Ipsy December 2016 Glam Bag FULL SPOILERS!

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Ipsy 2015 Spoilers

We have FULL SPOILERS for the December 2016 Ipsy glam bag!

First, subscribers will receive one of the following in their shipment:


And here is a better look at the actual bag:


It doubles as a wristlet going-out clutch!

And here is the list of full spoilers thanks to Wonder of Glam! (Thanks for the heads up, Morgan!)

Here are all the items that will be sampled in the Ipsy 2016 December Glam Bag:







What do you think of the December 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag spoilers? What items are you hoping to get in your Glam Bag?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

And check out our list of the 15 Beauty Boxes To Try in 2016, and all reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find other subscriptions with similar price points to Ipsy!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. products i want:
    1. ciate velvet matte liquid lipstick
    2. OFRA eyeshadow/ highlight
    3. tarteist lip paint in wcw
    4. mintpear blending sponge
    5. mad lash mascara

  2. Does anyone know anything about the snow cream moisturizer? I was really interested in it but didn’t get it in my bag, and I can’t find it for sale or anything about it anywhere online? Even clicking the shop link on the ipsy product page doesn’t pull anything up?

  3. My bag contains:
    Moda Angle Shader Brush (I got an angled shader brush just last month! And there are two available this month. Stop with the angled shaders already!)
    Hanalei Lip Treatment
    OFRA Bliss Eyeshadow/Highlighter
    Ciate Liquid Velvet Matte Lipstick (that was my choice)
    Tarte Maracuja Oil

    I notice when looking at the full list that all my products are in order on the list. This leads me to conclude I slotted myself into a pre-made bag with my choice. I was so excited to see what the new preferences would do, but I don’t think they applied at all this month. I should have just not made a choice and see what they would have given. I’m not mad at the bag, though; it may be my best yet (recent subscriber).

    No nail polish at all this month? (I want it every month, personally…) I almost asked for a nail polish from customer service, but didn’t because I wanted to see what the new preferences would do. Obviously it wouldn’t have worked this month. I think next month I will not make any choices or requests and see what the algorithm does.

    • That may not be a pre-made bag. Mine has some items that are the same, some that are different.

      • Hm! Thanks for letting me know!

    • How did you get a choice?

  4. Hi! I dont know if its a Ipsy´s error but my bag has two of the “GOODIES”… The NYX eyeshadow and the tarte OIL!

    In my bag i got:

    Tarte Oil
    Nyx eyeshadow
    Ciate Liquid velvet matte liquid lipstick
    Shymphony Beauty moisturizer
    And Glycol Lactic Mask

    • I only got four products this month I was very disappointed

  5. Did anyone else not receive the item they picked? I was told I could choose my item, and they put another one in. I actually love my bag, so I’m not that upset, but I’m disappointed.

    • I got the item I picked, but I wondered what would happen if they ran out. I guess you found out 🙁 You should email or call and they will probably make it up to you somehow! I wasn’t terribly excited about the item I chose (but I couldn’t resist a choice). But it obviously put me into a pre-made bag; all the items I got are in order in their list. I should have not chosen anything and seen what the new preferences would have done.

      • I actually really like my bag, so I’m not complaining. It just threw me off since they told me I could pick an item. Oh well!! Better luck next time!!

      • They sent an email apologizing and have already given me the option to choose an item in January.

  6. I would love to get the tarte lip gloss. That would be a pretty shade for Christmas.

  7. My ideal bag would be:

    NYX Professional Makeup Prismatic Shadow
    tarte cosmetics tarteist glossy lip paint in wcw
    Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer or NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Serum
    OFRA Cosmetics Bliss Eyeshadow/Highlighter
    Ciaté London Liquid Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in Pin Up

    • I returned a prismatic shadow I bought because I was not into the “textured” look. That’s the nice way of putting it. It made my eye look 120 years old. Also, it fell out of the pan on 2nd use.

  8. Oddly the first picture is of almost every thing I got in nov. I got this was a review lol. I hope I get stuff I never tried, my whole point of getting these subs. 😊

  9. Love all the products!

  10. Can’t say that anything truly excites me, but if I could pick I’d take the Tarte gloss, INSPR brow highlighter, Pinrose perfume, Cake hand cream, and anything that doesn’t have argan oil in it.

