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BoxyCharm February 2017 Spoiler #3!

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Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.30.41 PM

We have another spoiler for the February 2017 Boxycharm! (Thanks for the heads up, Alexandra!)

Boxycharm gave us a glimpse of a new spoiler on Snapchat. It looks like the February 2017 Boxycharm subscription box will include:

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 4.47.13 PM

Z Palette (small) – perfect for storing your Makeup Geek Shadows!

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.44.49 PM

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator – Value $79

Application brushes

2 Makeup Geeks Shadows – Value $6 Each  (you will receive two out of the 18 colors swatched below)


What do you think of the February 2017 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

FYI – According to Boxycharm, if you sign up before the end of any month, that month’s box will be your first box. 

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  1. BOXYCHARM just posted a picture on Instagram of the Special Edition #BoxyCharm ZPalette. They also have a picture of the Makeup geek shadow pans!! Check it out.

  2. Super annoyed. I signed up solely for the dr product only to be waitlisted!!!

    • I just did the same thing! Kicking myself for not reading your comment first. Especially because I signed up without any coupon or special!!! Not sure what I was thinking. 😳

  3. Does anyone know for sure if the dr Brandt is going to be full size? If so that’s freaking amazing! That stuff is expensive!! I have been living off of deluxe samples forever because I didn’t want to fork out that much money yet. I just re activated my account on the 25th and got my shipping email yesterday. So excited! I was worried about being waitlisted because I have seen so many people say they are on the wait list. But I have had an account with them for two years and just deactivated it in September. So thats probably why I don’t have to wait. I only activated it again for the dr Brandt’s! But I’m cool with getting January’s box too.

    • It’s the 2oz bottle. I think it is full size, unless there’s a larger version

    • Hi. Yes the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion skin exfoliant will be full size. On his website the 2oz is being sold for $79 & has so so so many Top-rated 5 star reviews! Can’t wait to receive this 😊❤

  4. I subscribed again last month and went on the waitlist. Then I went into my old account and reactivated and it instantly charged my account. This was a week? ago.

    Today I got an email saying it had shipped. So excited!!

  5. To get the February box would I have to subscribe today or like the 2 or 3 any one please

    • Today or any day in February. I emailed them the same question.

  6. Has anyone gotten off the waitlist?

  7. I am no longer subscribed to BoxyCharm, but want that Dr Brandt product. Does anyone interested in swapping it away? Please let me know. You can see my listings by clicking on my name 😉

  8. Didn’t they send a magnetic palette out a few months ago? I think it might’ve been a different brand, and it was probably around 6ish months ago. I still haven’t filled that one!!

    Nonetheless, this is my favorite sub! I’ll find someone to give the palette to!

  9. I was going to cancel this month box because I need to save but it seems to good :S Why you do this to me Boxycharm….

  10. I’m super excited! I almost ordered a Z mini off Amazon, glad I held off! I love Dr. Brandt stuff, too. I’m loving BoxyCharm!! I can’t wait for this box!

  11. So I resubbed through the link here and it waitlisted me. Then I went into the webite and reactivated my old sub and it immediately charged my account. Wonder if I have 2 subs to this now. Also can I cancel when they email me off the waitlist?. How do you get a hold of Boxycharm I saw no way to contact on the site.

      • thank you!!!

        • You’re welcome. 😊

    • My message is not showing, I am going to break it up:

      Info @ Boxycharm. Com

    • I’m not 100% but I think you click on their FAQ link at the top of their website…it usually takes days for them to reply tho. And you might get charged twice…also not sure, but I heard people complaining that they were put on the “wait list” only to have their accounts charged the next day if not the same day. I don’t know for sure tho…hope this helps 🙂

  12. I had to cancel. I have the Dr Brandt’s product. I don’t need anymore eye-shadow or brushes. Didn’t seem worth it to me this month. I have a lot of eye-shadow. The only makeup subscription I’m keeping is Ipsy for now. I’ll wait for March’s spoiler’s. Might try teeblot and enjoy leggings

    • I’m with ya! I cancelled for Feb. Although they are some good items, I’m just on product overload and don’t need anything showing for the sneak peeks. Maybe I’ll be back for March, we’ll see what they have.
      Glad I’m not feeling any FOMO with this! (I thought I might lol)

  13. BoxyCharm has been killing it! Can’t wait for the February box now! If I had to limit myself to one box, it would definitely be BoxyCharm!!

    • That’s what I did! I had too many subs and was running low on funds, so I finally cancelled all of then! Except boxycharm. I can’t give it up!

    • I agree! I switched from Birchbox to Boxycharm and I’m sold!! So Happy I switched! I’m also getting Ipsy, and Play. I think my next splurge will be Yogi Surprise, but BOXYCHARM is my Favorite!!!!

  14. I reactivated my subscription on January 20th and I just got an email confirming I will be getting January’s box as well as February’s box.

