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Last Chance – POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box!

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This is the last day to grab a Β POPSUGAR mystery box!

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery BoxΒ 

The Cost: $24.95

The Products:Β For a limited time, you can treat yourself to $125+ worth of mysterious favorites from past Must Have boxes. Each All-Star Mystery Box contains 7 products.

Are you grabbing a box? (Or more than one?) Check out my POPSUGAR Must Have Box reviews to see the types of items that might be included.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is interesting – I ordered 3 boxes (coming from NY). All were showing 6.2 but then two of them changed to 6.3 with one still at 6.2. However, all 3 are showing different size boxes.
    Box 1 is 6.3 = 14x9x5
    Box 2 is 6.2 = 13x10x5
    Box 3 is 6.3 = 13x9x5

    Hmm, perhaps I am getting 3 different boxes after all. will be here Thursday but I’m hoping before then as they are in a post office maybe 15 miles away.

    • So I have 2 boxes that started at 6.2 pounds each. Now one has changed to 6.3 pounds. Both are 14x10x5. My thought is that I got duplicate boxes and the scale at FedEx was wrong. I’m sad. I don’t want doubles.

    • I refuse to get my hopes up about dimensions being slightly different, lol.
      Good call checking measurements! I just checked and both of mine are 2.1lb boxes, but one is 12x7x4, the other is 11x7x4 πŸ™‚
      I’m thinking it’s just a mistake by fedex, that way I won’t be disappointed if/when they’re the same! I think I’d be fine with 2 candles, 2 post-it pads, 2 chargers…most of the items are giftable if I don’t keep them!

    • I have 2 boxes coming from NY. I’m in Mass, they are in CT. right now. They were supposed to be here Friday.

      How do you check the sizes of the boxes? Mine are still at 6.2

      • It should be right below the weight – here’s a paste of one of mine (not including ref#):

        Service FedEx SmartPost
        Weight 2.1 lbs / 0.95 kgs
        Dimensions 12x7x4 in.
        Total pieces 1

        • Mine is still stalled in Gilroy and it doesn’t have dimensions listed under the weight either, possibly because it hasn’t officially been actually shipped yet?

          • I have 2 boxes coming from Gilroy and they appear to have just a label printed but have not left yet and does not show an estimated delivery date.

        • I don’t have dimensions listed. It left CT. this morning πŸ™‚

    • Mine updated to Wednesday delivery (was Saturday), three boxes are 6.2 and 13x13x13
      One box is 4.8 and 12x12x12, not sure how accurate the measurements are. I am thankful at least one box is different or fingers crossed it is!

    • I ordered 3 boxes at the same time. It looks like all 3 boxes are 2.1 pounds respectively and are coming from NY. The interesting thing is that one box is scheduled for delivery tomorrow and two won’t be here until Friday (even though all 3 were ordered at the same time). Fingers crossed that the boxes are different. Can’t wait to see pictures of what people have already received.

    • How do you find the box measurements?

  2. Mine just updated and both say 4.8 lbs(Were 6.2 coming from NY) and will be here on the 20th instead of the 24!…Gee…I hope that it’s a good sign!!

    • Mine should show up today when I get home from work. Tracking says 2.2pounds…. don’t know if that is a good thing or not…. (no bingo no bingo!)

      • You can tell from the size of the box too-under dimensions. Mine is 12x8x4-no bingo!

        • How are you seeing dimensions? I’m looking at my FedEx tracking and I can’t find anything! πŸ™

          • Scroll down to the details portion of the tracking. It’s under the info of where your package is. It gives you the weight and dimensions of your package

          • Neither of my packages show a dimension and the weight hasn’t changed since the initial 6.2 weight.

  3. Ha! Mine just went from 6.2 to 2.2 and being delivered this Wednesday (instead of Friday).

  4. I’m now curious if anyone, that ordered more than one box, got different boxes. Or all the same…I’m a little disappointed considering last time I did have different boxes, and it was great! Deal or not, chance or not, I was holding this go around to the last ones.
    Don’t think I’ll be ordering 4 if they do it again.

  5. Mine just showed up and I can’t find the weight. Skinny scarf, Oribe dry spray,. Charger, Christian LaCroix post its, cargo blush, candle, skinny scarf and gluten free bites. I’m happy!

