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Play! By Sephora January 2017 Box #476 + #435 + #443 + #450 SPOILERS

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Sephora Play

We’re starting to get the box variation spoilers for the January 2017 Play! By Sephora box!

Not sure which box # you have? If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

Box ending 450 will include:

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.10.27 PM

Box ending 443 will include (Thanks Katherine!):

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 12.56.34 PM

Box ending 435 will include (Thanks Kalia!):

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 12.11.06 PM

Box ending 476 will include:

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 10.17.54 AM

Box ending 468 will include:



We’ll add more box variation details as soon as we get them! In the meantime, here are some of the other spoiler products in the January 2017 Play! By Sephora box:


This is likely one box variation (probably the version for any subscribers who didn’t indicate skin tone colors in their profile for customization), and according to Anonymous, here are 3 other items that may be sampled in January in different box variations:

What do you think of the spoilers?

Make sure to update your Profile and select your skin tone color if you haven’t already! (Find it under My Account > My Information.)

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  1. I got 443 but it doesn’t have what’s in the spoiler. I got:
    tarte Frxxxtion Stick
    Ouai Treatment Masque
    Youth to the People Kale + Spinach + Hyaluronic Cream
    Clinique Almost Lipstick (broken 🙁 )
    AmorePacific Color Control Cushion
    Perfume sample- Tory Burch Love Relentlessly

    • My lipstick also broken!!! They gave me 100 sephora points. 😡

      • The lipstick is still usable my mom was able to poke the black honey out of the top of the cap and pushed it back in the original position…I like it (it’s sheer don’t let it scare you)…but at first I didn’t know it was in the cap (still broken tho) so I called Sephora and the nice lady gave me 150 points (50 points extra)…kool…if you don’t receive your box make sure they either send a new one, give you your $10 back, or give you 500-550 points to make up for it. Don’t just say okay to 200 points or so make sure no less than 500 points since each item is worth 100 points…if you haven’t received your box and you want points over money or a resend (you might have to wait till the 25th to get a refund)…just sayin 😀

    • My lipstick came broken too!

  2. I’m new to Sephora play I’m still waiting on shipping information, if I new it took so long I probably wouldn’t have subscribed, it took pretty long to get off the wait list. I’m getting box #476 I was hoping for the honey potion, not too thrilled about the Ouai hair mask. I sampled the shampoo and conditioner and it stripped my hair. I guess it’s not for fine hair and my profile says I have fine hair so I don’t understand why they would send it in the first place. I’m pretty happy with the other samples, cannot wait to receive my play bag! Hopefully it ships soon.

  3. My lipstick came completely broken. First time getting broken makeup. What do I do? Should I contact them?

    • Contact them. At the best you’ll get a replacement at the worst you’ll get extra insider points.

    • I’ve had something either broken or missing every month since I started last May. Once they sent a replacement, and the other times they gave me points. It takes the fun out of it when things are broken/missing, I think. Yes, definitely contact them. Sometimes they’re pretty apathetic about it, but I’m sure they’ll do something for you if you ask.

  4. Mine says pending box ending in 985.

    • Make sure you’re looking at the the item #, not the order #. I made that mistake once… 🙂

  5. I got box 450 this month. The brands are great and I’ll use every item except the Amore Pacific. My skin tone is light and those shades (tan and almond) are way too dark for me. Bummer.

    • I had the same problem. My box is 468 and I marked on my profile that my skin tone is fair, yet both shades are WAY too dark and warm for me. I can’t even use them as contour shades as they suggested since I am cool toned. I wish I hadn’t marked my skin tone at all so I would’ve received the dermablend setting powder instead. :/

      • Will either of you post the AmorePacific on the swap site? I have light-medium skin with medium selected on Sephora Play, so these might work for me.

        • Unfortunately I opened mine, hoping it would be a lighter shade in person than it looked on a computer screen (it’s in white completely enclosed packaging preventing you from seeing the shades unless you open it) And I tested the lightest shade on the inside of my arm, just to make sure it wouldn’t work for me. Which it didn’t. 🙁

        • Sorry, but I opened mine too to get a better look at the colors.

