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Target Beauty Box February 2017 Spoilers!

Liz Cadman
ByLiz CadmanJan 26, 2017 | 60 comments

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Target has posted the items for their upcoming February 2017 Target Beauty Box! (Thanks, Kandee, for the heads up!)

FYI – this box will show as “SOLD OUT” until it is available for sale – but no worries, you did not miss your chance to buy it!

We don’t know the launch dates or prices of the beauty boxes yet, but make sure to sign up for the daily newsletter to get an email when the boxes go on sale! (It will likely be Monday).

Here are the items that will be featured in the new Target Beauty Box:



And here are two questionable items that likely won’t be in the box even though they are appearing on the page:


(The reason I am pretty sure these won’t be in the box is because they were in previous boxes and may just be hanging around on this page!)

(The price isn’t known yet, but is usually around $7 a box.)

What do you think of the products? Will you be grabbing the box?

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Liz Cadman
Liz Cadman
Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She's been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

Liz Cadman
Liz Cadman
Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She's been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!
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Doesn’t look bad but my sil just gave me a huge bag of bumble and bumble hair products. Full sizes! Yay! I do wish they’d keep it at $7


They’re here…….!

Kaitlynn Marie

Looks like the only thing I can’t use is the tanning towel and I didn’t plan to anyway. I might grab it if I have the $7 when they announce it.


It’s available now on for $10.00.


Here’s a code valid thru 1/29. 3733G7VK39LXTCYH


Here is a promo code valid thru 1/29. 3733G7VK39LXTCYH


Duplicate post,sorry.


Promo code for what


I love tring new brands .That Said I will try and not buy the box if it’s 10.00 (notice I said try) I don’t mind 5.00 or even 7.00 but 10.00 ,no !! I think their just tring to push it and see just how much we’ll pay before saying that’s too much .Well I’m willing to pay them 7.00 no more unless it was just so fabulous I just couldn’t resist

Michele P

The mascara alone retails for $21.99, which is great, except I’m not big on switching up on certain things (mascara, skincare, dish detergent, etc. lol). And I would be excited for the LOreal masks if there weren’t 2. I doubt I’ll get this one.

Melissa W.

Not sure yet? I’m waiting until they actually post what will be in be in the boxes that day.. as I know they like to tease people and switch things up sometimes.


I’ve never gotten the Target Box before because, well, apparently I live in the Dark Ages since I didn’t know about it. The items listed look pretty awesome. Like others have said, I already have about 4 zillion mascaras. I’m okay with that, though. For some reason, I’m just as obsessed with mascara as I am with eyeliner (maybe bc I accidentally flash-fired the tips of my eyelashes off when I was a kid and will do anything to make them appear longer, fuller….less….fried….).

There are some people complaining that it isn’t always $7 and I don’t really understand that. This box seems pretty over-generous to me and people don’t hesitate to spend $10 for ipsy and other subscriptions, so what’s the problem exactly?

That was a serious question. Again, I haven’t received the box before, so maybe the products are just little packet sample sizes? If so, I agree that over $7 is a bit much. Can anyone clarify this for me??? 🙂


Hi…no,the products are generally not teeny sample sizes, they are full or generous sample sizes. The reason I balk at the $10 price is a lot of the products are things I would never use, already have a ton of, or there is only 1 item I would use, but do I want to pay $10 for it? Hopefully this clarifies things a bit for you..


The value is there in the Target boxes, and I think they are fairly priced. Their samples tend to be generous. I really loved the $10 box last month and ordered a second one. I was not interested in the $5 box, but it was a decent value. My impression is that some people just expect flat pricing based on history. I think Target tried to address that in January with 2 price points. It really come down to the value of a box to you.


Lizzie it just depends what you like. If you like most items in the box then paying $10 is a good deal. If you don’t like most of the items than some people think the price is too high. I think $10 is usually a good deal for most target boxes. Last month I bought both the $5 and $10 boxes. Alot of people did not think the $10 box was worth price but I loved every item so it was a really good deal in my opinion. I did not like the $5 box at all while others loved it. I don’t really like what’s in the February box but even if it’s $10 it’s still a good deal and then I can just swap it all for stuff I really want.

Lisa D.

People complain about the price because way back in the day (before this big subscription box craze) Target Beauty Boxes used to be free. They used to sell out insanely fast but they were free. Then the price went up to $7 and now $10. So folks are mostly complaining about having to pay for something that used to be free and used to be cheaper.


Oh, and no, Target isn’t all foil packets. Sometimes there are foil packets, but usually shampoos and conditioners, etc., are travel-sized. Makeup is usually full sized unless it’s a foundation sample. I think all other makeup I’ve gotten in these (over a year and a half of ordering every Target box) has been full sized.


I’ve never subbed ipsy, so I can’t speak to that, but I subbed Birchbox for a while and even had two subs at one point. Birchbox was not drug store brands, so $10 for five better-than-drugstore products (I hesitate to say “luxury”) was pretty good, especially when you essentially got $5 back in Birchbox points. When they revamped (read: ruined) their points system last summer, a bunch of people, myself included, jumped ship.

Sometimes I feel these boxes are worth $10, but sometimes they’re not. Last month was a $10 box and a $5 box, and I feel like the latter was a better value for the money. The $10 box wasn’t twice as good as the $5 one, IMHO.

I’ll still buy this box at $10, but it’s nice to save $3, especially when the $3 coupon that came with last month’s box expires the day before this box will likely be released.


