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GlobeIn Artisan Box Subscription Update + Coupon

ByMSADec 29, 2016 | 45 comments

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GlobeIn Artisan Box
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GlobeIn has announced an update to the Artisan Box subscription. Starting in March 2017, there will be multiple themes to choose from each month. For January and February, login to your subscription settings to see which themes are available for you.

More from GlobeIn:

The demand for the Artisan Box has been growing. Every month YOU are employing hundreds of artisans all over the world and helping them create a better life for their families. Without you, GlobeIn would not exist and many artisans would not have access to fair wages and the global economy.

In 2016 we started reaching production capacity with many of our existing artisan groups in remote areas around the world. You might have noticed a few hiccups over the last few months: one product was delayed, another one had to be substituted at the last minute.

Moving forward, we have devised a new sourcing strategy for 2017 and beyond. Starting March 2017, we are planning on sourcing multiple Artisan Box themes each month rather than just one. This will enable us to place smaller, more manageable orders with more artisans, and ensure that all products arrive to you on time. This means more products, more options, more partnerships and more impact!

As the demand for the Artisan Box grows, we anticipate new themes to sell out. On our end, we promise that you will always have multiple theme options to choose from every month. If you do not like the themes offered, you always have the option to skip a month. We NEVER want you to receive something that you are not happy with.

January and February will be transitional months.

We have very short availability of the newly-curated themes for the next few months. A few important things that you need to know:

1) Not all current subscribers will be able to choose the newly-curated theme: we are prioritizing Artisan Box members that have previously received all of our themes. (We don’t want anyone to get a repeat box unless you want it!)
2) New subscribers will not receive the newly-curated themes in the next few months. Instead, you will get to choose from a variety of other exciting boxes.

***Please login to your subscription settings now to see what themes are available to you.***

3) If the newly-curated theme is not available, don’t worry! You will have a chance to get it in the future: we are creating a waitlist and will let you know as soon as it is in stock.

4) Remember, you can always skip a month if you are not happy with your current theme options!

You will receive a regular email about your January theme choices and add-ons on January 2nd.

We definitely welcome feedback to help us make a better experience for you – contact us at [email protected] Thank you for supporting GlobeIn and joining us on this exciting journey.

If you have a subscription- “You will receive a regular email about your January theme choices and add-ons on January 2nd.”

Also, if you’re thinking of signing up, use coupon code WELCOME to save $10 off of a 3-month subscription.

Check out all of our GlobeIn reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

The GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription featuring exclusive, handcrafted products from global artisans. Each box is curated around a monthly theme to bring you exciting products that make you feel well traveled and connected with distant cultures!
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Not to be snarky, but… seriously? This whole comment thread reeks of First World Problems.

Okay… so GlobeIn miscalculated the mass influx of new subscribers… shouldn’t we be happy they are achieving their vision of connecting small artists (often in Third World Countries) with interested buyers/patrons. Our dollars are helping a vast number of people to help themselves, provides a market for their art, and brings unique & beautiful items to us – the subscribers.

Working with small suppliers, it is inevitable “bumps” will be encountered. All in all (while imperfect), GlobeIn’s temporary measures and the expanded options that will soon be offered are reasonable and responsible. You can’t undo what’s been done — instead you identify why the pot is never full enough, plug the leak, and work to refill the vessel.

GlobeIn had to draw the line somwhere… so they chose subscribers who’d already enjoyed all of the previous offerings… newer subscribers have the opportunity to receive boxes not already received or to opt out. Nobody is being forced to accept any collection they’re not interested in…

Personally, even when I’ve not been overly excited by an upcoming theme – I withheld judgement until I actually received the box. One of the reasons I decided to get this subscription box was to expand my world view and appreciation of others’ art.

Have I ever received an item or box that left me unmoved? Yes and no… every box had included at least one item I really enjoyed. The other items were set aside for gifting to people who’d enjoy them better… 75% of my recent holiday gifts were from GlobeIn — with 100% excitement and appreciation from the gift recipients. Example: I don’t wear cotton, shibori scarves… but in addition to the two I received in boxes (1 artisan and 1 club)… I purchased 2 more. My point is that not every item must be to my taste to appreciate the craftsmanship and enjoy the confidence that either I or someone I gift will enjoy each and every thoughtfully curated item.

