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Serendipity by LLB Subscriptions – Available Now!

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FYI – Serendipity by LLB subscriptionsΒ are on sale now. The subscription is now $12.99 a box, and it ships every other month. You can get a 12-month (6 box) subscription for $77.94. If you sign up now, your first month will be March.

Check out our Serendipity reviews to learn more about this subscription and check out our reviews of Little Lace Box and the comments on those reviews to learn more about this subscription box.

Serendipity by LLB

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Comments (54)

  1. Isn’t there any way to find out what this company is doing in regards to refunding pre-paid customers money? Is there any weight in reporting to some agency to press for what’s right? I’ve left a contact request, sent an email – but this is horrible. Anyone have any updates?

    • I’ve tried to contact them via email and also via their facebook page regarding the refunds….which shouldn’t take this long. I haven’t even seen anything on their webpage addressing this issue..Getting worried

  2. Has anyone heard anything about the March box?

    • I was just coming here to ask that. First they cancel December, now March is a no-show. How come this box was so great until I joined? lol

    • Monica, I just dug a little and found the post on here about ten days ago that LLB is cancelling their boxes and refunds will be forthcoming. What a shame, but the writing was on the wall after the November snafu.

  3. Can you believe this crap?? They were advertising (and you have to pay annual up front) just before cancelling subs?! Really? They received money for tons of annual subscribers, yet they couldn’t work things out ahead of time?? They should of had a ton excess.. What did they do with all of our money??! Seems like spend it themselves and then try to throw something together last minute. So wrong what they did to so many of us who put our trust in them to come through and just simply give us what we paid for.. It makes me so sad. Not just losing the money, but them letting so people down when they look forward to receiving a product they bought. I feel sorry for them that they still couldn’t understand how much disappointment they caused to their customers.

    • Wait – did something happen? I haven’t gotten any notifications.

  4. Liz,

    Has there been any news about Serendipity by LLB? I subscribed for a year a year ago and did not receive 2 boxes last year. LLB extended my sub however there is no news regarding the March box?

    Thank you so much for all that you do.

  5. Anyone know when we can expect to receive the March box? really hoping it’s not gonna be late!

    • I’d also like to know. I’m hoping for some decent home/ lifestyle stuff this month. πŸ™‚

  6. IIn defense of Liz and MSA they stopped posting reviews of LLB when they were a monthly subscription due to poor customer services, reviews, etc. It was only after LLB improved and revamped their brand did MSA began reviewing their box again. With that being said when I subscribed to the Serendipity Box I went in with my eyes wide open, this is why I made my payment through PayPal to protect myself. Their customer service has been great up until the November box when they dropped the ball. I opted for the additional box and now I am waiting to see what will happen. I

  7. I heard back from them on Messenger. They are cheerfully refunding me. Then I got an email saying “Thanks for subscribing!” Then I got an email stating the amount they will be refunding me, which is $2.20 less than I paid. Then I got an email saying they had cancelled my subscription. This part is true as I can no longer log into their site. These people are screwed up. I’ll wait to see if I actually get a refund as “it may take up to 5 days.”

    • I did get the refund today for the lesser amount, so I guess I’ll be happy enough with that and leave it.

  8. I just signed up for Serendipity but unfortunately my first Serendipity box will be the March box, I guess because January is sold out. But I’m really looking forward to this subscription.

    • I emailed them to ask which would be my first box, and she said March, but that if I want Jan to let her know, and she will send that one (they still have some apparently)

  9. I was surprised to see advertising for openings with this sub, and for a new throw subscription. I did an annual sub in August. So far, only received the one disappointing Sept. box. I never got an email about the Nov. box. I did contact customer service for a refund w/o issue for Nov., but would not have known about the issue had I not read it here. I do hope for a much better box for January. I still kind of feel that something should have been sent for Nov., particularly since they were remiss in not notifying many of us that they would not be sending a box at all. I won’t be renewing.

    • I loved that September box! I wasn’t a subscriber back then so I didn’t get it. If you still have it would love to swap for something.

  10. I just subscribed to this (though I am a little nervous, given these posts). I put in the promo code from the last review MSATen and it worked, and took $10 off an annual sub.

  11. I was a subscriber, but never got an e-mail about the cancellation of the November box. I had multiple issues with LLB / Serendipity (missing and / or broken items, only 1 glove sent last winter, etc.). I just couldn’t continue to subscribe. I hope those who stayed with them are “wowed” by the January box! Maybe they will get extras they had stockpiled from the November box that wasn’t shipped. Through all the issues I found the CS to be really good (when they eventually responded – sometimes upwards of 5 business days from my initial e-mail).

  12. I received an email from LLB stating there was a delay with November and I could choose a refund or an additional box. I chose the additional box which is on my account. This is the first time that I have heard of them having any issues with Serendipity as an annual subscriber to this box. They let us know we would receive January as scheduled. I look forward to January as this is a really great box for the price.

  13. I contacted them about January because I’m moving and I wanted to know if I would need to change my address depending on when it would ship and the customer service representatives told me it would ship on the 20th.

    • Awesome, thanks for sharing! I’m pretty excited to see what’s in this box.

