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BoxyCharm January 2017 Full Spoilers for Box Variations #3, #4, & #5!

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We have the FULL SPOILERS for another variation of the January 2017 Boxycharm box!

Box variation 5:


Thanks Randi!

Box variation 4:


Source: samoliveiraaaaa

Box variation 3:


Source: tylermoore512

Box variation 2:


Source: sydneysmallsbeauty

Box variation 1:


(Source: randomlyly_)


What do you think of the full spoilers for the January 2017 Boxycharm box?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. I got the bronzer (YAY). I was hoping for that since I use a bronzer daily and was hitting pan. I got the vintage highlighter which is pretty. I like it better than the last one since the colors are more muted and can be used over bronzers and blush. The perfume smells nice and will get used. I like the So Susan fan brush. I have a larger fan brush so this will be a nice addition. It doesn’t seem like many like the sponge but I just used it and it works great. My skin was smooth and glowing after. I love Boxy Charm and think they do a great job every month.

  2. I got box variation 2 and that’s the one I was wanting, I love so Susan brushes they are soft I own 3 (now 4) different so Susan brushes, loved the perfume it smells lovely, I am excited to try the sponge, and the new hilight, idk why everyone is complaining about another highlight it’s two different colors from the last one and a girl can’t have too many highlights, hilighting is my thing!!!! The bronzer looks golden so it’s perfect for warming up the face , all in all I am content with this months box! Keep it up boxy charm I love it!

  3. I received my .7 box today and was surprised to get the nail treatment instead of the perfume since the box my sister received weighed the same and had the perfume.

    *Highlighter duo
    *So Susan fan brush
    *Pur Mineral Glow bronzer
    *Gorge Konjac Sponge
    *Adesse Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat (pleasant surprise😆)

  4. Question – how long does it take for them to ship out Charms purchases? Their website sucks, and I ordered something on 1/3, and have not received any updates or shipments. Plus, I went to the website and it doesn’t even show up anywhere (like under an orders tab or something.) I hope they work out their kinks soon. I can’t even find my tracking number for this month’s shipment (other than the email, which I accidentally deleted). I cancelled now so I hope to check back in a few months and see some improvement, mostly with their website and customer service.

    • They take forever to ship, and u will get an email once ur box get shipped with a tracking number and it can take another week or longer to receive ur box after its shipped

  5. I had a different variation.
    Highlighter duo
    Crown brush
    Pur cheek stain in wine color- wish I had gotten the peach but its ok
    Adesse matte top coat
    Anderson Lilley hand lotion- not really excited about this. I do not really use hand lotions but it is full size

  6. I received variation 2 with the fan brush. Great I needed one. The Pur bronzer…..yikes I won’t be able to use. Perfume, I’m really tired of the perfumes, I haven’t received ANY we would use so I gift them.

  7. My .7 lbs box arrived today and I am very pleased!
    *Highlighter duo
    *So Susan fan brush
    *Pur Mineral Glow bronzer
    *Gorge Konjac Sponge
    *English Laundry roller ball

    I would have been happy with any variation but the first one. I received the Adesse whitening base coat and Glow for a Cause lotion from my October and November Ipsy bags and was hoping for different products 😊

    • I received this variation, and I actually love everything except for the bronzer. I’m not much of a bronzer person. I love the smell of the perfume, it’s kind of strong but after it sits on your skin the smell fades. I just got an English Laundry sampler in Birchbox if I’m not mistaken. I’m not much of a fan brush user, but maybe I will be after using the So Susan one, which, feels very nice and soft. Overall, I think this box is pretty much a win win, compared to some months. And I think Boxycharm is the best subscription box that I have.

      • Agreed! Birchbox actually sent me the English Laundry last month as well lol seems like we have the same subscription box angels 😇

  8. Mine weighed .9 and I got a different variation than the five boxes listed above. I got the nail treatment, pur cheek stain, dry shampoo, crown fan brush and highlighter. I don’t see a variation above where there is the dry shampoo with the adesse nail treatment.

    • I got the same box as well.