Some of the commenters are approaching this hiccup in (what I consider to be) a logical manner. Skip… for a month or two if necessary. Come spring, not only will the issues have ironed themselves out — but subscribers will have MULTIPLE new collections to choose from… all while still helping GlobeIn to fulfill their mission, independent artists to distribute their work, and bringing beauty into our lives.

The other option, of course, is to take your consumer dollars elsewhere… that is your right. Me … I remain a devoted fan of GlobeIn, their program, and their always top notch customer service.*

* I’ve had nothing but positive, above and beyond experiences during the life of my subscription.


Lame that they are only offering past boxes now. The past boxes I’m being offered didn’t interest me when they were released and so I never signed up for a subscription until I saw the Comfort box. And then they ran out of the tea cups they were initially offering and I wanted, but didn’t notify anyone until it was too late. And now I don’t even have an option for this month’s new theme? No thanks. The glasses look lovely so it’s too bad I can’t get excited for them, so I will skip this month (and possibly February too if it’s the same issue) and hope that they will have things better figured out for March.


The sharks on “Shark Tank” would rip this company to shreds for their excuse filled business model. They could learn a great deal from the sharks mentoring. Promises unkept and ongoing inventory problems are not good for business. Mr. Wonderful would say “you’re dead to me”.


In my opinion what this translates to is= ” We are not giving you our NEW items as promised when we took your money, Instead we demand you suckers take the crap off our hands that we have been unable to sale”! I didn’t like their previous boxes…that is why I waited to subscribe! And, if you don’t have enough of THIS months boxes, than why can’t I choose from ALL your past boxes? Like perhaps the “Picnic Basket” you obviously have them as they are for sale on the website…..but no….make your choice from the crap boxes we can’t unload!!! I did a 3 month sub….my first box was to be the “Giving” box….I chose a past box of “Savory” instead…and with the reviews of the “Giving”….stinky boxes that the lids don’t fit etc….I’m glad I did! Now the December “Comfort” box was pretty awesome…but guess what….I don’t even have the option to select another one of those!! I will “Skip” this month…and keep skipping until I get the option of the “Picnic” or a new one!


I agree. This company really sucks so far. They need the sharks help. Lol


The only other box I would consider is ‘kitchen’. Well guess what? They don’t have that one either. My options are a t-shirt that doesn’t fit or boxes that stink.
Thanks but no thanks.


They assigned me “Memory” for January, which I didn’t want when it was first offered, and still don’t now. Of course, the two themes I wouldn’t mine repeats of — Laundry and Hydrate — aren’t available as options. I’m skipping the month but may cancel if it appears this is going to be a regular occurrence.


I didn’t like the options I had to pick from and suggested some baskets I had had before and would like as an options. Their cs was very speedy and switched me to get hydrate again this month. Apparently some boxes don’t show up if you have had them before. So ago ahead and email them with a few other suggestions you would like instead 🙂


I have never skipped, and have been a subscriber for a year and a half, yet was not offered a “love” box for January, so there was no rhyme or reason for this. I cancelled because while sourcing issues are understandable with a box like this. Their communication and handling of issues over the last few months has been sub-par…to put it mildly….


I totally agree and had the same experience with not being offered the current box. Starting with the ‘we know it’s bad practice to send out a box item late’ with the argan oil it has been one mis-step after another. Not enough dish subs for the woven box, not enough placemats to sub, to no tea cups for anyone to now no actual BOXES for anyone. It’s gotten worse every single month. This ‘update’ sounds like lip-service. If someone skips a month due to not liking the items, they are now defaulted to accepting that box or getting put on the back end of the list for the next month. This company needs to re-think their business plan. Do NOT offer a box until you have the actual items in your warehouse ready for packing. That could be an 8 month lead time for the artisans. So be it. This is a game of numbers, and these sub boxes have a great advantage over general retail in that they know literally how many people have PRE-purchased their goods. They shouldn’t be scrambling every month.


I agree completely that their communication of this issue was lacking and handled wrong (people should have gotten the email before anything showed up as their default on the website for example). But playing Devils advocate for the complexity of this business for a minute, you said there may be a requirement for an 8 month leadime with some artisans. Yet how difficult would it be to anticipate your subscription numbers 8 months in advance? There is definitely a complicated balancing game going on here (plus weather and transportation issues) that makes it a bit more difficult than some other subs or businesses. That being said, it does seem like ALOT of people (and long term subscribers) are being left out on this case too, which is sad….


