Play! By Sephora November 2016 FULL SPOILERS for Box #1!

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Sephora Play Spoilers

We have the FULL SPOILERS for one of the November 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription boxes thanks to our Anonymous tipster! Anonymous, I think I speak for all MSA readers when I say:

Thank You

The theme is Best in Glow, and here is one of the box variations:


FYI – this is a collage made of the full size products, not the sample sizes we will receive. Color variants are unknown. There will be variation in products/brands as well, so not everyone will receive all the items listed here. (Fingers crossed GLAMGLOW is in every box, though!)

What do you think of the November 2016 Play! by Sephora spoilers?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. How many different variations are there? And how how do you know which is which? I’m getting box 314. I also saw somebody say you can swap boxes, how do you do this? I’m stillkinda new to all this but everybody here has always been super helpful, so thanks in advance!!!

    • i got 1867985 does any one know what is in that box?

      • I’m getting this box as well. Unfortunately, I have no idea what’s in it.

      • I’m getting 985 as well…im curious what it is..

      • How do you tell what your box number is?

        • Go to your order history on your Sephora account. There will be a box number highlighted in the box showing your play was dedicated.

          • Thank you. I was reading it wrong

          • I thought the boxes were to be shipped already ? Any news ?

          • I was surprised to get mine yesterday. I never got a shipping notice, and my account said “in process” when I looked a day or two ago. So yours might be on its way.

          • So u like it ?????

          • Jo, I got the box ending in 314 which Liz posted the full spoilers for yesterday. I am not hard to please, but I was a little surprised/disappointed to get the Cover FX illuminating primer and the GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment given I have very oily skin and I have that marked in my Sephora profile. Also, the bright print lip stain was disappointing as well. However, I haven’t tried it on yet so maybe it will look better on my lips. We shall see . . .

          • Thanks for your feedback.

          • Thanks. I’m getting 322.
            I like your box !! Enjoy ! And thanks for your update.

          • You are very welcome! 🙂

          • Thanks. Do u like it ???

          • We want spoilers

          • Mary Beth,

            Liz posted spoilers for two of the box variations yesterday evening. Go to the MSA website, and scroll down a little. You should see it.

    • Can you please tell me where I go in my account to find the box # . I have looked everywhere and still can’t find the three numbers.
      Thank you ?

      • Go to and look under your purchases

        • Thanks. I’m getting 899. Anyone know what this is ?

        • I subscribed on 10/19/2016. I was expecting my first box this month. After seeing your comment I checked my Purchases and see that It is listed that the box is out of stock. 🙁 This is so disappointing, I was waiting for my first box. Do you have any idea if I still will be receiving the box.

          • I am already a subscriber and my box states that it is “out of stock”, too. I think that it is out of stock for those who are not currently subscribed. If your box says that it is “pending”, then you should be fine. The boxes are sent late within the month, so don’t give up hope just yet!

          • It always says that. If it’s listed there at all, you’re getting it.

      • Like Michel said, it’s under purchases but it’ll look something like this:
        ITEM 1867985

        That’s what you’ll want to look for, we just shorten it down to the last 3 numbers to make it easier for comments, etc.

        Hope this helps! 🙂

        • Omg thanks! I could never find it until now, I’m getting box 977, hmmm I hope it is good this time, BC last month’s box totally sucked, the worst one yet…I’m not sure I’m digging this variation thing..

          • I’m 977 too! Let’s start this 977 thread 🙂 Hoping for good stuff!

          • I’m getting #977 as well and dying to see what’s inside!

          • also getting 977. I absolutely hated last month and if it sucks again, I’m gonna cancel unfortunately. I’m not spending $10 for products that I hate.

    • Samantha,

      Ask to join the swap part of the site.

    • I’m getting box 322

  2. I’m getting box 322 this month. FWIW I’ve received the first spoiler box ever since they began doing variations.
    So – I’d better remove the Sephora lipgloss from my cart now!

