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BeautyFIX February 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

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Beauty Fix Spoilers

We have the FULL SPOILERS for the February 2017 BeautyFIX subscription box! (Thanks, Sandy!)

Each box will include:

feb beautyfix box

What do you think of the February BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

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  1. Did anyone who used the coupon code for the bonus item get it?

    • I’m curious too.

    • I did. It was a sample of Rose face cream and a foil packet of something I didn’t recognize. Disappointed but eh it was free

  2. So I just received my replacement for the SkinMedica that was expired. The email I got said “SkinMedica Gift With Purchase – 2016 SkinMedica Holiday Gift Bag” and it was a gift set! It included a cosmetic bag, a save $20 instantly coupon, the replacement sunscreen that expires 2/18 (and my first one was tinted while my replacement wasn’t tinted), HA^5 rejuvenating hydrator 1 oz, a retinol complex 0.5 7.4 mL, and a AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser 1 oz. They also included a small foil sample in the box.

    • Wow.. that’s very generous of them! I’m getting mine today too. I would have been happy with just the sunscreen replacement, but hey.. now I’m really happy! Thanks for letting us know it was the gift set! Mine says gift set too, but I just wasn’t sure if it was the full gift set.

      • Can you let us know what you get?

        • I got the gift set Sarah describes above, RV $165!

        • Oh boy, I’ll have to try to remember… It was a gift set with all travel size skin media products. There was the AHA/BHA Cleanser, the 0.5% retinol cream, HA 5 cream, and the repair sunscreen. It also comes in a really nice makeup bag/carry case. It’s a really nice set and I use everything….

    • Also.. now I’ll be able to use the sunscreen this summer. I live in the Northeast and the one from from my box expired 1/17! If it was 3/17, like most others, I think it would of have been okay for this summer, but not 1/17…

      • I know, it was really awesome that they sent a full gift set! No problem at all!

        • Just got mine too! I’m so happy the sunscreen isn’t tinted! Also.. I love all the other stuff and will use it!

    • I just came here to announce that’s what they sent me too! Amazingly generous! Dermstore is getting my money for skincare orders for sure

      • Yes.. agree, their customer service actually makes me want to buy things I need through them. The day they sent me the gift bag, I actually made a $30 purchase from their store. It’s nice knowing that if there is something wrong with a product, that they will fix it.

    • My replacement arrived today and expires this month!

      • Oh no!!! That’s not good. I didn’t even check mine, but hopefully the other products are still good and that will make up for it. I’m going to check mine now though, out of curiosity.

      • Mine’s good.. it expires 2/18.

      • They did not fix my problem. They immediately sent me out a replacement, however it also expires next month. No extra set for me, just a bad experience. I cancelled and will stick with a company that does not send out expired products. This is not the first time this happened. This company cannot be trusted.

    • How generous. I’m glad for you.

      My replacement arrived today and they only sent me the sunscreen — and it expires next month!

      I cancelled the sub. I’m done with inconsistent service.

      • When they sent you the replacement what did the email say you were getting? Mine says I’m getting a gift set, but I’m wondering if it will only be the replacement sunscreen after all. I’m just curious.

    • Well I’m not happy at all. They refused to replace my sunscreen and said it’s good 3 months after the expiration date. The mascara they sent was also dried out so they sent a replacement but the “replacement” was a different brand with a very faded sticker on it and some scratches on the outside of the tube. When I opened the tube, it smelled rancid and had a weird texture to I assume it’s also expired and it’s going straight into the trash. I’ll give them another month but I’m very underwhelmed with my first box 🙁

      • That don’t sound right. What was the expiration on your sunscreen?

    • I just realized mine was also expired last month.. called and was given a 10% refund. Absurd! 2.50 back! I have been a subscriber for years but am seriously thinking about canceling. They weren’t even nice about it.

      • Since the box has 6 items I would thing that 20% would have been more appropriate.

