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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the October 2016 Glam Bag!

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The October 2016 Ipsy reveals are up!

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:


What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is the first bag in a year with Ipsy that I will use nothing(even hate the bag design). Then I looked at my mother’s bag(got her a sub for her bday) and its all stuff a 18 yr old would love. Everything I got is metallic, black, dark….I am blonde with freckles. Baffling. What the heck is going on with Ipsy? Used to be my fave sub.

    • They’re thinking like teenagers….not considering the all age groups. I wonder is ipsy just for 13-18 year olds. I cancelled my subscription a month ago.

    • I want the colors you got. I got pastels and nudes. I thought it was a Halloween bag.

    • I hear you always liner’s pink’s that are unwearable . I’m 53 like some stuff I can use. Getting pretty done!!!

  2. Disappointed! Seems you never get what you want and they NEVER listen to your answers to the questionnaire or reviews! Frustrating! I left before, think I will leave again, urg!

    Blam blush- might be ok, just so small!
    NYX eye liner- who seriously wears silver eye liner?! Ew!
    Sally’s box aqua moist gel cream- might be good, website has no info on it. Wonder if it’s oil free?
    Preventative measure lip balm- might be good? Not too exciting
    Noyah Lipstick- all natural? Excited about this one- nope I get the nude color!

    • Sally’s box is a decent Korean brand check out sokoglam’s website, Charlotte may have more info on product stuff there.

    • I actually wanted that NYX liner LOL I am a little bit disappointed with my bag as well.

      I’m getting:

      Tatcha Cleansing oil – somewhat excited for this because I have never tried this brand and have heard good things.

      theBalm Blush – ehhhhhh im weird with blush and only use Sweet by tarte LOL but it be nice i guess to try something else.

      Pure Brazilian Leave in Miracle – I am going through my own hair journey right now so this would be nice to try out but again not super excited about it.

      Teeze Lippie in Romantic Red – Red looks nice but another Red lippie! Well i guess you can never have too many red lippies

      Mememe Blush Brush – I guess i could use yet another blush brush…cant ever have to many brushes either right?

      What I wanted: NYX Liner, Pur Dirty Girl Mudd Mask, and Patchology Eye Gels.

      But all in all I should just be happy I didnt get ANOTHER black eye liner!

      • If you want the eyeliner I’d do a swap? ?

    • I am extremely disappointed in this bag… I’m getting the Tatcha Cleansing oil (the sample size looks extremely small), the nyx silver eyeliner (where the hell am I going to wear silver eyeliner?!), Kokie nail polish in Heavenly (I thought this was halloween themed. NOT spring themed), Teez red lipstick (which looks border line pink and very kiddish.) AND a purlisse lip nourisher. Why would I get two lip products? Doesn’t make much sense to me. Not too impressed.

  3. I got:

    *theBalm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush (Yay! 🙂 )

    *essence cosmetics superfine eyeliner pen waterproof (I am a fan of essence cosmetics, yay!)

    *Pure Brazilian Leave In Miracle (I don’t know what this is but I am excited to find out)

    *tre’StiQue Matte Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux or Florence Fig (not a fan of either color)

    *JoShik Polish LUXE (I’m officially going to complain to ipsy about this. I keep reviewing that I don’t want nail polish in my bags, I have it in my profile that I am interested in everything BUT nail polish, yet I consistently get nail polish. This is going in my swap pile).

    • Yep, I hate getting nail polish but seem to get one about every other month. I’ve said so in my reviews as well but they don’t seem to listen!

      • Me too. I review that I hate polish yet they keep sending them my way.

    • Bag twins! Idk bout you, but I’m just not super stoked about this bag…not feelin it, I wanted like 12 of the products this time and didn’t get any of them…:(
      Ipsy is becoming kinda meh to me lately!

    • We are kinda boxy twins, the only thing I am getting different is instead of the Essence liner I am getting the Ciate liner. Excited. The Nail polish looks pretty on from the picks, love liquid liners, want the red lippie and excited to try the hair. The blush is a waste though, whiile pretty container is too small to effectively use for me

  4. I’m not sure how I feel about my bag tbh, it’s better than the ones I’ve received thus far, but I’m not particularly excited about it.
    I’m getting:
    *Ciate London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner
    *theBalm blush in Hot Mama
    *Kokie polish in Heavenly
    *Indi Beauty Buttercream Antioxidants Lip Scrub
    *tre’StiQue matte lip crayon

