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GlossyBox October 2016 FULL Spoilers + Free Eyeshadow Palette

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We have the FULL SPOILERs for the October 2016 Glossybox! There are variations in boxes so subscribers may not receive every item pictured:


Masque Bar by Look Beauty, Anti-Blemish Mud Mask

OGX Strength + Body Bamboo Fiber-Full Thickening Root Booster

OGX Niacin3 & Caffeine Root Stimulator Spray

Unani Il-luminate Milk Cleanser

Emite Make Up Lip & Cheek Tint (In all boxes)

Decleor Hydrating Oil Serum

Lip Balm? (Anyone know what that pink lid item is?)

What do you think of the full spoilers?


If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet, use coupon code SHADOW to get a free Karity 5 Shadow Palette with your first box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I received my box today:
    – Root stimulator
    – Lip and cheek tint
    – Pomegranate sheet mask
    – Unani cleanser
    – Oil serum
    The question I have is on the enclosed info. On the back it says, “Next month’s sneak peek” and references the limited edition holiday box with six full size products. Isn’t that a special order box like the Mother’s Day and Fighting Pretty boxes? I cancelled last month so October was my last box. I’m not sad to go, love the pretty boxes but waiting to see if they improve before I resub. Happy with my decision to go to Beautyfix, more products and I prefer the skincare since my skin has decided to age overnight. ?

    • Same box, same thoughts. Pretty boxes, crappy service. I’m really sick of them showing us a pic of “what’s in the box”, but it’s never all of them. At least I didn’t get something super cheap and out of left field this time. This was my last box.

  2. My box arrived today (this is the first month in 2 years I’ve received a Glossybox earlier than both Birchbox and ipsy!). It had a sticker on the front indicating it was “variant 5,” and it’s one I haven’t seen yet on social media or seen anyone mention here. It contained:

    -emite lip and cheek tint
    -unani milk cleanser 6.7oz
    -decleor oil serum .17oz
    -masque bar pore refining creme mask single use packet
    -chuda healing hydrating cream .17oz (this is that little round guy with the pink lid in the photo above – it’s not a lip balm)

    I’m a little disappointed the masque bar product I received isn’t a sheet mask- I much prefer those over creme masks and am more inclined to use them since they are less messy. The info card lists this as a sheet mask, and only says scents may vary, but oh well.

    It looks like the little Chuda cream sample is a variant for the OGX hair products. While some (myself included, in a different scenario) might be ticked that a sample size product is substituted for a full size one, in this case I’m fine with it. I don’t need any more hair thickening products, and I love trying new skincare. According to the product card, the full size of this cream (1.7oz) retails for $150, so at 1/10 of the full size the sample “value” is $15. I tend to be a skeptical grump about skincare products that cost more than $100 (really, that inflated price is part of the brand/product’s marketing as “luxe” and “exclusive”), so I personally take that value with a grain of salt.

    (I am a little bummed out the Glossybox branded sleepy masks I saw included in boxes on instagram aren’t in all the boxes this month. It looks like they were sent out only to select people – whether for being instafamous or bloggers or “bloggers,” I don’t know.)

    I’m interested to see what folks get in their Glossyboxes!

  3. Ha. I have incredibly thick hair and I’m pregnant on top of that so it’s going to get crazy. Somehow I don’t think those products are for me. This is my last month, I canceled last month. This looks better than last month, at least though.

    I’m debating where to go next. I don’t have any boxes right now. I’ve tried Birchbox, Ipsy, Boxycharm, and Allure too. Not all were awful but I’ve canceled for various reasons.

    • I love BeautyFix/Dermstore. Has mostly skin care products rather than makeup, though. I also love Benevolent. It’s a bit more expensive, but the products are cruelty free with a dollar (I think) of each box going to the Humane Society. The owner is very accessible, very responsive, so that great customer service seems unusual for boxes and makes the box a keeper for me. I also get Glossybox but expect to cancel it soon. Good Luck!

  4. Hello! I had unsubscribed a few months ago. Does anyone know if I subscribe again for glossybox now I will be eligible to use this Karity eyeshadow code? Cuz it looks really interesting 🙂
    Thanks so much to anyone who answers!

    • If you create a new account you will be able to use it, but you can’t use it for an existing account. Make sure that you don’t create a new account until the Glossybox is in your cart with the coupon code applied already. So, not signed in, go to Glossybox, select your new plan, type in the coupon code, and it will prompt you to create an account. If you do that, you’ll get the eyeshadow palette. Hope this helps!

