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Play! By Sephora October 2016 – CONFIRMED SPOILERS

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Sephora Play Spoilers

We have CONFIRMED SPOILERS for the Play by Sephora October 2016 Box!!!


Box ending in 072:


Source: katherineann83


Box ending in 114:


Souce: klb3745

Box ending in 106:


Source: achoyg

  • Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture Coconut Oil
  • Esteem Edit Flash Photo Lip Gloss
  • Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum
  • Farmacy Skin Dew
  • Smashbox Always On Liquid Lip
  • Derek Lam IO Crosby Perfume

Box ending in 122:


Source: pamy_skincarelover


What do you think of the spoilers? There may be more variations coming. Let us know what you get!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My order number says I’m getting box 114 but my contents are the 072 box. I don’t know how accurate the item numbers are.

    • same for me

      • Funny everyone assumes the item number is wrong. It’s the other way around… when you click the link, the reveal is wrong. EVERYONE is showing the contents of 072!!!!!

        • I assumed that everyone’s reveal was showing 072 because that’s the box featured in the video.

  2. Ooh! I actually like mine the best out of the boxes this month. I’m getting 122 and the only item I think I won’t like is the perfume. I’m not a fan of patchouli so that might be a pass for me. No biggie since I look at that as a bonus item anyway. My sad hair could really use some help so I’m super excited about the Christophe Robin mask.

    • I just got my box 122 and ironically I received the cardboard for the perfume sample, but not the actual vile. Oh well, most of the perfume samples I receive I don’t like anyways, so no biggie, but if I was missing the mask I would have definitely been upset since it is the item I was most excited to try.

  3. I’m confused why my item shipped is 114 but my spoiler in on Sephora Play shows the 073 items! I guess it’s going to be a surprise. I want the 114’s nudestix but I like the skin and hair products better in the 073 but I don’t want the lip gloss ?

    • The reveal for everyone ONLY shows box variation #072. I’m guessing 072 is by far the closest match to this month’s theme so that’s what they picked. I’m getting box #114 as well, and the leave in mist is good for taming frizz and detangling which is perfect for my hair problems. Sephora has done a good job matching my profile.

  4. I got 114. Probably my least favorite as two lip products and I don’t like getting any. And then I wished I was getting the fancy night serums etc but got hair product and a moisturizer that might even be for the body. I feel like they don’t look at anything and just randomly choose. This is now going on 3 times I have not been pleased and I also subscribe to Etsy and they seem to do a better job. I will hang in there 2 more months and then probably unsubscribe.

  5. I’m so confused! My ship order says I’m getting box 106 (which is the one I want) but the products listing (option to buy full size in my October Play Box) shows all the items from 072. Does everyone’s do that? I suppose I need to be patient for it to arrive today. Gahhhh… Sephora has me all on pins and needles this month with the back and forth…

    • I’m actually seeing the products for every box, with 072 items in the graphics and as the first products listed.

      I haven’t received a shipping notice by my box is set to arrive on 10/20, so I think there’s a system glitch on that and the products being shown. Usually once I get the shipping email, I’m able to view my specific items in my account. I’m set to get 106.

    • I’m the same as you. My box says 106, but the contents are for the 072 listed here! I’m kinda bummed because I liked the other one better, but I’m not unhappy with my box!

      • I’m bummed because nothing is showing for me in my play list and my tracking still says “Ready to go” with no expected delivery date. Ugh!

        • Judging by all of the comments EVERYONE is seeing 072 displayed as the contents. I’m thinking it’s probably a glitch & these spoilers are accurate. I’m supposed to be getting 106 & also see 072 displayed
          I get my box today though so I’ll find out! ?

  6. I’m getting 072 (I mean that is the actual number in my account, not going by any item photos) and I’m OK with the contents but not super excited (well, it’s better than getting bronzer or self-tanner…). Worried the fragrance might be too fruity/floral for me, but some of the base notes may salvage it and it’s just a small vial, anyway. (I am getting really good at picking whether I will like perfumes based on reading the description…)

    Always happy to get lip products, even though I have several hundred at this point. Skincare is good, too. Not such a big fan of facial mists but I can use it as a toner so it won’t go to waste.

