GlossyBox December 2016 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the December 2016 Glossybox thanks to abeautifulwhim:


(Source: Instagram)

This box includes:

What do you think of the spoilers? (FYI – GlossyBox sends out variations, so not all subscribers will get the exact same items, but usually all subscribers get at least 2-3 of the same items.)

Check out our GlossyBox reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

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  1. I just received my December box and was very disappointed. I didn’t receive the perfume or eyelashes. I was sent 2 very small samples of cleanser to substitute those items. I did get the lipstick (horrible color) , blending brush, illuminator, and eyemask. That’s it. I will not resubscribe after January.

  2. I just received my December box and was very disappointed. I didn’t receive the perfume or eyelashes. I was sent 2 very small samples of cleanser to substitute those items. I did get the lipstick (horrible color) , blending brush, illuminator, and eyemask. That’s it. I will not resubscribe after January.

  3. I just got off the phone with Destiny at GB. I am allergic to the perfume and asked for a replacement and was told I needed to try the perfume on the inside of my elbow. I explained that I began sneezing as soon as I sprtized it. I then asked Destiny why others received the eyelashes and masks as well as the other items in their box and was told that these items were only sent to UK boxes. I questioned her about this and explained this was not correct as these products were shown on several beauty blog sites including this one. I wanted to know why longstanding subscribers were not being sent high-end quality items? She informed me I was mistaken and that only UK boxes received these items. She also stated the eyelashes were a promo item. ???? I do not recall seeing these items as promo items and I questioned that as well. I asked her if she read MSA and another blogger and she said yes and that you did not separate the US and UK boxes. (I knew this is not the case from reading this blog regularly and seeing the various countries boxes categorized here.) I do NOT like being lied to by a company. I NO LONGER feel I can trust GB. I wanted to let others and you to know as well Liz about the conversation that just occurred.

    • That’s good information. I think I’m calling today to cancel. The box design was beautiful, but the lip stick was bad, I got the same tiny cleaners and no cute perfume bottle. Such a bummer…

  4. I just received my box and I hate it. Glossybox hasn’t been impressing me at all, but this migt just be the worst box they’ve ever sent. I got the mini cleansers and eye mask samples, and my lipstick was dried out and broken.

    At this point, I just can’t wait for my yearlong subscription to be over. One more month!

    • Same here! This box sucks. Glossybox has been going downhill fast.

    • I got that exact box with a smashed lipstick. I’m pissed and definitely cancelling. I was so excited to get the perfume or a decent item but it was all crap. 🙁

  5. I was lucky and received the perfume!!!

    • Good for you Carol! What do you think of the scent? How big is the sample?

  6. I think my relationship with glossybox is about to come to an end. I’m usually the chipper “win some, lose some, but look at what was good about person”. But the December box is laughable. Can’t decide which is more laughable, actually, the tiny sample tube of drug store cleanser or the eye masks with the absurdly inflated price of $400 for a full box. The question now is how many months will I have to fight them to get unsubscribed…..

  7. The newest Glossybox promo has 500 Harajuku fragrances set aside for new customers. Glossybox what about your current loyal customers who pay $21 a box and get a mini tube of face wash instead? Just when you think it can’t get any worse, then it does.

    • Exsactly why I cancelled yesterday,was tired of being that second class customer

      • Here is the link to MSA Benevolent Beauty review site. Rachel is the CEO and personally replies to all inquiries. She has been running specials to the box during the last two weeks. I’m sure if you inquire about the subscription and request her special, she will give it to you! If you contact her through the Facebookpage, she answers in minutes. You will be amazed at her personal service and not be disappointed.


        • Thanks so much

  8. Ladies,
    If you want to see an amazing BB, try Benevolent Beauty!! I have subscribed for three months and am thrilled with every product I have received. The curation and customer service is outstanding and every item is full sized. I received Benevolent’s Holiday Box today and could not stop oohing and aahing as I unpacked six full sized, luscious products with a $240+ retail value. This is the best “Merry Christmas to me” gift I could have ever given myself.