    • My replacement “order” says “SkinMedica Gift With Purchase – SkinMedica Gift Set” ….I wonder what that means

  3. Considering the three full size items alone are valued at $104 this box is well worth the $25 in my book!

  4. I am live chatting with them now to let them know that my skinmedia was expired. Jeremy R says they are aware of it and according to the company it is still good for 3 months after expiration date. no offer to replace or anything. not even an apology. I also was supposed to receive a free mystery gift which i didnt receive. this is my first beautyfix box and i am incredibly disappointed in it. i mean really there are only 3 full size products in there. and the customer support i am receiving sucks.

    • I chatted with them and they replaced my expired sunscreen. They have always been really good with the customer service. I would contact someone else. That is really lame!

    • This is my second box and I cancelled today. My January box arrived with a broken lipstick–I called and received a full refund; this month the expired item. It’s not worth it to “hope” for better items in future boxes. A two month trial was enough.

      • Same here! Last month broken lipstick, this expired sunscreen. I was happy they sent me a replacement for the lipstick, but they refused to send me a replacement for the sunscreen. I’m on the edge here. I don’t whether I should keep the subscription…

    • Did you tell them about the mystery gift being missing too?

  5. So they shipped out my replacement today for the expired spf via 2 day shipping. Under description it is labels as “SkinMedica Gift With Purchase – 2016 SkinMedica Holiday Gift Bag” I was wondering if anyone is getting this? I’m trying not to get my hopes up that I’m getting multiple products as a replacement for one.

    • I also received the same email 🙂

      • Same. But last month when my lipstick was broken the replacement order just noted the lipstick. So maybe we’re getting something else.

    • Yes.. I’m getting the same thing! I hope it’s the full set too! That would be totally unexpected and amazing! Don’t want to get my hopes up either though. I’m telling myself it’s just the sunscreen and that’s it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

      • Mine is out for delivery. Whatever it is, I’m impressed with the timing!

        • Mine was shipped too! That was quick. BeautyFix has the BEST customer service. They don’t screw around.

        • I just checked and mines coming today! It’s funny because I’m excited as I would be if it was a beauty box I’ll let you know what it is. I usually get my mail about 12:30 – 1:00.

  6. I also got the SkinMedica with the 3/17 expiration. As with any expiration date it is actually a sell by date, the actual product is good for at least 90 days after the sell by date and given the size of the tube shouldn’t be a problem to use by then. That being said, I was placing an order with Dermstore and I mentioned all the hoopla over the 3/17 sell by date and they immediately took $20 off my order as a courtesy. As with any sub some months are going to appeal to certain consumers more than others but the Beautyfix value always far exceeds the $25 monthly and the customer service is 5 ⭐️!!!

    • This month was my first Beautyfix and I am so happy with it!! I had ordered with the 2day shipping hoping to avoid the blizzard we just got here in Maine and I placed my order on Friday of last week and I didn’t receive it until Wednesday this week. When I called customer service I spoke with “Lex” and he was absolutely awesome, he refunded my $6.95 shipping fee no questions asked!!! (I had not read any of these posts and didn’t realize the 3/17 expiration date on the sunscreen so maybe I’ll be calling back today, aside from that, I’m LOVING this box!! The Juice Beauty primer is wonderful for Winter Skin!!!)

  7. I received my box today and my sunscreen had an expiration date of 1/17! I emailed customer service and they said they would send a new one. Last month the lipstick came broken and they sent a new one as well.

  8. Wow, what a disappointment this BeautyFix is this month! 3 facial products (1 expired), 2 lip products and a flaky mascara. I don’t know what to say.

  9. I got my first box today and there were two of the lip products and no mascara. Being that the lippie is worth more than the mascara I should see it as in my favor but being that it could have just as easily been two lower priced items so it makes me kind of nervous for mistakes in future boxes. Plus, it says there was supposed to be a welcome sample on my invoice but there was no sample in my box or my shipping box. Both mistakes reflect poorly to a new subscriber. And I haven’t even checked my expiration dates yet. I really don’t see myself moving forward with Beauty Fix as a subscription. I think I would rather purchase the boxes separately if I see one I would like.