    • Minus the eyeliner, your bag would be my dream bag! I wanted that blush, nailpolish, and lip scrub so bad. I did get the tre’stique lip crayon and the pūr~lisse lip nourisher, which I’m excited about.. But everything else in my bag.. Essence eyeliner (rarely ever wear eyeliner), makeup forever ultra HD foundation (already own full size and got the same sample in another sub box recently), and the Lottie makeup brush (don’t need anymore brushes).. is just blah. Guess I’ll be on the swap sites this month.. :-/

      • It’s not a subscription bag without the eyeliner pen. ;P
        But definitely a different strokes for different folks reminder.
        I’ve heard great things about the pūr~lisse nourisher, I would be pretty stoked about that too. 😀
        I guess I’ll actually have to try out the swap sites though, since most of mine will go unused. :c

        But the bag -is- super cute this month, so I can’t be too grouchy about it.

        • Where are the swap sites? I keep seeing people mention them. I have so many things I won’t use just sitting in boxes because I don’t like the colors… I’d love to swap for something I could actually use!

    • We’re bag twins, and I am seriously disappointed with everything except the lip scrub. And it was not on my top 10 list. I have skin and hair and brushes selected and there were tons offered, but I am getting…another black eyeliner.

      • I definitely feel ya, the more I think about what I’m getting the more ‘eh’ I’m getting about this month.
        I’ve never been big on lip scrubs so I’m not even particularly excited about that one myself. Maybe they want us to start being creative with liner and find a different use for it other than our eyes?

      • So, so frustrating when you have items marked YES and then read that they are being given to others that have reviewed a big NO. I feel as if computer make-up matching programs don’t even understand me. Ugh.

        • I second that. I got 0 things I wanted to try this month. Bag was cute.

    • Other than the lip scrub and blush. I got the same as you. I got a mask and the MUF foundation.

      • Imagine that same name almost same bag.

  5. I’m getting
    The Balm blush in hoy mama
    Essence eyeliner
    Sally’s box gel cream
    Trust fund primer
    Mememe blush brush
    It’s not too bad. At least I didn’t get polish or lip balm!

  6. I got:
    Beaute Basics Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
    The Balm Hot Mama Blush
    Essence Cosmetics Superfine Eyeliner Pen (waterproof)
    Indi Beauty Buttercream Antioxidant Lip Scrub (will come in handy in the colder months)
    Lottie London Perfectly Precise Eyeshadow Brush

    Not too terrible, but I was really hoping for a primer and the Kat Von D eyeliner, since I missed this month’s Sephora bag by thiiiiiiiiiiiis much. lol

    • It seems like every time that I wrote here about “the worst bag ever”, ipsy sends me a worse bag thenext month just to prove me wrong!! Arrrg this is so frustrating!
      The one thing I never use/want is nail polish. I have recieved one in every bag, now 5 months in a row! I always review and chamge my profile, but to no evil.
      Also, black eyeliner third month in a row. Blush by the balm which I hate. The only thing I will use is the tristuiqe lipstick which I already own.
      The bag itself is absolutly hidious. Competing with the aweful graffiti bag for most childish/cheap looking bag in 2 years.
      I am actually planning to cancel…

      • It seems the more I review or complain, the less Ipsy cares and doesn’t listen. I have a friend who never reviews her bags and she consistently gets the coveted “it” items almost every month!! I’m not reviewing this month. I seriously think it works against you.

        • It doesn’t make any sense, but I think you’re right. Been subbing for 10 months. I didn’t really know what I was doing at first, but tips on here had me changing/narrowing my profile and reviewing types of products I don’t want poorly regardless of quality. My bags have been getting steadily worse over that last couple months. 4 out of 5 items in my October bag are from categories I do NOT have checked… wth?

  7. I am getting:
    Fierce Flicks Eye Liner – Hate
    trestique Lip Crayon – Hate
    Estee Lauder Night Repair – only ok – really wanted to try a moisturizer I hadn’t had before
    Blush Brush – ok but wanted the eye shadow brush
    And Dermlect moisturizer – two moisturizers – neither what I wanted.

    Think I am about done with Ipsy again.

    • Same, I will hang around until November but if it is more crazy products, I will unsub for first time.

    • I really wanted the blush brush since I’m getting that blush, did you want to consider a swap?