    • If you dont Mind me asking how much is this box? I’m in the market for a new one.Please and thank you

      • Oops, please see above for the Benevolent Beauty site info.

  9. Happy with the December box. I received…wait no…my daughter ran off with

    • MDMflowlipstick – Bossy
    • Vichy Pore purifying clay mask
    • Luxie Onyx Noir Small Tapered Blending Brush
    • MeMeMe cosmetics – Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator
    • Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Parfum Spray by Gwen Stefani – Love

    I have a pretty box.

    • Well yes I would have been happy if I got the nice perfume also

    • Lolol! That’s what’s going to happen at my house when mine gets here!

    • Same box except for the clay mask – I have received the two tiny samples but I was wowed when I saw the perfume. Definitely not complaining

  10. I just received my box and I didn’t get the perfume 🙁

    I received
    1. MDMflowlipstick – Bossy
    2. Krystals Diamond Select Anti-Gravity Soark Eye Mask
    3. Luxie Onyx Noir Small Tapered Blending Brushop
    4. MeMeMe cosmetics – Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator
    5. Vichy Pore purifying clay mask 0.5 fl oz

    I’m so disappointed. I so wanted the cute perfume

    • I received the exact same box that you did! I am so P****d that I cancelled my subscription. this box was pitiful. Really two tiny samples of the same thing? It wouldn’t be so bad if they were two separate products but nope.

      I was more pleased with my Walmart box, how sad is that!?!?!?!

    • Very unhappy with box. Tried for a 6 month subscription. I canceled it 2 weeks before the charge for another 6 months. They charged anyway and can not get anyone to respond to the issue. So I am now stuck with another 6 months of always getting the lesser of the boxes they create. I can tell you every time I look at the spoilers and get excited about what is coming to being disappointed that I might have gotten 1 of what others did and yeah the small samples – one use only items to replace the perfume. Is it because we are listed under don’t need to impress list since we pay for 6 months in advance. Its a sure deal, not a month to month that can be canceled after bad boxes. Ughh this infuriates me. The only boxes I have liked are the special boxes I bought separate from them. At least I knew what I was getting first and that it was worth the cost.
      Sorry so many others feeling the same way.

  11. N.b. If you don’t like complaints and only want to read “positive” things, then move on. Look, a rainbow!! –>🌈

    Ok, for those still here: I got my December box today, and wow, was it unimpressive. Instead of the perfume (which at least was a cute bottle and a somewhat novel brand) I received two tiny 3 ml tubes of La Roche-Posay cleanser – a combined value of $1.15 (!)

    I really have to hand it to GB for somehow finding a product variation that has an even lower value than Sinful Colors nail polish.

    Also, those Kristal Cosmetics eye gels? The ones that cost $400 dollars for a box of twelve (or the equivalent cost of one credit at a reputable public university)? Well guess what? Kristal Cosmetics is ANOTHER alias/re-tooling of the Oro Gold, Adore Organic Innovations, Forever Flawless, Vina Vera, and Premier Dead Sea family of jaw-droppingly overpriced jars of silicone. You know – the outfits with the exploitative business ethics and reprehensible sales tactics, whose kiosks crop up like so many hemorrhoids on the American mallscape.

    The MeMeMe highlighter is glitter city. I guess it will come in handy if time travel is ever invented and I can go back and give it to my 19 year-old club kid self.

    The brush and the lipstick are ok. The lipstick is much more grey than I was expecting. I like it, but I can see how it might not be wearable for many.

    The box *is* pretty though. The bottom part of it is holographic silver. But I don’t think that most subscribers are motivated to subscribe so they can say “hey, look at this neat box!”

    • Let mine run out in October. Don’t miss it.

    • I got the same box:(. I couldn’t have described it better myself- your review is flawless: accurate, informative, and more exciting than the box itself. Such an utter disappointment.