    I will say I love the lip balm and the lip color. Its a very wearable shade. I haven’t tried any of the other products yet but I’m looking forward to it.

    • You should call customer service. I had a free item listed on a packing slip, but didn’t receive it. They sent me current gift with purchase which was a 4 piece Luzern kit!

      • I will be contacting them tomorrow. I finally had some time to sit and look over my box again this evening and the expiration date on my sunscreen is 4/2017. Being that I wouldn’t be using it until swimming weather, which isn’t until the end of May here, I would really like one dated until at least August.

    • I am in love with the Juice Beauty Primer. I used a light moisturizer, the primer, and the CC Cream and it stayed on all day (in a blizzard) with no cracking, or “build-up” in my smile lines, etc.

  10. This is certainly not the best Beautyfix box. No tool, no hair product, fewer products, and expired products. My skinmedica expires 3/17. The best thing in the box is the By Terry balm. I’ve used it before and it’s a luxurious lip balm that’s moisturizing and leaves a pretty pearlescent finish on lips. It has a faint rose scent. I’m hoping I can use the 20% off code to purchase the full size By Terry.

    • Where are you seeing the expiration date?

      • On the crimped edge.

  11. I emailed Customer Service about my SkinMedica SPF expiring in 03/2017 and asked for a replacement or another similar product with a longer usage window. They quickly got back with me and said they would send out a replacement.
    So, if yours has expired or will expire shortly, do not feel shy and just reach out to CS.

    • I got mine today. My Skin Medica expired jan of 2017!!! Wtf. Im so disappointed with this box this month. I am gonna cancel before the next billing date. I did reach out to CS and they are sending a replacement Skin Medica -hopefully a non-expired one this time. They were very nice about it. Just wasnt impressed with this months offerings at all.

    • I contacted them about the expired item and they said they could not replace it so they refunded me the whole amount of the box. $26.95.

      • Did you chat or email them please? I’m getting a little nervous about subbing to this box. My first box ever was the box from December that had the expired hair growth product. Then my January box was fine that I know of, and now this month, my Skin Media expired 1/17 also! I love my beauty fix box and would hate to get rid of it, but this is 2 out 3 boxes now. So, I’m going to get in touch with them and see what they say, but am seeing some are having luck and others aren’t, so did you chat or email? Maybe one is

        • I emailed them. I have now canceled my sub after six months. Too many expired and damaged items in last few months.

      • They just sent me out a new box. There is nothing in this box I will use. I opened the box this morning and was overwhelmed by the rose smell. It is a migraine trigger for me. Most of the other products have ingredients in them that I won’t use. I just canceled my sub to this box.

        • They didn’t even offer to send me a New box. They emailed and said they refunded my money

          • Where are you seeing the expiration date? The last four digits on the sticker on the back of mine are 0716. Does that mean it expired last July?!

          • I think it depends on who you communicate with. I used the chat feature. I wish they had refunded me because, like I said, I will use nothing from this box. They issued a replacement order # for me while I was chatting with them and I got the email before the chat was completed. Maybe they handle it differently if you call.

        • Did they send you random products for a replacement or was it the February box again?

          • They are sending me a new sunscreen. I emailed through the website site and they responded right away. I am happy with the box.

          • There sending just a sunscreen also. When I emailed them I told them about the sunscreen and if I could possibly get one with a newer exp, as I live in the Northeast. I also told that I wasn’t looking for a box replacement as they have done for me in December, just a product replacement, and she was very nice is sending one. I loved everything else in my box too!

  12. I got my box today. Overall I’m happy. The only product I won’t use is the Skin Media because the tint is way to dark for skin tone. I also got BeautifiedYou deluxe bag today and I have to admit that I was way more excited over this bag then my Beauty Fix box!