  8. I have been a subscriber for 5 years and have never felt more let down than this month. One single item matches my profile. One. The items sent are more black freakin’ eyeliner marker style at that, dark red lip pencil, more of the balm items, a potentially “simple/natural” look shadow duo I have zero interest in (just grabbed the newest Naked Matte UD palette). I got some It’s a 10, which at least is an item I don’t mind. I had loads of skin issues and skin items types selected. Not a single one. I am done defending their horrible matching algorithm as one item does not make a bag. I see a full list of items that would have worked, even if they had sent me even one the sting of 5 years and numerous referrals wouldn’t be quite as awful. Bye bye Ipsy. I don’t want to look like a college aged vampire this month.

    At least my last bag print is cute?

    • That is exactly how I feel. I hate the balm and there tiny samples. Didn’t get one thing I wanted in the whole bag. I got the dark red lip pencil, eyeliner(have so so many), and some leave in stuff (not it’s a 10). My favorite thing this month it the bag. Going to unsub.

      I wanted to try the TATCHA cleansing oil as this is a product I would buy if I liked it.

  9. I’m getting:
    The Balm Hot Mama Blush
    Noyah Lipstick (hopefully in smoke)
    Kokie Nail Polish
    NYX Liner in Gunmetal
    pur-lisse Lip Nourisher
    I won’t use the blush or eyeliner. It depends what color lipstick I get if that will be used. My daughter is getting the nail polish. So I may be left with just the lip nourisher. I really wanted to try the TATCHA cleansing oil or the Adesse polish. I guess this makes up for getting a really good bag last month.

  10. Anyone else not get a headliner product? I thought you were guaranteed one of them and I didn’t get any! Also this is my first time redeeming my points, dies it show up on your glam bag or is it just in with your package when shipped? Just want to make sure I’m actually getting it.

    • Wow, I’m surprised you didn’t get one of the headliners! When I redeemed points, they were included in my monthly bags. Unfortunately that made my bags REALLY late. I received them at the VERY end of the month instead of around the 18th. I think they should prioritize the bags that include redeemed points as those are their loyal customers!

    • Mine have always just been in the package with my glam bag. I actually forgot I had redeemed any points one time, so it was a nice surprise when I had my extra item in there!!

    • When I used my points up for two items only one showed up in my bag i had to get ahold of them and v finally sent it and I cancelled the same thing happened to my daughter.

    • I ended up with 2 of the guaranteed items this month…which I thought was weird. But I’m not complaining…I kinda sorta love my bag this month.

      And if my research is correct based on the info on my glam bag…I’m getting 4 full size products. Granted, one is a nail polish…which is the only thing I’m not thrilled about…but I’m more than happy with 4 outta 5 being decent.

      And at the end of the day, I’m paying 10 bucks for right around $50 worth of stuff I haven’t tried yet. I’m still a new subscriber…this is month 4…so I haven’t had that many opportunities to be frustrated with them yet.

      What I’m getting:
      the Balm Hot Mama blush (excited to try the color)
      Kokie Nail polish (allegedly full size. meh. light blue isn’t exactly my color…I’ll regift this)
      NYX vivid brights eyeliner (allegedly full size according to Ulta. It’ll be fun to experiment with this)
      Indi Beauty buttercream lip scrub (allegedly full size. This was the only thing I for sure wanted off of the full list!! Super excited…my lips are always so dry. Def excited about this)
      Teeez Cosmetics-Eve’s ready to wear lipstick in romantic red (allegedly full size according to the weight listed on ipsy. Love a bright lip color, and haven’t tried the brand yet.)

    • Update! I contacted ipsyCare and asked about not receiving a headliner product and the apologized for the mistake and ordered to send me any one of the headliners of my choice! Such great customer service!

    • I also did not get a headliner product. I’m going to follow your lead and contact them. I’d love the Tatcha oil!
      My bag is:
      Nudestix concealer
      Kokie nail polish
      Estée Lauder synchronized night complex serum
      Trust fund primer
      Dermlect moisturizer

  11. I sooooo wish I received that Adesse chrome nail polish! This is my bag this month:

    -The Balm Hot Mama blush
    -Noyah natural lipstick in smoke or currant
    -Nudestix concealer pencil in light or medium
    -Pure Brazilian leave in miracle
    -Indi beauty buttercream lip scrub

    Overall, I am pleased with the bag if I get the right colors. The Noyah lipstick would be a hit in smoke, but a total miss in currant, and the concealer pencil would be okay in medium, but useless in light. I’m not excited for the blush or the leave in treatment, but I like the lip scrub. I was really hoping for that Adesse polish, so hopefully one of my other subs will have it in the coming months.

