LaRitzy Beauty Subscription Box Review – August 2016

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FYI – LaRitzy no longer has a subscription box. Instead, they are a cosmetics company.

LaRitzy is a cruelty-free beauty subscription box. They used to send a mix of full-size and deluxe sized samples. Now, they have rebranded and are sending 3 full-size items each month from their own makeup line. (All their makeup is paraben and cruelty free. They will use beeswax, though.)

UPDATE: Beginning with the November box, LaRitzy will now be sending only one makeup product, and the subscription price has been reduced to ~$11/month ($6.95/month + $3.95 shipping). (Thanks, Luna, for this info!)


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: LaRitzy

The Cost: $29.99

COUPON: Use coupon code MSA10 to save 10% off your first box!

The Products: 3 LaRitzy Makeup products every month.

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This box included a promo card for LaRitzy, and an invoice for the items:




LaRitzy Lip Pencil in Malted Mauve – Value $18


This lip liner is pretty much the perfect shade for my skin tone. It’s a very wearable color for me, and it works for everyday looks.

The pigment is great, but one thing to mention about both this lip liner and the lipstick – they do not go on smoothly.


LaRitzy Matte Lipstick in Karma – Value $20

Again, the color is perfection for me! It has good staying power, too. Like a lot of matte lip products, it is a little drying, though.

Here are both shades swatched:


The good news about the issues I had with the drying lipstick, is that the third item is a Super Balm!


LaRitzy Super Balm – Value $18

For me, this balm was exactly what I needed after applying the lipstick. It’s a moisturizing balm, but the finish isn’t too shiny, so it doesn’t destroy the matte look.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $56. I would love to see better packaging from this subscription to make it feel a little more special, but the quality of the makeup is there. Even though I had some issues with the drying nature of the lipstick, this lip kit is amazing for me – I’m using it daily.

If you’re looking for a makeup subscription that you know will always be paraben and cruelty-free, I think this is a good one!

What do you think of the August LaRitzy subscription box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am in the same boat. Purchased a Laritzy voucher off of Gilt for a six month subscription that stated 3 items per month. Had a coupon code so it took the cost per box for three full size products down to a reasonable cost if I was indeed to receive the fulfilled quantity of 18 items. First Laritzy charged my credit card $29.99 for the one and only box I received even though I used the pre-purchased voucher. They did promptly refund me. Then a few days after getting that sorted out I get the email about the no more 3 products per month now just one and you will receive a gift card for the website for long term subscriptions. Had no idea how this was going to work since I used a Gilt voucher and never paid Laritzy directly. Received the gift card via email today. Not even sure how they came up the amount. It appears to be a decent amount but like others stated, the amount will cover 3 full sized products not the additional 15 that I expected to received when I signed up. I would rather have a refund than the gift card. Out of the three items I received from the one shipment that was fulfilled as promised I only used the eye shadow. That bright orange cover up will never work on my fair skin and I don’t use liquid eyeliner. All in all this waste of money for me and if I want to try to get some sort of remedy it will be a waste of time as well. I really do not want to purchase anything from them and want a refund. I may try to email Gilt and see what they have to say since my original charge is from them and not Laritzy. I agree it seems unfair you do not even have the option of a refund or a gift card. We should at least get a choice.

    • You know, that’s another thing that bothers me. They say they customize what they send you according to your skin tone, but everyone has gotten exactly the same things. I love color correctors, but that orange one is obviously for dark skin. Def not for a lot of subscribers. What a waste of money and product! If anyone figures out a way to get their money back, please post it here. I don’t like the products either. Horrible situation! 🙁

      • I was unable to get a refund. I signed up around the time that they switched to their new business model. After seeing all the past reviews on this site (from when they were offering other products), I was so excited to join. However, after my first box I felt a bit cheated. I just thought the product quality wasn’t that great and the value to cost ratio wasn’t there. You’re essentially paying full price for products you don’t choose, and because it’s all the same brand, it’s not like it’s a diversity of well curated items. I had also assumed that the new box would resemble the old boxes in some way, but it was like an entirely different brand/vibe.

