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Allure Beauty Box March 2017 FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have FULL SPOILERS for the March 2017 Allure Beauty Box!


What do you think of the first March 2017 Allure Beauty Box spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10. (Regularly $15 a month)

FYI – If you sign up anytime before the end of February, your first box will be the February box. 

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes and our Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is my first subscription- I purchased it on the 17th of March. Does anyone know if I will receive the March box or if I have to wait for the April box?

  2. Anybody else missing items? Or is it just my turn? I didn’t get the serum and I was excited to try something new.Ive been putting off contacting them because I don’t do well with bad customer care lol.but if they get ugly I’ll just cancel ,three have been cut this month

  3. Not an exciting box, but it is useful. I’m always in battle with my cuticles, so looking forward to trying the cuticle oil. My hair is very thick, so I will be passing off the hair product to my daughter who has fine, thinner, hair. The deodorant will be great for travel this summer, as all of my girls have trips planned. Looking forward to trying the serum. All will get used.

  4. I went round and round with them for months over a replacement product that I never did receive so cancelled. Allure used to be so good but not anymore

  5. You CAN Suspend and reinstate shipments!
    I did. It’s in the account settings. You can put in a date to suspend shipments as well as a date to resume. That’s what I did for this month.

    • I did too. And the woman that helped me said to make sure that you reinstate a few days into the month that you want to start back up. They can be shady, I signed up on the 1st of January and still received December. Always double check with them.

      I’m waiting on a replacement for two or three months. I contacted them and they tried to say that they already did, BS

      Has anyone had a friend sign up and received the special curated box?? If so, what’s in it, is it decent or just crappy leftovers like Birchbox Thank you for any information about the editors box.

  6. I’ve had trouble with cancelling a month so I’ll suck this one up (for those who think we are spoiled for not loving the box-considering I’m using my hard earned cash it doesn’t matter how much the items are worth if I won’t use them). My subscription is almost over and I can’t say I’m sad about it.

  7. Has anyone else had a horrible customer service experience with Allure beauty box? I signed up on Feb. 20th, and my box still hasn’t shipped. Customer service will not let me cancel because then I won’t receive the February box. But I do not want to continue my subscription. So basically, I am sucked into this.. any help?

    • If I had to guess.. I would say that your box DID already ship. I never get a shipment confirmation until AFTER I already get my box in the mail. Not sure why.. But happens every month.

    • My first box took two to three weeks to ship, then the next one came 2 weeks later. It has to probably, catch up and start regulating after the first two boxes. Now the come around the 10th each month.

    • Hey Abby, I had a similar situation. Actually you’re first box will not be the month you subscribe in but the one after that. So that being said if you subscribed in February, your first box will be for the month of March.

      However, If you want to cancel you should be able to do so.

      • your*

      • They wouldn’t let me cancel until the box shipped, also they told me they weren’t sure if I would be getting the Feb. or March box!

  8. Looks alright to me. Hoping for a NUDE polish and that the Derma-E Vitamin C serum is a for-sure item in my box! And yes there are only 5 items, but maybe there will be an extra item thrown in…I’m thinking positive. All the products are new to me so I’m excited to try them all.

    • That is my hope – free item! I keep reminding myself that I wasn’t super excited about February but I really loved it once I got it!
      I want that lip stuff!

      • Yep, even when I seem disappointed at first, I always end up loving what I get. I really want the C serum!

    • the samples this month were super small. Like birchbox. Except for the polish and cuticle oil.

  9. I haven’t been charged yet so I quickly cancelled. They have went downhill so much. This makes me sad because it used to be my favorite box.

  10. Wow, probably the most underwhelming box I’ve ever seen from Allure.

    • Feeling the same way🤔

  11. This is the second sub par box in a row for me. The product I looked forward to the most last month came all smashed and now I’m dealing with CS again. And this box just has nothing that catches my eye. The only thing I may use is the nail polish, but I do rarely paint them

    • Agreed. My Cargo highlighter was all smashed in the tube so I called CS and they’re sending out a new one. I feel bad, but I cancelled my subscription for March after receiving unimpressive items in January and February boxes.

      • My cargo highlighter was smashed in the tube also! And in January, my eye shadow palette came with one shadow shattered. Super disappointing considering this is supposed to be a more high end box.

  12. I discontinued for next month, but now I’m going to resub, those nail polishes are $16 each and I skipped Julep for the month, so I think I’d like to try this brand. I really wanted to try a vitamin C serum and my hair is fine, so the Derma E and John Frieda will be used. The box does seem pretty unimpressive at first, but after thinking about it I know I’ll use everything and the value is there.

  13. I must admit, I am a little embarrassed that I have been bragging so much to all my friends about how Allure was right up there with Boxycharm. This box makes me look a bit stupid now. I been bragging bigtime about how wonderful each box has been for me over the past 2 years & telling my friends in my beauty group how fabulous each box is….. Step it up Allure.

    • Lucky you…. I wish a “beauty group”. 🙁

    • pshew same exact feels. I used to say allure was THE best box.

      then again, it was. I have no idea what happened between then and now!

