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POPSUGAR Must Have Box – Better Than Black Friday Deal!

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POPSUGAR Must Have is offering MSA readers an exclusive Black Friday deal!

Use coupon code MSABF at checkout for $50 off a 3-Month Must Have box subscription, plus get a Juara Tumeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask (Value $38) FREE in your December Must Have box!

Your first box with this subscription will be the December box – I think this is the perfect gift subscription length! (The total cost with this deal will be $59.95 for 3 boxes – about $19.95 a box!)

FYI – this is the BEST 3-month deal, but if you are looking for a different length subscription deal, make sure to watch for POPSUGAR’s Black Friday + Cyber Monday deals, too! We’ll be posting them as soon as they are live!

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription! 


Full Details: Use promotion code MSABF at checkout for $50 off a 3-Month Must Have box subscription, plus a free JUARA Skincare Tumeric Mask to be included in your December Must Have box. Promotion code listed above (“Codes”) are valid from Monday, November 21, 2016 at 12:01 a.m. EST until Thursday, November 24, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. EST or while supplies last. Only one Code may be used per transaction. Codes may not be used with any other promotional codes, discounts, coupons, or offers. Codes are non-transferable nor redeemable for cash or credit. Codes are not valid for purchase of Must Have MINI, Limited Edition, Must Have x Neiman Marcus, or Gift Collection boxes, nor for any previously purchased boxes.
Other exclusions may apply. Void where prohibited. This promotion may be terminated or modified by POPSUGAR at any time in its sole discretion. Any subscription that is not a gift will automatically renew for additional one-month subscription terms and your account will be billed $39.95 plus tax each month unless you cancel your subscription prior to the 23rd day of the month. You may cancel your subscription or make updates to your account at any time by visiting your Account Page. Must Have Terms apply. Terms and pricing are subject to change. If you have questions, please email at [email protected]

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  1. I keep getting this error when I enter the promo code “Uh oh, looks like the POPSUGAR Must Have Box ISN’T HERE!”
    Is this offer still valid?

    • You have to enter your address and what not first. Same thing happened to me

      • Thank you KJ!

      • It worked like a charm! Thanks again.

    • I just used it and it went through

  2. I have decided that I will wait and see if there is a 6m sub like they did last year. I looked back and it was 12/13 that I purchased the 6m sub for slightly more per box. I don’t really need it, but if that kind of deal is offered again – I’m on it!

  3. This is the perfect length sub for me! Thanks, Liz! This has been a fun day on MSA.

    • Yay!! 🙂

      • I keep getting this error when I enter the promo code “Uh oh, looks like the POPSUGAR Must Have Box ISN’T HERE!”
        Is this offer still valid?

      • Hi liz,
        I keep getting this error when I enter the promo code “Uh oh, looks like the POPSUGAR Must Have Box ISN’T HERE!”
        Is this offer still valid?
        Thanks for all that you do, and I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

        • Try a different browser

  4. Great; thanks Liz!! $59.85 for shipping to Indiana. I’ve only done their mystery boxes; but this price for a 3 month subscription is even a better cost then just buying those boxes 🙂 Calls out my first box will be December when I just ordered (even though I wouldn’t mind Novembers… i’m excited to start with a new month)

  5. I went for it too. I was also hoping for a longer offer. If the black Friday offer us good I’ll tack that and ask them to lengthen my subscription. I think you can do it yourself simply by going to your subscription (prior to purchasing) and selecting the right option. I know that last year I still had a few boxes coming when I signed up for the Black FRIDAY deal and I didn’t have an overlap.

    • What do you mean by “the right option”?

      • I thought I was able to select “extend subscription” last year. I just went to my account and all I see is the number of credits due. I’m going to send them an Email and ask because I don’t want duplicate boxes each month.

        • I cancelled my month-to-month subscription, and added on the three month deal posted here. But…. I really don’t want to get hit with $109 once the three months is up, so I went ahead and cancelled. So I’m sitting with three credits on my account, but am not technically an active subscriber with their billing. Their message said I would continue to receive monthly boxes until my credits run out. I would THINK if a 6 month deal comes on, I could just resubscribe with that promo code. But I would also think you’d have to not be an active subscriber, or risk getting duplicate boxes.