  7. I’m getting the 122 box. I would rather get the 072 or 106 box mostly because I was interested in trying out that lip glass and I have more than enough mascara’s. That being said, I don’t hate the 122 box and I’m sure I’ll warm up to it when it comes in today.

    • So it said I was getting 114, but the items in my box is showing 072?

      • The contents of 072 are what shows for all orders. Not sure why. I’d follow the item number, that should be accurate.

        • I meant, on the Sephora site, if you click on the item number, it will show the contents of box 072 regardless of what box you’re getting. The actual item number is reflective of your contents.

  8. I am very happy with my bag. I’m getting 72 and it is all stuff I haven’t gotten from other subs. I would have liked to try the Drunk Elephant but I am getting Farmacy. I am always suprised by how many people don’t like the Play bag. I have yet to get a bag I didn’t like. It is one of my favorite subs and it always has unique products I never get elsewhere. I don’t think they should do so many variations though. That’s were sub boxes run into problems. People always want the one they didn’t get.

  9. if anyone has box 72 and would like to swap for 122, let me know!

  10. Reveals are up in your sephora accounts this morning! Also, just to warn everyone thar the box numbers DO NOT mean that’s what you are getting. My box was the 106 but I am receiving the items from box 072. I’m still happy with that one too but got my hopes up with the 106 box!

    • REALLY??? That gives me hope that I won’t get 122.. I loathe that box.

    • My reveals match the spoilers yesterday – I’m receiving 072. My box will arrive today or tomorrow and hope the contents match as well! ?

    • I hate to frustrate people further, but the Sephora reveals (when you click on your October item) it will show the contents of 072. I am receiving 072, but my moms getting 122 and when I click on her item it brings up the contents of 072.

      Pretty confident we should expect the contents for the item number listed in our orders.

    • How do you see the reveal? I logged in (desktop version, not app) and saw my box shipped and it still says 114. Am I supposed to see products listed too? This is my first Play box. Thanks for the help!

      • If you click on your order it will take you to the play page where it shows products for this month and next month’s spoiler video

  11. blech. I got 122 – seriously, how many mascaras and frigging aqua bombs by belif do I need? I really wanted 072 – that looked fantastic. I would have loved to try Erborian and Farmacy products. 122 is one the worst out of the four.

  12. I’ve received three boxes so far, I think. I started getting this box when the variations started. I am getting 072. The first box or two were ok but I’ve found this sub to be underwhelming… maybe because of all the hype about this box? I’m probably going to cancel after this one and put my money towards beautyfix or try out lookfantastic. I really wanted to like this sub too.

  13. I’m supposed to get 114 (which I want) but under Play! by Sephora Check Out This Months Box it shows me the items in my box are the 072 (which I don’t want) but under the Play! Products it’s still showing September. This is so ridiculous. They shouldn’t do these variations anymore. There is really no reason for it!

  14. I really thought a mini benifit brow pencil was going to be in box!!
    Heart broken when I didn’t see it.
    I’m getting first box 72 and I’m really happy with it! No more aqua bomb!!! Thank heavens and the elephant serums I tried and the Madame CJ walker oil thank God I’m not getting any of those.
    I have black people hair but it’s thin and fine so the oil would have been too much.
    Also I don’t think this box is low $$& value
    Everything is really pricey especially the hair product it’s like $72!!
    If I love it I will differently cry myself to bed because I’m not paying that for a hair product. I will have to squeeze the oils from my own pears.
    Lipsticks are always to be scared of like this one looks too light for my dark skin but I will turn it into a positive and use it to contour my lips.
    I don’t wear women fragrances none! So I will pass the parfume sample on to my friend. I’m weird and love wearing men cologne.
    I’m happy with Sephora boxes no real complaints.
    Ipsy on the other end have things I never heard of l!! Mix with a couple name brands. No thanks I’ll stick with Sephora land of my birthplace

  15. Hey

    I am getting box #122 looking to trade in for box #072 … if anyone is interested hit me up on rakshandakhanathotmail

  16. Got 114, the only one I didn’t want. I have the majority of the products already so there’s no real,discovery aspect to it for me. The main reason I stayed subbed after months of “not so new” products and brands was because they didn’t send hair products. I hate getting them because they’re rarely if ever something I’ll use (and if they send shampoo/conditioner it’s a total waste since I’d need like 5 of each for one). I really dislike product variations, particularly where they’re completely different boxes. There’s nothing whatsoever customized to my profile about what I got so I’ll be freeing up a spot on the alleged wait list after this month. Overall I’ve been very disappointed in this sub, from snail speed shipping to the small sample sizes of not recently released products. Variations this major is one step too far for this VIB Rouge girl.