    • I’m getting box 322 as well is that the box shown does anyone know? I’m so not excited by this I hope I’m getting something else enough with the estee edit and Sephora lip products

  3. Last month I was 114. This month i am getting 322. However, 8 did make a few minor tweaks to my profile. I can’t remember what off the top of my head though.

    I wasn’t crazy with 114 last month and ended up swapping for 072.

    • How do you swap?!?!

      • A girl on here gave me her email address and I contacted her. Then we shipped each other the contents of our boxes and sent each other the tracking numbers for them.

      • There is a legit swap section here on MSA. I haven’t tried it but I’d like to swap. Maybe I’ll start a Facebook group for swapping. I already administer 2 groups.

    • I’m 322 this month as well plus I, too, was 114 last month which I loved. I actually used every item in the box except for the fragrance. It was the complete opposite of anything I like. I did try it, however.

    • I’m 322 this month and was 114 last month, too. I kinda hate the spoiler box above, so really hope 322 is a different variation. I’m pretty sure it could not be worse unless it includes glittery mascara, liner, and polish.

      • I was 072 last month. 322 this month. I agree, hoping its different than above. This is the first month I’m not excited about anything in it

    • Last month I had 072 and this month I am getting 322. I didn’t make any changes to my profile at all (just an FYI). So, fingers crossed, you get a box you like this month!

      On my other profile, I got box 106 last month and this month is 977.

      • I’m the same, 072 last month and 322 this month. Which box is this spoiler?

  4. I’m getting box 314, I was 114 last month
    fair skin, blonde hair, green eyes & oily skin.. should probably change that to combo though.

    • I’m getting 322 and we sound the exact same. Fair skin, blonde hair, green eyes, oily skin, haha

      • I’m getting 322 as well and I’m deep skin tone and oily skin so now I’m really curious what’s in that box! haha

        • I’m getting 985. I haven’t seen any comments mention that version I don’t think

        • I’m getting 322 and I’m med skin, dark hair/eyes, and dry/combo skin. LOL.

      • I’m the same profile of fair skin, blonde hair, green eyes, and oily skin and am getting box 977. I suspect that they don’t have any products that are skin tone oriented in this month’s box. Maybe something for all skin types though?

        • I’m getting 997 as well. Oily skin, fine hair, fair or light skin tone. I’m seeing a lot of oily skin get this box… kind of excited since I was not thrilled with the illuminating primer spoiler.

          • No kidding. I am gotten quite few illuminating primer samples from various places and haven’t liked any of them. With my oily acne prone skin, highlighting primers just seem to emphasize my pores and scars.

          • I hear you! It makes me look like I just walked up 4 flights of stairs.

            I tried this sample foil pack of moisturizer. I believe it was Josie Maran, but could be mistaken. I was so confused by how horribly awful it made my face look, then realized it was an illuminating moisturizer! Gah!

            I just tried the original smashbox primer the other day after using up my oil free sample and it is so gross on my face. I love the oil free one, though.

          • I’m getting 977 as well.
            Oily skin!!!!!

          • 977

            Oily skin, Olive skin, brunette, hazel eyes, straight fine dry hair.

            I’m really hoping for that glamglow sample. I sampled the dual-cleanser in birchbox a few months ago and loved it.

            I was 167 last month and haven’t changed my profile and I received the following – Blinc mascara, belif cream, skin inc peel, christophe robin hair mask, smashbox liquid lipstick, mon paris perfume. If that helps anyone wanting to crack Sephora’s algorithm. (I secretly want to!)

          • 977 also. Combination skin, dark hair. Are any of you in the Florida area? I suspect the box numbers are by distribution area.

          • I’m getting 997 and am in wisconsin…

          • 977 and I’m from Chicago

          • lol! ok – back to the drawing board with my theory!

          • 977 and I’m in Colorado

          • 985..Texas !

          • 899 fla.

          • I’m in Wisconsin so I don’t think it’s entirely geographical!

          • I think it’s supposed to be based on your hair type and skin type??? Maybe aging, or oily for skin.
            I don’t see anyone else here with 899. Dark curly long hair, pigmentation , aging skin

        • I’m getting this box as well and I’m dark hair/medium complexion

      • Same here 322, brown hair, light skin, blue eyes, combination skin.

