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November 2016 Robb Vices FULL Spoilers


UPDATE: We have updated images for the spoilers!

We have the FULL SPOILERS for the November 2016 Robb Vices!  (Robb Vices is $74.95 + shipping a box).

Each November box will include:

From Robb Vices:

The November Robb Vices box is designed to add beautiful accents to cool weather entertaining and particularly the Thanksgiving table.  This includes smoked pecan wood maple syrup that we use on both our waffles and as a sweetening agent in our cocktails.  We worked with Shacksbury Cider to deliver a limited edition, exclusive run hard cider that is meant to be enjoyed in a champagne glass.  Also from Shacksbury is their core cider that we include to be used along with Beekman’s Beer bread mix to create a cider bread.  We include Beekman’s blood orange cranberry raspberry spread to be enjoyed along with that freshly baked bread.  The handmade Emile Henry pie dish is there for elegant cooking and presentation and we top it all off with the best toffee we’ve ever tasted.  All Robb Vices boxes are designed to create cause for celebration, and this in particular is designed to help add something new and special to those gatherings.

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What do you think of the spoilers?

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Comments (45)

  1. FedEx finally came back for a 3rd time and delivered my box on Saturday. While there isn’t a huge hero item or technological WOW as there have been in some other boxes, I have to say that I really, really like this one. I will use everything in it, and the curation is actually internally consistent: I read the booklet twice and really got a sense for why each of the items was included, and I appreciate them. Also, there are about a dozen recipes in the back of the booklet, featuring everything from a cocktail to desserts, and they look terrific. I’ve been introduced to a number of quality brands and items that I did not already know and would not have stumbled on otherwise, and I value that from my sub boxes. This box was a quiet win for me.

  2. Received my box today and really liked it. It is a perfect november box and just felt like comfort. My first thought was to make a pie and the bread to share with friends and family. Made me step back and feel thankful and grateful. This box may have not been the wow but appreciated the different message. I also need to not make comments until I have opened my own box as my opinions change.

  3. Agree with all of the disappointment…. I subscribed based on past year of wonderful curations from RV – high end items that I’d not find easily and that I was thrilled to get. The October month was just “meh” – much less value versus previous boxes and although the center piece whiskey is nice…. the rest of the items were not that special (especially the $1 shot glasses that were subbed in!!!!).

    Then… to see this spoiler:( So very very sad. I’ve received a note from Robb Vices that “you will be pleasantly surprised, the spoiler does not do the box justice. Some of the items in there are the top in their category. This box is meant to be an amazing addition to your thanksgiving table.” But unless there are other items not shown and a hero item that isn’t in the spoiler… this is WAY low value for such a high value box.

    Such is life.

  4. Just got notice from Fedex. Over 21 has to sign for delivery. It the cider hard?

    • Yes, it is hard cider. I believe all Robb Vices boxes contain alcohol – the website states that a signature from someone 21+ is always required for delivery.

  5. Now I’m glad they don’t ship to Canada, after the initial sadness. Looking at the contents I think I figured out how boxes actually make money. Pretty much everything in there is an item you can pick up cheaply at my local Winners. I bought the exact same pie plate for $12, and very similar premium brands of small batch handcrafted, organic etc. jams, jellies, muffin mixes for $4.99. These are things that didn’t sell in regular stores and got bundled in sale lots to discounters, when they still had stock left they sold them even cheaper down chain.
    So I guess I’ll continue to haunt my store monthly and spend $40 on a mix of items I don’t normally buy from new to me brands:-) I’m with you all who are disappointed….

  6. I actually think it’s cool they gave a can of cider, this way you can gift the bottle and still get to try it. You can use this month’s maple with last month’s whiskey to make a maple whiskey sour: mix 1 tbsp maple syrup with 2tbsp lemon juice and 3 tbsp whisky, top with seltzer and a few dashes of bitters ?

  7. Wow. You guys are so fickle. This is a box that literally has no theme and is drastically different every month. August had no connection to September nor to October. If you want the same mix of items every month, sign up for Pop Sugar.

    This is a solid box, valued at much more than the cost of the box. I think you have to be realistic – these companies are businesses – they have to balance their choices – they can’t just always blow your mind with value.

    Someone said it well on the forum – yeah, this might not all be super sexy or giftable (although I know a lot of guys who would appreciate that cider) it’s all very usable, versus the last box. Loved it, sure, but listed the cards and the zclip on swap. People were also angling for a more feminine box…

    Y’all are difficult to please!

    • Feel free to call me fickle if you want, but the bottom line is that I’m feeling pretty let down by RV. For months I’ve read reviews and comments giving well-deserved praise to $300-$500 valued boxes curated with high-end technology, art, and food stuffs. I finally subscribe after choosing to drop a couple of other boxes for this luxe one and what do I get? A $130 box consisting of a pie dish, a can of cider, and various baking ingredients I can get at Walmart. So yes, I’m very disappointed and feel strangely duped.

      • Agree Sammee… The value was running so much more previously – and the items were that high-end technology, etc which really made you long for more…. Items that I can buy at World Market on discount (or even at Aldi’s!) are not what I’d consider high-end. Value not there this month in the slightest (unless there is a hidden item worth the extra couple hundred $’s that we aren’t seeing)…..

    • I agree! I would love to be able to subscribe to this box (they don’t accept subscriptions from MA because of alcohol delivery laws) because of the wide variety of items and lack of a theme.

      One of my greatest annoyances with some of my current subscriptions is the lack of variety and uniqueness (both from month-to-month within the same subscription and across different subscriptions – everyone used the same product suppliers now!).