  17. If anyone wants 114 and is getting 072 or 106 and would like to swap them email me at carleightaylor AT gmail.

  18. I am getting 072 but would rather get 122. I have in my profile that I have very dry skin so the Aqua Bomb would of been perfect for me. Mascaras are also one of my favorite items to sample so I would of liked that too. I have really short hair so I’m never a fan of getting hair products but there’s nothing I can do to really change that. I already own one of the Smashbox liquid lipsticks and love it so I’m really happy to get it in another color. One of the reasons I canceled my BirchBox and Ipsy subscriptions and signed up for Play was that I liked the idea that everyone would get the same items so I wouldn’t have to lust after a sample that I would of rather received and now Play is doing variations and putting me in the same predicament. I kinda wish they would let you choose one item that you will for sure get like BirchBox does but I doubt that will ever happen.

    • I would be happy to swap my box (I am 122) for 072. Let me know if you are interested..

  19. What color is the Smashbox in 122? I got one in the Give me some lip set (stepping out)… please say its a different color!

    • The color is Driver’s Seat, and it’s the same color for all four variations. I think the color is not too different compared with Stepping Out, Driver’s Seat is a bit more pink.

  20. OK I have 160 end number, does any one know what it is? I saw 106 but mine is 160 I don’t know what I will have

  21. This is my first Play box, so needless to say, I have been pretty excited to receive my box. I, like so many other commenters are getting 114 and have mixed feelings.

    Tom Ford perfume: would have preferred YSL as I feel it is more in line with perfumes scents that I gravitate towards
    Skin Inc. Peel: tried it before and loved it, not unhappy to receive it
    Nudestix: I have never tried this brand, so I am exciting and do like lip shades like this
    Smashbox: matte lipsticks are not usually my thing (weird annoyance with dry lips) but a, okay with trying it
    Egg Mellow Cream: have a foil packet in my bathroom I should try tonight to see if I like it. I tried the body butter version of the product and it was amazing. Fingers crossed.
    Verb: I have fine, straight hair so I am sure I can benefit from this. I use the Verb sea salt spray and it’s great, I have high hopes for this

    I, like everyone else, would have loved to try the Drunk Elephant and the Farmacy spray. I also am interested in the Cristophe Robin mask.

    Overall, I am not unsatisfied with my box as I know they are products I will use. However, I signed up for this box to try new products that I wouldn’t have normally purchased or thought to try so I am a little disappointed in that aspect. I agree with another commenter about the grass usually is greener. Maybe it’s best for me to not creep on the spoilers before receiving my box.

    I am a little disappointed to see that most of these products were available as GWPs recently. A little more variety from the free samples would be nice. I had higher hopes for Sephora than this. I feel there is no need for customers to give them $10 a month when they can receive any of these products one to two months earlier just by making a purchase like they normally would.

    *fingers crossed for the Milk highligher (or any other highlighter) in one the next boxes

    • I got the same box. The only one I really really wanted to try was the Christophe Robin mask. I’m a little conflicted about the two lip products in one box. But it doesn’t seem like an absolute terrible box

  22. Is it just me, or does it feel like those of us that are receiving the 114 box variation got the short end of the stick? I am curious to know how they decided on who got which box variation.

    • #114 is the BEST!!! Our samples are huge! And super indie brands. Cant wait!!

    • I think the 072 is the worst variation.

    • I agree a little. I really wanted the Christophe Robin mask

  23. I’m getting 122 and I’ll use the skin care. Not a fan of the mascara and that lip gloss color is so not my shade. Maybe it will be a different shade? Three out of five items (I’m not counting the perfume LOL) isn’t too bad.