    • I’m getting box 314.. fair skin, wavy hair, brown eyes, dry skin.

      • I am like you – fair skin, wavy hair, and dry skin (but not brown eyes). And 322. My theory is we’re not getting that Glamglow, because it looks like it’s for oily skin, so I don’t think it’s our box.

        • It looks like both dry and oily skin are getting this box, and deep and fair skin. Last time I got a box with hair oil, for people with dry and curly hair – I put dry, curly, wavy, frizzy and color-treated hair, what about the other people who are getting 322?

          Or, maybe not, because the box that’s showing has no hair product (I hope I get one though). So maybe there’s no hair product at all, but maybe a skin product that can be for all types.

      • Cady, I am also getting 314. I have fair, oily, acne-prone skin, wavy dark brown hair, and green eyes.

    • Im getting 314 aswell. fair skin, fine brown straight hair, hazel eyes, and dry skin.

    • Interesting. I’m getting the box 314 too! But I’m medium skin, hazel eyes, brown hair and oily skin.

      • 314 here also. Fair skin, red hair, blue eyes, and oily skin. I’m not understanding their algorithm for these boxes. I think it’s just random and hopes they get one or two products right for you.

        • 314 too.
          Light skin, blonde curly/frizzy/dry hair, combination skin, blue eyes..

    • Ashley, I’m also getting 314. I have fair skin, dark brown hair, green eyes, and oily skin. Have you heard what’s going to be in our boxes?

  5. 1868322 here as well and last time I got 114 variation

    • Me too–I’m medium oily skin, black colored treated hair aging skin

  6. I’m getting 314 and last month was 114.
    Fair skin, blue eyes, combo skin, and silver hair when it’s not pink or purple.
    For only $10. I get to splurge on superior items. My Caudelie eye cream, from August, lasted me two months before i needed to cut open to squish out rest of product. I used it twice a day with a few exceptions such as when I needed thicker cream.
    Don’t let the small sizes upset you. Most of these expensive products only require a tiny amount to work. I’ve always purchased high cost skin care because taking care of my skin is extremely important for me. Even with those larger items I start with a small amount and add more if needed.

    • I’m getting 314 this month and received 114 last month as well. I also have combo skin. I’m thinking this might be for dry skin types due to the illuminating primer.

      • I hope that isn’t the case, because I have oily combination skin and only selected oily on my Sephora Play profile. I also got 114 last month and will get 314 this month. Last month was my first, and I wonder if it has anything to do with other skin concerns, such as dark circles. I would love a nice eye cream! I have medium skin, brown eyes and hair, and oily combo skin.

        • Btw, I just realized that I was commenting on another Samantha’s post, which looks confusing!

      • I’m also getting 314. Medium skin tone, black hair, brown eyes, combination skin..

    • Im getting 314 this month and last month i received 122. I have oily skin, light skin tone and green eyes. Glamglow mud treatment is for oily and combo skin so probably we r getting one of that in our boxes.

      • I hope so I really want to try Glamglow.

      • I also got 122 last month and am getting 314 this time. I have Dry, Fair Skin and Hazel eyes. I’m not sure how customized it really is after all. Fair is close to Light and Hazel is close to Green… but we’re polar opposites on dry/oily. Oh well. Haha

        • I got 122 last month also. I have oily skin, brown hair, brown eyes, and medium/tan skin tone. I don’t think it’s very customized at all

    • I always cut off the top third after it’s “empty” & things like bath and body works Shea moistures will have another weeks worth in the top and sides that would of been trashed. I do that with all the samples I get and usually get at least a few more days out of them I really dislike that kind of packaging it’s like they want to say that it has x amount in it knowing most people will lose a fifth of it in the packaging.

  7. just wondering but is there an option to skip a month?

    • I have aked and they told me no. Basically you would be canceling and then have to wait list again.

      • thanks!

  8. Am I the only one who doesn’t like the idea of so many variations? I’m not going to be thrilled if there are things I really want from another box and I don’t like what’s in my box!