    • What are the beautified bags like? I know their website said it’s a mix of 10 foil and deluxe samples. How good are the products and sizes?

      • I actually love the Beautified bags. I got the deluxe bag this time for $15, which usually sell out quick. You just need to keep checking back often. Their $5 bags are pretty good too. Anyway, this time I got…

        Youngblood Lip gloss in Fantasy (mini tube)
        Glam Glow mud to foam daily cleanser (travel sz.. I think, it’s 1oz)
        Pevonia RS2 Care Cream (sample tube 5ml)
        Pevonia lumafirm eye contour (sample tube 3ml)
        revision D.E.J face cream ( sample tube)
        Revision Intellishade ( 2 sample sz tubes.. 1 in original and 1 in matte)
        Glo Minerals mini Mascara
        Then I got 14 different foil sample packets

        So, I say it’s a great deal with 8 sample and deluxe samples and then the 14 foils. I usually order one of the $15 and a $5 bag every month, and they are always different! Definitely worth checking it out..

        • Thanks, I just ordered the $15 and a $5. I’ve been trying to decide what box I wanted to order this month and really couldn’t find anything, so this will be a nice change. I do like trying skin care products and they do have some great brands. Based on your items it seems like it’s well worth the price. Does it also come in a bag, or just in a box?

          • The $15 bags come in a makeup bag. Nothing too special, seems okay though, and the $5 bags come in a little mesh, cheap bag.

    • Where is the beautified bag on the site? I can’t seem to find it!

      • It’s BeautifiedYou beauty bag one BeautifiedYou web site. Hope that helps!

      • Sorry.. on the BeautifiedYou website. I think if you just google BeautifiedYou Beauty Bag.. it will pop up. They have $5 bags and a $15 deluxe bag. Sometimes they have a $15 Dermologica bag too.

        • Thanks so much!! I didn’t realize it was a separate site

    • How long did it take for the Beautified You bag? I ordered a few days ago and no shipping notice yet.

      • I would say that it takes a few days before shipping and then it usually takes about 2 weeks to get to me. Their a little slower then most stores, but it always comes… and it’s worth the wait! I’m going to order another one right now too!

  13. The lip in cashmere is beautiful I love it. The lip balm is great and smooth plus it smells like roses. The juice beauty is thin and absorbs well. I really like it alone without makeup. Soooooo glad it doesnt have a strong juice beauty smell. I love the mascara. Its good when you just want to boost your lashes without going there. Its not clumpy, it separates really well, and is a good dark black. It made my lashes soft not stiff and didnt flake at all. The other items are blah and not my color. My sunscreen expires 3/17 but I wouldnt use it anyways. Other than that I love the box. Its worth 25 bucks.

    • The Cashmere lip sounds so pretty!

  14. The mascara was a bomb though…it flaked everywhere as I was trying to apply it ! It was very dry, I assumed it was close to expiring soon but I was unable to find an expiration date on the packaging ? It got trashed.

    • I received that black mascara a while ago in a beautyfix box. Sure hope it’s not from the same production batch/lot! 🤔

  15. The Terry lip balm is heaven for me ! I work outside so I’m obsessed with trying to find the perfect balm that has staying power. Haven’t been to impressed with any Juice products that I’ve tried before but…I absolutely love this primer ! It’s very thin in consistency & blends in great with my foundation. I’m 43 yrs old & have some fine lines obviously, this primer does not settle in the lines or draw attention to them. It seems to give me a very soft glow. The Kevin lip stain color is perfect for my lips & feels great on. I’m very happy with this months box 💜💙💚

    • Have you worn the balm on its own? Or layered ontop of a lipstick?

      • Just alone, it’s seems to thick to wear under anything else.

  16. This is my first month of not getting this sub after a year of being subscribed .I really thought I’d be sad but I’m good ,nothing I can’t live without .See you soon beautyfix

  17. If anyone wants to swap their Kevin aucoin lippie I’m your girl! I really want to try it and this color looks much more wearable than that bright red

    • I have mine up for swap. (: are you on the swap site?

