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Lip Monthly Subscription Review + Coupon – October 2016

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Lip Monthly is a subscription box that sends everything lips! Products included are glosses, sticks, balms and stains. Each month you receive a makeup bag filled with 4-5 items (all but one will be lip products.)


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Lip Monthly

Cost: $12.95 per month (free shipping), $38.95 for 4 months (free shipping) or $116.55 annually (free shipping)

COUPON: Use code 50OFF to get your first box for 50% off

OR use code 1STFREE to get your first box free with a 4-month subscription

OR get use code 3FREE to get 3 months free with an annual subscription!

Products: 4-5 deluxe lip products (one non lip product)

Ships to: US, Canada and International

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Each package comes with a makeup bag. If you are familiar with Ipsy bags, I’d say the quality isn’t as good as Ipsy bags, but it is still pretty good for a bonus bag. (I’d like to see them do more playful prints like Ipsy does in future months!)

Now onto the items!


Be a Bombshell Lipstick in Baroness – Value $6


This is a matte lipstick with a lot of pigment, but it’s on the drying side. I recommend pairing this with a lipbalm.

(Swatched in lower photo.)


HIKARI Lipstick in Romance – Value $13


This shade is a light pink/beige and pretty neutral on my skin tone.

(FYI – both the HIKARI and Be A Bombshell lipsticks are formulated with parabens in case you are avoiding that ingredient.)

(Swatched in lower photo.)


Cargo Essential Lipgloss in Rio – Value $16


This is a bold, orangey-red lipgloss with high-shine. It has a lot of color, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that this is actually a wearable color for me! (And the lipgloss isn’t too sticky!)

(Swatched in lower photo.)


LARITZY Lip Liner in Jewel – Value $18

I have this lip liner in another shade already, and I like the formula.


It has good pigment, decent staying power, and it is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and made in this USA.

Here it is swatched below the lipsticks and lipgloss:


Verdict: Even though this month’s Lip Monthly bag was only 50% a hit for me, I still got two full-size lip products I like out of a $12.95 subscription box! (I’m just not a big fan of Be a Bombshell and Hikari.) The Cargo and Laritzy products are wins, though! And this box has a value of about $53, too – not bad!

What do you think about October’s Lip Monthly bag?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I have to say, Lip Monthly was just awesome this and previous months. I don’t get how others get a lot of problems with the shipping, and the one thing that people don’t understand is that the service of shipping and quality of products is NOT the same. I can’t point this out in a better way then saying that you don’t like a dress because it took the courier a couple more days to bring it to you. You wouldn’t blame the product or a brand itself, you’d blame it on the shipping service. This is very important, don’t let them trick you into this. Depending on where you live, the city and the country, it all depends. Again, this is NOT something the brand is guilty for. I’m saying this because of one thing. I like all the products I get from Lip Monthly and I’m very happy to pay $12.95 monthly for products that each costs way, way more.

  2. It seems that I’m probably one of the few people that didn’t have problems with lip monthly. I subbed to this in early 2016 for five or six months but canceled after product overload. The only problem I had was one month where I got my bag and there wasn’t an info card in it.

    Funny thing though is I got an email saying the June bag is $5 for a limited time or whatever. So I went to their website and tried to log into my account – I get an error message saying it doesn’t exist. I then tried to log in with my other email address (yes 2 subs, but yeah, I didn’t have issues so it made sense to me at the time). My other account is also not there.

    They still have my email obviously and send me whatever promos. I’ve seen them and not paid attention, but have finally gotten through most of my lip stuff and was considering resubbing. Came to MSA to see what the recent bags look like and this was the last review. I’m a little concerned with the comments here and also how it seems that older accounts were deleted, but they retained email addresses.

    I don’t know now. I did really like the sub and I can usually pull off bolder colors, but felt I also got stuff that I could wear every day without raising eyebrows (I’m in my 30s and in a profession where the very few women I work with rarely wear makeup.)

    Does anyone have current information about what the bags are like or if there are problems with billing? Current subscribers that might be able to shed some light on quality and satisfaction with the products?

    • I just subscribed and I’m expecting my first bag this month. I got the $5 June deal so I think it’ll be good as long as I don’t have billing issues.

  3. I have really loved Lip Monthly! I’ve been on Ipsy a lot longer, and Ipsy is amazing, I hate Birchbox, really sucks compared to these two. I love Lip Monthly way more than Ipsy btw!