  6. I’m getting box 435 😊I think there are a lot of good variations. I would have been happy with any of them for the price. All of the products in mine are new to me and I look forward to trying each one.

    • Same here. Pretty pleased with mine.

  7. Yay I’m getting box 450 and I got the honey mask…I would have liked the drunken elephant as well but I’m happy I got one of the best variations 🙂

  8. Received my first box, ending in 450 today. I have been waiting and have been so excited until I opened the box. My profile showed I did not use masks or want cleaners and I Received 3. The perfume has patchouli in it, which is the one scent I really dislike. The lipstick is not even close to a share i would wear. I’m so bummed, not sure if I want to continue and see if it gets better or cancel. The only positive, my 15 year old daughter liked it and will use some of it

    • Where do you specify that stuff in your profile? When I do the beauty quiz, it asks me a bunch of questions about my hair (I buzz it) and then a bunch of questions about how important makeup and beauty services are to me. There’s never an option to say I don’t want masques or cleansers and I srsly don’t want any more hair products 🙁

  9. I am always happy with my Play box regardless of variation though at times I want someone else’s box. I am box 435. I don’t wear foundation or cover up but the Boscia bb cream looks good. I maintain my skin with excellent skin care and use a MAC mineral powder and have for 12 years and I get a smooth look finish on my 53 year old face. I use a finishing powder occasionally so the dermablend will be fine. I even use a primer on warmer days to keep my skin matte looking rather than oily in the t-zone. Once in a while I will use an under eye treatment so finishing powder is good for that. I like Caudalie products so happy for that but the honey potion sounds like a treat. My skin is combo/dry in winter and combo/normal at other times. Only have wrinkle problems in under eye area if eye cream is not very good. I will have to figure out this swap board because I would like to try the Farmacy honey and the Boscia BB. I’m accepted just can’t figure it out so if there are any tips i would be interested. Maybe I need to use a desktop instead of my smartphone.

    • Could you tell us your skin care routine please? (everything you said sounds amazing btw)

  10. Anyone else getting box 421?….

  11. I got my 476 today and the samples are so tiny. I like everything but I’ll only get two or three uses out of everything.

    • Omg this box was garbage. Come on Sephora, first you short us by not doing the annual sale on sale, then you send a box of practically foils? BOO. I can’t even get a proper value on this box since 4/5 samples are too tiny to list sizes. Ridiculous.

    • I’m getting this box as well on here it says the consealer is medium I o picked the lightest color possible for my skin tone is it dark?

      • It’s actually not the concealer it’s the cc cream. I love the way that it looks but it unfortunately breaks me out. The shade medium is exactly what I would call medium so I don’t think it would work if you are the lightest shade. I’d go to sephora and get a correct color.

  12. I’m getting #450 and at first I was like like… Awww man I wanted #476! But you know… Its all good. Its still a good box and still a great value. I just have to watch out for my little green eye sometimes.

    There doesn’t seem to be a HUGE varion on boxes this time; everyone is getting the Clinique, Tart and Ouai, which really how an you compain about any of those.

    • That green eye always gets me, too. I wanted the powder (I’m 450 so I got the honey mask instead) but I’ll probably use everything here! There was one box awhile ago where I was meh about all the items, and hoarded them long enough for me to come around and now I love them.

      • Right! That’s what I feel… well except the perfume. But I got my box yesterday and after reading the insert, I’m really excited to try the Tart Frixxion Stick, Farmacy Honey Potion and Clinique Black Honey.

        I was feeling “whatever” about the AmorePacifc Cusion BB, but that was such a stupid reaction becuase last yerar I realyl wanted to buy one, but I couldn’t try it out becuase they dont have store samples for cusion compacts… granted its a year later and I don’t need new foundation or BB right now, but WOW! Cushion compact samples! I think that in itself is a bit revolutionary.

        Then I reminded myself that was the reason I subed this box, to be able to try and discover new things… plus its fun!

  13. Has anyone tried exchanging samples with Sephora if you are unhappy with your box? 443 really got the sh*** end here.

  14. I’m getting box #443 and am super iffy about the Bosbia bb cream- the reviews are sooo mixed. Some people love it and some absolutely hate it. I hope it works for me because I love bb cream.

