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Play! By Sephora January 2017 CONFIRMED SPOILERS!

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Sephora Play

Our Anonymous tipster was right again!


Thank you so much to Danielle for confirming and sharing these spoilers with us!!!

Here is a look at some of the products in the January 2017 Play! By Sephora box:


This is likely one box variation (probably the version for any subscribers who didn’t indicate skin tone colors in their profile for customization), and according to Anonymous, here are 3 other items that may be sampled in January in different box variations:

What do you think of the spoilers?


Make sure to update your Profile and select your skin tone color if you haven’t already! (Find it under My Account > My Information.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I think I’m in the minority with not liking Clinique’s “Black Honey,” but I’m still looking forward to receiving whatever will be included in my box. My box is showing as “450,” and I have “light” skin tone.

  2. I think I’m in the minority with not liking Clinique’s Black Honey, but I’m still looking forward to whatever is included in my box. My box is showing as “450,” and I have “light” skin tone.

  3. I hate this box. I have box #1889468 . I really wanted Farmacy Honey Potion, DERMABLEND Loose Setting Powder or Caudalie Reservatol Lift Moisturizer. The Youth To The People Kale+Spinach+Hyaluronic Acid Age Prevention Cream is HORRIBLE. Also the AmorePacific Cushion Compact packs are NOT even my skin tone. Worst box ever.

    • I’ve tried submitting comments twice, but they haven’t posted, so I’ll just trying replying to a post, and hope it works. 😉

      I think I’m in the minority with not liking Clinique’s Black Honey, but I’m still looking forward to receiving whatever will be included in my box. My box is showing as “450,” and I’m “light” skin tone.

    • Ugh, wish we could have switched. I’m getting the powder and have no use for it.

    • Are you in any of the swap groups on Fb? I’m sure someone in one of the group’s would swap with you😊 out of all the sub boxes I get every month the only ones that actually have products I WILL use is my Sephora play bag and my SoChoix box ( with SoChoix you get to pick your own samples, so I know I will always like what I get lol) my boxycharm, birchbox and Ipsy was crap this month for me👎😝

  4. I received box 468 today and here are the contents:

    Ouai Treatment Masque
    Tarte FRXXXTION Stick
    Youth To The People Kale+Spinach+Hyaluronic Acid Age Prevention Cream
    Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey
    AmorePacific Cushion Compact – Does not come in a compact. Received 2 pads – 104 Tan Blush and 106 Almond Blush.
    New Tory Burch Fragrance – Scent Love Relentlessly (Floral Family) – I like that it’s a spray sample, however, this scent is not for me.

    Nice bag overall but was hoping for the DERMABLEND Loose Setting Powder.

    • Yea! I am getting box 468, too! So, I’m getting the Block Honey! Thank you for posting the contents.

  5. I really love my Play boxes. It only became available in my area about a year ago, so I’ve had maybe 12 boxes, maybe 11? I’ve loved each one. I love that they have luxury samples, and I enjoy that they are skincare based, with a perfume and maybe a lip color. Perfect for me! It always seems like each one has a product that I’ve been wanting to try. I live in a rural area and don’t have a big Sephora store locally – the nearest one is a 3 hour drive. I have a JC Penney Sephora type store but that isn’t really the same and they have different restrictions and so forth. Even that store only fairly recently opened. (I think I have more makeup then that store) 🙂

    • Same! The Sephora in J.C. Penney’s is NOT the same

    • Totally agree. I am lucky that at the mall 3 miles from me I have both a big Sephora store and a Sephora inside JC Penney. I am really glad they recetly opened the big Sephora. The JC Penney Sephora almost never had the samples advertised/showcased in the emails and I can’t trade in the scent certificates there.

  6. I’m getting box 450, and I hope I get the AmorePacific. I already have the black honey (it’s lovely) and I have some translucent powder that I never use, so if I get those, my Mom will be the recipient and very happy! Really excited about the Tarte and any of the skincare products! Another great month! I’ve gotten a sample of the hair mask before and didn’t notice a difference, but it was a little foil packet, and I’ve got a lot of hair, hopefully it’s a more substantial sample.

    • Funny; I’m 450 and (probably) futilely hoping not to get the AmorePacific. I’d love the Drunk Elephant or the Caudalie. Always prefer skincare, but wouldn’t mind the black honey.