  14. I knew the $10 deal was too good to be true… Their boxes used to be a whole lot better before the deal. I really hope they don’t turn this into a $10 box like Birchbox… I liked paying a little extra for larger, quality items.

    • You’re absolutely correct. I may cancel, the boxes have been lousy except for January which was a nice mix, ⚡️Jet

    • If they are the sizes I think they are, it’s still around a $60 box, amazing for even 15 bucks. Though I totally get if the items just aren’t for you, cant love every month.

  15. I feel like several months ago they unofficially moved to being a “ten dollar box” which I’m fine with since I’m only paying $10. At $15 I’d be not very thrilled.

  16. Aren’t there supposed to be six items?

    • I have seen them advertise it as 6 items and 5 items. I complained about it the last time they only sent 5. I think, the emails they send say 6.

  17. I am a nail girl so I am excited for this box! I don’t ever have them “done” per say, but I just like to use nail polish, I am going to try some hand gloves, I love a good hand cream, etc. Also I am curious for serums, having never tried them before. Hair stuff is always fun to sample, in my opinion. Not sure how I feel about the lip color shown here, but I am always open to trying lip stuff!!! I share with my daughter, sister, and Mom, so it all has a “home” lol. I do love Allure.

    • Yeah! I am loving this mostly skincare box via Allure! =) Ladies, you really need to focus more on maintaining better skin rather than slathering on all the makeup. All them chemicals in cosmetics ages the skin, if used excessively.

      • I’m a skin care gal all the way.. don’t care much for makeup at all and still don’t like this box. The only item I would use is the derma E. The rest of the items I won’t even try. Not worth the money this month for just one item.

  18. Glad I cancelled.

  19. Yeah Not a fan of most of these products. My the nail polish but it’s nothing like the last few months which I really loved. Boo hoo…… Everytime I cancel I just resubscribe in a month. What to do. What to do

  20. Yuck!!!

  21. I am so disappointed with Allure beauty box this month! This is one of my favorite subs.. well used to be anyway. This has to be the worst box I ever received as of yet.. I really wish I could skip this month. I don’t want to cancel because I did the deal from Christmas for your first 6 boxes for $10. I never look at spoilers.. ever! This is the second time I ever look at spoilers and now I’m sad… I’ll never look again!

    • You can suspend shipments, can’t you?

      • yes, you can suspend but I have heard mixed things about doing this – like when you unsuspend they send you the boxes that you missed during the suspension. I have mine suspended and will cancel it. I couldn’t cancel before getting the feb box which just came yesterday since I subscribed late in the month. Worst case scenario, I keep it forever suspended.

        • Just saw Tia’s reply. It may not be worth trying then. I don’t want to risk canceling it and losing the deal I have. I guess I’ll just have to sell it or gift it.

        • I frequently suspend shipments without any issues. The only thing is that the month you restart, you get that month. So if you restart on Feb 28th, you’ll get the Feb box and March box as well.

      • Not that I know of.. There’s a cancel subscription button, not seeing a suspend shipment one. I hope there is though. Would be nice. Maybe I’ll do a chat with them and ask.

      • Slightly in line with suspending accounts… I cancelled my annual sub on 2/1 for which the February box was the last box in my sub. I haven’t received the February box yet, or received any tracking info, so I called Allure CS yesterday, and they said that when I cancelled my subscription, it cancelled the last box too. 🙁 So, they had to re-activate my account, and once I receive tracking for that final box (which may not necessarily be February’s, which I’m kind of sad about because I really wanted to try the Beauty Counter mascara), then I can call back and cancel it again. I’m just afraid that since this is the time when people are getting charged for the March box, that now that my sub has be re-activated I may get charged for an annual sub again. She said that shouldn’t happen, but with Allure’s record, I have my doubts.

      • I did. It’s in the account settings. You can put in a date to suspend shipments as well as a date to resume. That’s what I did for this month.

  22. I quit right around the time off their Black Friday deal and I have yet to regret it. Since they changed distributors it whatever it was that they did I haven’t loved it. Next in the chopping block is Play!

  23. Seems like a snooze box, use to be my favorite. Zzzzzzzxxx

  24. I used to love Allure. Said I would never unsub. My credit card changed a few months ago and I never took the time to update my info. Good thing. Seems as if the past few months have not been that great. Now I’m giving Ipsy a try again and I like it.

  25. I went ahead and discontinued my account. I’m getting overloaded on products again, and I don’t want anything in this box, so now seems like a good time lol. Overall, I liked Allure though and thought they generally provide a good value.

  26. I’m kind of surprised that with a drug store brand (John Frieda) and 2 nail treatments/polishes, they only included 5 items instead of 6. I think it’s always a bit tricky when you select 2+ items in a single category and a product that only applies to certain recipients (volumizing treatment). Some people will be ecstatic, but it will be a miss for others.

    I’m trying to reserve judgment until my box arrives, but this doesn’t make me very excited.