  5. I got my box today!!! Super early! No tracking or warning, I got the lip tint, hydrating oil, a lemon mask, milk cleanser and the root booster. Not two thickening products.

    • Box twins! I didn’t get the round lip gloss pictured in the review, Overall satisfied, 3 full size products.

  6. To me the UK Glossybox is way much better then the US box. If you look on YouTube, their boxes have better quality. It makes question why can’t the people who fix the UK boxes do the US boxes too.

    • I’ve noticed the same thing about their Birchboxes too. I’ve even tried (unsuccessfully) to see if I could subscribe to the UK versions! 😀

      I think in general the UK has much better beauty boxes than the US. Sure, they’re at a higher price point, but they have higher end brands, that I’d be interested in receiving. The only problem is a lot of them don’t ship to the US. 🙁

      • I know! the UK birchbox is amazing, I love the drawer boxes!, It’s a little more expensive but I would pay more and resub with birchbox if we would get the same thing as the UK boxes do. Did you see the beautiful October boxes with the astrological star designs?

      • Look Fantastic is a UK beauty subscription. They have free shipping and if you sign up for a 12 month subscription the monthly cost is $15. I am waiting on my first box.

        • I sub to lfb…it’s more treatment, ant the magazines. It’s nive, but I want more makeup than skincare!

    • I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know Glossybox is headquartered in Germany, and the US box is the only non-European market they have. Perhaps the difference you see in quality has something to do with product availability by country, or customs, import/export tariffs, that kind of thing.

      As a side note, I’m not sure that the UK and other European boxes actually are always better than the US ones. Last month the UK box touted a Revlon top coat as a “FULL SIZE!” product, which doesn’t scream luxe to me. Also, I’ve noticed that on the fb and Instagram accounts for the German and French boxes, there are numerous customer complaints, some that echo ours here about late shipping, problems cancelling, products arriving damaged, etc.

  7. I have canceled mine about 3-4 months ago. They also told me I have to finish my remaining months. Mine is supposed to expire with November being my last box. I used to love this box. Was one of my favorite subs. I have removed my credit card information from any of the boxes that I have stopped my sub to. The “finishing the rest of the time” is the norm for almost all of the sub boxes. I now do not sub unless it is for only 3 months or less.

    • Most subs allow you go month to month. If you have the “finish out your sub” then you chose a longer, pre-paid subscription. Don’t blame the company if you made the choice not to pay by the month. That’s not the norm, it’s your decision.

  8. I wonder if the Gilt deal is actually the cause of the declining quality of the boxes? Maybe they made a poor business decision (or didn’t estimate the volume of people using the gilt deal) and have had to cut back based on budget issues. Not the consumer’s problem but just a guess…

    • Shouldn’t be since usually there’s a limit of discounted subs they put out for sale so they knew they would get atkeast x amount of gilt deal ppl. I just think some months r good some r bad to even out a year of subs. N whatever company want to collab with them

      • It’s the same thing as the way Groupon is notorious for being the last nail in a business’ coffin. Businesses don’t plan for the rush of customers, all at a discount, and fail miserably because of it.

    • I was thinking the same thing since I bought the Gilt deal and all my boxes have been lower value ones in comparison. It’s common practice in marketing to hook people in with a great deal if you’re a new customer, but there’s less incentive to keep you as a customer.

  9. Do we have to cancel officially if we got the gilt deal? I paid gilt for a voucher and then redeemed the voucher and on my glossybox account it shows no credit card info. I tried emailing them to ask and to redeem glossydots but got no response. I don’t care anymore about a free box I just want to be done and not get charged somehow for another year.

    • I asked the same question. They replied and said since it was a voucher it will not renew. Hope this helps

  10. I love the actual pink box, too, but was disappointed when I cancelled and they made me pay for one extra month. I mean, who does that?

  11. I’m rather surprised by the comments on here. Based on all the variations the last several months, why would it be assumed that they are including BOTH hair products? It seems quite obvious that we’ll receive one or the other. They only commit to sending 5 items. They did this last month with picturing all the possible items and I still got a totally different box than the spoilers or ads had in them. I did get the promised eye shadow and brow pencil, but not the perfume or serum they emailed to me. I cancelled and will have to watch them to see if they improve. If they offer another gilt city deal, I might do it as I love the actual boxes and I’m sure I’d find at least one product a month that I’d enjoy enough to cover that cost. At $21, I just haven’t loved them. I joined at the wrong time, right when they started variations and lower values. Sad it wasn’t as enjoyable as I expected, I REALLY wanted to love this sub.

