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BoxyCharm November 2016 Spoiler #3!

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We have the third November 2016 Boxycharm spoiler! (Thanks for the head’s up, Katherine!)

Boxycharm subscribers will receive one of the following in their November box:


And in case you missed the previous spoilers, the box will also include:


Vintage Cosmetics Illuminating Face Highlighter OR Makeup Geek Blush (In one of 12 shades)


A new Studio Makeup Eyeshadow Palette – Value $49.95


What do you think of the latest November 2016 Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

FYI – if you sign up for Boxycharm in the month of October, you will receive the October box.

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  1. What happened to my comment about the unboxing?

    • Never mind 🙂

  2. If anybody is looking for a Z palette, MAC sells them for 1-8 dollars depending on which kind you want. They also have free shipping and a free sample!

    • I have a few of them however, not all pans work on those. They are made specifically for Mac pans. If you want to use them with other brands you have to put magnets on the bottom so they stick.

  3. Where are the rest of the spoilers???

    • I know! I got my shipping notice today, but no full spoilers??

      • Lucky!! I haven’t gotten a shipping notification yet, but I’ve seen full spoilers for so many other sub boxes. This is only my 2nd box and my Oct box didn’t come until Nov 1st so I hope that doesn’t happen again 🙁

    • I was wondering the same thing! I have had my shipping notification for a day now, but no “to be delivered” update yet.

  4. I subscribed to this on October 20,2016 and was charged. Then I was charged again on November 2, 2016. I still haven’t received my first box. Does anyone know if this is normal? I contacted their customer service through email but, the response wasn’t very clear as to why I’m still waiting to receive my first box. Anyone have any tips?

    • Did you get an email that said your box has been shipped? I signed up on Oct 16th and received my box on Nov 1st. I would email them again. Maybe you’ll receive both boxes together but they usually ship your box within 10 business days of receiving payment then it can take 10 more business days to receive your box. But if you didn’t get an email with tracking info, I would def contact them again.

      • I contacted them again, I received a response stating my “october box encountered a slight delay”. Now, my october box is supposed to be shipped and I SHOULD receive another email when my November box ships sometime after the 10th of the month. I didn’t realize it was going to take this long!!! I am subscribed to several other boxes and this is the first time I have had a problem like this!! I hope I will receive both boxes soon!! Thanks for the tips!!!

    • I went through the exact same thing when I signed up in September. They ran out of boxes and had to order more product to fill their orders. BUT they didn’t tell me. They just kind of beat around the bush. After about the 3rd (angry) email, they finally told me. I got my October box before my September box.

    • Just wait it Can take 10 days to ship
      Another 5 days for you to recieve your October box. Then the same for your October starting from when you were billed on November

    • Hi, it actually takes about a week and a half to 2 weeks to receive your box and since you subscribed oct 20 you will probably get your boxes within a week of each other. it happened to me. hope this helps. 🙂

  5. I rarely use masks or highlighters so I’m hoping I don’t get those two…anything else is cool. If I do end up with those two…maybe someone will swap me 🙂

    • If you get the highlighter, I will def swap with you if I get something you want 🙂

  6. If I sign up today will I get the November box or the October box???

    • If you sign up today, you will get the November box. The last day to get the Oct box was the last day of the month. 🙂

  7. Silly question,
    Do they run any kind of promotion on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?????
    Can anyone answer!

    • You can check MSA’s posts from last year (just enter “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” in the Search field… or even enter “Boxycharm” but you may have to weed through all of the reviews & spoilers posts). Since Boxycharm is one of the most popular beauty boxes, I’m sure MSA posted about it if there was one. I started my annual sub in January with a 20% off code that came out in December, I believe.

  8. I caved. Palette colors look too pretty. With Christmas coming up hopefully everything else in box that I don’t want can be passed along in a gift bag 😉

  9. Ugh, I loathe variations! If I knew for sure I’d get the mask trio, I’d be on this box like white on rice. I’m a sheet mask junkie and can never get enough. But I don’t like my 33% odds; if it were 50%, I might throw the dice. Hmmm, what to do, what to do….. (Sane person: “Take the $21 you’d spend on Boxy and just buy the damn masks from Ulta!” Me: “Okay, no need to get all judgy!”) 😀

    • I am with you. I was going to renew my sub until they started to have so many variations. It always seems like I get the cheapest variations.

