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BoxyCharm February 2017 Full Spoilers for Box Variations #2 and #3!

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Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.30.41 PM

We have the FULL SPOILERS for another variation of the February 2017 Boxycharm box!

Box variation 3 (Thanks for the heads up – Ella, Daisy, & Britt!):

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.51.45 AM

Source: manda_g501

Box variation 2:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 10.39.28 AM

Source: lenysea

Box variation 1:

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.43.09 AM

Source: iluvsarahii

What do you think of the February 2017 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

FYI – According to Boxycharm, if you sign up before the end of any month, that month’s box will be your first box. 

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  1. I got the Sedona Lace Brushes as well, so happy they included the eyebrow, and liner brushes I have been needing a good brow brush, I got the Doucce lipstick (It’s Red, I a have sooo many red lipsticks, wish I would have gotten a mauvey color, or a berry toned one). Dr Brandt, Mini Z pallette, and the makeup geek shadows (2) Cant remember the names but they were neutral tones.

  2. so weird enough I signed up january19th. wrote them because I hadn’t been charged and didn’t get the waitlisted notice, but I was. I would start my subscription in march. well today I get an email and ive been billed. and set to get billed again march second, so that means there are more boxes to be had ladies!!!!! also got the email I’m off the waitlist.

    • That’s great news Viola! I hope I get an email soon. Thanks.

  3. Got the Sedona Lace brush set, very happy. Doucce lipstick (well, maybe everyone needs a red lipstick at least once), and the eye shades Beaches and Cream and Barcelona. They arent colors I would have picked on my own, but maybe that’s the point of getting sub boxes.

  4. I got tan lines and Barcelona beach. Not exciting colors but I feel like everyone uses tan lines so I’m excited to have it!

    I got the 3 Luxie blending brushes from a couple months ago. On one hand I’m kinda meh since I already have them but on the other I use them every time I do eye makeup so… not bad!

    Then my last variation is the doucce lipstick. It’s a bright red and the packaging is cool. Matte.

    This is the best box in a while for me.

    • I receieved the same box. Not overly excited about brush duplicates but the dr brandt made the box so the rest are extras.

  5. My box showed up unexpected yesterday, I never even got a shipping notice so it was a nice surprise, I usually don’t get it until the end of the month. Bummed I got a lipgloss when there were so many lipstick options though. Oddly my ipsy came Friday, way earlier than I’ve ever gotten it before, and I received a shipping notice the day after it arrived. I could get used to getting my subs so early!

  6. Am I the only one who hasn’t received any info about when they will ship my Feb box?

    • Just got my shipping notice today but looks like it’ll take a week to get cross country!

      • Yay! I also just got my shipping notification this morning! I was on the waitlist until last week. It’s due to arrive the 28th.

        • Mine is also expected to arrive feb 28th!

  7. My boxycharm has been through NINE states taking a scenic route! Will be 2 weeks by the time it arrives…Do they do this on purpose just to make me wait forever going crazy?

  8. I got variation #2. The pallet is amazing. The brushes is so nice. I love this months box.

    • I got a totally different brush set and a Doucce lipstick in bright red color. Trading that. Anyone else get the set of 3 brushes? Odd

      • I got the 3 brush set and Doucce Mineral Matt Lipstick in Gorgeous Red too. I literally LOL’ed when I saw on the card that it was the “perfect every day lipstick” (bright red???) but I was hoping it would at least be wearable for me since it appeared to be a cooler shade of red at least. But then I put it on and still looked like a clown. Sigh. I wish I would have gotten one of the more nude variants of lippies other people got. Oh well. I’m happy with the rest of the box…especially for $21. And my two eyeshadow colors really DO appear to be good every day colors eventhough they are pretty close to each other — Beaches & Cream and Glamorous.

      • I got those. Already got the brushes like 3 months ago. But they are really good

      • I did! I can’t remember the brand but it started with an S. One of the brushes is different than the description too. It said I got 116 but it was 119. Anyone else have that happen?

  9. I subscribed around the first of February and was put on the waitlist. When you go on their website there is no mention about being put on a waitlist. It actually says subscribe now to receive February’s box. You get the waitlist email after you subscribe.

    • Sounds like false advertising to me, but I’m sure they are overloaded this month.

  10. I like that everyone seems to be getting different MUG eye colors. That sounds like a fun way to do a variation where all boxes have the same value but you get surprised by the colors. And the lip products seem to be similar in price too.

  11. My box was 0.8 lbs. I got variation one with Concrete Jungle and Mirage eyeshadow and Sorry, Not Sorry lipstick. This has been my favorite BoxyCharm so far.