    • We’re bag twins! I’m not a big blush person but we’ll see. I agree with you on the colors, I am definitely a light for the concealer pencil. I was really hoping for the makeup forever foundation. Super disappointed I didn’t get it, but with 40 possible items, I knew my chances were slim.

    • Did anyone get the Adesse? Each month it seems like they let out awesome spoilers, like this , but I hardly hear of anyone getting them. Could it be bait to get new subscribers?

      • I did actually get the Adesse!

        • How do you find out what your getting each month I haven’t figured that out yet ?

          • Anna, just log into your ipsy account, select ‘glam bag’ near the top left, then scroll down. ?

      • Hi LINDA! I have 2 subscriptions and received the Adesse in both bags. I was thrilled as it’s one of two items I wanted badly this month. Doesn’t seem like it was in many bags though. I really wanted the MUFE foundation but didn’t get it. I also ended up with a theBalm in both bags. Fortunately they are both different colors and hopefully they’ll be easy to swap.

      • I got it!

  12. Well, I think I’m just about done with Ipsy. I’ve had it for 10 months now…and have gotten maybe 3-4 things I actually use…I’ve done everything they suggest…reviewed every item, reviewed every bag, made sure my profile was accurate. Still, I get the same things each and every time…even though I give 1 star and indicate I don’t use these items and these shades…Still I get the blushes/highlighters…even though I keep negative reviewing them and do NOT have them checked on my profile…still I get hair products, even though I keep negative reviewing them and do NOT have them checked on my profile…get my drift? I keep holding onto because I think the bags are super cute and the eternal hope that some day I’ll get something I will not just say, “It’s okay…” but rather “Oh YES! I’m so excited to get that!!” 🙁

  13. I am so severely disappointed. I seriously want to cry. I have been getting ipsy for 10 months now and have been religiously reviewing items. I didn’t do it right the first couple of months, but still. I have rated every single nail Polish poorly (except my first month). I don’t have it selected in my profile, yet I continue to get nail polish. Not a single eyeliner in my bag but I have it checked in my profile and have rated every single one 5 stars. Wtf???? Per the other comments so far, it sounds like everyone is happy. I feel like ipsy doesn’t like or care about me (I know it’s silly, but…). I did not get one single product I hoped for.

    Brazilian leave in treatment (I have oily hair)
    the balm hot mama blush ( whatever)
    Josik nail Polish ( kill me!!!!)
    Norah lipstick – ok, but yawn
    Nudestix concealer – probably best thing in bag

    • See my comment above. 5 years a subscriber. My last bag I’ll be getting. It’s terrible.

      • Well. My comment before it was deleted.

        • And it’s back. Idek.

    • Me too! I haven’t had ipsy for 10 months but I have the same issue with nail polish! I hate it! I keep reviewing 1 star for nail polishes in each bag, I have it in my profile that I’m not interested, yet I KEEP GETTING NAIL POLISH!

  14. My bag is just ok.

    Mufe had foundation – I already got 2 samples from Sephora
    Ciate liner – womp womp, I hate getting another black eyeliner
    Lottie brush – yay
    Indi lip scrub -yay
    Trestique – lip crayon, meh

    Not a horrible bag but not a great one either. My last 2 bags were awesome so I was due for some crAppy products, lol.

  15. I don’t think I’ve seen my variation yet. Here’s what I’m getting:

    The Balm Hot Mama Blush – I like their blushes, not a fan of the sample size
    Noyah Natural Lipstick in Currant or Smoke – I hope I like the color I get!
    Nudestix Concealer Pencil – this will be gifted
    Pure Brazilian Leave-In Treatment – excited to try this!
    Indie Beauty Buttercream Antioxidant Lip Scrub – excited to try this!

    I’m feeling okay about my bag this month. I’m hoping I like the color of the lipstick I’ll get, and I’m not a fan of the teeny, tiny blush sample. But, I am happy to be receiving two new products from brands I’ve never heard of.

