1. More new items! This is going to cost me a small fortune.

  2. I just checked and they added new items to the list including Briogeo =D
    I hope full spoilers are released soon =)

    Even though I just upgraded to an annual sub a few weeks ago and paid the full amount, I have a pending transaction from FFF from today looking like it’s a single box amount… Has anyone had that happen to them?

    • Nevermind I accidentally pressed the reactivate button when I logged into my old account (which is pretty much the same as my other email except for the @).

      Hopefully they can cancel it 🙁

      I think I need to sleep now…………

  3. Fall was my first FFF box and I have to say, this add-ons system is pretty brilliant on their part – it gives them a way to get rid of anything from past boxes that didn’t sell, incentivizes the year-long subscriptions, and gets people to stalk their site when they see something they didn’t know they wanted become a must-have after going out-of-stock.

  4. This is my first time with this subscription and I would love to get more info on the mysterybox, I’m also concerned over the cost vs value.

  5. Stayed up all night in order to purchase what I wanted before things sold out now I just got an email said one of my add ons is now sold out!!!!! Ughhhh so annoyed!!

    • Wait, what? Between and the increase in price on the modcloth scarf and now this…what is going on over at fabfitfun this season??? They seem to be a bit disorganized. Which item did they cancel? Maybe someone will release it and you can get it again. That’s so odd. I’m so sorry that happened to you.

      • It was the mod scarf but it was listed for Approximately $20 so I added it to my cart then they removed it and said it was sold out now they are back at selling them for 35!!! Ughh

    • That happened to me too. It was the mod cloth scarf! I added it around 9am yesterday morning (pacific time.) I checked throughout the day and it was there, but then around 3pm it was gone. I emailed them and they said it sold out! So it was probably already sold out when I added it the first time, but a “system glitch” allowed me to put it in my cart. That doesn’t explain why it stayed in there all day though… They DID give me a $10 credit though. So you should ask for one as well if they didn’t already offer it to you.

  6. So I got the velvet chocker. 4 pairs of black leggings ( one for me 3 for gifts) and one of the throws. ( the white one) I could have added a lot more but what I chose came to over 100 dollars already.

  7. Man. I really hope a lot of these items are still available on the 7th! I love several things but not an annual subscriber. Do they usually still have items a week later?

    • Some of the items will probably be sold out by the time the add-ons are open for all subscribers, but a lot of people release items from their carts before the final purchase deadline so there’s a decent chance that something that is sold out initially will be available before mid-November.

      Essentially, when people add items to their carts they are really just reserving them, not actually purchasing them – nothing is actually purchased until the last day (I think it’s Nov 19 this season). So a lot of people will add a boatload of items in the beginning of the add-on season then narrow down their purchases before the final date arrives, which is when their credit cards will actually be charged. As soon as they delete the items from their carts, they become available on the website again. So the availability of add-ons is really fluid – it’s kind of annoying/addicting, depending on your perspective 🙂 , but you need to keep your eye on the website to see what becomes available again (especially in the last day or two when a lot of people clean up their carts). Honestly, it’s kind of fun.

  8. They added a new speaker and it is so unique! But $59… I can’t help myself. They have a similar one at Urban Outfitters for $69.

  9. I was sooo excited for the ModCloth blanket scarf for $19 but then when I logged into my account it was $34! So, basically retail price…

    Anyone else’s account have it for $19?

    • It’s weird. I went on the site late last night when the add-ins first came up and it was definitely $19. But now it’s $34. I’m hoping people who added it to their carts at $19 are informed that the price went up (or the site still honors their $19 purchase price). I’ve seen prices go down for add-ons Geiger, but never up. Very odd.

    • I just asked customer service, they said it was a system glitch that it showed up at $19, it is $34 so if you are upgrading for the scarf, be aware that it is $34.

  10. There are more items added today, but for some reason, the price for Modcloth scarf is different when I added into my cart. It says $ 34 instead of $ 19… I asked the customer service and they said to follow their site… weird~~

  11. Bourbon vanilla has always just been a really lux vanilla scent to me. Got that for sis in law, 3 pack for me, lotion for my mom, really want the Donni Charm scarf but $59? And I want a mystery bundle but I would prob end up with wine charms and wine Popsicle molds lol

    • Hi Jessica!

