GlossyBox November 2016 FULL SPOILERS + $50 Coupon!

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the November 2016 Glossybox thanks to mariacast13:


(Source: Instagram)

This box includes:

What do you think of the spoilers? (FYI – GlossyBox sends out variations, so not all subscribers will get the exact same items, but usually all subscribers get at least 2-3 of the same items.)

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet:

Now through 11/9, use coupon code BEAUTY12 to save $50 off an annual Glossybox subscription. This brings the cost down to $13.33 a box! (Regularly $21 a box with a monthly subscription.)

Check out our GlossyBox reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Full details: Offer valid through November 9th , 2016 , 11 :59 pm ET . Valid only on the purchase of any new recurring 12-Month Subscription. New plans will begin the date they are created and cannot be combined with an existing subscription/order. Apply code in the Enter Promotion Code section at checkout. If code does not apply successfully before checkout, it cannot be added at a later time. One code per customer. Available while supplies last.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’ve been a very long time Glossy subscriber but this box finally made me hit the cancel button. I think I’m just at the too much stuff point plus nothing I’ve received from them lately has been all that fantastic. I do love their special editions though.

    • I redeemed mine for the December box.I called them also to make sure it was done properly

    • I canceled recently too. The boxes have gone downhill rapidly, and customer service is terrible. I had a bad taste in my mouth after not all boxes received the Nuxe oil that was promised a few months back.

  2. I got Biossance pack of 30 makeup remover wipes, the Lycopene face cream, De Bruyere eye pencil in bubble, Palmetto face mask, and Gerard lip pencil in underground. I was pleased with this combo. The last couple of boxes I got combos that were not the best for me. My gilt city ends in January and I will have enough points for 3 free boxes. Not sure what I will do after that. I want to keep just one box besides Walmart. I haven’t decided which one yet.

  3. Did anyone who redeemed Glossydots for their November box get their box yet (or at least a shipping confirmation)? I looked on the site and couldn’t find anything. Wondering if mine will be the last to go out and full of old leftovers ?

    • For some weird reason, I never get a tracking number for the glossydot boxes. If you email or call they can look it up for you.

      • Will do, thanks. Over my year with Glossybox, I only got shipping confirmations maybe 60% of the time, and when I did, the box had usually been shipped 2-3 days prior. It was weird.

  4. So I recieved my first glossybox today and I thought I was amazing. A few things happened but when I contacted CS they got back to me fast and painless and my story ended happily. I got the mask and the face cream, eye shadow pencil, the B wipes and the lip liner in a super beautiful color. Loved the gorgeous box, WOW. I loved the cute info card and I love the items I got. Everything is very new to me..

    I do have a question though if anyone knows? The prices for the items in my box are what everything costs? Or are half of them just smaller sizes and the price that is on the info card it just for the full size? If I added all my products up it ended up being like a 150.00. That can’t be right.? Anyway I’m a happy lady over here

    • Those are the full size values, not the values of the samples. I’ve read that some of their values on full size products are inflated (some people got a “$350” face cream, I think it was, last month), though.

      • Thank you Rebecca for replying to my question….I thought that was the case but I know some are full size already… But the really expensive items are smaller versions. All together my first box was pretty sweet and I am sooo< glad I didn't buy some more wipes yesterday but I forgot and I ended up with the 30 wipes were a sign…. ?I am happy.

  5. I was excited for this box and got it today to be disappointed. Instead of the shampoo (which I really wanted to try) and the lip color, I got dry shampoo and Rihanna perfume. ?

    • Yea I got that too …. $2.99 dry shampoo and discontinued perfume but they will both get used I wish since the value was so low for the dry shampoo they should have thrown in a little extra goodie or am I asking too much ?

  6. I received my box today. I got makeup remover wipes instead of the shampoo. I cannot have enough makeup remover wipes so I’m pretty happy with my box.

  7. I got my box today and I didn’t get the shampoo or lippie, and lip products are my favorite so I’m totally sad about that.I would have been happy with the lip liner everyone else seems to be getting instead of the lip item that’s posted because we know Glossybox is unpredictable. So I got a dry shampoo by, the back of the bottle says Freeman and it has a big penmark down it like its a factory reject and I got Rihanna rollerball perfume. Ugh!!!! Now I’m not bound to my subscription, I go month to month and I almost left after they did me wrong with that Nuxe oil month and did nothing to redeem themselves but I do suffer from that fear of missing out but out of all the variations, I always seem to get the worst one you could hope for so after December I think I will definitely cancel. I am suffering from product overload so maybe the new year will be for actually using up all these accumulated samples from all my subscriptions.

