Takeout Kit Meal Subscription Box Review – August 2016

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Takeout Kit is a meal subscription box aimed at helping you explore international food at home.

Each month, Takeout Kit will send along the ingredients to a globally inspired dish that ups the ante on your favorite takeout cuisine. According to Takeout Kit, all of their ingredients have a two-month shelf life—cook ’em up as soon as they arrive, or wait for a special occasion to break out of your typical meal routine.


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The Subscription Box: Takeout Kit Around the World Subscription

The Cost: $25.00 for 1 kit per month, or $48.00 for 2 kits per month. Shipping is free!

The Products: The ingredients you need to make takeout-inspired meals from around the globe.

Ships to: US

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Pretty much everything’s measured out for you, which means less waste and less time laboring in the kitchen. And alongside the recipe, Takeout Kit shares some context for the meal you’re about to enjoy. The recipe is on the reverse side.


This month, we’re making Thai Crab Curry and Jasmine Rice. (I love that they list a beer pairing up at the top right corner!)

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 3-4


deSiam Thai Yellow Curry Paste (2.4 oz) – Value $2.71

This deep-orange curry paste came packaged in a plastic pouch. It sort of has the consistency of a thick pesto, so you have to coax it out of the pouch with some gentle squeezing. Word of advice: the spices that give this curry paste its rich color also like to stain clothing and some kitchen utensils (my plastic mixing spoon now has an unexpected golden glow to it…), so be sure to wear an apron and opt for stainless or not-too-precious cooking hardware!


Shirakiku Snow Crab Meat in Water (two 4.23 oz cans) – $9.78 each, Total Value: $19.56

I’ll admit, I’m not a big crab fan, so I skipped adding this snow crab to my version of this dish. But I was impressed to see such a classy item included in the box. They give you plenty of it, too. There are a couple things in this recipe that you can temper according to your personal tastes, which I like. It makes me more confident that I can tailor future recipes to what works for my palette.


Takeout Kit supplies about 4 cups of uncooked Jasmine rice, which is enough for everyone at your table of 4 to have one big scoop (or, if you’re like me, have several big scoops while enjoying a dinner for one!). The beans were dehydrated to preserve their shelf life, but they sprung to life quickly after being soaked in water.


Orchids Organic Coconut Milk (13.5 fl. oz) – Value $1.68

I know it’s just an extra few cents, but I appreciate that they sprung for the organic coconut milk, rather than something run of the mill. It’s also cool that this is an Asian brand—it adds some authenticity to the experience.

This coconut milk was a little bit separated when I opened the can, but once I stirred it up (and into the curry paste), it was smooth and super silky. I love the subtle sweetness it adds to the dish, especially as it absorbs into the rice.


The last ingredients in the recipe came in a tiny takeout box—cute! Through the course of the recipe, you rehydrate the onions in water (they don’t become as crisp as freshly minced onions do, but the flavor is there) and perk up the green onions by adding them to the curry.

Heads up that the Thai chili flakes mean business! Don’t get me wrong, the kick they provide is a deeply flavorful one, but my brow was definitely sweating as I ate. Not a fan of spice? Hold off on this packet, or add chili flakes little by little to taste.


Two bowls, one saucepan, and a big pot later, and I had quite a tasty (if crab-less) Takeout Kit meal on my table. The paper says the process takes about 30 minutes, and I clocked in just past 25. This was super convenient, given my impatient post-work meal cravings. The trickiest part is waiting for the rice to cook. More specifically, not lifting the lid of the pot as the rice is cooking to take a peek. Otherwise, it’s all about following the straightforward process outlined in the clear, concise recipe.


And, voila! Not bad, right? The curry was packed with earthy, spicy goodness and more green beans than you can shake a stick at. Seriously, if this is the universe trying to get me to eat more green beans, it’s working.

The rice was fluffy and the perfect complement to this hearty stew. Here and there, I tasted very subtle bitter notes in the curry, but they were mostly offset by the gentle sweetness of the coconut milk. Had I chosen to include the crab, I bet its natural sweet flavor would’ve complemented things even more.