  10. I’m thinking I want this. If I sign up on the 10th will I get this months box?

    • Yep!

  11. I’m actually excited for the shadow palette. I’ll wear all of those colors and I’m happy that it’s not more browns and nudes.

    • Yes! I got the last palette with the browns.. blah. But these warm yummies. I’m excited about that. I hate sheet masks though.. which pretty much guarantees I’ll get those too..

  12. Perhaps those who got the temptu last month will get the higher value box variations this month? Doubt it.

    • Wouldn’t that be nice! Here is hoping.

  13. I bet if you get the blush pans you will get the face oil. Because it is more pricey. If you get the highlighter probably the sheet masks. Boxycharm always keeps it close on price, unlike other subs. Not naming names (glossy box) lol. Boxy does there best to keep it real.

    • I think in the past they have been pretty close in value, but they weren’t last month. I ended up ordering two extra boxes one for my daughter and one for extra Christmas gifts. The last boxes sent #6 had a much higher value with the Ofra and the Cargo in the same box. I’m happy with the variations hopefully for November they will all be different so my daughter and I can pick what we want and give away the rest. I think to be fair to their loyal customers the best boxes will be the first ones to go out this month since a lot of the subscribers were unhappy with the Temptu that went out in the first boxes. They’re still arguing about it on Facebook I understand them being upset I didn’t really like the Temptu that much either, but I liked the other items in that box so it was a decent box for me.

      • Yeah that wasn’t fair at all!! I got such a crappy pick and I’ve been with them for over 2 years, I think the first batch should have been the ofra and cargo for long time, dedicated customers, instead we get the slip, how lame, I hope they make up for it this time around =.=

        • I think the honest real fairest way is to have it be random or go back to ONE box, like X number of boxes in each shipment get one of each variation and the value should be similar ( I think up to 10 dollars in difference is something I can live with, when they always have one item that covers the cost of the box so at least I got my money’s worth) I agree its wrong that long time subbers didn’t have a chance to get the high end valued things but as someone that cancels each month and sees the spoilers before resubbing making me both “new” and long time ( I don’t think I’m alone in doing that either they have the easiest and most fair way of doing it) it wouldn’t be fair for me to never get one of the high value things either. Random really is best if they insist on variations, honestly I wish they’d just go back to everyone got the same thing with some color differences here and there.

          • I sooo would have kept up my sub for them if they were not doing the variation on the boxes! Just one box please!
            (Or at least personalized one or two items??)

  14. are charms really going to expire?

  15. I don’t mind a variation occasionally, but we’ve seen 3 spoilers and TWO of them are variations. Not what I signed up for.

    • I agree they are doing the same thing as Glossy box.

    • My October box didn’t end up being any of the variations from the spoilers anyhow so I don’t know how valid these possibilities may be!

    • Completely agree!!
      (Too many bad memories with the other box!)

  16. I honestly don’t care which of the new spoilers that I get. I still really don’t want the blush though. I’m not going to buy the Z palette, so it would just end up crushed somewhere. It doesn’t even see to be a nice color.

    • But it says you can get one of 12 blush colors so the one pictured may not be the one you get.

      • Oops I guess I read it too fast. Still not happy about the palette though. I don’t want to have to buy something just to make sure it doesn’t break.

        • They come in cardboard sleeves. Also, you can make a z palette with cheap dollar store items…pencil box, sheet magnet, and glue or double sided sticky tape. Boxy did give a magnetic palette a couple of months ago, but I guess you are a more recent subber.

  17. I love Getting Boxycharm. But so overloaded on makeup and skincare from all my subscription’s. Going to try something different next year. A different subscription without makeup. Maybe candle’s or jewelry.

  18. I will watch while 98% of the masses get thier box, all the same then hope in vain I’m the exception. I will then get what everyone else gets. Last month however I did not get the Starlooks. My lip product was ORANGE. Did anyone get orange? There is always one product (Temptu) we all don’t want, but it’s still fun for me. Still love Boxycharm.

    • Was your orange starlooks patchy? the mauve color we got was horrid.