        • Yeah I just noticed I’m getting 2 subscriptions now because it didn’t update. Pretty bummed… I did not want 2 December boxes…. Now I was charged twice 😔

    • They usually refuse to allow you to add on to an existing sub and just extend it. You’ll just get duplicate boxes

  6. Thanks Liz for all the awesome deals!

    I just don’t think I can pass this one up!
    I love the Juara mask and $20 / box is such a great deal 🙂

  7. @Liz
    Help! I don’t know what to do!! I definitely want to get a subscription but I would prefer 6 month term. Is the other deal just as good or better than this one? Help me cuz I don’t know if I should just take this one or wait?!

    • Same! I want a 6 month but if this is the better offer I’ll take it. I don’t know what to do!

    • +1. This is a great deal, but I would prefer a 6-month sub, too!
      Would definitely sub this deal if there’s no 6-month one.
      Already missed 2 amazing deals yesterday (Beautyfix and Happy Rebel)… ? Don’t want to miss out anymore…

  8. This is awesome! So proud of and (thankful for!) the MSA team securing this deal for us 🙂

  9. Yippee! It came to $22.88 a box in NY. That’s the same I’d pay for a mystery box.

  10. Mine showed December with an asterisk next to it so I emailed them and they confirmed that December will be my first. I had already swapped for the items I wanted from the November box, so I’m pleased I won’t be getting duplicates.

    • I emailed them as well, really don’t need a second November box

  11. It’s showing November for the next box when I got to sign up ? too nervous to risk is right now!

    • I clicked on the MSABF link and it took me to PS page clearly showing December as next box shipped. And my conf. Says Dec will be my 1st box. I really liked the november box though but not now just wasnt a good time to buy it at full price so ill have to live without it.

  12. I’ve been waiting for a great 3 month deal &, lucky me, this one falls over the 3 months are always the best Popsugar months (the 3 months I always missout on for some reason!), IMO. I can’t, in good conscious, pre-pay for more than 3 months, b/c I’m so afraid I’ll have more bad months than good. So, signing up 3 months @ $20/box is PERFECT for me! Thanks, Liz, you & all your peeps at MSA are the gifts that keep on giving!

  13. Thank you Liz. I was waiting for this one. A great price and excited about the freebie ?

    • I really like that mask, too! Hope you love it! 🙂

  14. So, are we certain that this will be December? I’m nervous they’ll pull the bait and switch and say “November is now available…”

    I loved November but I want Dec/Jan/Feb….

    • Me too! the February box is always really good!

    • My confirm says December is the first box.

      • Me too. Here’s hoping.

        The only reason I’m a little nervous is because it still has the asterisk that says “if a sooner box becomes available..” But oh well. I’ll just hope for the best 🙂

        • And I’ve been bitten by that asterisk before…

  15. Anybody else having problems buying this deal? I put in the code and a message pops up saying the box I am looking for isn’t available. I selected the three months and used all caps in the promo code section but it’s not letting me purchase the three month sub.

    • You need to write your address first, this was the same problem.

  16. THANK YOU LIZ! I’m excited about this deal ??

  17. Great deal! My last PopSugar sub ended with November, so this is perfect!!

  18. Great deal. I caved and purchased. I already had a month to month but was able to cancel. Super excited?

  19. Just purchased!! Thank you, Liz!

  20. So I can’t believe all the deals that came out just today…. Wow. I thought about and I think I am happier with this deal because I know I will get the Feb box which I have eyed for years. Plus I can get another 3 month subscription deal now too. Sweeeeeet and a bonus gift too. I am over the moon right now. Thank you liz and team.

  21. Yes.. I just did it. All you have to do is select cancel script. But I did accidentally cancel my mini box too .. will wait to see spoiler before I re activate. Wasn’t thrilled with last month mini and now I am getting another face mask.. still haven’t swapped the first bottle.

  22. Welp, $67.26 just flew out of my account (NC tax you have forsaken me!!!). Still thats only 22 and change per box, so im super excited and cant wait for december to come! Woot!

  23. I signed up for the month to month subscription with the $15 off deal last week, so I’m supposed to be getting the November box. Would I be charged again after 11/23 for the December box? If I cancel now, will that affect me getting the November box?