  16. I had HIGH hopes of receiving the Make Up Forever foundation since they were offering the shade Cognac. I would have happily accepted 4 duds if that one item were in my October bag. The first few bags this month were really good, that last few months have been lackluster. I was pretty bummed to see the contents of my October bag:

    *Sally’s Box Aqua Moist Gel Cream
    *Trust Fund Beauty Give Me Face Primer
    *Lottie London Eye Shadow Brush
    *Tre’stique Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux or Florence Fig
    *Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper

    I’m always looking for an HG primer, just bummed that I finally get to sample Trust Fund and it’s not one of the full sized polishes! I don’t mind receiving tools or brushes, but I am on eye shadow brush OVERLOAD. It would be nice if they were to send a sponge or at least one of the oval style brushes people are going crazy over. Somehow Tre’stique has crawled it’s way into another bag for me this month. I haven’t liked any of the lip or eye crayons that I have received from this brand, I always rate them HORRIBLY. I’m a big fan of the Kat Von D liner, but I still haven’t opened the one from last month’s Sephora Play! Maybe I’ll finally find the motivation to swap for the MFE foundation

  17. Love this month! So glad cus last month’s was MEH TO THE MAX.

    theBalm Cosmetics CabanaBoy Blush – not too excited but the packaging is cuute
    Trust Fund Beauty Gimme Good Face – Face Primer – YAY
    NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Gunmetal – YAY (I was just about to buy a shimmery liner!)
    MeMeMe Blush Brush – YAY BRUSH and I’m so glad this isn’t another shadow brush!

  18. Super excited to try the NYX Vivid brights eyeliner! Love the Halloween bag! ❤️

    • Love the bag too! Might re-up just for it!

  19. I’m happy, here’s what I’m getting:
    -TATCHA PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil
    -theBalm Cosmetics CabanaBoy Blush
    -Lottie London Perfectly Precise Eyeshadow Brush
    -tre’StiQue Matte Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux or Florence Fig
    -Dermelect Rapid Repair Facial Moisturizer

    This is my second bag, very pleasant so far! 🙂

  20. I could not dislike my bag more…..
    I don’t have any makeup checked on my profile, none. And I get that they can’t accommodate everything, but I or a blush, an eyeshadow, an eye shadow brush and an eye liner!!!!!!!!!! 4/5 items. And the fifth item is a leave in conditioner, I have fine, oily hair…… what the heck is the point of filling out that questionaire!!??? I just paid 10 bucks for absolutely nothing i use. I’m so annoyed right now. I would of been happy with nail polish, perfume… And and i see people got them that didn’t want to, why not give them to me!? Sigh, another I pay fail. I honestly may even email them time.

    • I feel like Ipsy leans more towards makeup items. In my experience Birchbox seemed to include more items that weren’t makeup. Maybe you could try switching it up (if you don’t already get Birchbox), to see if that might fit the things you like better?

      • On the other hand, Birchbox dropped their points for reviewing after your first 5 reviews and your points now expire after 6 months. Which is why I dropped them.

      • I’ve also given up on birchbox, if they gave a cute bag like I pay I’d probably stick with them. And I totally agree I pay generally leans more towards makeup, but they also have a TON of samples listed that i would have been so happy with. Anything skin related, face wash, moisturizer, masks, seems. I’d love any sort of dry shampoo, or just shampoo/conditioners. I will take nail polish and roller ball perfumes any day over the stuff i get. I counted 18/36 items that i would have been really happy with, they pretty much coupdnt have sent me a worse bag. Sigh.

    • I emailed them. My bag is above. 5 years and I give up.

    • I think Ipsy is probably not for you if you don’t want makeup! I have subscribed for a number of years and their products are mostly make-up and you may occasionally get other hair or face products. I also subscribe to Birchbox and it is the opposite–with very few makeup items and many hair, body and face items instead. You can scroll through the reviews on this site to get a good feel for the composition of the bags, and maybe find a better fit for you! 🙂

  21. I am getting:
    TATCHA PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil (I am never excited about face products but often end up liking them more than I expect so we will see)

    theBalm Cosmetics CabanaBoy Blush (I like that it can be used as shadow as well and I am glad I got the darker shade)

    tre’StiQue Matte Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux or Florence Fig (I want the deep wine color not the light pink because pinks sometimes look too light/odd with my skin tone)

    JoShik Polish LUXE (Meh. I will use it on my toes, I guess. I get gel nails done in a salon. I do like the color)

    pūr~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher with Mango and Shea Butters (with winter coming I could use a good moisturizing lip product)

    I am reasonably happy. I am so glad I didn’t get the foundation. It never would have matched right. I always welcome black liquid liners though. 🙂

  22. I’m getting:

    *theBalm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush
    *noyah Natural Lipstick in Smoke or Currant News (hoping for smoke)
    *Trust Fund Beauty Gimme Good Face – Face Primer
    *Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker Fragrance Rollerball
    *MeMeMe Blush Brush

    Not that excited, but it’s okay I guess. My little gal will LOVE the bag, so I guess factoring that in, it’s a win.

    • Jealous! This would have been a great bag for me!