    • I got this as well. My highlighter was broken, they could not replace it ( no loss, in my opinion) and gave me points instead. The charms I can but look like junk. This was my 3rd and final box, and my least favorite. Only like the dry shampoo.

  9. I never thought I would ever use dry shampoo because I have such long thick hair, but I got several samples of dry shampoo and have found its a very handy product to have around. You can throw a bottle in a bag to take on camping trips, spray some on a brush to run it through your kids hair and rub some on their face to clean them up some. Also, some of my family lives in Wisconsin and Michigan and they had a power outage. Their power was out for over a week. They couldn’t use their shower or anything. Three weeks ago, during our ice storm in Oregon, my Uncle’s power went out for 4 days a few days before Christmas. So i love getting dry shampoo. I have several bottles, but I will take many more, because it a very handy product to have around. Its my favorite item to get.

  10. Haven’t seen the variation I received posted yet:

    Crown fan brush
    Dry shampoo
    Matte top coat

    • I have 2, and they both weighed .9 lbs. I was hoping they weren’t identical, but they are. Honestly, I am not sad because the dry shampoo will get used up. It’s a better one than usual, that is clear. And the nail treatments are a matte top coat!! So different and awesome.
      Were there variations of nail treatments sent out, does anyone know, or are they all matte top coats?

  11. Mine came today (.9 lbs). I got the highlighter, crown brush, nail treatment, dry shampoo and cheek stain in cabernet. The color is perfect for me and I’m so happy I didn’t get the bronzer and DID get the dry shampoo that I don’t even care about the nail treatment (already have this. Doesn’t help my nails.)

    I don’t get the brush. I’ve not used a fan brush before and probably won’t anytime soon, however, I received a fan brush from julep by mistake a while back. Julep’s is twice the size and much more full. Crown brush looks like a chinzy mini next to it. Are there supposed to be different size fan brushes and what are their purposes?

    • There are many different sizes of fan brushes. You can use them for setting powder, finishing powder, translucent powder, bronzer and highlighter. They’re great for getting just enough product and giving your skin a light dusting. I think they’re especially great if you tend to be heavy handed.

      • I’ve found that a fan brush is absolutely key in applying a gorgeous amount of highlight on your cheekbones, above eyebrows, Cupid’s bow and other high plains on your face. But yeah, multiples aren’t really necessary.

    • The nail polish I got is a matte topcoat and it’s amazzzing! Is that the same one you have?

      • Yes! I didn’t realize it because the bottles look exactly the same everywhere except the sticker on the bottom. This is the matte topcoat. That makes me much happier about the item! However, I suck at doing my nails. Even when I get them right, they split and peel and I pick at them.

  12. There’s another variation out there too or I received the please unsubscribe box. I got the So Susan brush, highlighter, Konjac sponge, bronzer, and a perfume.
    Only I’m pregnant. And have hyperemesis gravidarum. And am triggered by smells. So i am trying not to throw up right now and descend into another potential hospital visit.
    Thanks, Boxycharm. I thought that I was excited to be back but I guess not.

    • How were they supposed to know you’re pregnant and are having issues? Dang, “thanks Boxycharm” is becoming the next, “thanks Obama.”

      • So funny and very true! Made me lol 😂

    • Maybe you can try putting the perfume away so you don’t end up in the hospital if it’s that serious. I’m sure boxycharm wasn’t intending to put you in the hospital. Thankfully if you just don’t spray the perfume you aren’t forced to smell it once you put it away. Phew. Dodged a bullet there.

      • Lol that was a close one.

    • Maybe surprise cosmetics subs are not the best idea for you then, right now? Many products have perfume in them, so why expose yourself to that if you know your condition? They even release spoilers. Nah, can’t nail this one on Boxycharm, sorry.

    • Hi I got that box too on Saturday I do not hate it is the so Susan fan brush the more expensive one ???

  13. I received none of these versions. My box had the fan brush (bleh), PUR cheek stain (yuck), Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo (love lemons but this smells like lemon pledge, no bueno), adesse top coat (meh), and highlighter set (real nice if I was into spotlighting myself). So disappointed in this months box. Cancelled all boxes.