    • How can you see which box you’re getting? I don’t see these numbers 😢

    • I used the boscia bb cream today and I loved it. I immediately went to the swap site for another tube of it.

  15. If the comments on box 450 are accurate, I’ll actually be pleased for a 2nd month!

    I really was hoping for the Ouai Treatment Masque, Tarte FRXXXTION Stick & Farmacy Honey Potion! I thought there was NO WAY I could maybe get all three in my bag! (fingers & toes crossed!)

    I love the black honey shade too! OMG, might this sub be a keeper, after all!?!

    • This is the first Play box I’ve gotten is it normal for them to not be shipped yet at this point?

      • Yes, unfortunately it seems there’s a huge range in shipment dates. Mine tends to be one of the last to be shipped (or at least it takes a very long time to arrive!).

      • I’m getting 443 and it hasn’t shipped yet. The website says plus or minus 5 days from the 20th, so you can get the box anywhere from the 15th-25th.

  16. Getting 443 and I think I’m only excited about the FrXXXtion stick (despite the dumb name). Two moisturizers for this oily gal? And I must be the only one on the planet who can’t wear Black Honey. Tried it several times in the 90s (I was determined); gave it another shot a few years ago, and…no.

  17. I wish I was getting #450 or 476…..443 isn’t really that great to me….oh well….some months I get the good box…some months I don’t

    • Same. Feel like I’m getting a bad box. Even did my skin IQ and getting a bb cream. Seems unfair.

    • I agree. I really wish I was getting 450 or 476.. I really wanted the Farmacy or DE. Why they would give me box 435 with the setting powder in it when my profile states that my skin is extra dry is beyond me! I don’t really think they match up to profiles very well.. :/

    • Where do you find your box #?

  18. YES!!! I am 468. Can’t wait to try the kale cream. I will be swapping the rest of my box, in case anyone is interested.

    • I really want the Tarte stick!

    • I’d also like the Tarte stick if anyone else doesn’t want theirs…

  19. #476 YES!!!! 😀 Excited about all items, I actually got a variation I wanted most for once.

    • me too! I would have liked the setting powder too but I like 476 overall

      • I would trade you…I’m getting the setting powder but I’d love the Tarte stick.

  20. I’m getting 435 and I’m actually really pleased with the items I’ll be getting. Looks like a good box all around. Hope they keep it up this year!

    • Me too!! I’m super pumped! I’ve always wanted a powder in a box and never get one. The perfume sounds like I’ll like it, I LOVE bergamot. I’m very excited!

    • Me too. I would love to try the DE but the sample will probably be tiny. I have ton of nighttime moisturizer samples and could use more for daytime with SPF.

  21. My very first box. I’m getting 435. I love everything in it. I’m pretty excited to receive it.

  22. Well, looks like I’ll have to bite the bullet and just buy the Lala! I’m #450. I was hoping for the DE as I’m already addicted to that line but, let’s be honest, I’ll wind up buying it anyway! 😂 And I already have the IT CC in Medium – it’s not THAT dark, but it looks kind of green on my skin? So I’m on the hunt for a new concealer. Super pumped about this box.

  23. Dang iiiiiit! I was so so hopeful that I would get Tory Burch instead of Pinrose! I *HATE* white florals!

    Blegh. Maybe I sound a little bratty but seriously, that was the biggest thing I was looking forward to and now I am not excited at all for my box to arrive.


    • I can’t use perfume; I’m too sensitive to scents. I’ve got #450. Lmk if you want my perfume. 😁

      • Oh wow, that is so sweet! I would definitely be interested in that! ^_^

      • Just wondering… are you still willing to do this?

        • I’m so so sorry for the delay! Absolutely. I’m not on the swap board, though. I can just send it to you? Lolololol. No idea how this works.

    • Girl the Tony Burch does NOT smell good lol at least to me!

      • Yes, I agree too overpowering.

      • I respect that. The reason I’m looking forward to trying it is because I’ve seen a lot of 5 star reviews and also I am much more into sensual scents than girly scents. I love things like rose, amber, vetiver, sandalwood, musk, etc and very much dislike things like freesia, tuberose, gardenia, plumeria, sweet pea, etc.