  8. I got the lip pencil too in ecstasy of the same brand .. even with the variation I am
    Happy cause the price difference isn’t so much … glossybox have really upped their game since the tony box fiasco … I am happy to continue with them 🙂

  9. I tried cancelling a few times, after they kept charging me double and/or not honoring the discount codes I’d applied. To add insult to injury, they has 2 accounts open for me and were charging a total of $42 a month. Rather than try to correct the problem AT ALL, they agreed to cancel my account 2 months ago. However, they only closed one account & refuse to stop charging my credit card the full $21 each month! It has gotten so that I’ve complained to my CC to dispute charges. It’s worth noting that I subbed with them for about 4 years, almost always paying Full price. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! I agree with the woman who says she hopes they read these threads so that they start treating customers better.

  10. My box arrived today – all the above, except the Gerard cosmetics lip liner in place of the liquid lipstick. The product card was missing entirely from my box though. I came on here to see if that was the case with other people’s boxes too, and that perhaps GB had done away with the card altogether, but a few have mentioned the card, so I guess it was left out from mine in error. I’m debating if it’s worth it to contact CS, even to get some glossydots or something.

    There’s been some chatter about expectations for boxes, and what constitutes a “good” box (I’m only talking about expectations regarding contents here, not CS or billing or general brand experience). I think in my case the novelty of subscription boxes has worn off. I feel like when a box arrives in the mail I get excited, and am excited while opening it, and then (unless it’s something I’ve been dying to try or I already love), the excitement fades to “meh, more stuff.” The last few months I’ve put 80% of the items I’ve received back in the box, and then the box goes on an ever-growing stack. And then I feel a vague, nagging guilt whenever I look at said stack.

    Ah, the existential ennui of subscriptions boxes. ??

    • I always get a card in my box except for that crappy may box that everyone didn’t get the oil.So my thoughts are that you didn’t get the expected lip product so no card

  11. I received my box about a week early than average this month. I got a slightly different variation. Instead of liquid lipstick, I received lip pencil from the same brand. The color is like mauve and I much prefer this color over the liquid lipstick, so I lucked out. There is a swatch of that and eye pencil on their Instagram (Glossybox us). I always think it is a bit strange to send just shampoo and not matching conditioner, but I have enough hair masks to work out my stash. Good month for me because I also like the colors of eye stick.
    Did anyone receive a discount code for the holiday LE box? I wasn’t a subscriber this time last year, so I don’t know if it came in the box or via email. But not in the box for me. Hopefully they send out this year as well. BTW, next month’s spoiler on the info card was about the design of the box, lol!

    • Is it a pretty box or plain pink? 😀 I’ll take any spoiler I can get! lol

      • It is a dark blue box with stars! The info card says December will be a “starry night inspired products”.

    • I received an email that stated “In the spirit of giving thanks, enjoy $10 off your limited edition holiday box!” No code, you just need to be a subscriber.

      • Lilah, I received the same email this morning as well. I don’t think I will commit until I see the full spoilers. For me this year is not as exciting as last year so far.

  12. My box came today – I’m very happy with it. I got the same products listed above except the Gerard Cosmetics is a lip pencil in Ecstasy instead of the liquid lipstick. Can’t wait to try everything!

    • I got my shipping notice today ,and I’ve never got it early .I notice everyone posting about their box has not got the liquid lip color.Ive already desided and posted that if once again I get the crappy product I’m cancelling and never looking back .This is my favorite makeup product and if they think I was hostile over that oil they ain’t seen nothing yet( bahaaaaaa) send me a pencil and I’m out I’m sure I can find some lovely subscription box to take my 21.00 each month,not 8.00 not 14.00 but 21.00 .And I hope they read and learn for the rest of you box envy is no fun .ok my ramble is over

  13. Personally, I think this November box looks amazing! I can’t wait to try the liquid lipstick and the eye pencil. Also, the lycopene cream, face mask and grapefruit shampoo all look fantastic. My box is on its way, and I can’t wait to get it. I think GB has done an excellent job this month! Yay!

  14. I signed up for tbe 3 boxes for the next 3 months on Oct 30 and the code didnt go in right. I emailed them so worried because the I read I was gonna get the Oct box and in a few days get charged again for Nov mind ya 21.00 a box. They emailed me back and canceled me sub like I asked and returned the 21.00 for Oct…. I was very very happy but Friday I got a email saying my Nov box has went out. I called CS and was on hold for 15 mins until the phone computer lady said I wpuld have to call back at another time. Why not say that first. Dont make someone wait 15 mins then say that. I then emailed them again but nothing yet. I wouldnt mind if it was 15.99 but not 21.00. I read some reviews that worried me a bit too and then I also seen that there is a deal around Black Friday with 8 or 9 dollars boxes. Ohh well I hope tomorrow I will get some info. Sorry for me long story. Really

    • This happened to me too where I used the code spooky recently to get a 3 month sub for 15.99 a mth and it said the discounted price at check out however it charged me the full price. I emailed them right away and 2 days later they replied and said that deal was only for new subscribers and so it didn’t apply to me since I had a sub that is expiring this month. So there you have it I canceled I have too much stuff anyway

      • That happened to you too Jenni. Well I had emailed them on Friday but I knew they wouldn’t get back to me until today. Anyway they refunded me the 21 dollars for the November box to but there already sent the box. I thought they would atleast charge me 15.99 and I would of been fine but now I really think that I may get the Nov box free. I feel gulity though. I thought that was amazing CS and they took care of my problem fast and simple and the end. For that I am a big fam now and I may sign up for the black friday deal. I made sure I emailed them and say how amazing amd simple and quick they handled my problem.

