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BoxyCharm November 2016 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the November 2016 Boxycharm FULL SPOILERS! (Thanks for the head’s up, MzBev!)

Here is one of the variations subscribers may receive:


(Source: Instagram user eeyore215mistyt)

Here is a closer look at some of the variations:



Vintage Cosmetics Illuminating Face Highlighter OR Makeup Geek Blush (In one of 12 shades)


A new Studio Makeup Eyeshadow Palette – Value $49.95


What do you think of the Full November 2016 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

FYI – if you sign up for Boxycharm in the month of November, you will receive the November box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got my box today and it was worth the wait. I got the Vintage pink highlighter, the studio palette, Patchology masks, crown brush and a full size Doucce mascara! SO HAPPY!!

  2. Just received my November box and I’m so happy =D

    Other than the palette everyone is receiving, I got the Skyn product (what I wanted the most), the face highlighter, Bella Pierre lip gloss (pretty colour), and the brush. Thank you BoxyCharm =)

  3. Just saw all the possible products for November on the BoxyCharm website and I’m not as excited now because I know I’ll get the crappy pick 🙁

  4. I’m so excited for any variation of this box. I signed up for the palette not expecting to like anything else in the box. I can’t wait to see what I get.

  5. Done with this box and their widely valued variations. Not fair to customers, Boxy, so will see you in my rear view mirror. It was a nice run, but a girl only wants to come out on the short end so many times before she throws in the towel. Next up: Goodbeing. Have high hopes for that one and it is the same sub price.

  6. I always get the cheapest box.

  7. What color are those shadows lol now it’s driving me nuts ???

    • From all the swatches I’ve seen it looks like they are reddish berry brick colors with a few light eggshell colors and a few dark colors. I thought the last one in the palette was black but it looks more charcoal/grey in the swatches. I haven’t found a true color description for the palette but if you watch a few of the unboxings on YouTube, you can see them a lil better than picture swatches.

      • OK maybe not eggshell, but like eggshell with a pinkish brownish tint? And I swear a few of them look more brown than burgandy. Maybe my eyes are just that bad lol!

      • Lol I watched four of those and with everyone of them the color’s looked different .That was the last straw so to speak ?

        • I received the eye cream, eyeshadow pallette, lip color, Vintage highlighter, brush. I am very surprised about both the shade of the highlighter (more of a sparkling blush) & the beautiful colors if the eyeshadow! This will be the first pallette that I am keeping! The color is soo much better in person than any other pallette I have received! First one I am keeping! Love it one! Wears beautifully! Highlighter is rose color.
          I received the color “antique pink” for the BellaPierre lip creme. It’s very pretty, but a bit sticky.

          • Your box sounds really good ,but what color are the shadows

          • All are kinda rose-based in shades
            1 – light pink shimmer (brow bone type)
            2 – light champagne matte
            3 – medium shimmer champange
            4 – high shimmer pinkish bronze (great lid color)
            5 – grey clay colored matte (center color)
            6 – burgendy rose high shimmer (heavy. pigment – great crease or lid color
            7- matte dark burgendy rose (crease or lid for matte eye)
            8 – mild shimmer cocoa powder color
            9 – charcoal grey matte, but lighter than a true charcoal. ..
            I hope this helps. Tried to describe using “artist color” & makeup descriptions.
            VERY GOOD SHADOWS!!!
            All wear comfortably. They are kinda nudes, but flashier than basic nudes.

          • THanks so much they all sound pretty ,was hoping for some purples but I like rose color’s too

          • You are very welcome!
            I don’t think that you will be disappointed! ?

          • I received eye cream, eyeshadow palette, Vintage highlighter, blush, and a brush. I really liked this month’s box.

  8. I got my box today. I got the Icelandic eye stuff. I need eyelid, not under eye. Considering swapping. The lip color looks great and the eyeshadow colors couldn’t be more perfect for me. I also got the highlighter. I’m a bit disappointed in that. I was hoping for the blush as I do not use highlighter. This looks really pretty, but I know it’ll look horrible on me. However, it may be possible to use it as a blush considering its pink. Hmmm… do I try it or swap it?

    • I’ll swap if I get blush

    • I’m definitely going to use mine as a blush. It will make a beautiful blush for evernings!

    • Swap it. Just letting you know so you don’t have to swatch it and can save it for swapping. I wanted the blush as well as I don’t wear highlighter at all. This is very pretty mind you but it’s a pinky highlighter and not a blush as it has that highlighter sheen to it. Just my opinion of course but yeah, it’s shiny.

  9. how do you know what you are getting? i never get shipping info or details of any kind.

    • You don’t until you get it. They like you to be surprised. Last month I emailed them and they told me, but this month, they said it was a “one time only” and they wouldn’t tell me again. You should get your shipping info within 10 business days of your payment and then within 10 business days after that, it arrives. Hope that helps.

