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UPDATE! Play! By Sephora November 2016 Box Variation FULL SPOILERS!

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Sephora Play Spoilers

UPDATE! We have the FULL SPOILERS for all of the November 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription boxes!

How to find out which box you are receiving:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

(Thanks, April!)

The theme is Best in Glow, and here are the four box variations:

Box ending in 322:


Instagram Source: printesadaniela

Box ending in 985:


Instagram Source: makeupandbookgirl

Box ending in 314:


Instagram Source: rebekahmtzjohnson

Box ending in 977 :


(Instagram source: ree_michele)

What do you think of the November 2016 Play! by Sephora spoilers? Which box are you getting?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Uhh my last numbers are 778

    • Lol looked at wrong number

  2. I had the 314 box registered since the beginning, I ‘ll receive my box this Friday, and today sephora change my item number to:1850122. ?

  3. I was so excited when I found out that all the boxes were containing glamglow. I’m getting box 977 by the way. Unfortunately this was the one box I didn’t want. Anything with the word illuminating is not good for someone with oily skin like me. I’m also allergic to eucalyptus so the glam glow can’t be used. Overall I’m disappointed because I don’t have acne or blackheads checked, but I do have redness, ageing, and sensitivity.

    • Hi Mel. Everyone should have some Glamglow in her life. I got box 985 with the youthmud, which I think is eucalyptus free. I’m not on the swap site yet, but if you want to trade Glamglow samples, please feel free to E-mail me at eric1953 AT umn DOT edu.

  4. I received 314 today. You have 322 on314 I know Since I received it.

    • wait so you got the gravity mud instead of the thirsty mud?

    • The boxes are numbered wrong? I’m getting 322 but am I getting what’s listed in 314? I was really wanting the silver mask

      • I got box 314 today, and it’s exactly the same as whats pictured for 314.

      • I got 314 today and it was exactly what is pictured above.

  5. Got my box today #977 and it only had 3 items in it. 🙁

    • Contact Sephora. They will fix it. Nothing we can do.

      • From what I hear they don’t replace missing or damaged items anyways

    • Mine had 4 🙁 Im getting a refund but really rather had the products.

  6. My box (985) showed up today with no tracking email or info showing up on my account. I got a tracking email AFTER my box was delivered. I think this is the second month that this has happened. The eyeshadow stick though IS PERFECTION! I love it and will probably buy the full size!

    • This happened to me too! I knew my ipsy bag was supposed to be here on Wednesday, and I saw the black and white box and did a little shriek and dance for my neighbors to witness…because who doesn’t love an extra box to open???

      I got a tracking email a couple hours ago…and I’m sure as heck not gonna complain if I somehow get two boxes…these samples are sooo tiny this month! Which made me sad, because I really wanted to try everything in there more than for a week or so. 🙁
      I ended up cancelling so I could sign up for boxycharm instead. Extra 10 bucks, but sooo worth it in my book.

      • Okay totally agree! Everything is soooo small. Will take the December box and then off to a new sub!

  7. I got 322 today and I’m much happier this month than last month. The perfume is different but nice. I always love masks. The caviar eye color stick is really pretty.

  8. I’m super excited to be getting 977!

  9. I got 314. I am super happy with my bag. I added up how much it is worth and I got just under $70. That is amazing for a $10 box.

    • I meant 322

    • I’m fine with my box but how do you even come up with that amount these are tiny samples most say not for resale, you could get them for free if you had the time to run around and get them.Other boxes offer deluxe sizes and even full size but not play

      • You can buy the Glam Glow mask (same size at 0.5 oz, different packaging), and it costs $22. As for the others, I’m not sure, but that alone makes the box worth it for me!

        • I’m glad you enjoy it but wow at Sephora they sell it in a small jar instead of the tube .I know it says it’s the same amount but is it really? .It makes since to me that you would get more in something that was for sale then a sample we get in our subscription boxes .But hey to each his own god knows I have my weakness for lip color’s .Come one come all lol I love them all,correction not orange but you get my drift.i bought a sample of smashbox products for 28.00 and they were all nice sizes or at least filled to the brim.??And please don’t think I don’t like my samples ,I love them all and if I don’t they find a loving home

      • I would agree. I don’t feel the value is good. I think I’ll get Dec then leave

  10. Got 322 today and the fragrance is completely empty and soaked into the bag 🙁 Have any of you had luck getting a damaged product replaced?