      Thanks for capturing my sentiments for me. I couldn’t beyond “really??”, “meh”, and “wtf”

      • I was so excited when I saw the previews for this months box,then I remembered its Glossybox I always receive something different than what gets posted.I received my box today and What did I get? Not the perfume which us what I wanted .I always give good reviews on perfume,why because I love it .while other subbers are complaining I’m enjoying my perfume.But the last two or three boxes had really nice higher end perfumes in them and I didn’t receive any .So I kept my word and went to Glossyboxes site and cancelled ,enough with paying full price and getting second rate products . There has to be a company that treats their customers all the same with great products for all

    • My box and my experience as well except that my lipstick arrived damaged as well. I would reach out and let them know but I don’t really want the poo brown lipstick anyway. I can honestly say that even at the $9/box price that I got with their annual deal that I don’t even receive that much value in useable products from their boxes every month and the products automatically get dumped into the donation bin just so I can use the box, which really is the best aspect of this sub.

    • Same box…. seems like you wrote the review that applies to about 80% of GB subscribers.

      Hoping they’d try to make it up to repeat subscribers but we all know that won’t happen.

    • I got the same box as you. Very disappointed.
      Who uses gray lipstick? I guess I’ll save it for Halloween makeup.
      Where’s the perfume!!! Not fair!
      I called cs and was told that I got the cleanser sample because I have “luxury products” chosen in my profile. I’m going to Boxycharm!

    • Seriously? I posted a review or tried to but it mysteriously never posted about the adore product and it’s questionable ingredients. We absorbed product through our skin and I’m tired of vetting brands that turn out to be re-labeled snake oil (no offense to snakes but you know what I mean) and questionable business practices. Why glossybox insists on adding them or any of their product to our boxes is an insult to our intelligence and the glossybox brand they are trying to build.

      Side note*
      I’m sad that as someone with 2 annual subs and working through a 3 yr- I didn’t rate a perfume. 🙁

      • Exactly. Not to get too off topic, but I’m finishing an article about the pseudoscience and cosmetics. My focus is on the marketing rhetoric, but still – the process of researching this project has been eye-opening, and frankly, a little disheartening. So many terms are essentially meaningless (including “hypoallergenic,” which is unregulated), and so many of the companies obviously have shamefully low estimations of their customers’ intelligence.

  12. I got two tubes of some foaming cleanser instead of the perfume – boo! Would have loved that and SO bummed about no eyelashes because I really wanted to try them!

    • Me too.. I am disappointed with my box this month 🙁

    • I got the bitty little cleansers too ($1.15 combined value!). I posted a comment about my whole December Glossybox experience here earlier today, but it appears to have been deleted. A shame – it was a good comment.

      • Crappy box this month. Two drugstore cleanser samples, corpse-colored lipstick, an awkward-sized brush, oooh, some more highlighter, and eye masks. Good thing my daughter was visiting so not everything ended up in the trash. I do usually like the special boxes, but the monthly ones aren’t even mediocre. Pretty sure I’m unsubscribing.

        Maybe GB should rethink the advance info they release showing fabulous items that most subscribers won’t get. The resulting disappointment and the comparative crappiness of the items most people end up with can’t be good for building a happy and expanding subscriber base.

  13. The sad thing is I just know I would get 2-3 of the cheaper less popular items rather than the ones I want. That’s just how life works for me lol

  14. I am angry too – and If I do not get the lashes or the pads – I am unsubbing from Glossy Bob! They will be one of the many to hit the dust with me at the end of the year. I am also leaving Birch Box and Ipsy. I am thinking about getting rid of Sephora Play also. I have had it with the people that do not even pay for their subs getting the best stuff. Boxy Charm does to do that and rumor has it the Cohorted Box from the UK will be here sometime in 2017! I am so excited for that box!!!! It is HIGH END – FULL SIZED – Things like Bobby Brown, Chanel etc. I LIVE FOR THIS BOX! and want it so badly, which is why I am getting rid of the ones that I think are subpar. I will keep you posted as I hear more – I stalk the company so they send me e-mails… LOL

    • I never heard of this! I’m signing up. Thanks!!!