    • I got this box too…but haven’t had a chance to try everything yet so I’m not sure how I feel about it. 🙂

  14. I would have lived to get the Pur mineral glow! Instead I got the cheek stain which I won’t ever use 😕

  15. I received my box today, weight .7 lbs. I got the So Susan fan brush, Pur bronzing powder, highlighter duo, konjac sponge and perfume. I promptly cancelled. Every variation in the box I would have chosen differently. This happened last month too. I’m tired of feeling angry when I open my box when know others are getting “better” boxes. I know it’s just in my opinion, but that’s the way I feel. So I’m cancelling. If someone wants my variation, I’ll be happy to swap.

  16. I got box variation#2 and I love everything in my box!!! I’m always excited to get a new highlighter and the konjac sponge is nice. The perfume and light and sweet with hits of floral notes. Great box!!

  17. Also this month IMO was so much better then last month. Last month nothing was useable to me except the eyeshadow palette which I decided to trade on here and my trade never sent me the items I traded for. So pretty bummed about last month and the fail of a trade. I am still hoping she is going to come through but it has been a while since she responded… =(

    • Are people allowed to continue on the swap page if they don’t follow through? I understand if there’s a problem with the post office or something but if someone doesn’t follow through do you just rate them negatively and hope other swappers read them?

  18. I got my box today and I am happier then when I saw the first spoiler. My box weighed .9 and it was the highlighter and crown brush, the dry shampoo, perfume, and check tint. I wanted to try the perfume so that was exciting its a bit sweet for my taste but dried down pretty nice and its the size of a roller ball but a spray which is awesome for you purse of gym bag. I will def use dry shampoo and the crown brush. I’ll try the highlighter but wasn’t impressed with the last one. I was pretty bummed about the check tint though. It is a cool product and interesting to try and I guess you can use it as a lip tint as well. The thing is I was really hoping for the bronzer. It seems boxes alway have bronzer, no one wants it except me and I never get it! lol Also I have gotten 4 blushes in 6 months on ipsy and another in popsugar but it’s actually making me enjoy trying new ones more. Overall, pretty happy.

  19. Dear everyone: if you get the Crown brush, it’s the SS017 fan brush, which is $12.99 on their website. It is not a $6 fan brush.

    • I got this brush in my box, and its beautiful! Soft, full, and feels nice. Not a “cheap” brush at all like some where saying…

  20. I got a different variation/combination and I couldn’t be happier! The four variable items were the crown brush, cheek stain, dry shampoo and Adesse. It’s exactly what I would’ve picked if I got to choose it myself.

    • How much did your box weigh? Crossing my fingers for the cheek stain 🤞🏾

      • It weighed .9.

    • That’s the exact box combination I received also, and I too am thrilled, as these are the items I too would have chosen. Love this box variation.

    • This was the one I got also! What shade of cheek stain did you get? I got Prosecco and it smells like grapes which makes me really happy, lol.

      • Peach Bellini 🙂

      • I got this same variation. Cheek stain in Cabernet.

  21. Mine just shipped today, which is weird as I normally have my box by now. It weighs .9 lbs. Any one else have this weight? I really am hoping for the dry shampoo and cheek stain. I really don’t want the nail treatment as I already got it in some other box and it doesn’t do anything for my nails.

    • I do and mine shipped today as well

    • Mine was also listed as .9? I know the variation with the sponge is .7- so any of the others could be it.

      • Thanks for that info I did not want the sponge and my box is .8 so I hope I’m in the clear lol

        • Mine weighs 0.8 too. I wonder what that is?!

          • Got my 0.8 today it’s highlighter, fan brush, Anderson lilley hand cream, cheek stain & adesse.

          • I guess I will be getting the same since my box is .8 as well. I am so not thrilled with this box the only things I will use is the highlighter and fan brush the rest I will give away. I have only 2 more boxes left on my sub then I will be cancelling. It’s pretty bad when your Allure Box is better then your Boxy Charm!!!