  12. I got mine today. Box#2. Loved it, except the Real Her lipstick box showed the color as GirlPower, a berry color. The actual lipstick inside is deep mauve. It’s not bad, but I was super happy to see what I thought I was getting. Still a great box.

  13. I just picked up mine and I LOVE it! I got variation# 2 and my shadows were Prom Night & Cherry Cola. I’m in Vancouver and I was shocked that it was here so fast.

  14. I’m really excited for this box since I joined after the Ofra Palette they gave out last year. I just hope my box gets here soon! I got an email that it was on it’s way on Tuesday, but the tracking still just says label created 🙁

    • Mine said it would be here the 14th but it came today!!!
      Fed ex is having a few delays also because of snow. But I promise it’s so worth the wait!

  15. Brianna Ofen on YouTube posted an unboxing today and she had a different box from these three.

  16. Anyone know of any coupon codes for BoxyCharm?

    • Boxycharm doesn’t have a coupon code

      • Thanks Angie!

  17. My box weighs .7- anyone receive that weight?

    • I did.. It hasn’t arrived though yet, so no idea what I got, but mine shows the same weight on the FedEx tracking.

    • My box also weighs 0.7 lbs., but it arrives next Wednesday.

    • My Boxycharm arrived Saturday and it weighed .7. I got Dr. Brandt, Royal brush set, z palette, eye shadows Mirage and Anarchy, and RealHer lipstick in Boss (deep wine color).
      Love it all — hope you enjoy yours!

  18. I got my Boxycharm. I got different brushes than the Omnia ones pictured above. I’m kind of disappointed, I really wanted the rose gold/gold brushes. 😔 They substituted Sedona Lace brushes # EB 17, 19, and 13. They are what look like a buffing/shading eye brush, a spoolie/slant eyebrow brush, and an angled liner brush. (I don’t know anything about this brand of brushes, has anyone used them before???) 👈👈

    I received the Dr. Brandt, the z Palette, the MG shadows in shades beaches &cream, and glamorous, and a Doucce lipstick in shade 913 ‘Gorgeous Red'(beautiful packaging on the lipstick, VERY INTENSE RED).

    • may I ask what your package weighed? thank you!

      • My package weighed .8lbs. it doesn’t sound like much but it had a good weight to the box. I just tried the brushes, and I’m pretty happy with them. The make-up geek shadows blend BEAUTIFULLY!!!! And the z palette is very nice, it’s got a little heft to it. It’s very solid. I’m happy with it! (I guess that goes to show, don’t bitch until you try it, LOL)

        • Omg mine weighs .8 im hoping its the variation you received! Now I’m more excited !

    • I think Sedona Lace brushes are supposed to be very high quality, but I am disappointed to hear of more variations. I hate the Doucce lipstick formula, although the packaging is really cool.

      • Tiffany, I really liked the brushes. I love the packaging for the lipstick, but the color is DEFINITELY NOT for a pale girl like me!! It is a corally bright red, I’m pale, dark hair, blue eyes, not a good color for me! But, I’m VERY happy with the rest!

        • That’s great to hear! The guaranteed items are enough to keep me happy! I do hope I get a wearable lip color though!

        • I just got my box today and it’s the same as yours. When I first opened the lipstick it seemed to be a cooler shade of red so I thought I MIGHT be able to pull it off. Then I tried it on…yikes. I’m also pale, dark hair and dark eyes and I almost scared myself by looking like a clown! LOL. I also laughed out loud when I saw the card said it was the perfect every day lip shade. Ya…right…. But I am happy with every thing else in the box and it’s still a gread deal for the price!!

    • Eryn, if you google that Sedona Lace eye brush set, it’s worth $39! Now I hope I get those!

    • I believe that is the brush set I received last year from BoxyCharm, they were very nice!

      • So nice the gave it to me a second time. 😕

    • Sedona Lace brushes are good.👍

    • I also got this exact same box! Those rose gold brushes are pretty, but, I’m happy with mine as well, I’ve rarely ever been let down with boxycharm!

    • Do you want to trade. I don’t want my brushes I much rather get the Sedona Lace.

  19. My #Boxycharm will be here any time, FedEx sent me a text saying it is on the truck for delivery TODAY!!! I CANT WAIT!! I AM IN LOVE WITH BOXYCHARM so far! My box is .8# as well, I don’t care what the extra item is, I’m excited about the shadows/palette/brush duo!! I love getting brushes in sub boxes!

