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UPDATED Play! By Sephora November 2016 Box Variation FULL SPOILERS!

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Sephora Play Spoilers

We have the FULL SPOILERS for all of the November 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription boxes!

How to find out which box you are receiving:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

(Thanks, April!)

The theme is Best in Glow, and here are the box variations:

Box ending in 322:


Instagram Source: printesadaniela

Box ending in 985:


Instagram Source: makeupandbookgirl

Box ending in 314:


Instagram Source: rebekahmtzjohnson

Box ending in 977 :


(Instagram source: ree_michele)

What do you think of the November 2016 Play! by Sephora spoilers? Which box are you getting?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So….does that mean box 977 was the first spoiler we saw?

  2. I saw a comment on Reddit that supposedly reveals what the 322s are getting: the same as the 314s, except for:
    – the Glamglow will be “Gravitymud”
    – the perfume will be Replica By the Fireplace

    To be more specific, we will be getting:
    – the Glamglow in Gravitymud
    – Replica “By the Fireplace” perfume
    – the Sephora lip gel
    – the Laura Mercier caviar stick
    – the Caudalie Sorbet (a moisturizer)
    – the CoverFX illuminating primer

    If I DID use perfume, that sounds like a really good one. (Unfortunately, I don’t even smell them because last time I did, it gave me a migraine).

    • Yes, it appears that way. I saw someone’s post in IG with those contents, stating her box was 322.

    • Yes, Yes, Yes! Thank You sooooo much! I’m getting box 322- you just made my day ?

    • Last box ending in 985 has the YouthMud glamglow treatment and everything else the same. All the boxes are now revealed!

    • Ooooh LOVE Gravity Mud – wish this was my box!!!! Sadly am 977 and still unknown – need to change my profile to this one 🙂

    • The Replica Fireplace perfume is amazing!
      It’s a new holy grail for me!!

      • really? i’m excited to try it. did you receive the derek lam, silent st in your box last month? did you like that? i love it. but can’t afford $95 right now. (good thing, because it sold out) but i went to ebay and bought about more samples for $5 each. i’ll keep my fingers crossed for the replica.

        • I liked that one. Very feminine and pretty. This one is drastically different.
          It is unisex, edging to masculine. It is very similar to Dreabilly oil perfume by Carnival Wax, but not as sweet.
          This is my Holy Grail. It is perfect.
          I need more as it is sold out online at Sephora.
          If anyone is looking to swap or sell,email me please!
          house DOT of DOT fun AT gmail DOT com

      • I am a bit disappointed in the perfume this month! I have wanted to try the Replica Fireplace perfume, but I’m getting 977 which has the POP perfume. Oh well, if all I am unhappy with is the perfume, then I guess I can’t complain too much! 🙂
        Enjoy trying the Replica one though! I hope you love it!

  3. I’m getting box number ending in 977 and I have dry skin. That’s a bit weird that I’m not getting 314 with the GlamGlow Hydrating treatment. Either way I’m excited to receive my box and try out some new stuff! I love testing out new makeup especially for only 10 bucks a month. My box hasn’t shipped yet but I live all the way in Florida so that makes sense.

    • There seems to be 4 box numbers this time (From a spreadsheet on Reddit) box numbers are 322,314,977 and 985. So we know what boxes 322 and 314 are. Only missing 977 and 985.. also possible that the box with the missing box number up there is either 977 or 985.

      • My box number is 067, so there’s at least one more!

        • Mine ends in 586, so there’s ANOTHER!

        • My order says 542

          • I’m box 489. ?? Not sure what that’s about.

      • I received the 985 box.
        – Claudalie vinosource cream sorbet moisturizer
        – Sephora gel gloss ultra brilliant ultra shine lip gel
        – Laura mercier rosegold caviar stick
        – Glam glow youthmud treatment
        – Cover fx illuminating primer
        – Stella McCartney pop parfume

    • I’m also getting this box but I have combo skin. I haven’t had a notification for my box being shipped and I live in NY. I can’t wait for it to come!!!

  4. I get the feeling that if you put that you have combination skin, then they feel free to give you whatever (i.e. products for either dry or oily, depending on where they need people). So if you have a preference for one or the other, you might want to change from combination, even if combination is actually what you have.