    • You find it by clicking on the tracking number that they emailed to you ….it will be at the bottom of the FedEx page.

    • I’d be good with that!

  6. I love seeing the box content updates starting! My two boxes are supposed to be delivered today. From what I’ve seen so far, my wish list includes:

    Homestead candle
    Universal Charger
    I’d be ok with the LaCroix post it notes
    Cargo blush
    Fig & Grapefruit bubble bath

    Can’t wait to see what others get!

    • I got this too. This is my first experience with popsugar must have abs I have to say I am really disappointed. The only thing I find useful is the hair mask. I knew it was a risk but the $20 mystery boxes from the summer seemed pretty good. This box has five useless products- postcards, bingo, chips, post its and bottle opener. They are not even gift able. I also gifted a box and am worried that they are getting the same thing. I just wish there were two items I was happy with, not just one!

  7. Mine just got here. 6.2 from NY. I got
    The Bingo
    Gold plated church key
    Universal charger
    post cards
    Lacroix post em
    fig and grapefruit bubble bath

    • I hope I get the charger…

    • …sigh. Also got a bag of Joe’s chips and the full sized hair mask…

      • Boxes showed up unexpectedly today… Unfortunately, I got 2 identical boxes… super bummed…
        Same as Cindy and Tat. I really don’t need more bingo games…
        Well, at least some of the small items are pretty good gifts actually (try to think positively after knowing I’ll get the least favorite sephora box and missed out on target baby box…)

    • Tat,
      Your box includes the items listed above and a bag of chips and the Briogeo hair mask? Sounds identical to Cindy’s below except you included a church key. What in the heck is a church key?

      • A church key is an old fashioned slang term for beer bottle opener. The term is still used today, especially in the min-West. Sorry for the confusion…

        • Darn! I wanted a big old looking key to hang on my wall. I’m from the east coast where a church key is a key that opens a church. Lol

          • Grew up in Vermont. Meant a bottle opener in the part of New England I was from, idk, shrug.

        • Lol. I’m from Indiana and that’s a new term to me. I might have to start using it. : )

          • Grew up in Ohio and live in Indiana – never heard of a “church key” either!

          • Haha, grew up in the Chicago area and never heard of that either… I was picturing a decorative key that you hang on a wall!

  8. My postman just pulled up and my boxes should be in today’s mail!

    • Darn! They are both the same (6.2 lbs). And now I own FOUR bingo games…..the one thing I was really hoping was not in this box.

      • Ahhh! The bingo. Sorry to hear that. I also already have it, and am getting the 6.2 box.
        What else was in your box?!

      • What else did you get ?!?!?!?!!

      • The other items in the box:

        Christian Lacroix post it notes
        Gramr postcard pack
        Powergloss Universal charger
        Briogeo hair repair mask (full size)
        Bubble Elixer Fig and Grapefruit (full size I think)

        Anyone exited? Disappointed?

        • I think I’m getting the same box. At first glance I think it’s very disappointing. Post it notes and postcards? Blah. I ordered a second box that hasn’t shipped yet. I really hope I don’t get two of this box.

          • I agree – it’s disappointing…

        • I also have a 6.2 lb and I’m if this is what I get I’ll be very excited. I love everything but the bingo game πŸ™‚

        • I am also getting the 6.2 lb. box and I would be happy with these items, minus the Bingo. I’ve received the hair repair mask and bubble bath in past boxes and really enjoyed them – I may actually gift them to a good friend for Christmas.

        • I have boxes coming from NY – started as 6.2 and dropped to 2.1… I will be disappointed if I get the same as you, and even more disappointed if they are both the same boxes

          • Just got mine-2.1 from NY!!!! and only one repeat!!!!

            Skinny black white Michael Stars scarf
            Universal charger
            LaCroix post its
            Oribe dry texturizing spray
            Cargo blush
            GFB dark chocolate coconut bites
            Homestead candle nutmeg (smells amazing)


            Photo on IG mrchillybeans

          • I hope I get a scarf! But I have heavy boxes. Darn

          • LOL – cute dog! I like that box… keeping my fingers crossed!

          • chillybeans- I have an iggy!! LOVE them!

          • Glenda! Iggies are the best! We have had ours for 10 years now.