    • I haven’t tried it for the Play box yet, but Sephora CS is usually great. I had luck through email, although calling may be faster.

  11. I hope the lip gloss is Pin Up Pink – it’s the one I usually buy and it’d be nice to have a Extra! ?

    • I received Pin Up Pink! You are right, love it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about my box, but I do love everything. The goodies are truly high end deluxe samples.

      I have always received a shipping notice the day before or day of delivery. LOL. That’s fine, I LOVE Sephora.

  12. I received my box today 522 ,I never received any shipping notice and it still doesn’t show up on the Sephora site.So I tried the perfume and I smell like a man,hopefully my husband will like it.The Laura mercier caviar stick doesn’t show up on my skin and I’m a pretty light person considering I’m not allowed In The sun for longer than 5 min.Thank gid the lip product is a gloss and not hot pink lipstick and it feels really nice on.ill use the other two products ,but I have so many moisturizers and mask that I’m making baskets for Christmas. So all In all ehhhh but I fell perfectly fine because I went online and bought what I really wanted so Im a happy camper?

    • Wich mask do you receive?

      • Gravitymud the purple one

        • I just tried it and love it it’s fun goes on silver and peels off reminds me of the ones we would do as a teenager

          • Ohh sounds fun,I haven’t got to try mine yet

          • Just loved the glamglow mask!! So fun and my skin felt sooo nice after! My son said I looked like the Tin Man from the wizard of Oz!! LOL!

  13. I haven’t received my shipping notification yet, but I am happy to get 322. This month, I think Sephora did a much better job of doing the variation although not sure the mystery behind who gets moisturizer or make up remover… This box also fits my profile of normal skin and anti-aging concern. I wish they add fragrance profile since they are sending a couple of variation. I do enjoy perfume samples and so far my favorite is Tory Burch.

  14. My Glamglow had A Safety seal on it,Someone mentioned there was empty so I thought I’d just let you know about the safety seals I received my bag today and I love it it was 314 I believe

  15. I just received my box; never got tracking info! (first time that’s happened) What a disappointment!!!!!!!! The Glamglow is empty, I’ll be lucky if I get a drop out of it. This is what I was looking forward to the most. Knowing that they won’t replace the item sucks even worse. I will be contacting them anyway, since I think they’ll add some points to my account…but I’m just really upset about it. Ugh

  16. I’m getting #322 and finally a wow!!! No shipping email yet, wish it would hurry!!!

  17. I was originally supposed to get 322, but now it’s showing 314 in my account. Either is fine by me! It hasn’t shipped yet, and my boxes usually ship on the 14th. Maybe I’ll come home to a surprise and my bag will be there, looks like that has happened a few times to other people!
    I’m excited about the caviar stick, perfume (although I wish I was getting the fireside rather than lipstick scent, but maybe I’ll love it), moisturizer. I don’t really use a primer, but it will be fun to try this one. Unfortunately I’ve tried GlamGlow before and had a reaction to it, so I will be swapping that one, as well as the lipgloss, which is not a good color for me!

    • that’s funny mine originally said 314 and now it’s 322 lol

      • Mine 314 and now is 122. ?

  18. I’m getting 322. This looks like a great box. I am a fan of Glamglow but haven’t tried this one. I love the caviar stick already. Caudalie is amazing. A lip gel and a primer. This is a great value. I’m very excited. Thanks for the preview.

    • I have this mask and it’s amazing. it goes on silver and then you peel it off

      • Make sure you stay out of the hairline and put on a thick layer. I did a thin layer so I didn’t peel off because not enough product and had to wash off. So did a second thicker layer a couple days after and it came off nice. I got two uses out of th is sample.

