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Revive Clothing Depot Box Review + Coupon – September 2016


Revive Clothing Depot is a used clothing boutique and online consignment shop! They’ve recently released a monthly bundle/subscription – basically, you pay each month to receive credits on your account, which you can then redeem at any point in the month to pick the items you want, regardless of the items’ selling prices! You can also pick your items at any point during the month, at once or at different times.


They have 3 different subscription plans offered: The Revive Pak has 4 items per month, Revive Bundle has 8 items per month, and the Revive Crate has 15 items per month. They also have a stylist add-on where you can work with a personal shopper to choose items for you based on your style!


This package was sent to us at no cost to review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Review Bundle, $24.99 a month, 8-item package. I did not choose the stylist option this month.


The Subscription Box: Revive Clothing Depot

The Cost: the Revive Pak (4 items) is $14.99/month, the Revive Bundle (8 items) is $24.99/month, and the Revive Crate (15 items) is $34.99/month. Shipping is $5, $7, or $10, respectively.

COUPON: Use code REVIVEMSA to save 20% off and free shipping on your first month!

The Products: Gently-used to Like New clothing and accessory items. Revive has brand and condition standards for what they will accept.

Ships to: US, Canada and Mexico (Canada and Mexico shipping charges are an additional quarterly charge)

Good to know: Their website warns that this is the last month for introductory pricing!

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!



These little cards were included in my package this month. The one on top has Revive’s social media information, and the one on the bottom described the different packages they have available.


This is the invoice that was included in my package this month, listing the items we chose. We selected two outfits for my husband and two for myself this month.


Abercrombie & Fitch Button-Down Top – Individual Item Cost $7.49 at Revive Depot
Average retail value for A&F Men’s Button-Down Tops – about $30

Carhartt Jeans – Individual Item Cost $9.99 at Revive Depot
Average retail value of Carhartt Jeans new – about $40

This shirt is excellent! My husband loves it! It looks great, it’s soft, and it’s in perfect condition. The jeans, on the other hand, were a miss. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture above, but…


…they’re too short. These are excellent, super sturdy work jeans, and they would have been a huge win for us. Unfortunately, Revive Depot does not put the length of men’s pants in their listings. This was a bit of a problem for us.


Banana Republic Button-Down Top – Individual Item Cost $8.49 at Revive Depot
Average retail value for Banana Republic Men’s Button-Up Shirts – about $70

Levi’s Jeans – Individual Item Cost $9.99 at Revive Depot
Average retail value of Levi’s Men’s Jeans – about $70

This shirt is great, although my husband preferred the one above. I love the color and the textured pattern! It fit well and was in fantastic condition. The jeans, however…


We had the same problem with these jeans as we had with the previous pair. They were too short, and the length wasn’t listed on Revive’s site. Otherwise these were in great condition. At least with these jeans they could be converted into jorts (jean shorts), haha.


LL Bean Tee – Individual Item Cost $7.49 at Revive Depot
Average retail value for LL Bean Tees – about $22

This top was great and it fit fine. It was in good condition, but not like-new. To be honest, I had a bit of a disaster with my Revive experience this month, but it wasn’t all Revive’s fault by any means. I think the selection of items in my size was pretty slim to start with, and that was my biggest problem this month. I usually model everything I get these days, but the pants I wore with this top fit poorly, so I decided to just take pictures of the items on the form and table. I will totally wear this top, I’m just explaining why there’s no picture of me in it.


Talbot’s Capris – Individual Item Cost $7.99 at Revive Depot
Average retail value for Talbot’s Capri Pants – about $70

These capris are super cute, but they did not fit at all and I’m not sure why. They are my size, and they were listed correctly by Revive, so I’m guessing that either they were washed in hot water and shrank, or they are an older pair of pants from when sizes were a little smaller. I have no idea, but it’s not Revive’s fault. This is just something that happens when you buy clothes online sometimes.



Keyhole Top by Susan Lawrence – Individual Item Cost $4.49 at Revive Depot
Average retail value for Susan Lawrence Tops – I’m guessing about $30 as they are a Sears brand that seems to have gone defunct.

This top fits fine, but it looks terrible on me. If you’ve ever read one of my clothing reviews, you will notice I repeatedly talk about how I need an open neckline. A mock neck like this makes me look like I have no neck at all! I loved the pattern for fall, though, and I thought it would look great with a tan cardigan.


Bandolino Pants – Individual Item Cost $7.99 at Revive Depot
Average retail value for Bandolino Pants – about $25

I love Bandolino pants; they were one of the first plus-size brands I found and loved. This pair fits, but not well. They’re just not very flattering. As I mentioned, I did model these outfits, but when I saw the pictures I kind of wanted to cry. Again, totally not Revive’s fault, it was just bad luck, I guess.