      • i’m 450 also. Reading everyone’s comments, I had no idea there was so many different options out there for the boxes! I just can’t wait to see mine, I see it shipped and waiting! The Caudalie and and Tarte products i’m really excited about! The derma powder sounds good too.

        • I got my Play box in the mail today, I am box 450. This is what I got in mine:

          tarte FRXXXTION stick
          OUAI Treatment Masque
          TORY BURCH “Love Relentlessly” perfume
          FARMACY Home Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask
          CLINIQUE Almost Lipstick in Black Honey
          AmorePacific Color Control Cusion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF50+

          When I opened my items, my Clinique lipstick was broken. 🙁 I called customer service and they mentioned it was common and a lot of people called in inquiring about it. SAD FACE cause this is one of the items I actually wanted to try. The beauty adviser credited my VIB acct 100 points for the trouble (yay!). The perfume: not for me, its very strong and musty for my taste; i’m more of a fresh scent person. I’ll probably just chuck the perfume, unfortunately.

          Overall, I cant wait to try the rest of the items in my box.

          Cant wait until next months…

  7. Great box but I’m glad I unsubscribed. I’m on such an overload right now 😰

  8. I’m getting box #476 I’m wondering what’s going to be in it. Any guesses, ladies? The lip gloss is gorgeous and I love Caudelie! I never get loose powder in any of my other subs so I wouldn’t mind that. Not interested in the Cushion Compact, I have medium skin but it’s golden and not easy to match online. Besides that it looks like a good bag! Guess I’ll find out.

    • I’m getting 443 and have fair skin. I’m hoping for a setting powder because I’ve never gotten one with a box but I’m sure I’ll get the compact.

      • I would love to get the setting powder too! I never get them in boxes either and that’s one of the main things I want. I’m super pale and getting box 435.

        • I am super pale as well and also getting box 435.

          • I’m very pale and getting 435 also.

          • I’m super pale and I’m getting 435 too!!

          • I’m getting 435. My skin tone is medium-deep. Interesting…..

          • This is very interesting, I’m NC 40 (dark medium to tan), and I’m also getting 435. I don’t wear foundation, so I really hope that I don’t get that amore pacific sample.

        • Hello I was wondering where do you see your box number I’ve been looking since last month I can’t find it lol thank you

          • Click on the account button in the top right corner. Scroll down and on the left you’ll see a “Recent Orders” section. You’ll see that month’s play box there, and under the heading it should say “Item” with a bunch of numbers following it. The last three digits of that stream of numbers is which box you’re getting!!

        • Weird… I’m getting 435 and I definitely have deep marked as my skin tone….

        • I am dark skinned and I am receiving 435

          • I’m dark-skinned and I’m also getting 435.

      • I’m getting 443 too. I am the 2nd shade from left, the second lightest color. I had a B next to my # and it is now gone. I also want a setting powder desperately. Fingers crossed!

        • 443 here too and second shade from the left too!!

          • Julie, so hopefully we we will get the appropriate color. Maybe check back here after they arrive. I’d love to start cracking “the code” to get the ultimate boxes for me.

    • I’m getting 476 as well and have medium skin.

      • 476 medium skin for me too.

    • I am also getting box #476. I hope it’s a good one lol I really want to try the drunk elephant, I’ve been eyeing that since I saw it lol. I should be getting my box soon, so when it comes I will comment back to list contents of the box 😊

  9. I hope the black honey lipstick is in my bag. I love it.

  10. Absolutely love all of the items pictured in the spoiler! Hope I’m not disappointed 🙂

  11. I just wanted to ask, if the waitlist is open and I signed up today what month would I get? Thanks.

    • Your first box would be the February box. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Yes Liz, thanks.

  12. This is insane because I was just about to order the black honey balm and scrub duo, so this sample will give me a chance to see if I like the color beforehand.

    I’ve also just finished up my belif moisturizer so I’m glad I’m getting another soon. Not sure what the Tarte stick does though… is it for contouring?

    Overall I feel like Play is superior to all the others. I never feel the need to subscribe elsewhere.

    • The tarte friction stick is for exfoliation

      • Thanks, I was wondering as well!

