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POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box Reveals + GIVEAWAY!

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POPSUGAR has sent us most of the variations of the POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box to show what you may receive in your mystery box.

Here are the different boxes we received:

Box 1 (Measurements:11 1/2″ X 7 3/8″ X 3 3/4″) :


Box 2 (Measurements:11 1/2″ X 7 3/8″ X 3 3/4″):


Box 3 (Measurements:11 1/2″ X 7 3/8″ X 3 3/4″) :


Box 4 (Measurements: 13 1/4′ X 9 3/8″ X 4 3/4″) :


Box 5 (Measurements: 13 1/4′ X 9 3/8″ X 4 3/4″):


Box 6 (Measurements: 13 1/4′ X 9 3/8″ X 4 3/4″):


Box 7 (Measurements:11 1/2″ X 7 3/8″ X 3 3/4″) :


Box 8 (Measurements:11 1/2″ X 7 3/8″ X 3 3/4″):


Box 9 (Measurements: 14″ X 11″ X 5 3/4″) :


Box 10 (Measurements: 13 1/4′ X 9 3/8″ X 4 3/4″) :



FYI – this box was $24.95 and no longer for sale.

Which POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box are you hoping to get?

And now it is giveaway time! We’re going to put a lot of these items together for a Super POPSUGAR Must Have Box Mystery Box!

Enter the giveaway below and good luck! (Winner will be contacted by email – make sure to enter with an email account you check frequently).

If you do the refer-a-friend entry option in this giveaway, you’ll get the entries for that once the friend has entered the giveaway. Giveaway is open only to US residents 18 and over.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I ordered one of the mystery boxes this time and really enjoyed seeing the preview here of possible combos available!

    Personally, I would be most happy with either Box # 3 or # 9 ( which contain items I haven’t already received ).

  2. I’ve been a subscriber for a while so I may be gifting a lot of this 🙁 I REALLY hope I get a box with jewelry because it wouldn’t be a duplicate for me (I’ve ordered 2 of these, my odds are ok?). I’d be happy with boxes 3,5,7. I would be least happy with boxes 4, 2, 6.

  3. Well, there are more box variations than I suspected. I agree that they aren’t nearly as good as the last Mystery box batch. I would love the box with the earrings or the heartbeat necklace but both of my boxes are 6.2 (as of now) out of NY. I have a feeling the earrings and necklace will be out of CA. : (

    • My box just changed from 6.2 pounds to 2.1 out of NY. However, I am disappointed by this..I was actually hoping for one of the Bingo boxes.

      • OMG!! I will SEND you one of mine, for free. Just ask that you PayPal me the postage. Seriously, I’m happy to do this. Are you on the forums or a swapper?

      • I wouldn’t go by any of that. My box deminsions were that of box 9 and I ended up receiving box 7. It was out of NY.

        • Same here! I was happy with 9, but don’t really like 7, the one I got 🙁

  4. Have details about the giveaway been given yet? I’d love to enter!

      • Thanks so much! In my excitement to see what was in each box, I completely overlooked the giveaway, lol. Sorry about that. ?

        • Haha! No worries – I totally understand mystery box excitement 🙂

  5. Not excited at all about any of these, actually disappointed. There are things I wish I could pick from boxes but not one box I will be excited to get. I already have the book so that’s a bust.

    • I have to admit I am disappointed too and I feel already regret that I bought two. I think the content of some of the boxes show not enough variation and even if I only bought two boxes I expect to receive duplicates. Especially because both of my boxes are coming from the same warehouse. The last mystery box was so much fun, that one is kind of boring 🙁

      • I received two of the exact same box 🙁

    • Me too…and I bought two! ? Basically I don’t want ANYTHING in ANY of those boxes! This was my first popsugar try….I thought ok, I’ll try it, then I heard everyone going on and on how they’d bought duplicates…so I did too….not thinking I’m gonna be thrilled! ?

      • Lol it doesn’t seem excited wait til you get it much better in person lol

    • I got five items I already own. I have been a subscriber for 6 months… 🙁

  6. I got two of the same boxes–6.2 lbs shipped from NY, and both box #8.

    • Me too! Kinda disappointed

    • I also got two of the #6 box. I don’t do postcards, or bubble baths. I already have a bingo from the previous box it came in. So, now I can add two more to my collection, yay (sarcasm). Oh, one of my boxes failed to come with the bottle opener. I was really hoping for a scarf or hat 🙁

      • If I get the scarf (or two) I’d gladly trade it for the bubble bath!

