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GlobeIn Subscription Info Update


As you may know, there were some sourcing issues with the January GlobeIn Box. We reached out to GlobeIn for more info on what subscribers can expect:

Dear GlobeIn Community,

We’ve been listening to your feedback and we want to address your questions regarding Artisan Box availability for January and February. Our primary mission at GlobeIn is to improve the lives of artisans and producers around the world. We achieve that by expanding our community, which allows us to source from more artisan partners. As we’ve grown, we’ve experienced some challenges and we’d like to address those below:

We were not able to source enough Love Boxes for everyone due to high demand and long production times required to produce handmade goods.

We are making sure that long-time customers who have received all of our other themes will get the newly-curated theme first.

We’ve increased theme choices to make every single box we have in stock available (except for Kitchen and Laundry Boxes, which we are not able to source for the subscription any longer due to increased product prices).

In February, we are increasing the portion of Artisan Box subscribers will be able to choose the newly-curated theme. In addition, we will have enough Love Boxes for people on the waitlist.

In March we are sourcing two newly-curated Artisan Box themes.

From March 2017 and beyond we will have two newly-curated themes in addition to sourcing more of our popular Artisan Box themes so that everyone can pick a box they love.

As always let us know if you have any questions or feedback about this by emailing us at [email protected]

Thank you!

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GlobeIn Artisan Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (29)

  1. Just my opinion, of course, but I’ve found that GlobeIn has been very forthcoming and communicative in discussing the problems it’s been experiencing and in describing the issues that led to those problems. (And no, I’m not a company shill, just a regular, everyday subscriber.) The solutions it chose may not have been perfect but, really, would any option have been perfect for everybody? No. I agree with the poster below who said she doesn’t get all the intense GlobeIn hate. Why keep posting about how much you hate GlobeIn when you no longer subscribe? GlobeIn doesn’t strike me as a scam company trying to steal subscribers’ money and rip off its suppliers. It’s perfectly fine to be upset with the way the company has dealt with things. There’s a simple solution: cancel your subscription. And then…let it go. I love this site, but the negativity sometimes bums me out, especially when it doesn’t seem to be adding anything productive to the discussion.

    • I couldn’t agree more. It’s exhausting and depressing to come read spoilers about a box focused on helping others, supporting struggling artists, stopping to appreciate all you have in life and paying it forward to those in impoverished countries but see a bunch of complaining, overexaggerated accusations and, in some cases, down-right selfishly entitled attitudes. Bottom line to me — I love the items offered, I do not believe these people are ripping me OR the artists off (it’s all about the Fair Trade aspect), and I would much rather give my money to a “cause” like this even with some minor delays or issues along with the way. And I’m also as just a regular, every day subscriber….who is also excited that growth pains for GlobeIn means helping out more artists around the world…and more beautiful items for me! 😉

      • Exactly! I consider myself lucky to have the means to purchase all the subscription boxes I do…which, admittedly, is too many 😉 If a box isn’t doing it for me anymore, I unsubscribe…problem solved! I don’t see the need to continually come back to the forums and rain on everyone else’s parade, especially when, at least in this case, it appears that the company is trying to be forthright in addressing its problems.

      • Agreed! You guys are making me feel so much better. I’ve avoided this blog sometimes because the wet blanket comments are a downer and there is enough of that in real life. Sub boxes are supposed to be fun surprises but watching this whole thing unfold was like watching a kid get bullied at recess.

    • Yes. Agreed and ditto. Thank you.

    • Well said. Thank you for your comments. I agree. I am sure it has been difficult for Globein to keep up, but I have appreciated the fact that they have been upfront as problems arise. The Love box looks amazing. I truly understand that this is frustrating for people since they do not have enough boxes for everyone, but in the grand scheme of things it just isn’t that big of a problem. Save the anger for something more important.

    • Really? I recieved zero communication about any of this. NOTHING from actual GlobeIn. I know others who are upset also recieved zilch from the company in way of communication. Most of the updates on here are ones where Liz has had to reach out to the company to find out what is going on. If I didn’t subscribe to MSA I would have paid for this month then logged on to check out the box and other options. Only then would I have discovered that I would not be getting the current box. They say people had the option to skip this month, but not really. Since they didn’t let subscribers know personally in an email, they didn’t give all subscribers the chance to skip without paying for this month. That’s just shady. They definitely cared more about the money from the boxes than customer satisfaction this month.

      If this is how they treat their customers, how do they treat their sources?

      • Ditto. The only news/updates I received were from the comments on the posts on this site. It was reading here that clued me in that this month would be anything other than status quo. Even in their first posts here Globein was claiming that only new subscribers would be affected. That is super shady and makes me feel like they were trying to dump old stock onto their subscribers in order to clear house for the future.

      • I’ve gotten emails to my account about every product delay, a notification/explanation about the Love box shortage that was also posted on MSA and a notification that they added more replacement options and I should check before the cutoff date…even though I’m receiving Love. And as I mentioned below I also just got a notification yesterday that my box will be slightly delayed. Maybe you should make sure your emails aren’t automatically going to your spam folder??

      • No, they aren’t going to spam. I still get emails from them all the time about the sales in the store and general info. I can’t explain why our experiences have been so different, I just know they have been.

  2. I just looked to see what all the fuss was about for the Love box.

    No wonder, it’s the best box ever, better than the laundry one imo, (lol) and that was my favorite. I would sign up in a second to get it but too late now.

    I dropped out last year because I wasn’t happy with what I got after laundry box.