    • Nope that’s why I cancelled, too much box envy and nothing I wanted or needed out of what I got. Not a fan of variations.

    • I hate it too..

    • They try to tailor the box towards your profile. Don’t like it then change your profile. I’d much rather get items that align with my specific needs (combo skin, dry, fine, curly hair) vs having box envy of items that aren’t as well suited for my skin and hair type.

      • They haven’t been trying to go off my profile or the profile of anyone I know so I don’t think changing it will work for everyone. I preferred the box when they didn’t do variations.

    • I feel the same way. I cancelled ipsy because I constantsly found myself having box or product envy. I got box 114 last month, but I must be the only one getting box 977 that had box 114 last. I went in and tweeked one answer on the profile. I hope I didn’t completely screw myself by doing that. I have a feeling that everyone but me will get that lovely GlamGlow mask! I really hate the variations!

      • I really hope that isn’t the case because I am also getting 977 and I have the skin type that the GlamGlow mask was made for!!

  9. I hope I get this variation, I actually like ALL of the items!

  10. How do I find my box variation # ?

    • It works for me by signing in and going to My Beauty Bag. Under the drop down go to Purchases. It should be the first order and have the item #.

      • Thanks

      • Getting #314

  11. My box variation is 1868322. Pale redhead, amber eyes, anti-aging concerns, super dry skin with redness issues.

    • I have the same profile as you but i have green eyes and my box is #314.

    • My box is also 1868322:
      Combination Skin
      Fair Skin tone – Aging, Dark Circles, Pores
      Blonde Hair – Chemically Treated, Wavy, Normal
      Green Eyes

      • ^ Me, but with gray eyes. Also getting 1868322.

      • I am getting this box as well, what box did you get last month. I got 072. My profile is almost a ringer to yours.
        Eyes: Green,
        Combo Skin,
        Concerns: Aging, Dullness, Uneven Skin Tones, Pores, Cellulite ,
        skin tone: light
        hair color: blonde
        your hair: Dry, Fine, Wavy, Chemically Treated
        hair concerns: Volumizing, Thinning, Hold, Shine

    • @cat, I’m the same variation was you and I also have anti-aging concerns and super dry skin. Dark hair dark eyes. I wish they would let us skip a month or at least redeem the 50 pts online. I found that if you try to redeem both Play! cards in a single day you only get the 50 pts. Very annoying when the closest Sephora is an hour away!

      • Are you guys filling out the surveys each month after you get your bags, saying I like this item, this color, do you want this type item in your bag? this color? Since I started faithfully reviewing my bags, I get Exactly the items now I want and not items I don’t, maybe this will help you guys?

        • How do u get the survey? I haven’t seen that

          • Me either ipsy does that never seen or heard anyone talk about it for play

        • The survey you’re describing sounds like an Ipsy survey. They ask those exact questions you listed. That’d be cool if Sephora did a survey like that though!

        • Well I feel dumb comma I didn’t even know we can do that!!! (Hand slap to the forehead)

        • Where do you get the survey?

        • Where do you find the survey? I’ve never seen it

        • I had no idea about the surveys!
          Ty! I’ll definitely start doing them!

        • what survey is that? I have been with play for over a year and never got a survey to fill out 🙁

        • I haven’t received any surveys, but I do remember reading a Sephora CS reply someone had received (and shared on Reddit), and the CS Rep stated Sephora would be emailing surveys the “next month.” That was several months ago, though. I have been waiting to receive a survey, but no such luck.

          • I don’t get surveys with Sephora either. Has anyone figured out how to find them.

          • It was 1 survey, a couple of months back. I’d gotten an email about it, so I clicked the link. There were only a handful of questions about the actual products from the PLAY box, the majority of them, and there were a lot, were asking about Sephora events, such as how you felt about attending sessions/classes where someone would teach you about PLAY products and techniques using them, gathering with other subscribers and discussing PLAY products and techniques, how often you use the Play Pass, how often you buy the full size item featured from the PLAY box, etc etc. Seriously, only maybe about 10 questions out of 50 or more asking how you felt about the actual Sephora PLAY items, as in if you were pleased with the selection, variety, how the box was tailored, the PLAY Pass, etc. I filled it out but haven’t gotten a response, reward (lol), or another survey.