    • I just signed up last week too. As far as I can understand in their cancellation FAQ section, you can’t cancel before receiving your first box. Mine hasn’t shipped out yet, so I’m hoping it does soon so I can cancel and get this deal.

      • I was able to cancel and my first box hasn’t shipped yet. I also signed up with the $15 coupon. My account still indicates that the November box is still processing.

      • Oh shoot…I cancelled to get this deal. Hope I still get my november box now. It still shows as processing.

  24. I’m not sure why they are charging the full price in sales tax. If the price you are paying is $59.95, that’s the amount that should be subject to sales tax- not $109.85. I was going to purchase, but not sure why its overcharging for sales tax

    • Tax is always factor prior to coupons. Why did you have to pay tax though? We have sales tax in Utah and tax was not factored into my total. Will it be charged when it ships or did they email you with an adjusted total?

      • @Leia, Actually that’s not always the case, but I have no idea why. I’m an avid coupon user, and sometimes tax is calculated prior to the discount (as PS did) and sometimes it is calculated after the discount (as Zoe Box of Style did). Both, I believe, are headquartered in California, so you’d think the same tax policy would apply. Any tax experts out there? I wouldn’t care that much, but since our sales tax here is almost 10%, it really packs a punch. I envy those of you who don’t have to pay sales tax on these higher priced boxes! 🙂

    • I am guessing they will correct the taxes due before we are actually charged.
      I was overcharged for tax here in NC.

      • i contacted popsugar and they replied back with they cancelled my order and i need to order it again and the tax will be correct. i just reordered and it was for the correct amount this time.

        • @Jen C, I misread this and cancelled the order myself, not realizing that there is no way to do that. Once you’ve paid for the 3 credits, they’re on your account til used up. I guess I’ll contact PS CS. Argh. It’s worth it for $5.39 though! 😀

    • I also hesitated purchasing this afternoon due to PS calculating taxes on the full value of the three month subscription. However, I went through the checkout process again earlier this evening (around 6:30pm CST) and it looks like PS fixed the tax issue. They are now assessing tax on the discounted value (which saved me about $4).

  25. I went for it. I have no idea why I was charged tax (in MA). AFAIK, Popsugar does not operate from or near here.

    If there is a great six month deal, I hope I can switch the 3 months to a gift for someone else. Has anyone ever done that?

  26. THIS was the one I was waiting for. Just love PSMH, but not at full price because there are always some off months. I really wanted to wait for a 6-mo deal, but I figured even another $75 off deal like last time wouldn’t be as good a deal per box as this one (22.05 for me, damn that CA sales tax!) AND I wouldn’t have to drop about $170 in one shot; this one came to $69 and that’s easier for me to live with. Hope it starts with Dec. Though Nov looked good, I’d hate to just miss out on the Feb box, which I think is always one of their best. 🙂

    • Yeah I got dinged sales tax too..even though I’m not in California

  27. It posted in my account as having 3 credits remaining so I wonder if I also buy the 6 month deal will it just add to the credits vs. a dual subscription.

    • I am wondering the same.

    • I wish i knew this too…. Have 2 credits in mine ATM. I want to buy the 3 month deal but i dont want duplicate boxes? Liz, is that how it works???

  28. I did not start subs until April of last year, and boy did I miss out on a ton of deals. Thank you so much Liz and the ladies on this Forum. I have learned so much. I just cancelled my month to month and am holding out for a lengthier subscription for 6 months. I may gift the 3 month to my sister. Happy Thanksgiving, and many blessings.

  29. I find this one tempting because I love some of the stuff in your reviews and like that they send quite a variety of items, but they also come with so many items I wouldn’t use (like last month’s table runner; I use my kitchen counter as a bar area and have no dining table!). I worry that if I subscribed, I would just hoard the items I’m not using till I figure out how and when I can use them, lol. Great deal, but probably for the best if I refrain from purchasing this sub at this time.

  30. I cant figure out why mine is coming to $59.85 before tax…..shouldn’t it be $49.85? Seems like the MSA code is only giving me $40 off…..???

    • The 3-month sub costs $109.85 normally, so with $50 off it comes to $59.85.

    • The $109.95 is already with the $10 off, cos normally it will be $119.85 for 3 months if you go month to month. so less $50 MSA deal, it is $59.95 plus tax if applicable.