      I did the mystery bundle last box and I got – the ban.do card set, the bullet necklace, the XO earrings, and an apron. So it can be a really good deal and include items currently in the add ons. Just to give you an idea of you want to take the gamble and get one.

      • Thanks Whitney! I may go ahead and gamble, I want it all…..

  12. Has anyone used the car mount? Curious how well it works if your phone is in a case (an Otterbox Symmetry case, to be specific).

    Also, is the throw worth it? The wine-colored one is calling my name, but I’m not sure about the price, as discounted as it is.

  13. I got the throw in black, leather cord holder, black umbrella, leg warmers in black and the music note.

  14. Anyone have experience with the Freeze 24/7 products? Looks like a steal but I can’t find many reviews.

    • Hi Victoria,
      I recently used 24/7 for about a month. My skin is dry, and as promised my fine lines were slightly rendered less noticeable. There was no lasting change in my fine lines. I also noted a tacky/sticky feeling across area of application, even after applying primer.

      • Thanks!

  15. Oh goodness, I’m in trouble! I love that woven weekender, the donni charm scarf, the massi throws, a few of other electronics gizmos, the freeze 24/7 bundle…uh oh. The list goes on and on. Sorry credit card…

  16. It says in the paragraph above the add ons that there are pom pom beanies, but there aren’t. Do they usually add more stuff later? Was hoping for a lot more winter accessories/candles/home goods.

    • They have added a few additional items mid-“add-on season” in the past so you might get lucky. As I recall, they added some bundles last quarter that were pretty great and they even dropped the price on a few items as well (those bath bombs, for example). I hope you find something you love ?

      • Thank you!! 🙂

    • You may want to check the site again. I’ve noticed they’ve added some more stuff this afternoon. ?

      • Awesome, thank you!!

  17. I snatched up the Massi throw and donni charm scarf that I missed out on during add-ons last winter. So glad they brought them back! Here I thought I’d do some Christmas shopping, but instead it’s all for me.

  18. I like the cord roll and piggy bank power bank! I also like the yoga towels from Vagabond. I might add the black and white modcloth scarf, too.

  19. I didn’t do add-ons for my first box, but I’m definitely doing it this time! Massi throw in ice, leg warmers for a cold chicago winter, and a the car mount for my husband’s stocking at Christmas.

  20. Anyone getting the Mysterybox? I love a mystery but for 29 I could get another full size box for 10 more right!if I had money to blow I so would jump on that.

  21. I picked one of the car mounts, the juara body lotion, a London Butter lipstick (Buzzed) and a keratin glove set for my sister but I’m on the fence with that one.

  22. Not able to purchase yet, but prices seem very good. Lot of good stuff, especially for gifts. Does anyone have any experience with the throw? Loved the one from Burke Decor a year ago, and not quite feeling it for this throw yet.


    • I really want to try those but i am hesitant on the bourbon vanilla. Have you used that scent and if so what do you think?

      • Yeah the Bourbon Vanilla smell doesn’t sound too pleasing to me. I think the trio Pack would be okay though, I could gift the Bourbon Vanilla and still have 2 that I’m sure smell great.

        • lol I thought bourbon vanilla sounded amazing and snatched it up! If I don’t like it, my boyfriend will. We are bourbon drinkers and love vanilla.

  24. Whoa, so much variety! I added the grenade power bank (love that it’s also a keychain. .. I have so many power banks, but none with a clip) and a gold phone mount.. It’s nice that FFF gives you a few weeks to mull things over. I was hoping for a Skin Laundry serum add on . . . it’s the best serum I’ve ever used and has knocked out a couple of wrinkles on my forehead. Maybe they’ll offer it before selections close.

  25. I just went a little crazy. 🙂 I’ll research the sizes/reviews for all of them, then decide which ones to keep. 🙂

    • Yeah, I scrolled up to see my total and almost fainted. Definitely have to pare down…
      They really outdid themselves this time.

      • Haha yes same here! I was not expecting to love soo much! I wish they had the colorful modcloth scarf but still great variety! I am soo excited for the knitting kit:)

      • Same here… I can’t believe I want to pay over $ 500 just for the add-ons…. Now I reduced some and still have $300… I need to stop refreshing the site to find new items now.

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