        • If I get 3 of this box I’m going to be super bummed.

        • I don’t have a good feeling about this. I bought 3 boxes and all are 6.2 pounds. I like the hair mask but already have 2, don’t really want 3 more and I certainly don’t want 3 more of the bubble bath. I love bubble bath, but that scent just wasn’t for me. I know its always a gamble, but I was really hoping for some variety…….

      • Did yours come from NY?
        I ordered 2 boxes, each on different days, but both shipped out of NY Friday and both showing 6.2 lbs. set to be delivered on Saturday.
        I don’t subscribe, so all will be new to me, but was hoping they would be different boxes like the last time. I ordered 2 the last time on different days and they were both different, only overlap was a magnetic picture frame which I really liked. At least I don’t already have the bingo.

      • What’s so bad about the bingo? I’m not a regular subscriber, only buy the mystery boxes

        • There’s nothing bad about it per se. It’s an attractive looking game box. However, who plays bingo board games now?

        • Nothing, but definitely don’t need 3 of these! that’s all….

    • Cindy- did you also receive a bottle opener ? It looks someone else had the same box plus a bottle opener and chips. Thank you for sharing what you got ! I think I am getting same and I am happy with it (aside from the bingo). I think post it’s are really cute, I only have one portable charger now so another will br great to have, I’ve tried the bubble bath and hair mask and like both. For only $25 I think this is great deal.

  9. Boxes are on their way to local post office… which means if they don’t get there in time for the mail person to deliver them, I can at least pick them up after work. Yay πŸ™‚

  10. I ordered 3 boxes on different days but they all shipped together from NY. One is still showing 6.2 but the other two have been updated to 6.3. Still I wait…

  11. Has anyone seen any movement since their packages left Watsonville, CA? Mine show Friday as scheduled delivery, but I’m in Colorado so that should be updated – at least I’m hoping they will – I leave for a trip before I’ll get fridays mail! I’d be bummed to have to wait longer!

    • Mine updated to Thursday…

    • I’m in Colorado too, mine still say delivery on Friday.

      • Amy, has yours been in Sacramento since yesterday afternoon?

        • Yep, still sitting in Sacramento.

          • Our boxes are a having a party in Sacramento! Mine is there too (I live in Washington state). Estimated delivery is Thursday.

          • The shipping gods aren’t working for me this month!!! Both Popsugar mystery boxes are just hanging out in Sacramento. One of my 2 ipsy bags is lingering in NC and my Sephora hasn’t moved from NJ!!! I also have yet to see anything from Allure but I’ve been charged. I know they said they’d be delayed and ipsy may have been delayed by weather. Oddly enough, my other ipsy originated in Ft. Worth, TX, that’s a first for me. I have DHL, Fedex, UPS and of course USPS involved and they’re ALL lagging. ???

        • Finally left Sacramento at 1:30 this morning. Hopefully they hopped a plane to Denver and aren’t meandering their way through Nevada and Utah.

          • I wish! I’m not hopeful though, I still show Friday delivery for both boxes. ?

    • My package from Watsonville is still in LA apparently. Been there quite a while.

  12. LOL… my boxes shipped from NY yesterday with a delivery date of Thursday. Next stop was NJ, which they left at 10:30 this morning. Now delivery says Friday. I live in MA… 200 miles from the NJ location.

    • Me too! Our boxes must be traveling together, mine also left NJ at 1030a-and I’m in MA. I’m thinking maybe tues/wed for delivery:)

      • My boxes have traveled 170 miles in 40 hours. At this rate I’m going to make myself crazy tracking these. I thought they’d made it from CA to Utah by now. Ha, wishful thinking.

      • My status was updated to tuesday delivery πŸ™‚

        weight of both dropped to 2.1 lbs.

    • I agree. Not much can be said for the tracking dates. I am 4 hrs away. My tracking says the 24th which is next Monday. I expect it to arrive Tuesday Monday if I’m lucky. All mine weigh 6.2

      • mine just updated from 6.2 to 2.1 lbs!

        • Mine too… started at 6.2 but now both say 2.1.

  13. Both of mine say 6.2 coming from NY. I can hardly wait… If I get duplicates who cares it only takes two items to cover both. Plus I can pass out really great presents. πŸ™‚

    • I feel ya! I am so excited too. I will have so many unique gifts to give and whatever I LOVE I will gift to myself ? No one has even received a box and the complaints are rampant all ready. Next Friday cannot come soon enough!?