    • Bag twins! I’m happy with it. I’ve never tried Lovely and am hoping I like it. Excited to try to primer and lipstick, and the blush looks like a good color for me.

    • Bag twins (for my sister’s gift sub, anyway, lol). Awesome bag!

  23. Bad bag for me
    MUFE Ultra HD – already received two samples from Sephora
    Vintage Brighten and Define – meh
    NYX Vivid Liner in Gunmetal – will never use
    Trestique Matte Lip Crayon – that’s another story and sent an email to ipys
    BeFine Exfoliating Cleanser – have rosacea and don’t use manual exfoliaters.

    I got the Lip Crayon in the November 2015. I sent a email to ipsy asking why, considering that there are other products that fit my profile (heck even a different lippie), would I get the same Lip Crayon again. Just baffling!!

  24. Last month, I adjusted my profile to cater to the brands I want in my bag for October based on the spoiler, and I only got one thing I absolutely hate. I got two that I absolutely wanted. Not bad.

    • How did you do that?

      • You just go in to your profile and retake the quiz. Retake it with the items you want in mind. Check only the brands you want. Do not check anything that you don’t want in your next bag. For example, I wanted the Balm, so I checked that brand on the brand page, and checked blush in the makeup page. I did not want any hair products, so I left all unchecked. And so on…

  25. How’d you get the primer?? That’s all I wanted! Lol. I’m getting the same blush, hair product, and brush, a NYX eyeliner and an eyeshadow. Not very exciting

  26. If I had picked the bag I least wanted, this would be pretty darn close. Ciaté liner (because who can’t use yet another black liquid liner?), theBalm Hot Mama, Kokie polish in a lilac-ish shade, Indi Beauty lip scrub (okay, this is the only item I will try due to decent ingredients), and tre’StiQue crayon. Just yuck, especially since I have noted organic and natural preferences.

    • Bag twins!
      I’m pretty eh on this month personally. It’s better than the rest of the bags I’ve received thus far with Ipsy though. :c

  27. I am so excited this month. I was secretly wishing for these 2 items and my wishes were granted:

    Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner in Trooper
    Lottie London Perfectly Precise Eyeshadow Brush

    I am also getting these items and I am pleased to see them in the bag:
    – tre’StiQue Matte Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux (I hope!)
    – Sally’s Box Aqua Moist Gel Cream
    – trust Fund Beauty Gimme Good Face – Face Primer

    • Bag twins! This comment reminds me that it’s impossible for beauty subs to please us all. I’m actually pretty bummed about mine, at least I got the primer though 🙂

  28. These are always hit or miss for me. I’m not excited about anything in this month’s bag. But at the same time, I’ve gotten great stuff from them before. So I’ll just chalk this up to a one off lol

  29. This is my first bag and I’m pretty happy with it!
    The Balm Cabana Boy blush (I was hoping for this so bad!!)
    Sally’s box Aqua moist gel cream
    Ciate eyeliner (was hoping for Kay Von d just cuz it’s a great liner but looking forward to trying this one out)
    Cosmoholic liquid lipstick in Mysterious Mocha
    Lottie London eyeshadow brush

    • Bag twin! Don’t know how I feel about it. Wasn’t too excited for any of the spoilers so I couldn’t really be disappointed with anything I got I guess 🙂 can’t wait to see the lip color, hoping it’s lighter than my nyx lingerie in honeymoon.

  30. Beaute Basics Satin Taupe eyeshadow
    Ciate London Fierce Flicks liner
    Hot Mama blush
    Elizabeth Grant Green Power C cleanser
    Adesse Liquid Chrome polish in Grand Central

    Unhappy with all of it. Every item is in a category I purposely didn’t check and routinely say I don’t want when rating bags. I’m going to try the reverse psychology trick and if it doesn’t work I’m cancelling 🙁

    • I got this same bag and love everything but the eyeliner – I don’t wear it and have told them – but still get it.

    • Bag twin. I’m okay with it, just would prefer to not get another eye shadow.

  31. I pretty much got the same bag you did. Yawn.

  32. I am soooooo not happy with my bag. I have another nail polish and I don’t wear nail polish and don’t have it checked on profile. I have made very clear on my reviews that I hate nail polish and not to send me any more. I thought reviews were supposed to help them decide what goes in your bag. Every month I get nail polish. I also am getting another nude lipstick and I don’t have lipstick checked on my profile. My other items are the tiny blush sample, concealer stick and pure brazilian leave in treatment. I don’t like anything. I emailed them to see if they can change the nail polish to something else. I am tired of paying for a product I never use and I have 5 of them already.

