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BoxyCharm December 2016 Spoiler #2!

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We have the latest December 2016 Boxycharm spoiler! (Thanks for the heads up Kalia!) Each box will include:


OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick – Value $19.90 (In Napa Valley)

The December 2016 Boxycharm subscription box will also include:


Pure Cosmetics Buff Collection Palette – Value $50

What do you think of the latest December 2016 Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. Liz,
    They posted the third spoiler on Facebook. It says everyone is receiving Butter London polish, Butter London eyeliner OR Model Co bronzer.

  2. Spoiler #3

    We are getting either a Butter London nail polish, Butter London eyeliner, or Modelo Co Bronzer. Go check out BoxyCharm IG or twitter. Just posted 17min ago!

  3. I really wish most sub boxes would allow you to pick what color lipsticks you get! While I understand that colors like Napa Valley are very trendy right now, not everyone can (or wants to) wear it.

    Getting to choose my lip color was the one thing I liked about Julep’s December box, even though Julep Maven as a whole is meh for me. I also like how Ipsy has now made it a feature on the beauty questionnaire to ask what lip colors we like. So my hope is that other sub boxes (including Boxycharm) will follow suit.

  4. Wishing for different colors for the ofra lipstick. Just spent points on some newer products in the charm shop.

  5. Please lipstick God give me the Napa valley it’s the only one I don’t have of the four new ones lol.

  6. I wish I were hip/edgy enough to rock that gorgeous lip color … but I’m not 😛 Still, I think it’s great that they’re including a darker/bolder lip choice, because those seem rare for most sub boxes.

    Would anyone like to give my ofra lipstick a good home? No trade necessary–just want someone to be able to use and enjoy it. Respond first and it’s yours! (Though it will likely be a few weeks before the box arrives.)

    • I would give it a good home 😊

      • Done! Send me an e-mail at eric1953 AT umn DOT edu and we can work out the details. 🙂

    • Aww I was the first one to comment and it didn’t post 😭😭😭

      • Oh bummer! Now I wish I had two of them to give. Hope you can find someone willing to share or trade.

  7. Is Napa Valley a purple metallic lipstick 😍

  8. Everyone is getting the color Napa Valley boxycharm says.

    • That sucks for someone like me who is fair skinned. The first glimpse at this spoiler said there would be color variations. I’m so sad that’s not the case. I don’t own anything from Ofra, and looks like I’ll be swapping this or giving it away 🙁

      • My daughter in law is very fair and always thought she couldn’t wear these kinds of color’s .But she has learned from raiding my stash that they look awesome on her.Very fair blond blue. Eyed beauty

      • I feel the same way this color is very daring, especially for us with fair skin. The app hautelook has ofra sometimes for half off I just purchased Bel-air for 9$ about two weeks ago. I wish boxy would give better option choices for at least color variations people would like to receive

        • For real! The first spoiler that showed the Ofra, it said there would be color variations, but now, they say we are all getting the same color 🙁

  9. This is already looking like an amazing box!

  10. Omg that color is gorgeous!!! I hope I get Napa Valley or Bordeaux!!!

    • I think everyone gets Napa Valley.

  11. I’d like to subscribe to Boxycharm! If I do it now, am I sure to get a December box and not November?

    • Yes! The last chance for the Nov box was yesterday! 🙂

      • Thanks Jackie! I’m excited for the December spoilers so far but not so much the November ones. That’s why I was wondering. Boxycharm seems well worth the price!

        • Your very welcome, Heather! I hope you love your BoxyCharm as much as I do! Dec will be my 3rd box and my Oct box was worth like $147 and last months was worth around $130 so I’d say its so worth it! The way I look at it, we pay $21 a month (well $22 and change for me because I’m in Florida), so we get 5 items so each item costs us a little over $4! Well worth it in my opinion. Especially considering last month and this month were $50 palettes! I have 2 kids so there’s no way I could spend that kind of money on makeup, let alone on just 1 eye shadow palette lol!! 🙂

  12. I just bought a bunch of these at 50% off

    • How did you get the 50% off. I would love to gift a couple of these too if I could get 1/2 off! Thx

  13. I think we are getting a makeup eraser cloth too. Boxycharm has it in their shop under “December 2016 box” I think it may have been a slip on their part, but I’m not complaining!

