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Too Faced Cyber Monday Mystery Bag – Available Now!

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UPDATE: This is SOLD OUT as of 1:40 PM EST

The Too Faced Cyber Monday Grab Bag is available now! (Make sure to grab one of these ASAP – they sell out quickly!)

The Box: Too Faced Cyber Monday Grab Bag

The Cost: $39

The Products: Surprise yourself with this top-secret assortment of Too Faced favorites! $115 value! UPDATE: Confirmed! This box will include an eye shadow palette!

Check out my review of the 2015 Too Faced Mystery Box to see what you can expect!

Are you grabbing a box? Don’t forget to add your two free samples in checkout! And shop the 50% Off Sale Section to find some great discounts on sets to get your order total over $50 (Free Shipping). 


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Found these spoilers.

    And here are the spoilers: glitter glue, 2 bts mascaras (one black, one purple) , melted lipstick in the color melted frosting, bulletproof black eyeliner, and the cat eyes palette.

  2. My shipment tracking number says I should get it today. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Spoilers are out on this now. I’m super bummed on what comes in this set. It’s another collection of clearance items. I’m really disappointed 🙁

    • Where did you see spoilers? I can’t seem to find any.

    • If that’s true, then I’m going to have to return. Hopefully their “best mystery bag ever” tagline isn’t a scam statement. Did anyone see anywhere that this is final sale? The values are down from what it was before and Too Faced always seems to have the same clearance items. =(

  4. I got my shipping email today too! Can’t wait!

    • I did too. Supposed to get it Friday

  5. Just got my shipping notification email! Anyone get theirs yet? Can’t wait to see what’s included!

  6. So I think of got super lucky or something because tgat promo for 3 or for deluxe items was set to expire at 11:59 before the mystery bag went on sale. Basically I bought an eyeliner, lip primer, and mystery bag (total was about $94) BUT I got 3 deluxe samples , saved 20% using a promo code (though it didn’t apply to the mystery bag) and free shipping. I *think* I got lucky getting the deluxe items…it switched to the 50% off Sale but somehow I got lucky. I think?

  7. Was proud of myself for not getting this…but wandered onto BareMinerals site where they were having a 12 hour mystery bag sale so I caved in there instead. No willpower..

  8. I accidentally bought two and when I called to cancel one this morning they said it was too late 🙁 Soooo up for swap it’ll go! So anyone that couldn’t get one just look for it when they mail out haha

    • Call the bank and tell them you didn’t authorize 2 if that was the case.

    • I just missed it 😩 I wanted one sooooo bad

    • I’ll buy it. I missed out. my email is laurendrakwest at gmail

  9. Wow! 8:50am as still available. So happy I was able to snag one. Even happier I didn’t have to do it at 3:00am. 😀

    • I got up at 3am :'( Oh well, better safe than sorry.

  10. wait shipping isn’t free!?

    this isn’t a good deal at all. all the clearance stuff is half price…$57.50 is half of $115. why gamble and get products you might not like when you can pick them out yourself and get the products (and shades) you DO want. I can get a palette (of my choice), the two bronzer/two blush set (with a brush), a melted lipstick (in my shade choice), and an eyeliner for $52. why on earth wouldn’t I just do that…

    too faced: disappointed in you.

    • The 2014 one was worth $165 and was only $35–it also came in a very nice tin. The price has gone up since then and the values have gone down. Last year it was $39 and was only worth $137–did not come in a tin either, only a plastic bag. Yet they STILL claim that it is “the best one they’ve made”, although I definitely knew the one from the year before was way better. Same with this year. Only $115 and they still say it is “the best mystery bag ever”.

      I got one because I’m a loyal fan, but I definitely know that the value this year is shoddy for a blind box.

    • I bought this box two years in a row. Never again. The big ticket items are products that are left over from that year’s releases, usually because the feedback wasn’t great (like the Soul Mates Blush and Bronzer). I won’t be buying this box again.

    • I thought the same thing, Alice. Even had this in my cart, added an eyeliner to get free shipping, then it added tax…luckily I thought better of it. Could get two palettes on sale for the same price, which is all I want anyway. Honestly if they offered free shipping I would have gotten the mystery bag just for the fun of it.

  11. so Happy. I think this item is my favorite part of cyber Monday! I am feeling a bit underwhelmed with subscription boxes this year. Am I the only one? Does anyone know of any other killer sales today?

    • Yes, Tarte has a sale, too! I grabbed a foundation that was $25 from $39, and they have like 4 of them on sale plus free shipping on orders of $25 plus. I think that’s a good deal since they usually don’t have items on sale. 😉

  12. I totally just grabbed one! And the blush/bronzer set to get free shipping 🙂

  13. I was weak. Also awake by 4 am. I added the tinted Bb cream at half off to get free shipping.

  14. I got mine because I got one in 2014 and THAT one was amazing. It was only $35 back then for $165 worth of stuff AND it came in a nice tin! Last year, in 2015, I totally forgot to get it and missed it, but the value was $137 and it was $39. The email from last year said this was “the greatest mystery bag ever made”. From what I saw, it didn’t come with a nice tin this time, only a plastic bag. Then this year, 2016, the value went down to $115 and since it is a “mystery bag” again, it most likely won’t come with the tin. But if you read the email, it also claims that THIS “is the best mystery bag ever made”. So do they always put this in their ads or will it live up to the hype? The value difference really doesn’t keep my hopes high. I mean, technically, they have 50% off sale products right now so I could’ve gotten them separately for the same deal, but then I could pick out the colors that I like…