  14. Just curious, for those who bought 3 or more boxes, did you buy them thinking they were just for you or some for you and some for gifts for gifts?

    • For me, that would be decided once I knew what was in them. Like say it was a candle that I loved in each of my boxes then I would keep all 4. If it were something like the same scarf or hat in each box I would gift it.

    • Depends what is in them! Last time I got the bin and and picture frame, would keep more of those. If it’s mustard anything over one jar will be gifted.

  15. I must say I am a little disappointed! I ordered (4) and they are all 6.3 coming from New York. I even spoke to a Popsugar customer service rep a few weeks ago and asked if I should spread my orders out or if I would still get variety if I ordered them all at one time.
    They said there should be variety. I will no be a happy camper if they are all exactly the same!

    • I ordered 2 boxes the same day and they both are 6.2. Last time I ordered 2 boxes, but on different days and they were different weights. πŸ™ I have a bad feeling those of us who are getting 2 or more boxes the same weight will be the exact boxes, no way can 2 different boxes be the exact weight.

    • I ordered 3 and they all are 6.2 pounds from NY. If I get 3 mustards, I will be so mad!

    • I bought six. All of them are 3.5 pounds from California. Getting worried as they’ve started moving and nothing has updated.

      • I ordered four last time. The stated weight was the same on all. But, all were different when they arrived. I really hope that the same is true this time. Waiting for mine being sent from NY to St. Louis.
        It does make me nervous wondering what’s in them. I would be so disappointed if they were all the same.

      • There were nine variations last time. I hope Liz can post some photos soon! Anxious to see what’s in them!

    • I ordered 4, and they are all 6.2. I waited a few days between my two orders because I decided I loved them so much last time that I should order more. I did the same thing last go around and my three boxes were all different. I loved every single one! I’m sure they’re all the same unfortunately. I am hoping it is a box I absolutely love and would want 4 of each item though!

    • Talking to everyone in the forum, it seems like boxes from New York all say 6.2 and all from California say 3.5. Last time there were lots of variations, and people had their shipping weights change as their items were in transit. I’m not worried…yet. πŸ™‚

      • My two are each 4.9 lbs shipping from NY to Nebraska.

    • Mine shows 6.2 currently in NJ and scheduled to arrive in Charlotte next Saturday. I think it is coming by covered wagon :).

      • I’m Charlotte also, same info as you πŸ™‚

      • I’m in Raleigh and tracking for all three of mine say they are in Pilot Mountain, NC. That is 128 miles away and they are supposed to be here by Saturday. What is slower than a covered wagon? Because that’s how I think mine are being delivered! πŸ™‚

        • Jenn – mine is still in Pilot Mountain too. Maybe our boxes are coming by turtle?

          • My box has now arrived in Charlotte – still showing 6.2 pounds.
            Still estimated delivery date of Saturday…

          • Kelly, 2 of mine are in Charlotte and the other is in Pinnacle. All are still 6.2 pounds and coming on Saturday.

          • Jenn,
            Mine box arrived in Charlotte yesterday but has now gone to Concord. πŸ™‚
            Arrival date has been changed to Friday….

          • Kelly, I just checked mine and they are on Concord now too. Delivery updated to Friday as well!! Did the weight of your package change? Mine did. All were 6.2 pounds and now they are 4.8 and 4.9 so I still think I’m getting 3 of the same boxes. πŸ™

    • I had this same thing happen last time but 1. My weights changed during shipment and 2. I had three different boxes. I think they put a guesstimate weight on initially and Fed ex updates it as it moves through them.

  16. I ordered 2 and they are the 3.5 lb box coming from Gilroy, CA. Ordered another one today. Seems like if you live on the east coast you get the heavier boxes from NY and if you’re on the west coast you get the lighter boxes. Happened last time too. Not complaining, I loved all 3 boxes last time. Just an observation. Now the waiting….

  17. Add me to the list getting two 3.5lb boxes from Gilroy, CA. While it would be really nice to receive two different boxes, if they are the same I’ll use the second box for gifts.