        I think it’s good that they lowered their prices, but it’s just not possible for one company to put out enough great samples to fill an entire year of subscriptions, even with only one product per month. Even huge established brands have a lot of throw away products before they develop 2-3 standouts that they know everyone will want to try/buy.

      • As a follow up to my previous comment, as well as response…I actually did manage to get my money back, but it took a good amount of effort. As a recap, I’d purchased the 12 month sub for $180 when they offered it immediately before announcing the switch to their branded makeup. Not enjoying their branded makeup (the lipstick and liner, while nice colors, were so drying I couldn’t wear them, and again, that pumpkin orange correcter, ummm no!) I really didn’t want a gift card, especially since that meant paying full price for their items, when I was told I’d get 3 per month (for the $15 I’d paid)! I emailed them with my frustration, that what they’d done was unethical if not fraudulent, and after a huge wait they offered me $30 back as a credit card refund, when based on the 6 boxes I’d received, I should have been getting $90 back. I emailed again,a fairly strongly worded email, and reiterated that the amount I should receive was $90, reminded them that the reason I wanted to cancel was because they’d changed the terms without notice (and that I never would have purchased a 12 month sub to a brand new makeup line I’d never tried), and actually quoted some of the info from EC, the lawyer/judge who chimed in on this thread. I said that I had so far not involved my bank and was hoping to resolve it without filing a bank claim, but what they’d done was fraudulent, and if necessary I’d treat it as such. (I’m sure I came across as a real b***h in my email, but my first email was nicer, and it didn’t work 😉 ) A while later they responded. They were nice, saying how they were really sorry I wasn’t happy. They then said that however, by my subscribing and continuing to subscribe, I had agreed to their Terms. They then linked to the terms, which I noted had just been updated in Sept 2016, which basically said that they are able to change the terms/form of the subscription at any time, and by subbing, we agreed that they could do this. It also said they could offer gift cards rather than refunds. Interestingly, they also stated that by subbing, you agreed to waive your right to participating in a class action lawsuit against them, that any issues would be arbitrated…in Quebec. So…it definitely seemed like the terms had recently been updated after they’ve gotten major flak from tons of people, and that they are in CYA mode. But…in spite of their terms that I’d apparently agreed to (even though I’m sure they’d changed them after I agreed), they said that “to apologize for the inconvenience and thank me for my honest opinion” they would refund my $90. It took a couple days, but the money did go back onto my credit card…yay! At this point, I actually feel a little sorry for them. Don’t get me wrong…this is definitely their fault, as they handled this whole situation, in my opinion, extremely unethically and unprofessionally. But, with that being said…I don’t think they meant to scam people…I think they just got in way over their head and didn’t approach things from a good business perspective. I also am guessing that all the money they collected up front when they sold the 12 month subs and then Gilt subs, they put right into producing their makeup line…so they probably didn’t have the $$ available to refund people, because it had all been used. It’s a really unfortunate situation all around…especially since I really loved their boxes before they made the massive change. After this situation, though, of course I would never consider subbing to them again. Good luck…reply back if you end up getting refunded or anything new transpires!

        • I am glad you were able to get a refund! I was not successful at getting one. I now have $110 (+ credit from the spilled oil) to spend in the shop on items I do not like. Not to mention, there isn’t much to choose from. 🙁 I wish LaRitzy the best, although I think they’ve made some unwise and unthoughtful decisions. I’m not confident that they will be around for the long run. I’m wondering if I should hold out on using my credit up or wait and see if they add more desirable things to th shop. Bummer all around, esp when I think of the other subs I’d rather spend the money on!

          • Hi Blondie… I know that their selection is really limited. But, if I were you, I think I’d cut my losses and get some products now. I really don’t think they are going to be around for long. I just went and read their terms of service…which basically, in addition to saying that they can make any changes they want, pretty much says they aren’t liable for well, basically anything! Here are a few samples from their Terms:
            Prices for our products are subject to change without notice.
            We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time.
            We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.”

            “You agree that from time to time we may remove the service for indefinite periods of time or cancel the service at any time, without notice to you.”

