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Play! By Sephora October 2016 Possible Spoilers Discussion

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The theme for the OctoberΒ 2016Β Play! By Sephora subscription box is The Cool Cut:

This month, PLAY! by SEPHORA is bringing you innovative formulas and indie finds with a selection of the coolest must-have products.

And the forum is discussing the possible full spoilers (NOT Confirmed) here. (I will update with a full-post when I can confirm those spoilers.)

Again, there will be box variation this month. Possible variation box numbers are: #1850106 Β #1850072, #1850122 & #1850114. (You may be able to see which box you are getting in your account.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I saw someone on IG posting some October spoilers! Not sure how accurate it is, but it looks great!

    • What were the items in the IG spoiler? Don’t tease us like that, baby, can’t you see what a desperate bunch we are?! ?

      • She has posted:
        *drybar detox dry shampoo
        *benefit goof proof brow pencil
        *josie maran whipped mud mask
        *looks like a milk highlighter
        *becca concealer

        Her IG is beautybyalesha

        • Those all sound fabulous to me πŸ™‚

  2. Im getting #106 and have anti-aging checked so not sure about all of that…

    • Then I’m completely stumped lol. Obviously not the anti-aging. Maybe the brow color? Lol. I don’t ever remember there be a section for that though. Soon we will know and we’ll all be like “duh! Why didn’t we realize that sooner!” Ha!

    • I’m #106 and have anti-aging. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m getting box 72. I’ve dry skin.

  4. I’m getting #106. Got oily/olive/blackheads/pores/uneven skin tone under skin, black/coarse/curly/dry/damaged/frizz/heat protection/shine/straightening/thinning under hair, brown eyes.

    • Getting 106 too. Might be hair color for differences in boxes. I’m dark hair . Pretty much same profile as you except I’m fair skin

      • I am blonde and am getting 106

      • #106 – Brown, straight hair (chemically treated), blue eyes, fair & dry skin. 50+ years. We need a spreadsheet for this – LOL and a free weekend!

        • I’m getting 106 I’m blonde, blue-eyed, normal to dry curly , anti-aging. It might be age I’m 65.

          • We’re box AND description twins! (except my eyes are green)

    • Well if there is a concealer and brow pencil in there let’s hope we don’t all get the same shades because seems we’re ranging from fair/blonde to dark/black hair and one shade isn’t gonna work on all of us! LOL I’m getting 106 and am redhead with light/med neutral skin tone.

    • How do you know what box# you have?

      • You have to go to your order detail at sephora. The last 3 of the item #. (I’m getting 114). This will be my second box. πŸ™‚

  5. Please speak up if I am wrong. I read thru all the comments.

    114 has one linked theme across all profiles who are getting it- ANTI-AGING.

    • Nope, I am getting 114 but I didn’t check “anti-aging” nor “aging” for skin concerns. I have combo skin and I’m seeing most people have the same skin type for 114. This is my first box by the way, so excited! (:

      • Thanks for letting us know! I’m not going to totally rule it out yet, but that’s only because it’s your first box. If Sephora is like the other companies….your first box may not involve your profile. Anyone else getting 114 who does NOT have anti-aging checked?

        • I’m getting box 114, and I don’t have anti-aging selected.
          However…this is also my first box.

          • Maybe the numbers have to do with when the payment went through? Mine was on the 3rd.

          • You had a good point here. My order date was on the 3rd too!

        • I am getting 114 and I do not have it checked. Blonde hair blue eyes fair skin

          • Mine is 114 and was ordered on the 3rd too. First box.

    • I have anti-aging checked, and i’m getting 106

      • I’m getting 106 I’m blonde, blue-eyed, normal to dry curly , anti-aging. It might be age I’m 65. What are ages of the #106’s?

    • I have anti-aging checked but I’m getting 072

      • Same here

      • Me too….

    • I personally think 114 is for cool tones. That’s just my guess.