    • I will be receiving 322, as well. Blonde, blue eyes, medium complexion, dry skin.

    • I am getting same box but I’m medium skin blue eyes dark brown hair combination so not sure they go off profile.

  12. 322 as well. Would love to know what it is!! Last month not so good, had 114.

    • Same this month as you and same last month.

    • I have sensitive dry skin so maybe it has to do with skincare item or if we all get glamglow which kind? I love the thirstycleanse!

  13. hmm, not excited about this box variation .. and glam glow is SO overrated. I hope I don’t get that.

    • As someone with super dry skin the thirstycleanse is like a miracle product for me. Exfoliates all the dead skin off and leaves my face ready for really absorbing moisturizers and serums.

  14. My box is 1867985. Hoping this is not my box.

  15. This variation looks awesome~ I love lip products, so I love that there is always a lippie every month. I don’t care for perfume samples, but I loved the YSL perfume last month~!

    • I always cut off the top third after it’s “empty” & things like bath and body works Shea moistures will have another weeks worth in the top and sides that would of been trashed. I do that with all the samples I get and usually get at least a few more days out of them I really dislike that kind of packaging it’s like they want to say that it has x amount in it knowing most people will lose a fifth of it in the packaging.

    • They are usually the worst colors like bright neon pink I love lippies too but not white or neon pink it’s like this is for California Barbie with the hot pink lips and all the bronzers we kept getting

  16. I looked at my Sephora account and nothing is showing up but then I looked at my past few months and they are dated on the 3rd. Guess I will have to wait until tomorrow.

  17. HI mine is 1868322, so i think 5th variation??

    • I am getting the 1868322 as well. Last month I got the 072. What box did you get last month? I am trying to figure out how they decide what variation to send.

      • 1868322 here as well, and I got the 072 last month~

      • I got #072 last month and this month i am getting #314.

        • I too got 72 and this month 314

        • I got 822 last month and am getting 314 this month. I wonder if they actually have an algorithm or if it’s all random.

    • This is mine as well. Last month I got the one with the egg cream 114 I think no idea now lol

    • Mine for this month is the same …ending 322, last month I got the 122 version. So they’re all over the place with this one lol

  18. I am box 522. It’s funny what people do and don’t like. I’m excited about the estee product and lipgloss…I’m currently obsessed wuthajeup removal and lip colors.
    And everything else is good (glamglow is not my favorite but I will still use it. ) I can’t use the perfume but stockpile it for someone that does.

  19. Oh my goodness pleaaaase let this be the box I get!
    Last month I got the kinda crappy box (IMO)…and I need some redemption.
    This would do it!

  20. I’m 322 so that puts us at 5 variations!

    • Same as you. I think it may be based on skin type. Dry, sensitive, anti-aging, redness are my concerns. Never get acne or oily. You?

      • My profile is normal anti-aging (I think this is what this number might have in common!) Blonde-fair.

  21. How do you see what you’re getting? I can never see what box I’m getting??

    • Its in your order history. If you’ve been billed there should be an order number that you can click on. After that page loads, you can see your item number! Hope that helps!

  22. This is alright!! I’ll be dissapointed to get a lip gloss but excited about the glam glow and Laura mercier. Hopefully glam glow is in every box, maybe a different mask for each skin type?? From what I’ve heard I’m hoping for the white container tho but excited no matter what. A little excited for the primer, and pretty meh about the makeup remover. But the only thing I wouldn’t use is the gloss. Not a fan of shiny lips at all. I do have a lipstick mattifier but if that doesn’t work with this formula this will probably be thrown away or given away so I hope there’s a better variation. This one actually sounds like a perfume I might like which is exciting because the ones in my last two boxes smell like old lady ? Knowing me I’ll get a variation with another weird perfume

  23. Hi, anyone who hasn’t been charged yet for nov box? It’s weird, they normally charge me on the 1st of every month…

    • I was charged for one of my boxes on the 1st (like normal), but nothing yet on my other account. This is new since I usually get charged for both boxes on the 1st.