    • I’m starting to think this too. I have comb skin and am never sure which bag I’m getting; oily skin or dry skin. This month I got #314, which is a moisturizing box. The perfume is lightly scented, so I actually might be able to wear this one.

    • Hmm, very good point! I lucked out this time and got the 977 box, but I may change my profile to oily instead of combination skin for future boxes since I don’t like getting moisturizers.

  5. I suspect someone from Sephora might read these comments, so I’d like to throw out my feelings about the variations, which are the opposite of what some other people are saying – I looove the variations – in other words, I appreciate that Sephora takes the time to try to give us something that suits our skin or hair type. I haven’t had box envy yet. Once they sent other people something I wanted to try (Dr. Jart Water Drop), and my store didn’t have it, but as of this weekend, they finally had it, and I asked for a sample of it. (I tried to swap for it, but that didn’t work out, because everybody wanted one). But if I’d wanted it that bad, I could always have bought one! And if I didn’t like it, I could have returned it. Sephora is not hard to deal with.

    Also, for those who are saying they don’t like the box, even when I’m not super psyched about the particular items, I’m still happy to try them, all of them, because they’re good brands. (Except I don’t use perfume). I will try every one of those things, and a lot of them end up being useful. For instance, I used my Caudalie eye cream this morning.

    Also, ever since I started subscribing to Play, I have been buying a TON more Sephora stuff. It might be a coincidence, but I am 4 dollars away from going Rouge (which has definitely never happened before!) So their marketing is clearly working on me. I don’t think I’ve bought anything they’ve sent in a Play box, per se, but it might have raised my Sephora consciousness.

    • Same here. i have stopped shopping at ulta because i’d rather build up my points at sephora. i love my sephora box. the samples are small but the products are usually high end and easily accessible (as opposed to korean beauty box products) and you can usually go get a sample from a sephora store if what you had just wasn’t big enough. and about the lippie complaints, i’ve never received a lippie color from sephora that’s good for me (which is why i now subscribe to lipmonthly), but sephora is still my #1 sub.

    • I agree regarding shopping at Sephora more. Those darn 50-point cards are ALWAYS burning a whole in my pocket right when I get them, so that forces me to go into the store and buy something I’ve been wanting to try.

    • I agree. I went Rouge over the weekend with the 20% sale.

    • So well said! I love the Sephora box, it is way more my style than when I subscribed to the Ipsy one. I love the 50 point cards also. If there is a month that I’m not sure if I will be able to find anything, I just buy a Sephora sheet mask or the facial wipes for that extra bonus!

  6. Oooooh, this is exciting! I love the glam glow masks. So regardless, I’m getting one or the other. SWEET!

  7. Anybody else checking in here often to see if the new box numbers are up? :O

    • YES, too many times an HOUR! This is the first month in 7 that my box hasn’t shipped by the 13th. I don’t have box content envy, I have shipping time envy. Seems most the sub boxes ship from the east coast and everyone receives their boxes before they arrive in Colorado. I can’t wait to see what box 977 contains.
      Anyone have the hair mask from last month they want to swap? I haven’t had any luck swapping for my sister to try. Really want to gift it in an allstar collection I curate for her. Smells like my grandma carrying a baby (old lady perfume and baby powder) but the results are AMAZING. I’m on the swap site,
      Or email at Aleece1827 at gmail. Thanks!

      • Which hair mask are you looking for? I have the PHD mask from September that I’ll be putting up for swap. Not sure what it smells like though lol

        • Hi Amber, sorry I should’ve clarified that it my request. It’s the Christophe Robin Prickly Pear mask. It could be just me as I have a REALLY strong sense of smell. ? I’m pretty sure it was in all the variations in October.

          • wrong. i didn’t get the prickly pear in my box. i wanted it though.

          • ohh, right I forgot about that mask! No, I didn’t receive it in my variation, sorry!

      • “It smells like my grandma’s bathroom” is how I’ve been describing the scent to people.

    • I am!! I’m a 977 so I’m definitely curious to see what kind of variation my box will have. My box hasn’t shipped yet either. It’s normally one of the last boxes I receive each month.

  8. I am getting box 322, wonder if it the 2nd one pictured?

    I am sick of getting that pink Sephora gloss, they give that in everything! 🙁

    But other than that, happy with this month! 🙂

    • I’m getting box 322 also. Doesn’t matter though, I always love my box. For $10, I have nothing to complain about.