    • Where did you see that? It still says Nov on mine under the boxes and I didn’t see the towel in the charm shop

      • Not the charm shop but if you add to your cart and then continue shopping it opens the full shop (not just charm shop) then you can filter and one of the options was Dec 2016 box and the makeup eraser popped up!

        • Ohh awesome! I hope we all get it. So far both spoilers have not been variations (except the color of the Ofra) so I’m hoping BoxyCharm is back on track 🙂

  14. I placed my Allure sub on hold. Considering Boxychsrm instead. I have kids so only one sub per mo. for me. Thoughts or any other recommendations? Thx

    • *Boxycharm

    • Go for BoxyCharm girl! You will not regret it. I’ve only been with them going on 3mo and I’ve been so happy. My first box retailed for like $147 and last months box was like $130 something. Its so worth it considering you only pay $21 for the box. The way I look at it is, you get 5 items a month so its like your getting each item for a little over $4. And last months eye shadow alone retailed for $49.95 for just 1 item! You just can’t beat it! Its a great way to build up your makeup collection. I’ve got 2 kids myself, so there is no way in hell I would buy a $50 eye shadow palette. So that alone is why I’m a diehard BoxyCharm fan! 🙂

      • I so agree! I have been a Boxycharm subscriber for 2 years, and have never regretted it, for 21$, its truly one of the best! You’ll love it! Enjoy.

      • Lol! Thanks for the awesome info! Yup, with every kiddo that comes along, mama always comes last. My days of $50 pallets are only a memory now!Do you want me to use your referral code? I tried to find a promo code but it looks like just referral codes.

    • Personally I love boxy so much more. There tends to be more makeup. Allure is hit or miss. They send more lotions, shampoo, etcs. I think it all comes down to personal preference.

    • If you have interest in cruelty-free options, or even just less mainstream brands (that are still fab, high end quality) I HIGHLY recommend Benevolent Beauty Box. They started just under a year ago & have been going strong ever since & have STELLAR customer service/ communication. They have two box size/ price options – one a bit more & one s bit less than Boxy – & have had occasional promos as well for deeper discounts. All products are full-size, w/ the larger box having 5 & the smaller having 3.The box focuses primarily cosmetic beauty items w/ a bit of skincare as well (though they do currently have a special one-time/ LE skin care box available that is separate from the monthly sub boxes.)
      I have been getting the box since it started & have overall been very impressed. I’ve especially enjoyed getting to try some smaller brands that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about, some of which are now favorites, though there they do include some larger brands as well (such as Ardency Inn, which is available @ Sephora).
      Hope the info helps!

      • Is the LE box a skin care box?

  15. I kinda think that lippie is their Napa Valley, sooo pretty! I really hope I dont get a color I just bought, I went a little nuts with Ofra’s black friday sale, lol! Almost bought Napa Valley but changed my mind at the last minute, so I hope I get it here. Ofra’s lippies are The Best!! Beautiful pigment, no tackiness, doesn’t dry my lips out, and no transfering. So excited to see what else they’ll have for us this month!!

    • Me too! I bought several on Black Friday but not Napa Valley so I hope it’s one of those. (Or another I don’t have)

      • Rumor is is that each box will contain one of the shades from their vineyard collection! Which would be amazing, I have Bordeux, Tuscany, and Napa Valley waiting in my cart so I would be stoked with any of those!

  16. I’m glad to see people who are familiar with this product talk about the formula. The last two full-size liquid lipsticks I got from Boxy were both unwearable. Neither dried down all the way. They remained sticky and I was constantly aware of having them on my lips. I don’t want to FEEL my lipstick at all times. I hope this formula is good. I also love this dark purple. Definitely wouldn’t mind that color variation.

    • Did you get the Bellaperre? It was so sticky and never did dry down which was sad because the color was beautiful.