    • Let us know, too…I’m on the train of giving up some boxes after 4+ years. Allure went first after they changed over to another company and lost two of my boxes (they didn’t replace them or refund, either). Julep went next because they’re trying to do too many things and putting out subpar products. Ipsy and Birchbox are borderline right now. Birchbox shop points are good and ipsy (I get 2 ipsy for the variants) sales are great, so I can’t give it up yet. Beauty Box 5 is right above the cancel line. GB is probably going after this month. Ink keeping New Beauty Test Tube and Sephora Play for sure.

  15. So this is my last month from last years groupon deal. I went to use my glossy dots and I am not allowed because it isn’t a subscription and it was a voucher. What a bunch of you know what. I spent the money on the annual voucher and the time doing the reviews I should get to use them.

    • Just email customer service and they’ll take care of it for you – they’ve always been very helpful with me!

      • I got a tip this week to message them on Facebook and did. I have never gotten an email response but have received good customer service via FB and phone.

        • Same here…Talk to them on Facebook…People notice and the company seems to respond much more quickly.

  16. I used my points for a second box this month so fingers crossed! I’m a little worried since my last couple boxes I ordered a second box with points, both boxes had identical items even though we all know there are variations. I liked this sub because I thought we all got the same just maybe in different colors. I left Ipsy after 4 years because I got tired of getting the cheaper set of items because they seemed to want to keep monthly people happy and didn’t put as much effort into annual subs.

  17. Looks like the GB branded lashes and hand warmers are just for the specials (presumably bloggers and YouTube/Instagram people).

    I like the brush, everything else I could take or leave.

    • Good business and customer relations etiquette should tell GB that to release a photograph flaunting the extras that bloggers and reviewers receive is what kindergarteners call “mean.”

      • Agreed. But I believe the above picture wasn’t released by GB, but is taken from the instagram of one of specials in question. It looks like this trend is the new norm for Glossy – a month or 2 ago there was a GB branded sleep mask included in the box sent out early to the instagram elite.

  18. I never get these good items. If I don’t get that perfume, I’m done with glossybox!

    • I received my box today (I’m in the UK) and the only item I received similar to the above was the MDMflow lippie. Instead of a MeMeMe liquid highlighter, I got an Essence powder palette (which retails at £3). No blending brush. Instead I got an eyebrow powder type thing (rrp- £4.19) which will allow me to draw on individual strands of eyebrow (?). No perfume, no lashes, no eye mask (I guess I’m not one of the cool kids). But I did receive a Revlon nail varnish (rrp- £6.49) and a Lipcote lipstick sealer (rrp- £3.99). All in all, I am very disappointed because a quick calculation tells me the value of my box is around £35 (only because the MDMflow lipstick retails at £18). And tbh I wouldn’t have spent any money on these unnecessary items in a drugstore.

    • I got my box today and it was actually a good one. I got the perfume, the lipstick (love the color), the blending brush, the MeMeMe illuminator, and Vichy Laboratories Liftactiv Retinol Ha Eyes.

      • I hotbed another cheap box. I just re subscribed, and cancelled again after this one. No thanks.

    • Ditto ,I’m cancelling when I’m done posting here .I wanted that perfume.Just once I’d like to be the special subscriber that receives the awesome products .Goodbye Glossybox

  19. I have been with GlossyBox for a few years now and I’m happy with them. The December box is a pretty one. I’m excited with the lipstick color. I’m into earth-tone, natural-looking lipstick colors. So, this one would get a lot of use.
    I have stayed with GlossyBox for as long as I have because I am the type of person that finds use for everything. When I receive things from them that I can’t use, I always make gift bags or boxes for friends. I haven’t spent money on my girlfriends birthday or Christmas gifts in years. They love it. But, there is always something in each box that I keep for myself. Christmas is right around the corner, so all of my friends are already taken care of.