    • How do you know their box #8? I would love to get #8

      • I have 4 box # 8’s lol. A little variety would have been the spice of life..

        • I ended up with 3 #8s so I share in your disappointment.

          • I also got 3 of box #8 but am pretty happy with them. Lots of good gifts in there!

    • I also got 2 of box 8, at least it was one of my favorite boxes. I love Oribe and I can never have too many candles.

    • I got 4 #8s. Super disappointed. The products are nice, but last time I ordered multiple and got different boxes. I am thinking of canceling my popsugar subscription now….that’s just no good.

  7. Just received the 2 that I ordered – 2 identical boxes. Can confirm that the 6.2 box from NY is indeed Box 6:

    Gramr Gratitude Co. Exclusive Thanksgiving Postcard Pack – Value $10
    Barr-Co Fir and Grapefruit Bubble Elixir – Value $32
    Joe Chips Classic Sea Salt Retro Chips – Value $1.50
    Sisters of Los Angeles Cheers Gold Bottle Opener – Value $12
    Christian Lacroix Paris Pasio Sticky Note Folio – Value $13
    West Emory Bingo Set – Value $20
    Triple C Power Gloss in Silver – Value $30

    The dimensions listed in my FedEx tracking (13x13x13) were wrong, just fyi – there’s no way this box was a cube. Also, of course, my bubble elixir came open in one of the boxes and (to add injury to insult) it was so heavy it popped open the bag of chips, resulting in soapy chips everywhere.

    • I got two identical boxes as well. It was pretty disappointing.

    • I got the same 2 boxes. #6. Never ordering 2 again

    • I hope you contacted support. At the very least they should replace the items in the box with the busted/destroyed stuff.

      • Yeah, I emailed them – nothing yet.

        It actually turned out the bubble elixir was intact. I figured it had come open because of the amount of oil marks, but after I unwrapped it, apparently it was fine and those chips are just suuuuper oily. I feel a little silly complaining to them about $1.50 chips, but I had planned on gifting most of the items in the box and now they’re super oily and completely covered in crumbs. I can probably clean them off, but I don’t want to have to open everything to make sure it’s clean, you know?

    • Same thing happened to me. I’m thinking about contacting customer service. I’m super disappointed.

  8. I’m SO hoping for the box with the bubble bath!!! I love it.

    I actually quite like the Bingo set, too. I already have one, but I’d be so happy to get another—there aren’t enough cards in the one set for us to switch around when we play, so a second would be perfect! (I’m probably the only person who would be so happy to get the bingo) 😉

    • I have three, now, unfortunately. I only need one and barely. I could send you the two that I received today,if you want them.

  9. Box 3 if I had my choice. I cannot believe I wasted $50 of my hard-earned money on two of these boxes. I’m so upset. I won’t fall for this again.

    • I’m so upset as well. My 2 boxes now went from 6.2 to 2.1 with dimentions of 9x9x9 ???

      I wasted $50 for what? My box weighs 2.1 pounds!!! What can be in it? I haven’t read all the comments, there’s too many hahaha.

      • Mine was similar and I got two of box #8

  10. If anyone gets box 9 and wants to swap, please hit me up! 🙂

    • Sarahfromdallas, that is my second to last choice, so if I get that one, I’ll def swap with you. (Yes, I made an Excel sheet to organize which I prefer most, and the probability that I’ll get certain items lol)

      • You’re my kind of subscription addict.

        • I’m an analyst – it’s literally my job to make spreadsheets, and it was a slow day LOL gotta feed my addiction…my Excel AND subscription addictions.

  11. To be honest none of these boxes excite me. I liked the variations better last time.

    • Please box 3…please not 6!!! So I already started thinking what I’m goi g to do with the contents of box 6!! Lol…that’s the way it goes…I have so much mascara and normally hate it but the amplify mascara is life changing…

  12. Also crossing my fingers for no books or bingo! lol

  13. Getting mine today and literally crossing my fingers until i open it for the Kendra Scott earrings oooooooooo c’mon and Oribe? Want!! haha

  14. Wow, glad I only got one. I hope I get the hair mask and/or the portable charger. Those would make it worthwhile.

    A lot of this stuff will get regifted. Some of the items are ones I didn’t care for the first time around!

    Sending those postcards from last year is a bit cheap of them.

    • Hi L,

      I got two boxes, both of which were #6. So, I have an extra hair mask and portable charger. If you’d like, we can swap. Let me know!