    It comes way later in the month though, a few days after Ipsy. But I’m always 100 times more excited when I get Lip Monthly. The surprise is always there, With Ipsy it’s hard not to see what I am getting, and I wait for it.. Lip Monthly is amazing in everywhere. It’s not always only lip sticks. They have other things sometimes too. Just going to Walgreens it’s almost $10 for a decent lip stick.. here you get full size epic lip sticks ect!! For the save price just about. I give away a few products as gift’s when I over stock up. & all my friends LOVE them too!! Like, Tiff you always give the best, coolest gifts.

    Sadly though, for money issues, I had to cancel and put off the sub for a few months. I’m missing it already, since I just got my Feb 2017 bag in the mail right after I was forced to cancel 🙁 This bag was truly amazing! I wish I could upload a picture! <3 Once things get better, I will re get it asap!!

    You guy's are great! I love your cute products! Your brands, all the glitters, and your new website!! <3 <3 Can't wait to be with you again!! 😉 Thanks!

    This sub need's more credit! It's a good, amazing subscription, I like it way better than Ipsy!

  4. I am so very sorry I signed up for this subscription. I canceled before the cancellation deadline, yet they still charged me for a new subscription. No responses to my emails. I have disputed the charges – we’ll see. They allow you to select colors on some items, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get the colors you selected, if their website is even working. And the selection deadline changes – without any notification from them at all. Zero communication. Like I said, so sorry I got involved with this company. BEWARE!

    • when i canceled, they sent me an email.
      the confirmation email isn’t the final step!
      you have to go to the bottom of the email and click on the link to follow through with cancellation!
      after that step your account is canceled.
      i didn’t know this, and they don’t really explain it, but i hope this helps!

  5. I cancelled my sub with them and they acknowledged it and they STILL charged me for January!! I’m so irritated!! I don’t know how to get this company to stop charging me! Decembers bag was as an even worse disappointment than all of the previous ones. I don’t want to keep getting these crappy lipsticks and being charged for them when they know I’ve cancelled. Ugh I’m so furious right now 😤😡

    • Change your payment method to one of those zeroed out Visa giftcards. I do that right before cancelling anything, just in case they try charging. Then you don’t have to deal with complaining to the bank, which mine always cancels my card & I have to wait for a new one when I complain of unauthorized charges. Keep one of those empty Visa giftcards around!

    • Meee tooo!!!!!

    • I have been so fed up with Lip Monthly.
      It seems that every other month I am having to contract them about the stutus of where my bag is. It is February 16th and I still have not received my January bag! I did get an email telling me my February bag is on the way. I have sent lipmonthly a email 3 days ago and still no responds! I will tell you they are rip off cancelled my subscription and i think evryone should!

    • I called my bank charged me never would email me back bank got my money back hope this helps angel

  6. Worst company ever (look at comments on their Instagram). They kept saying they were shipping out the Dec bags and never did. They take your money as a new signup and run. I customized my bag for Dec (1 choice for me- a gloss) after signing up and paying in Nov and they never sent the bag in the stated window. It is now 12/17. They refer you to email but never reply to emails. Scam artists.

    • I’ve yet to get my December bag that I have paid for 😒 As soon as I get it I am cancelling!

    • I got my December bag Tuesday. A little late for December, but did get it! I wasn’t real happy with selection. Most of the time the colors have been too bright or dark for me. There was a Chap-stick lip scrub, which was really nice. I know it’s a drug store brand, but I think with the other items, I probably did get my money’s worth.

      • My December bag never shipped apparently. Customer service said there was no tracking info, leading them to assume it never went out.

        Today I got an email that January’s bags are ready to ship but that they needed me to put in my name and address in my dashboard. Was anyone else asked to do that? Unless the bag with the items I customized is marked with my email address so it can be matched with my name and mailing address, I don’t expect I’ll get the colors i chose.

        I usually like the Lip Monthly products, but lately it seems their wheels are falling off.

  7. I cancelled service in Sept 2016 as most of the products did not work for me. I was changed to continue and I can not get any website to come up. I have filed a complaint with my credit card to get a refund. I would not recommend this subscription to anyone.

  8. I really like the leaf bag. I also like the bright colors of the lip products. It is weird that this month didn’t include a non-lip item – every month has had a non-lip item since I signed up 2 years ago.