  10. Out of curiosity, how much did your box weigh and what did you end up getting?

  11. I am SO excited for my Boxy! It’s like Christmas every month! I had unsubscribed for a couple of months because of financial obligations and my service dog needed an expensive surgery but now I have both ipsy and boxy back again and I couldn’t be more happy. I subbed to Sephora but promptly cancelled before getting my first shipment because everyone was so unhappy with their packages.

    • Awww, I love the enthusiasm of your post! I really hope you enjoy all of the products you’ll be receiving in your Boxycharm and Ipsy. 🙂

      Did you look at the products Sephora was including in their box before you cancelled? I say give them a try if you’re interested. Just because a majority of commenters (which make up a miniscule amount of subscribers) don’t like the bag they were assigned, doesn’t mean the subscription itself is bad. It’s probably just not right for them. You should take a look at MSA’s spoilers for the past few months to get an idea of what’s been in prior months bags and see if you wouldn’t mind having received any of those variations. It might be worth trying for at least a month or two. 🙂

    • Love your positive attitude, and hope your service dog is doing well!

  12. I have been subd for about 2yrs, and although I LOVE boxy, I despise the variations. I have NEVER gotten the extra item options (when it says “or both”), or gotten the highest value of all variations. Lately I’ve consistently gotten everyone’s least-faves, and am Always getting my last choice 🙁 I think that loyalty to the box should account for something; long-term subscribers should be more likely to get the better stuff (not all of it, but more of it to reward people for taking the good with the bad and not bailing every time there is a lame month). So I hate variations, and I also dislike the turn lately towards reduced sizing and singles of multi-pack products cuz the plan I subscribed for stated I would get all full-size items. (For example the eye mask is way smaller than the full-size one shown in the link). I would also like to see who is getting free boxes and extra-loaded boxes because in 2yrs those are more myth than material to me.

  13. Boxycharm is my favorite subscription and I love the Studio Makeup palette from September, so I was super excited when I found out we were getting another one! Studio makeup is an excellent brand. Thanks to Boxy I also have a blush from them and I wear it often. Everything else this month will just be a bonus, as long as I get that eyeshadow palette!

  14. The only reason I subscribed to this box was for the eye palette. Everything else is a bonus, although I’d rather get the highlighter over the blush….I bought a Z palette and then promptly filled it with eyeshadow. oops

  15. i love my nov box,i got the eye cream ,studio eye palette,vintage highlighter its gorgeous, liquid lipstick ,the crease brush,i love everysingle thing in my box.yy boxy ,i cancelled sephora box it was a waste.

  16. Hey Liz, just got an update from Sephora the box for November is “best in glow” ! Hopefully we get the milk highlighter this month 🙂

  17. I want the marula oil and the highlighter so bad!!!! This will be a great box for me ?????

    • I want the blush. MUG products are so good. I would prefer something I know is good vs something of unknown quality.

  18. Am I the only one curious to know what the top of the Vintage highlighter looks like? I love interesting and unique packaging which I would expect from a company with this name. None of the pictures show it though. I’m pretty happy with getting most of the variations. The only one I’m really hoping for one item over the other is the skincare. I hope I get the face masks!

    • If you look on BoxyCharms IG page, like the 3rd or 4th row it shows the vintage highlighter packaging. Its not as pretty as I thought it would be. Its just a white compact with “Vintage” written lightly on it. 🙁

      • Boooo, that sucks. In that case, I hope I get a blush, preferably in a color I can use. Thanks for the heads up though!

        • It’s a matte finish white with the script name – it’s actually quite nice, and the shimmery color of the highlighter is like a gorgeous very metallic version of Nars Orgasm blush. I loved the look of it – haven’t tried it yet but it looks great and it is huge too – like the size of a face powder!

  19. Kind of sad I passed this box. You can’t never have enough palettes. Oh well

  20. Is there a way to know what will u get in the box??? Like in ipsy for example.

    • Unfortunately no. Last month was my first box and I emailed customer service and asked and they told me but they also said they don’t tell us what we are getting because they want it to be a surprise, but I think with all these new variations, they should tell us. I’m subscribed to ipsy as well and I may be cancelling after this month because I got a crappy pick and everything was sooo tiny. :/ but you can try emailing boxys customer service and asking them what you will be getting

  21. It dawned on me that one set of subscribers received their boxes with the oil (aka the expensive item) which means that other subs, including myself, would end up with a less valued item like the temptu. I think it’s super unfair. Sorry girls, just venting! It’s just ridiculous and I may unsubscribe pretty soon.

    • Im with you. It’s not fair that some people get a $60 item while others get a $10-$20 item. I haven’t even gotten a shipping email yet, so I know I’ll get the crappy pick.