      • Hi Luna, thanks for the reply. I have been charged today. What about you? I’m getting 985.

        • Hey there! I was just charged today for my 2nd sub. I’m also getting box #985. 🙂 I’ll be getting box #977 on my other one that charged on the 1st. Can’t wait to see what we’ll be getting!

  24. They’re really trying to make the Estee’ Edit happen, huh? Looks like a great box, though, so no complaints. Hopefully all the versions are this good.

  25. Not super excited about this box yet. But that’s ok, I’m still on a high from last month’s!! Hoping for a variation!

  26. I wasn’t aware that they sent out varied boxes-how many do they usually have?

    • 4

  27. I’m getting my first box this month, looking forward to it!

  28. And so it begins… I’m getting box 977
    Can’t wait to see the different contents.

    • I’m getting 977 as well! Last month was my first and wasn’t my fave. I’m hoping I love this one!

      • I’m getting 977 too! I got 114 last month

        • I got 114 last month and am getting 977 this month.

          eyes: brown
          skin type:
          skincare concerns:
          Acne, Aging, Dullness, Dark Circles
          skin tone:
          hair color:
          your hair:
          Wavy, Fine
          hair concerns:
          Volumizing, Dandruff, Frizz

          • Wow! We must be twins lol! Got the same boxes that you have got as well!

    • So am I. I got 106 last time (and loved it), for what it’s worth 🙂

      • I’m also getting box 977, and I got 106 last time too (loved it!). So far I feel like I’ve been lucky in getting the variations that appeal to me the most, so I’m hoping that’s the case again this month! 🙂

        • I’m also getting 977 and last month I received 122

  29. I am getting box #314. I always like every variation they send out and box #1 looks amazing so i know i won’t be disappointed.

    • I’m getting box 314 also, can’t wait!

      • Hi! How will I know what box number will I get? Thanks!☺️

        • If you look under My Beauty Bag in our account then go to purchases it hould be the first order and the item number is the box variation you will get.

    • me too girl same box

  30. Looks fantastic! Hope the lip gloss is in a good color.

  31. Okay can we just go a month without lip products????? I was just telling my best friend i have been overloaded by these in beauty boxes haha. Thanks sephora ;–;

  32. I’m getting box number 1868314. So excited can’t wait to see what’s in the bag.

    • 1868314 as well! Have there been any alternate numbers listed yet?

    • Mine says 1867977

      • Me too 977!

  33. I am another person who can’t use glamglow products due to sensitivity. I can swap it, though! 🙂 I hope I get the Laura Merceir caviar stick. I was hoping to see a Becca product, but with the number of variations there were last time, hopefully there is still a chance.

  34. I think I already have 3 (most exciting) of the items: the cover fx, the glamglow (like 4 white samples like this actually) and the laura mercier stick. Hopefully the stick will be a different color!!

  35. Hhmmm. I wonder what version this box is? I’ll happily take the FX, GlamGlow, and Sephora Collection. I liked trying the Estee Edit last month, but not excited to see another product from the brand so soon. I worry that brand is going to be like Milk was a few months ago; it’s going to be everywhere and there will be no escaping it.

  36. Last time the spoilers were wrong. What about this month?

  37. I hope I don’t get this box. The last few lips colors in the boxes have been a total miss for me. Its fall why are we still getting spring/summer shades?

  38. I don’t care about the Glam Glow, but that Laura Mercier better be in my box!

  39. Boxes are tailored according to profile.
    This looks like a good box, but I could do without the estee and the lip product.

    • Boxes are not always tailored to your profile. I cancelles due to this. I do not use nail polish, blush, or lip products. That is what I got the last 5 months. Just saying…..

      • mine was perfect for my skin type. luckily 3/4 products were something i loved

      • I think the customization is more about skin type and colors vs. type of product. Polish, blush and lip products are always going to be standard items for beauty boxes.