            Just out of curiosity I looked at the terms from a couple larger (successful) subs, and didn’t see stuff like the above listed there. I’m not a lawyer but sounds to me like they’re setting up to go out of business, and want to cover their bases so they don’t legally owe anyone anything when they do. Even if I’m wrong and that’s not the case, this is a totally UNETHICAL not to mention sketchy business model. I’d get what you can now, while they’re still in business…it may not be long. Just my 2 cents.

          • Thanks for your perspective and for taking the time to do some research! You have validated my concerns. I guess time will tell how things will work out. No matter what, it’s kind of a losing situation for me. But I’ve learned my lesson and will be a little more careful about which subscription boxes I sign up for!

  2. Wow. This is exactly why I will only do month to month subs. I know everyone will say it cost more in the long run, after reading all the comments I don’t think so.

  3. Noticed that the packaging for a lot of the vegan, cruelty-free, organic, etc type stuff are cheap even though cost of the product remains high or even more than conventional. Is this the compromise we have to have?

  4. This used to be one of my favorite boxes, before the sudden change in the format!

    • I wanted this to be a favorite box, but I didn’t like that for a spilled product they offered a $10 credit to their new website which featured limited products all in $16+ range. Because of this experience, it has made me leery of boxes using Cratejoy as their home base. I see them as starter up boxes that are trying to establish themselves in the subscription business. They have less at stake, because they have not had to do the grunt work of setting things up themselves. Boxes are becoming a dime a dozen, a few really succeed, mostly others will fade.

  5. It’s disappointing to see LaRitzy turn into a company like this. I used to be a subscriber but stopped after March because I quit my job, but while I was subscribed I really loved their customer service and the value of their boxes were amazing! Plus, they had free shipping! With how I’ve seen so many people complain, I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost their customers

  6. Hi Liz,

    Did you have a problem with the taste of the lipstick? I absolutely love the color of the lipstick & liner I received from my first order, however, I couldn’t get past the taste of it so I stopped wearing it. AND it dried my lips out so bad. 🙁

    • I couldn’t use it without the Vitamin E ..?

    • I can’t use it either because of the bad taste. 🙁

    • Yes! I agree! And the smell reminded me of cheap corner store lipsticks from the 80’s.

  7. FYI: Beginning with the November box, LaRitzy will now be sending only one makeup product, and the subscription price has been reduced to ~$11/month ($6.95/month + $3.95 shipping). They’re also no longer going to do long-term subscriptions, but only monthly subscriptions.

    • Thanks so much for the head’s up! I’ll add this info to the post.

      • Hi there. I wanted to alert you, and caution others, as I’ve had some situations with LaRitzy recently in which they have behaved extremely unethically. As you mentioned, they recently rebranded, and are now sending only products from their own, LaRitzy cosmetics line. Basically immediately before announcing this major change to their subscription, they sold 1 year subscription deals…without bothering to tell subscribers that they had planned this major change, moving from multi-brand boxes to solely their own line. (And, there’s no question that they already knew they had planned the change when they sold the 1 year sub…they made the announcement very very soon after the big subscription sale.) I felt this was extremely unethical, as I never would have purchased a 1 year plan for a brand new makeup line that I had never tried! But, I figured I’d give it a go, as I’d paid $15 per box and figured getting 3 items per month for that amount was a good deal. Then a couple weeks ago, they sent another email that they were no longer going to be doing the 3 product per month, they were switching to 1 product per month, for $6.99 plus $3.99 shipping. As for how they were going to handle their prepaid subscriptions…instead of fulfilling them as promised (which, keep in mind, had already changed once, without our knowledge!) they are going to be cancelling them and giving us refunds for the prorated amount left on our sub. Here’s the kicker, though…they aren’t giving us refunds to our credit cards, they are only giving GIFT CARDS to their own, LaRitzy products sold on their website!! So, now instead of receiving 3 items per month for the $15 per box fee we paid, we now have to pay $16-$24 for a single product on their website. I contacted them to let them know that I didn’t want a gift card, and that, since they were unable/unwilling to fulfill the subscription that they had sold to me, that I would like a credit card refund. A week later, after my sending multiple emails and attempting to contact them via Facebook, they finally responded. They said they would give me a credit card refund for the 6 months remaining on my subscription, and that it would be based on the $25 value of each of the boxes I received. Therefore, they claim I’ve received $150 in value of boxes, so they’re giving me $30 back. Well, based on the fact that I paid $15/box, I have received $90 in boxes, so should be getting $90 back…not $30! I shouldn’t be penalized because they incorrectly valued their boxes, or sold subscriptions at a pricepoint they couldn’t manage. They were the ones who changed the terms of their subscription…twice…which in itself is extraordinarily unethical…but then to refuse to refund the remaining unfulfilled paid amount when they’re unwilling to fulfill what they’ve promised, is not only unethical, but also fraudulent! I sent another email requesting $90 back, as opposed to $30, or for them to fulfill the subscription as originally promised, and have, no surprise, not heard back. I’m sympathetic to the fact that they are trying to make a go of their makeup line, and appreciate that it’s cruelty free…but the way they’ve handled this entire situation, from start to finish, is really unethical. I subscribe to over 20 boxes, and even with all the complaints some of them get about CS issues, this one definitely tops them all as far as unscrupulous behavior goes. Please be very very wary of dealing with this company.