    • I would have liked a “volumizing”…I got a smooth. I have wavy hair. It’s down to my lower back. It’s beautiful when it looks like I’ve done next to nothing and very NOT cute when it looks like I ironed my hair which is what this product I got did to mine. For the money, it wasn’t a bad box overall but I wasn’t super impressed. I put it on hold immediately and will cancel now that I got the first box and see this one doesn’t look that great. If I get it, that is ok but I’m not a loyal subscriber to any one box now that there are so many options. I dumped birchbox because they sent me so many repeats that I have a closet full of options for friends – seriously anyone near me can get hooked up with major goodies. I do like getting a box for myself and one for my dog a month. I dropped a few of mine because of product overload and got the pricier one for my pup and BOTH of use were happy.

      This month, I referred myself to Julep for the free join up gift and got the target box. I got the doggie box for my power chewer and couldn’t be happier. I’ve tried almost all of them out there that were the “originals” of the boxes and at this point, I feel like the market is overloaded….they’ll pack in anything and enough people will buy into it. I’ve thought of creating my own box. Sad thing is, several would buy it and I’d go broke in shipping lol. But seriously, I agree, this box does not impress me for the 15. .. maybe for the 10 bucks.

      • I did the same deal with Julep and was incredibly surprised with the quality of their makeup and skincare. They have some really great items, I haven’t ordered a nail polish since my original gift box.

        • Monique – same here! I did two boxes and every month I just have to remember to skip a month. Their eyeshadows are really fabulous! I don’t need more polish but I like the eyeshadows and eyeliners that they have and their sales are pretty great deals for gifting so I haven’t cancelled. I love the “skip a month” feature and wish all boxes did that for their members. I think they get far fewer cancel and rejoins and less complaints since if you don’t like their offerings, you don’t get “stuck” with the products. The C product in here and the cuticle oil are better than I thought so Allure didn’t do such a poor job afterall in my opinion. I will use the light pink/barely there nail polish from this box. I got a hot pink one from another box this month – not sure but I think they believe I’m 12 years old by the products:)

  27. Good thing I discontinued Allure for March. 🙂 Not a fan of nail products. The serum would be nice though but will pass this month.

    • Agreed! I discontinued this morning. The Derma-e serum looks great, but I don’t do my nails, and the other two products don’t strike me.

  28. Happy to be getting the John Frieda sample. I’ve been thinking of trying it, but since I only air dry my hair, I didn’t know if it would work for me. At least now I’ll be able to test it out. And I’m always up for getting more lip butter.

    • I have fine hair that I typically let air dry, but I found that when I used the John Freida volume product, I HAD to use a hair dryer. This product adds volume by adding texture, and when I tried this product with air drying only it left my hair with a sticky and almost rubberized texture, and it looked limp and separated.

      • Yikes! Thanks. I’ll definitely be putting that up for swap…

      • 98% of sprays and serums for hair are ‘heat’ activated. I worked at a hair salon in college for 4 years.

  29. If I could skip a month it would definitely be this one.

    • Same. I’ve been more than OK with it for the $10 deal I’m on but now, with a 2nd nail product of unknown shade (hopefully at least one I would use) this just went to ‘meh”. I don’t want to suspend if I’ll just end up getting it later anyway when I re-up again from the sounds of it, so I’ll deal. The last few months weren’t all that WOW exciting either, but I’m using everything, nothing missing or damaged so it’s been worth the price, for me anyway. This month may be the dud but can’t win ’em all every month I guess. Oh well. It’s my b-day month so I’ll be getting all kinds of freebies and coupons no doubt, so that will make up for this one way or another I’m sure.

  30. Allure has just been getting better and better to me.

  31. Wow… This has got to be the worst Allure box ever…

    • If I could skip a month it would be this one.

    • I second that – nothing looks exciting.

      • Bummed about the nail polish. I only use gel polish and don’t need two out of five products related to nails. I have thick hair so no need for volumizing for hair. Hoping for a better box next month.

        • Cuticle oil is great for toe cuticles too and you can still use cuticle oil even if you do gel nails.

    • Shows how tastes dffer, hated last months. thought it was one of the worst ones but many people liked it. Think this month looks really good.

  32. More excited about this than last months box! Love nail products, that lip tint looks great, and the skin product looks interesting too!

  33. I know there are gonna be a lot of people frustrated with there being two nail products but I am over the moon!! I am constantly doing my nails and can really use the oil, and I will ALWAYS take a new polish color!! Vitamin C serum looks great, more then happy to try out a new brand! I’m not sure if the color will work for me, I may have to swap it because of that, but the lip butter looks amazing!!! And I have natural fine limp hair so I will take volume any day of the week. This is definitely top 3 Allure boxes for me, love everything, and I can not wait! <3 allure

    • Yay!! I’m excited for this box, too. My guess is both nail items will be full-size!

    • I like nail products, too!

    • I was already super excited about seeing the Akar product in March’s box, but I’m even more excited for the box, now that I see a Lakur polish will be included as well. I received a Lakur polish in the most recent Yuzen box, and loved it! The color I received was beautiful, and was perfect for Valentine’s Day, and it was one of the best wearing polishes I’ve ever used (I wore it for a whole week, and I only had one tiny chip on one nail, which is unheard of for me)!

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