        • I just got my box that weighs 0.8 and it was variation #1. I got the Vintage double highlighter, So Susan fan brush, Adesse ultra suede matte top coat, pur bronzer, and Glow for a cause body butter. I was kind of hoping for the Crown brush since it looks so much better in the picture but the So Susan fan brush is soooo incredibly soft! I love it! Very happy!

  22. I thought Boxycharm was supposed to be makeup heavy. I personally am sick of little bottles of dry shampoo. Just donated a bunch.

  23. I would really like the dry shampoo. I haven’t gotten a shipping notification so hopefully it ships soon.

  24. Still haven’t seen a spoiler with the cheek stain, which worries me a little I really don’t want bronzer

    • Do a search on youtube for unboxings. There are quite a few up who received the cheek stain.

    • There is a version with the cheek stain on Instagram. It has the cheek stain, crown brush, highlighter, nail treatment and Anderson Lilley – Hand Lotion.

    • I got the cheek stain! I got the color peach Bellini.

  25. I’m not sure what to think of my box until I have it in my hand LOL. I don’t need bronzer or highlighters, though the highlighters are pretty. I can always use brushes and was a little bummed looking at the spoilers but I will decide when it gets here probably this weekend.

    • The bronzer sand highlighters make good neutral eyeshadows.

  26. I just subscribed today. Does anyone have any idea if I may still get this January box?

    Also, where on the site does it tell you what box was mailed? ….does it have a page (like ipsy does) where is tells you the box is preparing for shipment, shipped, etc?

    Lastly, is there a page to pick preferences and facts about my hair issues, skin colour, etc?

    • To try to answer your last question… I don’t think there was a profile or questionnaire that gets filled out when subscribing to the box. I think the variations are random. Although, I remember reading that they’re good at not duplicating an exact product of one you’ve already received… this is for when one of the products you’ve already received in a prior month is a variation for the current month’s box… you’re guaranteed to not get that prior month’s product in the current month’s box. Also, I don’t ever remember reading about people stating the boxes match, or don’t match, their profiles.

    • Typically if there isn’t a wait list the month you subscribe is the box you will get. They do not have a page like ipsy to give you shipping info. I had to email customer service about my shipping information since it was much later this month. They replied within hours with a tracking number. I think there customer service is the best at quick replies. I hope this helps.

  27. Definitely hoping for one of the options with the dry shampoo…though not too excited by any of them. For some reason I’m on the Boxycharm super-late shipping schedule…I just received my DECEMBER box a few days ago…

  28. Will definitely be looking to swap for a fan brush! (preferable the Crown one)

    • Is the Crown one better? The So Susan one retails for $17 and the Crown for $6? I’m asking because that’s obviously a humongous difference in price point but not necessary quality (look at Milani & Wet & Wild & ELF for instance!) 🙂

      • The Crown brush is actually $12.99. It’s the SS017 Delixe Soft Highlighting Fan.

  29. i got my box today!!! i was not expecting it already i didn’t even notice a shipping email. I got variation #3 and it weighed 0.93, not 100% how I feel about it i really like the dry shampoo and brush not sure about the rest. I havent had a chance to test the lip nourisher but have high hopes. This is the 4th month i have subscribed to Boxycharm and I have received 3 bronzers and 3 highlighters. (Bronzers; Cargo, ModelCO and now Pur) (Highlighters; Ofra, Vintage, and a second Vintage with 2 shades) I am hoping to get a bit more variation in the future.

  30. Ok.. imo, these variations are SO much better! I use tons of dry shampoo and like trying new ones. If I get dry shampoo and cheek stain (ie. NO bronzer), I’ll be a happy camper. Everything else is some degree of “meh” to me.

    I normally have my shipping info by now, though. Weird.

  31. I signed up yesterday and I’m excited to receive a highlighter. I need one and haven’t gotten anyone to swap me for one sooo….
    And I really hope I get the English Laundry perfume! I had a sample before and loved it 😊

    • Michelle, I got box variation #2 and I can’t wear the perfume. I’m giving it away on Instagram. (maddieryn214) So, if you want to try for it then it’s there. I love everything else in my #Boxycharm box but the perfume gives me hives….Not a look I’m going for, LOL!

