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5th Avenue Style – New Anchor Box – Lancaster Adeline Handbags + $90 Off Coupon

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There is a new Anchor Box from 5th Avenue Style – Lancaster Adeline Handbags.

The Box: Lancaster Adeline Handbags

The Cost: The price of this Anchor Box is the price of the Anchor Item you select & order.

COUPON: Use coupon code ANCHORLAD90 to save $90 off this box. This code is active through Wednesday, January 25, and will expire on Thursday, January 26.

The Products: Every  Box will include Anchor Handbag Item from new 2017 Collection of the brand below and 1-2 curated jewelry items. Additional 1-2 jewelry items to go with the box are complimentary.

Check out our 5th Avenue Style reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription box!

5ave1 5ave2

Anchor Brand
 –Lancaster Adeline Handbags

Please specify your preferences for complimentary jewelry by filling out
the online form below, otherwise we will choose it for you:
Your information remains private.

Shipping – Within 15 business days from the order date.

Will you be buying this box?

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  1. Can not decide between Poudre and Rouge-po )

  2. Hi everyone!
    Thank you so much for your kind support.
    At this time, I need to tell everyone that I feel that I should retract my negative comments about 5th Ave because I am confident that I am going to get a resolution to my problem.
    I know that they went about things in a manner that I probably would never recommend, but at least they were civil.
    Perhaps someone in customer service was having a bad day / lapse of judgement today, and I may have been the straw that broke their back (it happens…customer service is a really hard job).
    Today was likely just a glitch. I have glitch days too, and I am grateful if someone cuts me some slack at those times. I am happy that the drama is over, and there is communication between me and 5th Ave Style.

  3. I love their Anchor Boxes. Great concept and I have received some really beautiful items.

  4. I have never had a problem receiving a response from this company.

    Once they sent me a box very similar to one they had already sent me and I mailed it back with a note. They shipped me a replacement box with generous extras by way of apology.

    I was very satisfied with the outcome.

    • How did you contact them? I have been using the ‘contact’ part of their site (rather than sending an email through outlook). For any other company, this is usually the most reliable method of contact.

  5. I would NOT recommend this company.
    I have tried to contact them twice about an incorrect (and damaged) item that they sent me, and the only time they tried to contact me was through THIS site.
    I have taken screen shots of my emails as proof, as well as a copy of the picture of the item that they were supposed to have sent me.
    They have not contacted me personally, and I have not heard back from them.

    • Dear Rosemary,

      We contacted you on January 20 via e-mail but you have not responded to it (see below a dotted line.)
      Please reply to our e-mail directly to resolve the issue.
      You still hold our items, one of them apparently needs to be replaced but we can not do anything until you reply to us.

      Thank you

      5th Avenue Style Support Team
      Dear Rosemary,

      We are very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we have not received your first communication.

      We would have reacted to this right away.

      Please describe what is wrong with the item that was shipped to you and we will send you a return label to replace it.

      Again, please accept our apologies and we want to assure you that we will try to resolve this issue in the best way possible.

      Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience and miscommunication.


      5th Avenue Style Team

      • Who posted this email? If this was 5th Ave I will not be ordering this box from them. It’s extremely unprofessional to relply this way. I would fee like my privacy had been violated. I hope this is not the case as I was really looking forward to this box!

        • I also hope that this was not someone from 5th Ave. Style. It’s like they are trying to shame Rosemary for voicing her frustration on MSA. Also, I’m pretty sure if she had received a response from them( and I don’t mean this ridiculously inappropriate response posted here) that she wouldn’t have wasted her time to post about not receiving a response.

          • Hi! Yes, I can verify that this was the response that I found under my account at 5th Ave.

            I found it very strange that they chose to behave like this. Thank you for confirming that I was not being overly-sensitive; It feels a bit like being dumped via Facebook.

            I actually saw this particular response on this thread before I found the notification in my junk folder this morning (it had arrived at 11:46 AM today).

            Strangely, I had spoken to a bank representative earlier this morning (I have filed a dispute) and the bank said that they had not received any communication from 5th Ave to date.

            Anyway, on the bright side, at least I may finally be able to find a resolution to my complaint.

            I hope my experience is a one-off.

          • Dear Rosemary,

            It was not our choice to discuss it on this forum but you did not reply
            to our e-mail from 2 days ago and instead wrote here.

            At this point, you hold all our items and the funds have been withdrawn from us.
            Finally, it looks like today we were able to establish a direct communication with you and started working on the issue.
            As we said before, it is our goal to make sure that it is resolved in the best possible way.

            Thank you,
            5th Avenue Style Support Team

          • Dear 5th Avenue Style Support Team,

            You will definitely get your product back. I am keeping my eyes peeled for a return label. I will ship it as soon as I receive the label.

            Thank you for deciding that this post was the best way to contact me (rather than another email, a phone call, or a standard letter).

            I did contact your company again today, so I hope that you have the order details and all of my contact details already, and I look forward to your reply.

            Thank you,

      • Dear 5th Avenue Style Support Team,

        I was thisclose to purchasing this box from you because those are some gorgeous bags, but I would NEVER EVER do business with a company that chose to bully and a paying customer in public and use someone else’s website for customer contact. You should be ashamed of yourselves for this appalling behavior.


        The Customer You Just Lost

        • I like that 5ave responded. It’s good to know the whole picture. I don’t see anything wrong in company’s conduct. The client missed their email and started saying bad things about them here, on this forum. They replied politely. So what is bad?

          • The conduct that was really out-of-the-ordinary was, rather than try to contact me again, someone decided to publish the contents of the email that they sent me (sorry…that’s really weird behavior).
            I did not get the email that they sent on Jan 20th. They had all of my contact details, but they chose to interact with me with comments on this thread (sorry…that is also really weird).
            Those interactions could have, and should have, been handled in a private manner. Only after they found out why the customer thought that they were being ignored should they have made the choice to post a comment regarding the accusation or resolution. In this case, it was the customer who decided to write a comment about the resolution of the issue. However, if I had been an irrational client (not wanting this problem to be resolved) that is the time that the firm might think about posting a rebuttal.
            It is the inappropriateness of the series of comments that leads me to think that someone at 5th Ave Style was having a really bad day. I know from personal experience what that feels like when you are a company’s public liaison.
            So, that’s my two cents worth. I am taking this entire episode as a “what not to do in customer service”, and I hope I remember it the next time my customer service skills are tested.

          • Rosemary, I disagree with you. You wrote that you would “not recommend this company”. They had to reply to this. I wish that all of us can be kinder to each other.

          • You have the right to your opinion, and there is going to be a whole range of opinions. My poor opinion of this company’s customer service did not develop over night.
            I never wanted any drama from this company…I just wanted to purchase a single blue bracelet.

  6. I just ordered this. I’ve been needing a good purse. I chose the red one with the pink stripe. Hopefully I like this package! 🙂

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