  9. For once, I’d be very happy with that box! I got a Replica Lazy Sunday Afternoon sample from Nords, and I liked it so I’m looking forward to smelling this one.

  10. I’m 977 and I might cry because I’ve been wanting to test that Replica Lipstick perfume FOREVER 🙁

    If anyone wants to swap for another perfume please let me know!

  11. Not even sad that I cancelled as of last month after seeing the spoilers for November!!

  12. I am getting 322. I hope if we get the Laura Mercier caviar stick that we also get Rose Gold.

    I hope if we get Glam Glow that we get anti-aging, brightening, or moisturizing.

    I hope we get the Caudalie rather than the makeup remover.

    For the person who said why do we always get pink and never get any fall colors, we got a fall color last time and y’all complained it was too orange.

    I like how they send out different colors of lip stuff. Some boxes seem to overdo this pinky-nude type shade on the incorrect theory that most people can wear it, but Sephora mixes it up, in my opinion. (That being said, I can wear bright pink, and even swapped for the Kimchi). They did send one that I knew there was NO WAY I could wear (it was a pale, muted pink Sephora lipstick that they sent two months ago), but I just gave it to someone who I thought would look good in that color. Hopefully, everyone’s preferred lipstick shade will get a chance to be included at one time or another.

  13. I’m getting 314. I have combination skin. I’m pretty excited for the whole thing. I’ve been (more often than not) pleased with my Sephora variations so far. I’m really excited for the Laura Mercier and Glam Glow. Even if they’re small.

  14. 314 box but I have OILY skin! This makes no sense!

    • Same. And I also mentioned my skin problems incl. acne. Not sure why I didn’t get the other box.

      • Me too. I have no problem with the variations. But why send an email saying the variations are because you’re matching to our profiles and then send the dry skin box to oily skin people?

  15. what if the variation is based off of different shipping locations instead of hair/skin type? it seems odd to me that some boxes shipped and others haven’t, and that does seem to be based on the # you are receiving

    • Sephora sent out an email 2 days ago about how they decide what we get. It is based on profiles. They explained they are doing more variations to better fit individual profiles. They decide on all the variations first then try to match the best one based on your profile. They look at skin tone, hair and dry or oily skin etc… You may not get every single product you think will work for you but they try to give you as many as possible. If you have dry skin you may get a combo product. They also said to contact them if you have questions about your items. They answered a ton of questions about it on their forum.

      • But this month would have been the easiest to assign by profile purely based on what people selected for skin type, and based on the comments on this thread, Sephora did not do a good job of this. I actually have combo-oily skin, but I list ONLY oily on my beauty subscription box profiles because it seemed like they always read “combination” as combo-dry and sent me stuff that makes me look greasy, because I literally got a FACE OIL when I listed combination before. Since I have a rough Chicago winter coming up, I’ll probably still get some use out of the moisturizing products, but they still failed to use what’s actually in my profile. I’m content enough with my box, but I don’t believe for one minute that Sephora used our profiles to assign the variations. It looks like people that got ones that match their skin type were lucky more than anything. That email was pure marketing, not authentic.

        • There’s nothing wrong with using oils on oily or combo skin! Liz and others have explained this a million times. Oily skin needs moisture too to bring the crap to the surface. Some of you who don’t understand this need to go search youtube to understand skin needs better.

    • That is not the case.
      Last month my sister, cousin, and I got different boxes and we recieve it the same day and live just miles form each other.
      It is based on your profile.

      I’m dry, sister is normal, and cousin is oily. The boxes were tailored to us.

  16. I came in here, excited thinking I’ll find my box vacation (which is 977) and didn’t find it here =/. But hopefully, it’s a good box. I’m bummed out with that lip gloss but I’m down with trying out the rest of the stuff.

    • Variation** lol

    • I have the same variation, curios to see!

      • I know me too!!! We’re close to the 20th, and I still haven’t received mine yet. ?

  17. Getting box 314. I have dry skin. Kinda excited about lip gloss. Fun I’ll use it. I love different looks. I’ve been getting Matt lipstick which I prefer. I do like too face extreme lip injection clear. That stuff really works. I hope it’s a nice color. I’ve broke out from glam glow before but that means it worked. The rest I’ve never tried. Can’t wait!!! Super excited!!!