      • Try using a powder over it. I exfoliate apply chopstick then do all my makeup then apply the bellapierre liquid lip then I dust ofras banana powder over it and it’s perfect! Mine was such a perfect neutral color I could not waste it!

        • I am hoping you all knew I meant chapstick not chopstick 😆

          • It just made me crave Chinese food! Great tips though!!

          • I was wondering how you used the chopstick*giggle*❣

        • Yes! The color was beautiful!
          I’ll try that powder trick. I just tend to like more low maintenance lipsticks.

    • The OFRA formula really is very nice – in my top 5 of the 22+ I’ve tried – so hopefully it will work well for you!

  17. So excited !!! Can’t wait for this months box. I’m not looking at anymore spoilers.

  18. I love Ofra products but that color is to dark. I love purple lipstick but a lighter color.

  19. I hope it’s a color that flattering on dark skin. I am so sick of the nudes and pinks.

    • Me too. Hoping for more diversity in what they consider “nude”

      • Last time they sent an Ofra liquid, I got Americano, a dark nude (in fact, too dark for me, they had sent out a light nude to other subscribers but not me). Ofra has a pretty good range of nudes.

    • Me too! I have medium skin and rosy almost red lips, all the lippies I’ve gotten so far do not work for me. Seriously, what’s with all those hideous nudes?Ugh.

  20. I LOVE Ofra lippies

    • Me too! They stay on all day, plus they smell great!

    • This one looks like it might be one of their metallics!!!! That would be awesome.

  21. If we sign up today will get Dec? I was trying to use a promo code and couldn’t find a place to put it in.

    • Yes if you sign up today you should get this box. I doubt there are any promo codes, unless the cyber monday code still works. They rarely do codes.

  22. Yay! This will be my second boxycharm. I dropped ipsy for it last month and was having second thoughts when I saw the ipsy spoilers… but I was tired of the super teeny samples. The November boxy was a huge win for me- I’m loving everything. Can’t wait to try this.

  23. I sincerely hope the colors vary. I’m incredibly pale. I’d look like Wednesday Addams. Yay for Ofra lip products, though!

    • Lol. I was thinking the same thing. I am extremely pale and this color just would not work on me.

    • I’m light also. This is only my second box, after watching for months. Now I’m concerned about this box. The Ofra is soooo dark. I wouldn’t be able to wear it without a topper. And the eyeshadow doesn’t look like it would show up. I gues we lightest skinned people get a chance to see how darker skinned people feel.
      I may wait to see reviews and then put them up for trade!

  24. I hope the formula is good. I haven’t tried Ofra yet

  25. OMG! Been curious about OFRA’s liquid lipsticks. This will to awesome. Boxycharm is my #1 Favr Subscription Box and I found out about them from your site. So thank you, thank you and love your spoilers and reviews!!!

  26. Metallic color !!! Yah

  27. I’m a little confused, the theme that appears on Boxycharm’s instagram is a ballet theme and it says “Makeup on Pointe” The theme in these pictures looks like a fortune telling theme…

  28. Love Ofra lip products. Can’t wait!

  29. I’m excited to try this brand but I really hope I get a color that compliments my skin tone instead of one I won’t be able to wear 🙁 I seem to have pretty bad luck with subscriptions and it seems like I just get leftovers.

  30. Oh I hope it’s not that color. Exciting. I’ve been wanting to try this lipstick

  31. I’m wearing Pasadena, a cool mauve that leans toward purple. I really like the formula and color. I’ve also received Americano which is a reddish-brown. It’s a pretty color but doesn’t look great on me. I really hope they send out wearable colors.

    • I have both of those colors too! I got Americano from Boxy months ago. I love Ofra’s lip products! I didn’t think Americano would work for me, but turns out I do like it and it lasts so long! I bought Pasadena with one of the sub codes and a couple other items. 🙂

    • I am wearing Pasadena today too 🙂 I really love this color.

  32. Oh no, please let the lip color not be that horrible purple in the picture.

  33. I hope I get this lipstick my boxes have been different from a lot of people I hope I get this at least.

  34. Yaaas! I’ve been wanting to try one of these. I got one from lip monthly months ago and it sucked but I think it was almost dried out. Super excited!

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