  6. The comments make it look like we are some kind of dating website ?

    • *snicker*

  7. I’m 1850122. Faux redhead, combo skin, hazel eyes, age 33. Still have no clue how they decide who gets what variation. πŸ™‚

    • same box, same hair, same eyes, age 30 πŸ™‚

    • Same box number but I’ve got long straight black hair, dark brown eyes combo skin age 37

    • Same box. 40, hazel eyes, purple hair, oily skin, thin fine hair.

    • Same box as y’all! I have brunette hair, hazel eyes, and fair combo skin. I’m 29

    • Same number, dark hair, brown eyes, 32

    • Same box, medium skin tone, brunette, brown eyes, combo skin, 26

  8. I will be getting 072 and I have med skin tone, blonde hair, blue eyes and dry skin.

    I have really loved this sub so far, so I’m excited for whatever they send!

    • I’m getting 072, light brown hair, medium skintone, blue eyes, dry skin.

      • Im getting 072, light brown hair, medium skintone, green eyes, dry skin

        • I am getting 072 as well. I have dark brown hair, very fair complexion, blue eyes, and dry skin.

          • I have same exact as you, same box, very fair, dark brown hair, just dark eyes and dry-normal skin

    • I’m light skin, light brown hair, blue eyes, and dry skin. I’m getting 072 also.

    • Ok, I finally found mine! It’s also 72 like the others with 72 I am “dry skin” as well. (Light/Med tone, dry skin, green eyes, unnatural hair color, blah blah) I’m excited tho!

      • I am getting 072 but I have fair/pale skin, blue eyes, dyed black hair, and combination/oily skin. Age 38 (for a few more days anyway).

  9. I’m getting 72. I have light brown hair, blue eyes, light skin, dry skin.

  10. I am getting 106 no idea what that means as far as product choices.

  11. I have been looking all day to see if I get a number under purchases and nothing comes up :/ I see the box purchased for October but there is not a number identifying which box I am getting. Is there another way to find out?

    • I noticed today that the website is showing my box number but I know that the mobile website shows it before the regular website or app.

    • It’s actually not under Purchases, it’s under Orders.

      • Thanks for the info on where to find this! I finally found mine! (After 2 days of looking!!)

  12. I am wondering if it has something to do with when you signed up. This is my second month and I am getting #122. I saw where a couple other newbies are getting #122 also. Just a guess.

    • Nope, I’m on my second month and getting 114. I thought age, until I saw a woman and her 16 yo daughter both getting 114.

      • Welp, I give up then LOL. I still have a feeling it is something totally unrelated to your beauty profile, like alphabetical by last name or something hehe.

    • This my 5th box and I’m the same number. Who knows!

    • this is my first month and I’m getting 1850072. Brown hair, hazel grn eye, 35yrs, combo skin, oily hair.

  13. Hi everyone,

    How can you tell which box number you will get from your account? I haven’t been able to figure that out.

    • Click on “My Account” and look under “Recent Purchases” on

      • Got it! I’m getting box 106. Thank you!

  14. I’m getting box #114
    Fair/combo skin
    My skin concerns are blackheads, dark circles, pores and redness
    I’m brunette with dry, wavy hair
    My hair concerns are dandruff, frizz, heat protection and volumizing
    Brown eyes

    • Box #114 for me.
      Fair/Combo skin
      Skin concerns: blackheads, redness, uneven skintone, redness, sensitive
      Blonde, color treated, straight/way combo, want to control frizz, need heat protection & add extra shine.
      Grey eyes with light to medium skintone

    • I’m getting 114 and we are basically the same. Except I’m a brunette with dyed read hair.

    • I’m 114 too and we’re practically twins πŸ˜›

  15. I think Sephora is playing mind games with us with these order numbers. Watch us all get the same box.

    • LOL, YES! Or maybe it’s not beauty profile related (like by region or assigned at random).

  16. I’m getting 106. Fair skin, blonde hair with brown eyes. Combo skin and wavy, frizzy hair.

    • My profile is the same, and I am getting 114!