  18. I went back to see last year’s reviews and don’t think they have cut the number of items in half – they still used to send 6 products + a tool. To me this box looks great – high end items (albeit probably close to expiration, because how else would they get them for this low price) but that’s fine – makeup doesn’t expire on the day it is marked to expire, it’s probably good for at least another year, if it’s not opened and used.

    • If you look at September thru December 2016 you will see that nine to twelve items were sent each month. Now there is half that and no tools. It is not worth paying $27 for when i get the same value from look fantastic for $15.

      • I don’t think the Look Fantastic has the price point that BF does, or does it? BF boxes are pretty much always north of $100.

  19. Ugh!! If next month is this bad I will drop this box for sure!! I will be swapping almost the entire box!

  20. I’m super excited about this box, mainly because I’m a Juice Beauty and SkinMedica fan. I’m just hoping both of those products are really as big as the teaser shows.

  21. Has anyone tried the mascara? It’s on Amazon for $7 with mediocre reviews. I’m swapping the lippie but on the fence about the mascara.

    • I hate that mascara. It flakes like crazy.

    • It’s one of the worst mascara’s I’ve ever tried. Gives canterpillar lashes.

      • Thanks for the feedback on the mascara. I’m using the lash domination from my bare minerals mystery box and will move quickly to the smith and culture from birdie. I’m excited to try the beauty counter in this month’s allure, plus I’m getting this one and another as my glossybox welcome gift. The reviews on it aren’t great either. At least I know how to prioritize these!

  22. The sneaks were exciting but I’m glad I cancelled my sub last month. Haven’t been super excited in a few months. Hopefully Beauty Fix will get back to the where they were 6 months ago.

    • I am right there with you! I canceled last month after being hohum for a bit. Not interested
      in this box either.

  23. Ugh. This will be my first box and I am not very happy about it. I have been really excited to try this box because they all looked so good for the most part. This is probably the worst one I’ve ever seen. I am very disappointed. I’ll give March a shot I guess but then I’m cancelling until they get back to the good boxes they used to send. This is so disappointing. I’m not really interested in anything here. What a complete waste of money.

    • Same here. I started in November which was a great box. January and this month were really bad. Feels like they are trying to get rid of products that no one will buy or are expiring. This is the second time with expired or soon to expire products. I am waiting for next month’s box, but if that is bad I will cancel. Too bad as loved the first month and felt it was good value.

  24. BeautyFix was on fire for awhile, but the January and February boxes have been rather lackluster. Previously, I really enjoyed the mix of products – mostly skincare with a makeup item, a hair item, and a tool. I’m disappointed that BeautyFix seems to be moving away from that.

    I am most excited about the Juice Beauty primer, as well as trying the lip stain and balm.

    • Yes! I was so mad I didn’t get to look at full Jan spoilers before the cancellation day because I ended up with a box of things I didn’t want at all. This month confirms I made the right choice by canceling. It’s really a shame too, because last year’s boxes were pretty much all winners for me.

  25. If linked wants to swap the primer my swap profile is linked just click on my name! I don’t get this box anymore but don’t want to resub just for the primer.

    • If anyone wants *

  26. Has anyone had a chance to try out any of the lip products or the primer? I feel like primers are really iffy – either they work great or they are a total bust. I had mixed feelings when we received the Kevin Aucion red lip pie in the December box – it seemed difficult to work with. The By Terry product has me intrigued. Expired SPF products make me weary! Not sure what to think.

    • I use their primer that’s why I’m excited for this box because I paid full price for mine. It’s nice to get a full size of something I would buy anyway for a much higher price.

      It works great with their foundation but I haven’t tried it with anything else.

      It’s illuminating though so it isn’t for people with large pores or wrinkles in my opinion the highlight/pearl will just draw attention to it.