  33. My bag is okay… hey I’m just glad there isn’t any mascara, ha!

    – Sally’s Box Aqua Moist Gel Cream
    – TATCHA PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil
    – theBalm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush
    – Teeez Cosmetics Eve’s Ready to Wear Lipstick in Romantic Red
    – Adesse New York Liquid Chrome Organic Infused Nail Lacquer in Grand Central

    • I’m getting this exact bag as well and I’m fairly unhappy with it.

      • Yeah I’m not thrilled with the bright red lip color… and I don’t use nail polish. But I’ll gift those to friends as stocking stuffers. Curious to try the gel cream and oil… with the change in seasons I already feel my skin drying out a bit.

  34. Happy with my bag:

    TATCHA PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

    noyah Natural Lipstick in Smoke or Currant

    NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Gunmetal

    MeMeMe Blush Brush

    Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gels

    • I would loooove the eye gel patches. Anything mask related would be great and I never, ever get them. So sad 🙁

      • This is the first time I’m getting eye patches, and I sub to a bunch of boxes, so I’m excited.

  35. This month when they released full spoilers, I wasn’t excited about much. As usual, I’m pleased with 3/5 and 2/5 in each of my bags. Thankful for the swap site!!!!
    First bag:
    theBalm Cosmetics CabanaBoy Blush
    Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner
    Trust Fund Beauty Gimme Good Face – Face Primer
    Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Green Power C Hydrating Cleanser
    Adesse New York Liquid Chrome Organic Infused Nail Lacquer in Grand Central

    Second bag:
    TATCHA PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil
    theBalm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush
    Cosmoholic Liquid Lipstick in Mysterious Mocha
    Adesse New York Liquid Chrome Organic Infused Nail Lacquer in Grand Central
    Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gels

    I’m thrilled to get the Adesse polish!!! Not as thrilled about theBalm in both boxes and ANOTHER black eyeliner. I can’t get them to stop sending them to me. I really wanted the foundation, but I guess I can get that at Sephora and prefer receiving skin care, cleansers and brands I can’t get samples of. Love Trust Fund, so I’m happy to try their primer. Super stoked to try the Elizabeth Grant cleanser and the TATCHA cleanser as well. I know someone will gladly swap for my extra Adesse polish too!

    I always look forward to seeing what others receive and hope everyone gets a few things they wanted.

  36. YESSS! Im getting the makeup forever foundation!!! I wanted to get it soo bad! Also wanted a brush, any brush, I need them so bad but never get them!! But Im getting….
    Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
    Ciate London Eyeliner
    Kokie Cosmetics Nail Polish
    Trust Fund Beauty Face Primer
    Pur Cosmetics Mud Mask

    I am so excited for the foundation, hopefully they get the right shade though. Im always happy to get nail polish but this shade looks similar to the zoya one I got from fabfitfun, the mud mask Ill use but they eyeliner pen… I already have so many and I dont really use face primer, ill try it though. Im happy with this month. (:

  37. I’m so happy I could cry-
    Beauty Basics Taupe shadow- don’t need but it looks pretty
    Tatcha cleansing oil- was a brand on my beauty bucket list
    Purlisse lip nourisher- don’t know what this is but like that brand
    Adesse chrome nail polish- this was the one thing from the spoilers I seriously wanted.
    Ciate liner- love their polish very intrigued

    • I love that Purlisse Lip Nourisher! It goes on like butter and has a light fruity mango taste.

    • This is almost exactly my bag… except instead of the Adesse polish that I REALLY wanted, I got a brow product. womp womp.

  38. I’m pretty happy but I did get two dupes between bags. I will definitely be listing the matte lip crayon in the swaps and also probably my dupes.

    Bag #1
    The Balm Hot Mama Blush
    Trust Fund Beauty Gimme Good Face – Face Primer
    Pure Brazilian Leave In Miracle
    INDI Beauty Buttercream Antioxidant Lip Scrub
    tre’StiQue Matte Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux or Florence Fig

    Bag #2
    The Balm Hot Mama Blush
    INDI Beauty Buttercream Antioxidant Lip Scrub
    Beaute Basics Satin Taupe Eye Shadow
    Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner
    Adesse New York Liquid Chrome Organic Infused Nail Lacquer in Grand Central

  39. The Balm Hot Mama Blush
    Pure Brazilian Leave-In Miracle
    Trust Fund Beauty face primer
    Indi Beauty buttercream lip scrub
    TreStique matte lip crayon

    I will use the lip scrub for sure! The lip crayon looks too dark for me. Ipsy loves to send me lip crayons though so of course I got it lol.