  20. I just watched another variation on youtube that only has 4 items! 😩 It didn’t have a lippie and instead of those beautiful chrome brushes, it had a Sedona lace brush trio.. Have a strong feeling that this is my box..😞

  21. I’m so excited for this box! Mine should be arriving on monday

  22. They won’t let me get off waitlist! So no Boxycharm for me!

    • I’m in the same boat! What I want most from this box is the brush set!

    • when did you sign up?

  23. Awesome ,for once I love all the variations lol since the lip product is the only difference and their all new to me

  24. It’s funny – I haven’t subscribed to BoxyCharm since last March, but resubscribed Feb 1 because I love MUG, Dr. Brandt, and needed a Z-Palette. Minutes after I resubscribed, my card was charged, and have a tracking number. Perhaps if you were a subscriber before a certain date you are grandfathered in?

    • Did you re-activate your account or did you purchase a new subscription? Just asking because it seems like those who re-activated their accounts are able to get the February box, but those who purchased a subscription are put on the waitlist. My annual subscription ended in December, and I wanted to re-subscribe with a 6-month plan in January, so I purchased a 6-month subscription as I thought if I re-activated my original plan, I would be charged for an annual again. When I purchased the 6-month plan, I was put on the waitlist.

      • I purchased a 3mo sub in January and I’m so happy I did! Definitely renewing for at least 6mo this next time!

      • I reactivated my sub on Feb. 3 but got waitlisted. I really want the Dr Brandt.

  25. I’m impressed Boxycharm! I received variation two which is what I wanted especially to try the juice beauty lip gloss=) does anyone know much about the brush company? It mentions that the bristles are taken from the finest materials….

    • what did you box weigh? thank you!

      • Says 15 ounces on mine which converts to .425 kg=)

  26. How I hope I can receive the realher lipstick. The colors look like full of moisture. And really nice colors nude for the spring that matches with most complexions

    • Hoping for box variant #1 also. My shipment stuck at PO due to winter storm. Oh the suspense!

  27. Doesn’t it look like people are getting 2 of the same color eyeshadow? Maybe I’m missing something. Anyway all the boxes look great buy I’m hoping for a lipstick over a gloss. Happy any way though.

    • I thought the two eyeshadows in the top picture were the same colour too.

      • One is slightly lighter 🙂

  28. I cancelled last month and changed my mind today and resubscribed and got put on a wait list. That’s my luck. I really didn’t want the Dr Brandt anyway I like to use Vasanti. I have samples of the Dr Brandt and I don’t use it. The brushes look nice that’s OK I have to many. So if I get this month it would be a plus. I was going to resubscribed in March anyway. I’m going to try and sub everyother month. But I’m not going to peek at any of March’s spoilers.

  29. Mine was .8lbs… I got box variation #1. MG shadows Tuscan Sun & Cinderella, Real Her lipstick in Sorry, Not Sorry, Z-pallate, brush set (WOW) & Dr. Brandt. Another great month!

    • Oh, mine is that weight and I am hoping for that variation!! Fingers crossed!

      • Mine is also .8lbs and I’m hoping for that same box too.

        • But if the only variation is the lip item, won’t they all weigh the same amount?

          • My thoughts exactly!

          • The lip products won’t weigh the same, though. Amount of product and packaging materials will differ between them.

  30. I hate gloss but I just want the box because of dr.brandt but I’m still on the waitlist…should have signed up in January. 🙁

    • I signed up in January (mid January) and I’m still on the wait list 🙁

  31. I can’t wait to get mine! I love that the only thing that varies is the eyeshadow shades and lip product. I resubscribed in January because I saw the February Dr. Brandt spoiler and didn’t want to miss out. Although there wasn’t anything I was dying to have from the January box, I ended up loving the Vintage Highlighter Duo and fan brush. Boxycharm keeps getting better and better!

    • I resubbed in January in anticipation for February as well, not really wanting January’s products but I used the highlighter and fan brush today and loved them too. The bronzer worked better than the one I was using and I tried the Adesse polish mattifier last night and it is fun even if I would never just go out and buy it. I haven’t tried the body butter yet. It doesn’t really seem full size to me but it does smell nice. So overall I was much happier with the box than I thought I would be. And I was glad not get the dry shampoo.

      • I really enjoyed the body butter also. It’s very thick and luxurious but doesn’t feel greasy. I agree it doesn’t seem full size, but I think that size is around $13-$14 on the brand’s website. I haven’t used the matte nail polish yet, but I’m intrigued by it. I also haven’t tried they bronzer yet. I’m a little on bronzer overload.