      • Thanks for the feedback on the juice product!

    • I emailed them about the expired product and they are sending me a new one.

      • That seems like an ideal solution. Hope you like the rest of the products?!

  27. You mention it’s $24.95/box. Is that a “grandfathered” rate for longer-standing customers or for multi-month subscription? I went to the website today and the cost is $34.95.

    • It’s $24.95 on auto renewal, no time commitment needed and easy to cancel.

      • Thank you for clarifying!

  28. Seems many are disappointed with this. I calculated a value of $139 without assigning any value to the CC product. I think that’s pretty awesome for $25. How much better did this used to be?!

    • BeautyFix is my favorite box. However, I am taking a break to use down product and it could not have come at a better time. The value is there in this box, but I personally would have used next to none of it. Maybe the lip balm?

      • Same here, I see the value but would use non of the products. I really happy I canceled last month.

        • That’s how I feel, too. Sure, the box might have a retail value of >$140, but if I can’t get $25 value out of the products I can use, it’s not worth getting. There’s pretty much nothing in this month’s box I can/would use.

    • I have been a Beauty Fix/Blush/Beauty Fix subber for 5 years, going to when you picked your own stuff. The boxes are always up and down. Any sub box is up and down and some people won’t like it. It’s always worth the $25. Period.

      • Exactly and you can’t satisfy everyone. I love Beauty Fix Box. It’s one of my favorite beauty boxes I get each month.

      • Since value is completely subjective it isn’t always “worth” $25 to everyone. Zero items used/liked would be a $0 value month, for this or any other sub. I too am a longtime sub box veteran of over 5 years and I find it’s best to review multiple months of a given sub to see if the value is there for me personally; if it isn’t then I don’t sub. If was there but changes in the wrong direction, I cancel.

  29. Does anyone know if the lip stain and primer are the only full size this month?

    • The mascara is probably also full-sized?

    • The mascara might be. But the balm, CC cream, and the smartfix are not.

  30. I am really torn on this box. Liz – please do your review ASAP!

  31. I’m done! I just cancelled. The last two months have been horrible. They have cut the amount of items we receive in half and no beauty tool again!

    • Totally 100% agree. Such a shame.

  32. Well I am now cancelling. Last month was bad and so is this month. They used to send several more items and a beauty tool every month and now it seems they are sending less items and no beauty tools. And of course I can’t cancel this months box since it shipped and they don’t release spoilers until after they take your money

  33. As soon as I saw the spoiler I raced to order. That Skin Medica is my day to day SPF, and its the perfect travel size ( I pay 60 for 2 oz) and they sell the 1 oz size in the Lytera kit. That right there justifies the box, plus the Kevyn Aucoin lip full size and the deluxe sample of the By Terry! So happy well worth and beyond the $25. Plus I love that these count towards DermStore dollars and I actually cashed in $20 that I had and got some other things I have had in my cart since after the new year.

    • I received my box today and am bummed that the sunscreen has an expiration date of 03/2017. 🙁

      • I thought an expiration of 5/17 was bad…. but an expiration of 3/17? Come on! I think you should reach out to customer service.

        • Mine is April.

        • Good idea about contacting customer service. I think a one month expiration date is pretty ridiculous, especially for sunscreen in February!

        • Mine expired 1/17. I just sent an email to customer service and hopefully, they’ll take care of this.

      • Thank you for posting this! I had a new subscription ready to check out, largely because it sounds like a great sunscreen and I always need some. It drives me crazy that this sub uses its boxes to get rid of expired and expiring merchandise.

      • Well crap good to know guess I’ll use it right away!

      • Mine expired already! 01/17…

        • Crazy! Their customer service is usually pretty responsive. Give them a call?

          • Mine expired 01/17 too! I had a chat with Rachel in CS. She said that they were out and couldn’t send a replacement. Best she could do is a 10% refund. She said they showed a different exp date. I offered to send pictures. More annoyed than thrilled, but oh well.