  24. Anyone else getting box #443?

    • Yep, but I haven’t seen any spoilers for it. I always get my box pretty late, so I’m sure our spoilers are the last to come. Maybe I’ll just be surprised this month!

      • Liz just posted the spoilers for our box in this post! YAY!

    • Yes, not thrilled that there’s no drunk elephant or honey mask for 443.

      • Yeah, I’m feeling a little blah about my first bag. Maybe I shouldn’t check spoilers, haha yeah right. 443 looks Just ok for me. The BB has pretty mixed reviews and is apparently very “sparkly”. Maybe the Claudalie will save the day. I have very long fine straight hair and the masks are not suited for me. Give me dry shampoo over masks anytime.

      • Agreed. If I didn’t know what I was missing I’d probably be super happy but I’d way rather have the Drunk elephant or honey mask than the CC cream or caudalie moisturizer. I am happy about the tarte and lipstick though.

        • Kim, I swear I try not to check the spoilers but I can’t control myself! Most of the time I’m satisfied with my bag, but do have a bit of bag envy time to time. I also live in Florida and I swear that I receive my bags a week after everyone else. This makes it nearly impossible for me not to peek.

          • I feel like I receive mine so late too but I’m in NY! I wonder if its by last name or when you joined or something. Mine has not even shipped yet according to sephora!

      • I was also hoping for either Drunk Elephant or the honey mask….not real excited about the BB cream….not really great reviews

  25. Box #450

    Ouai Treatment Masque

    Tarte FRXXXTION Stick

    Farmacy Honey Potion

    AmorePacific Cushion Compact

    Clinique Black Honey

    Tory Burch Love Relentlessly

    • Thank you! I’m getting #450 and I was all, what about my box?!?! ☹️ I was hoping for the Farmacy!!!!

      • 450 has the Farmacy!

  26. Awesome!!!! 476 is my box. I am excited for almost everything (IT cosmetics not my cup of tea) especially the DE, since I received their glycolic gel sample not too long ago and am impressed.

    • Loved my box. Although I already have tube of the It CC cream. I’ll just pass my sample on to a friend. Excited to try Drunk Elephant for the first time.

  27. Does the box have to ship before you see the item number? I went to account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, but I dont see my current month.

    • I can normally see mine before it ships, but it isn’t there for me yet. I got worried and checked my account to make sure I was charged for this month and I was. So, I don’t understand why it doesn’t show in my orders.

    • Go to desktop view and click on orders, not purchases or play, it shows there for me! First month I’ve had that happen…

      • Thank you! That did the trick.

        • I’m getting 435.

      • Thanks so much for the help.

  28. Yay! I’m so excited to get the DE!

  29. Liz, I emailed you box 435 contents hun! 🙂

    • What are they? I’m dying to know!

      • She updated it above hun 🙂 we have Dermablend and caudalie resveratrol lift moisturizer (and the same black honey, frxxxtion stick and Ojai masque as other boxes)

        • Ooh, how big is the dermablend powder sample? I was hoping for that one! 🙂

          • Dermablend is 5g
            Caudalie is 15ml
            Ouai is also 15ml
            And tarte frxxxtion is 6.4g

    • For those that are getting box 435, would you mind posting the spoilers in the comments? 🙂

  30. After days of obsessively stalking I am THRILLED with this bag!!! (476) I am obsessed with ITs Bye Bye undereye cream , so excited to try the cc cream- and drunk elephant! And I seemed to luck out w the shade matching as medium is my tone- I am new at this beauty bag thing, and the whole figuring out the spoilers part is addicting, haha 😂 I did always love mysteries and logic problem as a kid so that makes sense!

  31. My box ends in 066, I haven’t seen any spoilers yet anywhere. My box is out for delivery today, so I’m super excited to be totally surprised. All of these so far look so great!

  32. YAY! Excited about this box. I love the IT cc cream and it is my color! I really was hoping for DE. I also really want to try the frixtion stick!

  33. I will be receiving 443 sometime today…So, I am excited that it will be a surprise.

    • Please keep us updated on what you receive! That is also my box number.

    • Box 443 is also my box number. Would you please post what you get? Mine hasn’t shipped yet.