  32. So if I’m still waitlisted is it 100% sure I’m not getting February’s?

    • Pretty much 100% Her is an email I got from their customer service:

      Thank you for contacting BOXYCHARM! At this time, we are sold out of boxes for the current month and you will be placed on a waitlist to join our subscription service. Once it is your turn, you will automatically be removed from the waitlist, your credit card will be automatically charged in accordance with your selection of payment term, and the terms on our website for a recurring subscription will apply. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to determine which box will be your first box but rest assured that Charmers will be removed from the waitlist and actively subscribed in the order joined. If you would like to cancel your account and be removed from the waitlist, please feel free to contact us at any time to let us know and we will further assist you although we would hate to see you go. We look forward to having you as a Charmer very soon! 🙂

      • I have been waitlisted since the end of December. 🙁 pretty disappointed that I have missed out on 3 boxes now. Seriously.

        • I’m on the list to and signed up mid January 🙁 I don’t think it’s really fair that some people who have ended their subscription aren’t wait listed at all when they re join :/

          • And they would say it is not fair for the box to give new customers a place in line over loyal customers. Most subs with waitlists let old customers skip the line. Often, people cancel or suspend a sub because they cannot afford it, have too much stuff, etc. It is a courtesy for and recognition of loyalty.

          • And I totally understand that,but at the same time it’s also rewarding customers that aren’t so “loyal” and just in sub because they don’t like something they are getting, I also think maybe they shod change their wording, new subscribers are being told they are out of boxes,but obviously that’s not the case…..I just think it could all be handled a little differently is all 😉

          • So I signed up on 1/21 and have been waiting. I really wanted this box and I realized on boxys site the other day it shows “no active subscriptions.” I did receive the email I was waitlisted when I first subbed. So I contacted customer service and they said sorry for the mistake, you’re back on the waitlist! So somehow, my sub was deleted! Now I don’t get February, and the email said we will add you back to the waitlist now and you will be removed in the order you joined. But I joined 3 weeks ago, not today! I really wanted February box, so disappointed. I’ll wait for some March spoilers, considering canceling.

          • They probably have a set aside for attrition- they know on average how many will cancel and how many will re-up the sub each month. Honestly, people who have had the sub before are more likely to stay subscribed for longer periods than new people, so I totally get the decision.

          • I’m going to stick it out and “hopefully” become a loyal boxy subscriber:) I did get an email saying I would be off the wait list on the 10th, which I thought was odd because I haven’t heard of anyone else recieving an email like that… I will just wait and see and keep my fingers crossed that march is an amazing box 🤞😊

          • That’s great! When did you get on the waitlist? Hopefully I hear from them soon.

          • That’s not true. I resubscribed/reactivated by existing account and I got wait-listed. I have seen other say this as well. I don’t understand why some get wait-listed, and for different lengths of time and why some don’t get wait-listed at all.

          • It is not true that past subscribers automatically get it. I was one and at the end of December. I was looking at an annual renewal bill of $240. I could not afford it so I canceled. In beginning of February I resubed quarterly and I was waitlisted just like everyone else.

  33. Mine weighs .8oz. Anyone know which one that is??

    • Oops I meant .8lbs!

  34. So happy to get any of these variations. They all look great to me. Mine shipped early this morning and is scheduled for delivery on the 13th 😀

  35. Love it. Mine shipped yesterday 🙂

  36. I want to subscribe for this month just to get the microdermabrasion exfoliator. The sentence at the end of the post makes it sound like I’d be guaranteed to get February’s box, but all of the comments are talking about a waitlist. Does this mean I might not get February if I sign up now?

    • I signed up 1/21 and I’m still on the waitlist. From what I’m reading, the waitlist is long and unlikely to clear until March at the earliest.

      • Been on the waitlist since December. Sad times.

    • I contacted customer service and they said the February box is sold out. If you are waitlisted you are not getting this months box.

      • Thanks ladies. I’m not going to bother then.

  37. I got my January box yesterday and my shipping notice for this month this morning. I am super excited to see which eyeshadows and lip products I am getting. If im lucky my box might be here on Valentine’s day. 😍😍😍

  38. Both variations look great. The only thing I’d be bummed about is if I received two similar color eyeshadows (as shown in the first unboxed photo). Excited that my box arrives tomorrow!

    • What does your box weigh?