  15. Does anyone think (just a thought here) that maybe our issues (aside from credit/auto renew/cancellation hassles which are just a beauty box general problem hence the lawsuits) is that we’ve been subbing to multiple companies and there’s just a limited amount of beauty products that can be put in boxes? I think glossybox is fine except our standards have gone up and the competition is fierce.
    It’s not like Le Mer is lining up to throw samples to these companies and customers say they want full size make up product so it’s probably easier to throw a lippy or eyeshadow pencil with the brand hoping you’ll buy their other colors and the box company thinking they made us happy with a full size.
    My own issues is I have enough pore benefit samples to start a Sephora outlet and in my quest for great anti aging skin care- I have tiny samples I now use just for the tops of my hands because it’s just easier then really trying to see results.

    • Omg me too

  16. My box is on its way. I have never had problems through email with customer service. I’ve not actually called them. Sometimes all the products I love and sometimes a few. I didn’t purchase with a deal like many of you but I have been relatively happy with customer service and my items as long as they keep the variations equal. I reviewed past boxes and it looks like all the variations have occurred since spring. If they can do it correctly before than should be able to do it again.

    • They’ve had variations since 2014. The February 2015 box variations (including variations of the actual box) in particular inspired a lot of box rage on the web and social media, iirc.

  17. I’d avoid them like the plaque. I had a sub with them (gilt) and then they automatically renewed without even a warning that my sub year was over. I fought with them about it and they cancelled the sub, so I got no boxes but do you think they refunded me my money? NOPE!
    I had to fight with them for months until I had enough and opened up a case with my credit card company that finally refunded me. I would not suggest this sub.

    Besides that issue it seemed like every single month they sent at least one product that leaked. And they never had a replacement of it, guessing they all leaked. So I’d always get a subpar replacement item. While occasionally I received good items, in the end if I added up the value of it I’d guess it was a lot less than a year sub.

    • I’m so terrified that is going to happen to me with the gilt deal. It doesn’t help that CS has given me two different dates to cancel..guess I’ll make sure I keep my paypal empty as that’s how they have billed me WAY back. I should never have linked the account – anyone who never linked is safe btw!

  18. Am I the only one who likes GlossyBox? I purchased a year at around $14 a box. For that price I am extremely happy with the items I receive in every box. I hope I receive the Lycopene cream!

    • You are not the only one, there’s two of us ? I love Glossybox.

    • Same here 🙂 There’s always something in their boxes I love, usually the rest I like, and if there’s something I just won’t use I love saving up those items and gifting them to friends in the pretty pink boxes. It’s a win win. I wonder if people with a LOT of subs or who have been subbing maybe for a long time have different expectations product-wise? GB products, with minimal exception have always struck me as unique, high value, fun or otherwise. Occassionally they screw up in that department, but so does every sub.

      I’ve also had positive cust serv experiences. Usually about product swaps/replacements. I always contact them online and have got a response in 48hrs or less. I haven’t had to ask or argue for anything around billing, so I can’t vouch for that.

      But GB is fun for me 🙂 I look forward to seeing it on my doorstep every month, and have subbed with them for about 1.5 yrs now.

      • I like Glossybox too. I’ve always received the middle variant level of boxes (never the highest or lowest RV boxes I see reviewed), but I still like everything I get because the products & brands are usually new to me, so that discovery element is definitely there. Also, the few dealings I’ve had with their CS was great. They were very quick to respond and I was happy with the outcomes.

        However, I think I fall into that category of people that have had many beauty box subscriptions this past year, and now that I know what’s out there, I’ve developed my own personal taste & preferences for what I want to get in a beauty box. Again, while I think Glossybox has been nice & fun to receive, I find I get more excited about the natural beauty boxes (and, I use all types of products… not just natural). So, I’ll be cancelling Glossybox when my annual is up in December, but I just may re-subscribe for a few months sometime next year if I feel I need a GB fix. 🙂

        • I’m actually going to do the exact same thing as you! While I do love it, I am going to cancel after my year is up and get a natural sub.

    • No way! I love glossybox, too!

  19. I really want to try the Gerad lipstuff, but I can’t make myself sign up for this subscription. For months all I read are mostly negative comments about their CS and what not. I don’t want that headache.