      Of course each of us will have some months that we don’t like as much as others, but it is a solid box, particularly compared to some of the others out there.

    • Come on…a pie plate? Yawn.

  8. I have been receiving this box for 8 months and this is by far the worst one. I usually really like and enjoy Robb Vices curation, but seriously!?!??….a pie plate as the main item and with no other pie related items. This is a williams sonoma sale bin in a box. I also am trying to reconcile the drake whiskey drinker/lux card shark from last month’s box who makes pie and beer bread. This box is so far off its demographic. I feel a little ripped off.

  9. I actually really like this box, but I’m not a subscriber, so if anyone is interested in swapping it, keep me in mind! ?

  10. Horrible, this is not what I signed up for when I subscribed. I feel like returning it or maybe I’ll just voice my outrage their facebook page. I signed up for a sexy box not a dowdy baking box.

  11. Geez! Did I personally jinx this box by subscribing to it? The October box was my first box and that seemed like a big let down from the previous boxes I saw reviewed. But I figured even the best boxes have a bad month now and then and the November box would be right back at the same quality. So I click on the spoiler and see this. Aaargghhh! I definitely picked the wrong time to subscribe.

    • ditto!

    • I really wanted it too, felt same as you. Waited because the next one seemed less exciting to me. I’m glad I didn’t remember to subscribe I would have not wanted anything in this one.

  12. Hi, I’m seeking advice for a shipping company that would mail this to IL. I know some people do this to ship US boxes to Canada. RV is not accepting new subscribers from IL. thanks for any help!

    • They don’t ship to states with difficult laws regarding shipping alcoholic beverages, so the same would apply to any shipping service.

  13. I think the theme must be Thanksgiving dinner or our favorite fall foods, it seems to fall into that category. I would not be surprised if there are some recipes included in the booklet. I do not think is the best box they have put out (that would be the coffee and art box) but it is not what I would think of as a great men’s box and I think a lot of the men who subscribe will be disappointed. I know my son would be. I already have the pie plate so it is not the most exciting box for me.

  14. They had drinkware in a leather case by Cocktail Kingdom on their Facebook page today for about half an hour and it said it was in the November box. I wonder if this could have been a bonus box for signing up?

    • The shipping email I received this morning said it was my Nov. box which was being delivered today, and Robb Vices replied to a Facebook message today saying the gift would be sent at the end of a subsctiption, so I don’t think it is the promised gift-with-purchase.

  15. If I just subscribed the other day, will I get Nov or start in Dec? I can’t really tell from my account page. Anyone know? Thanks!

    • You have to be subscribed before the 1st to get that months box so I’m 99% sure you will start with December.

  16. Hopefully they needed a break from high value items this month to have an awesome box next month. This box is nice and rv is there just not as exciting as other boxes for sure.

  17. I think at this price point, a single can is sort of tacky. This month seems like Hamptons Lane plus liquor

    • My thoughts exactly!!! Was thinking of joining but another Hamptond Lane box does not excite.

    • I haven’t gotten mine, but I am thinking the single can might be for the beer bread recipe? If so it’s kind of nice they included it.

  18. Box is okay but not what I have come to expect. Missing the Wow!

  19. I feel the same way as others that have commented; I’m not as impressed with this box as I have envied over the past boxes. It doesn’t seem as put together as past boxes. Did they get a new person in charge of curating the boxes? Robb Vices needs to figure out what changed with the box compared to the others and change back! In any case I hope the December box is awesome because I feel they will get an increase in subscribers due to the holidays. Still holding out to subscribing because it’s a nice chunk of change but I love reading the reviews.

  20. I have been a Robb Vices subscriber for a few months. I like this box. I wish I could say I love it or that it had a really special high value item like past boxes, but I can’t complain too much. I think the items are well curated and go together and will all be used.

  21. So I am not at all excited about this box. No hero item and the rest is just blah… I just pre-paid for 6 months and I am not too happy about this month. I hope they get better for the duration of my subscription. I was so excited about this sub but I am beginning to regret spending the money on it. The last box was very late and this box is really a bummer.

  22. This boxes items seems to be a lot lower on RV compared to previous boxes and for $75 a box, plus shipping not much of a WOW factor.

  23. Really?
    I was going to get a sub for my husband for Christmas. Maybe I’ll wait for December.
    This box is terrible. I’d have passed on Hampton’s lane if this was the monthly selection.
    I expect better from Robb Vices than Beekman’s. You can buy that at Target.

    This makes me feel as if I was punked. Nothing fits together. Beer bread mix and a pie pan? Apple cider (is it hard?) and maple syrup?

    I see a few discriminating brands there but the curation on this one is not there. I’m still confused.

    • I agree, nothing fits together! After reading the September and October reviews, I was also considering this as a gift for my husband. Glad I decided to wait. He would have been beyond disappointed with this box! I may still be tempted depending on if a BF deal pop ups, but definitely not seeing the appeal or value in this month’s products.

    • Must be hard cider since it needs an adult signature.

    • Beekman’s just got clearanced out at my local Target.

  24. what’s the price of these boxes?

    • $75 plus shipping

  25. This does not seem like a box curated by RObbVices to me. It makes me feel like someone went on vacay for the holidays and let their Aunt B do the selection

    • My thoughts EXACTLY. it’s as if it’s a box from a completely different sub!

  26. Looks good, can’t wait to get mine!

  27. I’m honestly tempted to subscribe. This has been the only box that seems 100% useful to me.

    • This is my first month and I am so disappointed and underwhelmed. Sad day =(

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