Verdict: The big picture, if I can step back and look at it for a moment, is that my husband got two great shirts, I got one great tee, and we got potentially two other wearable items all for $22 shipped. Everything we received was in great condition, and nothing smelled weird or anything like that. I think that Revive Clothing Depot should definitely list both waist and length for mens’ pants and jeans, and that’s my only real issue with our package this month. I wish they had a better selection in my size, but I don’t know how much control they have over that. Everything else seems to have been a mistake on my part or back luck. I am very curious to see how our experience is next month when we work with a stylist. I think it might turn out a lot better. Here’s hoping! Regardless, we still received a lot of clothing at a really incredible value.

What do you think of Revive Clothing Depot? What did you get this month?

Revive Clothing Depot

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Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

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Comments (50)

  1. Hello,
    Revive Depot Management would like to Thank all of you for reaching out to us and bringing to our attention all the pros and cons of our site. Since the beginning of October we have diligently been working on all of your concerns that have been emailed to CST or listed here. Revive hears your concerns and want to assure you we are going to fix these issues. We are making some great enhancements to our site that should be available sometime in November. The growth spurt has been amazing but we also acknowledge the need to continue multiple updates and are confident that we will be back up to 3-4 updates a month. We want you to know we appreciate all of you being apart of our Revive Team and appreciate you working with us through as we so call it “growing pains”. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please email us at [email protected] and our Customer Service Team will be more then happy to help you. Thanks again for all of your support and comments. We cant wait to release our new enhancements.

  2. Is anyone else having problems locating the site? I typed in like I always do & the site doesn’t exist right now. I know they were going to do maintenance on Sunday, but it’s not even showing that the site is down or being worked on. Should I be worried? It says, “site cannot be found” on my computer. I just paid for this coming months subscription too.

    • I just tried and it came up without a problem. Same old stuff though. Maybe they are just working on the site??? But I am like you, I don’t have that many days left to use this month’s credits. ?

      • On Saturday when I visited the site a pop up stated that the site “will be down All day Sunday while we add 5000 New items Site will be back up at 8 am CST ” …….it is currently 3 hours later and the site is up but I see no new items in any department……… really disappointed. Very glad I did not spend $99 on an annual “early access” membership – requiring paid in full by the first of Septemberr …..Or reuptake my sub with another 6 months which they wanted full prepaid only for a crate subscription …..

      • I emailed them around 9:30 this morning and asked what time the new items would be posted. I received an email from them around 10:00 saying that 6,000 items had been added and that everything was updated. I tried again but still no luck……tried on iPad, phone and desktop. Logged out and in again. Still nothing but the old stuff. Sent another email an hour ago and have not heard anything back. I am *this close* to being done with this sub. My sister still loves the site……she’s the one who got me to sign up in the first place!!

      • VERY glad I didn’t do the VIP thing either……maybe that’s the hold up??? Maybe they are letting their VIPs shop the site first. Whatever the case, customer service should be upfront about whatever is going on.

      • Nope. I’m a VIP and I got no updates. No special treatment. No extra credits. Nothing that was promised. I wonder if I can petition PP to get my money back? Also, I have not been allowed to shop early on my end.

      • Tracy, that is so ridiculous!!! I think you definitely can get a refund. If the “6,000 items” turns out to be the accessories they added earlier this month, I will be canceling the last two months of my sub as well. Accounts can be credited and refunded if one of the parties fails to fulfill contractual obligations. As a subscriber, they promised a “member’s only reward and referral program” that never materialized. They did not add new items weekly as they said they would. You will have a great case for stated services not received as a “VIP” who never received what was promised. I just sent another email asking why no one can access the new items. Everyone here should do the same. All I want is for them to be honest about what is going on.

      • I am in the same boat as you folks. I am really not happy with this right now. There are no new items at all, and they should be addressing the issue if none of their customers can see the “new items”. I have one month left on my subscription. I am totally not re-subscribing. I understand that new businesses have growing pains, I just wish they would be upfront and honest about them.

      • Had a new email from them at 3:00. The email said new items had been added last night and we would be able to access them now. New items are “in no certain place, but mixed in with others”. This makes no sense at all. There are still the same number of items as reflected at the bottom of each page. I just emailed again with that information, along with a question of why the “new arrivals” or “new to old” filters didn’t reflect an addition. I will update as I get new info. Please post if you are able to see or access new items. Thanks!