  18. I’m getting 977. No account details yet and no shipping notification (but I didn’t get a notification at all last month and it just showed up on time. Not sure what I’m getting but I’d be happy with GlamGlow also. And I agree about the pink lipsticks…I’m tired of them and it’s November, let’s move to the fall/winter tones y’all. I’m usually pretty pleased with my boxes but I’m not that excited about this one based on the possible variations above. The caviar stick isn’t really my style, and I swear by the Benefit Porefessional, so I wouldn’t really use the Cover FX primer. Seems we’re missing a couple variations so maybe I’ll get lucky with different products than what’s listed. I have to say that I’m underwhelmed by the products chosen for the “glow” theme. I was so excited! I was thinking highlighters, shimmery shadows, a lip topper, a fun sparkly holiday eyeliner maybe, a scrub to reveal that inner glow…I could go on. Just don’t feel like the products go with the theme. Sigh. But hey, they can’t please everyone. Here’s hoping for a better box in December…Maybe with an extra Christmas surprise inside?! Fingers crossed!

    • I just hope the unknown one isn’t ares. Doesn’t seem right for oily skin

      • ours. I have no idea how autocorrect got ares

  19. In regards to the small sample sizes, especially the Glamglow, I have seen 0.3oz and 0.5oz samples in the same size tube. To me, it makes business sense to only manufacturer one size sample containers, but it does disappoint when you only receive a 0.3oz sample. I’m assuming we are getting 0.3oz from the pictures here and that is usually good for one to two full face masks. The 0.5oz sample size is also sold in Sephora in a mini tub and I believe those are around $22.

  20. I know I’m in minority here but I like when there’s variation in boxes…it makes it more fun to see what I get. That being said…I’m on product overload and will probably cancel next year for a bit.

    Honestly, I don’t get why this box gets such bad rep. It’s about discovering new products and Plsy has definitely heled me find new favorites and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

  21. How do I know which box I am getting?

    • Go to your account on the Sephora page. Click the order # under Recent Orders. From there it should have your Item #. Mine is 1868314

  22. I’m getting the dry skin box, and I’m so excited!!! Sure I won’t use the lipgloss, but everything else I will! That pink Caudalie moisturizer is sooo good. Cover Fx is amazing. Thirstymud is fantastic. And Laura M eye stick yay!! This looks like one of the my favorite boxes.

    • I’m getting the 314 too! I was really disappointed last month, but I’m actually excited to try every item this month. I’m definitely least excited about the lipgloss, but I’m willing to give it a try.

  23. Someone mentioned on the IG post the ?? bag came from that this is variation 985

    • Makes sense. I am getting 985 and have oily skin. This definitely seems to fit that category. I originally wasn’t thrilled with the “glow” theme, but I am ready to try everything in the box except maybe the shine lip thing.

      • I’m getting box ending in 985 as well and I have dry skin hmmm I wonder if the ?? is the 985 box I guess we will see

    • I’m also getting the 985 box but I have more dry to combo skin.

    • Im also getting 985 but have combination skin

      • on instagram on makeupandbookgirl’s page she got 985 and it had the pop perfume, cavier stick, illuminating primer, sephora gloss, and glamglow youthmud, and caudalie moisturzing sorbet. Can’t wait for my box!

  24. I wonder what percentage of people wear bright pink lip color? I can’t tell u how many I have received this past year, but I can tell you I have not worn any of them!

    • I know they are not just pink but neon pink that bite color was horrid and I always tell my kids when it comes to make up and clothes don’t count anything out until you have tried it on some of my favorite things have been things I thought would look horrible on me

  25. I recently unsubbed from ispy (and their November box looked good) because I was tired of blush that I never use and I have enough mascara. I am excited for Play! I hope I like it. I haven’t yet received any shipping info. I signed up in October but apparently, they ran out, so I start now.

    • From my own personal experience over the past 5 months of Sephora Play boxes, they are usually charged for on the first of the month and then shipped out around the 14-15th of that month. That’s how all mine have been anyway.

  26. I swear you can look at the pictures of the tubes and tell that some have little product in them. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten a 1oz tube to find it it has about half or less product. Many times a high end sample is nothing more than a foil packet dressed up in a tube.