  13. i love this box! i would definitely prefer a box with the honey potion or drunk elephant product in it, but this box looks great too! for a second i thought that cuadalie product was the eye cream that i got in my july (i think) box, and i was super excited because i just ran out of that sample last week, after 5 months of using it multiple times a week! im a fan of the brand tho so i will accept moisturizer tho ill be mildly upset if the variations have that product vs the honey potion or drunk elephant, since i feel the other two are better options (id love a mask over a moisturizer, and drunk elephant brand ive been dying to try plus it would i assume be higher value). that tarte stick looks so fun ive never heard of it but after looking it up i really hope i get it! i would be excited for setting powder as well because i dont have any i just use setting spray so im excited to try. very happy that the hair product is a mask and not a spray or something. hair masks are usually the only hair product i use (minus shampoo and conditioner of course) the perfume looks good too and ive heard good things about the lip balm/stick!

    cant wait to see other variations!!

  14. The last several months I get a email saying its left the warehouse only to go home and its been delivered. Not complaining, I like it. I am praying I don’t get all lotions and mask. I want the Clinique lipstick and Tarte stick bad. I think when it opens I am going to get a 2nd sub too.

  15. I’m excited about all but one of these products! The only one I wouldn’t want is the Black Honey. I looked up reviews on it and it seems to need to be reapplied often. Anything else I’ll be thrilled to get!

    A few months ago, I was considering cancelling this one but they’ve got better since then! I hope they continue to keep us excited!

    • You do have to reapply it pretty often but I still love it. Leaves a lovely stain on your lips.

    • I used to wear black honey many years ago. It’s a sheer wash of color and it’s amazing. Flatters everyone. With any sheer lip color you have to reapply but you wouldn’t be disappointed. It has a cult following for a reason!

  16. This is my first Sephora play box. I was finally able to sign up last month after 15 months of trying. So excited.

    • Yay!! Excited for you! 🙂

  17. It would be awesome if I got the Clinique Black Honey lip tint! I LOVE it! My box is #468, so I’ll be watching to see if it is in my box.

    • I’m so hoping I get black honey and the Perfect setting powder! Both are in my cart but this would be so nice to sample before! I’m 468 as well! Fingers crossed.

    • I have box 468 as well and I’m excited to see what it is. Everything looks good and I would love the Black Honey lipstick.

  18. I’m so excited! I would be thrilled to get any of these. I wonder if there’s any chance I could get the foundation and the setting powder! That would be amazing!

  19. I was REALLY hoping that the new Korres primer (yogurt smoothie primer thing) would be in the box. Maybe it’s too new? Hopefully next month. It sounds like it would be good for all skin types.

  20. CLINIQUE BLACK HONEY FOR THE WIN!! Sephora’s box just gets better and better!

  21. Black Honey is amazing! It is my go-to tinted lip balm. I just bought a brand new full-size. Looking forward to trying the tarte stick. I was contemplating cancelling. This looks like a good one!

  22. I’m seriously flirting with the idea of adding a second Sephora Play sub once the waitlist opens back up. Is there anyone who has had luck with receiving different variations with multiple subscriptions?

    • I have two different profiles and every single month I receive different boxes. It’s been great! However, I have seen a lot of people say they have two “completely different” profiles and don’t receive different boxes. Mine aren’t completely different, just different in certain areas.

      • I fall into that category of having completely opposite profiles, with no overlap with the exception of my skin tone, eye & hair color, and 2 out 3 months since I started to do that (this month included) I have received the exact same box. It worked the first month (which was awesome!), but not after that. 🙁 I’ll still keep the two subs, and play it out for a while.

        • Wow! That stinks! I am sorry to hear that! I have had the two separate profiles for at least 6 months and never once received the same box. I kept all of my basics the same (eye color, hair color, etc.), The only changes are my concerns.

      • How do you get a second subscription? I logged into my account and got a message saying there is only one subscription per person.

        • I had to use a different email address. It actually came about by accident. I used an email address that was different from my VIB email and they wouldn’t change it for me, so I created a new account with my email address linked to my VIB account. So far it’s been great. No issues at all.

          • Thank you! I’ll see if I can get a second profile set up.