  15. I’d be happyy with boxes 1, 2, or 4-6, just hoping to not have 9 or 10! With my boxes being 3.5 lbs, I’m guessing I won’t get any of the variations with the Bingo game. I’m glad I ordered two, even if it means getting two skinny scarves. :-/

  16. Box 1. is my dream box! I’d be such a happy bunny if I got that ?
    C’mon Posugar, make my day!

  17. Bought 5 and totally regret it. Not even half as good as the last mystery boxes.

    • Same here…was so pleased with the 3 I got last time that I bought 5 this time around…and am so bummed. There’s really not much in any of these boxes that excites me.What’s more is that all of mine are listed as 3.5 lb, from CA…if I get 5 of the exact same boxes, I’m going to be sooooo annoyed. Clearly they had a massive excess of the skinny scarf, as it’s in almost every box variation…just what I need, 5 more scarves to sit around with the one I already don’t wear…

      • I did the same thing. Bought 3 boxes last time and wished I had bought more, so I bought 5 this time. I’m going to receive 5 of those stupid scarves, and all my boxes have the same weight of 2.1 pounds, and the same dimension of 10x8x4. I expected a few repeats, but nothing like this. I just know whoever sent my boxes was evilly laughing while sending me 5 of the same crappy box. Happy Halloween to me. LOL

        • Ugggg!!! SAME situation. Five boxes, exact same weight from CA. I feel like crying. All I wanted was that bubble bath and it’s coming from NY :/ I’m going to make a noose out of skinny scarves?

          • OH That cracked me UP! But don’t fret! You can totally swap for the bubble bath. Swaps are just a click away on the top of this very screen… farthest right column. (And since you got 5 boxes, that means you’ll have loads of items to swap. So that’s a bright side!) Now just put the skinny scarves down and take 10 deep breaths. Haha!

      • I have two of the exact same thing as you…at least if it is 3.5 pounds it won’t be that bingo game! But sending the exact same boxes for the order is not cool. Now I just have to figure out whom to gift the same items to that won’t talk to each other! I got burned by the last Popsugar LE box and two sets of crappy headphones. No way am I ordering the NM box!!!

  18. Please not the bingo game…please not the bingo game…

    • This. So much this.

      • Agreed.

  19. Okay, so I’m not exactly famous for thinking positive, but honestly, I will be super stoked for any of these for $25. Anything I don’t love goes in a stocking, anything I do love is just gravy. And at $5/item (NO I DO NOT COUNT SNACKS IN MY MATHS, THOSE BELONG IN BELLIES NOT IN CALCULATORS), it’s a win any way you look at it.

    • “Bellies not calculators!” That made me giggle and I completely agree.

    • That’s exactly how I feel too!

    • I completely agree with Lindsay! They really did a pretty good job of balancing each box with a mix of good things and meh things but for only $25, I would pretty much be happy with any of them. The value is definitely there. I didn’t order one this time because the last round, I got two and they were both disappointments. But now seeing this post I wish I had taken the chance. I hope everyone that ordered loves what you get!

      • Same. I refuse to look at what is inside any of them until I open mine. Its gonna be hard to beat the last box I got but most will likely given away for Christmas…. Wherever is inside I know it’s over 25 dollars and I know someone who will be perfect for each thing… Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    • I totally agree! At $5 bucks an item I think most of these products are great! Will make some nice stocking stuffers and hopefully a few items I’ll actually want to keep for myself 🙂

      • Bingo, er I mean ditto! Tee hee. I want my box now!! I am happy to see others that are so stoked too!!!?

  20. I would LOVE the Kendra Scott earrings, the charger, the glasses, or the necklace! I bought 2 and they are 4.9 from New York.

    • Mine is also 4.9 from NY! It says the box is 12″x12″x12″, which none of them are. Any ideas which it might be? Suspense will be over today, as it’s out for delivery!

      • …and it’s box #7, BINGO and all! So do I gift the Bingo to the kids, or do we just open it and play?

  21. I assume the heavier boxes have the Bingo game, that sucker is seriously heavy! The only ones I want are any with the candle or heartbeat necklace since I missed those boxes! Anyone who gets the heartbeat, I’d be open to buy…

    • I bought heartbeat necklace from ebay last week. It’s so worth it — it’s adorable in person. Good luck hunting one down.