    • I have that box too! Can’t wait to see what is in it, mine has not shipped yet.

    • Box 443 just arrived!

      Ouai Treatment Mask
      Tarte Frxxxtion stick
      Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick
      Caudalie Resveratrol Lift
      Boscia BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF27
      Pinrose Wild Child

      • I tried Black Honey many years ago (20+?) but happy to try again. Everything looks good!

    • HEY,

      Box twin. I am receiving box 443 too but my box has not been shipped yet. I would love to hear about the products you got. I am waiting for any possible spoilers. If you could update, I would really appreciate. Thank you

    • I’m getting that one too. Keep us posted!

  34. My box ends in 435. It has shipped but I have no idea what I’m getting which is annoying. I wish they did sneak peaks like Ipsy.

    • That’s mine, too! It has not shipped yet.

  35. I’m super happy this is my box, but also a bit confused. I’ve got “Fair” marked on my profile (double-checked a few times now), so a “Medium” toned CC cream isn’t really going to work.

    • Try it, it’s pretty light.

  36. I’m so mad I cancelled last month. The boxes had been getting kind of lame lately, but this month I’m thinking about re-subscribing. I love love love that IT cosmetics CC cream, I can’t leave home without it on!!!!

    • I love IT CC cream too but it is not in my box. Instead I’m getting a cushion with a couple of foil packets of BB cream. I’m mad I didn’t cancel.

  37. This box has been amazing lately. When compared directly to my Ipsy I wonder why I still give them my $10 every month.

  38. What about 435??

    • I have that Play bag also.

  39. My box 450 is going to be here probably tomorrow… Looks like it’s going to be a complete surprise.

    • Someone posted the spoilers on the beauty boxes subreddit.

      It has the Farmacy Honey Potion Mask, the Black Honey, the Ouai Mask, the Tarte stick, the Amore Pacific compact and the Tory Burch perfume.

      450 is the box I’m getting. I wanted that Drunk Elephant cream but I’m excited about the honey potion mask.

  40. This is mine. I love it. Then again I’ve loved every Play box I’ve received so far (this will be my 6th). This month’s was charged earlier than usual but still hasn’t shipped. I hope I get it.
    Having the video each month showing a model using the products really helps. I think that’s why I always use every item.

  41. Why do these take so long to ship? We are now in the second half of January and both Allure and Play January boxes still have not shipped. I got tired of Birchbox but I have to hand it to them that they got them out at the start of the month.

    • I contacted Sephora about a delayed shipment in a prior month and their response was that all boxes are to be delivered by the 20th of the month. I guess they ship them out in different batches, but everyone should receive a box by the 20th.

    • Play has always shipped this late.

  42. I wish I was getting 476!! I love DE. Just bought the new baby facial, has anyone tried it yet?

    468 will do 🙂

    • I bought it and have used it once. It made my face super soft, but it’s hard to tell if it will do anything else after one use. I was expecting it to sting but it didn’t.

  43. YAY! Everything I wanted! Drunk elephant, Tarte, Clinique! So Happy! I don’t like the Ouai or the Tory Burch but everything else is great. I’m getting IT in my Ipsy too. Now I’ll have the eye concealer and the CC cream.

  44. Sephora box can do no wrong…they always blow me away!!!! This might be my favorite one yet.

  45. I have 476, YAY!!! Looks great! I was interested in trying the AmorePacific compact as well, but maybe someone will put it up for swap.

    • I’m getting the AmorePacific cushion, if you want to swap. I don’t use foundation, so it is wasted on me.

  46. Looks like I am getting 476…it is my lucky month! I love Tarte and I also love to try perfumes…everything is a home run for me!

  47. I got box E and I am super excited to try the cc cream as well as the drunk elephant! I think I’m most excited to try the black honey. I’ve been looking for a everyday lip color for forever.

    • The it cosmetics cc cream is my go to foundation of choice! I think you will love it!

  48. So excited to find out what is in box 443!

    • Me too!

  49. YAAASSSSS I’M GETTING DRUNK ELEPHANT!!!!!!! Finally a good box!

  50. I’m getting 468 but would have loved the other box to try the It CC cream! Both are really good boxes!

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