  27. i’m not sure why people are so upset about the variation ordeal. the other two $10 subscription – birchbox and ipsy – are also based off variety and are totally random. i am so sorry to say, you can’t rule the world for $10…

    • It’s generally an issue of whether the variations are equal in retail value from one to another. As an example (IRL), a $50 face cream wouldn’t be viewed as equivalent to a $15 toner. Quite a few subs have gone down that path the last few years, including Oui Please (pretty much every box since day 1), Allure, BoxyCharm and Birchbox. Variations between equally priced alternate products (e.g., lip or polish colors) and even comparative brands isn’t a big deal; having vastly different product values, that’s where the problems start. All subscribers should legitimately expect to receive equivalent or at least very similar value for the same price.

      • Totally agree EC!

      • I think sephora keeps it pretty equal retail value wise. I think the problem people are having is they’re getting a box that is wrong for their skin type. I have oily skin and have that marked on my profile. Sephora sent an email that they try to incorporate our profiles. If I get one of the variations that are very much for dry skin, I think I have every reason to be disgruntled. If every box has stuff for dry skin, I wouldn’t love it, but wouldn’t feel “ignored”.

        The samples are small, some laughably so, but that bothers me less than getting someone else’s profile when a box more suited to me goes to someone who doesn’t fit that profile. I started in May (?) When there was still just 1. It went to 2 almost immediately, then 4, now ??? I’m just don’t feel it’s any better or worse than when it was the same box…. YET

  28. I was just looking at Replica perfumes on Sephora’s site, so I’d be interested in getting that as my perfume sample. I’m getting 322, so I hope they include that in my bag. TBH, most of this will end up swapped, including the glamglow

  29. I am getting 314 and I am not mad at it, but I hate glosses, so that will be going in the swap pile. 😛

    • The variation isn’t as bad as last month, at least so far 3 samples are the same, I just wish they were bigger. I just want to know why I got hydrating stuff when I have combo skin, mostly oily. lol

  30. This is my second box and I’m already disappointed with Play! After September’s box I thought I’d give it a try, especially since it was good about giving everyone the same products… but nope. The first month I sign up and everyone’s got different variations. Two variation boxes in a row is too much, and if they put one more Estee Edit product in a box, I swear.

  31. Getting 314 and I’m not impressed or excited. I like and own a few of the caviar sticks, Glamglow and the moisturizing sorbet. I do not like lip gloss…. So here’s hoping the cover fx primer will be good!

  32. Wow, nothing says November like a hot pink lip gloss, am I right?

    Seriously, I’ve loved all my Sephora play boxes, but this one is really bumming me out. I’m getting 314 and it really doesn’t match my profile at all. I’m happy about the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick, but that’s it. Womp womp.

  33. I’m happy with bag #314. I can’t wait to try the caudalie! I hope I like the glamglow masque cuz the last one I tried was really drying. I always like my Play bags. I have yet to get one I don’t like.

  34. I am getting box 314. I don’t understand how they choose who gets what box. I have very oily skin so it seems the second box would make more sense with my profile. 314 seems more geared towards dry skin. I’m not complaining though b/c any box with glamglow is a win for me 🙂

    • I put combo skin on my profile and I got box 314. I, too, get very oily in the t-zone so I normally wouldn’t be thrilled with the type of products in this box, but I love the caudalie moisturizer so I am actually happy. And I figure I can use the glamglow mask on my normal to dry areas.

  35. It seems like there is another variation because I am getting ITEM 1868322

    have no ides what will be in it… still “in progress”

    • I’m right there with you! By the looks of the other two boxes I’m not too happy? seriously considering canceling this box

    • Yeah I’m getting 985. There must be one or two more variations.

      Hoping I get the Laura Mercier caviar stick and the GlamGlow.

    • I am getting 322 hoping for great samples!

    • Me too! Mine ends in 730 and also in progress…

    • There must be a ton of variations this month because my item number ends in 977 and I haven’t seen anyone mention that yet…LOL. I would be pretty content with something super close to 314 since I have dry skin.

  36. Would anyone please tell me where and how I can find out which variation am I gonna get?

    • If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks so much, April! I’ll add this to the top of the post, as well! 🙂

      • Thank you April
        Getting variation322!