    • 106 as well, dark brown hair, medium skin, green eyes

    • I’m getting 106 and i’m darkest brown, blue eyes, normal skin and wavy frizzy hair – we only have the same hair, so that concerns me. I keep getting things that don’t fit my color tone or my skin. πŸ™

  17. I’m getting 114, can’t wait to see what will be inside. This will be my first Sephora Play!:


    Aging, Dark Circles, Pores



    Chemically Treated, Normal, Wavy

    Damaged, Dandruff, Volumizing, Straightening/Smoothing, Oiliness, Anti-Aging, Curl Enhancing, Heat Protection

  18. I think alot of variations are based on whether you have oily or dry skin unless the products can be used for all skin types

    • I have two subscriptions where the profiles are exactly the same, with the exception of skin type (one is oily, and one is dry), but I’m getting the same box for both. I wish it was based on skin type, then that’d ensure I’d get two different boxes!

      I wonder if one of the variants has to do with the skin concerns that are checked. I’d think the Josie Maran mask would be a variant since there are a few varieties.

  19. I’m getting 122 This is my first Sephora Play Do they normally send out different boxes to different profiles? I’m excited but confused ? I’m already a long time subscriber to ipsy and Birchbox I also get Walmart Beauty boxes and I just ordered this month’s Target box. I think I have a sub box addiction ?

    • There is usually only 2 variations. Most of the time it’s based on oily or dry skin but even then there will usually only be one or two different products in the boxes. Also sometimes the product colors will be different in each variation. I need subscriptions anonymous. I am now subbed to 13 different boxes and I still want more.

  20. Seems fake. Seems like she’s Jux trying to get subscribers to her YouTube channel.

    • who?

      • Never mind I think I know who you are talking about.

  21. I’m getting 122. Blonde hair, brown eyes, fair skin, oily/normal.

  22. 4 variations this time? omg

  23. 72, straight dark brown hair (with a slight wave that shows up when it wants to), light skin tone (Color IQ # 2Y04/05, but currently with a Mediterranean tan), brown eyes, normal skin.

  24. This looks like a good box if it’s true, but there are so many concealer color options and even quite a few goof proof brow color options that it seems like they would need more than 4 different combinations?
    I’m getting 72 and have wavy light brown hair, light/medium skin, and brown eyes. I think both my hair and skin concerns are dryness.

    • I have the same everything but hazel eyes I’m getting 72 as well

  25. Hmmmm, I think I may have to start using the swap feature on this site if those spoilers are correct, I have more brow pencils and illuminator/highlighters than I know what to do with, and I just got my HG concealer (Nars) in the Sephora most coveted box.
    FYI, I’m getting the 06 box and I have brown/auburn (can’t remember which is on my profile) dry wavy hair, light complexion and blue eyes. Problems are dry skin, under eye circles.

    • 114, natural redhead, amber eyes, fair, dry skin, anti-aging and undereye circles, think any hair stuff would be straight and wanting more volume lift. If that helps idea your box difference might be skin tone or hair color based, i.e. brunettes if that’s what you checked are getting your variation if there is an eyebrow based color item? Another redhead had 114 below.

      • I’m getting 114 also but I have dark brown hair & dark brown eyes, combo skin and dry wavy thick hair. I do have fair skin, anti-aging, uneven skin tone and undereye circles listed though.

        • And I’m 114, with light brown fine thin straight hair, blue eyes, but also anti-aging. Can’t recall but think fair skin.

      • I seem to be the one with silver white hair getting the 14 box. Most everyone else seems to have red, auburn or brown hair. We all seem to have same skin concerns.

      • I’m getting 114 as well, I think it must have to do with anti-aging…?

        SKIN TYPE:

        Aging, Dark Circles, Pores

        SKIN TONE:

        HAIR COLOR:

        YOUR HAIR:
        Chemically Treated, Normal, Wavy

        Damaged, Dandruff, Volumizing, Straightening/Smoothing, Oiliness, Anti-Aging, Curl Enhancing, Heat Protection

        • I have most of the same items checked off, fair skin tone, blonde hair,etc. and I am getting the 122 version! Hmmm. Except skin type! I have “normal” marked.

