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Serendipity by LLB Subscription Box Review + Coupon- September 2016


Serendipity by LLB is a bi-monthly subscription by Little Lace Box. The regular Little Lace Box subscription is a bi-monthly themed box, and it ships on the off months of Serendipity (so, if you subscribed to both Little Lace Box and Serendipity by LLB, they would trade off every other month as far as which box you receive). Serendipity boxes do not have a theme – they’re just some fun product finds that LLB wants to share!



This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Serendipity by LLB

The Cost: $12.99/bi-monthly

The Products: 5-7 sample or full-sized items that don’t follow any specific theme.

Ships to: US

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My box came with a little folded info sheet detailing a little bit about the products chosen this month. Even though Serendipity boxes aren’t themed boxes, this month’s items do focus a little bit on “setting the scene” for their flagship/main box, Little Lace Box.


The inside of the info sheet had details about each item and the retail prices/values.


Boot Cuffs & Socks – value: $6.99

(subscribers received either taupe, white, ivory, or mint)

I believe this is the ivory pair, which I’m happy with because I think that’s the color option I’d use the most! These are the perfect length to sit right above ankle boots! I have never worn boot cuff socks before, but these feel very well made and like a breathable, comfortable knit, so I’m excited to trying them out!


Kilner Square Clip Top Spice Jar – 2 fl oz, value: $5.99

This little spice jar is adorable! And it functions well and will be perfect for keeping some spices fresh. However, it is only a 2-ounce jar so it’s small – you won’t be storing any bulk spices or anything in here. It is, however, perfect to store one of the 1-oz packets of spices that were included in this box (below).



Karista Kitchen Spices – 1 oz each, value: $17.99 total ($5.99 each)

(Smoked Sweet Paprika, Korintji Cinnamon, & Matcha Sea Salt)

Karista’s Kitchen is a food blog, and she now has her own line of spices. I’m really excited about these because I love getting spices in subscription boxes. These are a great mix of spices – I absolutely adore all things cinnamon (real cinnamon… not like, Red Hots or gum), paprika is a “comfort zone” spice for me, and the matcha sea salt is something new to experiment with! The cinnamon is native to Southeast Asia and has a spicy/sweet flavor, and this matcha sea salt is going to be great for finishing salt for desserts, fish, chicken, and vegetables.


I love that they also included recipes for using each spice! There’s a recipe for Orange Cinnamon Raisin Baked French Toast, the Bes Broccoli Mac n Cheese, and Brown Butter Thumbprint Cookies with Sweet Orange Marmalade and Matcha Sea Salt. I think I’m most excited for that French Toast recipe… I’ve been challenging myself to cook more so I’m looking forward to trying these out.


HandWrytten Promo Code – value: $4.99

This is interesting! It’s a promo code for a service/company called Handwrytten. When you log onto their site, you can choose a card to send to someone, type up your message, and their team hand writes the message in the card in your choice of penmanship style and send it for you! At first, this idea sounded really odd to me, but then I saw that they have super cute cards and their prices start at $3 including tax and postage! If you don’t already have cards and stamps lying around, it sounds so convenient and smart to be able to online order one and also have your message hand-written and mailed for you. The only thing I can think is that you can’t send it to someone who knows what your handwriting looks like.

I love that LLB and Handwrytten gave everyone a promo code for a free card to try out their service! Especially with the holidays coming up, I know I’ll use this.

The Verdict: I really liked this month’s Serendipity by Little Lace Box! I think all the items are great together and also very usable/practical too. I’m looking forward to using everything. The value adds up to $35.96, which I feel is low for what I’ve come to expect, but is still good for a $13 box. All in all, I’m happy!

What do you think about the September Serendipity by LLB box?

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (49)

  1. Has anyone heard anything on the jan. box yet??? Please please tell me it’s coming this time… I’ve been waiting 3 months for my 1st box!!! lol

    • Me too! A little longer. I placed my order in September.

  2. I made the broccoli macaroni and cheese….it was really good, and my family loved it. There were a few steps missing on the recipe card, but it was not hard at all to figure out. When I make it again, I’ll double the spices. I really like that each box in this sub is completely unique and a surprise.

    • Also, I ordered the free Handwrytten card for my dad’s birthday. It was super cute and was delivered within 2 days. Their customer service is excellent….I made a mistake on my order and they fixed it for me right away. The fact that they use robots to write is pretty innovative. My dad thought so, too. I love robots; I can’t live without my Roomba!