  19. I am getting 322. Looks good to me.

  20. What a box!! All the variations have glamglow!! ?

  21. Where do I look to find my box # at??

    • Go to your Sephora Play account and click the order number for November. It will take you to the order details, where you can see the box number.

  22. none of the variations rock my world. This month is just awful – glamglow is so overrated. oh well. hopefully, december is better – I am tired of these pink lip colors.

    • I agree completely. I don’t understand why everyone hypes them… They’re overpriced and the ingredients really aren’t even good.

  23. I’m getting the 322 variant and couldn’t be happier! Wanted to try that Gravitymud for awhile. Funny thing, I just purchased the Caudalie full size a month ago, haha. This will be perfect for travel or my gym bag. Such an amazing moisturizer! It’s super light, non greasy, and makes my skin so soft, even, and moisturized without becoming oily. Love it!

    • This is the one I’m getting too and I’m so excited about it!

  24. Okay, so I unexpectedly received my Play! by Sephora box Monday but had never received a tracking email. My account still said “in process” when I had looked earlier that day. I found that odd but just went on my merry way.

    Yesterday evening, I received a tracking email from them. I figured it was just sent out late and would say it had already been delivered. However, it says it’s “Ready to Go” and that details will be available once the package arrives at the UPS facility. Weird! Is this just a fluke, or am I going to receive another box by mistake? Has this happened to anyone else?

    • It happened to me yesterday! (I have another comment further down that I posted yesterday as well) I still haven’t gotten a tracking number for the box, mine still says in progress on my account. But I called the Sephora help number when I received the November box yesterday, and they said if I do end up getting 2 its fine and keep both.
      I had another order that I purchased during the VIB sale and they got delivered at the same time, so maybe there was a glitch in their warehouse and it sent out all the boxes that were for me? No clue – but happy accident!
      Granted the lipgloss was missing from my box yesterday, so hopefully I still get the other box. And the SA checked with me at least 3x that it wasn’t the October box. Haha.

      • Same thing happened to me. My account still says “in progress”, and I haven’t received any shipment notification emails of any kind, but my box just showed up on my doorstep today! It sure we be nice if we end up receiving two!

        • Ikr . . . especially if we get two different ones!

    • Same thing happened to me, only I just got mine today and still haven’t gotten a tracking email. It still appears as blank on my account…

  25. I kind of guessed that it was going to be very similar box for everyone because you can tell from the illustration on the bag that everyone will receive those 4 items. I am getting box 314 and I am glad I am not getting the estee edit make up remover. So much prefer the moisturizer by Caudalie!! I have never tried Glamglow so exited to try that out. Cover fix primer is new to me but I will experiment with mixing it with my other primer to give a little glow. The Laura Mercier Cavier stick, YES!!!! It would work amazingly under my eyes without getting powdery. If I get to given a different shade or different brand for the lip gel, this box would have been the perfect box. This box is so much better than the last one.

  26. I’m very happy I am getting the make-up remover instead of the Caudalie moisturizer because I still have a loooot of unopened moisturizers to go through.

  27. I am happy that everyone is getting Glamglow and I am super happy that Im getting the Youthmud. I haven’t tried glamglow yet but I have become really excited about getting a sample since joining the subbox world. The rest of the stuff looks fun too so Im very much looking forward to getting my box.

  28. My ends in 385 – I checked repeatedly to make sure it wasn’t 985 – any guesses?

    • Are you sure you’re looking at the item# rather than the order#?

    • Mine is 122, supposed to be 322.

  29. I am getting the 977 box. i like all but the perfume sample. hopefully, i can get someone to swap with me for that, but its through invite only. so if anyone thats interested in swapping, let me know. =)

  30. I got 977. All the bags are very similar. I’m just slightly bummed I didn’t get the purple or the black glamglow since I already have a full size container of the supermud. Over all this was just okay. Definitely not a box to cancel over, but nothing really sticks out except the caviar stick.

    • I am getting the purple if you want to swap

  31. I”m getting 314. Looks like a great month! I’ve always wanted to try the caviar sticks and normally the perfume I can take or leave but I’m intrigued the description of this one, so we’ll see if it lives up to what i’m expecting. Happy camper overall.