  20. I read on another site that the lashes and round glossybox things were gifts for some of the bloggers/ subscribers and weren’t going to be included in the December box not sure if that is true or not?

    • I wished I woudove seen this comment before I resubbed lol

  21. Omg omg I LOVE this box…and I don’t usually say that with Glossybox. But the concern is, now I’ll be disappointed if I get awful variations.

    I would love a sleep mask, need that adorable perfume, definitely want to try lashes, want to try mdmflow (for the B.O.M.B. challenge), and I always like brushes.

    Urgh watch me end up getting none of that lol

    • Alice,
      I cancelled and just re subscribed for the same reason. I hope I get some of the nice items too, if not I’ll have to cancel again. Lol

  22. Is it wrong that I’m angry? I spent months subscribed and was hoping the boxes would get better, but ultimately canceled after it was meh. Now i actually like everything in this box and would have to resub to get it, but since it’s variant…I might not get all of it. I’m kind of annoyed cuz I only liked 1-3 tops of the items I got over each sub box and now that I’m not subbed they drag out the good stuff

  23. What are the glossybox branded circle things in the middle of the box? They look like either reusable hand warmers or cutlets…

    • I am wondering the same thing…

    • I think those are the little eye gel packs…reusable kind?

      • My first thoughts were nipple pasties! Lol

  24. I was waiting for the best deal that everyone was talking about….. Still waittttiiinnnngggggg. Maybe they are waiting for all the other boxes have their deals and then they will have a better deal come December when more eyes will be MSA shopping/reading for the newest deal and Glossybox won’t be so over shadowed by so many other boxes and their sweet deals.
    That sounded better in my head. I got only one box for free by them back in November and that was my first. Am I the only one here that loved the box more then a few of my items in my box…. Ha ha of course I’m not! I want the December box. 💖

  25. The box looks beautiful! This is the third month in a row with a celebrity fragrance – I like it! Gives me a chance to try them all. I prefer spray over these rollerballs though. Lipstick is a great color, thankfully NOT another red. I’m excited!

  26. Kinda a bleh box for me as well. I would not know what to do with those lashes if my life depended on it. Do they come with some sort of glue or adhesive? Boring color on the lipstick and if that illuminator is a highlighter then that is a miss as well. Usually Glossy is a better box than what is shown, so maybe this is just one variation and I will get another. Oh well, I guess they all can’t be winners.

  27. Yikes! Hoping NOT to get the perfume!! This will be my last Glossybox, earned with glossydots after a year-long sub.

  28. I just subbed another annual again. I love the box itself, looks so luxe and pretty. That said, that perfume mini is gorgeous! I love perfume minis anyways but that one is extra gorgeous. I’m so excited. I usually get the best variations so I’m optimistic. I hope glossybox starts focusing on quality instead of cheap subs.

  29. I’m always pretty happy with Glossybox. Looks like December is no different if I don’t get cheaper subs.

  30. oh man i’m a sucker for perfume… but yeah i probably wouldn’t get that variation so i guess i won’t bite.

  31. Random question for readers: I got a phone call last night from Glossybox but wasn’t available to talk, so instead of saying they’d call back another time, they just said, “OK, have a good night.” It was weird. My sub ended in October (Gilt City), and I got the November box with my Glossydots. I wonder if they are making an effort to get people to resub.

    • Sorry, forgot the question! My question is, did anyone else get a call? If so, what was that about?

      • I got the call – they left a message. Something about my deal expired and letting me know in case I want to get the next box. It was kind of a garbled message.

        • Thanks for replying. I mean, nice of them to call, the lady on the phone was very nice, but that seems over the top to try to get me to resub. They must need the business.

          • I got the call too. They were offering $50 off an annual subscription.

