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POPSUGAR Must Have Holiday 2016 Limited Edition Box Presale Tomorrow!

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The POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Holiday boxes (for Her and Him!) will be launching for presale to POPSUGAR Must Have subscribers tomorrow! (November 2nd at 1 PM ET)

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Holiday Box (For Her and Him)

The Cost: $100

The Products: In the spirit of holiday gift giving, we’ve curated two boxes full of fabulous luxuries that are ideal as gifts for loved ones or to treat yourself! Our Limited Edition Winter and Limited Edition Men’s boxes will stylishly equip every area of your life for the holidays and beyond.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I bought this last year and it was horrible! Broken candles that did not match the holders. Other than the bracelet it was the worst LE Popsugar has ever released. However, I loved the Fall LE box. I am so torn between this and springing for the Neiman Marcus. I can’t buy both!

  2. Last years box was one of the few that I really felt like I wasted a hundred bucks. Going to have to wait for a spoiler and then it’ll probably sell out before I see it. Which is what happened with the headphones.

  3. After receiving two broken headphones from the last LE box and duplicates of the mystery box….they will need to reveal the whole box before I make the leap. I am sticking with their monthly box but really wary of any of the others.

  4. Last years For Her box was simply not interesting to me (I never, ever use “meh” but that pretty much sums it up). The For Him had nice and useful items and with the NM boxes, at least the value is there. I don’t think the PS LE boxes ever sell out on the first day they’re offered. Unfortunately, when there is a problem with an order it takes forever for customer service to put things right. I don’t think the fault lies with customer service but rather the company itself.

  5. Do you have to be a current subscriber to order the presale holiday box? Or can anyone order tomorrow?

    • Yes, I think to order tomorrow you have to be a current subscriber. But then in a few days or a week they’ll open it up for everyone to buy. (At one point anyone was able to order during the “subscriber only” period by just using a posted link, but I’m pretty sure they’ve fixed that note. But I have read some comments in the past that people who used to subscribe but had cancelled could still order during this time too)
      I really wouldn’t worry about it selling out before it’s available to everyone though.

  6. Last year’s Men’s box looks wonderful – wish I could get that one! Am going to have to wait for spoilers on this year’s before taking the bait!

  7. My husband is a terrible influence…I asked him, and he remembered his awesome box from last year. I need to learn to swap the high RV stuff I don’t really want.

    Looking forward to spending my money…

  8. Is there a Net-a-porter holiday box coming? I really like their vacation box of samples. I can’t spend $100-200 and not have some idea of what I’m getting.

    • Last year Net-A-Porter released theirs on Nov 2 and Liz had her review up by Nov 5th. I am waking up early tomorrow to check. Last year was awesome too! Remember the shampoo and conditioner? I actually began buying some of the items in the box after trying them out. Aromatherapy associates has become one of my favorites. I’m sure lots of us are waiting for it.

  9. I really want to try one of each, but a spoiler (like others said) would be so nice to make me feel more comfortable if I’m going to drop $200 on this. :S

    • Liz, is it standard for them to do the free December box, or do you remember if that was only part of a special deal during a certain time range (like Black Friday)? I think I can justify at least one if it’s including an additional box that would have cost me $40 anyway.

      Also, do they seem to be receptive to feedback? Like do they tend to have a better box after others that tanked? I see a few comments from people who said last year’s box was bad, but was that the general consensus or just a handful of complaints? All I can find on last year’s post is about the broken candles, but not much on the box itself. Hopefully they listen and avoid “problem items” like that…

    • Agreed!! I looked at the past boxes for both, and they looked amazing, but I definitely need a spoiler for both before I drop $200…HAHA

  10. I am still trying to resolve the Mystery Box fiasco with Popsugar as my replacement boxes came poorly packed, missing some of the items while others were opened. They are on my 10 foot pole for now.

    • My replacement boxes came and guess what? more duplicates! i couldn’t believe they sent the same two boxes. I didn’t even bother writing them I was so done with them.

      • Wow, that is crazy! I would write them and demand either whole new boxes, or, if you (rightfully!) don’t feel like having to ship boxes back a 2nd time, they should at least offer you the option of the 1 “bonus” item for each duplicate box. I got 4 bonus items, and none were items that were in the original boxes (I got a different Briogeo hair product, a lemon tea towel, a Middle Kingdom mini plum vase, and one other item that I’m blanking on at the moment, but was ~not~ a repeat from anything else they’d sent in the mystery boxes) The bonus items arrived shockingly quickly, as well. I know it’s a hassle to deal with them, but might be worth it…

    • Has everyone but me got their replacement boxes??? Haven’t seen it talked about!