    • Hi Krystyn! If I get that necklace, I will swap it. My swap name is I_like_big_swaps! If you want to follow my listings until we know if I got it, I have a zebra bangle listed (not that many listed, so you can find me). I would prefer to swap for some kind of jewelry item (like for like), but I am somewhat flexible. Cheers!

  22. Both of mine are 6.2 lbs, hopefully there’s some variation between the 2! I would hate to get 2 of the same box, esp if it’s one of the variations I don’t like. Lol.

    • Mine are both 6.2 as well…heres to hoping!!

      • Check your shipping notices again… mine started out at 6.2 from NY and now they are 2.1 lbs…

      • Mine was 6.2
        Wasn’t impressed unfortunately
        The bingo game is what made the box weigh so much

    • Both of mine started out at 6.2 lbs, but when they made it to another location the weight changed to 4.8 lbs.

      • Same here! Mine was 6.2 lbs a few days ago, now FEDEX says 4.9lbs.

        • Mine are still 6.2 but different size boxes and both from NY.

      • I have checked FedEx so many times that I think if I check again I’m going to see a message saying “lady, it’s not going to change so stop looking”.

  23. I received box number 8 which shipped at 2.1 pounds. I’m perfectly happy with this box!

    • Where did it ship from?

      • My 2 #8’s shipped from Wappingers NY.

  24. Sigh. Now I’ll *never* be able to swap my bingo game…

  25. My box shipped from NY weighing 2.1 and it was variation #8. I haven’t subscribed for a few months so I didn’t get any dupes. I am happy with my box. My favorite would have been variation #9. I wanted to try the wipes, bubble bath since I use it regularly, and like the earrings.

  26. Out of all these I’d hope for 6 & 8 the most. Both mine are coming from California so I’m looking forward to someone receiving theirs!

  27. My box is 6.3lbs so i think I will be getting the box with bingo and bubble bath. Like everyone else I’m not excited about the bingo but for $25 the rest looks really good. The bubble bath I got from the last mystery box is almost done, I do like like hair mask, an extra phone charger (these are great for flights/power outages), extra bottle opener, and I actually think the post it’s are cute.

  28. Oh I resisted and did not order and now I feel so sad. Why oh why didn’t I do this?

    • I have a feeling that there will be a ton of these items up for swap. You can make your own “mystery” box! 🙂

  29. Really hoping for 3, 6 or 7. I have two 6.2 pound boxes coming from NY that should arrive Saturday.

    • Mine were 6.2 from NY and were the box with bingo and bubble bath.

  30. My two are 6.2 and 6.3. So I’m guessing the book is in one lol I’ll admit I liked the first round of mystery boxes better, but these will still be useful. I like to do little gift baskets so all my excess still serves a purpose!

  31. Awesome, I will have 4 scarves now. I can just see the swap site… 218 scarves – like the hat. I wanted one of these so bad, I bid on eBay and ended up winning two. I’ve never worn them. I just swapped for the hat so maybe I’ll wear it around my neck instead of my head?
    I’m actaully surprised by the number of variations. Based on comments from those that already received theirs and them being exact duplicates. Very interested to hear which boxes were coming out of California. There’s not one box combo that I’m in love with, so hopefully there are people wanting some of this on the swap site.
    I do hope everyone gets something they want. I’m hoping for the conditioner, charger, post it’s and… maybe a candle.

  32. Bummer was really hoping for a yoga mat or the spark joy book. My weights make me think I’m getting Bingo…. 2 sets of Bingo. One of my weights still has a chance to change from 6.2; but the other is a confirmed 6.2. Oh well.

  33. I would be SO bummed if I got boxes 1-5 which means of course I will get one of those boxes. Boxes 6-10 at least all have something I love: the candle, the bubble bath, or the Kendra Scott earrings. But maybe with so many of those candles coming out there will finally be some more on swap?

  34. Disappointed, not much in the way of variations like last time. Almost all the boxes have scarf. Hope to get the charger and heartbeat necklace. Please please one box 3.

    Will likely never order another one of these after this.

    • Ditto, will not order another mystery box after this. Kicking myself for adding the second box a few days after the first box. Kicking myself for adding the third box a few days after the second.

      • Who am I kidding? I’ll buy a mystery box the first day it goes on sale.

        • HAHA Zo…I’m right there with you.

      • Don’t hurt yourself it will be ok.

  35. Err – these are either big hits for me or big misses. I’m a little nervous. I do hope I get one with the Cargo blush, it was such a pretty color, I almost subscribed in September to get it.