      • I got the same email message as you did. I’ve been checking the number of pages on their site the last couple of days, and the number of pages had actually gone down a couple…. Meaning that they sold some items, but it never showed an increase in pages to show that there was an update. There is no way that they updated 6000 pieces of inventory. No way. Also, like you mentioned, there was nothing added to the “new arrivals” search engine, when you used to be able to see all the new updates before. I even went through and manually searched through the womens clothing & at least 95% were the same old things that I’ve been seeing the last couple of months. It all seems super shady. Why intermingle the new items throughout the old stuff unless you don’t want people seeing how many new items you actually added?

      • A total SKETCH!!!! They went from “great” to “ok” to “WTF is actually going on?). I manually searched the site too……and have done so for weeks. I saw the page number go down a bit as well, but I did not see one single new thing added after the accessories. I’m feeling a bit like my intelligence has been insulted. “Ummmm, yeah…..we totally put 6,000 new items on the site, but they are all hidden. Or invisible.”

      • On the other hand, I would recommend this site if you are in the market for ugly Cristmas sweaters, mid-calf denim skirts (the kind that are best worn with white socks and Keds) or stuff from the 90’s that wasn’t cool even then. Looking at you Leslie Faye and Bobbie Brooks……

      • Got the same email. It makes NO sense. After looking on the site for about an hour, I found maybe 3 new things and a whole bunch of pages with “sold out” items. There is no way in hell that they added 6000 items unless it was to children’s clothing. WTF is going on here? How are we supposed to find anything new if the pull-down menus don’t work anymore? Sigh. I may just buy a bunch of children’s clothing and donate it to my local homeless shelter at this point. At least it would go to good use.

      • Lexie, I didn’t see any of the items with the “sold out” banner. I manually went through women’s dresses, sweaters, and several pages of women’s tops. I honestly did not find ONE new thing. I am still stunned at the “we added 6,000 new items but mixed them in with everything else and disabled the “New Arrivals” search engine” response. I liked your idea to get items and donate them. I have two months left on my sub, but I could get items to donate for this month as I have already been charged for October. But I won’t give them another penny if they don’t straighten out this mess. I would rather pay a fee to my bank to put a hold on any further deduction from my account. It was great while it lasted. But I still can’t figure out why the site had to come down on Sunday……the site itself was supposed to be updated and made more user-friendly. The only change I see was the disabling of some of their search functions.

      • I’ve got one more month. Can’t wait till this sub ends. Don’t forget to CANCEL so it doesn’t automatically renew!

      • You should try emailing and asking for an extension. Last month I paid for the stylist option but they cancelled it and no one ever contacted me about that. When I finally did contact them they let my credits rollover to the next month.

      • Hello,

        I am sorry to hear this. Please email me at [email protected] and I will be more then happy to clear up any misunderstanding for you. Also, we do have some new site updates that will happen this month. Plus more updates with new items. We appreciate all of you and your understanding & communication.

        Revive Management

    • The site address is just, not Revive clothing depot. Hope that helps 🙂

      • You’re right. I typed it in wrong but have the link on my computer and I just tried the link above on this site, and the page is still not found. I’ve tried both my laptop and my iphone. That is so weird that no one else is having problems.

  3. I think what happened is that we all raved about how awesome this sub was and they blew up; so many people purchasing so quickly that they’re having issues keeping up. As far as I know, they rely on donated clothing, maybe some consignment?
    Other than the slim pickings lately, I have been loving this sub! I got pairs of converse sneakers, adidas sneakers and Emu wool lined boots! All 3 look like they MIGHT have been worn once or twice. Out of the 40-50 or so items I’ve received over the last few months, only 4 didn’t fit right.
    I really hope that they get more stuff on/updated. This is just the best value I have ever found for clothes! Ever since the big thrift store in my area shut down, there haven’t been any GOOD affordable places to buy stuff. My weight is constantly yo-yoing because of medication I’m on; there’s no way I could afford new stuff every time my sizes go up or down!

    • I got one month. Found some stuff, but then it’s so much work to get them to update the points to place a monthly order. Whereas Cypress and Fifth you can just look after and select your clothes anytime after the 1st of the month. I did find some basics that was worth keeping the box I started, & I know it might be a pain to cancel. But I told them I wasn’t really satisfied liked I hoped I’d be & there wasn’t as much selection for me as I hoped. If I had other family then maybe. But for just me as a single, I’m not find anything I’m super jazzed. I’d rather roll with Cypress and get pieces or an outfit at a time that will work for a bit more money and know I like what I’m getting than have a hard time filling a box for $15 or $24 or whatever the rate is. I like the premise, but there’s just too much work on my end that I don’t have time and energy for right now.