I’m in because I’m always in. This also looks like one box to me, not two like last month. I am not that jazzed by what’s in here, but I’m not disappointed, either. I’m not really into self-tanning stuff, and I have enough mascara to last me until the next millennium.

I have always liked Schwartzkopf hair products, though, so I’m a little excited for that. I’m really hoping that it’s not one or the other but rather both the shampoo and the conditioner and that it’s not just a foil packet of each.

Hopefully it will be under $10. It seems like the last two $10 boxes did not sell out until they were reduced to $7. Maybe that sends the message… Maybe they’ll discount the advent calendar (yup, still for sale, still $15!) so that I can justify buying that, too.


I actually really like the lemon rinse in the January Box, I used the Umberto Bev Hills lift/volume powder that I received in the Target “Advent’ Calendar and it really left a mess in my hair,(and was SUPER hard to comb through) so when I tried to wash my hair later in the day it really didn’t want to come out. Even after 2 washes with Good shampoo, (Matrix Amplify from the salon, not CVS, LOL) there was still a residue on my roots. I tried the lemon rinse just on my scalp, and within 30 seconds of applying it, I could feel the difference in my hair. It had a nice lemonbalm smell, without being overpowering. It rinsed out very well and really took any leftover residue out of my hair. So, If it is in February’s box I won’t be disappointed to have more on hand!


I have had the lemon rinse twice from various subs now, and I love it too. I use a clarifying shampoo about once a week, but this stuff is serious about getting out all the gunk.


I lovey #Target beauty boxes! They are always things either I can use, or my two daughters (13, 9). I think this will probably be a 10$ box or they’ll do 2 boxes like January. Either way, I’m buying them!


I’m passing on this one. Nice that spoilers were released so early though.


Same here. I thought at first maybe, but on second thought I’m really just ‘meh’ about it, so will save my $10 for something I actually want, not just buy for buying’s sake as I tend to do so often lol!


I’m in ! Looks good to me.


Yes definitely curious about what samples will go in…. Maybe coupons for the items in question?!

walter c

I bought the men’s beauty box as a Christmas gift. My brother loved it and he expanded is cleaning/grooming routine.

Does anyone know when the next men’s beauty box will be coming?
How often does Target have them? Quarterly? Randomly?
When are the beauty boxes available to buy?

Thank you for any help.


Men’s boxes have typically come out for Christmas, Father’s Day, and sometime around September, maybe? I buy as many as I can on Father’s Day and give them to my teenage brothers, dad, and husband at different times of the year.


Last year there appeared to be no set schedule on when the men’s boxes came out. If I remember correctly there were maybe three of them last year, including the holiday one. You may want to search MSA’s posts on the men’s Target boxes. Maybe use the words “Target men” in the search field.

Typically, the boxes are for sale on the 1st Monday of the month, but if the last Monday of the month falls very close to the 1st day of the following month, then they’ll go on sale then. So, there are times when the following month’s box is sold in the current month.

Erica C.

This is great information!

I noticed that the coupon ($3 off a $15 beauty purchase) in the January box expires January 29, 2017. Anybody else notice this?? I usually try to use my coupon on the following month’s box but this time it doesn’t look like I will be able to.


My husband loved his as well! He was excited just like I am when I get a box, haha…it was cute.

I’d like to know how often they do the mens boxes as well.


I have been wanting to try that face wash for soooo long!

Heather P

I LOVE clay masks sooooo much so I will be all over this if the sample size is good!


It should be a decent size. We sold the “travel/trial” size at Walgreens last year. When they didn’t sell, we clearanced them. Good for a couple uses. Enough to know if you are going to like it.

Leslie D.

I’ll be getting this! I love Target boxes. I use most of them after my workout at the gym. It’s nice having mini sized shampoo and conditioners, etc. for your gym bag. (I don’t care for the shampoo and conditioner that my gym provides). So these work!!


Love Target boxes.


This looks like the first box I will be buying. There are some great cruelty-free brands they are offering this month!


Sounds good to me. I haven’t tried any of these products yet. Hopefully it will be less than $10. I already have a ton of shampoo and conditioner, mascara and face products. So I won’t buy for $10. I will buy at $5.


Ummm, yes, please 😍


I’ll definitely be getting this. I’m always happy with my Target boxes! Some moreso than others but I haven’t had a bad box yet. I’m amazed they keep putting together such great boxes every month; especially since they have seemingly made them monthly as opposed to every other month or so like they originally did.


I LOVE masks! I will only get this if it is less than $10 though.


Yeah I always buy at $10 then they lower it…So I’m gana wait this time if they post it at $10 again. LOL


I know huh! I won’t jump on it at $10 either.

Liz Cadman

Hopefully they stay in the $5-7 price range with this box! 🙂


I suspect the shampoo and conditioner won’t be sulfate and silicone free, so that’s disappointing. After the success of the $5 box last month, I hoped they’d be adding more diverse hair products (can you tell I’m sad I missed that box?). Not a huge deal though, since these kinds of samples are great for donations.

Self-tanner is less useful. It just looks suspicious to have a healthy glow during winter in Pittsburgh. 😉

I do love masks, though! I have a feeling I’ll buy the box though I should probably pass lol.


I’m with you on the shampoo and conditioner! I was thrilled with the $5 box last time because of all of the products for curly hair. I get very few hair products I can actually use. Looks like I’ll be skipping this one…although the morning it comes out I’ll still have to check out the official list 😉

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.