  31. I live in NY so there was $8.85 in sales tax. The total was over $68. Still a good deal!

    • That still beats California’s 9% sales tax. And it’s going up 1/2 percent soon cuz of some Proposition passing 2 weeks ago. Argh! The price I pay for year-round sunshine & beauty, I guess….lol

      • That’s only after including your local sales tax, which wouldn’t be charged here, if that’s the case. The state sales tax rate is higher in NY than CA.

  32. This is tempting but I’m hoping for a good 6 month deal and this would definitely end up being either a one or two month overlap. I just plain cancelled PSMH last year because I couldn’t hack the idea of either getting a second December box or continuing to pay full price for my month to month subscription.

  33. I a man an ongoing month to month subscriber. I got this deal and cancelled mine. Just a reminder that you have to cancel by 23rd to avoid charges on the 1st. So this is a good deal. And I do not want to bet for a Friday deal and will end up with duplicate dec boxes. Thanks Liz.

    • Exactly! Last year they did not do a Black Friday deal or Cyber Monday. It came later. Regardless a 3 month deal for under $23 is worth it! Thanks Liz!

  34. It would be amazing if they’d let us purchase multiple deals and add them on to each other. I purchase 4 months of Beauty DNA and then another 4 months and they let me add all 8 to my current account.

    Don’t know what the December box will have, but I feel like we will definitely end up with 3 months of overlap with this and that isn’t a fun deal. Of course I will kick myself later if they don’t end up offering a 6 month…

  35. Thank you MSA!

  36. They are currently running a $10/off 3-month subscriptions, which is being applied BEFORE the MSA discount. Each box is coming out to $19.95.

    • What is the code for this? I don’t see it.

      • There is no separate code needed aside from using the code above. The third paragraph in this post says “(The total cost with this deal will be $59.95 for 3 boxes – about $19.95 a box!)” so it will happen automatically for you by just using the listed code. 🙂

  37. I’m going to wait for a possible 6 month deal, but I’m afraid to let this deal go. It’s a good one!

    • I’m going to hold out for a 6 month deal, too. Fingers are crossed that there will be one!

    • I’m going to hold out for 6 months as well. I loved having the longer subscription this year. When you pay in advance, it’s like it’s free every month. 🙂

    • Same here! If they don’t have a deal I’ll be kicking myself but I just can’t stand duplicate boxes. I think I’m gonna hold out for now!

  38. So Thursday is the 24th.. now I’m wondering does it expire on Thursday at midnight or Friday at midnight?

    • I am also confused on the date and time of this deal. The 25th is a Friday! Not a Monday. Although it does say while supplies last!

      • I meant thursday* not Monday lol.

  39. Ordered! Also, not sure if it’s a tax issue, but I’m in Louisiana and mine came to $59.85 (OR $19.95 per box!).

    It didn’t say anything about the Juara when I signed up and it had an asterisk saying I’d get an earlier box if it came available, so I wonder if we’ll actually get a November box? That would be fine with me, though…

    • Oh I don’t want the November box because I’d like the February one – so that would be sad!

    • I already have the November box – are we sure it starts with december?

    • Lucky! My total is $70.29 after TN tax!

      • Me, too!

  40. Dec, Jan and Feb (and March) were my favorite boxes last year so this is perfect for me!! Thanks Liz!

    • Yay! February has always been a favorite POPSUGAR month for me! 🙂

  41. I was hoping for a Popsugar code that would work on the Men’s Winter Limited Edition box, but in the FAQ on their website it does say that no promotional codes will work on those boxes. I understand that this one won’t because it’s for a regular subscription, but have people found it to be true in the past that there’s no discount available on limited edition boxes? Have they ever come out with a promo code on Black Friday that will work on those boxes?

    • I think I’ve seen discounts on LE boxes if they don’t sell out in whatever time frame they wanted. I don’t think they got a chance to discount the fall box though, so you do risk that they sell out before the price drops. 🙁

    • I think the only time I have seen discounts on LE boxes are like the CFDA box when it goes on sale at Gilt City, but the seasonal (summer, fall, etc) boxes I have never seen on sale anywhere. I’m pretty sure they *almost* always sell out.