    • I did the same thing but subscribed anyway bc I liked the products Liz reviewed for them and it worked out. I bought the three month sub and got two boxes for free and pretty much loved everything I got. I cancelled with ease before the 15th of the month (that’s important!) and they haven’t charged me wrongly or anything like many reviews said. I will probably subscribe again because I have found some products I really like like the Bare Minerals plush face wash and the mascara they’ve sent out. And if things go wrong with the sub box your best bet is to be as polite as possible and they will work things out for you 🙂

    • I have contacted CS several times and haven’t had any problems. They were actually very helpful.

    • I admit that their CS is non-existent. I’ve had things explode or show up empty, and my requests through customer service are ignored. Repeatedly. So, I had cancelled, even though the things that were intact in the box were worth much, much more than @21. BUT, at $13 something a box, I joined up again. Really, that’s not much more than ipsy, and the Glossybox products are much better. Even if only 2-3 things survive shipping, they’ll be worth 3-4 times what I paid for them. Anyway, I just wanted to share my pov on whether it’s worth it or not. 🙂

  20. This looks pretty good…but I’m skeptical we will see if this is what they really send out.

  21. November is my last box too. I am not going to renew. However, this box looks good, so i’m excited???

  22. My Glossybox subscription hopefully was cancelled for November. The boxes are mediocre at best. I should have cancelled months ago. For what is charged there are truly better boxes out there. Dermstore beautyfix is a great box, however mostly high end skincare. I am never disappointed with this box. Just remember it is more skincare than makeup. Glossybox never responds to customer service requests and 2 times in a row products came damaged. I hope they get their act together.

  23. I love Gerald liquid lipstick ,just got an order today .So if I get some other crapy variation as Ive received In the past I’m done peace out .And I will not be signing up again.I will hopefully find some other lovely box to replace it with.There are a couple I’ve been watching

  24. Haha, my first thought was ‘oh that’s actually a really nice box… I hope I get that variation!’ only to see a couple others have already commented with the same thought. I know some sub box reps read MSA comments, & I hope GlossyBox reps are reading this, because it says a lot about your company that subscribers are expecting to be disappointed right now.

    November might be my last box, since that’s when the year-long Gilt City deal I got runs out. I have enough Glossydots to supposedly get a bonus box, but I have doubts about being able to redeem them.

    • I was able to redeem them – I received 2 October boxes. I emailed I wanted to redeem them and that was it.

      • I meant to add that I was subscribed through the Gilt deal too.

    • Email customer service. Here is what they’ll tell you:

      “Currently, subscribers with 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plans must redeem their GLOSSYDots by contacting the Customer Care team. You can choose between an extra of next month’s box or, if you prefer, you can choose the edition that is for the month after your plan expires. Kindly note that Glossydots are not redeemable for past, gift or limited edition boxes. Please let us know how you would like to proceed and we will reserve the box for you!”

    • My last box was October’s, I had a year’s sub through the Gilt City deal, and they are supposedly sending me the November box. I e-mailed them, and they debited my account 1000 Glossydots. I kept the e-mail where they said they would do this in case they don’t come through. They said that if I wanted to resub (um, no) to wait until after 12/2 to avoid getting a repeat November box.

  25. If this is what I get, I will be satisfied. I used up my Glossydots to get this box. I haven’t got a tracking number yet, so have you ladies that commented, did you get your boxes yet?

    I may subscribe again when they have 3 for the price of one, or something like it. I started subbing because it let me try products I normally would not buy, and I have found some FANTASTIC stuff for just a little bit of money. This box (as pictured) is valued near $100.00, not bad in my opinion.

  26. I’m done with Glossybox. They’ve been very “meh” lately. Also, my last box was shipped to me via postage on delivery. I shouldn’t have to drive to the post office and then pay $8 on top of the cost of the box.

    • What??? How did that even happen?

      • I’m not sure, I contacted customer service and didn’t get a response.

    • Try contacting them on their facebook messenger. It may take two days but I’ve always gotten excellent customer service that way from Glossy!

  27. I’m pretty excited about this month. I was looking to buy a detox (clarifing) sulfate free shampoo and Palmeto Derma products are great quality. Skincare , haircare and makeup equals great box

    • I love this shampoo! I use it regularly. It smells SO good!

  28. Mine had the mask, Lycopene, and eye pencil. Instead of the shampoo and lippy, I got Pssst dry shampoo and Crush by Rhianna rollerball perfume.

  29. This Will be my first month since I broke up with Glossybox. I held my breath when I opened this spoiler, but no box envy here. I much prefer receiving BOTH shampoo AND conditioner if it’s going to be included. Is it just me?

    • Me, too! And I am not disappointed.

  30. I so hope this is the variation I receive!

  31. I bet they are doing that because boxycharm is beating them in the battle of the $21 dollar subscription boxes.

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