  3. I think the previous boxes was way better than this month. March and May was my favorite boxes. July was ok but not bad. This month just not feeling it. Spice jar? I bought similar ones during summer from Target dollar spot for $3 bucks for 2 set. Socks? Just not my style, so that’s something I’ll give away. Card? Written by robot. I prefer and would appreciate the actual card rather than going on the site to write it for me. Missing recipe? Not good. Spices? Just ok but I count them as one. So this month is a miss for me?

    • I so agree. I loved earlier versions of this box and couldn’t wait to sign up for an annual. But July and September haven’t been nearly as good as the ones I missed. Ah well, maybe it will improve.

      • Yes! It was fun receiving last boxes but lately just not? I feel like I can find these products at Target dollar spot (except the spices). But hopefully they will improve next month box??

  4. I just opened my box and I’m quite pleased. I don’t cook much, but when I do, I like to use good spices – as a single girl, I don’t need a lot, so these 3 samples are just right to doctor up a few dishes. The jar is cute and will get used a lot. I thought I would be gifting the boot socks, but I got the mint ones, and adore them, so they are staying with me! Light weight and airy, which is good since boots are so warm already. My handwriting is just awful, so I’m happy to be able to send a nice card that looks handwritten without my dreadful handwriting on it. I’ll definitely put this to use. It’s a quirky little sub, and I love the variety.

    • I like your description: “quirky little sub.” It’s so fun!

  5. Yawn. This is now my third box and I won’t be renewing. I know it’s only a $10 but everything just feels very “dollar store” to me, from the products to that horribly formatted info sheet. That sheet is an assault to my eyes. Actually, I think if the sheet were a card, and it was presented differently, I’d feel like the products were more special.

    • I totally agree, Lara! Presentation is important and that poorly formatted info sheet looks cheap, as does the box itself. Perhaps they could put all items into a cute bag like other subs do. I realize this is only a $13 box, but those little things really make a big difference in perception of value.

  6. My box is in postal limbo somewhere but looking at socks, a jar and spice samples (Three one ounce spice samples are worth $18 bucks!?), no need to hurry. I handwrite all my cards, so don’t need a robot to help me. I loved my first box and customer service has been nicely responsive but for such a small box with somewhat simple contents, letting the recipe cards go out without complete instructions is a slip.

    • Actually, 1 ounce is a generous size for spices and quality ones will sell for more than 5.99/oz. Not that you would particularly choose these flavors and/or pay that much, but just thought I’d throw that out there. Those little spice containers sold in stores are often only .3 oz and the big ones are an ounce. These from LLB just look small because they’re in envelopes rather than jars. 🙂

  7. I love this box, and have loved every single box considering the cost! I feel this is so much more fun, and a better value, than the makeup boxes I was subbing to for comparable $$

  8. I can see how the selection would be awesome for most people but I don’t cook, so the spices and recipe cards are useless to me. I live in Texas and don’t wear shoes/boots mossy of the time so I probably won’t use the socks either. The jar is super cute though 🙂 I put the whole box up for swap, hopefully someone will enjoy it

    • Same here Adeline. This is my first box of a 6 month sub. I gave the whole thing to my friend 🙁 I don’t really cook, don’t wear boots. I hope the next box is more of what I’ve seen in the past boxes.

      Haley…..pleaseeeeeee don’t tell me the next Little Lace box is going to be about cooking??? I ordered that one.

      • The October LLB theme was revealed awhile ago, it’s “Life is what you bake of it.” They used to say that the Serendipity boxes weren’t really related to the LLB boxes and were just a collection of random/quirky items but lately it seems like they pretty much follow the same themes.

      • Oh darn! The only reason I ordered Serendipity because the past boxes were pretty awesome for $10. Like you said Emily random/quirky items. I haven’t liked the past LLB boxes so I haven’t signed up. I can’t afford to spend that kind of money on a crap shoot.

        To everyone who didn’t like this box you can blame me lol…it seems I’m always late to the party with great boxes, then when I sub or think about subbing they seem to go downhill. (in my opinion) I’ll take the blame hahahaha.