      • Mine isn’t due to arrive until NEXT Saturday. 🙁

    • I received my special extras box as well- one item short and an honest co scrub that leaked oil all over the stuff I did receive. Rawr!!!!!

  11. I am PROBABLY going to get this one. Still not sure. Last year’s was just so SOOOOO very awful that I’m more than a little gun shy.

    BUT it seems -to me anyway – like they kind of alternate between awesome and not. For me, Holiday 2013 was kind of crappy, 2014 was a Thing of Beauty (one of the best LEs they’ve ever put out), and 2015 was a nightmare. And it seems like the pattern holds true for their other LEs (except the NMs, all of which I’ve liked SO FAR.) So by that pattern, this year should be good.

    But Ima need a good spoiler. … Probably.

    • gosh, yes, last year’s was awful!

  12. Im waiting for a spoiler. I got last years for her box after the brass bracelet with grey stones was advertised. For me the box was a win only because of the bracelet.

  13. I also did the Happy Rebel box instead. I am still waiting for the Net-a-Porter. After that I better put my cards away.

    • Connie, yes to Net-a-Porter. You always know what you’re getting. Last year it was available on Nov 2, I keep checking their website. I need that box! ??

      • I need that box also. Let me know if you hear something. Thanks to you I purchased both the Jo Malone and the Diptyque Advents. Was really interested in the Liberty but does not look like it ships to US.

        • I also wanted Liberty but they wouldn’t ship to the US. I ordered lookfantastic instead and it’s due to be delivered on Thursday.
          I’m enjoying the Jo Malone calendar very much and I doubt I will have enough discipline to wait until December to inbox Diptyque ?

          • I am waiting until December 1st. I have not even peeked. You will have to let me know what you think of the Look Fantastic. Fingers crossed for Net-a-Porter on the 2nd.

  14. So I am really going to need a spoiler. I will either be spending $100 on each or $250 on the Neiman Marcus box. I don’t think I will be able to convince my husband that I absolutely need all three.

  15. I plan on getting one of each!

  16. I think I have reached a critical point in my addiction haha…. while of course I’m tempted by this box, I’ve FINALLY learned my lesson that there are always problems with their various special boxes…. and that I’ll actually be just fine without the items. Life-changing, I know. But I’m happy to keep my $100 dollars and hours of hassle trying to deal with their customer service.

    • Haha wish I could follow your lead. I was sitting in front of my computer and my brain was like “remember how much last year’s holiday for her sucked?” but my fingers were like “place order.” Oh well, we shall see 😉

  17. I did the Happy Rebel box with the blanket spoiler so unless they release a spoiler that grabs me in I think I will skip this one. I really didn’t like last years.

  18. Interesting that they’ve renamed the box to not say “for Her” or “Women’s” – that makes me wonder if it’s more home stuff. I wasn’t happy with last year’s box (I’ve hardly used anything!) so I think I’ll join the crew holding out for spoilers. I do like that it has less holiday emphasis – that’s what I didn’t like about the candles last year. I have more than enough Christmas decorations sitting in storage, never to see the light of day again…

  19. Didn’t PS send you a spoiler to share with us? I love that they’re doing that now!

    I need a spoiler! But I’ll probably anyways ?

    • No spoilers here yet!

      • No problem ☺ I’m sure they will soon! I think it makes the spoilers 10x better when you have them to show us!

        I am loving the latest November spoiler!

        • Thanks, Randi! I’m loving it, too! Such a good one 🙂

  20. I’m torn! I like the idea of this and while it’s not cheap, it’s not cost prohibitive either. I think I might wait for some spoilers, though, because it sounds like we are entering prime sub box bargain season (yes? Experienced sub boxers, is this accurate, that there are good sales at around Black Friday?), and maybe I should wait for the gift that keeps on giving the whooooole year (like Cousin Eddie and the jelly of the month club).

    (Too much Halloween candy, sorry).

    • Lol! I love that scene. Cousin Eddie is so sincere, haha!

  21. Oh, Pop Sugar… spoilers are simply a “Must Have” for any of your boxes. I rarely see the appeal of items in your boxes and, when I did try subscribing, found the customer service to be sub-par. I want to like you, but you are like that somewhat out of touch friend that comes across as cringe-worthy quirky (Swan blow up, anyone?) and pushy (You keep wanting us to like tassels and pom poms. Just like fetch, it isn’t going to happen.) and, while good with surface level interaction of the contents, leaves lacking for any depth.

  22. I am going to do one. I never like the NM enough to gamble but this is affordable enough to take the risk!

  23. I didn’t like either box last year so I think I will be passing on this one. I remember too many complaints about broken candles, etc.
    I like a little spoiler and Popsugar has not really released any for their LE boxes and they still keep selling out except for the Neiman Marcus collaboration.
    I am ready to accept box envy if this is a stellar collection.

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