1. Any ideas as to what may be in the mystery box? I forgot that I had added it to my add ons until I saw the charge today.

  2. I could have sworn I seen the massi throw at tjmax last year

  3. did anyone else have all their add ons removed from their cart (not by choice) and now can’t get them back? I’m like near tears right now.

    • ok nevermind – i finally got a response from CS that they’ll be restored. If this happens to anyone else it should be fixed soon.

  4. This is my first Fabfitfun box, and I currently have the mystery box included in my add-ons. Is this worth it? I only did the seasonal for this first box, so quite a few things that I would have wanted were already showing sold out by the time I was able to add on. So hoping some of those things were already set to be in mystery boxs. I found a few other items I was interested in, but looking to remove a few to bring my add on price down closer to $50 than over $100 before the cut off day.

  5. You know what irritates me? There are already items listed in the swap that are sold out as add-ons. Seriously?! So mean! 🙁

    • I agree, that’s mean-spirited. Why bother to buy them? Out of curiosity, what RV are they putting on them? I ask because I had tried to swap for some of the Goji berry eye serum FFF sold last year, and everyone was trying to get the original listed RV of $88. I just wish I had bought 2 when FFF had them on sale for $29.

  6. So does anyone own and use the Massi Comodo blanket? Jist wondering if it is worth it. Is it super soft? Which is softer the Faux Fur option (Dolce) or the rosette option (rosa)?

    • I’ve got the Rosa blanket from last years box, and it is the most softest thing ever. I travel with it where ever I go. Children, friends, and dogs are always trying to get under the thing.

      • Pearl, what color do you have? I’m thinking about getting it, but I don’t really want black. Our sofa’s dark grey and I’m wondering if the coffee and cream one will go with it.

        • I’ve actually got the grey one. If I didn’t have the one i do now, I would totally get the coffee and cream one. I say go for it!

          • Thanks for the reply. 🙂 I’m now leaning towards the wine rosa one. It looks like a lovely color and I think it’d look nice in our living room.

  7. Can’t…stop…adding…?

  8. okay – I added my add on but do I need to check out?

    • Nope. Essentially on nov 21st they will bill you for whatever was in your cart on nov 19th. So you can drop and add items until then. Fair warning…it can be very dangerous as it gives you extra time to talk yourself into more and more add-ons!! ?

  9. I so wanted the spongelle trio, I guess everyone else did too! They are out! Might want to upgrade soon….
    Do they restock or when add-ons are gone, they’re gone?

    • Sometimes they restock certain items (or list new, similar items…like the boatload of new Massi throw options they added a couple days ago) and sometimes they don’t. You’re wise to keep checking the site though, especially as we get close to the 19th, because people often release items from their carts as the deadline approaches and FabFitFun adds them back into the available inventory. So items that were once sold out suddenly become available again. It’s a very fluid process. It’s kind of fun.

      • Thanks!! I’ll keep checking!?

  10. I got the bulgarian rose sponge, the butter blush trio and the keratin foot/hand treatment. Looking forward to these!

  11. I was so sad to see the leggings were gone. Then I ran to TJMax and found gorgeous gray ones near the check out for 4.99. Done! So happy.

  12. When do annual members get to do the select process for the winter box ? This is my first box

    • annual members should have been able to select a few days ago? Today marks the beginning of selection for the season-to-season folks.

      • Not the add ons . I was asking about when annual members get to customize the box by making choices

        • I thought that was today, but the selection area is still not open 🙁

        • I it’s them a few hours ago because I am impatient and they had said it would be today. They replied and told me it would be later today… I know they’re in Cali but come on!
          I can’t take this any longer!
          Which brings me to my next point… I am so glad there are others just like me. We all found each other here so we don’t have to feel alone in our sub addiction!

    • I was wondering that as well… this too is my first time being an Annual member. I know there is a candle we get to select on scent, but am not sure of the other items yet. Fingers crossed it is soon. I am so excited!

    • The selections are open now!

      • What did you pick?
        I chose the bergamot woods candle, silver necklace, and green planner… The only one I am on the fence about is the planner. I may have them surprise me with that one.

        • I picked the blackberry nectar candle, silver necklace, and purple planner. I’m on the fence about the planner too. I’m thinking about getting the green one and giving it to my husband. Do you think it’s too feminine though?

        • Box twins! Those are the same ones I chose! I’m just happy I will finally be able to get a silver necklace.

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