  19. Really hoping I get the face oil so if I don’t I hope that someone will want to swap for whichever option I get!!

    • If I get the face oil, I be more than happy to switch with you. 🙂

      • Let me know if you do!!

  20. Are the charms really set to expire soon? I have about $150 worth of products I can purchase with charms if that’s the case!

  21. Hmmm… not sure which of the 3 I want. I do like masks, I just never seem to have the time for them. I was concerned about the oil due to my oily skin, but the reviews are pretty positive about this working even for oily skin. My last choice would be the eye cream. I don’t have dark circles at all. I wish there were more eye things that focused on eyelid firming!

    • I would love to get the Skynproduct for this box, but definitely agree that boxes should include eyelid and even eyebrow firming since that’s usually ignored and what many of us need.

  22. Boxycharm has always been my #1 sub BUT I’m starting to get pretty frustrated with all The variations! Not so much the variations in product but, the huge difference in price! Last month was awful! That temptu was ridiculous especially in comparison to the other items!
    I never thought I would be able to give up boxycharm but if this is the new trend I don’t think I will stick around much longer!

    • My thoughts exactly. I am glad I am not the only one who thinks like this. I am frustrated to. If they continue this way I will not be around much longer either.

  23. I think I’d be less upset about the ‘or’ aspect of these boxes if there were some kind of personalization. Then you could at least tailor the boxes a little bit. Obviously everyone isn’t going to want the same thing. I also agree with the people that are upset about the varying values. It seems unfair to offer some people a lesser value than others. If it’s within $10, whatever, but when one product is three times the cost of another, someone is NOT getting the same value for the cost and that just doesn’t seem right to me.

    I love the full sized aspect, I love 75% of what I receive, but it’s frustrating seeing other people get the product I wanted and seeing people get a box valued much higher than mine when we both paid the same price.

  24. Can someone give me information on the charm expiration issue? Their website doesn’t address this at all. Do the charms expire based on a calendar date or on a certain length of time from when they are earned or ??? Any/all information would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Where did you see that they expire? I just looked and didn’t see an expiration date. I know with ipsy, it tells you right where your points are, how many are expiring and when. I didn’t see that on BC.. Or maybe didn’t look in the right spot lol

      • I have only been reading on this site, nothing on the boxy site itself. Some ladies mentioned about the charms expiring and I was asking for more information. Thank you!

    • If you check their facebook page (possibly their Youtube channel also), Boxy did a video last week. In that video it was talked about that starting next year Charms will begin to expire. This was where they stood out from others. No longer!

      • So are you saying that charms have never had an expiration date but starting next year they will have an expiration date. Does that mean everyone’s charms are going to expire at the start of next year? I joined in June so would that include those of us who haven’t been with them a full year?

  25. If I sign up tomorrow will I still get this month’s box? I don’t have any palettes yet and this one looks like an awesome way to start my collection! ?

    • Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s like if you sign up anytime during THAT month, even the last day (maybe..), your first box will be that box !(as in sign up anytime during November then you will get the November box!) It’s pretty great actually ! I love that they have that option ! (: ❤️ Hope your box is amazing xoxo ❤️

    • You will get it if they don’t run out. I would sign up ASAP, as I know that a lot of people signed up last month and ended up on the wait list and didn’t get a box because they ran out. I’m excited about the palette. I probably won’t get the choices I want for the other things. At least the palette is guaranteed lol.

    • I just reactivated my account and was disappointed that it stated mine would start with December. I really wanted this November box

      • If you reactivated you should get the November box

  26. I just resubbed. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m hoping for the Makeup Geek blush and sheet masks.

    • I feel the same way! I thought they was going to put in the new Makeup Geek highlighter compact which is why I waited to order them (and I am still waiting). Isn’t that weird that they are putting in a blush pan when they just put in the blush compact a few months ago?

      • I would have loved if they’d put the new MUG highlighter in the box! Maybe down the road. I agree it’s odd that they’re doing MUG blush again, but I wasn’t subscribed then, so I’ll be happy if I get one.

        • Same! I sure hope they put in the MUG highlighter in a future box. I really love my box last month and this month would certainly be no different! 🙂

  27. I wonder if boxy reads these posts. I hope so as I agree about the variations not being equal or even close. If they don’t have enough of a product they should either wait until they do or give an extra additional product of something else to make up the difference.

