me I can’t remember if I filled out a profile with them.

      • There are no profiles for boxycharm, there is one for ipsy though 🙂

  28. I canceled in January then saw the spoilers and resubcribed in February and was waitlisted. I’m ok with that I don’t use Dr Brandt it doesn’t work for me. But I did want the brushes then I saw Some people got different ones. I really love this spoiler. Their different.

  29. My skin is more of a yellow undertone so this green should be pretty on me. Even if it doesn’t, guess what, I don’t care. I’ll still be happy I got to try something different. But this will look amazing on my daughter, she has light brown/olive skin with pink undertones. This will work, with a dark brown and gold shadows. Time to order some colourpop eye shadows to match all of these.

  30. I can’t believe people think these colors are hideous, they are gorgeous and look amazingly pigmented.

    If you want to wear the same basic three shades of ugly brown from like Tarte or something, be my guest, but that doesn’t mean this palette isn’t awesome.

    • I agree! These are great and look super pigmented and moist so there shouldn’t be a ton of fallout. I’m geeked up.

    • In terms of quality and pigmentation, yes, the palette looks awesome. The colors are a different story. But just because some of us don’t like these colors doesn’t mean we want to wear neutral browns all the time. Most people here probably love adventurous colors. These *particular* adventurous colors, however, only look good on people with very warm toned skin, and that’s why a lot of us are displeased with this spoiler. If the palette had featured colors like lavender, sea foam green, and periwinkle, I’d personally be a lot happier. But it’s all a matter of subjective taste. Hopefully there will be a few color variations so everyone is happy!

    • Go ahead and look like you have conjunctivitis.

      • Oh snap

    • Right for the life of me all Tarte palettes look the same to me brown browner and some more brown

  31. I’m thinking it’s the lighting and that these are 3 shades of gold…yellow, rose, and deep yellow. I LOVE boxycharm! I like the thought of learning to use colours outside the usual comfort zone and not looking like a clown. 😉

    • I’m thinking it’s green, bronze (maybe a dark pink), and a purple family shade. Guess we will see soon enough. Lol!

  32. I’m with the happy group. Aren’t we all tired of neutrals? I agree that sub boxes are perfect for trying things you would not normally buy. And call me weird, but I love green eyeshadows.

  33. I’m waitlisted but thinking of just canceling. Is it really worth the money when you get stuff like this that you can’t even use?

  34. I’m pumped to get an eyeshadow that’s NOT a neutral. It’s about time.

  35. These shades look fun! For me, beauty subscriptions should push me outside of my comfort zone. I might not normally buy such bold eyeshadow but with Boxycharm I get to experiment at a bargain!

    • I like that! I did not think of it that way before. I’m going to get out those colors I threw in a drawer and start trying new things.

      • Yay! I have to admit, I’m a pretty neutral toned girl but at least a few nights a week I drink wine and play around with bold makeup. 😃

  36. Definitely wouldn’t use this. The copper and cranberry are pretty but that green….no! I’ll probably end up canceling and giving someone off the waitlist a chance.

  37. I actually like it because it’s different than the normal neutrals and also, it’s March and St Patrick’s day so the green is fun. I bet it would look great used in a halo eyeshadow look. I’m excited!

  38. Fun!

  39. These are beautiful! I will never be disappointed receiving eyeshadow!!

  40. I actually really love these colors. I’m so sick of receiving boring neutrals. I won’t ever use these colors together but I will definitely use each of these all over the lids.

  41. More eyeshadows 😔 ugh. Also these look really pigmented but it looks like something for the fall not spring! That green is not for me! Not excited about this at all I hope I get something different than this.

  42. I’ve been on the waitlist since January. If I missed out on January and February boxes and finally get cleared only to receive such a hideous palette I will be soooo mad! I’ve been trying to convince myself to just wait out this waitlist as more great things are sure to come with boxy charm but YIKES

    • I agree!!! I have been waiting too!!!! I hate those colors!

  43. I love these! I have jet black hair and olive skin so these would look amazing on me. Honestly I am still on the wait list, signed up on Jan 29th did not get Feb as of yet, so who knows. I have no problem receiving items I do not like because I can always give them away. But I think these are hot!

  44. Oh no! What ugly colors! blegh!!! I mean good pigment but yuck! Hopefully not gonna be in my march box!

    • I can vouch for the excellent quality of Naked Cosmetics (most recently I got a loose pigment from them in an Ipsy glam bag), but they definitely should have picked different colors! Why not some pastel mattes for spring? Baby pink, robin’s egg blue, etc.

      • I got a set of six colors of loose pigment from Naked in an Ipsy offer before Christmas and they were amazing shades of yellow, green, reddish burgundy and brownish copper that I can remember. They were so awesome plus the fact that the loose pigment can be used in so many ways I thought my daughter and her college roommates would enjoy experimenting with the loose pigment so I gave it to her. Isn’t that what moms do??? LoL

      • To each her own! I would have hated pastels. With my coloring I look horrible in any pastel: pink, baby blue, yellow, even if it’s a scarf. But thanks for vouching for the quality of the brand, that’s good to hear!

  45. The colors are hideous, i hope this “possible” spoiler turns out to be incorrect

    • I kind of agree with you. The cranberry shade is sort of nice, but that green looks like vomit. That combination of colors is also not very wearable for a lot of skin tones. If this truly is a spoiler then I would hope they’d have color variations, and ideally, some matte shades (because I’m personally sick of always getting shimmery shadows in sub boxes). But what does it matter what I think? I’ll likely still be on the waitlist for this box as well.

    • With my pale skin, orange and red eyeshadow just make me look sick. 🙁

  46. Nice!

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