  37. I’m a 314 and I’m happy. I’m super jazzed to receive the Laura Mercier caviar stick. I have one in plum and it’s a great formula. Also excited to try the Cover Fx and Caudalie. I previously had a bad reaction to a Glamglow product, so I’ll gift that and the lipgloss.

    The last two bags were really cute – I don’t like this design.

    Does anyone know if everyone will receive the same eye stick shade? Or which shade is pictured in the above photos? I tried to compare on the Sephora site, but several look close to what’s pictured. Maybe it’s Moonlight?

    • I think this design is one of the ugliest yet. I also hate that they chose to date it with the “November 2016”. Ugh

    • The girl that posted the 314 pic says the Caviar Stick is Rose Gold.

  38. I just got my 314 in the mail. I was not happy about the pink gloss but it is actually quite sheer and pretty. I will wear it. Not something I would have picked for myself color- wise, though.

  39. I hate to be negative, but since I joined in July these boxes have been getting more and more disappointing to me. The bags are not cute anymore, the content variations are annoying, and I hate that they won’t even give us one solid spoiler. I’m getting 977, and if there’s one more pink lip color product (like in the last two boxes) in it – I’m canceling. My fingers are crossed, though, that I get that Laura Mercier Eye Pencil and the Primer, at least.

    • Yeah, I don’t think Sephora realizes how much people want spoilers. I hate being surprised!

  40. yay I’m the Pi box (314)! Looks like a great month for me.

  41. Mine ends in 977 but I see people here saying there is also a 985 one. So that means we don’t have all the spoilers yet, but that I am not getting the first one. Half the time I forget I subscribe to this until it shows up. Oops.

  42. hmm… my box is a 977

    I just haven’t really been all that thrilled with Play! lately… especially the variations. I think I’m happier with BB since I can at least choose either 1 or all of the products I get.

    Might be about time to cancel

    • You can choose all the products? really?

      • I think she meant either sample choice or going with the curated where you know what you’re going to get 🙂

      • Yes, what Marie said.. either choose 1 product for sample choice. Or the curated box and at least know what 5 products you’re getting. Sorry for the confusion

  43. I am getting variation 314, and I’m not sure how I feel about it till I see it in person. I didn’t have high hopes to begin with, cause oily girls don’t get excited about “glowing.” I don’t glow. I shine. Lol. Hopefully, nothing makes me shinier than I already am.

    • And again, I don’t get the logic behind the variations. I would think that my oily skin would be paired with the white GlamGlow, not the blue one. I don’t think Sephora bases variations based on profiles at all. I think they are just randomly assigned, or as someone suggested, maybe it’s based on the dates they bill people each month.

      • Sephora sent out an email about how they decide what we get and they said it is based on your profiles. They started doing more variations to match profiles better. They look at skin tone, hair, dry or oily and pick the best variation based on that.

        • I think that’s a total lie though, lol. It sounds nice, but I really think it’s just random. It would have made sense to assign this month’s variations solely according to skin type, given the products, but I’ve seen several comments on this thread that say “I have dry skin, why something mattifying and clearing,” or “I have oily skin, why something illuminating and extra moisturizing?” I’ll try everything, but I definitely don’t think they use our profiles at ALL when assigning variations.

          • But they do look at profiles for skin including tones. I don’t see my box here at all. I have dry skin and medium skin tone. I suspect it would show, for example, that I would likely be more apt to get thirstycleanse from glam glow versus supercleanse. So packing boxes are likely done accordingly. Not to say I would even get a glam glow, just showing an example. Only time will tell. Mine is Box 730. (Still in process)

      • I agree with Samantha,I have oily skin prone to breakouts…yet I have all moisture products.This is the second month in a row everything went to swaps.This month is a good time to make a change.

      • This month might go off of skin concerns. Box 77: acne/blackheads, Box 14: sensitivity, Box 85: Redness and Box 22: Aging.

        • I don’t think so. I don’t have acne or blackheads checked (allergies) but I do have aging and sensitivity but I’m getting box 977

  44. My box ended in 985, I got the pop perfume, caviar stick, cover fx mattifying primer, caudalie moisturizing sorbet, Sephora gloss in pin up, and glam glow youthmud treatment. Sample sizes are excruciatingly small and seems like the sorbet sample isn’t even 1/4 full. Makes it easier to cancel

    • I’m also getting 985… but why a mattifying primer?!? I have dry skin marked… this makes no sense to me!