  28. I just resubbsed even though I don’t really need anymore. I hope I get the Skyn product or face masks.

  29. Please no sheet masks! They make my face itch!

  30. I hate that they do variations! I always need up with the worst option.

  31. Love it!! This is one of my fav boxes

  32. I really don’t mind the “or” thing in theory. But the problem is that it doesn’t even out to equal value of the box, which upsets me. like last month, I know there were people who got the same exact box as me with the gross temptu, but also got the Ofra highlighter. Like how do they choose, because it isn’t based on length of subscription, which I could kind of understand. I just think, make sure the items are similar enough in price.

    And if the makeup geek blush comes in the compact, I would find that more fair when compared to the highlight it has as its “or” but it looks like they are just doing the pan. I don’t get it.

    • I agree. Isn’t that a $32 vs. $10 value difference? Or is the highlighter a small sample size?

      • That highlighter picture is full sized. I got a sample of it in ipsy about a year ago. The sample is like single eyeshadow size, no mirror. Incidentally, the highlighter is the one thing I don’t want. I’d much rather the makeup geek blush even if it is far less in value and I got the ofra last month.

    • I so agree. The highlighter sample is obviously a much better sample than the blush (get it than some ppl want the blush tho). The 2 options should at least be comprable. That is frustrating.

    • Awww, I love the temptu bronzer, I dont find it gross.

      • Glad I’m not the only one that kind of likes it, ( not sure I love any bronzer per say but I do like a few) There was a LOT of misinformation about that product last month, if I saw one more person talk about it being for an airbrush after obviously not bothering to look up about the brand at all I’d scream.

        I love it for contouring, and I am very very pale, I think what happened is some people legit didn’t like it ( That is always going to be the case with ANY product as our needs and tastes are all different) and others just bandwagoned onto that, I wasn’t super thrilled to get it, but once I tried it, I liked it and will continue to play with it. and it was like BC gave me 5 bucks to play with it. so..yea no complaints.

  33. I love Boxy charm! It is the one box I will never cancel. The value is just too high! I love all the products I usually get from them although I am really hoping for the eye cream and highlighter! At least it leaves you in suspense until you open the box LOL

  34. The palette is temptinf bc those colors are stunning. Holiday party shimmer!!! Nothing else really gets me though so thats why i am still pending. Also i tried to cx last month and missed the “deadline” so got a box i pretty much gave away. So after i did cx. I would have resubscribe now lol. Still on the fence…

  35. I just signed up for this yesterday. Hoping for the eye cream or oil, not the masks. But so excited about the palette!

  36. I don’t think they are gonna get me this month.

  37. Are there any boxycharm coupon codes?

  38. Eye Cream for me ?

  39. This is “awesome, BUT…” So I’ll wait until the full spoilers are out, and then decide.

  40. Okay, I was just about to say this would definitely be my most favorite box from Boxycharm after seeing this latest spoiler, but then I noticed all of the “OR”s after the products. That’s just cruel. That burst my bubble fast! Oh well…. I’ll be happy to get any of those products, but I’d really love to get either the Marula oil or Skyn Iceland eye cream.

  41. Why all the or’s? I loved how Boxycharm used to be the same for everyone. I’m worried I’ll get the blush instead of the highlighter, which I really want. And out of the other options I just got Eye gel pads in a recent sub box last month. I think it was Birchbox. I just liked when it used to be standard boxes.

    • I agree. I’m getting really close to cancelling them. It’s not that the box isn’t valued over what we pay, it is. I don’t like their new practices of this “or” crap. I got the Temptu last month, that I’ll never use. I have a smaller bottle from Ipsy a long time ago, untouched. I’ve been on the fence with them due to their poor CS. These new ways of giving us varied box values and some box envy, when you don’t get what you would have liked more – I’m just not into it. Also, their charms will now start to expire! That was always a bonus to them, that they never did. They are just going downhill quick, to me.

  42. This is looking AWESOME! I subbed to them for awhile months back and has to sign up again for this month. It’s too good. The palette colors look stunning. Hoping for the Marula oil or mask set and the makeup geek blush!

    • Oh man, I totally agree. I am SO down for this box!

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