  18. Mine is 6.2 pounds and says it’ll take until Thursday to ship when I literally live maybe 25 minutes away from Newburgh, lol. All of my Fedex shipments have had incorrect shipping dates lately. I could walk the 25 miles to get it and come home in maybe 2 days, I doubt it’ll take them 6 days to get it here.

  19. Two boxes 6.2 each I won’t get mine till the 21st. Same box hope its good.

  20. So i posted my box was 6.2 pounds and coming from NY but It just undated from Fed X and now its 6.30 pounds. Can’t wait.

  21. Mine (6.2lb from NY) is scheduled for delivery tomorrow (I live 1-1/2 hours away), but I had it sent to work and won’t get it until Monday ?

    • Oh, that’s terrible! I feel for you!!!!!

  22. 4.9lbs from Wappingers Falls, NY and I live in NY.

  23. Both of mine are 6.2 and are shipping from NY. Maybe they caught on to us! I was so happy with my last two mystery boxes ? so I’m not going to fret over this. I’m just hoping the swan float does not contribute to the 6.2 pounds ?

    • I ordered three and all are 6.2 from New York. Here’s hoping there’s just a little variety…

  24. And the fun has started.. Or shipped… Yippy… Mine is coming from NY and it is weighting 6.2…..That couldn’t be cheap to ship. It shouldn’t take to long because I am in MA. I hate Sunday’s….. No mail that is why… Selfish but true… Excited

  25. both of mine are coming from Gilroy CA at 3.5 #. Tragic of they are exactly the same πŸ˜›

    • All three of my boxes are 6.2 out of New York. That’s concerning. Last time I ordered four boxes and they were all different.

  26. This is my first order from Popsugar and I just got the same tracking that so many others seem to have gotten……coming from NY(2 of them) and each showing 6.2 pounds…..Please none of those lame books!!!

    • Come on….be kind. Not only is she the founder of PS and the author of the book but it was a “freebie”. It didn’t count towards the overall value but yet still gets complaints.

  27. 3.5 lbs out of CA (I’m in NV), my October box shipped from NY ?

  28. I just reread comments from the last mystery box and many said their weight changed in transit. I’m confident Popsugar honored their promise to make every effort to vary contents to those that ordered multiples. I can’t see them saying that and not doing it for one of us. I guess we all just have to wait some more. Sadly, patience is NOT one of my virtues. Lol!

  29. 6.2 lbs from NY — I only ordered one box

  30. Both of mine just shipped and are 3.5 lbs too. Now I’m worried. :-/ The one good thing is I definitely did not want one of the books so I’m hopeful maybe that’s what’s in those 6.2 lb boxes!

    • I think the heavier boxes had candles last time. Did anyone receive a book last time?

      • Last time my box was 5.4 pounds. I got a glass jar of honey mustard, a huge thing of bubble bath and a candle. All heavy items. The candle melted in transit all over my box. They were nice enough to send me another box without a candle. I’m sure the weights will change in transit. I’ll be very dissapointed to get 2 boxes that are identical

      • Aw, man. I’d love candles. :p I can’t wait until the boxes start arriving and we can match up the lbs like last time. I just really hope they are different, esp with shipping from the same location too.

  31. Is anyone surprised no spoilers have been released?

    • Spoilers? It’s a mystery box of previously sent items. Boxes will vary. So, no, there would be no spoilers.

      • Maybe that’s the wrong term, but they sent Liz all the possible variations last time before everyone got them.

        • I’m not really sure that’s true… at least, not in my case. A couple of us had to let Liz know of the variation of our box because it wasn’t on her list, which she then updated at the end of her “spoiler” post.
          So… not sure if she just ordered a bunch of boxes and got most of the variations except a few, or actually got sent 8 of the variation boxes by PS.

          • Sorry, I guess they sent her 5 of the possible variations.

  32. I ordered two, they are coming from Gilroy, CA and are both 3.5 pounds. ?

    • That sounds like the one I got last time. It had the pehr bin, clear frame, tarte eye shadow, sheet masks and straws. I wonder if they will duplicate the boxes from the last time?

      • I have 2 coming from Gilroy too. I hope it isn’t the Pehn Bin and so on, I got it last time… Argh…

      • Aw that just made my day, you’ve given me hope πŸ™‚ I’ve been watching these comments and the forum with a sinking feeling (2 Gilroys coming my way) and if I got a PEHR BIN … well the rest can be bingo and swans and I’d cope!