  9. I have regretted signing up since the first week I signed up! I tried to access my account and I couldn’t. They were doing something with their website and it kept telling me my password was wrong and I was trying to reset it and it wouldn’t work. I tried emailing them and it took a week for them to respond. Then they gave me the run around. So I called and they kept putting me on hold and “accidentally” hanging up on me. I still can’t access my account. I’ve tried to cancel but it says to log on and cancel from your online account but I can’t log on! And they don’t seem to want to let me cancel on the phone no matter what I say. I’m so frustrated. Plus not a single color from the lipsticks/glosses that have came would be anything I’d wear. And I can’t log on to even pick ONE selection every month like I see you’re supposed to be able to do now. ? ugh

  10. I’ve tried quite a few boxes, and this was by far the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had. It seems like they are trying to get their act together, but I’m burned at this point. And they charged me even though I cancelled. Am I the only one that got a highlighter in the box? That was not at all what I wanted when I signed up. The colors were awful, the box came at the end of the month after many, many delays. Nope. Not doing it again.

  11. None of the links are working for me.

  12. I just hate Made in China products and unfortunately, this sub has them in every shipment it looks like.

  13. Getting Lip Monthly for 4 months was my biggest sub box regret. They always sent loud, unwearable colors.

    • Lol and I would’ve been over the moon getting loud colors! I’m planning on subscribing & I have my fingers crossed for getting lots of bold reds, berries, etc.

      • Yeah, I wear fuchsia and red and berry and even purple and orange all the time. Not subscribing because my lipstick collection is taking over the bathroom counter (300 items and counting). But bold colors wouldn’t be a turn-off for me at all.

  14. I’m really really hoping they have a BF deal!

  15. Just curious… the description says 4-5 lip items and one non-lip item. So is the non-lip item missing, or is that counting the bag?

    • I think it’s really “4-5 items often including one non-lip item.”

  16. Their customization options are up & running starting with the November bag. For November, I was able to pick the shade of a lip pencil and a lip crayon (I think it was a lip crayon, but it could have been a different lip product). They had a lot of different shades to choose from too. I think that’s a pretty cool option. At least we’ll know what kind of lip product(s) to expect in our next bag. Now let’s see if I actually get the shades I picked. 🙂

    • I never got a notice from them whatsoever about the November customization window so I totally missed it, dammit. I hope whatever I end up with just doesn’t suck too badly like the last bag of unwearables, or its bye bye time for them. Did anyone get an email or are you just supposed to remember to log in every month on time? I’m even checked my spam/jink folders….confused.

      • I got an email, and I got one for December too. Customization worked great, which is a win for me. My only color issue is I try to avoid reds. Not my best, and I get more than enough from other subs.

        This has been my favorite sub since I first got it! I have dealt with CS, and while there seems to be a language barrier, they did help and respond to my email within 2 days. I say I think there’s a language barrier because they offered me the option to cancel, and I said no, I love LipMonthly and do NOT want to cancel, and then they cancelled me. I emailed them again and they fixed it. The less extra you say to them, the better.

  17. I bought this back back in September I think with the five dollar promo and I’ve never even gotten it. Pretty upset. They just took my $5 and didn’t send anything. I was supposed to get the October box.

    • What did they say when you contacted them?

      • They said that they would be sending it out the next week, I had contacted them sometime towards the end of October but now it’s November 15th. I suppose I’ll contact them again but I really shouldn’t have to.

  18. FYI – they send color variations. My lip liner was in Roseberry and my lipgloss was in Sahara, a sandy pink color. I can’t remember the lipstick colors; I gave them away.

    • Bag twins 🙂 and I gifted those same lippies too, neither looked good on me but I like the liner and gloss. I really, really. REALLY hope they start sending brands other than Hikari and Be A Bombshell….so tired of them and none of the shades I get of theirs work for me, either they’re pale brownish nude or too dark and vampy, which would be fine if I was still in that style or went out more to wear the latter, but top OTT for my day job. Nudes wash me out (I am pale but have quite pigmented lips so some lighter berry shades, pinks, mauves, pinky-nudes, something, anything other than brown/nude or red/burgundy. Le sigh. Fingers crossed for this month because I missed the customization window and kicking myself!!! Luckily they worked out my bi-monthly plan request they offered instead of me cancellinging, every month was a bit much. Time will tell!

  19. I got the Cargo lip gloss in a nice neutral shade (Sahara) that I love painting over the gorgeous Laritzy lipliner (my shade was Roseberry). My bombshell was an ugly brown, so that’s getting gifted. Instead of the Hikari lipstick, I got a full-size baked bronzer from Dirty Little Secret. The cosmetic bag is very pretty.

    Agree with Liz – I usually only keep two of the Lip Monthly items, plus the bag; but they are full-size for $12,95 and I still love this subscription. Their bags are often prettier than ipsy bags.

    • I like their bags better than Ipsy too 🙂 I also figure even if I only like or use half the LM bag , it’s still worth the cost compared to buying them retail. Just gonna have to set a reminder to log in and customize since that was the change that kept me from cancelling.

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