  32. Hmm…mine ends in 443. Anyone else have that one? Curious about what it might include.
    Also, does anyone know if the ship dates vary a lot; mine still hasn’t shipped. Thanks!

    • I’m getting 322 and mine still says “In Processing.” Ugh! Come on, Sephora!

  33. I got the 322 bag today and I’m very happy with it!

    • Do you know what shade the gloss and caviar stick are in?

      • The lip gloss is in pin up pink and the caviar stick is in rose gold. (Those were the colors I received anyway)

  34. I hope 322 really is getting the By the Fireplace perfume, as I love slightly masculine fragrances! I’m also soooooo glad I’m not getting the Supermud GlamGlow; that stuff tears my face UP.

    • My bag is 322 and I got By the Fireplace perfume. 🙂

      • YES! Now if only my box would SHIP! 😀

  35. I’m not getting 977 and I’m not mad about it! I love Caudalie, but I have two of those moisturizers already that have yet to be opened. And I think I would be happy with any of the Glamglow masks. Would have preferred the Gravity Mud, but I have the clearing treatment and would not mind a replacement when it runs out! I’m happy that there is not a ton of variation this month, and that everyone gets a Glamglow sample (Ipsy, take note). I think I would have been happy with any of these variations. Not super exciting, but definitely worth the $10.

  36. I’m getting 977 & excited to try everything! Hoping I’m on the side of people who like the makeup remover because I need a new one. Also hoping the lip gloss is sheer so I can actually wear it.

    • Sister is getting that one as well.

      If you are on the hunt for a good remover try the Boscia Makeup Break Up Cool Cleansing Oil. You can always ask for a sample at Sephora.

      • Thanks! I will have to try that one. So far my favorite of all time is from Mary Kay. It has worked the best for getting the eye makeup off.

  37. I’m happy. Of all the variations, I got the things I wanted to try the most. Since last month was pretty much the exact opposite, I’m a bit relieved to see this.

  38. How often do they open up the waitlist? I’ve been on it for a month and a half or so.

    • Wait list is open, run and check! ?

      • Thank you! Thank you! I didn’t know if they would email me but, I saw your comment and ran! I’m in. Can’t wait.

    • You should go to their site and check ,I never got a notice just saw others were getting in and went and checked

  39. I honestly I’m starting to believe that it doesn’t matter what you have in your profile. I have two different subscriptions and I tried to make them as opposite as I could so I wouldn’t get the same bag. Every time I get the same bag. I almost wonder if it’s not a regional thing that everyone in a certain few States get 1 bag and everyone and a different group of states gets another bag at cetera. Frustrating because I would like to get two different sets of samples.

    • Same thing happens to me 🙁

    • Maybe it’s cause it’s going to the same address? I seem to get the bag best suited for me.. dry skin and damaged hair. So far I can’t complain!

    • I first started out with two subs, and the only difference was skin type. I noticed for two months afterward I continued to receive the same box, so I went back to my profile, and I made them completely different, with no overlaps, other than my skin tone (and eye & hair color(?)… I can’t remember if those were profile questions). I did this after last month’s box, and this month I received two different boxes.

    • I have two accounts and two very different profiles, and I have NEVER received the same bag. Every single month both of my bags are different.

      On one, I have dry skin, with different skin “issues” than the one I have under combination skin. I don’t have any check marks that are the same with either subscription. The only things that remain the same are my skin, hair and eye color. Other than that, they are completely different.

  40. I’m getting the 322 bag and I’m pleased with it! Although, it looks like they STILL can’t send out full sizes of their own product. That’s just annoying. This might be my best box from them yet! Hopefully the lip gloss and eye stick are colors that will work for me!