  26. If the spoilers are true then I hope very much that I get the Becca concealer. Everything else would be swapped/added to stockpile.

  27. I’m getting box 114. I have red colored treated hair, hazel eyes, and only dry hair checked. For skin just under eye darkness.

    • I am also getting 114. I am a natural redhead and fair with amber eyes. I have dry skin and have under eye darkness and anti-aging checked as concerns. I see overlap on all the things you mentioned at least!

    • These seems probably in line with any colored eyebrow item being auburn or medium brown likely…if there is concealer, I assume you are fair? Someone above with auburn hair is getting a different number but may not be same skin tone?

      • I’m also getting 114, but I have black hair and medium, combo skin. I saw below someone else with black hair and light combo skin has the same 114. Hopefully there is nothing to do with skin tone in this box or else I will be unable to use.

        • I’m getting 114. Fair-skin, medium brown curly dry fine textured hair, blue eyes, skin is combo, concerns are aging and sun exposure.

      • I’m getting 114 and have fair skin and straight, light brown hair and blue eyes. I’m thinking 114 might have to do with having fair skin now.

    • I think 114 may be a box for older skin problems. I have dark hair and eyes. Most similar points are undereye circles, anti aging, and uneven skin tone as well as dry hair

  28. I’m getting box #1850106. Can’t wait to see what I’m getting.

    • That’s what I’m getting as well…I have dark brown/auburn hair, fair to medium skin tone.

    • I’m getting the 06 box too. I have light brown hair (dyed) and I’m caramel/tan complexion (I use MUFE foundation in 173 Amber). Have dark eyes and my brows are black af (i hate coloring my brows lol)

  29. I am getting the box ending in 72. I have medium skin tone, red hair, green eyes, dry skin and most skin concerns checked.

    • Looking at commonalities if there is a skin and brow colored items, your number may be those of medium skin tone? Trying to come up with a variation trait difference to see if it sort of matches up.

    • I’m also slotted to receive 072, I have black hair, green eyes, and medium complexion.

      • Im getting 72 and I’m fair, redheaded and blue eyed so Im thinking these numbers must not be based on hair or skin color.

  30. I am getting 1850122 – light skin brown hair , and dry for skin type

    • I have the same box #1850122 and I have oily skin, long wavy and frizzy dark brown hair.

      • Well this is just a complete mystery. I’m getting box 122 and I have long, straight oily hair and oily skin and I’m fair skinned.

  31. Is anybody getting #122?
    I have medium skin tone, oily skin, dark brown eyes and hair.

    Hopefully these spoilers are true!!

    • I also have 122 also but with dry skin, hazel eyes, brunette. It seems like the brown hair is what we have in common ?

      • Eye brow color item perhaps?

      • I’m getting 72 and I have dry skin brunette with hazel eyes. What is your skin color ? I’m fair

        • I have light for skin tone

    • I’m just like you, but I’m getting box #106. I have virtually all of the skin & hair concerns checked.

    • I’M GETTING 122- blue eyes, dark brown hair, dry/normal skin, fair

    • I am also getting 122– I have brown hair, light/ medium skin color, oily skin, and green eyes.
      Seems to me like it’s only based on hair color, considering all the other profile descriptors are differing among several of us.

      • Nope, its not hair color. I’m getting 122 and am blonde.

  32. I got the brow pencil in birchbox a few months ago. While the sample is *super* tiny, it did last quite a while. and I was just running out, so I’ll be happy to get another one. Hopefully the variation will match my brows, as the one I picked from BB was a tad dark. And I’m always up for testing out concealer for dark circles. Sounds like a decent bag!

    • How long is “quite a while?” I got the same sample, and it only lasted me two uses. I could barely see the product when I received it though, so maybe it was jammed in the dispenser or something? I don’t even use it for my whole brow.. just to fill in one bare spot on one of my brows.

  33. My daughter and I are both getting #1850114.
    Me: Blonde, gray eyes, combination skin age 39
    Her: Blonde, blue eyes, oily skin age 16

    If that helps.

    • I am medium skin tone she is fair.