  11. I have my fingers crossed for the Briogeo Curl Enhancer!

    • Curly hair is so difficult! Briogeo may be the only product I haven’t tried. But after using the Curl Keepers Original, it’s my HG. Non sticky, non greasy, not crunchy or stiff! It keeps my curls formed and not frizzy. I don’t want to try anything else for curly days. It was making the sub box circuit again a couple months ago. Keep an eye out for it if you have unruly curls.

      • I will definitely check it out! Thanks!

      • Yes thanks for the recommendation, I will give it a try too

  12. This looks like a great month. I love the bag itself. My dream bag would be the Josie Maran, Ciate liquid lipstick, snow cream moisturizer, Argan oil hair treatment, and the Ouai.

  13. So I has emailed about the picking/exclusions and initially they said I could pick for this month but apparently didn’t open my reply email in time for this month, so they said I could pick for January, here’s the options i was given to choose from for next month.

    Pacifica BLUSHIOUS in Wild Rose
    –Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment in Desert Sunset
    –IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in Light, Medium, or Tan
    –SLMissGlam Blend Beauty Brush L34
    –pur~lisse Blue Lotus Seed 5-in-1 Mud Mask
    –NOTE Fragrances Pink Peony Eau de Parfum

  14. Oh gawd please IPSY for the love of all that is holy, no more city color cosmetics.

  15. I want it all except the hair products & the oils/serums/moisturizers!

  16. I would like to get one of the hand creams, the blender sponge the roller ball of perfume, the snow moisturizer. I’m not excited about the guaranteed items, I guess the mix eye shadow. Really wish I would get what I want, but doubtful

  17. I would love the brow duo ❤

  18. Decembers options looks pretty good for our ipsy bag! I’d be happy to recieve anything other than hair products and creams, but here’s my top 7:
    -NYX professional makeup prismatic shadow
    -INSPR Duo brow highligther
    – essence cosmetics I love colour intesifying eyeshadow base
    -Bea gachic concealer brush
    -tini beauty eyetini eyeshadow in firestarter
    -Nudestix concealer pencil in mediun 4
    Would be very happy 😊 if I could get most of these choices. Cant wait to see.

  19. My best bag would be:
    Hanalei Lip Treatment (getting this)
    Ciate lipstick
    Smash box Insta-Matte
    mPrincess shadow
    Jersey Shore balm

  20. Lookin’ 👀 good Ipsy!

  21. Between my two subscriptions, I hope to receive:

    tarte tarteist Glossy Lip Paint
    Clearista Retexturizing Gel
    MicaBeauty Angle Eye Shadow Brush
    MintPear Beauty Blending Sponge
    MAKE Moonlight Primer

  22. What an awesome list this month! I’m down for anything, although I kind of hope I don’t get any brushes–only because I have so many already.

    Clearista Retexturizing Gel (I’ve wanted to try this for a while but the price tag stopped me from pulling the trigger.)
    PINROSE Secret Genius Rollerball (I love the name & I love trying new perfumes!)
    Josie Maran Illuminizer (From the “guarantee” list this is the one that most interests me.)
    Symphony Beauty Snow Cream Moisturizer (Whatever “snow cream” is, I’m into it!)
    Aurora Intensively Precise Eyeliner in Cinnamon (Yay for brown liner!)

    • I have heard on this forum you can contact customer service by email or phone and request they never send you brushes, or stop for the next several months! I have not tried it myself but it might also be helpful for those who get too many eyeliners or nail polishes!

  23. This month’s Ipsy looks pretty good! I just resubscribed. I hope I get this month’s bag. I’m canceling my Sephora play box once it ships this month.

    • Lupe,
      I recently canceled ipsy and subbed to Sephora (November was my first box). Why did you cancel Sephora? Just curious. Thanks!

  24. Decembers options looks pretty solid & I surprisingly like the fuzzy bag! I’d be happy to recieve anything other than hair products, but here’s my top 5:
    -Smashbox Instamatte
    -Mintpear beauty sponge
    – NakedPrincess gloss in Truffle
    -Clearista retexturizer
    -Aurora liner in Cinnamon (love me some brown liner!)

  25. I already know I’ll be getting the tarte lip paint so as long as i don’t get the nudestix, ouai spray or maracuja oil I’ll be happy. I already got them in previous bags. I ould love to get another lip product or the hand lotions.

    • How do you know an item you’re getting already??

      • I contacted CS and asked if they could put it in my bag and they said yes. They also let me opt out of nailpolish for the duration of my subscription and i opted out of bronzer/contour and eyeliner. They said to contact them when i want to make changes. I think i will take eyeliner off my opt list next month and add eyeshadow instead. They let you opt out of 3 categories.