    I’m very worried box 7 is the heaviest with the glass bottle and the conditioner jar. My box is 6.2 lbs – I’d be quite disappointed with this box. I think box 2 is what I’d be most happy with!

    • mine was 6.2 up until the stage before delivery – dropped to 2.1

    • I have the same weight and fear I’m getting that box too. I got the bath bubbles in the last mystery box. I don’t like it and it’s way too heavy to ship for swap so I’m stuck with it.

  36. Would be awesome if this review was updated with box weights and where they shipped from 🙂

    • Sorry – these were shipped to me in one big box, so I don’t have individual shipping weights! 🙁

      • lucky lady – lots to post and enjoy 🙂

        • Make sure to enter the giveaway! We’ll be sending a ton of these goodies to one lucky winner 🙂

    • agree! Which is 2.1 from NY? 😀

      • Mine were 2.2 from NY and #8

    • second this, yes please!
      I’ve got 2 boxes coming, and it looks like chances are high I’ll get at least a few things I won’t be over the moon about. That’s fine. Good for gifting, but definitely less awesome than the first mystery box. Still, it’s hard to complain about the price/value ratio.

    • Box 6 is 6.2 lbs. from NY.

    • Just added measurements of boxes. Hope that helps!

  37. Liz is there anyway we can get the weights? If not I understand!

    • Sorry – these were shipped to me in one big box, so I don’t have individual shipping weights! 🙁

      • how about the dimensions of the boxes? that would help

        • Sure! I’ll measure them and add the info asap! 🙂

        • Just updated each box with measurements! 🙂

  38. Now that I see all of the variations, the chance of dupes would be high no matter which box you get… especially the skinny scarf 🙂

    I also feel so much better about getting dupes of #8, which has contents that suit me better than any of the others…

    • last time was much better for box variations though!

  39. Oh I really really wanted the folio sticky notes and the lipstick power bank!! Happy to see them being included, but worried I may not get them… mine is only 2.1lb from NY, so that probably rules out the ones with bingo set and the book?

    • my boxes were 2.1 from NY and they were #8

      • Really? That’s awesome news! That’s the one I was hoping for the most~~. Fingers crossed I get it. Mine comes in tomorrow. Thanks for the news!

        • I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂

        • Hi Kathy,

          I got two of box #6, so I have extras of the sticky notes and power banks. Let me know if you’d like to swap!

      • THANKS!

  40. some of these items are from must have mini boxes

    • I actually like that because less chance people already have them and the cooler stuff aka heartbeat necklace I’m dying for came from that

  41. Mine is being delivered today, hopefully I gt the one with spark joy and the heartbeat necklace!

  42. I did not get an inflatable swan. I am so sad.

    • I know! I’m super sad about that too. I really want one of those ridiculously cute and useless inflatable swans haha.

  43. Please, please, please don’t let me get box 7 or 10, I don’t want anything out of them! I can deal with any of the others. I was hoping for an awesome Pehr bin or duck bag though 🙁

  44. I have 5 on the way! Somehow, this reveal is not as exciting as the last time. All of mine are coming from Watsonville, all weigh 3.5 lbs.
    I like the hair mask, I’d love the Marie Kondo book, blush etc.
    Thank God there’s no pecan mustard! ?

    • When are yours due to deliver? I’m also getting mine from Watsonville at 3.5 lbs.

      • Mine from Watsonville at 3.5 lbs is arriving on Friday

      • Mine is arrives on Saturday. I hope someone will report back what they received in the 3.5lb box from Watsonville! So anxious for a good box…

  45. I’m glad I didn’t buy! No scarves or anything by Clean for me.

  46. I hope I get boxes 8, 9 or 10! They arrive today – excited!

  47. Happy I ordered one, sad I didn’t order two. Great value.

  48. I have 3 on the way from NY, all weighing 6.2. Chances are I will have three of those scarves! Hopefully the boxes are not all the same though.

    • Me too! I just hope they aren’t three of the same! Last time I ordered that shipped from CA and were different weights. I was so pleased I splurged on 3 this time. Fingers crossed they are good!

  49. Glad to see so many variations! And a bit less worried now about the same weight boxes. Really hope I get one of the scarf, I love scarves.

  50. so what you’re saying is there’s a pretty good chance I’ll end up with another one of those skinny scarves?!?…

    well I have 4 on the way – all coming from ny – so hopefully I can get a few good ones 🙂

    • I’d say there’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up not just with another, but with FOUR other skinny scarves! 😉

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