          • Too bad they can’t send an alternative SPF product? I kind of wanted to order to try the Cashmere lippie and the Juice products…. but I may pass… too many issues with expired products.

        • Wow- I lucked out I guess, mine expires 2/19.

        • That’s why this box sucks always sending stale items

          • I have been subscribed for almost 3 years and the only other “stale” items I remember were in their mystery box a couple of months ago, which they immediately corrected. When else have they “always” done it? Thanks.

        • Awe man. They can’t replace it!? I haven’t gotten a response from them but I emailed them since I’m at work. A 10% refund means we paid $24, including tax, for less items than others. Boo.

      • Mine too-this is the second time. Last time received a skincare set as gift with purchase where everything was expired.

      • This reminds me of the Tarina Tarantino primer they sent a year or so ago that was not only expired but rancid for many of us. Don’t expect any kind of compensation or replacement. That was hit it miss for folks after that incident. To me this is a bit worse, rancid smell notwithstanding, since sunscreen expiration dates are clinically significant indicators of product efficacy. In other words, it loses effectiveness past the use by date. Granted it’s not immediate and I live in a year round warm location and wear SPF daily, but for others sunscreen in Feb won’t be used up before the expiration date, to say nothing of those who received it already expired. Unless the consistency or smell is off, it would be safe to use as a moisturizer but don’t hang your skin cancer prevention hat on it as SPF.

  34. I am hoping the CC cream and sunscreen will work for my very pale skin and I think the mascara seems pretty lame compared to the other products in the box but I am super excited to try out all of this stuff, especially high end lip balm.

  35. This is a disappointing box for me, although I am happy to try the Juice Beauty Phytopigments. Last month’s box was a letdown for me too. I wish we’d get more spoilers earlier on before I’m charged for the monthly box but I’m guessing that’s purposeful on Dermstore’s part. It seems like the boxes from several months ago had 8+ decent sized items and lately, there have been fewer products included. Beautyfix, I’m putting you on notice. 😉

    • I would love to try that Kevin aucoin lippie if you would like to swap!

  36. So, this isn’t going to work out for me. The main sunscreen, the Skin Medica (which is not full size either, by the way, although it is 1 oz. – full size is 2.3 oz for $68)… anyway, it’s tinted, and it’s medium skin tone. I read reviews on Amazon.

  37. This is my first box and I’m excited!! With the Kevyn and Juicy full size stuff everything else is a bonus – value wise!

  38. The juice beauty is the only hit for me. Ironic that the sunscreen and CC claim to be good for your skin yet they contain Dimethicome. A synthetic silicone that damages your skin, creates acne, suffocates your skin and promotes aging.

    I refuse to put anything on my face that has dimethicone. That’s probably why I have yet to find a wrinkle.
    I hate that these companies claim this stuff is good for your skin but no one knows better than to research the ingredients.
    Right to the trash can for me.

    • I agree, the dimethicone is a no-go. I’ve tried many of the rosacea and sensitive skin products in the past by La Roche Posay, since it’s one of the go-to brands where I live in Canada (so many dermatologists recommend it here), but I find them to be pretty crappy. They stripped my skin, made it feel dry and certainly didn’t improve redness.
      Not a great box IMO, save for perhaps the Aucoin lip.

    • If you want to swap the Kevin aucoin lip I am your girl!!

      • I happily will! Does anyone know if the lip stain and primer are the only full size this month?

        • Oops ignore my double posting question there don’t know how that happened!

    • I’m not an expert but have read mutiple articles about silicones including dimethicone and many / most don’t say it’s bad. Paula’s choice gave it a “Good” rating for cosmetic use.

      • Thanks. I was wondering, because I didn’t think it was bad, either. I once mentioned to a dermatologist that I wanted the form of Trevino in in a silicone base, and she said there wasn’t one – as opposed to saying to never put that on your face!