    • For what it’s worth, they are getting more according to their communications and Love box will be available in February and March if you still want it! You can always sign up in the next month or two and get it. Laundry looked tempting to me, did you love it? Is it worth going for that if it’s an option? Hydrate also looked tempting but I wasn’t into the recycled materials basket.

      • Thank you! I’ll keep my eye out the next couple of months.
        I’ll tell you the main reason I liked the laundry box. I live in a 25 year old town house and the washer/dryer are in the basement. The laundry bag has been a life saver and i don’t have to worry about killing myself carrying a basket not being able to see the steps in front of me. I never did use the laundry soap things but the dryer balls really do work.

  3. So the set up will be more on the idea of Bespoke Post, then, but on a smaller scale.

  4. I’m so glad I cancelled. It’s always something with this sub

    • Stop punishing me for not wanting your damn Threads or Cozy boxes! Lol. I didn’t want a single thing in those boxes and now that is the reason I was put at the back of the queue for the Love box.
      “long-time customers who have received all of our other themes will get the newly-curated theme first.” What a cop out. Long term loyalty doesn’t matter, only that you’ve accepted our crap boxes along the way makes a difference. I was a subscriber for two years and skipped two boxes.
      I cancelled, too.
      I doubly glad I did now that they’ve announced they’re not shipping the love boxes on time. Or at all?? The plot thickens…..

      • The way I read their response was that they are sending out as many as they can get at this time, and have more coming in Feb for people on the waitlist. I have not yet subscribed, but have been thinking about it for a long time. I find it refreshing when a company rewards longtime members over new subscribers, who usually seem to receive all of the perks. But, as a longtime member who has only skipped two boxes, I don’t understand why they would have moved you to the waitlist.

      • My guess is because they didn’t have enough boxes immediately for ALL long-term subscribers. So they prioritized again by putting those that haven’t skipped any boxes on top since those people would have NO option for an alternate box choice unless they wanted to get a duplicate box that they already received. Then the first on the waitlist are the long-term subscribers who may have skipped some boxes but are interested in Love, then new subscribers, etc. Yes, I realize it is not an ideal situation but sometimes things happen and you have to make concessions. And, yes, it sounds like even those that are unable to get Love this month should be able to in the next couple of months. I am scheduled to get it this month and have no problem waiting an extra week for it to ship (I brought it up just so people were aware of it and didn’t accuse them of another scandal about lack of communication). Nor do I have any concern that I will “never” receive it. I’ve had minor hiccups and issues with this company before but they have ALWAYS been responsive, kind and helpful and definitely “made it right.” And if you think any of their boxes (especially two of the most popular ones) are “crap” maybe you shouldn’t have been a subscriber in the first place…

      • I just don’t get the level of vitriol about this box and sub. If you like it, get it, if you don’t and you cancelled, move on already. Some people, myself included, like this company, what they are doing and what they send, and it would be nice to read updates without yet another rant about the same thing – it’s disappointing to not get Love box in January – noted.

      • Stacey – I don’t understand it either…and that’s pretty much why I feel the need to try to “defend” them. Yes, I totally agree that they have had (minor) issues and website glitches in the past. But, at least for me, they have always made it right and apologized for the trouble. Yes, their communication has not been as timely as I would have hoped (sending out a clearer explanation of the Love box shortage to all subscribers BEFORE people noticed they were not set to receive it in their account online would have been better). But they are NOT crooks or thieves or trying to “steal” anyone’s money or anything from anyone. That is where I draw the line. From what I’ve seen, even people who have cancelled their prepaid subscriptions early have been refunded their money which is not “standard practice” for most businesses. Sure, people should be aware before subscribing that there may be some “hassles” or minor disappointments here and there with a company with some growing pains. But there is no reason to believe they are intentionally doing anything evil or illegal here….

      • They put her to the back of the line becuase it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a member. What matters is if you have recieved the past boxes or not. Since she has skipped boxes she goes to the back of the line. As long as there are subscribers who have gotten all of the available boxes, they will get new boxes first. So basically, they are punishing subscribers for skipping the crappy boxes they didn’t want before, by making them get them now in order to have access to new boxes.

        I also cancelled my subscription. I won’t be forced to buy boxes I don’t want in order to have a chance at new boxes I *might* like. It’s a shame too because this was my favorite box 🙁

  5. Do you still do reviews of the club box? I would like to subscribe to the $10 club box but I wonder what do they put in it.

    • So far, it’s just been leftovers from the baskets. I canceled after 4 months.

      • Okay, thanks for the reply I guess I will just skip it.

    • Yes, so far all of the items have been things from previous Artisan boxes and that you can buy in the online shop (at slightly higher prices than the sub) — the green shibori scarf, the hanging wall organizer, the sea salt and the (wide) wood salad grabbers. I’m hoping that now that the Benefit basket has been discounted that they will start to introduce new items into the Club box too, but that isn’t confirmed or anything….just my hope. 🙂 The Club subscription is better for people that may not have been an Artisan subscriber for awhile or just want a surprise shipment every month to try out some of the items in the shop at a discount.

    • I did not receive the first Club box but I did receive the last three and have been so happy with each item. Great sub for only $10.

      • Wanted to point out that I do not sub to the Artisan box and I agree with the person above that it’s great for newbies.

  6. FYI I just got an email this evening that the shipment of my Love box is going to be slightly delayed too…expected to ship by Jan 27. Not sure if this applies to everyone or just those set to receive Love this month so you might want to check your email.

    • I just got the notice as well. I’m supposed to be getting the Love box

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