Takeout Kit Meal Subscription Box Review – November 2016

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Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

Takeout Kit is a meal subscription box aimed at helping you explore international food at home.

Each month, Takeout Kit will send along the ingredients to a globally inspired dish that ups the ante on your favorite takeout cuisine. According to Takeout Kit, all of their ingredients have a two-month shelf life, so you can cook your meal right away or wait until you have a free night to indulge.

Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

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This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

The Subscription Box: Takeout Kit Around the World Subscription

The Cost: $25.00 for 1 kit per month, or $48.00 for 2 kits per month. Shipping is free!

The Products: The ingredients you need to make takeout-inspired meals from around the globe.

Ships to: U.S.

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Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

The meal this month is chickpea tikka masala, a vegetarian Indian recipe made from chickpeas and tomato-based sauce. This sheet lists out the items in the box and gives a little background on the dish.

Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

On the flip side, you’ll find the recipe along with a little graphic guide to what supplies you’ll need (pots, pans, etc.). There’s even a little note about how to say the Indian version of “bon appetit”!

Cook Time: 35 minutes

Serves: 3-4

Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

2 Packages (20 oz) Garbanzo Beans from Jyoti Organics – Value $3.80

This is a lot of chickpeas! I like that they’re packaged in water (which you have to drain before mixing these into the sauce later on) and sea salt (but not too much). And they’re easy to use. Just tear open the package, drain, and voila! I’m used to chickpeas in cans, but I might have to look for packages like these for my cooking in the future.

Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

Muir Glen Organic Crushed Fire Roasted Tomatoes – Value $2.19

I liked that these are fire roasted rather than just plain. I think the roasting adds an extra bit of dimension to the dish.

Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

100% Coconut Milk from Aroy-D, 8.5 fl oz. – Value $1.57

This little box of coconut milk is what gives the dish its creamy consistency. Have your scissors handy to snip the package open!

Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

Pure Indian Foods Grass-Fed and 100% Organic Ghee, 1.1 oz. – Value $2.04

I’ve never cooked with ghee, which is clarified butter. It’s sort of translucent and gritty and scoops easily out of this little jar. I like that this is organic ghee from grass-fed cows. High-quality ingredients mean a tasty, healthy recipe!

Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

There were also some non-branded ingredients in the box. This big bag of rice is one. You have to rinse and drain the rice to get the starch off, but it comes out fragrant, fluffy, and delightful.

Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

Inside these little baggies are perfectly portioned out onions, rice spices (Including a cinnamon stick? Cool!), and a tikka masala spice blend. As part of the recipe, you have to rehydrate the onions by soaking them in water. I feel like drying the onions makes the flavor sharper in a way that makes the onions a bit more bitter than regular usual. This permeated the dish a bit—it wasn’t terribly distracting, but if I was to make it again, I might just want to run out and get a fresh onion to try!

Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

Other smaller ingredients came packaged in a little brown takeout container. I see what you did there, Takeout Kit! The little green after-meal refreshers aren’t part of the recipe, but they are a typical part of the Indian restaurant experience. I think it’s so fun that they came in this box!

Read our review of the November 2016 Takeout Kit!

When you make the recipe, you’re basically cooking the two parts—the rice and the sauce—simultaneously on the stove. The rice was easier to make than I expected. It took just as much time as the recipe suggested to cook! The rest of the process is essentially mixing all of the other ingredients into a big saucepan, then letting it reduce a bit.

This fragrant dish tasted just like the chana masala I’ve had at Indian restaurants. The rice was fluffy and savory—the perfect complement to the powerfully flavorful sauce. I used all of the chili powder, so this was extra spicy, but the heat was rich and tasty rather than just hot. As I mentioned, the bitterness of the rehydrated onions peeked through the other flavors in the sauce every now and then. I wasn’t a huge fan of that, but luckily, everything else tasted so good and had such a pleasant, hearty consistency that it didn’t ruin anything.

Verdict: I’m very happy with this Takeout Kit. The recipe only took about a half hour and was easy enough for this amateur cook to whip up. It makes 4 servings (2 of which I’ve eaten already), and wow do the leftovers taste great (even cold)! That rounds out to be about $6.25 a plate, which is about the same (or less) than I’d usually spend on takeout (maybe of lesser quality). Plus, I walk away with a new recipe I can easily create again.

What do you think of this Takeout Kit dish?

Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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  1. No calorie information on the card? This looks like it would be reasonable based on the ingredients, but I have seen some subscription meal kits with like 900+ calorie dinners in them.

    Interesting that everything looks shelf-stable (more convenient than meal kits that deliver only fresh ingredients on one specific day of the week).

    Those are the only tomatoes I buy. If you make spaghetti sauce with non-fire-roasted tomatoes, it looks orange (even if you add red wine). It has the right color with the fire-roasted ones. And they go on sale at Whole Foods fairly often. (I think pretty much all chickpeas are packed in water and sea salt.)

    • Good point about the calorie counts, Ragan! I suppose you could tally up the calories from the major ingredients (the rice, the chickpeas, the tomatoes, and the coconut milk). Most Indian food I’ve had does get pretty calorie heavy. I wonder if you could cut some corners, too, if it’s a concern, by using less coconut milk or rice, skipping the ghee, etc. I would say if you’re diet conscious, this might not be the box for you – their focus is more on bringing takeout food to your kitchen than it is nutrition.

      And yes to that shelf-stable observation! Unlike other boxes, you don’t have to cook this meal right away. Save it for a fun night in!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      • I think there are very few (possibly no) meal prep subscription boxes for people who are diet conscious. Sigh. I am a little obsessive about calories these days but that is what worked for me in terms of losing weight so I am sticking with it. I would like to branch out and try new dishes, and meal prep boxes would be a nice change of pace, but I am still waiting for one that will work for me (so vegetarian, low calorie, and no mushrooms, which eliminates a lot…).

        • Hi Ragan, we now have calorie approximations on our product pages. You’ll need to navigate over to Takeout Kit .com but I hope that helps! I think you will be surprised at the relative healthiness. Cheers, Rachael

      • Hi Anna,
        This was a blast from the past reading one of our first reviews – I love it! We’ve changed a LOT since 2016 with tons of new meal choices, new beautiful boxes, etc. Wondering if you would have some capacity to write another review for old time’s sake? Please email me and we can discuss choices and where to send. Hope it works out 🙂

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