  33. I placed two different orders days apart and all four of my boxes weigh 6.2, I really hope I didn’t just spend $100 for four of the same box ?

    • I bought 2 boxes. Each on a different day. Both of mine are also 6.2 pounds. I’m hoping it’s just the generic weight they use and it updates once FedEx gets it. I know last mystery box, some boxes changed weights

    • All four of my boxes are also 6.2 lbs and are shipping from NY.

      • Not holding my breath that they are different boxes, but fingers crossed it’s a mystery box I love!

    • I ordered one last week and a second today. I received a shipping notice for the first box. It’s coming from Wappingers Falls, NY and weighs 6.2. If I remember correctly the shipping weights changed somewhere in the shipping process last time so I will be anxious watching.

  34. Ohhh! I’m so glad they sold out because I was tempted to buy a third box. Just received the shipping label info, and both are shipping out from about 5 hours away from me in NY and both weigh 6.2lbs. I know they said they try to variate boxes, so I’m just hoping I manage to get two different ones (unless the box is such a fantastic box that having doubles wouldn’t be so bad ;)).

    Also kind of hoping for the hat, oddly.

  35. Just got my shipment notices for both and each are 6.2 lbs. I so hope they aren’t the same!!

  36. Just got my shipping notifications. Two separate orders, both are 6.5 lbs. It seems like everyone who ordered two has the same weight listed for both…. weird. Still hoping they’re different.

    • 6.2, not 6.5

      • Same. Ordered 2 at the same time. Just got tracking 6.2 for both. Last time they did theses the tracking weight changed once it reach usps. Hopefully the are different or both fantastic ?

        • Interesting. It seems REALLY weird that every single person so far has the same weight for all boxes. Maybe it’s not the real weight. Crossing fingers πŸ™‚

          • I’m thinking that’s exactly the problem… perhaps each location entered a weight and once they start moving it’ll be updated?

            Do they have multiple fulfillment centers? Seems odd all the locations would have the same inventory, but what do I know?

          • Crossing fingers too. I ordered 3 and all 3 are 6.2. And I ordered each one on a different day.

  37. I have 3 that are all 6.2 pounds πŸ™ really hoping they aren’t the same exact boxes.

  38. This box has officially sold out!

    • Thank God! I was about to cave and order a third one!!!
      Now, if mine would just ship! Lol.

      • Haha, they just sent my emails. Both mine are coming from Gilroy, CA and both weigh 3.5 pounds. I’m holding out hope I won’t be receiving two of the same box.

        • Same here! 2/Gilroy/3.5 lbs Let the speculation begin!

      • Same here, clicked on the link, going to go for one more but sold out. It’s for the best ☺️

  39. Mine is 4.9 pounds coming from NY. Just bought another one. Seemed that most of the items from last time came from the November 2015 box? Which month thus year did the boxes weren’t sold out? I am hoping to get giftable items since I am a subscriber. Although thecwater bottle and dry shampoo from cfda could be in here. Well I bought the cfda too. They also have to have tons of that Pom Pom keychain left since they make them. I bought all the LE boxes too, just wondering which items that are lower retail value might show up. I cannot wait.

    • March (tassels), April (cookbook), May (yoga mat), June (sarong), July (inflatable swan), and September (hat) did not sell out.

      • I am praying every one of those guesses are wrong…. :/

      • When I was considering ordering mystery boxes, this was exactly my thinking and why I didn’t order. What didn’t sell out this year? What items are left from the boxes that were heavily represented in mystery boxes last time? I hope we’re wrong and people are going to get great stuff, but my head told me I’d get four more swans.

  40. Mine says 3.5 lbs coming from Gilroy. Trying to resist buying another one!

  41. I was doing so well, only ordering one. Of course now I had to order another! πŸ™‚

  42. Both of mine say 6.2 pounds shipping from New York!

    • Mine too!! Hope they are both different!

    • Same. I bought mine the day this sale first started, both at the same time. I hope they are not the same as they said they would try to give people who purchase more than one different boxes. I would hope that thats true especially people who ordered when the sale first started.