    • After I read your post, I looked up the price of each one. Makeup Geek blush is a $10.00 item. Way less than the Vintage cosmetics choice! I think that the oil is 0.23 oz version, but I cannot read the exact size of the oil..

      • The oil is a $58 value they said

      • I believe one of the unboxings I watched said the oil was 1oz and retails for $58! Way more than a $10 blush 🙁

      • Yep I got the oil and it’s 30 ml RV $58. I put it up for swap. I’m overloaded on facial oils atm.

        • I also got the MUG blush. They aren’t exclusive.

  22. Gee I wonder if the all the subscribers who got the yucky stuff will get the good stuff this time or will it go to the same people.Speaking as on of those people who got the crap I’m hoping we get the good stuff .Because I’m done with box envey ,when I signed up it was because I believed all got the same box and I liked that.I love you Boxycharm but I’m not doing this anymore.So I’ll just take the money from this and Glossybox and go buy what I want

  23. Makeup is getting so boring. I want the oil. I want some hand creams and farmacy products and natural products next year. On eye palette overload. I did like the Temptu bronzer last month. I use it with my beauty blender. Looks very natural . Vintage looks promising. Lip stick overload also. Every color is to dark or bright. Still excited.

    • That’s funny you mentioned about wanting to see natural products next year, because I was just thinking today how nice it would be if Boxycharm, Allure, etc would do an all-natural box for a month.

      • Have you checked out Benevolent beauty box? They have awesome boxes! Their Holiday box is going to be amazing and a great price too!

        • Yes!!! I’ve actually been subscribed for a while now. November will be my last month in my 6-month subscription, and I think I’ll cancel for a while, just to take a little break. But, I fully agree they are awesome! And, I bought their holiday box the 1st day it went on pre-sale, so I got it only seeing the 1st spoiler. I have a lot of trust in their curation, and I already like what I’m seeing so far in the spoilers. I hope you enjoy the box! 🙂

    • I would’nt have minded the temptu but I got the water proof cargo bronzer which was great. I just don’t want another highlighter. I hope I get that oil!!!! loved last month’s box except for the cuticle oil but I didn’t hate it either. I received a crown brush from ipsy once and it is my favorite brush so far. So I wouldn’t mind if I got that too. Just not the face masks. But for $21. Can you really complain? Best subscription box in my opinion.

    • Then you should go for another box like beauty fix! They send more skincare items than makeup 🙂 I was subscribed to it and it’s pretty awesome! ?

  24. Skip taking the 20 bucks and getting a UD electric palette Finally now that it’s way more affordable only thing I’d be excited for is the palette and I have those colors already so not this month here’s to December!

    • I see other people are figuring this out too

      I used to get 5 subs a month, now I get 2. I realized I could spend that extra $60/month hand picking items I really want..rather than overloading on sample-sized mascaras and weird lip colors

      • I’m going to refrain from putting the number of subscription I had at the highest, but it was REALLY high. I sat down and saw how much I was spending – it definitely was a big revelation! This is my last box from Boxycharm, and they sealed that by having 2 months of variations. Only kept Cate and Chloe, Luxor, & Your Bijoux Box. (Bijoux is ending after December, kept Luxor because I never buy that kind of stuff for myself.)

  25. I think I’m going to have to drop boxycharm, and it’s the only sub I get. I’ve never once gotten the high dollar or high end ‘ors’. Pretty sure this month wont be any different. Just doesn’t seem fair and gets kind of depressing when the other items are too similar every month. (plus poor colors for me). It’s a cool sub, but I haven’t even unpacked the last five boxes. Guess I kept hoping for the ‘one’. On the bright side…I have lots of stocking stuffers and shelter donations.

  26. This is my third month, I agree with others and I don’t care for variations either. I’m still bummed about last months so I cancelled my sub. Maybe I’ll cave in when the spoilers start coming for December, we shall see! I cancelled my iPsy to, I just feel so blah about subs these days.

    • I agree. I love my Sephora bag but am so glad I cancelled Ipsy and Birchbox a year ago. I just renewed Boxycharm a few months ago so I’m not as burned out as most but I’m definitely sick of getting the same stuff. Especially because I have so many eyeshadows to begin with.

  27. A crease brush? After the luxie set last month? I’m not really complaining, but what do they expect us to do with 4 crease beushes?

    • This extends the time you can go between brush cleanings times four!!!!!!!!

    • The luxie brushes were blending brushes. A crease brush has a completely different use. Also if you already have an established brush/makeup collection I’d unsubscribe if you’re disappointed.

    • It’s a pencil brush.

  28. That orangey-brown rainbow around the box in the top photo looks like a 1970s carpet LOL.

    What a great-looking month!