    • I agree regarding the two hair products. Those definitely seem like variations, plus I’m pretty sure I remember reading that the Decleor product wouldn’t be in every box either. So, as Liz’s description shows, the only sure thing that everybody will be receiving is the lip/cheek tint. And, it seems obvious (to me) that everybody will also receive one of the OGX root products. I’m guessing all of the other products will be the variants.

      • I received an email stating that the oil serum would be in all boxes, then again they said that about the NUXE item back in July so…

        I agree about the hair products. I would guess it will be one or the other.

        Has anyone successfully used their Glossydots and managed to close their account without getting charged for an extra month? If so, how? My annual runs out in November and I don’t want to give them a penny more of my money.

        • I was wondering about the Glossydots too. I read their FAQ, and I think I get it, but at the same time I still feel slightly confused. I think it’s more on the timing of it all. My annual ends in December, and I was hoping to use them to get a free January box, but since I’m unsure of the timing, I think I’ll just ‘cash them in’ in November and mostly likely get two December boxes, and make sure I cancel in time.

        • I was told that I was supposed to cancel by the 15th of the month to avoid a charge. They were quite snarky about it when I requested a refund of the six month sub they charged me for.

          • “By the 15th” is their cancellation policy, and is stated as such about half a dozen different places on their website (including twice on the sign-up page). It seems, judging by the comments and complaints made month after month by those who miss the cut off date, that not many people read when they sign up. Glossybox isn’t always upfront when it comes to box value, variations, and promises about what’s “in every box,” but that cancellation policy is one of the few things that is clearly stated.

            It’s a bummer that people are charged again when they don’t expect it, and there’s no excuse for CS rudeness, but there is a case to be made here for being an informed and savvy consumer, and reading the policies of the services we sign up for.

        • This is the last month of my sub and I have 2000 glossydots. I emailed them last month and asked if I could use the glossydots for November and December. They emailed back and said they would do that.

    • My Glossybox arrived today. I received the sheet mask, Unani milk cleanser, lip tint, oil, and root stimulator. I did receive an email last week stating the oil would be in every box. Since I got the root stimulator I’m guessing we get either that or the booster. I hope you all are happy with what you get.

  12. So this is my last month through the gilt city deal & I don’t think I will be renewing. I do have a ton of glossy dots so I will redeem for them for a November box. Glossybox totally fell off & has been more misses than hits for me. I will miss the gorgeous pink box!

    • It’s my last box too through the Gilt City deal, and I can’t wait for it to be over. Even for $8/box, it’s awful I haven’t used hardly anything from my boxes. I’ve been swapping most of the products. I already have thick/curly hair I don’t need a root booster, and two root boosters in one box is very redundant. I’m only looking forward to the lip and cheek tint and my sub being over.

    • I had also just decided not to renew now that my Gilt deal ran out. But I share your love of those boxes! I use them for everything. I guess the 12 I’ve collected will have to suffice haha.

    • How do you get Glossydots? I have been subbed to the box for 6 months but never heard of Glossydots. Thanks ❤️

      • U were suppose to review your products each month like birch box and you get GLOSSY dogs same as birchbox points

      • Just log into your account, click on your name in the upper right corner, then to the left there should be a “Survey” category you can choose. I bet you’ll have a ton of surveys to fill out. 🙂

        • I didn’t get surveys for 2 months! Also, I think they expire and disappear after a month. At least that was my experience. After I cancelled last month, I haven’t been able to get to my account without googling ‘glossybox login’. I think that’s crazy based on their cancellation policy. Too many people get another month and would like to access their account. I wish glossybox would read these threads and take some of these concerns to heart.

  13. Be careful if you try to cancel. After trying multiple times to cancel, and being told that I was cancelled, they charged me for another year. After disputing it, they refunded me a partial amount, subtracting the amount of the current box. I’ve not had a good experience at all with their customer service. They also wouldn’t let me redeem my Glossydots. Very disappointed, I would have probably renewed in a few months had I had a better experience.