        P.S. my friend who I gave my box to is a cook and she loved it. She asked me to sent her the link to My Subscription Addition because she wants to sign up for a few boxes. I guess this box is just personal taste.

  9. I already swapped away my socks! I (FINALLY) received my box 10 days after it supposedly shipped. I definitely feel like this box is missing something, since those spices are a bit overpriced for their “value.” But…I paid so little for this sub.

  10. Something I really appreciate about Serendipity is that they made a point to tell subscribers that the November box would have a Christmas theme, and that those of us who do not celebrate Christmas should send them an e-mail so we could skip that box. It shows a sensitivity that most subscriptions do not, and one that is truly appreciated.

    • I appreciated that, too. It seems like an unusual, though completely thoughtful and kind, move for a company to make.

      • Kinder, and more sensitive, though would be to have an alternate box.

      • I’d actually rather have no box than to have something thrown together just to be able to say “see? we’re offering an alternative box” if their hearts aren’t really in it. Or even worse, a Chanukah box put together by people who really don’t understand the holiday in some misguided way to be equal — it isn’t an equivalent holiday at all.

  11. This is my first Serendipty box and I really will use everything in the box but the socks. I got the mint color and for the life of me can’t figure out what I would wear them with. Totally would have rocked ecru/beige. I had just signed up for LLB too. I love that this box set up the theme for next months LLB. LLB also gave a hint that Oct subscribers would need to have sizes listed for their profile…wouldn’t it be wild if LLB was sending boots to go with the socks? Just sayin’…:)

    • Love my taupe socks -Maybe they will put I knee socks for tall boots in the LLB next month – would love it.

    • I got the mint boots socks too and that’s the color I was hoping I didn’t get. Oh well.

  12. Mine is still in FL and hasn’t moved since the 23rd…. ugh!

    • Mine finally took a nice little trip from Florida to San Diego. I have no die when it will get to me in Illinois.

      • Uh, idea.

  13. I’m supposed to recieved mine today but my tracking said “Tendered to military agent”. I don’t know if my package went on different route. I swear our local mailer don’t know how to read and sort mails. I had four other boxes from different sub went missing for three months before I was able to retrieve them. I don’t want to wait another months for my llb to arrive?

  14. Loved everything in this box. I have been swapping for those spice jars like crazy and the socks.

    • Would you be interested in more jars / socks?

  15. Hand writes? Lol!!!! Someone actually thought that?

  16. I am missing recipe cards ;(

    • Mine were so terrible, that my husband and I read and tossed them. I love food, and would consider myself a foodie. They were terrible. simply terrible.

    • I thought I didn’t get the recipe cards either, but they were stuck flat against the side of the box rather than lying down, so I missed them. Check your box again.

      • The same thing happened to me.

    • Lana, if you’re on the forum, PM me your address. I’d be happy to mail you my recipe cards.

  17. I was excited for the French Toast recipe as well but half of the directions are missing on my card, it doesn’t say what temperature or how long to bake it.

    Overall this is a decent box for $10, though last month’s rocked.

    • That’s so funny – I didn’t notice that until you said it, yes they appear to have left off a couple paragraphs from the recipe card. I was able to find it online at though – here’s the rest (and thanks for the heads up on this!):

      Pre-heat the oven to 350F and bake for about 30-40 minutes or until the Baked French Toast golden brown on top and feels done to the touch.

      Let the Baked French Toast cool slightly before serving. Serve with maple syrup and fresh fruit. (I love it served with banana slices)

      • Thank you! I’m going to write that down on the recipe card. 🙂

  18. I feel a little sad on this box just seems off like something is missing , needs a extra treat or makeup item or a cool piece of jewelry would be set it off nicely

    • For just $13, that seems like a lot to ask

      • Nah
        We usually get 4 items

        I count the spices as one item since their sample size

      • Even if you count the spices as one item – there is still the jar, socks, and the handwritten card – 4 items.

      • I count the card as a bonus item ?

  19. ‘their team hand writes the message in the card’

    Actually the cards are written by robots! I think it’s the same sort of machine US Presidents use to sign stuff.

    • Oh thanks so much for that info!! When their website says their robots write the cards, I totally thought it was just a funny quirky joke! How interesting!

  20. I wish there was 1 more item. However, I’m so excited to try the spices…not something I would splurge on myself. And I looove the socks. For $10, this month’s selections have been very practical and well worth the cost imo.

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