      • I am hoping the Neiman Marcus Winter Box goes on sale on Gilt City. I would totally buy it then. But @ $250 it’s a bit steep.

    • One year they offered a code that would get you a free December box with the purchase of the Holiday LE (maybe it was before they did the His and Hers? Not sure – I don’t remember all the details), but there was no discount on the LE box itself.

      I mostly remember because there was a big to-do about it with lots of people messaging them complaining that they had already ordered the LE box before the promo code and they ended up honoring the promo even if you had already ordered.

      • I think I saw that happened last year, and it was kind of later on once they realized it wasn’t selling out. I was hoping that would happen this year, but couldnt risk it selling out! $100 to get December box and the LE winter? That’s pretty sweet…

  42. This one is a huge steal. Excited!

  43. I feel like PSMH’s February boxes have been historically amazing, so I am in!!!

  44. This offer sucked me back in….I have a love/hate relationship with PopSugar….

  45. Happy day, what a steal! 😀

  46. I was really hoping for a good popsugar deal and I think that one is pretty good. I have to stop ordering boxes now…

  47. To purchase, or to wait and see if the same price/box for 6 months?

    • Exactly

      • I agree. I want a longer subscription, but this is such a good deal!

        • last december they had a deal on a 6 month sub that was $75 off. Total for 6 months came out to $139.70 (or $23.28 per box). I wonder if they will offer that again this year?

          • Yeah – that’s what I purchased last year and would like it again…

    • That’s exactly what I’m thinking! I wanted a 6mo deal so now I don’t know what to do

  48. Okay, so I am a current month-to-month subscriber. If I go in and buy this, will it switch me to the three month effective immediately (I won’t be billed for December again, or do I have to go in and cancel that?)?

    • You will have to go cancel the current one after you purchase this one. But be sure to cancel before the 23rd, or you will get charged again for a single box.

      • Okay, so I cancelled my month-to-month and resubbed with the 3 month deal. I live in VA, so there was no sales tax and it was an even 59.85 for me, so $20 a box was a no brainer! Even though this post says that your first box will be December, I’m paranoid since I keep seeing that they still have November boxes. I sure would be disappointed to get another November box.

        • It’s showing December box will be the next one when I go to check out. 🙂 Should be safe.

          • Yeah, I’m just now seeing that. I LOVED the November box but would have hate to get another. I’m excited for this deal!

    • I cancelled and will subscribe separately for this deal (or wait til Friday to see if I can get a longer subscription, hmmm). Last year, several people said they received duplicate December boxes because of the Black Friday deals.

  49. It’s such a hard decision!! PS is SO hit and miss for me. Most of the boxes just aren’t my style and then sometimes I love everything in them. I’d sign up for a longer sub if it worked out to about $20-something a box.

    • Ditto! Definitely hit or miss for me – so many times people are excited about items in this box and I’m thinking “really? I don’t want that… but glad they like it.”

  50. Hey Liz – do you know if this will still be available once the Black Friday deals are announced, or if it expires before then? This is a pretty good deal, but I’d love to wait and see what else happens. 😉

    • ORRRRR I could read the terms on the email you sent out. DUH.

      • Is it worth the time and effort to cancel the month to month auto renewal and sign up for this 3 month deal? Thoughts?

        • It depends on what you have more of and what more valuable to you. If your time is more valuable, you could keep receiving the month by month and not have to take the time to go and do that. If you want to save money, doing this is a no-brainer – the cost savings would be pretty great! Worth the couple of minutes to me, I think.

        • It was SUPER easy to cancel my month-to-month. I know Book of the Month and a couple other subs make you call in and talk to someone to cancel. I didn’t have a hold or anything when I called, and they didn’t try to change my mind, but still… This one isn’t as big a time suck as you might be thinking. And I immediately cancelled my three month after adding this deal so I’m not hit with $109 when it ends. I’ll go back to month-to-month before I do that.

        • If you like paying more, then no it’s not worth it.

    • expiration date is listed above…Thursday the 25th at 11:59 pm

      • But Thursday is the 24th? Friday is the 25th

    • it says this deal is good until midnight (est) on Thursday…

      I can’t decide if I should do this one, or take my chances with a possible deal on a 6 month sub… $22.50 / box is awesome and getting the juara is great too… decisions decisions…

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