  15. Ok so I went on too Faced best sellers page and tried to figure out what adds up to $115 here’s what I got…

    1. Love Flush Blush $26
    2. Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette $36
    3. Shadow Insurance Primer $20
    4. Melted Lipstick $21
    5. Better Than Sex Mascara Deluxe $12

  16. Woot woot! I just got mine. The whole countdown thing with giveaways was really fun!

  17. I got one! The prices went up on several items in the sale section at 3am, though. They changed right as I was adding them to my cart. :/ Oh, well. I’m excited to see what’s in the mystery bag! 🙂

    • Exactly! That cat eyes palette was only 12 then, boom, magically 18. So I bought nothing at all. Not even the grab bag. Really dislike places that do stuff like that. Made me realize I don’t need any of it. Thanks! 🙁 Too-Faced indeed.

  18. Got me one! I work grave yard shift and pulled some string in order to buy this one my first break. Hehehehe. Otho g beat a good deal while at work lol

  19. An eyeshadow pallete is confirmed. Not sure which one

  20. Ughhhhh!!!! I’ve spent around 400 on sephora and ulta deals this weeekend trying sooo hard to convince myself I need this 😂😂😂

  21. Had to come back real quick and tell everyone! Got an email from Too Faced that said the mystery bag contains “an eye palette and then some”!!!

  22. Yay for the mystery bag!

    Some items in the sale section are now more expensive than 17 minutes ago. The totally cute palette and the Cat eye palette was 12 dollars prior to 3am EST. Now, it’s 18 dollars. 6 dollar difference. Argh. I’m so annoyed.

    • I noticed that. Just as I was adding a couple things to my cart, the prices went up. :/

    • I think that was a typo…it said $12 but when I added it to my cart it was $18 but now they fixed it 😉

  23. Got mine. Took advantage of the 50% off and got an eyeliner for $11 which gave me free shipping. Shipping would have been $9 I think so I basically got an eyeliner for $2. At least that’s how I’ll justify it to the hubby. Lol. Thanks for helping pass the time Liz. Doubt if I’d have made it otherwise! Im off to bed…6:30 will be here way too soon 😫😫😫

  24. Got one! Good night all.

  25. I didn’t add another item for free shipping. If I buy something else right now, any chance, based on their customer service, they would combine my order?

  26. Thanks, good night!

  27. Got mine so excited I missed out on last year was not going to do that again thanks for letting us know the exact time it would b available can’t wait to c what we get

  28. Got mine! But missed out on the 50% off sale 🙁

  29. This was so worth staying up for. Thank you for making it easier to stay up with the giveaways!!

  30. Got one!!! Should’ve bought something for 11 dollars to get free shipping, especially since sale is half off, but didn’t wanna waste time looking around in case the box sold out by 2:02 or something crazy lol. Not having an account was slowing me down. So excited tho, can’t wait!!

    Now to get some sleep since I work in under five hours……

    • Right? I’m so shell shocked from trying to buy kylie cosmetics I was afraid to take any extra time I should have got a lipstick =( but thats okay its going to be well worth $45 anyway and the extra samples are cool. Can’t wait to see what we get!

      • Yes exactly!!!

  31. Big thanks to Liz for keeping us up and alert for this sale!!!
    You’re the best.
    Now you want to keep going until the PopSugar boxes go up?😂

  32. Got one last year, was so amazing. I was blown away at how much product there was for the price. This time I’m a little dubious because the amount is only 115$ value. I say “only” relatively based on the previous one I got. Thanks Liz! Got one 😁 Didn’t think I was gonna make it till 3 am 😳

    • Yeah, the RV in 2014 was $165 for just $35. I can’t remember last year’s RV; I think it was similar. But this year is only $115 for $39. Still a very good deal, but…. Not gonna get it anyway, even if it’s only $20, I have too much stuff right now. But it was fun entering a bunch of giveaways, congrats to the winners. Luckily it’s only midnight here. Good night now!

  33. Whooo hooo!!!

  34. Thanks! Also got the blushed and bronzed set from the sale section to qualify me for free shipping

    • Heh, glad to know a fellow Hate-Paying-For-Shipping-Must-Hit-50$ person! I got the same set 😀

      • Me too!!!

  35. Yay, it went up a little early! Glad I refreshed!

  36. Got one for my daughter for Christmas (she loved last year’s)- thanks so much Liz!

  37. Got it! Thank you for doing this, Liz! It was so much fun. Goodnight, all!

  38. Got mine. Hope it’s great!

  39. I got mine!!!!! Now I’m hitting my pillow! Good luck everyone!!!

  40. Sale priced items have been marked down, too!

  41. Got it! And now time for bed!

  42. YAY!!!! Got one. Thanks Liz!!!!

  43. got it!!!!! now i can finally fall asleep

  44. Thank you for keeping us company!

    • Thank you!! This has been fun! 🙂

  45. Thank you!! Super excited!

  46. Success! So excited and doing the happy dance!

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