  23. I love it! I’ve liked (and used up all the Caudalie products they’ve sent me before). I used Black Honey in the 90s so I know it’s good. All the ones listed (except the perfume) are usable products for me. Great. I know this isn’t my box, because I have box D, which seems to be the one getting the Cushion Compact. (I say this based on a Reddit analysis, where most people getting box D have chosen the same skin tone (light I think?) – so it seems like that’s the one getting the Cushion Compact). Anyway, I like all the products so I’m sure I’ll get some things I like. And I’m sure there will be some things I don’t get that I want. I wonder if everyone will get Black Honey and the setting powder? Or the Black Honey, anyway. Of course, much as I’ve been liking the Caudalie, I am hoping for the Drunk Elephant.

    • I think i’m getting box D. I just went to check, and there’s no longer a letter by my item. But yeah, I have light skin, so that’s probably correct. Curious about the compact. I have only gotten one cushion foundation sample before (Target beauty box) and there was just enough product for maybe two uses. Hope there will be a larger sample than that

    • What Reddit forum is this info in?

      • Most likely the “Beauty Boxes” subreddit.

        • Thanks totally checking to see which box I’m getting!

  24. Best looking Play box so far!!!

  25. Yeah – super excited as I have not tried any of these products 🙂

  26. Ahhhh!!! There’s not a product listed that I wouldn’t be pleased to get! Definitely the most exciting box for me thus far! 😀

  27. I for one am very happy about more skincare items and less makeup 🙂 I know this isn’t everyone’s top choice, but I’m pleased that Play! is mixing it up.

  28. I love this box and hope my “customized” one is as good! I was close to cancelling after the lackluster boxes from the last couple months, but this one may keep me subscribed. No liner, no mascara, and no highlighter – yay!

  29. Oh well!! I will give it one more month. Kinda disappointed.

  30. Wow, the Clinique black honey is a classic…I’m in my 30’s and I remember my mom having it when I was a kid…and it was one of her lipsticks she’d actually let me use! So excited to get my first bag!

    • It really is a “perfect” color. I have bright pink lips, darker skin and it looks great on mine, my best friend pale lips and very fair, it looks great on hers.

  31. Looks like an excellent box to me as long as the item with color is correct. I’m very pale.

  32. This is the first Play box I’m not crazy about. I’ve been very happy each month for the past year so one “undesirable” box is no biggie for me.

  33. Looks good! I really want the Clinique lipstick. Great go to product!

  34. I really really want that Tarte stick! Hopefully someone will swap me for it since I don’t have the Play! subscription!

  35. I’m wondering if that might also be the box for those of us with the lightest or darkest skin tones due to the fact that it’s harder to get a foundation match. I’m porcelain, and while most drugstore brands’ lightest foundations match there are still some good high end brands like Clinique and Estee Lauder I can’t use because they don’t make a light enough foundation. Would love everything but the Caudalie since it’s for mature skin and while I’m 41 I need light moisturizers or I break out due to occasional adult acne problems. I’d really like to get the honey potion or the drunk elephant instead but I hope I get the pinrose as it’s the only perfume sample I’ve seen since I joined in October that I want to try 🙂

    • Just checked and the AmorePacific only comes in 5 shades…none appear to be suitable for women of color and I’m iffy as to whether the lightest shade would work for those of us who selected porcelain. Guessing that another brand of foundation or concealer will be in some of our bags or the Dermablend powder in translucent.

    • The amorepacific darkest shade is several shades too light for me so I hope they don’t even try it in my bag. Not really interested in the dermablend either though… I’m getting ‘A’ so maybe that’s the universally, unmatchable variation lol

      • I’m getting box 435 but no letter beside mine; other people have said the only box with A beside it is 435 so yeah it may be the one for the unmatchable skin tones lol

  36. A little skincare heavy but I’m okay with that!

  37. I want it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Wow, so good! I actually wouldn’t swap any of that stuff! I’d be interested to try it all. I can’t remember the last time that was true for any of my ~customized~ Ipsy or Birchbox subs.

  39. Although the thing I want more than anything is the Drunk Elephant moisturizer, almost all of these look great!!

    I’m so psyched to find out what’s in my bag this month! 😀

  40. Has anyone’s order not showed up in their purchase history on sephora’s website? I emailed them and they said that my order is being processed at the distribution center. I wish I knew my box number!