        • I can’t wait until the day comes when they make this an online feature so we don’t have to email them. There are a few types of products I prefer not to get, but I’ll still leave it up to chance for now, as those make great (and cheap!) gifts for birthdays and holidays. I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy since March, and I have yet to receive a bag where I kept all 5 items, but I’m just too lazy to email them. Hmmmm… but I’m never too lazy to give my unsolicited two cents on MSA. Ha!

          • They definitely need to add the opt out feature to our profiles. It would make it easier for them as well.

          • Yeah, I was disappointed when I emailed them and said I never want a mauve lipstick again, and they said their algorithm can’t assign by color. Why not? That seems like one of the simplest filter options they could add, and especially makes sense since they added color preferences to the beauty profile. As you said, I hope they allow you to opt out of certain types of products on their website in the future, but also opt out of particular colors. Even if you could only opt out of one or two types of products or colors, it would be an improvement.

        • I would love to opt out of nail polish and eye liner. You contacted them from the Ipsy site?

          • Yes, just contact CS and ask to opt out.

        • Thanks for the helpful info. Wish I’d done that… how did you know about the Tarte Lip Paint being one of the options in time though??

  26. The Clearista is seriously holy grail for me. I’ve been using it for over a year (read about it online on the Oprah website) and am surprised to actually see it in an Ipsy bag. It’s part gel, part scrub and works better than an microderm-ish type product.

    • Is it safe to use on sensitive skin? All microdermabrasions really do a number on my skin to the point that i can’t leave the house.

      • I have sensitive skin and didn’t have a reaction to it.

        I do develop redness after using most other microderm products, especially after a professional procedure.

        I assume your results may vary but it’s atypical for me to use a product of this category with no reaction.

      • I probably shouldn’t use exfoliators like these at all because I have rosacea, but sometimes I feel like my face has a layer of dead skin that really needs to go. I haven’t tried this item, but I recommend using exfoliators at night right before you go to bed and following up with a good moisturizer so that your face has time to recover while you sleep.

        • I have rosacea and can’t use MOST face products – I react to vitamin C, sunscreen, and fragrance. I highly recommend Paula’s Choice BHA 2% liquid. I use it as needed on blemishes and if my skin gets flaky, maybe 2x a week at most.

        • OH Ps I was delighted to see they had actually offered that very product in an Ipsy bag in the past! They may have an offer for a discount here in the offers.

  27. I think my top five items from this list would be
    1. Ciate velvet matte lipstick (I know I’m getting this)
    2. Beau Gachis Concealer brush
    3. tarte tarteist lip paint
    4. josie meran illuminizer
    5. Mia beauty eyeshadow brush
    I also wouldn’t mind the inspr highlighter
    If I could get one of these beside the Ciate I would be so happy

  28. Apart from the hair products, the hairy bag, and the guy with the bad haircut and blue lipstick (notice a trend?) , everything looks terrific!

  29. Is it too late to contact them if i want to try a product?

    • I think the cutoff was 11/30. =(

  30. While I’m excited to see what products I will be getting, (the website said that would be revealed on the 5th), I’m most interested in seeing what that bag actually looks like. In some pictures it looks more pink than red, and it’s fuzzy. But in the close ups I’ve seen the bag, it looks hairy. Fairly short and fine-like but hairy. One thing I’m not seeing is a velvet like texture.

    • Yeah, I thought it was going to be velvet from an image on youtube, but close up on ipsy it looks fuzzy/hairy. I love that it is a clutch but not sure about the fuzzy bag. I usually love them more in person so here’s to hope!

  31. Thanks for the FULL Spoilers!!!😀 That bag is TOO cute!
    That Duo Brow Highlighter looks very interesting. And an eyeliner in CINNAMON??? Shut-the-Door!! That has my name written all over it! Being a pale blue Irish gal, the multitude of really great, but black, eyeliners I’ve received do nothing for me. Green eyes, pale skin…you do the math..😋 C’mon CinnamonI!!