  4. I’m not sure about the “holding back new stock” thing. What would be the benefit of that??? Sounds more like they are having cash flow problems or issues with suppliers. I subscribed in June or July, and things seemed much better then. New stock was added weekly and there was a better mix of brands, including higher end brands that I don’t really see a lot of now. I also read a review by someone who had purchased two designer handbags when they first appeared, and both bags were cheap fakes (to be fair, I think she said that neither bag was advertised as genuine, but still…..). I loved this sub when I first joined, but I am now doubtful I will keep it when it expires, especially with the higher price point.

    • I agree that they used to be updating new items weekly, but now this past month, I haven’t seen any new updates except for accessories. I don’t know if they will only be updating once a month going forward or not. It’s a little frustrating b/c even though I love the site and the potential they have, many things were different when I first signed up. Now, I am locked into a 6 month sub. and the inventory is not updated as frequently as before and the brands are not the same. They may be just having “growth” problems. I guess that only time will tell….

  5. I completely agree on the length not being listed for pants. I have ordered a couple pairs of pants and now know how long they must look on the manikin for them to work for both my husband and I. I had a few misses but now I have it down. Although, it shouldn’t be this difficult so I hope they fix this in the future. I actually have two subscriptions I get the 15 item one at the beginning of the month and the 25 item a couple weeks later. I shop for my entire family and I don’t have any issue finding items to get each month. Although, I do consider myself a bit of a pro when it comes to their website. haha I admit and agree with everyone else comments about it being hard to navigate/search but I figured it out and can find things pretty easily. I hope they update their website but honestly for the price I pay for the items I’m receiving I’m okay with dealing with it. Lastly, I find new items on the site weekly; that’s how often I search it. If you can’t seem to find anything new I recommend using the search bar and enter in a brand you like “Brand women size” example: “Croft women small”. Hope that helps!

  6. I did the stylist option two months in a row and loved it, but just got a notification last week that they no longer have a stylist option. Customer service was kind enough to call and explain and tried to persuade me to stay, but it wasn’t worth it for me. The website is difficult for me to navigate and the stylist option took the work out. Customer service was so nice though and let me cancel at a discounted rate.

  7. Too bad about the fit issues. I have been obsessed with Thredup which has great deals on women and children used clothing. I have been very happy with my purchases and it’s as much fun as thrifting in person.

    • I got a great pair of sweat/lounge pants from thredup once. I’ll have to revisit them.

  8. I’ve received 4 or 5 boxes so far. I subscribed to the 4-pack and simply get items I need or items I want to try but would be too risky to pay full price for.

    I am annoyed with sizes not being listed. I got 1 shirt that was too small. However, items are easily donated and I try not to get anything too dependent on specific measurements.

  9. I sub to the crate. I find it really hard to find new items. If I’m lucky enough to find new items, they are not in any of our sizes. I enjoy the items that I have received, but I would really like to see the page update new items frequently. Maybe I’m just too new at this..or something.

    • I totally agree with you! I have actually emailed them about not having an update of their women’s clothing in quite a long time… they were kind of rude and said that they had updated the site and posted 6,000 new items (they were all accessories). There haven’t been new women’s clothing in a loonnngggg time (IMHO). I loved this sub the first few months, now I am struggling to find anything I would like/wear/try. Here’s to hoping they update and add more things soon!

      • They definitely have not added much women’s clothing , if any. I signed up for a monthly sub, but noticed people talking about how it is actually a six month commitment, even with a month to month sub. I wouldn’t be so disappointed if they updated their items. I have 4 people that I can choose items for, and I’m still seeing the same items. Honestly, I think their subscribers should get email updates when new items are added. I’ve wasted so much time searching for new items, just to realize that it’s the same old stuff. My credits renew the 13th or 14th. In one months time everything was the same, except for the accessories being added.

      • I agree! Women’s clothing is way overdue for an update!!!

      • Completely agree-WAY OVERDUE……

      • My problem is my credits never renew consistently either. I have to beg customer service to do it manually & that’s part of the reason why I wanted to cancel. I wouldn’t have signed up for 6 months if I knew it was going to be 6 months of nagging.

      • I feel the same way!

      • Every. Single. Month. They manage to charge my account without incident, but never add my new credits without an email from me. This is apparently something that they are working on, as it was mentioned in the “good things come to those who wait” email from a few weeks ago.

      • I am really fed up with this sub. STILL nothing new in Women’s clothing. I check everyday for new items. If you sort by “new to old” in Women’s All everything has been the same for over a month. I cannot wait until my sub is up next month. I had such high hopes! And yes, I know the price is great but there truly isn’t anything I want/can use at the moment. Sigh.