        • Oops I realize one thing I wrote was incorrect. For their prepaid subs, they were not going to cancel them…they were going to move them over to the $6.99 plus $3.99 per month sub, which we would be charged for monthly, and give the prorated remainder of current sub in form of gift card to their website. They said if we didn’t want to remain on the “new” sub plan we needed to cancel them on their website; when I went to the website and attempted to cancel it wouldn’t allow me to, I guess because I was on a prepaid…

          • I am in the same boat. I am waiting to see what the value of the gift card is going to be so I can come at them with stats. I will have 4 months left in annual subscription. That means in those 4 months, I was anticipating 12 items which I have prepaid for. Now, I will get 4 items and a gift card valued enough to buy (I am guessing) 2 or 3 products. So, I am getting screwed out of roughly 5 products. Depending on how they handle my complaint, I am seriously considering reporting them to the BBB. I think we easily could have reported them after the first change. I never would have signed up for this bad as it is now or as it will be after November.
            It was one of my favs prior to the quick change they pulled on is.

          • This happened to me too. I feel like such a sucker for buying a full prepaid year thinking I’d be getting a variety of quality brands. I think I got two months of that, before they switched to their own cosmetics. 🙁 To top it off, I really do not like their stuff or most of the ingredients. I’m super upset and disappointed. They refuse to respond to my emails and I feel like they’ve totally taken advantage of us and basically stolen our money. 🙁 🙁

        • Notify your bank and save all the emails. What they’re doing isn’t just unethical…it’s illegal. They need to refund you the months they can’t deliver. Get your money back.

          • Lawyer/judge here–the “business model changes” are indeed in the prepaid scenario illegal. Dispute any charges directly with your credit card issuer. This is pure contract law. They sold a specific type of subscription but then changed it to a completely different kind of subscription without allowing the consumer to choose whether to consent to the change or opt for a refund, prorated or otherwise. Then they changed that model again, also without notice or consent and instead of refunding the prorated actual value balance, offered gift cards that can only be used to purchase items the consumer never directly opted to purchase. First of all, gift cards are not equivalent to refunds. If a seller wishes to use the store credit only refund model, they must state that clearly at the outset, not sometime later midstream. And secondly, the value given even under a store credit model must be equal to the amount actually paid, not a lesser amount. This sub needs to seek legal advice ASAP before they’re on the receiving end of a lawsuit or more likely, a stack of credit card chargebacks that cost them a pretty penny for each transaction (if the chargeback is granted by the credit card issuer, the merchant pays a fairly significant penalty).

          • Thanks for the legal input, EC! I actually did contact my credit card last week, and tried to file a dispute. They told me that because the company offered a gift card, there was nothing they (the bank) could do. This didn’t seem right to me, but that’s what they said! Maybe I will try to call back again and ask for a supervisor.

        • File with your credit card. They can’t do that.

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