    BTW, I received the Hanalei Lip Treatment in my very first Ipsy bag when I joined in the Spring. If you all haven’t tried that yet, get ahold of it. That’s the best thing since sliced bread! I’m in love with it. I wear it as a light gloss during the day & to bed every night, it’s not waxy, like those other lip things. It’s silky smooth, smells devine, but no flavor. I bought 2 full size tubes (1 for purse & 1 for night stand b/c I don’t like to be without it.) I can tell what a difference it’s made in the appearance of my lips, no longer bouts of dry & flaky, just soft all the time. Get that stuff!!
    I just love Ipsy for introducing me to so many great products I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Oh, and MSA too!!! What would I do without my daily dose of reviews, updates & spoilers??? Thanks Liz!😀👍

    • I’m obsessed with the Hanalei lip treatment too! I bought the two full-sized tubes through an Ipsy deal without having tried it, and what a great buy! I would love to get the sample size in my bag.

      • Have you tried the accompanying lip scrub? That’s really nice too! I got that in one of my first Ipsy bags, then purchased the full-sized scrub along with the lip treatment in an Ipsy Offer earlier this year (I skipped out on the two lip treatments offer that came out a little later since I still hadn’t touched the ones I bought in the 1st offer). As gross as this may sound, the scrub tasted just like when you take a drink from a sugar rimmed pink lemonade, which made me almost want to eat it. I didn’t though! But, if I got a little in my mouth, it didn’t gross me out as much as when I’ve gotten other lip scrubs in my mouth by accident.

        • HaHa Luna! I’ll have to try the lip scrub. Glad it isn’t gross…. and haven’t we tried the one’s that are? Yech!! You’d think since it’s applied on the mouth, they’d pay attention to that.
          I was able to p/u a couple of the small Hanalei tubes in a swap a few months back, I’ll look to see if anyone’s offering the scrub. Thanks for the idea.

  32. I resubbed basically because of the bag and I miss Ipsy compared to Sephora. So I cancelled that. Ipsy sends a lot of full size stuff! Anyway reveals are up and I peeked at what I am getting!

    Porefessional primer (pretty sure I got that in Ipsy before, years ago. It’s ok)
    Ofra highlighter (love their highlighters!!!)
    Quai wave spray (I have this and I don’t know about it)
    TheBalm mascara (never tried – Excited to have it)
    Tarte tartiest lip paint

    I think it’s pretty good! I’d trade the wave spray but that’s just because I already have it.

    • My profile says reveals will be up on 12/5. I noticed the items you mentioned are all in one photo for the “5 Night Out Essentials” post.

    • I think Samantha is right, I think what your seeing is a generic picture that we all received. I also see the message that bag reveals wont be until the 5th.

      • Oh I definitely read it wrong then! I clicked a peek now link in my profile and I thought it said that’s my glam bag items! My bad!!! That’s what I get for cheating and looking!

    • Lizzy G,
      I did the opposite, I canceled ipsy and subbed to Sephora. I did notice Sephora’s samples are tiny, though. How is the quality of ipsy’s products? Pretty good? I only had a couple shipments before I canceled.

  33. I know I’m getting the Ciate Pin-Up and hope it looks good on me. I would also like the concealer, an eyeshadow brush, and the lip treatment. If I got the concealer and the Ciate lipstick, I won’t be mad if the rest of the bag sucks, lol. While the concealer may or may not be too dark for me, I like NudeStix lip crayons and would like to try the concealer and hope it’s my color. I took a chance on Hanalei through an Ipsy deal without having tried it, and I LOVE it. Would love the sample size for my makeup bag.

    • I got the hanalei several months back in a bag and at the time didn’t really care for it because it just seemed like repackaged petroleum jelly. But then on a whim I pulled it out and stuck it in my makeup rotation as a sort of primer for my lips, and now I love it! I put a little lotion and then this over it at the same time I put my normal primer on, and then at the end when I get ready to put my lip stuff on, I wipe it all off and boom! Perfectly hydrated lips. I still don’t know that it’s too much better than vasoline, but I don’t really care. I hope I get it again, but I didn’t give it a very good review the first time so I probably won’t. Oh well.

      • I think it is far more hydrating than Vaseline, and it’s glossier and prettier. I also liked someone’s Amazon comment that it’s good for “accidental lickers,” lol. I think it smells nice and doesn’t have a gross taste, cause let’s face it, lots of us folks end up licking our lips sometimes or getting a little gloss inside our mouths.

        • I got this too and LOVED it. It even smells great, but it has sugar in it, which I can’t have. 🙁 So I wonder if wearing it on my lips (without licking) will put sugar into my system. I still use sugar scrubs because I am careful not to get any in my mouth, and I rinse it off right away. With the Hannelai, I used it overnight and could accidentally consume some. 😉 I need to look into it. Maybe it is negligible.