      • My box was 0.8 lbs. I received the small Z Palette, Dr. Brandt Exfoliator, OMNIA Eye Brush Duo, 2 Makeup Geek Shadows (one a reddish matte and the other a cream color matte), and Real Her Moisturizing Lipstick (in a taupey nude shade). I’m on lipstick overload so I listed on the swaps site.

  39. Love both boxes. Everyone should be very happy with these.

  40. I’ve been waitlisted since Jan 21. If I can’t get off for this month’s box, then I’ll just have them cancel my spot. I’ve never been waitlisted for this long.

    • It’s very unlikely you’ll get this box. On their Snapchat they said this box or rather the Dr.Brants was only for current subscribers/subscribers that got January’s box. I believe it’s just because of the 79.00 Dr.Brants and they have limited quantity of it. I would assume you would get off the waitlist in march, the waitlist is very extensive because of February’s box. I know a lot of people who subscribed in January and in February are being waitlisted just by reading the comments on instagram.

      • Oh no! Well thanks for the info! I didn’t need this stuff anyway lol.

        • I am going to remove myself from the waitlist as well. Although I really like this month’s box, I don’t really need it and it doesn’t look like it was meant to be! Plus the waitlist debacle really turned me off. If this box was trying to reward “loyal subscribers” then why is there system letting the very people they are supposedly trying to “punish” skip the waitlist? Just seems poorly planned…

    • I also signed up in January with a 6-month subscription anticipating it would be a January-June term. Since my account hasn’t been charged, and the new sub isn’t reflecting on my Boxy account, I thought I’d ask them to switch it from a 6- to 3-month sub. All their 1st reply said was that I’d be pushed to the back of the waitlist, so keeping my 6-month sub would be best. I replied to let them know there was no mention of a waitlist when I signed up, and I don’t want to be subbed beyond June, so a 3-month sub would work and I don’t mind being put to the back of the waitlist. There was never any mention the transition couldn’t be completed though. So, a few days later, after no reply, I send another email telling them to just cancel my sub and I’ll see if I want to purchase one at a later date, and to please confirm the cancellation of my subscription. I just a got a reply today (after the email stating I’d like to straight out cancel) only saying that they cannot transition the 6-month sub to a 3-month sub because I don’t technically have a sub yet since it’s been waitlisted. So, now I’ve followed up with them again telling them I had mentioned to ignore that initial email request, and to just cancel the sub, and to please confirm it has been cancelled. Sheesh! How they correspond totally reminds me of how Allure responds in non-answers, going in circles, and generally not really addressing the issue/question at hand. Whew! Sorry…. vent over. 🙂

      • At my job all emails go in to a queue in order of when they are received, so they probably haven’t read your change of mind. I can be working on someone’s email request and not see they sent another email in afterwards asking for something different. Especially if there’s a big queue, everything gets backed up.

        • That’s good to know, but it’s still annoying from a customer’s standpoint, plus they could have addressed my 1st request initially. Oh well…. now I know what to expect when I have to contact Boxy for something. Btw, they did get back to me right away, and confirmed my cancellation. Yay!

        • Now that I think about it… whenever they replied, it was always to my most recent email… I guess I could understand about the queue if they were replying to older emails, then it’d be clear they were catching up. Anyways… like I said.. I now know what to expect, and I’ll just take a deep breath before reading a reply from them like I’ve had to do with Allure. 🙂

  41. Mine shipped today, not scheduled for delivery until Tuesday though. I am really hoping for variation 1 that looks to have more purplish shades of eye shadow. I usually prefer gloss to lipstick though, but have never tried the real her brand, so would be interested in trying it.

  42. I saw someone on Youtube that had a Japonesque lipstick instead. It was a pretty brownish plum shade.

  43. Was thinking about resubbing to BC for a few months, but do not like the variation thing they are doing now.

  44. This box looks amazing!! I’ll be thrilled with wither variation. I resubbed the end of Jan so I have that box due to deliver tomorrow and the Feb shipped Tues. I can’t wait!! Hope you all get off the list today so you get the Feb box too!!

  45. I hope I get off the waitlist too. I really would like version 2 of this box.

  46. I signed up the middle of January and I’m still on the wait list….I really wanted this months box :/

  47. Another girl on YouTube received a Japonesque lipstick. It seems like everyone is getting the same thing except the lip product varies. I’m loving this month! Can’t wait to get mine.

  48. I also saw someone on youtube thay got a japonesque lipstick

  49. So annoyed still one the waitlist bc i so want this box especially varation 2!!!

    • Me too. I guess that’s what I get for waiting to sub. I should have done it after I saw the first spoiler.

    • This looks really good, hopefully we get off the waitlist soon.

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