Verdict: I really liked Takeout Kit. I love food, though I wouldn’t call myself a cook. But after I made this meal, I spent the whole next day telling friends about this amazingly easy (and delicious) this curry I made. It’s encouraging to learn a recipe that you could make again on your own. Plus, $25 gets you 4 servings—for some, that might be a family dinner. For me, that’s two work lunches and two dinners. $6.25 a pop? That’s cheaper than what I’d pay for a way less filling grab-and-go lunch by my office. And did I mention—as is true of all great takeout meals, this was just as tasty (if not more so) after sitting in the fridge overnight!

What do you think of Takeout Kit? Have you ever tried a meal subscription box?

Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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  1. THIS is the sub I’ve waiting for!!!

    So strange that Lindsey isn’t the one reviewing this…

  2. Gah! I love when the company putting out the subs READS THE REVIEWS!! It makes me feel confident that they’re invested and will listen to what buyers want ?
    This sounds amazing and I’m off to their website to see what vegetarian options they have!!

    • AGREED! Thanks to Rachael from Takeout Kit for reading and showing your customers some love 🙂

      • Of course! And thank YOU, Anna, for spending time to write such a detailed review. I’m digging the positivity in this forum – best one ever!

    • As a relatively new business we are all ears when it comes to feedback and you can always reach me. For veggie options check out the Indian Chickpea Masala (we also offer a vegan version), Burmese Khao Soi, Sichuan Chinese Mapo Tofu, Ethiopian Lentil Stew & Injera (vegan), and Korean Soft Tofu Stew. As you can see, we are very vegetarian friendly! Lmk if you have any other questions.

  3. A remarkably good review. It’s reassuring to hear real passion on occasion.

  4. code not working. thanks.

    • We just opened up the 15% off code to all products rather than just the subscription – hopefully that eliminates any confusion. Please comment if the code doesn’t work for subscriptions. Thanks!

      • I’m trying to use it on the auto-renew sub and it’s not working. am I doing something wrong?

        • Hi Nicole, I had a few different people test the code and it seems to be working now. I believe there was some technical difficulty in the background. If it continues to not work, go ahead and purchase the subscription and I will refund you the 15% for your first kit. I apologize for any inconvenience. This applies for anyone else who is having trouble with the code. Please send a note to [email protected] and I will credit you back ASAP.

  5. The code isn’t working for me.

    • We just opened up the 15% off code to all products rather than just the subscription – hopefully that eliminates any confusion. Please comment if the code doesn’t work for subscriptions. Thanks!

      • Thank you, that was my confusion. There is nowhere to get injera in my town so I was really excited to see your Ethiopian kit. Really appreciate it!

  6. Love your review of this, great writing! I’ve tried Plated but it’s too expensive for just me to use. I would love to try this one, though, and I appreciate how the ingredients are fresh and ready to spoil. You could keep a kit as a backup meal for those emergency what’s for dinner nights 🙂

    • That’s exactly why we created Takeout Kit, Miranda! Let us know how you like it if you decide to try it out. Many other kit choices are available and you can choose which kit you receive each month.

    • Thanks Miranda! I’m with you – I love that these ingredients keep a bit longer. Fall is just starting to hit where I am, so I LOVE the idea of keeping the ingredients to a warm, comforting, FAST meal ready in my pantry for when one of those super cold days finally arrives. Let us know what you think if you end up trying it! Thanks so much for commenting <3

  7. I hope you keep reviewing this one. It sounds right up my ally. I’m curious to see what else they will do because there is only so much canned meat I will eat. (just tuna)

    • Not too many canned meats, don’t worry! Here’s our list of available kits: (Thai Crab Curry), Burmese Khao Soi (Curry Noodle Soup), Korean Soft Tofu Stew, Sichuan Chinese Mapo Tofu, Indian Tikka Masala, and Ethiopian Lentil Stew & Injera Flatbread. I’m a little biased, of course, but they are all super tasty and unique!

    • New update! We now offer “Add your own protein” options now so you can pair our kits with frozen shrimp, chicken, your favorite vegan protein, etc. A few are incredible with shredded rotisserie chicken – check out our Indian Butter Chicken, Vietnamese Pho, and Burmese Curry Noodle kits.

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