  41. I’m getting 314. At first I was all “I have oily and acne checked; why are you sending me this box?” But then I realized I’d also checked dullness as a concern, so I think that explains it. After looking at the ingredients on the primer and moisturizer I’m very pleased – no silicones in the primer, and no problematic oils in either (with the possible exception of vitamin e, but that’s low enough on the ingredient list that it shouldn’t be a problem). My oily skin tends to also get dehydrated and flaky in the winter, so these products are actually a good fit. I’m still not sure about the thirstymud, but I use the thirstycleanse as the first step in my dual cleanse, so I’m willing to give it a shot. (Thirstycleanse is amazing, even for my oily skin.)

  42. I want box ending in 977, I have 322. Lol

    • Do you want to switch? I would love yours and have 977.

    • Hah, opposite for me! I’d be happy to swap if you like. I already have a mini of the Pop perfume and really wanted to try the Caudalie. ^_^

  43. Thought I was getting 977, but I’m getting 985. I’m happy to be receiving a moisturizer and not a makeup remover. I haven’t had to buy a full size moisturizer in months 🙂

  44. I just got the 977 box today (even though my account and the Sephora phone SA I just talked to says it hasn’t shipped out yet, and I never got a shipping notification for it).
    I’m missing the lip gloss sadly in this box, but the SA said I may get 2 boxes this month since the one in their system hasn’t shipped yet.

    My quick take of the stuff I did get:
    The Estee Edit is kinda greasy (like micellar water).
    The Laura Mercier is gorgeous and sparkly, can be blended down to sheer or built up to ultra sparkly shiny.
    Cover FX primer is nice on the back of my hand, but may be too sparkly for me on my face. Maybe this will be my highlight areas primer.
    I like the Stella McCartney perfume and this will probably make it into my regular scent rotation.
    Haven’t tried the grey/white glamglow yet, but I tried their black one awhile ago and liked it.

    Definitely have box envy for all you girls that got 314 for the Caudalie, the blue glam glow, and the replica perfume.

  45. Oh I’m excited to try the gravity mud !

  46. I really like how they did the varieties this month! Last month, the boxes varied way too much in value. I agree that it’s weird that only one box has the makeup remover. Did they not have enough makeup remover to do 50/50? Did they not have enough of the Caudalie to go around? Even though the boxes are for different skin types, why are people still getting masks that don’t match their profiles? The world may never know

    • I agree. I am glad the variation isn’t as significant as last month (my first month, of course), but they really didn’t seem to match this month’s variation with profiles for a lot of the people that comment on these threads. My box (314) does not match with my combo-oily skin (oily on profile), but I will try everything and I’m sure I’ll feel I got my money’s worth. Since someone said the primer is sparkly, that’s probably the item I most worry won’t work out. I hadn’t heard of Replica perfume before, but now I’m excited to try it based on other comments about box envy over it, lol. Even if I complain about this box not matching my profile, I still think it’s a good deal, and Sephora beat out Birchbox and Ipsy for me by a longshot this month.

  47. I’ll be getting boxes 977 & 985.
    (2) Cover FX primers: Nice! I love trying new makeup primers.
    (2) Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks: I have no idea what these are, but I’m sure they’ll be gifted.
    (2) Sephora Lipglosses: This looks like a color I can work with. The other will be gifted.
    (2) Stella McCartney Pop perfumes: Will be keeping both, as I love trying new perfumes.
    Estee Edit Makeup Remover: Was really hoping to get this in both boxes. I’ve tried this before and really liked it.
    Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment & Youthmud: Glad I got two different kinds to try!
    Caudalie moisturizer: Already own many samples of this, but always happy to have another!
    The only thing I see I might want, but didn’t get was the sample of the Replica perfume. Is this a new scent by Replica? I know I already have a lot of other Replica perfume samples, so it’s not a complete loss.

  48. I wonder how they decided to give 3 out of the 4 boxes listed moisturizer that works on all skin types and 1 box a cleanser/makeup remover. With all the brands Sephora carries, I’m disappointed to have an Estee product 2 months in a row and would have preferred the Caudalie. What’s with the pink lip colors? Giving them 1 more month.

  49. The month I cancel finally has something decent. Go figure…..

  50. Mine ends in 928……….

    • Mines 847

      • Never mind, Its 977! I was looking at the wrong #

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