    • I have red hair and hazel eyes and I’m getting the same box. Combination skin is what we have in common

      • Could be we are all getting a lighter brow color? Hope not as auburn or chocolate is what I use from Anastasia. Natural bright red hair but crazy thick brows from my Spanish grandmother.

        • I hope not, because I’m getting 114 and have a medium complexion and dark hair and eyebrows! It seems like people with very different profiles are getting this box, adding to the mystery. I have combination/oily skin (though listed oily in my profile) and my concerns are dark circles, acne, and blackheads.

    • 114, natural redhead, amber eyes, fair, dry skin, anti-aging and undereye circles, think any hair stuff would be straight and wanting more volume lift. If that helps idea wise on items.

  34. Those aren’t indie brands, except Milk. Few weeks ago Sephora sent email with their new indie brands and products. Many companies I have never heard of.. I right away though play box will have stuff from this email. So I don’t know. ..

    • If the Milk item is right I wanted to try before buying that one, very excited for just that!

  35. Mine says ending in 122. I have blonde hair with brown eyes. Combination skin if that means anything??

    • I’m getting 122 too but I have brown hair, hazel eyes, and combination skin. Maybe it’s more skin & eyes than hair?

  36. I’m getting 06. I have light combination skin, brown eyes, and auburn hair. My hair is fine, curly/wavy, and color treated. I have quite a few hair and skin concerns checked off. It would take forever to list them.

    I love the products in the video, but I am very skeptical that it’s accurate. I’m also very curious about the variations. I can’t make a pattern out based on the information people have already shared.

    • I’m getting the O6. Light complexion but brown hair/blue eyes. VERY dry skin. Same hair type though.

    • We have about the same features (I don’t know if that’s the right word), but my hair isn’t colored, and I’m getting box 144. Combo skin, textured skin, sometimes dry hair at ends and oily at roots. I can’t make a pattern on the information either.

      • I mean box *114

    • 114, natural redhead, amber eyes, fair, dry skin, anti-aging and undereye circles, think any hair stuff would be straight and wanting more volume lift. If that helps idea wise on items.

    • Getting the same box but Im brown lol brown eyes and natural black hair, now its blondish brown…My skin concerns were under eye area and i think thats it. I also have curly hair and its color treated. I am a little skeptical too.

  37. I have 14. I have fair skin, silver hair, blue eyes, and combo skin.

    • I have 14 too…fair skin, dark hair and eyes, combo skin.

    • im getting 14 and i have medium skintone, red hair ,brown eyes, and combo skin

    • 14 here as well. Medium, combo skin, dark wavy hair, green eyes.

    • Me too! This is my first box. I have combo fair skin, auburn hair with various issues and hazel eyes

      • Maybe the only difference will be the perfume scent lol!

    • 14 also with fair skin (sensitive), brown hair and blue eyes.

    • I’m fairly similar to a lot of the others who have replied to your post – fair combo skin, brown wavy/fine hair, brown (sometimes hazel) eyes.

    • 114, natural redhead, amber eyes, fair, very dry skin, anti-aging and undereye circles, think any hair stuff would be oily roots, straight and wanting more volume lift.

  38. I don’t have anything showing under purchases. Bleah!

    • me either!

    • Look under orders instead of purchases. That’s where I find mine.

  39. I’m getting 72.
    Medium tone, dry skin.
    Brown dry/color treated hair.
    Can’t wait!!

    • Same skin and hair here, also getting 72. Yay! I love Sephora! ???

    • Finally got charged for my box today. I’m getting the same one. πŸ™‚

    • I’m getting 72
      Fair skin, normalskin
      brown, color treated, wavy hair

      and I’m not slightly fair, I’m usually the lightest foundation color, and the 2nd lightest in the summer

  40. I got the number 1850080 which isn’t up there. πŸ™

    • That’s for the September box! This thread is regarding the October box

      • Thanks! I knew it was for the October box, I can read. I just miss clicked on the sephora page…oops

  41. Looks great! I just got a sample of that Gucci Guilty and I’m not a huge fan but it’s not bad either. Would use it if I got it but would like to try something else if there are variations.