How disappointing. I just joined, did a 3 month plan. I most probably will not be renewing it. I was hoping to be able to get the past baskets when a current one was something I didn’t like or couldn’t use. Now I am stuck having to get past ones. If they could supply new people, they shouldn’t have taken in new ones.

Any suggestions of a different Artisan box to try?


Oh…and Fair Trade Friday does a full monthly box (about 3 items) as well as a bracelet only or earring only sub. I do the bracelet one and enjoy it for about $11 a month…but I haven’t signed up for the full box because Globein was more “my style.”


FYI if you don’t want any of the older boxes, you can skip months. It will extend your subscription until you get 3 boxes…maybe you can put it off until March and they hopefully have new boxes available for everyone. Not ideal, but it might help. I’ve been watching Elevita as another artisan sub….


GlobeIn has really confused me. If their reason for the change is not being able to obtain an appropriate number of the product, why do they have plenty of product left over to put them in the Club box and in the Artisan Choice. Other subs are doing the same thing. I got a one time Popsugar at a reduced price. I was not overly pleased but it was a reduced price. I then purchased a mystery box which I knew were items from previous boxes but I received the same items I had just received from the monthly box plus additional items. I never expected them to send items from a sub box they had just sent. Go figure.


I have been a subscriber for two months. For January they defaulted me to pamper box. It is such a topical situation for small businesses when suddenly business grow and they are not prepare to deal with it and don’t know what to do with it. The business idea is good but business model is very bad. They offered lately so many deals and coupons trying to get new customers but did not thought through how they are going to handle increased demand.


This sounds like a raw deal for new subscribers, too. You pay the same amount as everyone else, but you only have access to old stuff? Weird.


I feel this is a reasonable solution for their current situation. The subscription appeals to people who like to help others and enjoy the artisans’ products. It is rarely something that is needed but rather something we like or someone we want to help. For example, I have no use for the stuffed elephant, but I have one 🙂 In the end they will be providing more options than before along with the option to skip. That is not too shabby of a deal for the customer.


I’m sorry, Kimberly, but giving the option to current subscribers to skip a month has punished us. As you can see, it looks like only subscribers who have never skipped a month, will receive the new theme boxes.


^^ I read it as that is only how they are handling the next two months (never skipping a month=new box). Once there are multiple options a month in March, it should even out if boxes are comparable. For example, what I don’t select in March, I may be able to choose in April and so on.


I agree! The “skip” option provides an easy way for people to avoid receiving a box they don’t want. GlobeIn’s description of the changes confuses me a bit, but I really enjoy this sub and have always found their customer service to be very responsive, so I’ll hang around and see what happens. They seem to be trying their best, and I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt so far.


I feel the same. I love the boxes, and because I’ve only subbed for a few months, I’ve not received some of the past ones and I love that I can go in and basically choose to switch. Though, I can see how this doesn’t work for older subs, who have gotten all the older boxes already – however, per the email they sent, those people are the ones who get first dibs on the new boxes and I’m fine with that. It seems fair as it should be.

They’re working with small artisans. That’s the whole point. That’s who we are here to support. It seems expected that in that case, a bit more understanding and patience is required, as these aren’t mass-producing corporations they are working with.

As far as customer service, I had a mix-up with a gift box recently (my fault) and they were super responsive and got it shipped promptly to the right address for me. And my giftee loved it! So that all worked out. Overall, I won’t be unsubscribing. I certainly will give them a chance to implement this new solution and model that they are enacting to deal with the issues they’ve noticed.

Amy S

I cancelled, I can’t keep up with the up’s and down’s of this subscription service.


And that is the bottom line. When not happy with a sub, unsubbing is the best response unless you just like wasting your money. The only thing companies understand is the bottom line, remove your money, they must find solutions to their practices and business model. Return when the problems are solved. Easy peasy.


Me, too. It was causing more stress every month than it was worth.


I cancelled too. I was subscribed to both the benefit and artisan box, plus I usually purchased items from their online shop. All these mix ups and failures to communicate have been very off putting. I finally decided enough is enough.


While to some extent I understand prioritizing those who have already received all of the past themes, the box they assigned me to for January is one I just received in the past couple of months, so the system isn’t exactly working as planned. I’m skipping for January and hope to see them improve their systems in coming months.