  24. I got box 114 today. It’s awesome and I love it?

  25. It seems I’ll be getting #072. Not sure how I feel about it, as I’m not familiar with the products. All the other boxes look more interesting!

    My delivery status is “Ready to Go” as of… three days ago. There haven’t been any updates since. It usually takes over a week to get to me. 🙁

  26. I feel ‘meh’ about this box. I feel Sephora is always pushing new products like the capsule creams, milk peels, Korean beauty trends, and yet our boxes tend to never have these products. The unconfirmed spoilers seemed much better than these. I also really hate that they have different boxes each month. It’s no secret that psychologically most people will feel the ‘grass is greener’ on the other side and so we feel less excited about our items because we see what we wanted in other boxes. lol Sorry, it’s the Psychologist in me. Anyway, it’s not bad, but it’s nothing exciting to run to the mailbox for. I hope Sephora gets some better boxes and considers finding a way to get everyone the same box.

  27. Hmmm. I do love my Play boxes but I guess I’m a little annoyed that they are giving different boxes with no rhyme or reason. It’s not like Ipsy where they tried to cater to your skin type. I’m getting 106. I just liked it better when we all got the same, we didn’t know what we were missing.

  28. I had to cancel this box because I had way too many subscriptions going, but this is a great box if only for the Drunk Elephant and Farmacy products. Luckily I actually own the full-size versions of both of these things, so I’m not mad about missing out. They’re probably my two favorite skincare brands this year.

  29. I got the “114” box. I’m kind of disappointed in this months selection. A leave in conditioning spray, to face products, and two lip products. The lip products are almost the same color. Not much originality and no brands that I was interested in trying. Would much rather have had one of the other selections.

  30. I’m getting 114 and I like it but I like 122 as well mainly because I have been wanting to try belif…oh well. First box is still not bad.

    • So I would change skin inc for belif and the tom ford perfume for the YSL perfume and then my 114 box would have been great…just sayin. Alsmost Sephora, almost.

      • But if anyone wants to swap their 122 box which I think is a little better than my 114 box…let me know on here. 😀

  31. Help I don’t know where the box # is found on my account. Could someone help me out. Thanks

    • Paulette, you have to look under your account, then orders. It’s not your order number, but the item number you’re looking for (last 3 digits). There is a LARGE difference in the steps and what options you have depending on if you’re using a tablet, the app, or your computer. It is also different for each operating system. If you still can’t find it, either reply with what you’re using or read previous comments, you’re not alone.

    • Hi, Paulette
      Just choose “my beauty bag” on menu items, then press “purchase history”,you can find item number of your October bag

  32. I got my box today and was disappointed and am more so after seeing the other variations. The lip pencil and lip stain are almost identical colors, I just don’t get why they would do that. I cancelled a few weeks ago and I am not sorry. If I had gotten another one of the boxes, I might have been. Time to find a box with stuff I will actually use!

    If anyone is looking for more natural and cruelty free products, I LOVE my Good Being box. They do a 4 page questionnaire so the boxes are very customized, plus you get to pick a product each month.

  33. I’m getting box 72 and I’m soooo happy! I feel for the people who aren’t getting the one they want. 🙁 I think boxes like allure beauty box kind of turned people off from so much variation, and for good reason (receiver of the ELF brush here). At least everything in all 4 boxes seems like nice high end products, but I do wonder how they determined who was getting what. This is probably why they didn’t ever reveal spoilers this month- I’m sure they’re worried people aren’t going to be happy about it.

  34. Uuuuuuhhh… My box # ends in 109. What am I getting?

  35. Is it just me or is Sephora getting later and later with shipping these? When I first started to get Play! I was receiving it just before my Boxycharm, right around the middle of the month. Then it came with my Boxy and now its coming way later, almost at the end of the month. My Play! account still doesn’t show my items and I still have yet to receive the shipping notice, which normally comes about a week before my box shows up. It might benefit Sephora to quit having so many variations and just focus on one or two boxes and getting them shipped quickly.