  32. I just got mine. I got the Highlighter, So Susan fan brush, Dry Shampoo, Bronzer and Lip Nouisher.

    Tbh, I think I got all the best variations there were in there. I’m pretty happy based on what was offered, but I’m not in love with this month’s box like I was with the others.

    • How much did your box weigh? Mine is showing .7 lbs

      • Mine shows .7 lbs also, due for Friday delivery. My first Boxy box

        • Do you mind commenting back here once your box arrives? Mine is scheduled to be delivered Saturday. I was browsing Instagram and it looks like the .7 box is the one with the sponge & English Laundry perfume, but there’s never a way to be totally sure…

          • I sure hope so, I don’t want the dry shampoo. I have a sponge from julep and it’s very gentle on your skin so i wouldn’t mind another one. My box is .7 as well. Fingers crossed.

          • I received mine today. It had a weight of .7 lbs. It’s variation 2. The so susan brush, Vintage highlight pallette, pur cosmetics bronzer, gorge sponge and English Laundry perfume.

          • Your box is fantastic. But I am not getting it. My box weighs.9, the extra weight is probably because of unwanted dry shampoo:(

      • My tracking info only shows 0.3. What the heck????

        • I haven’t seen that weight listed anywhere, I can’t imagine any 5 items that would be that light?!

          • My box also says it’s .3! I’m a bit worried/curious about it.

  33. Anything EXCEPT this damn dry shampoo. I would be happy for anything, but please, please NO MORE dry shampoos!!!

    • I’m hoping for it! Happy to swap you for it if you get it 🙂

      • Laurie, I am already in contact with other girl to give her all my dry shampoos. If she does not respond I will contact you. I do not want swapping I just want to get rid of these shampoos

    • My exact feeling lol

  34. So glad I cancelled after the first spoiler for the Vintage highlighter (again). I did not like it the last time. There is nothing here that I am sorry to be missing.

    • I’m with you!

  35. I hate even asking this but does anyone know if you can cancel your subscription and then resubscribe in a month and get that month? Or is there a wait list or something? I hate thinking of doing that but I’m new ish to this sub and it’s not as good as I was thinking it’d be 🙁

    • I’ve canceled and re-subscribed a ton with Boxycharm. I love that they let you do that. Plus, each time I’ve re-subscribed I’ve gotten that month’s box. So you could even just wait to see what’s in the box and then subscribe that month, unsubscribe, then only re-subscribe if you see another box that you want. I do not know whether you’d get two of the same boxes though if you unsubscribe and re-subscribe twice in the same month, as I’ve never done that before. Hope this all makes sense…

      • That makes perfect sense! Exactly what I was wondering. Thanks for answering! … I might have to start doing that:/

    • A lot of people unsubscribe and then resubscribe early in the month (see the boxy site for the cutoff to ensure you get that month’s box – I think it is like the 5th..). You can usually get just 1 month sub by marking it as a gift subscription so they won’t auto-renew the charge each month.

      The only benefit I know of from maintaining a sub, is that you shouldn’t get repeat items as a variant; they tend to refrain from sending items from past boxes as variants for a subscriber whose current subscription dates back to the month the item was originally sent. They send past stuff as variants for new subscribers, since those items are new to them. So if you continually unsub and resub, you’ll get repeats you ordinarily wouldn’t get as the variant.

      • Ya I hate doing that buy $20 is a lot to spend when you’re just kinda meh. I’ve already gotten duplicate without cancelling and resubscribing and I’ve only been with boxy for 3 months. Oh well it’s not the end of the world, I’ll try this for a little and cancel if I must!

    • I just subbed to Boxy. I subbed in late December, hoping to get that eye palette but I did it too late, and I was put on a waiting list. In early January, last week I guess, I got an email that I was off the waiting list, and my first box is due to arrive Friday. So I’d say you might miss one box, or if you re-sub early enough in the month, maybe you won’t. Hope that helps.