      • I agree…..I stalk their site every day and it’s always the same pair of plaid shorts, a pair of khaki pants and a really ugly denim skirt. I don’t know if they are trying to sell down their current inventory or if they are having cash flow issues with their suppliers, but either way, I am so OVER this subscription. I am running out of time for this month’s credits, and there is currently nothing on the site that I want or need. ?

  10. Signed up for 4-pack. Total cost for 6 months with msa discount was $64 + $5/month shipping after this first month. So for a total of $89 I’ll get 24 items. Definitely worth it to me. Thank you MSA.

  11. Loos like they increased the cost of the revive Pakistan? Your note says 9.99/month, but the card they sent states 14.99?

  12. I got super excited about this and immediately went to check it out. It’s an easy pass for me, for several reason (that are totally fixable, if you’re reading this RCD!)…
    The first is their selection! I am a very average size (10) and I have been looking for casual dresses I can wear through the winter over leggings. There were about 6 in my size. I thought that was strange, but telling. They don’t have a wide selection. Ok.
    Second, it will only let you put in one size search filter at a time, which is frustrating. Most people can usually fit into several sizes and it would be nice to search them all at once, rather than search 2T, then go back and look at all the 3T.
    Same issue with narrowing down choices. Would be great to be able to search through every option that works. As it stands now, you have to look through Capris only, then search through Skinny. An option to pick all options that work at once makes more sense.
    After spending 20 minutes on their site, I was underwhelmed. Will keep an eye on this one, though!

    • Just a heads up, I got a note that said they have been holding stock and are doing a HUGE restock(like 5,000 items) in a couple weeks. You have a month to use your credits and not sure how long this promo is going but you do not have to spend your credits right then, just within 30days. Anyway, I got the note after I had used my credits for the month(of course) so I am SOL till after the 1st(I get my credits on the 1st). Either way, I thought I would give you all a heads up because yes the pickings are a little slim now but pretty soon they are going to have a big selection.

      Also, to Anna…. My son is also tall(6’1″) so what I do is see where the pants fall oon the maniquin. I look to have the pant leg end at the heel on it, so far I have gotten 32 and 34 for length oh and a SuperMan lounge pant he has to roll up as an XL tall, LOL(he likes roomy pants 6’1″ and 200lbs, can do a large but he likes them more roomy). So maybe watch the back of the pant leg and how it falls on the maniquin on future orders?

      Next month is my last month of the Crate, may do a 6mo of the 4-8pc if I continue to loose weight so I can update my wardrobe cheaply as I loose weight…

  13. I was going to sign up, but it says a 6 month subscription is required!? No thanks! I was excited to try them out but am definitely not willing to pay for 6 months

    • That’s how I feel about to as well. To much commitment to something unproven.

  14. I’m going to send them a note about not listing length on the men’s jeans. There’s no way I could order jeans for my long-legged son without knowing the length. Seems odd not to include it.

    The new pricing is on that card up there and on the website. It’s now $14.99 for 4 items, $24.99 for 8 and so on. I wish it was still the introductory pricing though! I wanted to try them out this month but I’m going to pass. There isn’t much in my size (2X) and I’m not seeing enough of my son’s sizes to make it worth trying at that price point. Although there is that 20% off and free shipping… hmmm.

    • I sub to the crate. I find it really hard to find new items. If I’m lucky enough to find new items, they are not in any of our sizes. I enjoy the items that I have received, but I would really like to see the page update new items frequently. Maybe I’m just too new at this..or something.

    • I will be unsubsidized when my 6 months is up. I get the crate, so I’m sure it will cost way too much. It is way too hard to find new items every month. I read above..they are restocking, and that they were holding back on stock…With my credits not loading until the 24th, I’ll be in the same boat…no new items to pick from.

  15. I thought they did away with the stylist program? Is it back now? And I agree that it would be nice if they listed the length on the mens pants. I saw a lot of nice pants in my hubby’s size, but didn’t order them b/c it’s a little bit of a gamble. 🙂

  16. So you’re the one who got the keyhole top. I had it on my wishlist waiting for my credits so I could buy it and then it was gone. It looks pretty. My biggest complaint about Revive is that they don’t list fabric content. I bought a skirt that looked flowing in the picture and turned out to be leather and suede. Very beautiful but I don’t sew on leather and suede and it was too long. Also, it is hard to find an excellent selection of items that fit my style which is eclectic and slightly wacky but their accessories shop is up and I’m excited about that. The fit has been good and the quality of items excellent even though they say good. I got a pair of shoes last time that looked brand new but listed as good and these are $150 or more retail leather pumps. I’ve been pleased so far even though it is a bit hard to find things to fit my style.

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