  29. I was so on the fence with this…supposed to be sticking to no extraneous buying due to all the birthdays and holidays and the expenses associated. The “or’s” are what was really holinding me back. I could use many of these items as stocking stuffers, some a gift to myself (won’t go into the details of what a rough year I’ve had with a near fatal accident and the subsequent problems, but I’m very, very, grateful to be alive and walking around unlike nearly everyone else who’s not been as lucky and had the same accident), the palette alone pays for the sub and thank goodness it’s not an “or”! I generally don’t like palettes, but these are colours I wouldn’t normally choose, and I think would look great with my dark green eyes. Was reading the reviews on their site and very pleased with what I read- thank goodness the palette there’s no purples, I’m sick to death of purple! Okay so you got me and I pulled the trigger…now I hope I won’t get stuck with the “or’s” I don’t want, if so, off to the swap board if my daughter doesn’t hit them first!⚡️Jet

    • It was my understanding after seeing a photo of it on Instagram that there are purples which is the only reason I wanted another palette

      • I looked at several pics on instagram, plus the one here. I trust what I see here most. I guess it depends on lighting, in one or two pics a few colours looked purple-ish, but the rest had the one I was worried about most as a more rusty shade- it’s the third one to the left of the black on Liz’s arm, and the one to the left of that looks more pink shimmer. I’m hoping it is more rusty and not super purple, a variation is fine- but please no outright plum or purple, I’m so sick of it! (Oddly, used to love it, guess I had purple overload, even in my clothing and accessories!) If it’s purple, I’ll just have to either bite the bullet or to the swap boards it goes!

        • After posting on here I went and looked at a different pic two of them look very purple another one looks like a really dark rust color .I should be getting my box soon I guess we’ll see as long as they are not all brown and a couple are purple shades I’m happy .And grey would be alright lol

  30. I don’t mind the variation so much as long as the value is close… hate it when one variation is vastly different in price to the other. Not at all fair to some and is the quickest way to lose customers (are you listening Boxy?). Otherwise, Boxy is a great sub box with wonderful products and value.

  31. I hope I Get the oil

  32. I absolutely love the first Studio palette BoxyCharm sent out. I’m so glad to receive another one. If Studio Makeup priced these palettes a little more affordably or had sales on them and had a bunch of different color choices available I could easily see myself buying them exclusively. They seem to be exactly what I’m looking for in eyeshadow. I have a lot of palettes and the Studio one is probably my favorite.

  33. I’m so hoping for the highlighter and the skyn eye cream. Mine hasn’t had a label created yet. Here’s hoping.

  34. I’m so excited! I’ll be happy with any of the variations except the pan one! I can’t wait to try the studio palette! Boxycharm is definitely the best beauty box out there value wise!

  35. This is my third month getting Boxycharm and I’m so excited. I’m one of the ones that prefer makeup over skincare products so this is turning into my favorite sub. I hope I get the highlighter and the sheet masks and I loved the last studio on the go palette so I know I’ll love this one too. Can’t wait!

  36. My box has the label created, but not shipped yet. Now I have to wait to see if I get the same! I rather get the sheet mask set over the oil or eye cream and the highlighter over the blush. (Didn’t get the highlighter last month) The lip color she got is pretty, but general consensus is its very sticky! Nothing some HD powder won’t fix though!

    • How do I see what I am getting?

      • You don’t. They like you to be surprised when you get your box. Last month was my first box and I emailed customer service and asked and they told me what I was getting, but also said what I first said about wanting you to be surprised. If this is your first box, email their customer service and ask you. I know a lot of people have done that, but they don’t have a thing like ipsy where you know what your getting every month. Hope that helps

      • Yeah, you don’t until you get your box. I miss the month’s that everyone got the same thing, with the same value. These last couple of months have been disappointing. My tracking still hasn’t updated past, label has been created but I don’t have much faith in them sending what I’d actually prefer in the options.

        With Ipsy it’s always been like that..various items. Boxy used to be fair, across the board.

  37. All right! All right! I’ll get it. Just hoping not to get the face oil. Love sheet masks, love eye creams. If I get the Marula, someone better be ready to trade LOL.

    • If I get sheet masks or the eye cream, I’d happily trade you!

  38. Way TOO many ORs
    Can’t stand all the Different variations!!! ??

    • I am so with you! I have too much makeup, but Boxycharm still was fun and helped me get my “fix” & loved the value. But I do not seem to win when it comes to variations…

  39. Omg! You showed my box. I’m so excited.

    • What shade is the Bella Pierre lip creme?

    • Just out of curiosity, are you a new subscriber or a long time subscriber…just trying to see if I can decipher the code of who gets what with Boxycharm. Lol

      • I’m a 2 year subscriber and got that box.

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