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JDM Accessory Vault Review + Coupon – September 2016

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Meet the JDM Accessory Vault! Read our review of this men's subscription box.

JDM Accessory Vault is a monthly men’s accessory subscription box aimed at helping men “become remarkable”. Each month, they send at least three men’s fashion accessories that range from “watches, to ties, crazy socks, belt buckles, and more.”

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Meet the JDM Accessory Vault! Read our review of this men's subscription box.

The Subscription Box: JDM Accessory Vault

The Cost: $19.99/box + shipping when you pay month by month, or $16.66/box + shipping when you choose the 6 month prepay plan.

COUPON: Use code MSA10 to save 10% off your first box!

The Products: At least three remarkable men’s accessories each month

Ships to: U.S. and beyond, shipping rates vary

Check out the Men’s Subscription Box Directory and make sure to add JDM Accessory Vault to your subscription list or wishlist!

Meet the JDM Accessory Vault! Read our review of this men's subscription box.

There’s a card inside the box that lists all the featured items and notes a few tips for how to make them work.

Meet the JDM Accessory Vault! Read our review of this men's subscription box.

Floral Tie

This skinny tie is definitely for the bolder fashion-lovers out there. The floral print feels a little springtime to me, which isn’t bad—if you’re season-conscious, you might just need to wait ’til spring to wear it.

Meet the JDM Accessory Vault! Read our review of this men's subscription box.

Flower Lapel Pin

This flower has a little shimmer to it. In contrast with the tie, this rich orange flower could work all year ’round. It’s a simple and charming way to do something different with your outfit.

Meet the JDM Accessory Vault! Read our review of this men's subscription box.

Multi-Pattern Socks

How fun are these socks? I love when guys show a little sock, especially when they’re as dynamic as these are. You might not see more than the pink and blue polka dots when you’re wearing shoes. But just knowing you’re wearing these patterns is fun.

Meet the JDM Accessory Vault! Read our review of this men's subscription box.

Tie Bar

Pretty sweet and simple. Just an orange tie bar. I bet it’d pop against a blue tie, or alongside a blue suit, though. It’s all about the details, right?

Meet the JDM Accessory Vault! Read our review of this men's subscription box.

Floral Pocket Square

I like the salmon-pink color of this pocket square. It’s got a neat orange trim, too. The pattern is a similar floral as on the tie, but the warmth of the pink hue makes it a bit more appropriate for fall. The weave is pretty lightweight (it’s a little see-through, like a light linen would be). It would make an eye-catching statement, especially to a wedding or a fancy occasion.

Verdict: JDM Accessory Vault included some neat items, though I wish the quality was a little higher. That said, the box is just $19.99, so each item must be around $3.99—I think that’s fair given the value of the box. If you’re interested in experimenting with your style, the finds in this box are a good motivation to do so!

What do you think of the items in JDM Accessory Vault?

Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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  1. This is a cute subscription for a man and alot cheaper of a price tag but hopefully they will do better next month. First it’s way to spring or summer looking. Second there are to many bold prints going on. It should sorta go together and alone… Trying to beat Spressabox is gonna be hard from my stand point.

    • Thank you for the comment, Bethie. This particular box was actually on hold for MySubscriptionAddiction for a couple months while they looked for a proper male reviewer, before we decided to just let them have at it. We’ve gotten quite a bit of business from them, and wanted their honest review up sooner rather than later, so Anna ended up looking things over and posting this. The last of these particular boxes that went out to customers were during summer months (though, as one person mentioned in another comment, they can go with some fall looks as well; but we also have quite a few customers in the southern hemisphere, where the seasons are opposite us in the USA right now too).

  2. I didn’t wait and subbed now. With the coupon it worked out to $90 for 6 months so only $15 a month. Shipping was high at $7.50 a month. That’s 50% of the cost of the box. Didn’t notice that until after I hit the final button (it didn’t pop up until after I put in my credit card info).

  3. My son would love this! Floral ties are really in right now as well as the flower lapel pin. I love the crochet flower pins I’ve seen some men wear this fall. I think each accessory by itself with a neutral suit or sport coat would look great. Right now we sub to gentleman’s box and I told my son after December I’m cancelling but I think I’ll sign up for this one starting in January. Everything in this box would be a win for him.

    • I take back what I said about wearing it all separately. They have a picture on their facebook of all 3 together (with grey suit and white shirt as suggested on the card) and it looks amazing. I may not wait for Jan to sub.

    • Glad to hear you love the look, Zo; and we are glad to have you onboard, especially with the 6 month subscription package. It sounds like you and your son are very fashion forward, and we look forward to helping you guys out. As far as shipping, we can only get it lower if we remove tracking and insurance. We’d love to hear your feedback about whether that is something that is important to you as a customer or not. You, or anyone else reading this, feel free to email me at alex.moen AT (I don’t want my email picked up by spam bots, so switch the “AT” with the @ symbol).