    • I cancelled and then re-subscribed the next month! Boxycharm was awesome and remembered my past boxes so no duplicates!

  36. I’m allergic to perfumes so I’m happy they don’t send them out often. These variations do look better than the original full spoilers, so I’m hoping for one of them.

  37. I hope I get any box except the variation 2! I hate receiving perfumes..

  38. I don’t know if I’m in the minority here but every one of these variations look terrible. I’m not looking forward to getting my box. I will be listing a majority if not all of the items in my box if anyone wants to swap for anything click my name and it will bring up my swap profile.

    • I’m in complete agreeance with you. The only thing I’m remotely excited about is the fan brush.

    • It’s not just you…They’re going down in quality of items. I’ve never been a fan of their variations. I would be good with getting the Purlisse lip tube, as I have one of those that’s about empty. I don’t know what the chances are of getting it though. I’ll be cancelling once I get my box this month.

      I really REALLY hope they go back to the quality they used to be. (including everyone getting the same thing, with only variation being the color of an item) 🙁

      • I’m actually one of the few people hoping for the perfume!

        I’m hoping I don’t get the Konjac sponge (have 3) or the Pur-lisse lip stuff, because I’m allergic/irritated by it. If course I always get that item it in boxes as a variation because it’s the one thing I don’t want…Murphy’s Law…that’s why variations stink.

        Swapping is the perfect solution since other people covet what I hate and vice-versa. I’ve procrastinated on starting to swap – never used the MSA program after I got approved because by the time they approved me, I was no longer as motivated. I wonder if I’m still approved since I never used it..

        My new year’s resolution is now to start swapping! From having multiple beauty subs and buying sale dupes and mystery boxes I have loads of things to swap (I should do reviews I have so much stuff but I usually end up gifting a lot of it. Any tips for newb swappers? Any other swap sites recommended and any major dos/donts other than making sure the items are recent and unswatched?

        • I’m in kind of the same boat as you. I’ve gotten a lot of items from sub boxes that I will just never use and now that the Holidays have passed, I will probably start accumulating stuff again. My goals this year are 1) pair down my sub boxes to ones that I know I will use most of the items and 2) actually use the swap site if I get an item I don’t really want. I’ve just recently used this swap site for the first time and it’s relatively easy. The only thing that is kind of frustrating is people who are stuck on retail value. It’s like, I know it maybe retails for $50 but when you get it in a $10 box with a lot of other items it’s kind of hard to justify that RV. My philosophy is I will swap with you for a lower value item as long as I want it and will actually use it. Also, I would take into consideration shipping costs. I don’t mail a lot of packages and it startled me when I had to pay almost $8 to ship my small item since it was in a box. I will be sticking to padded envelopes in the future so I don’t have to pay as much. Good luck with the swapping! It’s always fun to find other people with the same resolutions!

          • I guess I’m still on the MSA Waiting List (like 10 months later!) Where else are there swapping sites (other than IG-don’t do t hat although I may think about starting to) because I get BOXYCHARM, Allure, FabFitFun (quarterly) and just dropped Julep.

          • Hi Cate,

            We open up the waitlist every 3-5 weeks, so you should have been accepted into swaps for a long time if you signed up 10 months ago.

            Can you email me with the email address you signed up with for swaps, and I’ll look into it asap. Sorry about this! (My email: [email protected])

          • Oh, and LipMonthly…just starting that one this month though so no reviews on that one. I’m just lost in the liquid lipstick shuffle and need some help! They’re $$$!

        • I’m hoping for the perfume, too! 🙂

    • There’s couple items in the variations I’m okay with. But I’m not excited about this one at all. They’ll all likely be swapped, given away or put in my extras stash.

      :/ Here’s hoping February is better!

    • You are not alone, I do not want any of these variations…if I had to choose one, number 1 looks best.

    • Where do I sign up for the swap profile? I love the boxes, but I’m 61 years old and last month got dark purple lip stick and I have no use for dry shampoos..

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