      • I purchased 2 but one on the 6th and one on the 10th. Both are 3.5 pounds from Gilroy, CA. I’m in Colorado so it makes sense for them to ship from CA instead of NY. Do you think destination impacts what’s received? Has anyone received boxes from both coasts before?

        • I’m thinking it does… mine are both from NY and I live in DC, and both weigh 6.2 lbs. So far it looks like people are getting 4.9 lbs from NY, 6.2 from NY, and 3.5 from CA. I wonder if location affects what we end up getting as well as where it comes from?

          • Last time I only ordered one and it came from Gilroy, CA. I’m on the east coast and it took for-ev-er to get to me. This time all 3 of mine are from NY so maybe the origination city does have to do with where you live. Hopefully mine doesn’t take as long to get to me.

        • Last time my box came from CA and I live in Indiana. This time it’s coming from NY.

  43. I get so excited about this! Both boxes are showing as pending as of now..which I expected since they said they most likely wouldn’t ship until the 17th, and they both weigh 4.9 lbs. Really hoping the boxes are not the same. ?Fingers crossed. Last time I ordered two and they were almost completely different except for a clear picture frame that was in both boxes. I was ok with that, and absolutely loved everything sent. Now I’m just kicking back waiting for all the crazy box speculations to begin-that was such fun last time!! ?

    • How are you seeing the weight if they haven’t shipped yet? Mine are still pending and that’s all I can see!!! I can’t wait!!!

      • FedEx dashboard. It shows the label that’s been created and any shipments to your address.

      • Log into your police account then find your order history and it showed my two tracking numbers. Click on yours and scroll down and it should show you the weights! Good luck!

        • ***popsugar…not police! Whoops

          • I looked on my order history and neither of my boxes have tracking numbers yet. : (

          • Me neither Kelly and it’s making me nuts. I ended up locked out on FedEx because they asked questions to confirm identity that are not associated with me! Now I’m locked out for 48 hours!!! I’ll just have to wait for Popsugar to post tracking info. ?

      • Thanks. Earlier today they were not in my FedEx account nor was tracking on my Popsugar account. Now both are in my FedEx account and 6.2 lbs. coming from NY. Hopefully they are two different boxes.

  44. Well, I hope you ladies are happy. I just broke down and ordered a second box. My willpower was not strong enough to withstand all of your great arguments for ordering multiple boxes. ; )

  45. Mine says 4.9 pounds shipping from New York! ????

  46. I have a quick question… those of you who have already received shipping notices, are you monthly subscribers? I ordered as soon as the sale was announced on the 6th, then added a second box on the 10th. Both orders still show they’re processing. These are my first orders through Popsugar so I’m just curious. Thanks!

    • I was a subscriber at that time. But not any more.

    • I am a subscriber, and mine are still processing as well. I ordered 1 on the 6th, and one today.

    • Not a subscriber, but shipped a couple days ago. I did order as soon as they were available though.

  47. Wow you guys already got Shipping Info!! Lucky πŸ™‚ Still waiting on mine, i ordered on 10/6. Will be my first popsugar box so I am excited!

  48. Got one more. Weird but all my 3 boxes has the same weight 4.9lb
    Hope they are not the same.

    • Mine too! I was hoping to get two different ones…

    • How do you know your weight? I haven’t received a shipping notice yet.

      • They send me my tracking number yesterday, and it’s shown there.

  49. Got 1. Yay for payday?

  50. I went ahead and snagged an extra one so now I will get 2. I loved the past mystery boxes, and I hope I love both of these just as much- Don’t mind if I do. πŸ™‚

    • Same! I already have shipping info for a 4.7 lb. box, but it’s payday. And, honestly, you really can’t beat the value of a $25 box. I figure it’ll be great for the holidays coming up between hostess gifts and traditional gift-giving times. Or I’ll be a hoarder and keep it all if it’s great πŸ˜€

      • I just looked both of mine are 6.2 lbs..I really hope they are not exactly the same.

        • When did y ou ladies order? I placed mine on 10/7 & 10/10 and still haven’t received for either…

          • I ordered 10/6 but I didnt get an email. I saw it on my fedex dashboard that the label has been created

      • Oh my goodness, let me go check the weight of my boxes. I hope it is not the exact same box, but if so – it will be an awesome gift.

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