    • I echo this. Despite cancelling my subscription in April, they are still trying to bill me for another annual. I say “try” because luckily my credit card expired, so they haven’t been able to charge me. But every 2 weeks like clockwork I get an email asking me to update my c/c info so that my order can be processed. I’ve written them multiple times but still the emails come, 6 mos and counting.

      • I cancelled this month too on the 2nd. I got an email today telling me my card didn’t go through, I’m glad that my card expired and I never updated that info! This is just crazy, i even looked at my account on their site and it said cancelled…they need to get their stuff together!

      • Be careful! I thought I could just ignore those expired credit card messages until recently the charge went through!!! Kind of scary that they were able to make a charge to my account without a valid expiration date. I am now disputing with my credit card company.

        • They did that to me too! So watch out!

  14. I also got mine through the Gilt deal and I think this will may be my last box. I redeemed my points and they said they would be sending me a extra October box! I have RA and take Chemo pills every week so the Niacin root Stimulator might be a good item! We will see how this month goes to determine if I resub.

    • how did you get them to redeem glossydots? i’ve been contacting CS for months now with no reply 🙁

      • Every time I’ve asked them about redeeming Glossydots, they don’t even acknowledge the question.

        • Also the error message I get when trying to redeem the Glossydots is that I had to have an active subscription-as I tried to use them when my annual sub ended as well. They won’t even acknowledge my requests about them. Best to try to use them before them before it actually ends….

      • On the website while logged into my account, I just sent them a message asking to redeem my Dots…they responded with , can add it on the end of your sub or get a second of next months box(Oct)…I responded with “I’ll take a extra of the Oct” and they said they would….Keep in mind….I haven’t gotten it yet….we’ll see if I do!

        • I’ve been lucky with redeeming my glossydots but I send an email stating that I want an extra box and I request it the month before. It seems the earlier the better. I was told you can’t redeem without an active account for I’ve been requesting one every month for the last 3 months due to “bonus” points for damaged items

    • I have RA too & have the same hair issue…. best wishes for good health & thicker hair! 😉

  15. Boring. My sub is done in two months, and I won’t be renewing. I really enjoyed this box, but it seems to have gone downhill lately. I especially dislike that the boxes aren’t comparable, where one person gets a great box, and another receives a not so great box.

  16. Glossybox has been doing some serious varieties in their boxes lately. My roommate gets one as well and its never the same, and mine always has the ‘lesser’ items. She gets full size goods and I get travel sized body wash – that kind of thing. The featured boxes always look great, good for those who get them!! I will not be renewing another year, though its hard to be too bummed as I got the Gilt deal…

  17. Looks like better contents than I’ve received recently, but I almost don’t want to read spoilers from Glossybox because it’s been leading to disappointment and ultimately, my cancellation. This is the last box unless I see some consistency return and I don’t mean from the spoilers, but from subscribers comments. I had mixed customer service experiences. At least they did what they promised. If a product was damaged they actually replaced it… I’m still waiting for my Allure replacements they said mailed over 2 weeks ago! I don’t live in China!

    • It took Allure over 3 months to replace a damaged item. Every time I contacted them it was being “processed.” Eventually I forgot about it but then I cleaned out my email inbox and saw the email from them. So for “fun” I contacted them again. Same response, and about a month later i thought about it again so I sent them another fun email and received the same response. One day, there was a box in my mailbox. It was from Allure and it had a bottle of Trust Fund polish in it. In a hideous color. I cancelled Allure months ago and don’t miss it at all

      • That’s funny. I kind of did the same thing when I was having CS issues with them earlier this year. Overall, I had a gut feeling everything would be okay (I was have billing issues where they were attempting to charge me 3x for one LE box & 2x for the Beauty Thrills box but I had a feeling only one charge for each would post), but the fact that they kept giving me crazy non-answers to my questions, I just felt like I had to see it all the way through for kicks. Plus, I thought it’d be funny to post it someday (most likely on the forum) just to show how horrible their CS is…. I’m still waiting for that perfect day though.

  18. A Root Booster and a Root Stimulator? Sounds like a bit of an product duplication/overlap to me – one or the other with another, different product to round out the box would have been preferred. Not the greatest box this month, I think. Maybe the other products will wow me and make up for it. Is it me or is Glossy getting disappointing in recent boxes?

    • One is for preventing hair fallout, the other for thickening/volumizing, so not quite the same thing. Looking at other comments though, I’m guessing it isn’t likely they will both be included in every box.

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