        • My best friend and her husband are both dermatologists who own their own practice together. My face kept breaking out and looked horrible she told me about dimethicone, I said wow it’s in almost everything I use and she said “That’s why I don’t wear makeup.”
          Anything silicone shouldn’t go on your body or face. But I also eat completely organic so it carries over into my skincare.
          It breaks down the barrier of the protective layer of your skin that keeps damaging things out.

        • People eat McDonalds even though they know it’s bad for you lol same with skincare. Makeup is about making you feel good but skincare is about putting things on your skin that are HEALTHY for it. So no I would never put it on my face

  39. Snore.

    Ugh whenever the first two spoilers look super promising…
    The rest of the box never is.

  40. They are small —

    SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair sunscreen (1 fl oz – May 17 expiration),
    LaRoche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream (3 ml – 12/17 expiration)
    Terry Baume de Rose – (3 gr)

    I don’t know how I managed to get my box before everyone else – that never happens !!

    • That seems like a lot of ultra sheer tint sunscreen to use by may.

      Between my full size tatcha (birdie) and the full size Sunday riley (rachel zoe) I have in the fridge and now this, I’m going to need to grow another Face! But I have high hopes for the primer and lip. And yet I subbed to glossybox just last night, plus I have allure and play. Somebody stage and intervention!

      • If you’re looking for an intervention you’re probably barking up the wrong tree! I know for myself I can’t ever have enough creams and scrubs! My biggest problem is that I don’t stick to a specific regiment so when my skin looks really good (or really bad) I’m never sure which product is doing the trick! NO, my biggest problem is that I have too much stuff for one face!

    • I was surprised to actually get mine today. It usually finally gets here around the 14th even tho its shipped on the 1st. I’m always the last to get mine.

    • OK that cc cream is tiny and not worth much but the baume de rose is almost 1/3 of the full size so worth about $18. I’m disappointed because I mainly want to try the cc cream since it was created specifically for rosacea and has some research data backing up it’s effectiveness. But that won’t be enough to try it long enough to see if it works. Boo!

  41. By Terry Baum De Rose is 3 g. Regularbsize (which costs $60) is 10 g.

  42. Is the By Terry full size? The box looks big!! If so, that’s amazing. Even the deluxe sample size will last a long time. I’m on my second pot and it’s a truly indulgent, luxe balm. Super impressed with this box!!! Very high end.

    • I was hoping it was full sized but it’s not unfortunately. Full size is 10grams and this one is 3 grams. I love this stuff but I don’t think I’d use anything else in the box so I think I’m out 😥

    • It looks like the full size is .35 and this is .1 oz. Still a nice deluxe sample and adds to the value, since it’s a very expensive product.

  43. It looks like the La Roche Posay is teeny tiny but the rest are full size, or are any of the others small? I might have to get this one. I was avoiding them because they advertised on Breitbart but they no longer do, which is awesome, because I get my HG facial sunscreen from them. Maybe I can order a new tube at the same time. Anyway, this seems like a decent deal, at least for me since sunscreen and lips are my two most-used … well, and hair. But it’d be better if La Roche Posay wasn’t tiny.

    • Beauty Fix is owned by Target!

      • Yes, Beauty Fix is … no, Beauty Fix is put out by Dermstore, and Dermstore is owned by Target. Dermstore was the one that used to advertise to me on Breitbart, but they no longer do. A lot of places advertise there unknowingly, because they buy for multiple (many, many) sites, to follow you around the web. But they have the ability to block certain ones that they don’t want to be associated with.

  44. Not sure how they can send out a CC cream without getting a profile of us for skin tones…. this will be interesting. Otherwise, looks like another good box.

    • It’s very tiny. Does it say 0.1 Oz? Hard to see on my tablet. Can anyone see the sizes well on these?

    • I believe it’s a universal color.

      • Card says tint will vary but on the product it just says tinted and doesn’t say what color. It does seem pretty universal.

        • Sorry. I was referring to the Skinmedica, mine is tinted.

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