    • I’ve been getting the box since the first one and I almost always get the shipping email on the 15th unless it’s on the weekend. Given that the 15th of this month was Saturday, it’s not really that delayed.

    • I think I remember Sephora Play saying that they charge ur card on the 1st & ship 3rd week of the month.

  36. Seriously? Some folks got Drunk Elephant AND Derek Lam? Well, crap.

  37. Anyone want to swap? My profile shows I will be receiving box 114, and I’m not interested in anything but the Smashbox lipstick. I’m most interested in variation 072, message me if you want to trade entire boxes. 🙂

    • I’ll trade items with you!

      • Karaleah, which box are you getting? Mine hasn’t arrived just yet, so I’ll have to open it and check the contents before sending it out for swap. 🙂

        • Box 106! And same, I still need to receive mine (: but I abhor lipgloss so I’m more then willing to trade for anything else

          • I wound up swapping for box 72, I’m sorry. Based off the comments on this thread, you have the box everyone is lusting after! Someone will be all too happy to take it off your hands 😀

    • I got box 106 and hate lip glosses, I’ll trade you those

  38. Wow, what a spoiler roller coaster. I’m getting 114, and am mostly happy. I’ve wanted to try a NudeStix and the Smashbox liquid lip. I am happy I’m not getting the Estee lipgloss too. But two of the samples were also in the Korean Sephora Favorites kit I recently bought, so that is not too exciting.

    I think most of us wish we’d gotten the Drunk Elephant sample. I’m not too pleased at the level of variation this month’s box has. I don’t mind a few items switched to match skin needs – like when they did liquid bronzer vs. powder – but this is so random. I’m not sure I’d continue subscribing if this keeps up.

    • I totally agree with you. I know it sounds silly, becuase every box has values over the $10 cost, but Sephora shouldn’t induce box envy. It just stirs up frustration.

  39. Haha my bad 106

  40. I’m getting box 114 and I’m pretty excited. I’ve been wanting to try a Nude Stix for a long time but can’t really justify the price so I’m pleased with that. The Egg Cream moisturizer sounds fun and different and I know I’ll use everything else. The only thing I would switch out if I could is the Verb leave-in for the Skin Dew as I love facial mists. But I’m sure there will be plenty up for swap.

  41. I just got my box today, never received shipping notification. I got: smashbox matte lipstick in driver’s seat, flash photo gloss, erborian creme frappe skin gel, farmacy skin dew mist, christope robin regerenating mask, and yves saint laurent mon paris perfume sample. I’m pretty happy with what I got ?

    • Yay us! I’m getting the same and couldn’t be happier. I’ll use the hell out of everything except the matte lippie. Nicely played Sephora!

  42. I have box #114. While I’m not in love with it before seeing it in person, I’m more excited about this box than the first two spoilers (one of which was accurate). People in these comments are saying that the #114 box has the lowest value and I don’t care to do the math, but the value is still definitely way beyond the $10 we paid for it. The only item from other boxes that I kind of envy is the Drunk Elephant Serum, but I look forward to trying every item in my box. I’ve never tried a skin peel but I like exfoliating my face once or twice a week, I think the Egg Mellow Cream will be good as an overnight lotion, and I’m never excited about leave-in conditioners but I probably should use them. And unlike some people, I’m excited to receive new lip colors and actually would have liked a red or bold color!

    • I agree. I’m not in love, but I am excited to try to lip colors and the egg mellow cream.

    • I actually did the math for all the boxes, and box 114 is only lower in value than 106 by a dollar or two and three dollars lower than 072. The difference between these three boxes is pretty insignificant. Box 122 though is worth more than $10 more than the other boxes, assuming the mascara is 1/3 of the full size.

  43. Slightly disappointed I got # 122, I already have a full size skin inc peel from beauty fix , which I like , and I have several belief creams from other boxes . I have huge lips so I don’t wear lipstick. I guess I will be using this box as stocking stuffers or taking stuff to the women’s shelter. Like most people I want to try the Farmacy and drunk elephant.

    • I didn’t get the drunken elephant one but I got #114 and I like it but I really wanted to try the belif and YSL perfume in your box if you wanted to swap?