  42. I got 72. Maybe if we comment what we put in the profile we can get an idea of what we are getting the variation for. I have light skin, straight hair, combo skin.

    • I’m also getting 72. My profile is light skin, wavy blonde hair, dry skin.

    • I got 72 as well, fair skin, redhead, dry skin. The variation must be skintone for the concealer and brow pencil

      • I am getting 72 as well, I am not fair I’m medium with black hair green eyes and combo skin…so Now I’m hoping I don’t get light colored items :/

    • I’m getting 14. My profile is light combo skin and wavy black hair

    • I’m getting 06 – porcelain skin, wavy brunette hair, dry skin.

      • I’m also getting 06 and have a similar profile – except I think I indicated that I have combination skin.

      • Im getting 06. Im Blonde/Blue w/combo skin dry & frizzy hair, light skin tone and concerns of pores, dark circles, cellulite…

        • I am also getting 06, and my profile is very similar to yours

      • I’m also getting 06;
        I put oily skin
        Medium skin stone
        Aging, dark circles, pores and puffines for skin concerns
        Brunette hair: wavy, straight, frizzy and coarse
        Brown eyes
        Looks like there are a couple of similarities in hair and skin concerns for the ladies that are getting the 06 box. I’m also in the 25-30 age range, not sure if that also has something to do with the variation.
        I really hope that those are the actual products we ate getting from the YouTube video.
        Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

        • are*
          …its late lol

        • I’m also getting the 06. Dark hair, dark eyes, dry skin. I think this box is grouped by coloring not skin concerns or age (I’m almost 50).

      • I’m getting the 72 and I have the exact same profile in those regards. Must have something to do with skin care concerns then?

      • I’m getting 06 also. I’m NC45 with combination skin. I’m 35.

      • Im getting 06, but I have Tan Skin/Bronze , brown eyes, black hair. Oily skin.

    • I think it might also be a good idea to also mention hair & skin concerns. The Josie Maran masks will most likely be different based off of skin concern.

      I’m getting the 06 box for both of my boxes. My profile is exactly the same (medium skin tone, wavy hair, checked most skincare & hair concerns) but I have oily skin checked for one, and dry checked for the other.

  43. I’m skeptical of the video source. It’s amateurish in quality, products are misspelled, and that YouTube account has fewer than 10 videos total, most of which have fewer than 100 views. Releasing a “spoilers” video is a great way for a marginal YouTube presence to get traffic and subscribers. But, maybe I’m just being a grumpy f**k.

    • I would agree with you. The only reason I might be tempted to believe it is because Birchbox had a Milk Makeup highlighter mini in their box last month. Either way, excited for the box but not betting for those to be true spoilers.

  44. How do people know their variation number?

    • apparently if you go to past purchases, it will be there. mine isn’t yet. But I don’t know what to do with these numbers that are being posted (even to see the variations)

    • Log into Sephora then go to my beauty bag then purchase history and ur bag with the number should be on top.

    • Go to order status and click on the order from Oct 1 – it’s your Play bag and will give you the item #.

    • I got it! mine is 1850106! Thank you all.

  45. I have the 72!

  46. Gotta hope there are major variations. Not a fan of most of this. Please no highlighter or concealer!

    • Ditto! Based on the possible spoilers posted, there’s only two items I’d use. Well, at least somebody else I know will be very happy!

  47. Please be true!!! This would be so awesome!!!

  48. Really hoping the spoilers are true with just color variations, I would love to try everything. I have really enjoyed the last few boxes. ?

  49. PLEASE be true! This box sounds amazing!

    I’m thinking the different box numbers could be different shade combinations of the brow pencil and concealer.

  50. what does one do with these numbers? Is there a URL we add them to? I looked in my past boxes and latest I see is Sept.

    • Go to order status and click on the order from Oct 1 – it’s your Play bag and will give you the item #.

      • I don’t see anything that says order status, just purchase history. Last thing under there is September.

        • Likely u haven’t been charged yet so it isn’t showing (since they bill the 1st-4th)

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