  40. Only subbed because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I really wanted the bag.

    – Tatcha cleansing oil
    – Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation
    – It’s a 10 leave in <— Adore this stuff
    – Lottie London eyeshadow brush
    – Tre'stique lip crayon <—meh so hope I get the deep wine shade.

    All in all I'm very happy with my bag. Been gone for so long it's nice to get a good bag to welcome me back.

  41. I’m getting:

    1. Hot Mama Blush
    2. Gunmetal Liner (not thrilled but hope sister-in-law will like it)
    3. Pure Brazilian Leave in Miracle
    4. Lip Scrub
    5. Matte Lip Crayon

    I’m pretty excited for my bag!!

  42. I’m actually pretty excited for my bag even though I only got 1 of the items I was really hoping for. The rest still seems like things I might like.

    1. TheBalm blush in Cabana Boy (wanted sooooo bad!!)
    2. Promise Organic
    Nourishing Coconut Milk Face Lotion with Hibiscus (sounds great & I love all things coconut!)
    Natural Lipstick in Smoke or Currant News (hoping for smoke! Both colors are pretty but that currant with my blonde hair might be a little much…)
    4. NYX Professional Makeup
    Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Gunmetal (interesting… at least I didn’t get black!!)
    5.MeMeMe Blush Brush (I have a ton of brushes but this looks nice and it’s the first non eye shadow brush I have received from Ipsy!)

  43. Here’s what I’m getting:

    TATCHA Cleansing Oil
    Kokie Nail Polish
    essence eyekiner pen
    tre-StiQue Lip Crayon
    pur-lisse Lip Nourisher

    I’m pleased with my bag overall. I was hoping for the Kat Von D tattoo liner, but I’m excited to try the essence liner. I know a lot of women on here say they are tired of getting liners, but I love them! I have a 16 year old daughter, and we’re always fighting over liners, so the ones I get in my subscription bags are well-received in my house. I’ve never tried a cleansing oil before. It sounds contradictory, but maybe it’s what my dry skin needs.

  44. Ugh my bag sucks I’m not looking forward to anything in it

  45. I guess after 4 months of getting really awesome bags it was time for me to get a bad one. Im not happy at all with what I’m getting.

  46. Aside from the bag issue, for the first time in months, I’m thrilled with what I’m receiving:
    Ciaté London
    Fierce Flicks Eyeliner
    theBalm Cosmetics
    Hot Mama Blush
    Natural Lipstick in Smoke or Currant News
    Preventive Measures 101
    Lips 101 After Hours (I love a lip balm!)
    Elizabeth Grant Skin Care
    Green Power C Hydrating Cleanser

    These are the five items I would have chosen out of all this month’s products so looking forward to this month!

  47. I hate my bag. Hate! Other than the tre’stique lip crayon, everything else is so not me! ugh! Maybe I can swap for some of the fun Balm stuff.

    • Me too! Second month in a row I’ve hated my bag. Last month I had one thing I liked, this month I have 2. Disapointed

  48. I’m getting:
    • The Balm Hot Mama Blush
    • Noyah Natural Lipstick in Smoke or Currant News
    • Nudestix Concealer Pencil in Light 2 or Medium 4
    • Pure Brazilian Leave-In Miracle
    • Joshik Polish in Luxe

    That’s the second nail polish in three months…but based on the color I’m hoping my ipsy gets here before the 15th so I can wear it when I go to my alma mater’s Homecoming football game. Purple is one of our colors!

  49. Ugh…I don’t know who this Valfre person is, but clearly she prefers horrible dark-goth colored makeup and thinks I should too.

    My bag is officially terrible this month.

    • SO disappointed this month. i already have the MUFE foundation, I don’t need more brushes (I only use MAC and Sigma) the lip crayon is nothing special, a NYX eyeliner is very disappointing when I could’ve gotten a blush from the balm as the alternative and I got another freaking pur lisse product! I am so done with pur lisse, it’s overkill. They’re in every single sub box. I know ipsy is cheap but I’m always disappointed so definitely canceling. Rather pay more for a box where the products are all the same or at least equal RV to what other people are getting. The ipsy bag is cute and I always like their bags but that’s not enough of a reason for me to keep them lol. So bye bye ipsy.

  50. Um, that bag looks nothing like the spoiler they posted weeks ago.

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