For me, it doesn’t really impact me because I’ve never skipped a box. So I am set to receive Love in January and anticipate I will get the new theme in February. But I can see where other people are coming from in being angry. I would be too! I guess if they really are transitioning to having more than one NEW box available each month, that’s a good thing. That doesn’t help the people who are getting old options that they never wanted for the next two months, though.

It seems to be a problem of supply and demand. Frankly, if you don’t have the supply to match your demand, then you should not be taking in new subscribers at all at this point. I agree it’s, of course, fantastic that the demand IS growing because of the work that the company does to impact small artisans in remote areas. But they risk upsetting and maybe even losing some of their current customer base (many of whom have been with them since the beginning).

Would it not be better to maintain your company’s good reputation for customer service and take a few months away from allowing new subscribers until you can handle it? I’ve seen many subscription boxes which have a wait list to join and it just makes them all the more desirable because they are seemingly “exclusive”.


I am also taking a break. If I didn’t take the box before, it’s because it wasn’t my taste and I still don’t want it. So instead of being able to get the love box, I am stuck taking an old box I didn’t want and still don’t or skip the month…AND end up in the same situation next month when they again don’t have enough of the new boxes and we are stuck picking from the old stick…UGH…..very bad business practice.
And stop trying so hard to get new customers when you can’t satisfy the ones you already have!
I really liked the idea of this box but they have handled things very poorly in the last few months.


Agreed, Barbara.

If I didn’t want the box two months ago, what makes you think I want it this month, Globe In?


I unsubscribed over taking a break. I have skipped a total of 2 boxes when the contents didn’t appeal to me (specifically ‘threads’ and ‘comfort’). January’s box defaulted to me to ‘threads’. So: no new Love box for me (whose contents actually interested me) but now I also have to re-skip a box I’ve already skipped once because I flat out don’t want it. And now I go back to the back of the line for the next month box. I’ve been a subscriber for 2 years. It’s ridiculous to expect me to have some sort of “never-skipped! badge” to be able to be offered new boxes I’ve already paid for.


Totally agree. So who is receiving the “Love” box? The bloggers I’m sure. And apparently any current subscriber who has never skipped a month.


I am getting it. I have never skipped a month in 16 boxes but I have once I think chosen a different box (laundry) because I wanted more dryer balls and bags

I’ve never skipped a month (until now if I don’t get the LOVE box), but I have chosen other themes when a particular month’s box didn’t suit me.

Elle Em

Who are these bloggers? Maybe I am not looking in the right places, but I haven’t come across very many bloggers who review the GlobeIn boxes. I can think of this site, one other subscription site, and one YouTube channel that regularly reviews GlobeIn.


I like Globein and their business model. I can appreciate the complexity of dealing with small artisans combined with their recent growth. But, the transition is a misstep; essentially, they are punishing current subscribers for skipping boxes that didn’t meet their needs. As described, if I skip a box, not only do I not get the new box, but I default to the one I didn’t want before? I am taking a break while they sort this out.


They didn’t even default me to the one I skipped before. They defaulted me to the one that I had already gotten a repeat of (memory because I could just hold onto an extra planner for a year and can use a set of frames. The extra pencil cup can go one my work desk, vs home desk) What would I do with another repeat of it?

Good thing I went on here and saw current subscribers complaining about getting shifted to a repeat.

I skipped a box because of allergies. So even if they had sent me the box I hadn’t gotten before, were they really going to send me a box (that would make me sick) without any warning so I now have to deal with items I most definitely can’t use?

I skipped, and hopefully can get the love box in the next month or two.


Yeah, I don’t think they’re so worried about your allergies. If you skipped that box I think you can anticipate that you will be defaulted to that box until you accept it.
Your loyalty is rewarded with forcing boxes on you that you don’t want and have said out loud you won’t accept.
I sincerely hope you get the love box in the next month or two, but I highly doubt they have those wine glasses on order.


I received this email early this morning. I feel it’s a cop out. I personally sent Liza an email three days ago regarding the current debacle and never got a response from her. I think they sent this mass email out because I’m sure there were numerous complaints. I don’t appreciate how this situation was handled and it’s sad because they always had excellent customer service minus the past couple of months.


Liza is in Morocco visiting her family and answering email slowly. I sent her one about why I canceled- too much attention to gaining new subbers and no attention to loyal customers. She replied today (I guess it was today. She is in Morocco and I am in New Zealand, so it could have been yesterday or tomorrow).


Yes, I finally received the same email today. Another contrived mass email response.

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