  34. I would like to get NYX eyeshadow, Cake beauty hand cream, Naked Princess lip gloss, Essense eyeshadow base, Quai wave spray

    • I hope you get the Ouai wave spray. I have 5 different brands of salt sprays and that’s my favorite!

  35. I’m kinda hoping for the perfume…never thought i’d say that but the description sounds wonderful!

    • That’s what I thought too!

  36. Looks like a good month. I have already received a few of these so I can mark them off the list. Would be happy with most of these.

    My pick 5 would be:

    1. Tartiest lip paint
    2. NYX Eyeshadow
    3. Nip + Fab
    4. Smashbox insta matte
    5. Barefoot instant hand repair

    I have curly hair (but wear it straight) & always receive the Marc Anthony products so I’m guessing that will be in my bag. Also I will probably get either an eye liner or brush too since I love both oh so much… I really hope the new profile will be looked at this month.

  37. Please oh please let this month be a good bag. I’m not trying to harp to much, but I’ve never been impressed with my bags. I always want the nailpolish, fragrances, serums, creams, masks, dry shampoo, and yet I always get lipsticks, brushes, eye shadows, eye brow stuff. I will honestly be so happy with even just 2-3 items that I want/can use, I can just swap the others. I’d just love to at least like a few of my items haha.

    • I generally prefer more makeup and don’t want some of the products you prefer, so maybe we can swap if we both hate our bags! Lol

    • What do you put on your beauty profile?? I need to copy it lol I would LOVE all the makeup items. Less moisturizers please. ugh.

  38. Oooh, I’m liking some of the options this month. I’d like:
    – Tarte Maracuja Oil (but I know I won’t get this since I just got it last month, so I’m hoping for the Benefit primer, since the other definite spoilers would be gifted)
    – Any of the lipglosses (they look like very wearable colors)
    – Symphony Beauty Snow Cream Moisturizer (a new-to-me brand)
    – Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Serum (yay, serum!)
    – Pinrose Secret Genious Rollerball (just to try a new perfume)

    • That’s my wishlist, too! I’m major into skincare and lipcolors right now. The maracuja is tops, don’t get me wrong, porefessional is great, but I’m still testing primers to figure out what I love. I can’t take anymore eyeshadow, especially singles that get lost in the palette shuffle.

      • I’m a huge skincare junkie. While I’d be happy to get one of the lip products and/or perfume, I would truly prefer a skincare only bag, but I know that’s not realistic so I had to include two non-skincare items in my Ipsy wishlist. 🙂 BUT, if I could, I’d replace those with:
        – Privai Aqua Gel Mask (this is a new-to-me brand)
        – Barefoot Venus Ginger Snap Instant Hand Repair (I LOVE hand creams, and this is a brand I haven’t heard of either)

    • That’s pretty much exactly what I want!!!

  39. wow, all those really look like fun options. I’d really like the lip gloss in pin up. I could really use some more face moisturizer. The lip treatment or matte blush looks fun too. Really would like anything except more eyeliner

  40. My featured products shows the porefessional & the tarte lip but not the other 4. It shows the ofra shadow/highlighter, ouai spray, & theBalm madlash mascara.

  41. Am I the only one that’s completely not thrilled with these options? 😕

    • Noooo…. I’m kind of in the same boat. I’m not terribly thrilled about the options either. But, we may just be pleasantly surprised 🙂

      • I feel like I’m seeing ALOT of repeats from last month and previous months? I dunno, I mean, there are a lot of items I would be happy with so this bag should be okay for me, but I’m rather surprised how many of them I’ve seen before.

    • Me too. The only thing I really want is the oil.

    • I don’t really like what I am seeing either. I don’t need or want curl stuff for my hair. No lotions either. But, I will hope for the best. I can’t complain because its only $10 and Ipsy is fun to get every month. Most of the time I find a few things I like. I also pay for two of my grown daughters to get a bag. One lives with me and one lives across the country. We have seeing each other’s bags.

  42. Looks pretty promising! Please no more felt tip liner os Porefessional samples. I can probably wholesale them myself by now!

    • Does that mean you’ve gotten the exact same item more than once? (On the same sub, not having multiple bags or from other subs). They aren’t supposed to repeat items, hence my query. Tia!

      • I’m sure I’ve gotten the porefessional and the same hikari pencil from them at least twice. I’ve definitely gotten duplicates of other things too, but I’ve been a subscriber for a few years.

  43. Such a fantastic month!! I would be happy with anything that’s not a mascara or an eyeliner. Super excited to see what I get!

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