  40. Love Glamglow (and the white version is my favorite, juuuust edging out the original black) and Laura Mercier’s Caviar Sticks are really awesome. But they’re so awesome I already have several so I just hope that, if I get that, I don’t get a color I already have

  41. I’m excited to see more of the possible variations. Thanks to the Anonymous MSA reader! You rock!

    The one thing I will say about this spoiler is that I really didn’t like the The Estee Edit Dissolve the Drama. I used points to get a sample of it a while ago, and I tried so hard to make it work – I couldn’t even finish the sample completely because I felt like it just didn’t work well.

    So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another variation without that item, or I will have to learn how to swap on MSA – I’ve never done that before. 😛

    And of course, I just renewed VIB status and the 10% coupon is valid for a month….and the big Sephora sale is happening this month, and it’s my birthday month. I don’t need more reasons to spend money at Sephora! :/

    • You sound exactly like a friend of mine when she tried a sample of the Estee makeup remover. She tried so hard to like it, but just couldn’t finish the sample, so she gave it to me, and I actually love it! While I’m hoping I don’t get this variation, I am hoping to get that makeup remover in my box.

      • Well, if I end up getting the remover in my box, I’d be willing to give it to you! I wouldn’t want it to go to waste. 🙂

        • That’s so sweet of you. 🙂 I really appreciate the offer, but I’m not on the swap site.

    • What does it mean to renew vib status? I’m new to this.

      • It means you’ve hit the amount you’re supposed to spend in a year to keep that rewards level.

      • On Sephora, if you spend $350/year, you become a VIB – honestly, part of the reason, that happens for me is that this sub ends up costing $120/year, and then afterwards, I’d have to spend $230/year. I do splurge on mascara and the kat von d liner, and I tend to buy christmas/birthday gifts (gift cards, sets) at Sephora, to help me get to the $350/year. (I also usually get a gift card or 2 throughout the year).

        VIB get’s you some more ‘perks’ at sephora. Below is the link for the page that goes over the different statuses at Sephora.

    • Really stupid question. What’s Sephora’s big sale? I’ve been shopping there for years and I don’t remember they’re ever being a big sale

    • Really stupid question. What’s sephora’s big sale? I’ve shopped there for years and I don’t remember any big sale

      • I would like to know as well. I got an email about 20% off anything for a couple days, but I really don’t consider 20% off a big deal. Is this what everyone is so excited for????

        • Yes, that’s the one! I agree that 20% off deals are a dime-a-dozen, and most of what they sell someone could get at 20% off or more on other sites or stores, but Sephora rarely has sales, so I think that’s why it’s so exciting. I’ll admit, I’ll be going this weekend to see what catches my fancy. 🙂

          • I’ll definitely be using it for a few items I’ve had my eye on, but I was hoping it’d be so fantastic that I’d end up being able to justify some of the higher priced items I’ve been wanting to try that there never seem to be samples for. Oh well!

  42. I would be happy with this box. I was hesitant about the “illuminating primer” because I’m super oily, but there are good reviews from people with oily complexions. I was also not excited about another eye makeup remover, but it looks like this one can be used on the entire face. I wonder if that is the eye color they will include, cause I wouldn’t mind a purple shade or deeper shade. I hope that if I get a different variation from this, there is nothing overly “glowing” or “dewy” that will make my face shine more than it already does. I was terrified about the theme this month for that reason, but this variation is great! I wonder which number it is.

  43. Do you know what variation this is? I’m getting 1867977, can’t wait to see what I get. I liked last month’s box. I like Play better than Birchbox or Ipsy, only because it usually has brands that are new to me. I’m tired of getting the same old things from Birchbox or Ipsy. If I see anymore Juice Beauty, Coola, or Supergoop I’ll scream.

    • I’m getting the same box! I feel the exact same way about Birchbox! I got a different type of cleanser from Juice Beauty this month. I can probably count on both hands how many times I have received one of those brands. Awful

    • I’m getting the same box. I have two accounts, but I noticed they’ve only charged me for one so far, and not the other (which isn’t showing a box yet). That’s new, because they usually charge for both at the same time. I completely changed my profiles in both, so I hope that didn’t mess anything up.