      • I have dry skin as well and I’m getting it.

        • This makes me pretty certain they do not base the variations on profiles at all. I have oily skin, so it sounds like 985 would have been great for me. Instead, I have 314, which sounds targeted toward dry skin.

      • The cover fx mattifying primer is also treats acne and addresses some aging concerns. It is my favorite primer to use in the winter on my combination skin, because it isn’t drying. Maybe it’s worth a try?

      • I also have dry skin, but always use mattifying primers. I find that because I wear moisturiser every day, the mattifying primers create a beautiful satiny, smooth base.

    • I’m getting 985 as well.

      I was so looking forward to The Estee Edit Dissolve the Drama. I wish they didn’t do the different boxes it cause so much disappointment.

    • I’m so disappointed that we’re getting another pink lipstick. The shades they have been sending don’t look good on my skin at all and I have to give them away. My much lighter best friend has been thankful, but it’s still such a let down. I also have dry skin. I only use matte on my nose. Why have profiles if they don’t use them?

      • I’m totally over the pink lip products as well.. ugh! It’s November!! Stop ✋? sending ✋? Pink ✋?

    • Also receiving 985. Excited for the LM Caviar Stick and the Glam Glow since that one I have not tried out yet.

      Have tried out the Cover FX primer before as well as the Caudalie sorbet. They are not bad products, they just weren’t amazing.

      Not a fan of lip gloss or perfume samples.

      I was hoping we would get a highlighter or strobing product since those give so much glow.

    • Oooh, okay, nice. This is the one I’m getting. Disappointed I’m not getting the Estee Edit but excited about the Caudalie. Can’t wait.

  45. In both pictures, the Glamglow tube looks seriously deflated.

    I don’t care – I’m one of three people on this continent who don’t think Glamglow is awesome. The Laura Mercier eye stick looks good to me.

    • I’m one of the three people. Someone gave me a tub a few years ago (nice gift!) and I had a bad reaction. I passed it on to my mom who wasn’t a fan either.

      • And here’s the third.

        • There must be more than three people, because I can’t use GlamGlow, either. I also had a bad reaction.

          • I react to Glamglow as well– whatever one I get (I’m 977) will be going to the babysitter. I’m excited about the caviar stick, those are my favorite!

          • I can use GlamGlow without a problem. I’m just not impressed with it. I was so excited to try, and for me it’s really nothing special. (Kind of the same way I feel about Sephora Play!)

    • And I’m the third! LOL. Agree on the Laura Mercier. I used 100 points a couple of months ago and got the Caudalie sample, I didn’t find it particularly moisturizing. And it was only about half full. Same thing with all the caudalie reservatrol eye cream samples that showed up everywhere for a couple of months.

    • My normally sturdy, insensitive skin does NOT like Glamglow. So, count me in this small group as well!

  46. Mine ends in 322, I’m just excited about about GlamGlow regardless ?

    • Mine ended in 322 as well, wonder what we’ll get. As long as GlamGlow is included I’m happy.

      On a side note, received tracking via USPS notification today, but Sephora (online and app) are still showing my order as “in progress”. Weird, seeing as my box has been already been received by USPS.

      • My sephora account online shows no shipping info yet either.

  47. Not thrilled with a primer, but I’m ok with the second one being 977.

    • I’m so not ok with it (im 977) — anybody else think the lip gloss looks too summery?

  48. Well hopefully the unknown one is not 977. I would LOVE the glamglow brightening (orange) and I would love to try anything caudalie that isn’t moisturizer or for dry skin. Definitely hoping there is something different in place of the illuminating primer!

  49. OMG the first spoiler is so much better than the second one. Loving the Caudalie, Replica and GlamGlow ThirstyMud. Please let 977 be more like the first!!

  50. Was anyone else really hoping for a highlighter?


    • Yeah exacly my thoughts !?
      But my box ends in 314,and Im excited about Cover Fx

    • Hate them, so nope!

    • Yes! I’ve been wanting to try highlighter for the first time and thought this box would get me started. Guess not.

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