  4. I love a man who’s secure enough in himself to wear floral, & not afraid to break out of traditional, drab, “masculine” patterns/colors!

    • We love to hear that, Justine. Confidence definitely makes any look that much better.

  5. Please note, this is just my opinion. This is a men’s subscription box? I know menswear style is coming back for women this fall and winter but this looks like Laura Ashley thew up leftover fabric. What man wants to wear such feminine accessories? A flower sticknpin, no way. And the tie bar looks like an orange painted clothes pin. Put the man who wears this out of his misery and give it to a woman who might be able to make it work but not all together at one time. The only usable item i see for a man would be the socks because while fun and funky, his pants would hide the pattern until he sat down.

    • Because heaven forbid men show a little bit of a soft side. But menswear for women is ok?

      • A soft side for men is fine but this is pretty girly. In fact I thought is was a woman’s box and did a double take when I saw it was a man’s box. Menswear clothes for women nowadays have a more feminine cut unlike back in the 80’s and 90’s dress for success look. I actually am very open minded and have very unique taste myself and appreciate it in others but I just can’t wrap my brain around this being a man’s box and that is saying a lot.

      • It seams hypocritical to me as well. I think it’s wrong to stereotype and put people in a box. We are all free to express ourselves and dress our bodies as we see fit. There is nothing wrong with a man in a floral tie. And if he’s only comfortable with stripes or plaid, that’s fine too. Who are we to judge?

        • Agreed, about the freedom of expression, Kathleen! I guess, really, the only trouble is if you’re a guy (or a gal!) who gets this box and you’re not a fan of bright colors and florals – you might not find much to work with here. This was my first time reviewing a JDM Accessory Vault, so I’m interested to see if the colors and florals were the theme of JUST this box, or if it’s part of the overall aesthetic of the creators (in which case, folks who aren’t flower fans might want to pick another box). I WILL say that my partner, who is usually VERY unassuming in terms of the clothes he wears, is unexpectedly smitten with those bright, patterned socks, to the point where he’s thinking that snazzy socks might become his “thing”. As a gal who likes to have a million “things” going on at once in her wardrobe, I’m THRILLED at this little style breakthrough 🙂 Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting! I love the fashion conversation! <3

          • Fantastic discussion, and we love and appreciate the comments surrounding around our boxes on here. This is definitely one of our bolder boxes, between the bright colors and the floral patterns. Although we’ve gotten mostly great feedback about it, there have been a couple people simply convinced they could not make it work or that they would not enjoy a man in such an arrangement. Our boxes are designed to get you noticed (to make a “remarkable gentleman” is part of our tagline), and the simple fact is that you can’t get noticed without exposing yourself to potentially negative feedback as well. Worn properly, each box will get the customer plenty of compliments and lots of looks and positive attention. For any readers on the fence, or that might want a quick and free style consultation to see if our boxes make sense for you or someone you’re getting a gift for, reach out to alex.moen AT (I don’t want my email picked up by spam bots, so switch the “AT” with the @ symbol for my email address) and I will personally help you, or connect you with one of our stylists.

          • Thank you for jumping into the fashion conversations as well, Anna. FYI, the floral look was just the theme of this particular box. We’ll likely send you guys a follow up box at some point that contrasts to this, so that you guys can get a fuller idea of what we offer. We, too, love the fashion discussion, and are happy for both the positive and critical feedback. Not everyone will like every item in the box, but like you said in the review, for people who want to experiment with different items or styles, this is the box for them. They can even email us at [email protected] and tell us what their wardrobe is like, and we’ll give them personalized recommendations for whatever box they’ve got going on.

    • I absolutely agree with you LOLA! The patterns and colors a bit too girly!! I don’t like this recent fad of feminizing men!! LOL

        • IMO The tie is fine but not the flower stick pin nor the mismatched pocket square. Maybe use that as a hanky in a pocket that isnt exposed. As you stated this is a more summer or spring Subscription Box and some men won’t mind florals and others won’t bother with them. The green tie looked good with the suit. But too busy with everything else. The socks are fun no matter what. Colorful socks are always fun. Can a month be skipped if a box is not suited to a particular individual?

          • We try to accommodate customers as much as possible. Customers can put a box on hold at any given time. We don’t announce what’s coming in a box and hesitate to say in public that we will lets customers contact us before a box and choose whether they’d want it or not, but we do in fact service a handful of customers in this way. We just know that if we have 100s of customers all doing this that we would have to stop, but so far the vast, vast majority of our customers enjoy the mystery and find something in each box that works. They can email us at [email protected] as well if they have questions about how to do any particular items with their current wardrobe.

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