      • Mine doesn’t show anything yet either

  44. Oh yes! Bring it.

    Thanks so much for the spoilers! It’s almost Sephora discount time for VIB members and this helps me decide what (and what not) to order since there’s lots “glowing” on in the November Play!

    • Haha…I like this pun 😉

      Live this spoiler! Can’t wait to see the rest of them 🙂

    • ae-oh! I’ll be seeing you at the post of spoilers for box #2!!!!! 😀

    • look nice one

  45. So far it looks like there are 3 variations (1867977, 1868314, 1867985).
    This box looks amazing, but I’m already preparing myself to be disappointed again.
    Depending on how this box goes, I’ll be deciding whether or not to cancel.

    • My box is 727

    • I think the box variations are based upon your area, or length of subscription not profile preferences. I’m getting the second variation again 314, last month I got the second variation 114. I would love to try the glam glow because it’s so expensive I want to try it before I buy it. I chose the tata harper last month from Birchbox, but I wish I would of tried the glam glow. Hope everyone gets the boxes they want.

      • I agree about boxes based on area. My 3 cousins live in the same area with different profiles and received the same box last month. Same for me and my sister.

        • Three of my friends and myself all got different boxes last month and we live right next to each other. It is not based on area.

      • Maybe they do try to match profiles it just doesn’t seem like many reviewers are ever happy with what they get. I’m pretty easy to please they all seem worth the money to me even the ones that are out of my price range. I would for sure splurge if they had a lux beauty box (cosmetics, skin care), but all the ones I see are lifestyle or household stuff and not my thing. My daughter and I got caught up in the variations of Boxycharm and the Ofra teaser this month so I now have three subs to it. I might cancel one after Christmas but if they keep doing variations we will just trade each other, and give whats left away. So far, I think Boxycharm and Julep are my faves.

        • I would LOVE a luxe beauty box too! There are a few the U.K. does but unfortunately those ones don’t ship to the U.S. 🙁 Wah!!!

          • Luna I see you on a lot of these posts it looks like you try all the different subs I can only imagine the product overload you have. I wish I could afford to buy multiples of some of the subs boxes, but I worry about getting to many dupes. Have you tried Wantable yet? I’ve thought about it a few times, but can’t decide.

          • Have you guys tried So Choix? I don’t have it, but I see YouTube beauty guru, Zabrena, talk about it. It’s a sub service where you can try luxury samples, but I think you get to choose which ones you want to try. And, from what I understand, it’s literally samples–even if the brand doesn’t create a sample size, they will send you a container with the product/color you want. It’s kinda like getting a sample when you go into a Sephora. Again–never tried it so I might not be 100% correct–but you might check it out if that interests you.

      • I got 114 but now I’m getting 977. I don’t think area matters.

    • I just got charged this morning, and my box is 322. Looks like there’s a bunch of variations this month!

    • My box is 322

  46. I can’t stand Glam Glow, that stuff broke me out bad. That being said I wouldn’t mind the other items so here’s to hoping the variations aren’t all over the place. I wish they would stop.

    • Did you try the white container version? I ask because the newer ones are gross and oily (blue and green). The white one is similar to Tarte’s amazonian clay mask. It actually helped my cystic acne.

      • Good question, it was awhile ago, but I think it was a black container. I know their products have ingredients that can irritate some people’s skin and cause breakouts, which is what happened to me and unfortunately, I didn’t reasearch it until after I tried it.

  47. Thank you and Love you Anonymous! I want every one of those products. I have been trying to cut out some beauty boxes but this one is a keeper.

  48. Hopefully there will be less variations this month… grrrr

    • I’ve seen on various social media that there are at least 4 “ITEM” numbers showing up under people’s accounts for their November Play! boxes.

  49. I think I will be mad if I don’t get any Glam Glow in my box. I like Play but not their variations.

  50. This variation looks great, so I’m very confident that I won’t get it. LOL 😀

    Hoping all the box variations are this good.

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