    Hello Reena,

    Thank you for contacting BOXYCHARM! We have reviewed your account and are happy to confirm that your payment was successfully processed on January 20. This means that you will receive a January “And the Charm Award Goes To…” Box. Your monthly recurring payments are set to be billed on the 2nd of each month moving forward which means that if your card was successfully billed on February 2nd, this means that you will receive a February box. If your payment ever fails, our system will notify you via email and attempt to bill you until your payment is either processed or you cancel your account.

    Your box will ship within 5-10 business days from the date your payment is received, and your tracking information will be sent via email once your box has shipped. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or concerns regarding your box.

  15. I reactivated thursday and was billed 21 and i saw a lot of people were waitlisted so i emailed customer service to make sure what box im getting and i am getting january box!

    • Also mine said it was starting feb 2nd but like i said i emailed them and getting january!

      • You’ll get charged again on Feb 2nd. In my case, they did send the box for the current month in which I signed up (August) and the September box both in late September. I actually received the September box a couple of days before the August one. So yes, I paid twice before receiving anything, but then I got both my boxes. This sub tends to arrive on the late side in the month, but it’s got good stuff.

        • Thank you!! So I am probably going to end up with 2 subs.

  16. Can’t wait to get this box! Hope the other spoilers are as great as these. Super excited for the Dr. Brant exfoliator. I own the pores no more primer and it’s amazing!

  17. Since people were posting they were waitlisted I just resubscribed hoping that I would get waitlisted too because I didn’t like January’s box and I wasn’t 🙁 . Should have waited until Feb 1 to resubscribe.

    • Hello Kimberly,

      Are you sure you was not waitlisted? Did they charge your card? I received an email about the waitlist a few minutes later. Thanks.

      • No, I checked my account and my card was charged. I emailed them and I’m still waiting for them to email me back.

        • Ok, thanks for that info.

    • How do you know you’re getting this month’s box? I just resubscribed too and in my account info it says “reinstates Feb 1” so I guess that means my first box wil be Feb.

      • I would email cs to be sure. Mine said the exact same thing and im starting with january.

        • Oh gosh you’re right! They just charged $21 so I guess I’m getting Jan after all or they would’ve waited till Feb 2. Oh well, wonder why other people said they were told they ran out?

          • I’m wondering if there is a priority or whatever for those that were previous Charmers and are reactivating their accounts? I would be new and they said they were out. I sent another email. I wouldn’t mind this month’s box.

  18. I’m on overload with eyeshadow and skincare. Another great month.

  19. Severe case of FOMO. Once I read here that Jan is sold out, I reactivated. Didnt like that box at all, but Feb looks awesome!

  20. I just resubscribed! Loving February spoilers. Love makeup geek. Hope I get shadows that I don’t already have.

  21. I reached out to Boxycharm about the waitlist and they replied:

    Thank you for contacting BOXYCHARM! At this time, we are sold out of boxes for the current month and you have been placed on a waitlist to join our subscription service. Once it is your turn, you will automatically be removed from the waitlist, your credit card will be automatically charged in accordance with your selection of payment term, and the terms on our website for a recurring subscription will apply. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to determine which box will be your first box but rest assured that Charmers will be removed from the waitlist and actively subscribed in the order joined. If you would like to cancel your account and be removed from the waitlist, please feel free to contact us at any time to let us know and we will further assist you although we would hate to see you go. We look forward to having you as a Charmer very soon! <3

    Stay Charming,

    • Hi. Just subscribed and there was no waitlist.

      • I spoke too soon 🤐 They sent an email saying the same

        • Ok, lol.

      • Let me try again. Thanks!

  22. Body charm without you I am lost!! You freakin rock!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  23. Consider me sold! 😍😍😍

  24. Just to be clear….

    EVERYONE will be getting 2 eyeshadows, z palette, exfoliator, and brushes?!?

    Is that right?!?

    I can’t wait til February!!

    • I haven’t heard anything about a Z palette? Just two MG eye shadows, face scrub and what I’m guessing is more than one brush…but it might just be one brush but everyone will get a different one. Where did you see a Z palette?

      • Never mind lol..I see now…I was already for sure getting February’s…this just makes it better 🙂

        • Ahhh…I was too slow to respond haha!

      • Catherine – It says in the post that the Feb box will also include a Z-palette. It’s right under the photo of the woman 🙂

  25. Seriously, this is amazing!!!

  26. This is shaping up to be the best month yet. SO happy about the Z palette. I was wondering how I was going to store the MG eye shadows. Quitting Birchbox and Ipsy for BoxyCharm was such a good call. I’ve been so happy with BC even when I don’t get the items I preferred.

    • Hahaa I just bout a large z pal today 😂😂

    • Everywhere I’ve seen spoilers it’s only been the MG eye shadow, face scrub and brushes…where did you see a Z palette?