    • I got it today too. Had the same deal as you with Nov being my glossydots reward. She offered me a deal for annual sub for 160$ (13.3$ per month) if I resub until tomorrow at midnight. I’m not interested, but I guess it’s nice of them to make personalized calls like that.

  32. I can’t wait for this box it all looks great! Last months box was a huge win for me with the full size cleansing oil and all the rest. I had been meh about a few of the previous boxes but this looks great.

  33. 12 of the eye masks are $399.95! So one mask is $33.33! The only thing is, if I love the mask, I can’t afford to buy any, lol.

    • Lisa, I saw the price of those masks and was so surprised! I love receiving items that I would never have been able to try in my ordinary life. Lol

  34. I would use the mask but I have too much perfume and I have work fake lashes only once in my life on Halloween. The box is pretty but I’m glad I let my sub run out.

  35. My sub ran out last month and this is not convincing me to go back.

    That lipstick is not an exciting color for me, I loathe false lashes, and I have like 20 eye masks of a similar sort that I never remember to use. The perfume bottle is cute but not cute enough to get me to sign up again, even though I do like interesting perfume bottles.

    • I could have written your post. The box itself is really pretty, but I’m not one to hang on to that kind of thing for very long.

      • Some people who visit this site would be horrified to know I don’t keep boxes like that at all. They immediately go to recycling. (But then I get SO MANY subscription boxes I would run out of room in an instant.)

        • I donate mine but only because I know a teacher that loves to let students decorate them for classroom storage. I had so many boxes from birchbox, sample society and glossybox that I had couldn’t save them without feeling it was a gateway to hoarding. I keep the prettier boxes as storage for legos or holiday decorations since they are sturdy.

          • OMG Lego storage!!! That’s such a great idea! Especially since each box could be its own Lego kit. Just tape a cutout of the Lego box to the top so that you know which kit it is. Thanks for this!

  36. I was about to re-subscribe, but then I remembered that there are variations and I always get the products with the low value. I can’t trust Glossybox. 🙁

    • Biggest issue I had with glossybox. They advertise a great-looking box, but sub out mediocre, cheap alternatives.

      • I have been on the receiving end of that scenario one too many times. Which is exactly why I will not be ordering another.

    • Well darn I don’t know how I forgot about the box variety,and yes I always get the low end one.I wanted that perfume mini

  37. This looks like a fun one! I was actually really happy with the November box I recieved but I think I received a product that not many other people did-a full size cleansing oil so it was a big win for me.

    • I received that oil too and love it!

    • Was it the Biossance oil? I received that and love it.

      • Yes! It was such a nice surprise!

    • I got the lycopene cream that was only an 1/8th full and it was only about a quarter ounce anyway. My replacement options were a mini mascara, an old moisturizer from 2015 that was only about a quarter full but supposed to be one ounce and a nail polish. There were no hero items or full size in my box and nothing worth my $21. I am using my last points for December box which still looks cheap and light and then I’m finished. I’ve been loyal and paying full price but I can’t even get a lipstick color that looks good on me. What happened to you Glossybox?

  38. Once. Again the box looks light, kind of like the November box. At least I get it free with glossydots. I’m guessing the only full sizes will be the brush, lippie and eyelashes. What happened to the good boxes with full sizes of skin care. The perfume sounds like something I would wear for once. I hope I’m wrong and we get full size everything including the eye mask.

    • Didn’t get the eyelashes or the perfume. Got the $1.13 face wash. My Ipsy bag this month is worth more than my glossybox. I loyally paid $21 for months, did surveys, finally use my glossydots and am rewarded with a cardboard box that is better than anything in the box. Thank you Glossybox for the royal f.u. for being a loyal customer. No more glossybox for me.

      • Same about everything

  39. Hmm looks like a very unique box

  40. I was so tempted to subscribe and now I’m so glad I didn’t. The only thing i would use is the lipstick.

  41. Oh I am so excited for this box!

    • Me Too!!!

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