  14. As someone who actually runs a sub box and knows the ups and downs of it all (hateful customers, vendor delays, shipping problems), I really am trying to have sympathy for LLB. While I have trusted the readers on MSA for a while and seen their many concerns, I still decided to grab an annual sub for Serendipity last summer for $60 and figured it wouldn’t be a big loss either way. All that to be said, I ordered this sub in July and have only received ONE box from them (yes, I did see the news about the November cancellation) with no information as to whether my January box is on the way or not. I’ve heard the stories of the LLB employees harassing MSA readers and their general lack of togetherness. Again, I really, really understand what its like running a subscription box, but my patience is already being tested with LLB.

    • Yeah. They “got it together” and reviews came back. I think they just got smart about being off the wall in public.

  15. Liz, is there anyway you won’t post new info on subscription boxes who have clearly had problems, etc.? I honestly wouldn’t feel right promoting some of these boxes w open subs and a free gift w a three month sub (Globein) considering how many issues have come up lately.

    • Hi Ashley,

      My understanding with Serendipity is that because they had vendor issues, the November box was canceled and refunded. We posted about it here:

      I didn’t see that as a red flag, but if there are additional issues I don’t know about, please let me know.

      In general, we try to post everything we think MSA readers would want to know – sometimes that includes issues with boxes, sometimes new promotions. And if a box has consistent issues, we either stop posting or start including caveats with posts. I don’t think GlobeIn or Serendipity are at that level, but feedback is always appreciated if you think otherwise.
      Hope that makes sense!

      • Globein not at that level?

      • We’ve been including the note about the Love Box being sold out and not available to all subscribers in the spoiler posts:

        And also did a separate post about their website glitch:

        Please let me know if there is additional info we should be sharing, though, or if you feel I’m not properly understanding the issues. Thanks!

      • Liz, I did email them because I was concerned about where the March box was. Unfortunately it seems they have also shut down their email addresses. I received this back finally
        Your message wasn’t delivered to [email protected] because the address couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

        It seems I will have to file a complaint with demand of refund with my credit card as the company did not reach out to me at all.

      • They have terrible customer service. It took me contacting them four times over a span of three weeks to cancel. And when I was finally able to, they were very rude. Like many, I never got the notice about the November issue either. I’ll never subscribe again.

      • I really appreciate the posts, updates, fellow sub addicts comments, and review caveats on this site, as this is the most extensive source of info I have found on sub boxes. If I find a new sub box on my own, I always check this site for background info before subscribing. I find it much more helpful for MSA to post ALL info on a sub with caveats than nothing at all. I also appreciate having a form to get others experiences- both good and bad!
        Thanks Liz and MSA team- keep up the great work!

      • Thanks so much, SMZ! Always so glad to hear that MSA is helpful! πŸ™‚

    • Information can still be posted but readers have a choice (or due diligence) to review all available information and choose not to subscribe.

      • Well put. And Globein hasn’t ripped anyone off, from what I read there will be a one or 2 month delay in some people getting the Love box, and they can just skip until it becomes available. Correct?

      • Yes. And from what I’ve heard Globein has been very kind in letting those that want to cancel, cancel…even refunding what they haven’t redeemed yet in prepaid subs. I would not claim them as “thieves” or anything close. They are just having growing pains and have had missteps with communicating changes.

  16. Wait, is there a January box? I haven’t heard anything yet – when do they normally ship? This would be so frustrating if this happened two boxes in a row…

    • Since it’s bi-monthly, next box will come in February.

      That being said…I don’t recall getting refund on December box.

      • This is inaccurate. Serendipity is coming January. February will be LLB. March is Serendipity again.

      • You’re right. I got the two mixed up schedule-wise 😳

        Now I’m annoyed that there’s no news on the Jan box 😩

      • I did the 6 months thing the last time this was offered.

        Only received ONE box back in September and have not received ANYTHING regarding the status of the January box. So hopefully we’ll hear something tomorrow since it’s supposed to be shipping on the 20th.

    • Supposed to ship the 20th… We’ll see…..

  17. I would just do month to month with them since there is no discount for buying a year.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. I have been waiting for the sub to open that I didn’t even calculate and just added the annual to my cart before coming back here to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything like something free for getting the annual. Then went back and just added monthly.

    • Exactly my thoughts. I’m on box 4 of my annual (6-box) sub, and when it runs out, I’m dropping down to month to month.

      • When my annual is up, I’ll cancel if they continue to do business this way. Charging early for late shipments, no cs emails to customers, cancelled boxes…etc.. Get it together. Not worth the hassle to me.

  18. I ordered an annual sub to this box in September. I have yet to receive anything from them, either box or communication. I heard about the November cancellation here and emailed but got no reply. I have since messaged them on FB and no reply there, either.

    I highly discourage any one from subbing to this box until they get their problems worked out.

    • I also ordered in September and have yet to receive anything. Never got an email about the cancelled box (checked spam/trash/etc) – luckily I found out through the forum! I am trying to be patient, but it’s a long time to wait without any communication. 😁 Crossing my fingers that something arrives soon!

    • Same here….πŸ˜•

  19. Is there any news on the January box since they didn’t send out a November box?

    • I was charged the 12.99 on 12/12/16 and have received absolutely nothing. Has anyone heard anything?

      • I just checked my account and it shows an order dated 12/10/16, says paid and says unfulfilled. Interesting.

      • I had received a charge, emailed them to ask about November’s box (I had realized I hadn’t received an email with the option to get a box or refund). They refunded me for both the November box and the December charge and said I should be charged this month for January, which is what happened.

      • I was charged on 12/12 as well. Is that for the January box? That far in advance? Seems odd.

      • Quickly take our money.. Slowly ship our products..

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