      • Never mind lol..I see now…I was already for sure getting February’s…this just makes it better 🙂

  27. Just my luck .. I needed a place for all my eyeshadow pans I keep getting so I ordered a magnetic palette off ebay 2 days ago lol.

  28. 3 spoilers so fast lol and all amazing spoilers at that. Honestly I’m convinced, I’m signing up. At least for February. Not sure if I wanna sign up now and risk getting January’s or sign up in February and risk not getting February’s 😬😅

    • If it helps, I absolutely love my January box. The matte polish is my favorite discovery in quite a while. this is my favorite sub box.

      • januarys looks like a good box dont get me wrong (though i do think past boxes look better), its just mostly stuff i dont need/already have. i have tons of highlighter and just bought a fan brush, use the same bronzer every day, have enough lotion… all i would want is the matte top coat and interested in trying the blush and konjac sponge. which i cant even get all of that together so i dont really want the box.

        but mostly im a little low on money so my main concern is spending 42 dollars instead of 21… i think ill cancel after february unless im super impressed. i just am obsessed with the microdermabrasaion and was thinking about buying the full size at sephora but this way id get it for almost 1/4 of the price which is insane (and plus other items! which look great so far!!)

      • Just an FYI – I am a matte manicure whore and it’s the only way I ever have my nails painted; I’ve never tried the brand that was in this month’s box, but have tried lots of others…essie’s ‘matte about you’ is the best! Not sure what your budget is, but if you’re not wanting to spend $9 for a top coat, Wet N’ Wild’s matte top coat runs a very, very close second. After that, I would rank Revlon’s as 3rd.

        1. Essie
        2. Wet N’ Wild
        3. Revlon
        4. OPI
        5. Orly

        I’m obsessed with essie’s…so much so that I currently have 4 bottles floating around. One for home, one for my purse, one for a backup in case I can’t find either of the first 2, and a 4th one because I’m just a “whoreder” of all things clothes, shoes, accessories, and products related.

        • I did not have a horse in this race as I rarely wear nail polish, but this was extremely helpful and informative to me. Thank you!

    • I would sign up now most likely they are out of Januarys

      • I’ve never known of Boxycharm to run out of boxes, ever! And I’ve been with them for years!

        • They are telling a lot of people that they are sold out and on a wait list…then other’s are being charged immediately for January’s box and told there is no wait list. Not really sure what the game plan is there…but I definitely wouldn’t sign up til Feb 1st unless you want the January box…just to be safe lol

          • It looks like boxycharm is charging people still and sending them boxes if they are resubbing. Newly subscribed people are being waitlisted. I resubbed so I’m getting Jan box even though I didn’t want it.

    • I think you should check with customer service. They can probably answer all your questions about what box you would get, etc.

    • I felt the same way as you, not sure if i wanted to be a one time or monthly subscriber, but I’m telling you after receiving it for the last couple months, I’m never disappointed, may not always love everything but the value is always worth it. Also i just won my first Boxycharm giveaway❤

      • Awesome! I love Boxycharm too! The value is unbelievable!!

    • They are sold out of January boxes and have a waitlist. It looks like if you get on the list now, you’ll be able to get the February box.

    • Boxycharm is very straight forward about what Box u get when; u get the box of the month you order not matter the beginning or end of the month! So u have till the end of January to get January’s Box. You can get February’s Box anytime during February. Love Boxycharm!!!

  29. After seeing the dr. Brandt spoiler I signed up for a 3 month sub for body charm which would have given me January, February, and march, and after finishing my order I found out I was on a waitlisr. I cancelled after that. Liz, do you know if the waitlist means there won’t be enough February boxes?

    • When you found you were going to be waitlisted you should have contacted customer service.

    • wailist just means they are out of Jan boxes. Once The first rolls around and the Feb box becomes available, you’ll be off the waitlist. That’s what happened to me when I signed up at the end of Dec. Then when Jan 1 came around, I was off the waitlist.

  30. Might be the best box I’ve seen! The small Z pallette goes for $14 on Amazon. And then $6 each for the eyeshadow, is already a good deal, but the Dr. Brandt puts it over the top! A couple of brushes, and this isn’t all the spoilers yet! Amazing for $21 since these products are really quality products, not inflated pricing on run of the mill brands.

    • I resubscribed and it said I would be billed on 2/2 . I read a post that someone posted from boxycharm saying that the current box is sold out. Hoping I don’t get January.

  31. Hopefully they take me off the waitlist! I have been watching Boxycharm for a while.

  32. I might subscribe just for this! Great value between these three spoilers already.

  33. Love it! Even though I still haven’t filled my first Z pallette lol

    • Me too. I just bought it a week ago lol.

  34. When I saw spoiler #1, went to Amazon and added z-pallet to my cart. So happy to see spoiler #3, I am going to delete this pallet from my Amazon cart, saves me $20. Boxycharm is the best!

    • Omg too funny! Same here, exactly!! I’m super stoked for next month!

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