  44. When do they get shipped out? how do you find out what box you get? I just signed up last month and I am wondering how you find out this stuff.

  45. Got box 114! slightly dissapointed because i really wanted to try the christophe robin hair mask, the farmacy mist, and of course drunk elephant. But i am also very excited because i am not recieving that este edit lip gloss. i do not wear lip glosses and it has a lot of bad reviews (along with good ones tho) and i would never use it so i am excited to try the nudestix instead, im looking forward to it. The smashbox color looks good and thankfully wasnt the red pictured in the spoiler! i love liquid lipsticks so i am very happy. I have been wanting to try the egg mallow cream! and i have also heard good things about the skin inc peel. i have a single use sample of that but havent tried it yet, may have to find out if i like it before my box arrives. im not too excited for recieving a hair mist but i do love the verb brand! and it appears to be a really good size, it will last me a long time for sure. Overall a good box, will use everything as usual 🙂

    • I feel the same. I really wanted to try the Christophe Robin and/or Drunk Elephant, but am pleased with my box as a whole. I didn’t want gloss or mascara or hair oil, so I think it is the best compromise. Excited to get it tomorrow!

  46. My box doesn’t end with any of those listed above–mine has 922. I’m assuming it will be the 122 box, but I’ll just have to find out!

    • try looking at the ITEM #, not the Order #.

  47. I am happy with the version I will be receiving with the exception of the lip color. It looks red and if so, will be tossed in the trash. I cannot pull that off.

  48. I’m getting 114 and Im actually excited to try the peel. Last 2 times, I bought full size products and they were pricey but unremarkable.

    Stuff I won’t use will make great gifts.

    And as a friendly reminder, please don’t throw away your duds. Donate to a women’s shelter. You might have excess but a lot of those women literally only have the clothes off their backs.

    • That is a totally awesome idea! Thank you for that, I have a bunch of stuff that could be donated

    • I’m getting 114 too. Not excited about the peel (have rosacea) but I’m looking forward to new lippies.

      I give the deluxe-sized extras to my mom’s assisted living facility. They use them for bingo prizes and to have on hand for someone that doesn’t have much. They also do monthly manicures and I gave them a huge shoe box filled with some beautiful colors of OPI, China Glaze, Essie and Zoya. They love the new polishes!

      • I haven’t thought of that! We have a lot of assisted living facilities for people of lower income. That would be a great donation!

  49. Really excited about 106 that I’m getting plus the chance to try drunk elephant! Bring on the lip gloss, too. This box is a perfect fit for me and when I scroll through all of my past boxes I’ve discovered I’ve used every single item so sephora is definitely doing something right with my profile.

    • Same here! I have consistently used every single item I’ve received since my subscription began in May, I definitely can’t say that about my 5 other subs 🙂

    • I agree!! I’m getting box 106 (for both of my subs), and I mentioned below (before the box numbers were listed for each spoiler) how I really wished to receive the variation with Drunk Elephant! This will only be my 4th box, and I’m going to test fate and hopefully not jinx myself here, but each variation I’ve received has always been the one I preferred out of all of the variations. 🙂

    • I’m getting 106 also and it’s definitely my favorite out of the variations! I was so excited when that lip gloss spoiler was released – I have used blue-based lip glosses before and LOVE them so I’m most excited about that and anything FARMACY (already an addict). Plus the Smashbox lipstick is a nice wearable tone and my daughter is going to love the coconut oil spray. Plus 2 other items I haven’t tried which look good. Probably my favorite Sephora box so far!!

    • I’m getting 106 also; hopefully I’ll be more excited when I get it and can check it out closer. The only thing I didn’t like is getting 2 lip products in the same box; and I’ve received the same perfume sample from them already. BUT, I love to share products with friends so all of my items will get used. I’m always up for trying new skin care products.

      • Im getting 106, Im not a fan of getting the smash box lip gloss when we are getting the estee edit lip gloss. I am excited for the estee edit, but i wish we had a lip stick and not two lip glosses.

  50. i m getting #114 . Really disappointed that we didn’t get any Drunk Elephant OR Farmacy. i have combination skin mentioned on profile .

    • Same here. Really had wanted to try one of the two.

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