    • My payment has been taken but nothing shows on purchase history.

      • This is the reason I’m reading the comments! I was wondering if it was only me, hopefully they are processing! I’m on the same boat, cc charged, but no order showing!

        • Yep, my card was charged. But the money was taken out the 5th, which is a day past the payment dates. It said that my card would be charged between the 1st and 4th of the month. I don’t know why they did it a day late, but it worries me that it isn’t listed under my purchase history.

    • I’m in the same boat! Glad to see I am not the only one! They said my order is still processing. Still worried though. It’s already the 13th!

      • Hoping you all read this, I discovered yesterday that if you go to desktop site, click on your profile and go to orders, it shows up! Now I can see mine! It’s been in there all along, I’m getting box 443.
        For whatever reason it doesn’t show under purchases, but it does under orders.

  41. I’m so glad I resubscribed (after cancelling due to December’s disappointing box)! I love the spoilers and would be glad to get almost everything there!

    • I subscribed the first of January but I thought February would be my first box. I cancelled after September but January’s spoilers brought me back. I would love to get this but I don’t think I’ve been charged.

  42. What happened? No Make up?😑

    • There’s lipstick and setting powder. I consider both to be in the makeup category. Ditto for foundation (if that’s included in your box).

  43. I’d be happy with any of the items, though I’ve tried the Farmacy mask before and haven’t finished my sample, so I’d probably put it up for swap if that’s in my box.

    • I’d love to swap for the farmacy mask if you get it 😬

      • Ok! You can click my name and follow my swap profile. Feel free to request it, as long as it’s in my box! If not, I have other goodies. 🙂

  44. I think that’s a pretty good bag! Although the bag itself is not so cute…

    I really, really want the Drunk Elephant.

  45. Thank you for the update 🙂
    The selection is great! Good quality items. The only thing I don’t really care about is the Clinique lipstick but even if I get it, I’m still ok trying it out.

    • The Black Honey is actually a really nice lipstick. It’s an almost lipstick, semi-sheer and wearable as a daily lipcolor. It was my go-to lipcolor for a while a few years back.

    • The black honey is the only semi-sheer “almost lipstick” I’ve ever worn. It’s kind of like the Burts Bees tinted lip balm in color payoff and is very wearable on most skin tones. I tend to swap all tinted balms and sheer lipsticks but this is one I’ll actually keep!

      • If it’s in my box, would you do a swap for the Tarte stick? The lip color looks a little dark for me…

  46. I own the Black Honey and the setting powder but wouldn’t mind extras for travel or my purse.

    I would be thrilled to get the honey potion, the Tarte cleanser, the Drunk Elephant moisturizer. Actually all of these products look good to me. Really looking forward to this box!

  47. Pretty disappointed that it’s Drunk Elephant, Farmacy, OR AmorePacific instead of AND. I was really hyped for all three of these products!

    • There’s a chance you could get more than one of those products – we don’t know the full spoilers for all box variations yet! Fingers crossed for you! 🙂

  48. I am more than pleased with any combo of those products. I cannot wait for my box! ! Thanks so much for the spoilers 🙂

  49. I have a feeling this is could be my last Sephora box…losing interest quickly.

    • I know what you mean! I finally cancled this month. What I thought would be a great way to try trendy makeup-was always just..meh.
      I am sticking with Beauty-fix. I am old and decrepit-and their skin care is great!

      • I’m disappointed to see that they are already sampling brands again that have been sampled in the last 6 months. Not the same products but same brands. Sephora carries so many different brands there should be more variety in the boxes.

        • I agree. This is the reason I cancelled a few months ago, just wasn’t impressed and went back to Allure with their $10 deal. Plus their products seem bigger than Sephora’s (some full size, like the Burt’s Bees lipstick this month) and no fragrance every time that I won’t use, bonus freebie or not. I got over Play pretty fast once the newness wore off.

        • I just read an article yesterday that since Sephora is part of LVMH, they tend to push specific brands that are owned by LVMH. The article said that even though they only encompass 15 brands, Sephora dedicates 50% of their store space to those brands.

  50. What box number is that variation?

    • We don’t have that info yet, sorry!

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